How do i fell a tree

How to Cut Down a Tree Safely

Make it fall where you want it! Check out these expert tree felling techniques.

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Wear the Right Safety Gear

Safety isn't a throwaway word when it comes to felling trees and running chain saws. You must take it seriously. There are a few absolutely essential safety gear items you need to wear for any chain saw work, and especially when felling a tree: - A logger's helmet to protect you from falling branches, a major cause of logging injuries. - Earmuffs and a face screen to protect your ears and eyes. - Safety glasses to keep the dust out. - Kevlar chaps, which will stop a chain instantly should you happen to drop the bar against your leg.

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Buy Felling Wedges

Two plastic felling wedges will prevent your saw from getting pinched during a cut. You can find these at any outdoor power equipment store that carries chain saws.

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Estimate the Felling Zone: How to fell a tree in the direction you want

Trees are taller than you think and reach farther on the ground than you'd expect. When you're planning on felling a tree, you can estimate where a tree will fall by using the “ax handle trick.” This is how to fell a tree in the direction you want: hold an ax handle at arm's length, close one eye, and back away from or move toward the tree until the top of the ax is even with the treetop and the bottom is even with the base. Your feet should be about where the treetop will rest after falling. It's just an estimate, though, so allow extra room if there's something the tree might fall on!

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Clear a Cutting Zone

Even when you're sure which way the tree is going to fall, you're still not ready to fell it. Cut away any brush around the trunk and clear two escape routes on the “non-falling” side of the tree. They should be about 45 degrees away from each other in opposite directions. The last thing you want is to trip while walking away from a falling tree.

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Size Up the Tree

Start by studying the tree. Don't cut it down if you see:

- Dead branches that are broken but attached, or that are actually broken off and supported by other branches. You're bound to knock a branch loose and have it fall on you.

- It is obviously leaning in one direction or heavily loaded with branches on one side. It will fall in the direction of the lean or load despite your best efforts.

- There are buildings, fences, power lines or other things you care about in the felling zone. If so, skip the felling and call a pro.

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Anatomy of a Proper Notch

When felling a tree, the rule of thumb is to make the depth of the notch one-fifth of the tree trunk's diameter. The goal is to make the angles as shown in the diagram (or as close as you can). The felling cut should meet the point of the notch. When the tree starts to fall, the hinge will help guide the tree to fall in the desired direction.

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Plan the Notch

You're going to be cutting a notch on the "fall" side of the trunk. Sight along the handle and adjust the saw until it's pointing toward your fall direction. The spot where the bar touches the bark will be the center of the notch. Before cutting, lay out the notch by marking with chalk or by scoring the bark with the chain saw. Make the notch at a comfortable working height. (You can always shorten the stump later.)

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Cut the Notch

Make the top cut first and then the bottom. When you're making the bottom cut, adjust your hand to control the throttle with your thumb. If you meet the top notch perfectly, the wedge will drop out of the notch. But most likely you'll have to extend the cuts from either the top or the bottom so the wedge can drop free.

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Use Wedges on Big Trees

If you're felling a tree that's more than 18 in. in diameter, go ahead and make your notch cut and begin the felling cut. Stop cutting as soon as you've penetrated far enough to pound wedges behind the bar. Leave the bar in the cut with the saw running, but lock the chain brake and tap in the wedges. Then finish the cut. Wedges will keep the saw from getting pinched in the cut if the tree leans back.

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Make the Felling Cut

Score a line connecting the apex of the notch on both sides for a cutting guide. The back cut should be parallel and even with the apex of the notch. Then make the felling cut. The instant the tree begins leaning, pull the saw free, set the chain brake and walk away along one of your escape routes, keeping an eye on the tree so you can react if it doesn't fall the way you planned. Never take your eye off a falling tree.

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A Lookout Might Save Your Life

When felling a tree, you'll be a lot safer if you have a trusted assistant standing a few feet behind you watching the top of the tree for falling branches and letting you know when the tree starts to fall. Have your assistant tap you on the shoulder with a stick to alert you when it's time to vacate the area. If it's early in the cut and you get the tap, leave the saw and walk away immediately. That means a branch is falling. Near the end of the cut, a tap means the tree is beginning its descent.

