How do i invite someone to view my ancestry tree

Two Ways to Share Your Family Tree on Ancestry: How to Share Your Tree

In this post, you will learn how to share your family tree on Ancestry.  I’ll teach you two different ways to do it, so you can choose the best one for your situation.

Are you trying to decide whether to go through the steps of building your family tree on Ancestry?  Or maybe you already built your tree, and are wondering how to share it with a relative? 

Why would you want to share your tree?

A few months ago, my sister decided to do the Ancestry DNA test.  Since both of our parents have already done the test, I don’t think that we will learn anything new – other than that she is absolutely, positively, my father’s daughter. 

Regardless, she has been very curious about which ethnicities will show up in her DNA.  There is nothing quite like getting your DNA results back and seeing what your DNA is made up of.

Since my sister has not really been involved in researching our family tree, her natural question was whether my family tree would merge with hers once her results came back.   The unfortunate answer is no. 

It would be so wonderful if Ancestry would just recognize that she is my sister and place her right into my tree where she belongs.  Wouldn’t that be fantastic? 

We just don’t have the science/technology to do this quite yet.

Fortunately, it’s not hard to share your family tree with your family members who do the test.  Making a new tree is so much work, and many people aren’t interested in putting in the time investment to make their own. 

I’m still not sure, but I think my sister might be one of these people.

Even though she isn’t as interested in doing research as I am, I still want her to enjoy her DNA results to the max – so I am going to share my family tree with her. 

This way, she will be able to be in ThruLines, have Common Ancestor Hints, and be able to figure out more easily how she is connected to her DNA matches. 

And who knows, maybe she’ll catch the genealogy bug!?

Have you built your tree on Ancestry yet?

Are you still trying to decide whether Ancestry is the best place for you to build your tree?  I love it, use it, and recommend it to all of my readers since it’s the best place to easily integrate online records into your family tree.  

You can also attach your DNA results to your family tree to get additional information about your DNA results, and learn more about your ancestry. 

You don’t need a subscription to build your tree, access it, or share it, but it is helpful to have a subscription when you are actively doing research and accessing documents (it makes it wayyy easier!!).

How to share your tree on Ancestry with someone else on Ancestry

Do you want to keep ownership of your tree, but allow your relative access within Ancestry’s website?  Ancestry calls this “sharing” your tree. 

If you choose to do it this way, you will be able to control how much access they can have, and whether or not they can edit your tree and add new people.  Additionally, you can specify how whether they can see living people (privacy issues). 

You can also delete their access to your tree at any time (but I know there is no drama in your family!).

How to do this:  This is a super simple thing to do, but it can be tricky to find the place on your tree where you do it.

Here are the steps:

  • You have to log in to your Ancestry account, and click on the tab on the top where it says “TREES”.
  • A menu should drop down, and just choose the tree that you want to share access to.
  • From within the screen where you can see your tree, in the top left corner below the menu, you will see a box that says “YOUR NAME Family Tree”.  Immediately to the right of the name of your tree, you will see a little down arrow – click on that!  This is what it looks like:
  • A dropdown menu will appear.  Choose “Sharing”.
  • A box will pop up where you can share your tree with someone either using their username or their e-mail address.  I usually just e-mail addresses.  This is where you can choose their access level to your tree.

The default is to NOT let people that you share your tree with see living people in the tree.  After you send the invite, a little message will pop up that reads: “You can use your tree settings to assign roles and manage invites. ”  Just click on that link and it will let you make adjustments as needed.

How to Download/export Your Ancestry Tree as a GedCom File For Sharing

Are you the super generous sharing type? If you think that your relative is interested in doing their own research, another good option is to actually give them a digital file. 

This gives them freedom to add/change/delete at-will.  It keeps you out of it (you might not want to be involved).  It’s also a good way to make sure that information gets passed down and shared through the generations. 

In my family, my great-grandmother had done a lot of work on the family tree.  This file was shared with some of her grandchildren, and their children. 

In some families, distance and generations can cause information to get lost – so you can avoid this by sending people your Gedcom file.

