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Life, on earth, would not have been possible if there would not have been any green vegetation on the earth, especially, the trees. Trees are of so much importance to us as it is because of them that we get enough oxygen in the air to breathe, the absence of which would have made our existence on the earth impossible. In continuance with this thought, we have come up with essays for students, both in long and short form on the importance of trees and how to save them for future generations. The students shall find these essays useful for their individual understanding as well as for the preparation of their examinations.


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Essay on Save Trees – Essay 1 (100 Words)


Save Tree to Save Earth’ – this should be the principle that every human being living in this planet should follow. Trees are so precious. Without trees, life on Earth is impossible; but people do not seem to understand its value. We have to save trees to continue the survival of human race.

Why should we save tree?

Trees give us the most needed tool for survival, which is ‘Oxygen’. If humans do not save trees today, they might end up buying oxygen in bottles in future.

Saving trees will reduce the effect of global warming.

Apart from human beings, even birds, animals and other creatures depend on trees for food and shelter. Saving trees will help save our ecosystem.


The only valuable asset that we can give our kids is a healthy environment. Save trees and give the future generation a greener planet to live.

Essay on Save Trees – Essay 2 (200 Words)


Trees are the most beautiful creatures in nature and needs to be saved. With their lush green leaves, they provide natural scenery and a pleasant view to the human eyes. But, the current environmental pollution due to human activities has led to the destruction of trees causing a huge scale of deforestation. It’s high time that we understand the importance of trees and save trees.

The Importance of Saving Trees:

Trees should be saved as they provide us with food to live. Trees and deep forests are the sinks of Carbon Dioxide – a greenhouse gas and the producers of Oxygen without which life on earth can’t sustain. Trees give us shelter. Most of our home decor and furniture are made of tree barks. Trees are also a source of fuel. Trees give us medicine. Trees give us rubber, clothes, and many more which the humans are dependent on.

Why save trees?

We need to save trees by protecting them from the destructive human activities like clearance of forests, deforestation for urbanization, etc. Trees are the lungs for the earth. It is an important part of nature’s ecosystem. They balance the soil composition and also act as the barrier for wind and storm. Thus, they provide various uses to the ecosystem. For these reasons, it’s imperative that we save trees.


Trees provide a very peaceful and clean environment. They provide pleasant surroundings and cleanse the pollutions in the environment. So, let’s take a pledge to save trees and save nature today!

Essay on Save Trees – Essay 3 (250 Words)

Trees are the beautiful creation of Mother Nature and saving trees is one of the primary responsibilities of human beings. Saving trees means saving your own life for one more day. People nowadays barely care about the source of oxygen, but trees are the only one to provide oxygen. They are a peaceful expression of scenery and life. Along with being a mother and home to so many birds and animals, trees are also meant to satisfy human needs by providing oxygen, and definitely not wood.

Destructing trees may give you luxury living experience, but the lavish life will not help if you don’t have oxygen to breathe in your coming days. People should understand the importance of saving trees and should make this environment a better place for living. We have to stop chopping trees as soon as possible, without looking to the purpose. While no one understands the drawbacks of cutting trees, it must be noticed that cutting trees will lead to a high concentration of CO2 which is carbon dioxide-the greenhouse gas.

The higher the concentration of CO2 in our environment the more will be the chances of pollution and destruction of climate. Trees are successful in grabbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. They make oxygen which is way too important for us. Therefore, trees must be protected and saved no matter how difficult the circumstances are.

Trees are being used to make different type of products, like furniture, construction, paper, firewood, etc. Out of the many usages of trees, it uses extensively for the production of various types of papers. We cannot live without papers, and for that very purpose, a lot of trees are being chopped without any planning or replantation. If you can save papers, then you are directly saving trees. We need to limit the use of papers or recycle it so that we can save trees.

Similarly, in every walk of life, where ever we can use an alternative product instead of wood, then we should promote it which will again contribute to saving trees.

Essay on Save Trees – Essay 4 (300 Words)


Our mother earth provides us so many useful gifts that effectively nourish our life and trees are one of such valuable gifts. Trees are the primary source of shelter and food for animals as well as human beings on the earth. They are the natural abode to numerous tribes existing in the forests; birds also use them as their home.

Trees must be saved as they provide us with lots of benefits such as timber for making furniture, prevent the floods and soil erosion, refresh the air, purify the air, give cool air in summer, etc. They are also the primary source of goods like paper, gum, medicine, rubber, rain, etc. We must comprehend the roles as well as the significance of trees in our existence and do not get involved in its destruction. We should encourage more and more people to save tree in the nearby area.

Essential steps to save Tree:

The below are some useful steps that will help you to save tree and the earth’s environment:

i. We must discover out the causes of trees destruction in the specific area and investigate that whether the tree was essential to destroy due to the reasons like lifeless, broken, contaminated or implanted in an unsuitable site.

ii. We must get together in the society with our neighbors and take some essential steps to save tree.

iii. If somebody is removing the trees without any permission then, we must make the public aware of it and take some necessary action to save tree.

iv. If trees get removed for some reason then, we can contact some non-profit organization or local government for certifying re-plantation in a similar region.


We can survive on earth only due to the presence of oxygen, water, as well as trees. They are one of the critical sources of water and oxygen on the planet. It is our responsibility to save tree, or otherwise, we have to get ready to face the consequences.

Essay on Save Trees – Essay 5 (500 Words)


The world as we know it would be extinct without trees. First, there is the exchange of oxygen and Carbon dioxide. Without this exchange, life would simply cease to exist. Second, there is the effect of the lack of plant life on our ecosystem in general. Little wonder why environmentalists have been blowing the global warming trumpet.

Maybe the above dangers of lack of plant life don’t scare us enough or we simply don’t care. What’s certain is that plant life, specifically, tree life is in grave danger and this can lead to serious repercussions for our society at large.

Why saving trees is important:

Leaving the above-mentioned reasons aside, the presence of trees in our society is important to our life in general. Trees are to be saved as they provide us with shelter, they are the source of a lot of medicine we consume, we use them in creating and shaping our tools and they also contribute their quota in the reduction of pollution.

One key point of saving trees is the medicinal value of trees. Tree stems possess chemicals that have been instrumental in the pharmaceutical industry. Some of the leaves found on trees play similar roles as well. Hence, it is also important to our physical and mental wellbeing to keep the trees safe.

