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As a blogger I know that I probably should have shared this DIY Christmas tree skirt post weeks ago and believe me, that was the plan.  Unfortunately I’ve been sick for two months so I finally got around to sewing it today and now I’m sharing it with you all!

So initially I was inspired by a Christmas tree skirt that I saw on Instagram.  It was a Draper James tree skirt from Crate and Barrel that is buffalo check like the one I made but it was red and navy and featured big letters that spelled out “gather round”.  I didn’t hate the words but I also didn’t see the point of the words when I knew they’d be covered up with presents most of the time.

So I nixed the words and made my own version that’s a little more plain Jane but it has just enough interest for me.  And my version cost a little less than the Draper James one… like $65 less so that works for me. 

The great thing about this tutorial is that it’s a basic tutorial that you can use to make a tree skirt in a fabric that’s your style and you end up with exactly what you want.

Supplies Needed to Make a DIY Christmas Tree Skirt

  • fabric (I used 1.5 yards of a 53 inch wide fabric… depending on the size of your tree this may vary)
  • coordinating thread
  • coordinating ribbon
  • iron
  • scissors or rotary cutting set
  • piece of string
  • marker
  • sewing machine and needle (or hemming tape if making this project no-sew)

DIY Christmas Tree Skirt Instructions

Step 1: Prepare Your Fabric

Wash, dry, and iron your fabric.  For my tree skirt I used a quilted buffalo check fabric I found in the apparel section.  It has a heathered gray fabric on the reverse side.  The fabric I used was 53 inches wide so I got a yard and a half of it and I ended up with a piece that was 54 X 54 inches (this was before I cut the selvedges off).  This resulted a diy Christmas tree skirt that is about 52 inches in diameter.

From what I have read you want your tree skirt to be at least as wide as the bottom row of branches on your tree.   If you need a bigger or smaller tree skirt then you will need to adjust the amount of fabric you get.

Step 2: Fold Your Fabric

Lay your fabric down.  Square it off so that all sides are the same length and nice and straight.  Fold your fabric in half so that you now have a rectangle.  Then fold it again so that you have a square again.

Step 3: Cut Your Fabric

I made an old-school string and marker device to draw out my curve.  I held the end of the string tight on the corner with the folds and then pulled the marker out to the edge of one of the other corners and with the string tight, I dragged the marker to the other corner.

Then I cut along just inside the line I drew using my rotary cutter.  You could also do this using scissors, but whatever you do be sure to hold everything tight so that the layers don’t shift around.

Next I cut out the little hole in the middle where the middle pole of the Christmas tree goes.   Basically I just cut a 1 inch circle out of the corner where the folds are.  To do this I cut a curve from the one side to the other, beginning and ending 1 inch from the folds corner.

For the last cut I cut the slit that runs at the back of the tree skirt.

Step 4: Hem the Edges

First sew all the way around the circle 1/4 inch from the edge and continue all the way along the straight edges of the slit and the inner curve where the pole for the Christmas tree goes.

Then fold the edge over from the right side (for me it’s the red) to the wrong side all along the line you sewed around the curve. Then press it so that you make a crease along that line of stitches you sewed.

Take what you folded over and fold it over a second time, pressing, and then pinning it so that it will stay down, all along the outer curve.

Sew this down, all along the curved edge.  If you don’t want to sew you can make this a no-sew project by using hemming tape to hem everything.   Follow the package instructions for how to use it.

Then repeat this process with the straight edges along the slit.

When you get to the inner curve, you will need to cut some notches into the edge first, since it’s a convex curve.  This will help it to fold over more nicely.  Then you can fold and press it like you did the other parts.

Step 5: Attach the Ribbons

Cut 6 pieces of ribbon that are 8 inches long each.  Decide where you’d like to place them along the slit and then pin and sew them into place.  I sewed mine to the underside of the slit.  Give the skirt a good press.

Now lay it around your tree, tie the ribbons, smooth it all out and enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed this DIY Christmas Tree Skirt Tutorial and please let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!