Here are the steps:

  • Log in to your Ancestry account, and click on the tab on the top where it says “TREES”.
  • On the dropdown menu, choose the tree that you would like to export (that is what this process is called).
  • On the right side of the name of your tree, you will see a little down arrow – click on it!  This is what it will look like:
  • Click on the “Tree Settings” option.
  • When your tree settings page loads, you will see a green button that says “Export Tree”.  Click on the button.  Here is a quick screenshot of what it looks like:
If you click the “Export tree” button, Ancestry’s website will begin the process of creating a GEDCOM file for you to download – the larger your tree, the more time it will take
  • Once you click on the button, Ancestry will start to generate a Gedcom file.
  • Once it is finished, a green button will appear that says “Download Gedcom File”.  Click on it, and choose “Save” when the box appears.

Here is a screenshot of where the button will appear (Note:  It will say “Export Tree” until you click on it and the file is ready)

Click the “Download your GEDCOM File” button to start downloading. It will save to the folder where your downloads usually go

That’s it!  These are super easy steps, and now you can easily show your family members what you’ve learned!


I hope that this post helped you learn more about how the different ways that it is possible to share your family tree with a family member.  Do you have any questions about these steps or any other aspect of sharing your family tree? 

Let me know here in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by.

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How To Share An Ancestry Family Tree – Data Mining DNA

How do you share your tree on Can you give access to non-members, or do they need to pay for membership? This article gives a step-by-step guide to providing access to your Ancestry family tree.

Table of Contents

How To Share An Ancestry Family Tree

You can share your Ancestry tree through:

  • a unique shareable link that you send to the person, or
  • an Ancestry invite to the person’s username or email address.

With each way of sharing, you also choose the level of access to your tree. The role can be a guest, a contributor, or an editor.

An Illustrated Guide To Sharing Your Ancestry Tree

There are two quick ways to launch the invitation dialog box from within your tree. A Share button is up at the top right of the tree.

Alternatively, there’s a “Sharing” option in the drop-down menu underneath the tree name. Oddly enough, it has a different icon – but both links open the same dialog box.

You can also invite people from the Sharing tab of the Tree Settings administration page, but it takes a few more clicks to get there. You may as well use the direct buttons.

Choose Email, Username, or Shareable Link

The invitation dialog box gives you three options for sending invitations: email, username, or Shareable Link. I’ll give my recommendations for the better choice of options in a later section.

Setting Roles When Sharing Your Tree

However you choose to share your tree, you can set the role of the invitee: Guest, Contributor or Editor. The default setting is Guest level.

If you change your mind about the level of access, it’s important to know that you can change the setting from the moment you send the invitation. You make those later changes from the Tree Settings administration page.

Viewing Living People

The Shareable Link will also give you a checkbox to allow the invitee to see living people in your tree. By default, it is deselected. You’re not offered this option when sending to an email or username, and this permission is turned off when the invitation is sent. To turn it on for these invitees, you will need to go to the Tree Settings page after you’ve made the invitation.

A Video Walkthrough Of How To Share Your Ancestry Family Tree

If you prefer an over-the-shoulder walkthrough of the process, here is a video tutorial.

Email, Username or Shareable Link: Which Option is Best?

This is my opinion based on experience over several years of problems with invitations not being received or not working properly. My preference is to use the shareable link option. Read on for the reasons why.

Avoid the Username Option

First of all, avoid the username option unless you are confident you can nail down the correct details. We have two names on Ancestry: our account name and our username. They may not be the same, so you may not be seeing what you need when you’re looking at a match or a tree owner.

This can get confusing for your potential invitee too, as they may not be sure of the difference.

Ancestry Messaging and the Email Option

I’d always prefer the email option over the username, but both these options have the drawback that the invitations are sent from the Ancestry messaging system. These messages may get caught in spam filters.

In contrast, if you’re already in email communication with the person, it’s more likely your own emails will get through. If you do want to use the email option, my advice is to send a separate communication asking the target to watch out for the Ancestry message.

The Advantage Of The Shareable Link

The advantage of the shareable link is that you get to send the link any which way you choose. That may be from your own email. But you can use any other messaging system, such as a private message through Facebook, Instagram, or other social media.