The biggest threat to trees:

Every time we push an agenda for a new mega-city or we commence a housing project, we are slowly killing tree life. This is because constructions of structures of any kind always involve the use of wood gotten from trees. Also, to expand the city or build new ones, we would have to cut down trees to create space for houses to settle in. These two factors are trees biggest threat.

How to save the trees:

As stated earlier, there are certain actions that have a direct effect on tree life while others affect it remotely. Whatever the proximity, what is clear is that fact that we need to take positive steps to reduce the number of trees being cut down on a duly basis. Some of the steps to save trees are explained below:

Use less of paper:

This might seem remote but can prove to be effective in the long run. Paper is largely made from wood which is gotten from trees. Thus, if we waste less of paper, there would be a reduction in the demand for paper. This means fewer trees would be cut down for paper processing and trees can be saved.

Plant new ones:

This is a more direct approach but imagine if for every house built, there is a tree planted. This approach should be encouraged in both rural and urban areas so long as new houses are being built. With proper sensitization of the public on this policy, this mode would lead to a greener society in less than a decade.

Prevent unwarranted tree cutting:

While tree cutting cannot be eliminated, sometimes they are unnecessary and reckless. This is where activism comes in. We must prevent all unjustifiable tree removal that occurs in our society by speaking up and involving the media when the act is about to be perpetrated.


Our green neighbours would leave us very soon if we do not take the right steps. No matter how little your efforts are, they are baby steps towards the desire of saving trees.

Essay on Save Trees – Essay 6 (500 Words)

Trees are one of the most important and valuable source of life to us on the earth. They are highly essential to the vibrant and healthy communities on our planet. Trees are a benefit to all of the living things that exists on this planet both in indirect and direct ways. As we all should know, all the components and elements of the earth and environment are connected to one another and run according to nature’s balance, this means that if there is as disturbance or harm to one of the elements, the effect would be felt by the whole environment and this can lead to harm coming to the lives (both human and animals) on earth.

Trees are known to help protect us from different natural disaster and also help in the nourishment of our lives in various ways. Trees help maintain our environment as clean and also keep the earth green which means that we are as well responsible to the trees and we should do our best to always protect trees. Smaller trees are not as beneficial as the mature and large trees because the mature and large trees can filter the green house gases with a greater speed, they also can capture a lot more carbon, they reduce the use of energy, catch a lot more storm water, help to fight urban heat, can give big shadow and so on. Hence, it is very important that we do not cut trees down even when it is an emergency, instead we should save trees.

Trees have a lot of benefits. Highlighted below are a few of the benefits of tree so that you can understand the need for trees to be saved and not cut down. They include:

i. Trees that are mature and large help to fight climate changes through absorbing the major source of the climate change (green house gases) and also refresh the air.

ii. Trees through the refreshment of the air help to clean the air by absorbing the polluted gases and also the odours in the atmosphere and environment.

iii. Eighteen people can be provided with the oxygen they need for a year with just an acre of trees that are mature and large.

iv. The low temperature of winter and the temperature of summer can be moderated by trees.

v. Trees help in the management of global warming by reducing the need for air conditioning in the summer by 50 percent.

vi. Trees slow down the rate of the evaporation of water from the ground by casting their shadows on the ground thus saving water.

vii. Trees prevent water pollution by acting as natural filters of water and allow water to move down into the earth that is below the seas and prevent the risk of pollutants being carried by rainwater into water bodies.

viii. Soil erosion can be prevented by trees through the holding together of large quantity of soil by trees.

ix. Trees are very good source of healthy and nutritious food (for example, vegetables, fruits, etc.). They also provide medicines, shelter and economy.

Essay on Save Trees – Essay 7 (750 Words)

There are many things provided to us by nature which are extremely importance for the existence of life on the earth. One such entity is trees. Trees are responsible for converting the carbon-dioxide in the atmosphere to oxygen which is vital for respiration of all animals including humans on the earth. But, with the increase in population and modern methods of living, there has been mass uprooting of trees and furthermore, acts of deforestation have often led to the ecological crisis in many regions of the world, including India. Hence there is an urgent need to save trees and help the future generations with their existence on this beautiful planet.

The Importance of Trees:

It is not only for their oxygen-producing capacity that the trees are important for us. There are a number of other advantages of having trees around us. Trees assume a particularly vital job in improving our quality of life we enjoy, especially in the urban conditions. Trees likewise give us shades and protect us from the strong heat coming from the sun’s rays. Additionally, trees beautify the atmosphere with their presence. Trees enhance air quality by going about as regular air channels expelling residue, smoke and exhaust from the environment by catching them on their leaves, branches and trunks. In fact, Only 1 hectare of beech forest can separate 4 tons of waste for each year from the climate. Furthermore, every year a full-grown tree can produce enough oxygen for 10 individuals. Trees are additionally a powerful sound wall and can confine noise contamination. Trees also serve as living spaces to local ground verdure, for example, birds, squirrels and other arboreal creatures.

Harmful effects of Deforestation:

The uprooting of trees for various needs is what we call as deforestation. The uprooting of trees at mass levels has led to severe changes in the climate of the earth. Massive soil erosion has led to floods as well as droughts in different areas in India as well as the world. Moreover, the quality of soil has been affected leading to the reduction in crop production or the altering of their quality due to deficiency of required nutrients in the soil. Additionally, uprooting of trees has led to global warming as well as trees are known to stop the clouds and act as catalysts for causing rainfall. Additionally, deforestation has also led to depleting of the ozone layer which is responsible to protect the harmful ultraviolet rays from reaching the earth.

Measure to Save Trees:

It is of utmost importance for all to give their individual contribution to saving the trees. Finding an alternative to the use of wood for various purposes is one such method through which we can reduce the cutting down of trees. Planting more trees is another small yet priceless contribution we all can do for our nature. For every tree uprooted we should plant 2 more trees so that to maintain the balance between urbanisation and deforestation. Minimising use of papers is another such effort which can help save trees in a big manner as papers are made from trees.

Lessons from History:

In the 1970s, a movement known as the Chipko movement was organised in order to stop the increase in deforestation in India. The name of the development originates from the word ‘grasp’, as the villagers embraced the trees, and did not allow the workers to feel the trees.

Relatively few individuals realize that throughout the most recent couple of hundreds of years numerous networks in India have helped spare nature. The Bishnoi community from the state of Rajasthan is one such example. The first Chipko development began around 260 years back in the early piece of the eighteenth century in Rajasthan. An extensive gathering of them from 84 towns driven by a woman called Amrita Devi set out their lives with an end goal to shield the trees from being felled on the requests of the Maharaja of Jodhpur. The movement was eventually successful as the Maharaja agrees to stop the felling of the trees.