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How to Make a Tree Skirt : 8 Steps (with Pictures)

Introduction: How to Make a Tree Skirt

I am trying my hardest to not be a grinch this year. I bought a little tree, some lights, and some ornaments and set it up in our living room. But then I realized it looked a little naked on the bottom - I needed a tree skirt! :)

Making a tree skirt is super easy to do and you can make one in any size! You can sew it or use fabric glue - whatever is easiest for you. I did a mix of both since I plan on using it over and over. The tree skirt can also be made from all kinds of fabric - I made mine from quilting cotton since I have lots on hand, but I think it would be lovely in felt, fleece or linen!

Step 1: Supplies

  • fabric of choice (cotton, linen, felt, fleece)
  • bias tape (I'm using 1/4 inch tape, but for a larger skirt it should be wider!)
  • fabric glue
  • needle and thread OR sewing machine
  • measuring tape
  • pen or pencil for marking fabric
  • scissors
  • pins

You can really make a tree skirt of any size - head to the next step for more info on that. You'll need to increase the amount of fabric and binding as needed. :)

If you're not the best at sewing or want to get this done quick, you can easily make this no-sew by employing a hot glue gun or fabric glue. If you go the fabric glue route, I really recommend Beacon Fabri-Tac. I've used other fabric glues and they just don't hold up - but Fabri-Tac is wonderful. Dries and adheres quickly and stays nice and strong even after washing!

Step 2: How to Determine the Size

This is all up to personal preference. You can make it as big or little as you want, honestly.

Get out your tree stand (or even put the tree up for better reference) and measure how wide it is. My stand was about 10 inches wide, so I decided to double that and cut a square of fabric that was 20x20 inches.

If your stand is tiny but your tree is large, you might want to use the bottom of the tree as the measurement.

You will always want to double the measurement - because we'll be trimming off the corners of the initial square, you'll lose a little width later on.

Step 3: Fold, Mark and Cut

Press your fabric if needed. Fold in half and then in half again.

On the inner folded corner, you'll mark the inside circle. You want this to be pretty small in most cases. Make it a little bigger than the trunk of your tree - the curve you draw here will be roughly 1/4 of the size of the trunk.

Now you'll draw a curve along the outer corners - the rough edges. I find it's easiest to take a piece of string that's the width of the folded square and pin it to the very edge of the inner corner. Move the string from one corner to the other, marking the curve with a pen as you go.

Cut along each of the lines.

Unfold the skirt and choose one of the fold lines. Cut 1/4 inch away on each side from the line, going from the outer edge to the inner edge. (See photos 3 & 4 for more info)

Step 4: Apply Binding to the Outside Edge of the Tree Skirt

You might want to press the binding before this - otherwise it'll have some kinks.

If you've never worked with binding before, have a look an another of my instructables! It's explained in much more depth there.

Pin the binding as shown all around the edges and then sew it on using the fold line nearest the edge as you guide. Just sew on that line and it'll turn out great. Once you've sewn along the fold line, make sure all the pins are removed and then fold the bias tape over the raw edge and stitch it into place. Trim off any excess from the ends.

Step 5: (optional) Gathering the Middle

I like to lightly gather the middle of the skirt. I think it looks nicer and lays better. To do this, I stitched quickly along the inner circle using a running stitch. Pull the thread tight after you get to the end and keep pulling until the fabric is gathered enough. Make a few small stitches and then knot the thread to make sure you don't lose your gathers.

Just make sure you don't gather it too much - gathering will make it smaller!

Step 6: Applying Binding to the Straight Edges + Finishing the Middle

Cut the binding so that it slightly overlaps the outside edge by a half inch or so, as shown in the second photo. Sew it on using the fold line as a guide like we did before.

Once you flip the binding over to stitch it the second time, fold over the end of the bias tape onto itself and stitch it that way. That will give you a nice corner with no rough edges.

You can sew on the bias tape around the inner circle if your tree skirt it large, but if it's small like mine it's much easier to glue it on. Before gluing or sewing, check to make sure that your gathers are nice and even. When using glue, you don't need to open the bias tape all the way - just unfold it once and glue half along the top and then flip the skirt over and repeat on the other side.

Step 7: Ta-da!

Now you've got a finished skirt!

As this point, you can attach all sorts of fasteners, but I like to leave mine open and just overlap it. (See the second photo!) I mostly do it that way because I like to put the lights + the plug underneath it to hide them and also make the skirt glow nicely at night. Not recommend for all day use, of course, but if you only turn it on when you're home it should be fine. :D

I do like the look of buttons or ties made from ribbon, though!

