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Life, on earth, would not have been possible if there would not have been any green vegetation on the earth, especially, the trees. Trees are of so much importance to us as it is because of them that we get enough oxygen in the air to breathe, the absence of which would have made our existence on the earth impossible. In continuance with this thought, we have come up with essays for students, both in long and short form on the importance of trees and how to save them for future generations. The students shall find these essays useful for their individual understanding as well as for the preparation of their examinations.


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Essay on Save Trees – Essay 1 (100 Words)


Save Tree to Save Earth’ – this should be the principle that every human being living in this planet should follow. Trees are so precious. Without trees, life on Earth is impossible; but people do not seem to understand its value. We have to save trees to continue the survival of human race.

Why should we save tree?

Trees give us the most needed tool for survival, which is ‘Oxygen’. If humans do not save trees today, they might end up buying oxygen in bottles in future.

Saving trees will reduce the effect of global warming.

Apart from human beings, even birds, animals and other creatures depend on trees for food and shelter. Saving trees will help save our ecosystem.


The only valuable asset that we can give our kids is a healthy environment. Save trees and give the future generation a greener planet to live.

Essay on Save Trees – Essay 2 (200 Words)


Trees are the most beautiful creatures in nature and needs to be saved. With their lush green leaves, they provide natural scenery and a pleasant view to the human eyes. But, the current environmental pollution due to human activities has led to the destruction of trees causing a huge scale of deforestation. It’s high time that we understand the importance of trees and save trees.

The Importance of Saving Trees:

Trees should be saved as they provide us with food to live. Trees and deep forests are the sinks of Carbon Dioxide – a greenhouse gas and the producers of Oxygen without which life on earth can’t sustain. Trees give us shelter. Most of our home decor and furniture are made of tree barks. Trees are also a source of fuel. Trees give us medicine. Trees give us rubber, clothes, and many more which the humans are dependent on.

Why save trees?

We need to save trees by protecting them from the destructive human activities like clearance of forests, deforestation for urbanization, etc. Trees are the lungs for the earth. It is an important part of nature’s ecosystem. They balance the soil composition and also act as the barrier for wind and storm. Thus, they provide various uses to the ecosystem. For these reasons, it’s imperative that we save trees.


Trees provide a very peaceful and clean environment. They provide pleasant surroundings and cleanse the pollutions in the environment. So, let’s take a pledge to save trees and save nature today!

Essay on Save Trees – Essay 3 (250 Words)

Trees are the beautiful creation of Mother Nature and saving trees is one of the primary responsibilities of human beings. Saving trees means saving your own life for one more day. People nowadays barely care about the source of oxygen, but trees are the only one to provide oxygen. They are a peaceful expression of scenery and life. Along with being a mother and home to so many birds and animals, trees are also meant to satisfy human needs by providing oxygen, and definitely not wood.

Destructing trees may give you luxury living experience, but the lavish life will not help if you don’t have oxygen to breathe in your coming days. People should understand the importance of saving trees and should make this environment a better place for living. We have to stop chopping trees as soon as possible, without looking to the purpose. While no one understands the drawbacks of cutting trees, it must be noticed that cutting trees will lead to a high concentration of CO2 which is carbon dioxide-the greenhouse gas.

The higher the concentration of CO2 in our environment the more will be the chances of pollution and destruction of climate. Trees are successful in grabbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. They make oxygen which is way too important for us. Therefore, trees must be protected and saved no matter how difficult the circumstances are.

Trees are being used to make different type of products, like furniture, construction, paper, firewood, etc. Out of the many usages of trees, it uses extensively for the production of various types of papers. We cannot live without papers, and for that very purpose, a lot of trees are being chopped without any planning or replantation. If you can save papers, then you are directly saving trees. We need to limit the use of papers or recycle it so that we can save trees.

Similarly, in every walk of life, where ever we can use an alternative product instead of wood, then we should promote it which will again contribute to saving trees.