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Start Cutting Branches at the Trunk

After felling the tree, cut off branches starting at the lower end of the trunk and working to the top. Whenever possible, stand on the uphill side of the tree. Work from the left side of the trunk (as you face toward the top of the tree). This allows the safest and most efficient use of the chain saw because you can rest the side or bottom of the saw on the trunk and slice off the branches with a pivoting motion.

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Saw the Trunk into Firewood

Cut a log into 16-in. lengths for firewood by first sawing three-quarters of the way through the log. Then roll it over and complete the cuts.

Learn how to cut firewood multiple ways so you can use whichever tools you have available.

Originally Published: May 29, 2019

How to Cut Down a Tree Safely in 10 Steps

by Alison Hoover | Updated: | 0 Comments

Tree care

So, you want to cut down a tree and Paul Bunyon isn’t available to help. If you’re comfortable with a chainsaw, some trees are easily taken down on your own. But others, are best left to the experts.

We’ve laid out how to fell a tree safely in 10 steps:

  1. Decide if it’s safe
  2. Gather equipment
  3. Estimate the fall
  4. Clear escape routes
  5. Plan the notch
  6. Cut the notch
  7. Insert wedges
  8. Make the felling cut
  9. Remove branches and cut firewood
  10. Get expert help

If this feels like too much, or you’d rather a pro do the job, feel free to skip to Step 10.

1. Decide if it’s Safe

If you’re reading this guide, you’re probably looking to cut down a tree a bit bigger than the struggling fruit tree you planted three years ago. This means you need to take safety precautions. Felling trees is a pretty big DIY job.

If the tree in question has a lot of broken or dead branches, or if your tree is diseased, you may want to skip to the final step in this guide.

All those branches will come down as you work, and they aren’t likely to pile themselves neatly into firewood.

Walk around the tree and your property and look for any obstructions, including power lines, buildings, electrical boxes, and heavy growth.

Estimate the fall area and determine where the tree will land. If any obstacle is in your way, you should skip to Step 10.

2. Gather Equipment

Proper safety gear is the first thing on your to-do list. Here’s what you need:

  • A hard hat
  • Safety glasses
  • Hearing protection
  • Work gloves
  • A chainsaw
  • Felling wedges

Depending on where you live, you might need a permit from your homeowners association or city, so check local laws and rules before picking up the chainsaw. And for safety, enlist a trusted friend. Two sets of eyes are always better than one. Plus, you need someone to yell, “TIMBER!”

3. Estimate the Fall

It can be difficult to measure the exact height of the tree and determine where it may fall. Assess the tree for uneven growth, whether due to disease, overcrowding, or any other factor. If the tree is heavier on one side than another, it will fall that way regardless of your attempts to redirect it.

For a better estimate, hold an ax at arm’s length, and close one eye. Walk away from the tree as necessary until the top and bottom of the tree are aligned with the top and bottom of your ax. Where you stand is roughly where the top of the tree will fall.

4. Clear Escape Routes

Take the extra time to make sure you have a safe way to retreat from the worksite. It’s best to have two alternate routes and ensure they’re clear from debris. If something goes wrong, you want a direct path to safety.

5. Plan the Notch

The notch is what will allow the tree to fall properly, so you want it on the “fall side” so the tree will fall in the direction of the notch.The fall side should be the heaviest side of the tree.

Cut at a comfortable working height. If it feels like the stump will be too big, remember you can cut down the base of the tree later.

How to cut down a tree with a chainsaw / Amada44 / CC BY-SA

6. Cut the Notch

Start with the top cut, moving at about a 45-degree angle downward. Cut about 1/3 of the way into the trunk. Below that, make a second cut parallel to the ground. This horizontal cut should come pretty close to meeting the first cut.

7. Insert Wedges

Depending on the tree you’re looking to take down, wedges may be necessary. If the tree’s diameter is more than 18 inches, wedges will help prevent your saw from getting pinched. You can purchase these at any home supply store.

Once the notch is cut, begin the felling cut (Step 8). As soon as you’ve cut enough to insert wedges, stop cutting and pound in the wedges; then complete the cut.