Step 8: Final Thoughts

As I was sewing this tree skirt I thought of tons of other ways to do it. I might need to do it an entirely different way next year! This version could easily be turned into a no-sew version by using fleece and a hot glue gun, or even by using a lighter fabric and lots of fabric glue.

You can also do things like glue or sew ruffled fabric onto a plain base, make a patchwork base, douse it in glitter, etc.

There's really no end to all the things you can do to personalize it. :D

Happy Holidays!!

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Do-it-yourself Christmas tree skirt: patterns, pattern

If you still don’t know or doubt whether your Christmas tree needs a skirt, then look at these:

  • 3 master classes patterns so that you can easily repeat them.
  • 25 great ideas for such decoration and then decide.

A Christmas tree skirt with a cross is a small rug that is placed under the Christmas tree. In fact, it is not only a beautiful decoration at the foot of the Christmas tree and a place where prepared New Year's gifts can be laid out, but also useful as a place where Christmas tree needles will fall. 9Ol000 2.1 necessary materials:

  • 2.2 step-by-step instructions:
  • 3 Master class No. 3 Skirt from burlap
    • 3.1 Necessary materials:
    • 3.2 How easy to sew:
  • 4 25 25 25 25 ideas and skirt design
    • 4.1 Skirt, decorated with snowflakes
    • 4.2 Skirt “All Family Together”
    • 4.3 Skirt from “Ties”
    • 4.4 White-gold skirts
    • 4.5 Tender white felt skirt
    • 4.6 Belo-red skirt
    • 4.7 Red skirt with flowers
    • 4.8 Skirt with Christmas toys
    • 4.9 Fur skirt
    • 4. 10 Snowflake appliqué
    • 4.11 Donut shape
    • 4.12 With small pom-poms
    • 005 4.13 Volumetric red-white skirt
    • 4.14 In a multi-colored strip
    • 4.15 White “Scchaic” skirt
    • 4.16 decorated with circles
    • 4.17 White in a fold
    • 4.18 with a Paduba pattern 9000,9000 4.19 with white and blue waves 9000 9000 4.20 Slash with blue-green ombre
    • 4.21 Skirt with colorful pom-poms
    • 4.22 Burgundy skirt
    • 4.23 Moroccan style skirt
    • 4.24 White and blue skirt
    • 4.25 Red and white skirt0008
  • Workshop No. 1: Three-color felt skirt

    The combination of red, green and white colors in itself is associated with New Year and Christmas holidays. And on a skirt for the Christmas tree, these colors look just great! Beautiful wavy edges of each circle of the skirt and a ribbon tie will not leave indifferent adults or small family members!

    Materials needed:
    • 2. 7 m of felt (0.9m of each color)
    • 1.8 m gold ribbon
    • Scissors and fabric pencil
    • Glue gun
    • Plastic cup and utility knife

    How to Sew - Instructions:

    Step 1: Making a pattern

    Take a piece of white fabric for the first level of the skirt and fold it in four. After that, draw a quarter circle on it. Use plastic cup to draw a scallop pattern along a circular line.

    1. Cut out the fabric according to the pattern. You can pin the fabric in several places with pins so that it does not stick out when cutting. Also cut out a small quarter circle on the remaining corner.
    2. Repeat the same process for the other colors, just make sure each one is smaller than the previous one.

    For example, for the second layer we take a square of green fabric measuring 75 cm x 75 cm, and for the third layer we take a square of red fabric measuring 60 cm x 60 cm.

    Step 2: Putting the circles together

    Once the three circles are done, lay them on top of each other and glue them together with a hot glue gun. After that, make a cut in one place from the edge to the center along the radius of the circle so that you can spread the skirt around the Christmas tree.

    Step 3: Make Ribbon Holes

    Make some cutouts on both sides of the cut. It is most convenient to do this using a utility knife, but small scissors will also work. Be sure to cut through all three layers of fabric.

    Step 4: Tie the Ribbon

    Lay the skirt around your tree and tie off the cut with gold ribbon. To do this, thread the ribbon from the middle to the outer edge through the cut holes and tie a bow at the end. And everything is ready! Enjoy your Christmas tree!

    Lesson 2: White Skirt with Flower Applique

    Among the ideas for making a skirt for the Christmas tree, there are often options with decoration with fabric flowers along the edges. Here you will see one of the options when both the skirt and flowers are made of white felt, but if you use this technique with a different color scheme, you can get new interesting solutions!