Essay on Save Trees – Essay 4 (300 Words)


Our mother earth provides us so many useful gifts that effectively nourish our life and trees are one of such valuable gifts. Trees are the primary source of shelter and food for animals as well as human beings on the earth. They are the natural abode to numerous tribes existing in the forests; birds also use them as their home.

Trees must be saved as they provide us with lots of benefits such as timber for making furniture, prevent the floods and soil erosion, refresh the air, purify the air, give cool air in summer, etc. They are also the primary source of goods like paper, gum, medicine, rubber, rain, etc. We must comprehend the roles as well as the significance of trees in our existence and do not get involved in its destruction. We should encourage more and more people to save tree in the nearby area.

Essential steps to save Tree:

The below are some useful steps that will help you to save tree and the earth’s environment:

i. We must discover out the causes of trees destruction in the specific area and investigate that whether the tree was essential to destroy due to the reasons like lifeless, broken, contaminated or implanted in an unsuitable site.

ii. We must get together in the society with our neighbors and take some essential steps to save tree.

iii. If somebody is removing the trees without any permission then, we must make the public aware of it and take some necessary action to save tree.

iv. If trees get removed for some reason then, we can contact some non-profit organization or local government for certifying re-plantation in a similar region.


We can survive on earth only due to the presence of oxygen, water, as well as trees. They are one of the critical sources of water and oxygen on the planet. It is our responsibility to save tree, or otherwise, we have to get ready to face the consequences.

Essay on Save Trees – Essay 5 (500 Words)


The world as we know it would be extinct without trees. First, there is the exchange of oxygen and Carbon dioxide. Without this exchange, life would simply cease to exist. Second, there is the effect of the lack of plant life on our ecosystem in general. Little wonder why environmentalists have been blowing the global warming trumpet.

Maybe the above dangers of lack of plant life don’t scare us enough or we simply don’t care. What’s certain is that plant life, specifically, tree life is in grave danger and this can lead to serious repercussions for our society at large.

Why saving trees is important:

Leaving the above-mentioned reasons aside, the presence of trees in our society is important to our life in general. Trees are to be saved as they provide us with shelter, they are the source of a lot of medicine we consume, we use them in creating and shaping our tools and they also contribute their quota in the reduction of pollution.

One key point of saving trees is the medicinal value of trees. Tree stems possess chemicals that have been instrumental in the pharmaceutical industry. Some of the leaves found on trees play similar roles as well. Hence, it is also important to our physical and mental wellbeing to keep the trees safe.

The biggest threat to trees:

Every time we push an agenda for a new mega-city or we commence a housing project, we are slowly killing tree life. This is because constructions of structures of any kind always involve the use of wood gotten from trees. Also, to expand the city or build new ones, we would have to cut down trees to create space for houses to settle in. These two factors are trees biggest threat.

How to save the trees:

As stated earlier, there are certain actions that have a direct effect on tree life while others affect it remotely. Whatever the proximity, what is clear is that fact that we need to take positive steps to reduce the number of trees being cut down on a duly basis. Some of the steps to save trees are explained below:

Use less of paper:

This might seem remote but can prove to be effective in the long run. Paper is largely made from wood which is gotten from trees. Thus, if we waste less of paper, there would be a reduction in the demand for paper. This means fewer trees would be cut down for paper processing and trees can be saved.

Plant new ones:

This is a more direct approach but imagine if for every house built, there is a tree planted. This approach should be encouraged in both rural and urban areas so long as new houses are being built. With proper sensitization of the public on this policy, this mode would lead to a greener society in less than a decade.

Prevent unwarranted tree cutting:

While tree cutting cannot be eliminated, sometimes they are unnecessary and reckless. This is where activism comes in. We must prevent all unjustifiable tree removal that occurs in our society by speaking up and involving the media when the act is about to be perpetrated.


Our green neighbours would leave us very soon if we do not take the right steps. No matter how little your efforts are, they are baby steps towards the desire of saving trees.