8. Make the Felling Cut

Cutting down a tree / Joint Base Charleston

This is what will actually make the tree fall. Move to the opposite side of the tree, away from the notch. About an inch or more above the notch, begin an even back cut. You want to create a hinge, so you will not cut all the way through. As the tree starts to move, stop the cut and take one of the paths to safety.

9. Remove Branches and Cut into Firewood

Once the tree is down, the next step is called “limbing”. What this means: You remove the branches from the tree trunk. Then, cut the tree into 16-inch sections; this is called “bucking”. To avoid touching the ground with your saw, cut about three-quarters of the way through, roll the trunk, and complete the cut.

Then you can cut those sections into logs and bust out the marshmallows for a bonfire. But, remember, there are specific rules about transporting firewood.

10. Get Expert Tree-Cutting Help

A tree that needs pruning or removal is often reason enough to call in an arborist. If you can’t ensure safety, if you don’t have the proper equipment, or if you don’t feel confident in your skillset, hire a licensed and insured tree removal company.

Then round up the kids to watch them work – just make sure they keep their distance.

Main Image Credit: You’ll need an ax (or a saw or chainsaw) to bring down a tree / Pixnio

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Alison is a Midwesterner through and through, and loves to spend her time baking and reading. Always at home in the dirt, as a kid, Alison raised a vegetable garden with her dad, and flower gardens with her mom.

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What to do if a tree falls on a car

Dmitry Sergeev

knows why trees fall

Author profile

Cars constantly get into accidents. Usually in such situations, drivers call the police, and the insurance company of the culprit compensates for the damage.

But sometimes a fallen tree can damage the machine. Not everyone knows where to call in this case, where to look for those responsible and how to compensate for the cost of repairs. I'll tell you about it.

Is it possible to compensate for the damage

It depends on who owned the tree, why and under what circumstances it fell. Most often this is possible, but it will take a lot of time and effort.

The tree fell due to the fault of a particular person. For example, it was damaged by a utility worker while cutting branches, or the tree was intentionally cut down by a neighbor. In this case, it is easiest to recover damages.

Art. 167 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation

The police will surely find the culprit. If it turns out that he intentionally damaged the tree and the damage exceeds 2,500 R, a criminal case will be initiated. Such an offense can be punished with a fine of 40,000 R and even imprisonment for up to 5 years.

In this situation, the victim can file a civil claim as soon as the police file a case and the trial begins. Often, the defendant immediately compensates for the damage - in this case, you can drop the claim before the verdict is delivered. The court may recognize damages as a mitigating circumstance and punish the culprit not so severely - for example, replace the real term of imprisonment with a suspended one.

Art. 44 Code of Criminal Procedure

If a tree fell by itself, it is more difficult to repair the damage - it is important to find out the real cause of the incident.

The tree was poorly looked after. For example, it rotted and fell under the weight of snow. The victim will have to prove that the tree belongs to a specific organization that did not take care of it: did not water it, did not cut dead branches, or did not cut it down in time.

It will not be difficult to find those responsible: in the city, administrations, site owners, management companies or homeowners associations are responsible for all green spaces.

According to your application, the police will conduct an inspection and interview employees of the Criminal Code, administration, neighbors and elders in the house. The results of the check will be reported to you, from them it will be clear who owns the tree.

What to do? 07/06/18

A neighbor wants to cut down my tree

It is more difficult to prove that the responsible organization did not take good care of the green spaces. In such situations, you will have to go to court with a civil lawsuit. Most likely, the case will not be limited to one meeting.

A resident of Kazan found himself in a similar situation: his car was damaged by a fallen tree during a hurricane. The owner of the car had to order a dendrological examination. She confirmed that the management company should have cut down the rotten tree beforehand. But it was possible to recover damages from the culprit only in the Supreme Court.