    Materials needed:
    • Felt cloth
    • Scissors
    • Glue gun
    • Pencil

    Step by step instructions:

    Step 1: Cut out the circle to unfold the fabric to get a circle with a hole in the center.

  • Then make a cut from the edge of the big semicircle to the small one (see photo) so that you can put the skirt around the Christmas tree.
  • The slit that we made on one side can be closed up with ribbons or flowers at the end, but since in this case the tree stands near the wall, the skirt was simply turned with the slit towards the wall.

    Step 2: Cut out the petals

    You need a lot of flowers, which means petals too. The photo shows the required shape of the petals, a total of 9 are needed.0006 cut 100+ pieces, because the more colors, the more voluminous the edges of the skirt will be.

    TIP: We recommend that you immediately take good scissors, otherwise you can get a lot of trouble cutting out so many details from felt, which is quite dense.

    Step 3: Making the Flowers

    When all the petals are ready, you can begin to form the flowers. Arrange the petals to form a flower. Here, each flower consists of 6 petals: 4 at the bottom and 2 at the top. Glue the petals together in the center of the flower with a hot glue gun.

    Step 4: Glue the flowers to the skirt

    Once all the flowers are done, glue them to the skirt. First, glue the first row of flowers along the outer edge of the skirt, while slightly overlapping them with petals. Then make the second row closer to the center from the first, overlapping the flowers a little on the previous row.

    • You can make a few more rows of , or even fill the entire skirt with flowers!
    • This is a wonderfully elegant skirt with minimal materials.

    And now let's look at the rest of the ideas, already without a detailed description, but from the photos you can determine the scheme of actions and make no less wonderful skirts on your own!

    Master class No. 3 Burlap skirt

    A light pleated skirt decorated with burlap bows looks very simple and beautiful. Bows add a touch of rustic style to it and serve as a highlight, a wonderful option for those who like neat and unobtrusive decorations.

    Materials needed:
    • Heavy cotton fabric (for strips)
    • Felt fabric (for warp circle)
    • Burlap ribbon 5 cm wide

    Easy to sew:

    Step 1: Cut the fabric into strips

    First, cut the fabric into strips 20 cm wide (from 10 cm to 20 cm is possible). It took about 11 strips here, but this number will vary depending on how many folds you will make.

    Step 2: Cut out the pattern for the base

    1. The easiest way to cut out a circle is by taking a square of fabric and folding it four times . In this case, you need to cut out only a quarter of the large outer circle and a quarter of the small inner one, and unfolding the fabric will get large circle with a hole in the center.
    2. Then cut from the edge of the outer circle to the edge of the inner circle so that the skirt can be placed around the tree.

    Step 3: Glue the strips to the base circle

    1. Now you need to start at the outer edge of the circle on one side of the cut and glue the end of the first strip of fabric to the felt.
    2. You will work your way around, folding the strip of fabric as you go and pleating it to create a tousled effect. Permanently fix the folds with the glue gun and glue the strip to the backing. When the first strip ends, take the second, and so on until you reach the other edge of the cut.
    3. Large outer circles will require several strips of fabric.
    4. Start the next layer, doing it the same way as the first one, only overlapping the previous by about 5 cm of .
    5. Repeat until the end, until the entire warp circle is filled.

    Step 4: Reinforce the Inner Edge of the Circle

    After you have completely finished creating the layers of fabric strips, use burlap tape to reinforce the inner edge of the circle and prevent the fabric from fraying. Wrap a strip of burlap around the hem, leaving half at the top and half at the bottom, and glue it to the skirt with a hot glue gun.

    Step 4: Add the Bows

    Now all that's left is to make the bows out of burlap and glue them to each layer of the skirt. And everything is ready!

    25 ideas and designs for Christmas tree skirts

    Skirt decorated with snowflakes

    The skirt is made of white felt and decorated with snowflakes with sequins and rhinestones all around. Snowflakes are best cut according to a pre-prepared stencil . This option is suitable for those who like a more strict style and prefer to decorate the Christmas tree with toys or bows of the same color.

    “The whole family together” skirt

    New Year and Christmas is a wonderful occasion to meet with the whole family, because many people live far away and come only for holidays. And if everyone is together, why not capture the moment, and even in such an original way!