Essay on Save Trees – Essay 6 (500 Words)

Trees are one of the most important and valuable source of life to us on the earth. They are highly essential to the vibrant and healthy communities on our planet. Trees are a benefit to all of the living things that exists on this planet both in indirect and direct ways. As we all should know, all the components and elements of the earth and environment are connected to one another and run according to nature’s balance, this means that if there is as disturbance or harm to one of the elements, the effect would be felt by the whole environment and this can lead to harm coming to the lives (both human and animals) on earth.

Trees are known to help protect us from different natural disaster and also help in the nourishment of our lives in various ways. Trees help maintain our environment as clean and also keep the earth green which means that we are as well responsible to the trees and we should do our best to always protect trees. Smaller trees are not as beneficial as the mature and large trees because the mature and large trees can filter the green house gases with a greater speed, they also can capture a lot more carbon, they reduce the use of energy, catch a lot more storm water, help to fight urban heat, can give big shadow and so on. Hence, it is very important that we do not cut trees down even when it is an emergency, instead we should save trees.

Trees have a lot of benefits. Highlighted below are a few of the benefits of tree so that you can understand the need for trees to be saved and not cut down. They include:

i. Trees that are mature and large help to fight climate changes through absorbing the major source of the climate change (green house gases) and also refresh the air.

ii. Trees through the refreshment of the air help to clean the air by absorbing the polluted gases and also the odours in the atmosphere and environment.

iii. Eighteen people can be provided with the oxygen they need for a year with just an acre of trees that are mature and large.

iv. The low temperature of winter and the temperature of summer can be moderated by trees.

v. Trees help in the management of global warming by reducing the need for air conditioning in the summer by 50 percent.

vi. Trees slow down the rate of the evaporation of water from the ground by casting their shadows on the ground thus saving water.

vii. Trees prevent water pollution by acting as natural filters of water and allow water to move down into the earth that is below the seas and prevent the risk of pollutants being carried by rainwater into water bodies.

viii. Soil erosion can be prevented by trees through the holding together of large quantity of soil by trees.

ix. Trees are very good source of healthy and nutritious food (for example, vegetables, fruits, etc.). They also provide medicines, shelter and economy.

Essay on Save Trees – Essay 7 (750 Words)

There are many things provided to us by nature which are extremely importance for the existence of life on the earth. One such entity is trees. Trees are responsible for converting the carbon-dioxide in the atmosphere to oxygen which is vital for respiration of all animals including humans on the earth. But, with the increase in population and modern methods of living, there has been mass uprooting of trees and furthermore, acts of deforestation have often led to the ecological crisis in many regions of the world, including India. Hence there is an urgent need to save trees and help the future generations with their existence on this beautiful planet.

The Importance of Trees:

It is not only for their oxygen-producing capacity that the trees are important for us. There are a number of other advantages of having trees around us. Trees assume a particularly vital job in improving our quality of life we enjoy, especially in the urban conditions. Trees likewise give us shades and protect us from the strong heat coming from the sun’s rays. Additionally, trees beautify the atmosphere with their presence. Trees enhance air quality by going about as regular air channels expelling residue, smoke and exhaust from the environment by catching them on their leaves, branches and trunks. In fact, Only 1 hectare of beech forest can separate 4 tons of waste for each year from the climate. Furthermore, every year a full-grown tree can produce enough oxygen for 10 individuals. Trees are additionally a powerful sound wall and can confine noise contamination. Trees also serve as living spaces to local ground verdure, for example, birds, squirrels and other arboreal creatures.

Harmful effects of Deforestation:

The uprooting of trees for various needs is what we call as deforestation. The uprooting of trees at mass levels has led to severe changes in the climate of the earth. Massive soil erosion has led to floods as well as droughts in different areas in India as well as the world. Moreover, the quality of soil has been affected leading to the reduction in crop production or the altering of their quality due to deficiency of required nutrients in the soil. Additionally, uprooting of trees has led to global warming as well as trees are known to stop the clouds and act as catalysts for causing rainfall. Additionally, deforestation has also led to depleting of the ozone layer which is responsible to protect the harmful ultraviolet rays from reaching the earth.