Using A Shareable Link To Share An Ancestry Family Tree

Ancestry announced the new Shareable Link feature in October 2018. At the time of writing this article in 2020, it’s still showing as a “New” feature in the display. When I was testing the feature for this article, a survey popped up with questions about my usage. So maybe the option is still under review. But it certainly worked end-to-end for me.

It’s important to understand that each link you generate can only be used once. You can’t just send the same link to other targets, as it will no longer work. This is for your own benefit: it avoids the first recipient passing it on to others outside your control.

What Is The Difference Between Guest, Contributor, and Editor?

When you invite people to your tree, they join as guests, contributors, or editors. The role defines what actions they can take with your tree.

All roles can view and leave comments. Contributors and editors can add stories and photos, while an editor can add and edit person profiles.

The different permissions are visually explained in this Ancestry graphic:

Managing Invited People

You can always rescind or change the access to the people you’ve invited. This allows you to provide temporary access to your tree. You can’t set a schedule and have Ancestry remove access, you do have to do it yourself.

To manage invited people, open the Tree Settings page and click on the Sharing tab (the third tab).

From here, you can remove the sharing, or change the role of the person. You can also give the person access to see living people in the tree.

Can You Share A Tree With Someone Without A Subscription?

You can send a Tree invitation to someone who does not have a subscription to Ancestry. To share with a non-member, you will use either the email option or the shareable link.

If the recipient is not an Ancestry member, the shareable link takes them to a sign-up page for a free guest account. This page does not ask for credit card details. But to see the tree, the recipient must sign up to Ancestry at this basic level.

We have an article on what people can do and research with an Ancestry guest account. You could send a link to the article to the person you’re inviting. It should clarify most questions.

What Can Guest Members See Without A Subscription To Ancestry?

A free guest account can browse person profiles, and view images that you uploaded as a source. They can’t view the images from Ancestry sources, although they can see the text descriptions.

If the free guest account has been assigned an editor role, they will not be able to use Ancestry’s paid search features to research the tree.

Accepting A Tree Invitation

What happens if you are the recipient of an invitation to share someone’s tree? Regardless of the way the sharer has chosen to deliver the invitation, you will receive a clickable link.

If you’re not logged into an Ancestry account, you will be taken to a page where you can either log in or sign up. If you’re logged in, you’ll be taken straight to the tree on

How to Export Your Ancestry Tree As A Gedcom File For Sharing

We’ve discussed what Ancestry views as sharing your tree i.e. through their website. You can also distribute your tree as a gedcom file that you export out of Ancestry.

This article is a step-by-step guide to downloading your Ancestry family tree to Gedcom.

Troubleshooting Issues With Sharing Trees

If the person you’ve invited says they did not receive an email, ask them to check their spam or promotions folder.

Looking For An E-Book On Building Your Ancestry Tree?

Our e-book on building your family tree with is available on Amazon at a budget price.

How About Some Video Tutorials?

If you would like to watch some short video tutorials that walk through using Ancestry features step-by-step, browse through the DataMiningDNA YouTube channel.

Get notified of our in-depth articles on Ancestry and family research.

Web 2.0 style genealogy / Software

Genealogical tree compilation is a serious hobby of many people, which has reached a qualitatively new level with the advent of computers. To standardize this area in 1984, a special GEDCOM format was even developed - in it, most of the genealogical programs import and export. Today, there is a large amount of software on the market that allows you to compile a family tree both at a professional and amateur level, but the next stage in the development of genealogy is, of course, Internet services, which, in addition to everything, perform the function of a family social network.

A separate profile is created for each relative, and after receiving an invitation by e-mail, they can edit it, exchange messages and photos, and also take part in the work on the tree. Considering that each family tree can grow indefinitely in the future (we are all brothers and sisters), the latter possibility turns out to be very useful. Whatever the enthusiasm of the researcher, he alone cannot cover all family ties - therefore, it makes sense to involve relatives who can fill in their line and pass the baton on.

Among the family social networks present on the Internet today, one can distinguish one powerful, serious genealogical resource and several less functional and similar services - such as, FamilySpace,, "My tree" and others. In this review, we will look at the main features of MyHeritage. This is an Israeli service, which is presented in 36 languages, including Russian. It works in conjunction with the downloadable Windows program Family Tree Builder. Family tree editing is done in the desktop client, after which it can be published to the family site. You can use the service not only to work directly with the tree, but also to create an extensive family chronicle, including information about each relative, photo albums and other historical evidence. Also on MyHeritage there are many opportunities for entertainment and research activities.