    • The skirt is a white fabric circle that serves as a canvas for handprints of all family members, from tiny to large, and in order not to forget where whose hands are, there are also signatures .
    • The edges of the skirt are decorated with small tassels.

    This item can serve as a family heirloom and remind you of the wonderful days spent together in a warm family circle.

    Tie skirt

    This skirt consists of pieces sewn together, each shaped like a tie. All details are sewn according to one stencil, the main thing is to alternate green and red colors , which emphasize the Christmas spirit.

    White and gold pleated skirt

    For this variant you will need stripes of white and gold fabric or wide ribbons of these colors.

    How to:

    1. Each strip must be folded over the entire length.
    2. After that, take a circle of white fabric and attach strips to it, alternating between white and gold.

    It turns out a rather voluminous skirt that lifts the festive mood.

    Delicate white felt skirt

    Based on a felt circle with wavy edges. Next we cut out small details and glue them together with yarn on the warp , creating beautiful patterns and weaves. And everything is ready!

    White and red skirt

    The skirt consists of white and red felt strips glued together in alternating colors. Cuts are made on each strip to make a wide fringe.

    Red skirt with flowers

    The basis of this skirt is a red circle of fabric, and it looks quite simple, but everything changes with flowers decorating the edge.

    How to make:

    • they are made of fabric petals, which are then connected,
    • and flower centers are additionally decorated with white beads.

    Skirt with New Year's toys

    Here, not only the Christmas tree is decorated with New Year's toys, but also the skirt for the Christmas tree. On the red fabric that serves as the base, small multi-colored pieces of fabric in the form of Christmas decorations are sewn, and this skirt not only complements the Christmas tree, but also serves as its continuation.

    Fur Skirt

    This white skirt is very easy to make, all you have to do is cut a circle out of faux fur and you're done! Simple and tasteful!

    Snowflake Appliqué

    This traditional red and white skirt is perfect for those who love carving snowflakes. After all, it consists of a red circle and white snowflakes glued to it along the outer and inner circles.


    Surely most people love to eat donuts, and the holidays are just the right time to allow yourself to fully enjoy the goodies, forgetting about diets and restrictions. This skirt is wonderful for lovers of sweets, because it is a large donut. It consists of a brown circle on the bottom, and a slightly smaller white circle on top, the latter cut with jagged edges (to look like fondant covering a donut). On top of the white fabric, small multi-colored pieces of fabric are glued, imitating powder. And may the holidays be sweet and tasty!

    Snowflake skirt

    You will need two red and white felt circles. Cut out a large snowflake from the white circle and glue it onto the red circle. No small details and sewing. A great way to make a skirt without spending a lot of effort.

    With small pom-poms

    Take a circle of white fabric and glue small white pom-poms around the edges (using a glue gun). The result is a simple and cute skirt!

    Red and white voluminous skirt

    Another way to make a voluminous skirt is to make it from red and white stripes of fabric (or wide ribbons). There is also an additional decoration with thin golden ribbons and small white bows. The more folds, the more voluminous the skirt will turn out. This stand really looks like a Christmas tree wearing a fluffy skirt and stands in all its glory!

    Multi-coloured stripes

    Want a fun and colorful skirt? Then this is exactly the option! The manufacturing principle, as in many other methods, consists of alternating strips. The folds on the strips are made small, and the strips themselves are cut out of any fabric you like, if you want polka dots or a flower - please. There are no restrictions red-green, or white-gold. Combine colors and create your perfect skirt!

    White Scaled Skirt

    This skirt requires heavy fabric for the base circle and white scaled fabric for the top layer. When the finished skirt lies under the tree, it seems as if it is covered with snow, and the tree is standing in a small snowdrift. A wonderful way to fully experience winter!

    Decorated with circles

    Green felt circle decorated with small circles of red, white and green on the edge. The circles are slightly different sizes, and are located without a certain alternation, they are simply scattered along the edge of the base.

    Pleated white

    Here, the strips that make up the skirt are made of felt fabric. In this case, the result also resembles a small snowdrift and looks just great!

    Holly pattern

    Holly is made up of green leaves and red berries that just match the Christmas colors. Leaves and berries cut out of felt look especially good on the white background of the base of the skirt, and make up a beautiful full composition.