Measure to Save Trees:

It is of utmost importance for all to give their individual contribution to saving the trees. Finding an alternative to the use of wood for various purposes is one such method through which we can reduce the cutting down of trees. Planting more trees is another small yet priceless contribution we all can do for our nature. For every tree uprooted we should plant 2 more trees so that to maintain the balance between urbanisation and deforestation. Minimising use of papers is another such effort which can help save trees in a big manner as papers are made from trees.

Lessons from History:

In the 1970s, a movement known as the Chipko movement was organised in order to stop the increase in deforestation in India. The name of the development originates from the word ‘grasp’, as the villagers embraced the trees, and did not allow the workers to feel the trees.

Relatively few individuals realize that throughout the most recent couple of hundreds of years numerous networks in India have helped spare nature. The Bishnoi community from the state of Rajasthan is one such example. The first Chipko development began around 260 years back in the early piece of the eighteenth century in Rajasthan. An extensive gathering of them from 84 towns driven by a woman called Amrita Devi set out their lives with an end goal to shield the trees from being felled on the requests of the Maharaja of Jodhpur. The movement was eventually successful as the Maharaja agrees to stop the felling of the trees.


Trees are often referred to as the green gold of the earth. We should all do out a bit to save them. Life is conceivable on the earth due to water, oxygen and trees and we can’t overlook that trees are a wellspring of oxygen and water on the earth. Individuals are considered as the smartest animal on the earth, so we ought to comprehend our duty towards nature and save trees for the benefit of all flora and fauna on the earth. Let our planet remain as beautiful as it was created millions of years ago.

Essay on Save Trees – Essay 8 (1000 Words)


This essay focuses on the urgent need to save trees. Trees are our truest friends. These green friends provide us with clean air, fruits, vegetables, wood, and many other things necessary in our lives. That means our survival is only possible if we save trees.

But with time, the human race has done enough damage and made the situation quite worse. As a result, all the countries have come together to save trees so that we can preserve the planet Earth. Do you know what would happen if there were no trees? Why is it so necessary to save trees and how can we do that?

These are some of the most important questions that must be answered in order to realize the value of this issue and save trees. Let’s look at them one by one.

Importance of Trees:

Human beings breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide, releasing it into the atmosphere. The biggest reason why we must save trees is that they provide us with oxygen without which we would die. And not only that, but they also reduce the toxic carbon dioxide by consuming it in the process of photosynthesis, another great reason for us to save trees.

Trees are also the source of food for both humans and herbivorous animals. They form an essential segment in the food chain. If we do not save trees, the whole chain would collapse. Forests also act as the living territories of wild animals.

Roots of the trees hold the soil and prevent it from loosening. In this way, they reduce the chances of floods. When we save trees, it also maintains the water cycle in the atmosphere. To restore the groundwater and raise its level, the only way out is to save trees.

Trees absorb the pollutants from the air and make it clean. Their shade saves us from the scorching sunlight and pleases us with cool air. They play an indispensable role for birds, honey bees, butterflies, and plenty of other living beings that are essential for the ecological balance.

In short, there are countless causes to save trees. On a serious note, in an effort to save trees, we are also helping the earth keep a cooler temperature. Trees and their oxygen act as a shield from the heat and ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Deforestation and Its Causes:

For an ample number of reasons, humankind has failed to save trees. Deforestation is the main culprit behind it with many other factors lying in its base. For instance, more land is needed for the consistently growing population. To construct the living areas and houses for everyone, we are bound to cut trees when in reality, we should save trees.

Big industries are sweeping off an enormous number of forests and setting up their factories. Chopping off the trees for paper and timber is yet another cause of deforestation. As explained above, to feed millions of people, natural forests are being replaced with agricultural farms and fields.

Because we did not save trees in the first place, an increased frequency of floods leads to even more destruction of forests. The massive trend of mining for minerals, ores, and precious metals has also turned the situation against us.

Natural calamities such as forest fires, earthquakes, and cyclones, wash away the human efforts to save trees. These powerful events can be managed only up to a certain level and yet result in the desertion of forests for a long time.