An amazing story 03/12/20

How to sue UK for the cost of repairing a car damaged by hurricane

UK did not cut down a rotten tree when it needed to, and it damaged a car in a parking lot during a hurricane. Photo: Juliet_summertime / Shutterstock

Force majeure has occurred. Sometimes a healthy tree falls due to force majeure: a terrorist attack, war, flood, earthquake or hurricane. A person cannot influence these circumstances, so it will not be possible to compensate for the damage.

item 2 art. 1064 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation

Most likely, the police will record the damage to the car, but if the trees in the whole city were really downed by a hurricane or flood, the responsible organization will prove it in court.

What to do first

In any such situation, the police should be called. It is enough to dial 102 or 112 and report that the tree has fallen and damaged the car. The operator will decide which police unit to send to you.

Then everything depends on the circumstances.

A tree fell on a parked car. This case is not an accident. If only the car was damaged, law enforcement officers can not be called, the law does not require this. But you don't know for sure why the tree fell. Even if it was broken by a strong wind, the reason may be in diseased roots and rot that the public utilities did not notice. To compensate for the losses, you will have to find out who was responsible for the tree, on whose land it stood and why it fell. Therefore, you need to call the police and file a complaint when they arrive.


What to do if the car is scratched in the parking lot

The tree damaged the car in the parking lot - this is not an accident, as the car was standing still. Photo: Dmitry Markov152 / Shutterstock

A tree fell while you were driving. This is an accident: you need to stop, turn on the emergency gang, set an emergency stop sign and not move objects that are associated with the incident.

Sec. 2.5 of the SDA

Victims must be given first aid, and in emergency situations, they must be taken to the hospital on their own or by passing transport. After that, return to the scene of the accident.

If the car interferes with traffic, it can be removed from the roadway. First, you need to record everything that relates to the accident on the camera and try to record the data of witnesses.

A tree hangs over the road and may fall on passing cars

If people were injured in an accident, you are required by law to call the police. It is impossible to leave the scene of the incident, for this they can be deprived of their rights for up to 1.5 years or arrested for 15 days.

Part 2 12.27 Administrative Code

clause 2. 6.1 SDA RF

Decree of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation dated 08.11.2018 No. 18-AD18-59

There is a caveat: only the car often suffers in such accidents. In such a situation, the driver may leave the scene of the accident and not report to the police.

Here is an example from the court: in Krasnodar, a car went off the road and overturned. The driver left the scene of the accident, later the traffic police accused him of this, and the court deprived him of his license for a year. The Supreme Court sided with the driver: since there was only one participant in the accident and no one was injured, he could not call the police and wait for her on the spot. The driver retained his license.

The police should be called regardless of the circumstances in order to record the very fact of the incident. Any document issued by the police will prove that the tree actually fell and damaged the car.


Rights if you get into an accident

What documents can police officers issue

In the event of an accident, inspectors will record the circumstances in the accident scheme, the decision on the case of an administrative offense or in the ruling on the refusal to initiate it . The protocol may not be drawn up: it is drawn up when there is an administrative offense on the part of a particular person. If another driver drove into the tree and it damaged your car, they will draw up a report, but if the tree fell by itself, they will issue a decision to refuse to initiate proceedings.

p. 273-279 of the Administrative Regulations for Supervision of Compliance with Traffic Rules

The most important document is a statement to the police. It must be filed in all cases: both when the car was just standing, and in case of an accident.

In your application, indicate that the fallen tree damaged the car and the amount of damage to you is significant. Ask to find out the reason and bring the perpetrators to justice.

The police officer on duty will give you a notification voucher - he confirms that there really was a call to the police. Your application will be checked within 30 days.


How to contact the police

The notification slip confirms that the police have accepted and registered your application. Source:

As a result of the check, the police can:

  1. initiate a criminal or administrative case if someone's intent is established: for example, if the recording from surveillance cameras shows that someone secretly cut down a tree;
  2. Do not file a case if there are no signs of a crime or wrongdoing. A tree may fall by accident, but through the fault of a particular person. If the culprit did not have malicious intent, he will not be brought to administrative or criminal liability, but he will have to compensate for the damage.

st. 165 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation

art. 7.17 Administrative Code of the Russian Federation

Art. 1064 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation

Based on the results of the check, you will be sent a response - it will confirm that there was an incident and the car was damaged. This document can be used as evidence if you decide to recover damages in court - for example, hold city authorities accountable for poor maintenance of green spaces.