⇡#Family Tree Builder

You can download the installation file on the official website of the service in the "Downloads" section. The installation of Family Tree Builder will take place over the Internet. To enter the program, you must have an account on the MyHeritage website. Work in it begins with the creation of a project. It has a separate folder on the local drive that includes the configuration file, the compressed GEDCOM database, and added photos. In the future, you can restore the project from this folder or from the site (import and export of a separate GEDCOM file is also included).

Main window of the Family Tree Builder

Filling in the tree begins with the indication of the first family - husband and wife, after which it is proposed to add children to this family, and later branches from this family go to all other relatives. It is assumed that you will indicate yourself as the first person, your other half (if any), and begin to create connections: here are my parents, children, brothers and sisters, their relatives depart from those - and further. Each person in the tree is assigned a unique ordinal ID (it cannot be changed later). By selecting a family member, the user can edit his personal data: gender, first name, last name (but there is no separate patronymic column), date and place of birth and death. Dates are given according to the Gregorian, Hebrew, or French Revolutionary calendars, and are not necessarily exact - approximate ones are also suitable. In addition, you can add information about occupation, education, personal information, contacts, quotes, notes, biographical facts, additional information - physical data and DNA markers, as well as attach photos, video / audio files and documents. It is easy to see that almost any information about a person fits into this card. You can add an unlimited number of relatives to a person, which are divided into groups "Parents", "Brothers and Sisters", "Spouses", "Children" (new persons who are not related by kinship are also added). There can be several parents and spouses - in this case, you need to indicate that this is, for example, a foster mother or a second wife.

Person card in Family Tree Builder

The side column contains a list of persons, which can also be viewed as a tree. However, its structure does not allow one to visually get an idea of ​​the relationship between relatives. Here you can see a list of families that stand at the origins of the clan: families of children depart from them, and so on, but at the same time, children displayed in one family are not present in another, despite the presence of family ties on both lines. In the main information window, the relationship is displayed for both mother and father, but it is not possible to view relatives outside the families of parents and children there.

Inconsistency between tree structure and visual reflection. There are two children in the family, but there is only one son in the tree

You can get a visual idea of ​​family ties in the tree using graphs. There are several types of them here: the chart of ancestors, descendants, close relatives, fan chart, "hourglass", "butterfly", as well as a full chart. All of them are displayed for a given source person. You can apply various styles and settings to charts. Once created, they can be saved as images or PDF documents, or printed using the integrated poster printing and delivery service.

Full graph of family relationships of the original person

You can generate not only graphs, but also various types of reports containing summary information about family members, relationships, ancestors, descendants, chronology of events, addresses. Reports, like graphs, are created for the original person, customized, and once generated, they can be printed or saved in RTF, PDF, and HTML formats. Separately, lists of participants, families, photos, sources, tasks, as well as custom tables with information about all or selected persons are exported to Excel.

Report on the ancestors of the original person

The program has a section "Maps", which traces the geography of the presence of relatives around the world. Here you can view Google Maps satellite imagery with labels on all the discovered places that you indicated in the person cards - the place of birth, death, education, and so on (provided that you wrote the name accurately and without errors). By clicking on a tag, you will be able to see the full list of events associated with that place. A list of all labels with locations listed is also displayed in the sidebar.

Google Maps with marks on places associated with persons

Photographs are an important part of family history. You can not only attach a photo to a particular family member, but also create separate albums, where video / audio files and documents that are important for the family chronicle are also attached. In the settings of each photo, you can add the date and place of shooting (as already mentioned, the date is inserted in any format - for example, from 1993 to 1994), contact with persons, make a note, and insert an image on the back of the photo (for example, a scanned handwritten note). The photo relationship is a particularly interesting feature: you can specify people or families, select any fact from their biography, or add a photo to the “Virtual Human Cemetery” (an album for headstone photos). Another unique feature: the program can recognize faces in photos and highlight them with a frame; after you specify the people in this picture, it will be assigned to the marked persons (if the required person was not found, you can mark him manually). Photos can be searched using a large number of filters - by title, date, place, albums, people and families, related facts.