Now that we have discussed the major causes of the decreasing number of trees, below are some of the significant side effects of deforestation and ways to deal with it.

Impacts of Deforestation:

Due to our mismanagement to save trees, the impacts of deforestation are spreading widely all over the world. First of all, the greatest effect can be seen in the form of global warming. The temperature of the earth is rising consistently. Consequently, the icebergs at the poles are melting and increasing the sea levels.

When we are unable to save trees, the disaster also comes in the form of floods. Poor forest areas mean there are no trees to hold the soil. Loose soil particles cannot act as a strong barrier and fail to prevent the floods.

Deforestation is responsible for growing air pollution. Without trees, the levels of carbon dioxide rise in the atmosphere. The percentage of oxygen becomes terrible. If we don’t save trees, we are also ruining the lives of wild animals. Without forests, they have no place to live safely and become more vulnerable to hunting, capturing, and extinction.

As the most intelligent species on earth, it is the duty of mankind to save trees because once the wild animals like carnivores are threatened, the danger reaches to herbivorous animals too. Gradually, the effect would spread to human beings and the whole food pyramid would fall down eventually.

Necessary Measures:

We need to save trees and help them flourish. When we save trees, we ensure our own survival on the planet. To save trees, the first step should be planting as many trees as possible. Celebrating Environment day is one of the many effective measures to save trees.

Creating awareness among the general public with the help of ‘save trees’ campaigns would be helpful too. In schools, children should be given the opportunity to draw pictures on the topic of ‘save trees’. They may also be asked to write short articles on ‘save trees’ and share it with others.

As far as possible, wastage of paper should be avoided. Population control and curbing the industrialization are the biggest ways to save trees. By reducing the harmful activities such as mining and cutting trees, we would face lesser floods, earthquakes, and cyclones.

The bottom line is that for our planet to be greener and healthier, we must promise ourselves to save trees, for this generation and for the future generations to come. Thus, we can all save trees by making changes in our lifestyle.

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Save Trees Essay for Students in English

The “save trees” essay will provide a better insight into why trees need to be saved. Possibly the above hazards of the absence of vegetation do not discourage us enough, or we basically don't give a pin. We can be sure of the fact that nature, especially trees are in grave danger and we must take steps to prevent their existence on Earth. In this essay on “saving trees”, we will discuss in detail the procedures that can be taken to reduce deforestation and preserve trees. 


Uses of Trees 

The world, as we probably are aware it would be wiped out without trees. Firstly, there is the trading of Oxygen and Carbon dioxide for trees. Without this trade, life would just stop existing. There is the impact of the absence of vegetation on our biological system all in all. Little can't help thinking about why tree huggers have been blowing the dangerous atmospheric deviation trumpet. The overhangs of trees go about as a physical channel, catching residue and retaining contaminations from the air. Every individual tree eliminates up to 1. 7 kilos consistently.


The Greatest Danger to Trees 

Each time we push a plan for another urban city or initiate a lodging venture, we are gradually killing tree life. This is because developments of structures of any sort consistently include the utilisation of wood from trees. Likewise, to extend the city or construct new ones, we need to chop down trees to make space for houses to get comfortable. These two variables are the most significant threats faced by our environment.


Steps to Save Trees

As expressed before, certain activities directly affect tree life, while others influence it distantly. Whatever the vicinity, what is clear is that we have to find a way to decrease the number of trees by eliminating an appropriate premise. A portion of the means to spare trees are clarified beneath: 

  1. Utilise Less of Paper
    This may appear to be far off; however, it can end up being powerful over the long haul. Paper is, to a great extent, produced using wood, which is received from trees. In this way, in the event that we squander less paper, there would be a decrease in the interest for paper. This implies fewer trees would be chopped down for paper preparing and trees can be spared. 

  1. Plant New Ones
    This is a more straightforward approach, yet envision if for each house worked, there is a tree planted. This methodology ought to be energized in both rustic and metropolitan zones in as much as new houses are being manufactured. With the legitimate sharpening of people in general on this arrangement, this mode would prompt a greener society in under ten years. 