An amazing story 02/28/18

The driver flew into a pit and got to be repaired. It will be paid by the city authorities

How to collect evidence to recover damages

If the police check shows that the tree was not intentionally damaged, you will have to pay damages through the courts. The person to whom it belongs will be responsible, for example, the management company or the owner of the site.

In court, the defendant will try to prove that the tree fell due to insurmountable circumstances and that this is not his fault. Sometimes the courts believe such arguments and make a decision not in favor of the victim.

In order for the court to take your side, you will need to collect as much evidence as possible. With them, you can convince the court that the tree did not fall on its own, but due to an oversight by responsible persons. What do I need to do?


How to file a lawsuit

Record the time of the incident. You can interview witnesses or remember when the car alarm went off.

Collect witness data. They can be any people who saw the tree fall or its consequences: friends, relatives, neighbors and bystanders.

Specify exact location of machine and tree. The police usually help with this: employees on the spot measure the distance from the car and the tree to fixed landmarks - for example, the walls of a house or road signs. This is how it is determined on whose territory the tree was located, and it will become clear who should compensate for the damage.

A tree fell on a car near the house - this area can be served by the management company. Photo: Juris Teivans / Shutterstock

Here is an example from court practice. In Voronezh, a tree fell on a car, which was located on municipal land. In court, a representative of the municipality stated that this territory was serviced by a management company. Then the court ordered a land surveyor's examination. The defendant did not want to pay for it, so the court relied on the police act from the place of the fall. According to it, the tree stood 5.7 meters from the house. According to the cadastral plan, this adjacent territory did not belong to the Criminal Code, and the owner of the car charged 96 608 R from the municipality.

Decision of the Voronezh District Court No. 2-1483/2019

State the reason for the incident. If you believe that the tree was damaged or that someone damaged it, please indicate your concerns on the application. For example, like this: “The tree has been drying up for the past few years, there were almost no leaves on it. The branches are dry. The trunk rotted at the point of breaking, breaks with fingers.

Fix damage to the car. It is enough to list visible external damage on the application, for example, a crumpled roof, broken glass and scratches. Be sure to indicate that there may be hidden damage.

Film the scene of the incident. Video and photographs must show the situation as it is. Sometimes the owners remove branches, trunk, and leaves from the car so that the damage to the car can be seen. This is dangerous: in court, the defendant will rely on such photos and claim that if there is no tree in the pictures, then it did not fall on the car at all.

Community 07.09.21

How to film offenses on video and not break the law?

Once you start recording the video, clearly state the date and location of the shoot, identify yourself, and explain what you are filming. Comment aloud on everything that falls into the frame: dry branches, a rotten trunk, house numbers and street names.

Because of the tree, the damage to the car is not visible, but such photos are important for the court. You can photograph the damage later. Photo: Juris Teivans / Shutterstock

Call interested parties to the scene. They may be representatives of the Criminal Code, HOA, the city administration or the organization near which the tree fell. If they are present at the scene at the moment when the police draw up documents, they can leave their comments in these documents, the absence of such comments will mean that they agree with everything.

Community 01/06/21

An icicle fell on the car. Who will pay for this?

The phone numbers of the Criminal Code and the HOA can be found on the bulletin board near the entrance or ask passers-by. You can invite representatives of the city administration to the place through the 112 service operator when you call the police. You can call employees of a nearby organization through security.

Request video recordings from surveillance cameras. It’s not a fact that they will provide you with them: if other people got into the frame, their permission will be required - otherwise there is a risk of getting a criminal case for violating privacy. But police officers have the right to get acquainted with the video footage, conducting a check on your application, and seize video footage if they need to be attached to the materials of a criminal or administrative case.

Art. 137 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation

How to assess the damage to a car

To estimate the cost of repairing a car, an independent examination will be required. The expert will inspect the car and calculate how much money is needed for restoration. The cost of the examination itself depends on many factors and starts from 1000-1500 R, but this money can be included in the amount of claims.