Trees are often referred to as the green gold of the earth. We should all do out a bit to save them. Life is conceivable on the earth due to water, oxygen and trees and we can’t overlook that trees are a wellspring of oxygen and water on the earth. Individuals are considered as the smartest animal on the earth, so we ought to comprehend our duty towards nature and save trees for the benefit of all flora and fauna on the earth. Let our planet remain as beautiful as it was created millions of years ago.

Essay on Save Trees – Essay 8 (1000 Words)


This essay focuses on the urgent need to save trees. Trees are our truest friends. These green friends provide us with clean air, fruits, vegetables, wood, and many other things necessary in our lives. That means our survival is only possible if we save trees.

But with time, the human race has done enough damage and made the situation quite worse. As a result, all the countries have come together to save trees so that we can preserve the planet Earth. Do you know what would happen if there were no trees? Why is it so necessary to save trees and how can we do that?

These are some of the most important questions that must be answered in order to realize the value of this issue and save trees. Let’s look at them one by one.

Importance of Trees:

Human beings breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide, releasing it into the atmosphere. The biggest reason why we must save trees is that they provide us with oxygen without which we would die. And not only that, but they also reduce the toxic carbon dioxide by consuming it in the process of photosynthesis, another great reason for us to save trees.

Trees are also the source of food for both humans and herbivorous animals. They form an essential segment in the food chain. If we do not save trees, the whole chain would collapse. Forests also act as the living territories of wild animals.

Roots of the trees hold the soil and prevent it from loosening. In this way, they reduce the chances of floods. When we save trees, it also maintains the water cycle in the atmosphere. To restore the groundwater and raise its level, the only way out is to save trees.

Trees absorb the pollutants from the air and make it clean. Their shade saves us from the scorching sunlight and pleases us with cool air. They play an indispensable role for birds, honey bees, butterflies, and plenty of other living beings that are essential for the ecological balance.

In short, there are countless causes to save trees. On a serious note, in an effort to save trees, we are also helping the earth keep a cooler temperature. Trees and their oxygen act as a shield from the heat and ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Deforestation and Its Causes:

For an ample number of reasons, humankind has failed to save trees. Deforestation is the main culprit behind it with many other factors lying in its base. For instance, more land is needed for the consistently growing population. To construct the living areas and houses for everyone, we are bound to cut trees when in reality, we should save trees.

Big industries are sweeping off an enormous number of forests and setting up their factories. Chopping off the trees for paper and timber is yet another cause of deforestation. As explained above, to feed millions of people, natural forests are being replaced with agricultural farms and fields.

Because we did not save trees in the first place, an increased frequency of floods leads to even more destruction of forests. The massive trend of mining for minerals, ores, and precious metals has also turned the situation against us.

Natural calamities such as forest fires, earthquakes, and cyclones, wash away the human efforts to save trees. These powerful events can be managed only up to a certain level and yet result in the desertion of forests for a long time.

Now that we have discussed the major causes of the decreasing number of trees, below are some of the significant side effects of deforestation and ways to deal with it.

Impacts of Deforestation:

Due to our mismanagement to save trees, the impacts of deforestation are spreading widely all over the world. First of all, the greatest effect can be seen in the form of global warming. The temperature of the earth is rising consistently. Consequently, the icebergs at the poles are melting and increasing the sea levels.

When we are unable to save trees, the disaster also comes in the form of floods. Poor forest areas mean there are no trees to hold the soil. Loose soil particles cannot act as a strong barrier and fail to prevent the floods.

Deforestation is responsible for growing air pollution. Without trees, the levels of carbon dioxide rise in the atmosphere. The percentage of oxygen becomes terrible. If we don’t save trees, we are also ruining the lives of wild animals. Without forests, they have no place to live safely and become more vulnerable to hunting, capturing, and extinction.

As the most intelligent species on earth, it is the duty of mankind to save trees because once the wild animals like carnivores are threatened, the danger reaches to herbivorous animals too. Gradually, the effect would spread to human beings and the whole food pyramid would fall down eventually.

Necessary Measures:

We need to save trees and help them flourish. When we save trees, we ensure our own survival on the planet. To save trees, the first step should be planting as many trees as possible. Celebrating Environment day is one of the many effective measures to save trees.

Creating awareness among the general public with the help of ‘save trees’ campaigns would be helpful too. In schools, children should be given the opportunity to draw pictures on the topic of ‘save trees’. They may also be asked to write short articles on ‘save trees’ and share it with others.

As far as possible, wastage of paper should be avoided. Population control and curbing the industrialization are the biggest ways to save trees. By reducing the harmful activities such as mining and cutting trees, we would face lesser floods, earthquakes, and cyclones.

The bottom line is that for our planet to be greener and healthier, we must promise ourselves to save trees, for this generation and for the future generations to come. Thus, we can all save trees by making changes in our lifestyle.

Evironment, Trees

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Paragraph on Save Trees 100, 150, 200, 250 to 300 Words for Kids, Students, and Children

Paragraph on Save Trees: Earth is the only known planet to support and sustain life. And trees are the vital elements that maintain a balance and fill the world with greenery, freshness and nourishment. The following paragraphs will provide more information and insight into the importance of trees and urgent necessity to save them and in turn, save lives.

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Trees are the best gift of nature for us. They make the environment beautiful and clean. Water and sunlight are very important to help trees grow. Human beings get food from trees. Trees also give us wood and shade. Houses, chairs and toys are made from wood we receive from trees.

Trees can be called the best friend to mankind. Many animals get their food from leaves, vegetables and fruits grown on trees. They also live near the shadow of trees. We should stop cutting trees to save nature. Children and adults need to plant more trees and teach each other to stop causing harm to nature. One tree can save many lives.

Paragraph on Save Trees – 150 Words for Classes 4, 5 Children

Trees form the most essential components of our environment. They take in sunlight, carbon dioxide and water to produce oxygen which helps to support all forms of life on earth. Various kinds of trees can be found which provide us materials for food, shelter, clothing and medicines. Timber and wood obtained from trees are used in many industries to make paper, furniture and other goods of daily use.

As a result, a large number of trees are cut every day to fulfill these needs. This is leading to a loss of stability in the environment and making life difficult. Pollution is increasing due to more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Awareness needs to be spread to save trees and take part in tree plantation and protection for a better, healthier future. Students, schools and other clubs can play an active role to save trees and protect the planet’s natural environment.