Family Tree Builder Photo Editing Window

When working on a project, you may find additional tools in the program useful. With the help of the "translation wizard" you can quickly translate names, surnames and place names into different languages ​​(this option may be needed when performing a search using the SmartResearth technology, which will be discussed below). The "Author Information" option is needed to fill in the tree compiler information for export to GEDCOM. Deceased People Checker allows you to find people who may be deceased but are not marked as such. Duplicate Finder is used to find duplicate personas, which are common when merging multiple GEDCOM files. The “Match Check Wizard” detects errors when filling in information about people, however, this tool does not have everything in order with the Russian language - for example, the program considers that “Ivanov” and “Ivanova” are different surnames, and suggests correcting the error.

Family Tree Builder's inconsistency tool

You can make your family tree available to others at any time by posting it on You can place an unlimited number of projects - for example, to create them for each family separately. However, you should know that on the basic tariff you have 250 MB of free space on the server and no more than 250 people in the family tree (besides this, there are other restrictions, but we will talk about the benefits of paid tariffs below). In the publishing settings, you can select certain people and photos if you do not want to post all of them, and in the program settings, specify the time interval for its execution in automatic mode. The progress of the publication is tracked in a special manager, where it can be paused and canceled. All site settings will be done directly on, but changes to the family tree and person information will still be done through the desktop program.


The site published on this service has several sections: home page, family tree, photos, events, applications. You can view an example of a typical MyHeritage page in the screenshot below.

Published site on

Displays introductory text, family news list, photo slideshow, and added articles. The news reflects the latest actions of site members: someone uploaded new pictures, changed profile information, and so on. In the right column, you can see upcoming events of persons (birthdays, wedding anniversaries), and in the left column you can send an invitation to relatives by e-mail to participate. Family members can also be invited by importing from the address book (most email providers and social networks LinkedIn, Plaxo, Orkut are supported). For each person in the tree, a separate page is created that contains information about him, displays life events and a list of close relatives (a link to this page appears when a person is mentioned in the news and a personal card in the Family Tree Builder program). After receiving an invitation, a site member can edit their profile and take part in joint work on the project. You can set the rights of members: allow them to fill the site with content and edit the family tree in the desktop client (these are two different categories of rights), and individual people can be promoted to the administrator level.

Person's profile page

The Tree section displays a family tree based on Flash technology. Unlike the corresponding view mode in the Family Tree Builder, it fully reflects all family ties for the selected person. The tree has a nice appearance and is configured in various ways (there is also a classic view mode with a slightly different interface). You can also view the list of relatives in the form of a classic table, sorted by first name, last name, gender, date and place of birth and death.

Online Family Tree

As in the desktop program, the site provides the ability to generate reports and graphs for family relationships, and the generated graphs will be completely identical to offline ones (they are created in PDF format), and the reports are displayed online and have a slightly different structure. You can view a report on the relationship between any two people in the tree, about the ancestors and descendants of the selected person, the places where events occurred, as well as general statistics. It is divided into several sections: overview, places, ages, births, marriages, children, divorces. Here you can find out such curious things as, for example, the number of men and women in the family, the most common female name, and much more.

Overview of family statistics on MyHeritage

Adding files (multimedia, documents) and working with photos on the site are more functional than in the desktop client. You have the ability to upload files from your computer (using a Java application or the usual way), import albums from one of the online resources (Picasa, Flickr, Facebook*, MySpace, Photobucket) or send them to a unique email address generated specifically for you. The site uses face recognition technology, and the service not only finds them and highlights them with a frame, as in Family Tree Builder, but it recognizes and distinguishes them. You can mark people in photos both while viewing pictures and in a special mode where recognized faces are divided into groups, and at the bottom there are hints about the similarity of one or another person to another. There is an interesting mode "Field with faces" - in it you can select several people and find a photo where they are captured together.

Identification of people in photos

The "Events" section allows you to keep abreast of upcoming birthdays (of all or only living family members), wedding anniversaries and deaths of relatives. The calendar can be displayed as a list, by month or by year. In addition to family events, you can automatically insert religious and national holidays into it, as well as add your own events (name, date, time, place and description). There is a list of preset templates: graduation, gala dinner and the like. With the help of a special service, the calendar can be ordered in printed form with an individual design and home delivery - however, the Russian language is not yet supported there.