During the inspection, the specialist must examine the visible and hidden damage to the car and fix the process on the photo. The result of the assessment is a conclusion on the cost of restoring a vehicle, based on the average cost of labor and spare parts in your region.


How to get an insurance payment after an accident

Independent expertise is a popular service, experts are easy to find on free bulletin boards. Source:

How to recover damages from the perpetrator

Send a pre-trial claim. This is a way to resolve a dispute peacefully. It will work if the person responsible for the tree understands his guilt, wants to avoid a trial and is ready to pay money to the victim. Sometimes it happens. Here is what is important to indicate in the text of the claim:

  1. Addressee - the owner of the site or the organization that was supposed to look after the tree.
  2. Sender's data - without them, the claim will not be considered.
  3. Brief description of the situation - you can briefly explain that a tree fell on the car and this caused material damage.
  4. Justification - a document that confirms the damage. For example, the opinion of an independent expert.
  5. Claim - the amount you propose to transfer as compensation to your account.
  6. Deadline - the date until which you are ready to wait for the money.
  7. Your intention to go to court if the claim is not satisfied.

The claim must be sent to the addressee by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt. Keep a copy of the claim and the postal receipt: if you go to court, they will confirm that you tried to resolve the issue amicably.

If you are refused or do not receive an answer within a month, you can file a lawsuit in court.

Go to court. You can draw up a claim yourself or seek help from a lawyer, and include the cost of his services in the amount of claims. There are sample applications with already written references to laws - do not forget to double-check their relevance.

8 services that will help you file a lawsuit without a lawyer

You need to apply to the court at the location of the defendant. If the amount of the claim exceeds 50,000 R, the claim will be considered by the district court, if less, the justice of the peace of a particular judicial district. The amount of damage will be indicated in the opinion of an independent expert.

The claim must be accompanied by all the evidence that you have collected, a copy of documents from the police, a conclusion on the cost of repairs and receipts that confirm your expenses - for example, to evacuate a damaged car and pay for an examination. One copy of the claim with all attachments must be sent to the defendant, the other must be submitted to the court.

It is difficult to predict the outcome of the trial, the decision may not be in your favor. Much will depend on the circumstances of the incident, the evidence you provide, as well as the professionalism of your lawyer.

Will insurance cover the damage? Such a policy does not insure either you or your car; it will not be possible to compensate for damage if a tree fell on your car.

Casco covers losses from one or more types of risks. The insurance company will indemnify for damage from a fallen tree if such a risk is specified in the insurance contract. In this case, you will not have to go to court: the insurer will immediately pay you compensation, and then he will demand money from the culprit.


How Casco works

What is the result

  1. It is possible to compensate for damage caused by a fallen tree. The main thing is to call the police, who will record all the circumstances. You need to file a statement that your car was damaged and collect evidence.
  2. According to your application, the police will check. If it turns out that the tree was damaged intentionally, the culprit will face an administrative or criminal case, and you will be able to demand compensation from him in court. If someone accidentally damaged a tree, he is not in danger, but he will have to compensate for the damage.
  3. The tree may fall because the owner of the plot, the city administration or a responsible organization did not take good care of it. In this case, you will need to assess the damage from an independent expert and file a lawsuit against the person who owned the tree. In court, the defendant will try to prove that the tree fell due to insurmountable circumstances, such as a hurricane. If he succeeds, you will not be able to repair the damage.
  4. Sometimes healthy trees do fall due to force majeure. In this case, there will be no one to recover the damage from.
  5. If you have Casco and the contract specifies the corresponding risk, the insurance company can compensate for the damage.

In Krasnodar, an official and the head of a kindergarten were convicted for the death of a 2-year-old girl on whom a tree fell

Komsomolskaya Pravda


May 27, 2021 18:58

An employee of a preschool institution was sent to a colony-settlement, and the official was released from criminal liability [photo, video]

The deceased Vika was only 2 years old.

It's been a year and a half since the tragedy in Kindergarten No. 48, where a fallen tree killed a two-year-old girl, and litigation has been going on for almost a year. There are two defendants in the dock - the head of a preschool institution and an employee of the administration. It is they who, according to the court, are guilty of the death of the child. This was reported in the Krasnodar Regional Court.