  1. Forestall Unjustifiable Tree Cutting
    While tree cutting can't be killed, now and again, they are superfluous and foolish. This is the place activism comes in. We should prevent all outlandish tree evacuation that happens in our general public by making some noise and including the media when the demonstration is going to be executed.


Short Essay on Save Trees

In this short paragraph on save trees, we will see why it is important to conserve trees. Trees ought to be spared as they furnish us with food to live. Trees and profound timberlands are the sinks of Carbon Dioxide – an ozone harming substance and the makers of Oxygen without which life on earth can't support. Trees give us cover. The majority of our home stylistic theme and furniture are made of tree husks. Trees are likewise a wellspring of fuel. Trees give us medication. Trees give us elastic garments and a lot more, which the people are reliant on. 

We have to spare trees by shielding them from the ruinous human exercises like leeway of woodlands, deforestation for urbanisation, and so forth. Trees are the lungs of the earth. It is a significant aspect of nature's biological system. They balance the dirt piece and furthermore go about as the obstruction for wind and tempest. In this manner, they give different utilisations to the biological system. Therefore, it's basic that we spare trees. 

Trees give an extremely quiet and clean climate. They give lovely environmental factors and purge the contaminations in the climate. Therefore, from this save tree topic, we have learned the benefits of trees and why they should be preserved.



Regardless of how little your endeavours are, they are gradual steps towards the craving of sparing trees. Hence, we find valuable information in this save tree paragraph in English, which will help us decide on the steps that need to be taken for preservation and why we should do so.

Essay on the topic Take care of the forest

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  2. Nature
  3. Take care of the forest

From early childhood, each of us is taught that nature must be protected and treated with care. Forests also belong to nature, in which, for sure, each of us has been more than once. Someone went to pick mushrooms and berries in the forest, someone to relax and have fun.

Going to the forest, no matter for what reason, it is necessary to remember that forests must be protected, nature needs it, and without the help of people, it cannot cope on its own.

Undoubtedly, rest in the fresh forest air is pleasant and useful. Pleasant songs by the fire in a forest grove, but do not forget that you need to clean up after yourself. After all, none of us leaves garbage in our yard or house after entertainment, it is also necessary to think about forests. If you go on vacation, take empty bags with you and collect all the garbage in them, do not pollute the forest. No need to tear tree branches to make a fire, there is enough such goodness on earth.

After a wonderful holiday, do not forget to put out fires, because they often cause forest fires, which are almost impossible to put out. Forests shed and burn out completely, which affects not only the "local inhabitants" of the forest - animals and birds, but also the people themselves, who inhale the smell of burning from the fire. To avoid this, you should not make fires in the forests, and if they did, then be kind enough to put out after yourself so that the fire does not engulf the entire district.

In the winter season, when the New Year holidays are creeping up, it is a very dangerous period for the forests. Poachers are engaged in cutting down spruces and pines, as well as ordinary residents are capable of this. No one thinks that such actions can lead to the death of the forest, and hence to the death of forest animals for which the forest is home.

It is always necessary to think ahead about everything and forests are no exception. It is very important to take care and love your nature, forests are massively felled and cut down, for the manufacture of paper and wood in general, so there are fewer and fewer of them. But, if each of us thinks and understands that forests need to be protected and will save them, then perhaps we will collectively be able to save as many forest trees as possible, which means that forests will be saved.

There is always an opportunity to contribute to helping save the forest. You can plant new trees and not cut down old ones, clean up after yourself and those around you garbage from forest glades, and prevent fires in the forest. Remember that the forest is our nature, oxygen, which is vital for all people and animals, so do not stand aside, do not pass by, take care of the forest and your nature.

Option 2

Forest is a source of resources for human life. Wood is actively used by mankind to meet their own needs and production. Unfortunately, a person is inclined to abuse his position and take more resources from nature than is necessary to ensure life.