    With white and blue waves

    You will need a base circle and many small white and blue half circles. All details are made of felt. If you have a sewing machine, semicircles can be sewn to the base, if not, glued. Each semicircle should slightly overlap the next one. Also, do not forget to alternate white and blue circles of the skirt.

    Blue-Green Ombre Skirt

    Slightly unusual folds are made here, which distinguishes the look of this skirt from other similar options. Also pay attention to the smooth transitions of blue and green colors, it turns out an ombre of stripes and it looks very beautiful!

    Skirt with colorful pompoms

    A red base circle with wavy edges, to which small colored pompoms are glued, looks like the top of a cake with colored sprinkles. If there are small children in the family, then this is a wonderful way to complement a decorated Christmas tree!

    Burgundy skirt

    Another version of the “scaly” skirt, only here all the semicircles are of the same color – burgundy. The outer edge is additionally decorated with white rhinestones located on every second “scale”.

    Moroccan style skirt

    This skirt consists of a white felt base circle and original ribbons glued around the circle. There is a beige ribbon with a fringe, and a silver one with rhinestones. The tapes are not glued close, but leaving gaps so that the white base can be seen. Looks beautiful and unusual!

    White and blue skirt

    To create this skirt, two identical fabric circles in white and blue are taken. On the blue circle, folds are made in the form of waves along the edges, and after that it is attached over the white one. The skirt is ready!

    Red and white skirt

    A very simple option for those who have a sewing machine. Take a circle of red fabric and a slightly smaller circle of white fabric. The white circle is adjusted to red using a zigzag stitch. And everything is ready!

    The most beautiful do-it-yourself Christmas tree stand

    The Christmas tree is, of course, a real beauty in itself. However, one detail can make it even more beautiful! Namely, here is such a wicker basket skirt that will not only decorate your Christmas tree, but also disguise the stand, and in the case of a live Christmas tree, even a container of water. You can make such a decorative stand yourself, and from paper tubes available to everyone.

    You will need:

    • newspaper tubes;
    • cardboard;
    • scissors;
    • PVA glue;
    • varnish

    On a sheet of cardboard, mark the center, and then draw a circle of the outer circumference of the future skirt - its lower, wider part. In our case, the diameter of the first circle is 70 cm.

    Next, draw a second circle with a smaller diameter - this is the blank for the upper, narrower part of the skirt, in our case its diameter is 56 cm. Cut out the blank along the outer circle, leaving a small allowance. Then we divide both circles into equal parts. To do this, you can use a simple formula: the radius of a circle divides the circle into 6 equal parts.

    Next, we mark each segment for future stands: in our case, the step on the large circle is 4.5 cm, on the small one - 3.5 cm. ring for the bottom of the future basket. For greater strength, you can use 2 layers of cardboard glued to each other. The form is ready, you can proceed to weaving.

    As for the tubes, it is better to use thicker ones, for example, in our case, the width of the sheet for the tube is 14 cm, and the diameter of the knitting needle is 1.5 cm. The tubes are painted with stain.

    Focusing on the markings, we make holes in the ring, into which we then insert the stands. We fix them with clothespins, after slightly bending the edge of the tube from below.

    Then we weave the first row with a simple rope in 3 tubes: glue 1 tube to 3 poles following each other; then we go around the next rack with each tube. When the tube ends, glue the next one to it.

    Next, in the weaving of the first row, we install 2 more stands each - as a result you will get triple stands - we glue them. Then inside the ring we put a box with a suitable height, we place a circle on it. We align the entire structure, fix the columns with clothespins, and leave everything for about a day until the vines dry completely.

    The next day with a simple braid in 3 tubes weave 2 more rows, but now on triple stands.

    And then we move on to chintz weaving - we will gain all the necessary height of the skirt with it. For him, we take 2 tubes and after that we braid the stoics in a checkerboard pattern: one tube passes in front of the stoic, the second behind it, then the tubes change.

    Shortly before the end, again, as at the very beginning, weave 3 rows with a rope in 3 tubes.

    Then we cut off all the old stands and insert 1 fresh one in their place, since inserting a new elastic tube is easier than moistening the old ones well. We complete the top with a simple rod, or a braid of 2 rods: in this case, a stand is used as the second rod, which is folded and built into the weave.

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