Paragraph on Save Trees – 200 Words for Classes 6, 7, 8 Students

Out of all the elements found on this planet, trees account for the sustainability of a large portion of the environment. Occupying vast extents of land in forests, nature parks and wildlife sanctuaries, trees purify the atmosphere with oxygen. All forms of life depend on their direct and indirect needs on the resources provided by trees. Large industries and organizations derive their raw material in the form of wood, paper, fibers and timber obtained from trees.

While producing these materials is of utmost importance, it is equally important to preserve the balance in nature. Excessive deforestation or the cutting down of trees to suit different needs can threaten the future of life on Earth. As the number of trees is reducing every day, pollution levels are increasing. With this, soil erosion and global warming have also reached their peak of risks.

Under these circumstances, some measures to save trees include:

  • Campaigns to promote afforestation
  • Preventing forest fires
  • Preventing pollution and soil erosion
  • Using wood, paper, etc. judiciously
  • Planting more trees at an individual level

With these and many more steps by the government, NGOs and people alike, some consequences of deforestation and destruction may be prevented. Trees existed on the planet before us and may continue to grow again after us too, but our lives are completely dependent on the number of trees we save and saplings we plant in a lifetime!

Paragraph on Save Trees – 250 to 300 Words for Classes 9, 10, 11, 12 and Competitive Exams :

“A single tree can absorb approximately 1 ton of carbon dioxide during its lifetime”.

This statement in itself describes the role that trees play to maintain the cycle and process that supports different life forms on Earth. Trees, in the presence of sunlight, chlorophyll and water, absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This proceeds through a chemical reaction to produce glucose and oxygen.

Since life runs on the exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen, trees are inherent to our survival. In addition to this, our daily essentials ranging from books, furniture, medicines to the new piece of summer clothing –  all owe their production in one way or the other, to trees. The country’s economy is indirectly dependent on trees as huge manufacturing units derive their basic elements from them.

With the ever-growing population, the demand and supply for every other commodity have increased. This has led to detrimental levels of deforestation. The result today is layers of air filled with pollutants, soil losing its strength to erosion and an acute rise in temperature and sea levels worldwide. Our planet has seen varying degrees of diseases, incorporating artificial means to increase production, illegal cutting down of trees from protected areas and much more.

The situation, however, needs to be brought under control. A lot of measures, programs and events are organized regularly to create awareness and save trees. But a lot more still needs to be done to increase the prospect of a greener, healthier tomorrow. Trees must be planted not only on World Environment Day but also on every other day. Restrictions need to be imposed on the number of trees that can be cut daily. People in urban as well as rural areas need to be educated about the dire effects of deforestation and most importantly citizens need to take responsibility and accountability for their own selves, if not for the future of their race.

“Save trees, Save lives” should be the motto not only on prescribed calendar dates but also on other “industrious” days of the year!

FAQ’s on Paragraph on Save Trees

Question 1.
What is the role of Van Mahotsav?

Van Mahotsav is the annual tree-planting festival which is celebrated for a week in the month of July. People engage in planting millions of trees during this time.

Question 2.
What is the Chipko movement?

This movement started in Uttarakhand, India against the slaughter of trees. Women activists and people alike embraced trees to save them from being cut.

Question 3.
What are some days dedicated to saving trees?

The international day of forests and the world environment day are important dates recognized all over the world to save and plant trees.

Trees against world pollution essay example

In most cities of the world, pollution is a serious problem. And with the growing number of people living in cities, more cars, more factories and more power plants will be used. It's still MORE pollution, but one tool that is often overlooked is trees. Pollution is caused by burning too much fossil fuel, deforestation (from agriculture) and industrial activity. This fills the atmosphere and oceans with carbon, and too much CO2 can deplete the ozone layer and also cause global warming. Most importantly, it is dangerous to the lives of people and animals. According to Global Solutions, “While trees alone cannot solve all of urban air and pollution problems, they are an important piece of the puzzle. (Global Solutions, paragraph 7).

Trees and forests work non-stop to clean our air and improve quality. They breathe in toxic carbon dioxide and release the pure oxygen we need to breathe. Humans and animals need clean, breathable levels of oxygen, which is critical to our survival. Particles of dust, soot and smoke in the air are emitted when we burn fossil fuels or are lifted up during construction and farming. Inhaling these contaminated chemicals can cause a variety of health problems, including asthma, cancer, and even death. Planting trees is a cost-effective way to prevent some of these medical illnesses for the population.

Trees help in the removal of solids. What happens is when these particles rise into the air, they are blown into the leaves of the trees and stick to them. When it rains, they are washed away and carried into the sewer system, so we don't breathe it in. (this actually causes water pollution issues, but that's another article) Trees also cool temperatures by providing shade and releasing water through photosynthesis, which cools summer temperatures by two to four degrees Fahrenheit. Trees can only clean the air in close proximity, about a hundred feet or so. This means that you need to know where is the best place to plant these trees. Vox says: “Officials can minimize pollution as much as possible by planting trees where pollution density and air pollution are the same. The Conservatory of Nature report uses data from Washington, D.C. to create a map showing where tree planting would have the biggest investment.” (Global warming item 3)

Trees, properly positioned around buildings, can reduce the need for air conditioning by 30% and save energy used for heating by 20-50%. Trees provide habitat, food and protection for plants and animals, enhancing urban biodiversity. This is what we discussed last week in our discussion; life benefits trees, period. Planting trees today is essential for future generations! Planting trees is the most important and simple thing we can do to help the environment and ourselves. Even though you outweigh the downsides, like what neighborhood you live in, it's still a great concept. Trees are giant air filters, and the sooner we start thinking about them that way, the sooner the air we breathe can get cooler and cleaner in cities around the world.

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“Nature protection. Nature conservation in our region. International organizations for the protection of nature Discourse on the conservation of animal plants of nature

A funny story about how the guys decided to protect nature. And what came of it, you will find out by reading this story.

A story for primary and secondary school age.

Nature Protection Day. Author: Irina Pivovarova

Well, what's new? - Katya said to Kostya Palkin, when Kostya Palkin went out into the yard with a newspaper in his hands.

Kostya always went out into the yard with a newspaper. Despite his relatively young age, he was very fond of reading newspapers. And then he told their content to Katya and Manet.

— Yes, they write about the protection of nature, — said Kostya. — Now all the best people protect nature. And bad people spoil nature. Trees are broken, forests are not protected, rivers are clogged. If things go on like this, there will be no nature left!