A huge number of forests have been cut down, leaving only stumps and bushes. Now, no matter how much a person would like to plunge into the atmosphere of the forest, there will be only traces of human looting around. Carrying firewood into the forest is useless. From this trees will not appear.

Many people are very naive. They believe that nature will always give them as much as they want, but this is not so. Resources are not eternal. And if a person cuts down and destroys forests and natural monuments, then it will be very difficult to restore them. A man has crippled nature and thinks that it will be enough to bring firewood to the forest, put it in and trees will miraculously appear from them - this will not happen. This is the position of a child who has broken a crystal vase and is trying to glue it together, but fails.

This situation can only be changed radically. Colossal damage can be corrected with maximum effort. Those firewood that a person broke should be used for its intended purpose. Then go to the forest, plant new seedlings and take care of them so that new majestic trees grow in time.

So it is in life. Many people will ruin relationships with everyone around them, do dirty tricks and think that just asking for forgiveness is enough to make everything work out. Such large-scale errors have to be dealt with accordingly. You need to change your approach and thinking, your attitude towards people.

Surrounding people are very sensitive to falsehood and pretense, which irritates and sets them against it even more. Such behavior is tantamount to how a person cut down a forest, brought firewood and thinks that he solved the problem. This will only exacerbate and inflame the situation. A person needs to admit his guilt and change his behavior. You will even have to convince others with your actions that you can be trusted. People feel when they are being appeased and when they act sincerely. Problems need to be approached thoroughly, and not solved superficially.

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Take care of the forest

Several interesting essays

essay on the topic take care of the forest

The task of every adult is to convey love for nature to the new generation and teach them to treat it carefully and with trepidation. In order for schoolchildren to become imbued with feelings for nature, often in schools they are asked to write essays on the topic “Why is it necessary to protect the forest?”, Where they can express their thoughts on what needs to be done to preserve what is given to us by the planet Earth itself. This article will present several essays in which the theme of the importance of protecting the forest will be revealed.

Composition No. 1: "Forest and nature must be protected"

Every child knows that nature must be protected, this is taught in kindergartens and schools. But the older a person becomes, the less often he thinks that, having come to the forest, he can harm him.

Often people go out for picnics. During the holidays, they enjoy the beauty, peace and tranquility. The forest allows you to take a break from the bustle of the city and plunge into a green fairy tale, which is full of mystery and peace. But instead of doing something useful for the forest, people forget to clean up their garbage, and sometimes they don’t even think about what needs to be done, break the branches of living trees and make noise, thereby scaring away the permanent inhabitants of the forest - animals and birds.

Such a careless attitude towards nature is killing her. Therefore, it is extremely important to remember that when visiting the forest, you must follow certain rules that will help preserve nature. Each person must clean up after himself, because no one will do it for him. You can not burn grass, break living trees and tear flowers. By adhering to these elementary foundations of diligent behavior in nature, a person will be able to save it. I would like to appeal to everyone with an appeal: "Take care of the forest! After all, without nature and a living forest, the person himself will die."

Composition No. 2: "The forest is our wealth that needs to be protected"

Someone goes to the forest to pick berries, mushrooms or medicinal herbs, someone just to relax. It does not matter why a person goes to the forest, it is important that he remembers that the forest must be protected.

Breaking a branch, picking a blade of grass or throwing rubbish is a matter of seconds, which causes great damage to a living being. When a person comes to the forest, he must remember that in order to "heal the wounds" of the presence of people, nature needs a lot of years.

Of course, a person needs outdoor recreation, as it brings him great benefits for physical and psychological health. Funny songs with a guitar by the fire, chatting with friends, leisurely walks along the forest paths - all this inspires and pacifies a person. But during the holidays, everyone should remember the reasons why you need to protect the forest. First, nature is a living organism, which, like a person, can experience pain. Secondly, in order to process the garbage left by man, nature sometimes takes tens or even hundreds of years. Thirdly, by defiling trees, animals and birds, a person inflicts pain on creatures that are weaker than himself, and this indicates the degradation of the individual.

