2016 Approved Budget

2016 Budget

Approved Budgets on One Drive

The La Plata Conservation District APPROVED budget for 2016 is shown below. This budget was reviewed and approved at the Annual District Meeting on Monday, December 14th, 2015.

The La Plata Conservation District receives $0 from mill levies.

2016 Budget Message

PURPOSE: To describe the important features of the district budget. This budget provides fiscal guidance for the district during 2016 and reflects its priorities.

Most of our revenue is income derived through tree sales, sales of supplies, rental of equipment and rental of an office in Pagosa Springs. Income from the rental of this office is shared between the three districts that own the facility: the La Plata, San Juan, and Pine River Districts.

Our expenses consist mainly of:

  • Educational Services in the form of workshops.
  • Tree purchases for resale.

The services this district offers are:

  • Conservation education materials to youth in the district
  • Natural resource conservation materials to landowners
  • Conservation equipment rental for district landowners
  • Scholarship for college or youth resource camp
  • Arbor Day participation at local grade schools

The budgetary basis for accounting this district uses is: Cash basis.