— Why don't we protect nature? - said Katya. - Let's protect nature too!

- Let's go! Let's! shouted Manechka. "Chur, I'm the first!"

— Where are we going to protect her? - said Kostya. - In the yard, or what?

— Is there no nature in our yard? - said Katya. - Still as it is! Let's declare a day for the protection of nature in our yard!

And so they decided. Announce the day of protection of nature in their yard. They went out into the yard early and began to guard that no one ran across the lawns.

But no one ran.

They also kept the trees from breaking.

But no one broke.

— What if someone picks flowers in the flower bed? - said Katya. - We must look both ways.

We watched and watched... Suddenly some small dog jumped into the flower bed! And she began to smell the flowers.

- Get out! - Katya and Manya waved their hands. - Get out of the flower bed!

And the dog looked at them, waved its tail and let's smell the flowers again!

Don't sniff! - Katya and Manya shout. - Get out of the flower bed! Break flowers!

And the little dog looked at them and began to chew some blade of grass.

- Spit! Why are you spoiling nature? - Katya and Manya shout and run around the flower bed, they want to drive the dog away.

And the little dog stands in the flowerbed and is already chewing another blade of grass, paying no attention to Katya and Manechka!

Then Katya and Manya could not stand it and climbed into the flower bed. Manechka wanted to grab the dog, but stretched out, plopped right on the dahlias, broke two dahlias. The dog ran away, and from the window the janitor aunt Sima shouted:

— Hey, have you climbed into the flower bed again?! Hooligans again?! I'll show you how to break flowers!

Here is a day for the protection of nature!

— Nothing, — said Kostya Palkin. — Don't be upset. Animals are also nature. Let's protect the animals in our yard.

- Let's go! Katya was delighted.

- Let's go! Let's! shouted Manechka. "Let's defend our Myshkin!"

— No one offends your Myshkin, — said Kostya.

— How can we check? Katya said.

— You have to go from apartment to apartment, — said Kostya. — You go to this entrance. And I'll go to that one. And if you see that someone beats animals, or does not feed, or offends in any other way, then we will write a letter to the magazine "Friend of Nature".

— That's right, — said Katya. — Let's go, Man.

And they began to call all the apartments in a row, come in and ask:

— Tell me, please, do you have any animals?

- Yes, - they said in the fifth apartment. - We have a canary, but what?

— Do you feed her? - said Katya and Manya.

- Of course.

— Don't you beat her?

— What else?! Who's beating the canaries? Say it too!

— Do you go for walks with her?

“Well, of course, we lead her on a chain,” they laughed in the fifth apartment. “It seems that you girls have nothing to do - you are asking all kinds of stupid questions here!”

- Nothing like that! We just protect animals! If you offend your canary, we will take and write a letter about you to the magazine "Friend of Nature"!

— Why are you attached? We do not think we offend the canary! Where did you come from on our head!

In the thirteenth apartment, some big boy, who looked like a fifth grader, opened the door for them. It turned out that a cat with kittens lives in this apartment.

- Do you feed your cat? Katya and Manya asked the fifth grader.

— Like what? Do you feed your cat, we ask?

— What do you care!

- Very big! Cats need to be fed, okay? And the kittens too.

— Really? — the fifth-grader was surprised. — I didn't know! Thanks for saying!

— Cheers! And you don't beat them?

- Kittens with a cat.

- Beau. stick. Early in the morning,” the fifth grader said and pushed Katya and Manya out the door.

— Fool, — said Manechka. And he also wears glasses...

In the thirty-first apartment, a dog whined plaintively behind the door, but the owners did not open it.

"There's no one at home," Katya said. "Poor dog! She must be hungry! I'll have to come here again, feed her...

A German Shepherd lived in the fortieth apartment. When the door was opened for Katya and Manechka, she ran out onto the landing and began sniffing at them.

- Aw! - Manechka was frightened. - Take her away, please, otherwise she will bite!

— What do you want, girls?

— Nothing, thank you, we made a mistake with the door!.. Tell me, please, do you offend your dog?

— Why offend her? She is smart, she has two medals.

— Thank you very much.

— Well, how are you? - said Kostya Palkin, when they left the entrances and met in the yard. - Did you protect anyone?

— No, — said Katya and Manechka. — We must go to another entrance.

— And I'm nobody, — said Kostya.

- Kaaaa! Ma-a-nechka! - Veronika Vladimirovna called from the window. - Go home! .. Where have you been? I've been screaming for an hour now! she said angrily when the daughters returned. “The moment you go out into the street, you immediately lose your head. Forget all your responsibilities! Ready to walk from morning to evening, and your poor hungry hamsters are sitting. And their cage is dirty! And the fish need to change the water for a long time! .. And again, should I run for sand for Myshkin? I've been asking you for three days already - I can't interrogate you!!! Don't you feel sorry for the animals? Ruthless children!

2017 is the year of ecology in Russia. Each school holds events dedicated to environmental issues, because from childhood it is necessary to pay attention to protecting the environment.

Ecological essays are a difficult topic for both 4th and 6th grade students. The student must not only express his attitude to the protection of nature, but also observe spelling when presenting his thoughts. To make it easier for the child to complete this work, we offer you a plan for writing an essay and samples of environmental essays in the Russian language.

Composition "Take care of nature"

1. The beauty of nature

2. Environmental problems

3. Saving nature

Spring in nature is wonderful. Everything blooms. The sun shines brighter. At heart it becomes fun. Butterflies, bees woke up, the first grass appears. It makes you want to run barefoot on the grass.

But all this beauty has its problems. We do not even think about how we pollute nature. Rivers, lakes, soil are polluted by our garbage, waste. There are more and more cars - unnecessary gases in the air. It would seem that trees can cleanse our planet, but deforestation is another problem of our time.

Nature can be saved. So that trees do not disappear, they need to be planted more, so that animals do not disappear, they must be protected. All businesses need cleaning facilities. Remember, nature is wonderful! Don't destroy it.

Composition "Nature in danger"

How beautiful our nature is! It is pleasant to walk through the forest, breathe in the aroma of flowers and herbs, feel the freshness of the summer breeze, watch the bees drink the nectar of flowers.

It's just a pity that this beauty can disappear for the profit of a handful of people who are engaged in illegal deforestation, poaching, building factories without treatment facilities. These problems must and can be addressed. Each of us can be a member of the forest guard. It is necessary to open the Red Book more often, remember about animals and plants that have already disappeared or are found in nature in small quantities.