Video a minute after the tree fell in kindergarten #48

Recall that it all happened on September 9, 2019. Early in the morning, the children went for a walk in the kindergarten. The teachers were with them. At some point, a tree collapsed on the teacher and two children from the nursery group. As it turned out later, everyone got off with serious bruises and abrasions, except for 2-year-old Vika Cherednichenko. The baby had an open craniocerebral injury. The doctors said that it was almost impossible to save the baby ... After the incident, the chairman of the Russian Investigative Committee, Alexander Bastrykin, personally took control of the case.

The parents think that the tree has long since rotted and should have been cut down.

Proceedings began, during which dozens of examinations were made. The main attention of law enforcement officers was riveted to the ill-fated chestnut tree. The fact is that immediately after the tragedy, the city department of education hurried to comment - the tree was alive, no one was afraid. But the parents of the deceased girl are sure that the chestnut has rotted for a long time, but no one paid attention to this.

Log cabins of a fallen tree, which, according to the expert, is infested with a tinder fungus.

- Parents of other children said that a branch had already fallen from this tree before. But no one attached much importance to this, - Viktor Cherednichenko, the father of the deceased , told Komsomolskaya Pravda - Kuban. - The tree should have been cut down a long time ago, it is already rotten, it is 50-60 years old!

During the investigation, it turned out that the fallen tree was, indeed, an emergency. His trunk rotted almost 90%. However, the head of the kindergarten, according to the investigators, did not take measures to examine and urgently cut down the dangerous chestnut tree.

- In addition, in March 2018, the chief specialist of the department of urban economy and fuel and energy complex of the Krasnodar administration conducted a survey of the green spaces of a preschool institution, including the indicated tree. According to the expert's conclusion, already at that time the chestnut was emergency, - according to the SU SK for the region. - But the defendant considered that the condition of the tree is satisfactory.

An employee of the mayor's office assures that at the time of the inspection, the tree was in a satisfactory condition and did not require felling.

As a result, after all the investigations, the prosecutor's office sent a criminal case to court, the defendants of which were an employee of the mayor's office and a former head of a kindergarten. They were accused of "Causing death by negligence", "Causing grievous bodily harm by negligence", and also "Negligence, which by negligence caused the death of a person."

The prosecutor's office believes that the head of the kindergarten did not take timely measures to examine the trees

- It is worth saying that neither the head nor the administration officer pleaded guilty in the courtroom, - said the prosecutor's office of the Krasnodar Territory.

The very same expert who examined the log cabins of the emergency chestnut tree was twice summoned to the trial. An employee of the mayor's office did not agree with her conclusions. Meanwhile, there was no doubt on the part of the accusers about her qualifications, the expert provided diplomas and once again answered all the questions, thereby confirming once again that the tree was 90% affected by the tinder fungus, which is why it was recognized as emergency.

In addition, according to the parents, the defendants shifted responsibility for the ill-fated tree to each other, but this does not make it any easier for the heartbroken family. From the first day of their daughter's death, they want those responsible for her death to be punished.

Cherednichenko's family from the first day wanted those responsible for the death of their daughter to answer before the law.

And on May 27, the Leninsky District Court of Krasnodar put an end to this high-profile trial.

- The court examined the results of the examination, which found that at the time of the fall the tree was alive, but it was emergency and required immediate removal, the Krasnodar Regional Court reports. - Signs of the tree's accident rate were recorded back in 2018, but the official responsible for this area of ​​work did not assess its condition correctly.

The tree was subjected to sanitary pruning, but left on the territory of the kindergarten.

- In turn, the head of the preschool institution did not take proper measures to conduct a survey of green spaces, - add to the court.

As a result, the court found the defendants guilty. The head of the kindergarten was given 1.5 years in the colony of the settlement. In addition, she was deprived of the right to hold positions related to the upbringing and education of children for 2 years.

- And the employee of the administration was sentenced to a restriction of freedom - clarified in the Krasnodar Regional Court.

However, due to the expiration of the statute of limitations, he is released from criminal liability.

True, the verdict has not entered into force, it is possible that the court's decision will be appealed.


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