Everyone is responsible for what he does in the forest, even if no one sees or can reprimand him, you should appeal to your own conscience as often as possible and think about why you need to protect the forest.

Essay No. 3: "Let's preserve the beauty of the forest"

How often does a person think why the forest should be protected and all life in it should be protected? As a rule, only when he sees the consequences of the harm caused to nature by himself. Often special signs “Protect the forest” are installed in the forest, but many people neglect this call and continue to litter, thereby causing harm to nature.

Man is a part of a living ecosystem, and it is essential for him to understand that if he treats the forest negligently, then he treats himself negligently. Everyone should remember the importance of nature in human life, because it gives him food, water and medicine, allows him to breathe and live on this Earth.

I would like to say to all mankind: "Take care of the forest!" It is worth making a little effort in order to transfer all the beauty of nature to the next generations and provide them with a normal life on a clean and bright planet.

Composition No.

4: "People, respect the forest"

How nice it is to come to the forest, listen to the birds singing, the murmur of the stream, feel the light breath of a clean breeze and see the greenery of the trees. But it happens when you come to nature, you can see traces of an uncleaned fire, scattered garbage, bottles, cigarette butts, etc. This immediately spoils the mood, and you involuntarily think about why a person is so ruthless to his home, which gave him life - to nature .

A disrespectful attitude towards plants and animals makes it possible to judge a person as an ill-mannered creature who does not respect what was created without his participation. Therefore, it is necessary to instill love for nature from childhood, so that every child knows that the forest must be protected!

Composition No. 5: "The forest must be protected"

The forest is a defenseless and living organism that needs human protection. But often it happens that it is a person who harms him.

In the summer, gatherings are held in the forests, bonfires are lit, mushrooms and berries are picked, but after that people do not always clean up their own garbage. In winter, forests suffer from mass cutting of fir trees, but, unfortunately, no one thinks that such actions lead to the death of the forest.

It is important to remember a few rules of staying in the forest. Firstly, fires should be made only in the area prepared for this and away from dry grass and trees, as the fire can spread to them. You can often see on the news how employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations are fighting natural forest fires that destroy everything in their path, and sometimes spread to agricultural fields and nearby houses. Therefore, fires should always be extinguished, because no one knows what will happen if they are left to go out on their own.

Secondly, you must not break fresh tree branches for lighting. Wet wood burns very badly and it will not bring benefits for rest, but the tree will suffer, which needs a very long time to “heal” such a wound. It is better to spend a little time and collect brushwood that lies under your feet.

Thirdly, don't leave trash behind. Before going out into nature, you should stock up on bags in which, after the rest, all bottles, food packaging and other waste will be collected. Only organic waste can be left in the forest, which the earth can recycle.

It is important to remember that we have only one nature, and if its integrity is constantly violated by man, all people will suffer, including those who do not protect it. Therefore, people, take care of the forest!

Composition No. 6: "Let's save the forest together"

The forest gives us a lot of useful things. Therefore, it is worth repaying him with the same coin. The minimum contribution to the conservation of nature is to treat it with care, not to litter and not to kill all living things around you.

From early childhood every child is told about the elementary rules of behavior in the forest, which he must learn and always follow. After all, each person is responsible to our planet for what he does on it. Causing harm to vegetation, animals and birds, a person destroys the ecosystem, thereby harming himself and others.

Nature must be loved and protected. Everyone's duty is to clean up after themselves after resting in the forest, thereby setting an example for everyone around.

Composition No. 7: "The forest is our wealth, so let's save it"

When you come to the forest, you want to enjoy its beauty and breathe fresh air. But it often happens that instead, the first thing you see is garbage left by someone. At such moments, I want to say to everyone in the world: "Take care of the forest, because it's not hard."

Every person should remember the importance of the resources that the forest gives us. Humanity must preserve this and increase it, but not destroy it in any way.

It costs nothing to get together with friends, come to the forest and plant at least one tree, and then spend time together, enjoying the fact that a good deed has been done.

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