Each of us likes to walk on the grass, wash ourselves with dew, watch how insects collect nectar, and watch falling colorful leaves in autumn. But no one thinks about it. which can harm nature.

Environmental problems surround us everywhere. These are soil pollution, deforestation, air pollution. some of the problems of nature we create ourselves. For example, they saw a beautiful flower, plucked it, admired it and threw it away. We want to fight off mosquitoes - we broke a branch of a young tree.

Think about it, we, children, can already protect nature. Let's keep her safe. Plant trees. Do not litter in the forest. And then our descendants will be able to admire nature like we do on the green planet Earth.

Ecological essay.

The nature around us is very beautiful. She is beautiful at any time of the year. I especially like it when colorful leaves swirl in autumn: red, yellow, brown. Watching this beauty, one should always remember the environmental problems of the environment around us. Every year there are fewer and fewer trees, they are destroyed by fire, illegal logging. But they give us oxygen. man breathes and lives thanks to them. Walking through the forest, look around: there are many beautiful plants around you. many of them are medicinal. Don't tear them unnecessarily. When making long trips into nature, pick up your garbage, and you will see for yourself that nature has become cleaner and even more beautiful.

Nature is very beautiful. How beautiful it is to run barefoot on the grass, wash yourself in a stream, admire beautiful flowers, enjoy the summer rain. But nature is in danger!

For a couple of centuries, the environment around us has changed a lot. Air, soil, water became polluted. Another problem is deforestation. Trees are the lungs of our planet. Their disappearance can lead to the death of many species of animals and plants.

The task of all mankind is to save our planet. After all, the Earth is our common home. Taking care of the environment is everyone's responsibility.

Nature is in danger

How nice it is to go to the forest in the morning, lie down on the grass, breathe fresh air, admire beautiful flowers, swim in clean water.

People, nature is in danger. We cut down trees, pour pesticides into water bodies. leave garbage in the forest, destroy plants. hunting animals. All this leads to the destruction of our environment. If we don't stop, trees stop growing, water disappears, animals disappear, we will simply die. Can you imagine our planet without life?

But everything can be changed. After all, it is not difficult to pick up garbage, it is not difficult to leave flowers and not pick them. It is within our power. I want to say to all people: "Do not pollute nature! We must save it for our descendants."

Svetlana Karpukhina
An educator's instructive story about environmental protection. Abstract of the lesson in the preparatory group

Environmental alarm ... "Mother earth is in danger"

Target! Give knowledge about the need environmental protection , consolidate knowledge about respect for water. Foster respect for nature and careful attitude to it

(against the background of music) :

Vedas: Tree, grass, flower and bird

They do not always know how to defend themselves If they are destroyed On the planet we will be left alone.

And why do they say so - "mother earth" . Yes, because she really, like a mother, feeds people - waters - clothes. This is clear. But. But if "cheese" , then it turns out not the earth, but mud and swamp. It seems to be so.

It's all about how raw she is. If too much, then it really can turn out to be swamp : neither you have a field, nor you a vegetable garden, nothing will grow. But after all, "dry land" is also not good for : not a blade of grass, not a blade of grass! In a word, for the earth to really be a mother to all of us, not a stepmother, water for the earth needs neither more nor less, but just right. So some lands, improving, have to be watered - irrigated, others, on the contrary, improving, drying. But it is impossible to destroy the swamps. Thousands of rivers and rivers flow from the swamps. Even Volga!

A man, like a fairy-tale giant, can do anything. He wants - there will be no sea, he wants - a new one will spill. But is it always necessary to do what you want - that is the question. And it's hard to imagine how many troubles can happen from such a "perestroika nature » . But whether it will be useful, it is completely unknown,

I am the Earth. I am Earth. I am the Earth!

My fatigue is boundless!

Do not seek my groan. At least someone will hear the beating of a tired heart at its zenith.

People of my planet! People of my planet! Danger planet!

Cutting through the ice, changing the course of the rivers, You keep saying that there is a lot of work, But you still ask for forgiveness From these rivers, dunes and swamps, At the very gigantic sunrise, At the smallest fry, But you don’t want to think about it Now you don’t have time this for now. Airfields, piers and platforms, Forests without rivers and rivers without water. Less and less - environment , Increasingly - Environment .

Since ancient times, people have been farming on the land. They build houses, cities, roads, cultivate fields. All this is necessary. But for this you have to destroy forests. Trees are cut down for the wood that people need. That is why every year there are less and less forests on Earth. Air and water are becoming more and more polluted from factories and plants, smoke and dust get into the air, and sewage with various harmful substances into rivers and lakes. Due to the fact that forests are becoming smaller, and the air is polluted, many plants and animals are suffering.

Factories are humming, dust is everywhere, A car is running, smoking. And meanwhile the trees are groaning, They simply drown in mud and dust,

And in order to build factories for us -

They are cutting down the forest and ruining the water.

Our water has become dirty,

There is not a trace of plants. The house has been taken away from our animals, Birds, fish are feeling bad now.

Our earth is in danger, the work of factories and human activity all cause wounds to the nature of the Earth : air and water are polluted, plants and animals are disappearing. So let's go save the beautiful nature of the Earth . It is important for a person to know his home. The whole house, not just one corner. It is important to comprehend : one must live in harmony with nature ; feel your

responsibility for the planet Earth - huge and so lonely in its troubles to pain.

Take care of the Earth! Take care of the Lark at the blue zenith. Butterfly on dodder leaves Sun glare on the path. A hawk soaring over a field, A crescent moon over a river calm, A swallow flashing in a life, Take care of the Earth! Take care!

There is no goodness from people, as if so ordered.

Man and nature is one of the most important topics in our life, because man is a part of nature, because no one can live without water, earth, air and food. But for some reason, many people do not appreciate what nature gives them. In ancient times, people were more careful about what surrounded them. For example, to cut down a tree, a person bowed to him to the ground. And at present, a person does not want to connect with nature in any way, he treats it consumerly, destroying natural resources. For example, forests are mercilessly cut down, reservoirs are clogged, the atmosphere is polluted by enterprises and cars, animals and fish are mercilessly destroyed by poachers, and simply by hunters and fishermen. This makes it very sad. Probably, many people have become angry and greedy and do not understand what they are doing. But nature can take revenge. A person needs to learn to live in harmony with nature, because nature also needs the help and support of people, in a caring attitude towards it. Any of us can help her, if there is a desire. At present, I can only do a little for nature: feed birds and animals, do not offend them, do not litter, plant trees and flowers, save water, paper, heat, gas, electricity. This way you can save at least a piece of natural wealth. This is my small contribution to the protection of nature. I help nature at least by not harming it. For example, I will not pick up a whole bunch of lilacs in order to throw it away after ten minutes, but gently tilt the branch and inhale the aroma. You must love nature for its perfection, beauty, for its harmony, because if you love and appreciate, you will never do harm.

P. S: They say if you don't wait for the swans, they won't come. And we will wait for them and believe, and they will definitely come to us!!!

Ovchinnikova Masha, 2 "A" class

In winter I went to the pond next to the Dairy plant and fed the ducks. In January, when it became very cold, I continued to feed them millet and bread.">

Essay on the topic “How do I help nature?”

Zhmur Nastya, 2 "A" class

In the summer I live with my grandparents. They have a cottage. We ride a bike through the forest to the dacha. There are many mushrooms and berries in this forest. And a river flows nearby. Therefore, there are always a lot of tourists. One day we saw that someone forgot to put out the fire. Then we went down to the river, filled a bucket of water and lit a fire in the fire. This is how we saved nature from fire.">

Essay on the topic “How did I help nature?”

Abramova Dasha, 7 "B" class

One summer my mother and I went to visit my grandmother in the village. She has her own house and a very large garden with many different trees and shrubs. The garden is full of fruits and berries. Most of all we like to communicate while relaxing in the garden: here you feel closer to nature. In addition, grandmother always allows us to pick an apple or a cucumber.

My cousin often stays there. Once we were sitting in the garden with him and collecting puzzles. My grandmother came to us and asked for help in the garden. We put on gloves and got to work. Brother Yegor had to water the berries and trees, and I weeded the carrots and pulled out the weeds. Time flew by imperceptibly. Grandmother cut the bushes and cleaned the cut grass. Having finished the work, we looked around: the garden was slightly transformed, the flowers gratefully spread their petals, which seemed to have become even much brighter. Watering the trees, Yegor was very tired and immediately fell asleep in the garden on a swing. In the evening, sitting at a table in the gazebo, which was located in the garden, my brother and I cheerfully recalled our working day. Grandmother thanked me and brought me and my mother a whole basket of strawberries.

With this we helped both grandmother and nature.">

Essay on the topic “How did I help nature?”

Zagomolov Pavel, 7 "A" class

Once my friend and I were walking in his yard and suddenly we saw smoke near the river. We went to see what happened. When we approached, we saw that dry grass was burning. Apparently, the fire came from glass.

We grabbed plastic bottles thrown by someone, filled them with water and started putting out fires. The flames spread to the garbage lying everywhere. But my friend and I did not run away and continued to fill it with water.

Finally, it was all over. The fire receded. This is how I helped nature by preventing the fire from spreading.">

Composition on the topic "How I helped nature"

Grushina Valeria, 2 "B" class

Nature plays a big role in human life. A person must protect and protect it.

I try to take good care of nature. In summer, I clean up garbage on the beach, my grandfather and I planted a tree, my dad and I made bird feeders and feed them. I love nature and will protect it!">

Composition on the topic "How can I help nature"

Artur Tyagin, 7 "A" class

Nature is everything necessary for human life. Often, both adults and children pick flowers, twigs from trees, without thinking about what it costs a person to grow that tree. How beautiful is nature!

In spring, the first sprouts appear from the ground, as if they are taking their first steps. In summer, flowers grow in bright, lush hats in gardens and vegetable gardens. With the onset of the autumn period, the crowns of the trees turn yellow - the time for golden autumn is approaching. People really like Indian summer. And although it does not last long, it brings people joy, because these are the warmest days of autumn. In winter days, there is often a thaw, the sun appears, a tolerable frost, and everything, everything is covered with frost, all the trees are different, but they bloom in the same way - white. Nature is always unique.

Every person is obliged to take care of the nature of our homeland. Protecting the beauty and originality of the native land is the common concern of all the people inhabiting it, their duty and sacred duty.">

Alexandra Ismailova, 5 "A" class

Each of us is an integral part of nature. We like to watch the first drop heralding the beginning of spring; behind the first snow that turns the city into a white fairy tale; behind the autumn leaf fall, covering the earth with a golden carpet. However, more and more often we forget that this beauty depends on us, on how we treat it. After all, all this will not happen if people do not stop turning our planet into a big garbage dump.

We are waiting for spring, but in spring the snow melts, exposing everything that people threw at it, thinking that it was not scary, no one would see it. But we see. Everyone sees this when the snow has already melted, and the first greenery is not able to hide all this garbage. We should treat the environment as we treat our own home, but at home we do not throw unnecessary things on the floor.

It is important to protect nature, because we have to pass this world on to our children, who must see it the way we see it. For them, the world must be clean. It should not contain garbage bags lying along the roads. They shouldn't see beer bottles on every corner. Our children should learn from us to save this world by adopting a useful habit from us - not to litter. If they learn this, then in turn they will try to pass on to their children the world that we have shown them.

It is necessary to respect not only urban nature, but also forests. Going to rest in the neighboring forest, we are unlikely to be happy to see terrible plastic bottles thrown away by negligent tourists instead of wonderful flowers. Moreover, plastic, as everyone knows, remains in the ground for many years and does not rot. Forests should delight us with mighty trees, fragrant plants, clear water of murmuring streams, and not grieve us with mountains of garbage left by people.

Let's take care of nature, because it depends on us so much!

Essay on the topic “How can I help nature?”

Petrov Sergey, 6 "A" class

Nature is the most important thing on the planet. Without nature, nothing living on Earth can exist. This is our house.

The most important thing we can do to help nature is not to litter it. If everyone understands this truth, the planet will become much cleaner. Throwing garbage into reservoirs, we do not always think about the fact that this is a home for living beings. And they can die from sewage and garbage. I think that everyone would not really like it if others came into their house and littered. But water is the source of life. Without it, fish will die, plants will dry up, animals and people will die.

It is also necessary to help our little brothers. In winter, you need to feed the birds, since there are almost no seeds and berries at this time of the year, and the birds are starving. It is necessary to convince people to be responsible for those whom they have tamed. It often happens that they take a puppy or a kitten, and then they throw it out into the street to die.

You must be very careful in the forest, because so many living things die from forest fires. People, without hesitation, light fires and leave without extinguishing them completely. And from one spark a huge forest can burn out, which is also someone's home.

Since I am already an adult, I understand that it is necessary to follow elementary rules: do not litter, protect nature, be caring and tidy. It depends on each of us how clean our nature and our home-Earth will be!

Essay on the topic “How can I help nature?”

Dreskova Katya, 5 "A" class

Man and nature are “connected” by invisible threads. Man cannot live without nature, just as nature could not exist without people. They are inextricably linked to each other. New factories are being built, various stations are being built. All this can be called the progress of technology. But this is only on one side, but what about the other? And on the other hand, forests are dying, wildlife is being destroyed and water bodies are being polluted. We constantly repeat that man is the master of nature. But it is this "master" that can forever destroy all living and non-living things around him. Many works have been written about nature and its beauty. Many writers and poets talk about the need to protect and protect nature. Many rules have been created to protect nature, but not all people adhere to these rules and requests. Many of them are simply littering; build a lot of dumps, build plants and factories. But all this could be avoided if everyone in themselves developed the habit of throwing garbage into the bins; garbage (as is done in European countries) for further processing is sorted into three groups: 1) paper; 2). glass; 3).plastic; to install purification facilities - filters in all factories. It is also necessary to build botanical gardens, control the consumption of water resources, fill in gullies and ravines, and plant forests.

If I talk about myself, I can go to various subbotniks, build birdhouses, help plant the young, not pick flowers, not break the houses of wild forest animals, not take the cubs of animals from the forest and, of course, the animals themselves. I believe that everyone should take care of the nature around him. Everyone should truly love and respect nature. When we talk about nature, we are talking about our Motherland, about the whole earth. I want the voices of birds to never cease on our planet, the forests to always rustle, and that our nature always has peace, tranquility and harmony. Because without them, harmony between man and nature is impossible.

Essay on the topic “How can I help nature?”

Smirnova Alina, 5 "A" class

Everything that surrounds us is nature: sky, river, sun, trees, flowers, herbs, birds, animals, insects. Man is all nature. Everything that exists in nature must exist together, side by side, together. So trees cannot live without the sun, water, birds, which find and eat worm bugs in the bark of trees. Animals also cannot live without water, sunlight and heat, without the grass they eat, without trees that protect them from heat and rain.

Nature began to need special help and support from people. Any of us can help her - there would be a desire. If we do not help nature in time, it will die. What will happen on Earth then? The earth will die. And we, the people, are to blame for this.

How can I help nature, protect it? I am currently in the fifth grade and can only do a few things: feed the birds, feed the animals, do not litter, make bird feeders and houses, do not break bushes and trees.

Take care of nature, protect it, because any help to nature brings joy, satisfaction, happiness.">

Composition on the topic "How I helped nature"

Silinskaya Julia, 7 "A" class

Nature is our home, it must be loved and protected - we know this from an early age. In kindergarten, we were taught to feed the birds in the winter season. From improvised materials, we made simple feeders and were very happy when flocks of sparrows and titmouse flocked to them. In the lower grades, we made more complex feeders. Sometimes the birds stayed in them for the night, and in the summer, arriving at this place, they ate various pests of the garden.

The educators and teachers taught us to recognize the types of trees and demanded that we treat them with care. Some tree species are of industrial importance. B Cherepovets plywood and lumber are made from them. Birches, spruces, aspens grow in our area, and willow bushes are sprawling along the outskirts of the roads. This is our wealth. Even baskets are woven from willow. In summer cottages, the choice of trees is richer, here you can find: mountain ash, apple, pear, as well as currant, raspberry and lilac bushes. Every spring, we feed garden plants, apply organic fertilizers to the soil. We make sure that fertilizer residues do not fall into the river.

In spring, when the rivers are flooding, fish enter small streams to spawn. When the water subsides, fry remain in the puddles. Once, with friends, I saved a few fry: with the help of a net, we transferred them to the river. It is very important not to litter our waterways. I do not throw empty stones, cans and garbage into water bodies. In the forest, my parents and I do not make fires and do not leave garbage behind. If every student takes care of nature, our land will be beautiful and generous with the gifts of nature!


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Take care of nature - an essay for grade 6

I really like to relax in nature. Walk in the forest, swim in the river. But lately we have polluted the seas and rivers, forests and steppes so much that it becomes scary for future generations. There is a lot of talk these days about conservation. The subject of ecology was introduced in schools. In these lessons, they discuss the situation in the world around them, how easy it is to upset the balance in nature, but it is very difficult to restore the broken one. Nature itself is restored, but very slowly, so people must protect and protect the world in which they live.

In pursuit of prestige and money, people have exterminated numerous species of animals, some species of which can no longer be restored, or some nature lovers have only a few left. The predator, chasing the animal, wants one thing - to eat. He won't kill more than he needs to. And there is harmony and balance in this. Man destroys everything he sees, he needs more and more. And as a result, he will destroy all living things.

I believe that if every person keeps cleanliness in his yard, in the forest where he walks, at the enterprise where he works, everything around will change! I hope that people will come to their senses, stop destroying the land they live on and understand that our planet does not exist for a one-time use.

Essay about how important it is to protect nature

I'm afraid to imagine that the serene happiness of human interaction with nature is in danger. Even worse is the thought that man himself often becomes a threat to nature. After all, big damage starts small.

Nature is the beauty of our Earth. It gives us food, oxygen, and forests - wood. Nature needs to be protected, but on the contrary, we are destroying it.

First, people cut down more than two million trees a year, and it takes twenty to fifty years for one tree to grow.

Secondly, we often make fires. Because of this, fires often occur. Millions of plants are dying. Thirdly, during a fire, animals have to leave. Then people invest millions of money in funds to protect forests and restore flora and fauna.

Fourthly, over the past decades, during the development of oil and gas fields, forests and animals have been irretrievably exterminated.

We are the masters of our nature, and it is the pantry of the sun with all its treasures. And we must preserve it. After all, destroying one link, we destroy the whole chain. So let's not make fires in the forests, let's not kill animals, break tree branches and pollute rivers and lakes!

And one more composition

Take care of nature! So often they say these words in class. However, what can ordinary schoolchildren do? How can they save nature? Over time, children will grow up, start working in enterprises, founding their own companies that can harm nature. Therefore, even then, in their minds, responsibility for the environment was laid. They will protect nature.

Starting from kindergarten, children should be taught to take care of nature and the world around them. Why are there so many environmental problems now? Because many do not have the concept that you need to take care of nature. The globe is our home, we must not pollute it. Where will we live if we destroy it?

Many people are ready to do anything for their own benefit, they think only of themselves, they are not worried about the idea that their descendants will live on this earth.

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