Calendar of events on MyHeritage

Applications are additional modules that site members can use as they wish. Among them there is a card flash game "Memory", where one or more players must remember married couples and find them among the turned cards (decks with images of relatives on the cards are also ordered in printed form), and a family coat of arms constructor that allows you to assemble and color a picture from many symbolic elements. The finished image is added as a photo or background page of the site. Also, applications can include additional sections for the exchange of information between relatives: articles, message boards, polls, recipes, links and a guest book for third-party visitors.

Family Crest application on MyHeritage

Site settings include quite a few options. Important are the privacy settings, which are divided into three sections: personal preferences, as well as access and content settings. In private, you can restrict guests' access to information in your profile. In the access settings - to the site as a whole (or to individual sections) and participation in it, and in the content settings - to make site materials unavailable for search by other MyHeritage users. In the general settings, you can change the title, description, and category of the site (quick family site, alumni site, and others), as well as select a unique third-level domain, such as, that will redirect to the main page. The homepage settings allow you to edit the welcome text, slideshow options, change the original persona, and change the tree to display. In the "preferences" section, you can specify whether to send news notifications to site members by e-mail about changes that have occurred, as well as upcoming family events. Calendar notifications can also be sent via SMS, free of charge, including to Russian numbers.

⇡#MyHeritage Premium Plans

MyHeritage is a free service, but you need to upgrade to a paid plan to get more features. First of all, this concerns the size of the family tree and space on the server - in the basic mode, 250 MB of free space is available and the creation of no more than 250 persons. On the premium plan, the number of participants increases to 2500, and the server space increases to 500 MB. If this is not enough for you, then you should switch to the maximum tariff without any restrictions at all. These plans - Premium and Premium Plus - cost $6.25 and $9.95 per month, respectively, and you can pay for one, two years (20% discount) or five years of use (30% discount). The amount is quite impressive - not every user will want to pay at least $ 75 for using the service, but it is assumed that wealthy relatives can act as a sponsor.

Family site plans on MyHeritage

Additional features are also available on paid plans: advanced Smart Matching technology, timeline (for Premium) and timeline + lifebook (for Premium Plus). Smart Matching is a unique feature that allows you to compare your family tree with the projects of other MyHeritage members looking for matches - it's not uncommon for several related people to be researching at the same time without knowing each other. This technology is designed to find common ground between them and to unite efforts, and ultimately to link all family trees into one. Smart Matching works both in Family Tree Builder and on a live site, and in Basic mode only allows you to find matches, while in Advanced mode it intelligently merges them.

Smart Matching technology in Family Tree Builder

Timeline and Book of Life are beautiful flash applications that allow you to view the biography of a selected person in the form of a historical scale (the function of comparing with the scale of another person or with world events from Time magazine and Wikipedia is interesting ) or a family album, where pages are turned with information about each relative.

Timeline on MyHeritage

It's worth mentioning that switching to a paid plan is irreversible: if you don't renew it after the paid period, you won't be able to switch back to free or Premium. The project will be frozen - when you open a family site in the program, no actions can be taken on it.

⇡#Additional Services has several additional services for entertainment and research purposes. Even non-registered users can use them. So, here are some services based on facial recognition technology: you can upload your (or someone else's) photo and check which celebrity you look like. Moreover, you can create both a collage and a video with a smooth change in appearance (morphing), based on specifying the reference points of two faces. There is also an opportunity to compare who the child looks more like - mom or dad, for which you need to upload pictures of all three family members.

A collage of similar celebrities on MyHeritage

SuperSearch, a service that allows you to search through all MyHeritage records, can be of great help in getting to know relatives. The site's database includes not only almost a billion profiles, but also various collections of directories - historical censuses, military registries, passenger lists, and the like. You can search both by a person's name (including various spelling variations), as well as events related to him, relatives, keywords. Search results will be available to you, however, to view detailed information, you must subscribe to a paid plan.

Service for finding people on MyHeritage

Research services also include a bulletin board - a large genealogical forum and search in the directory of surnames, where you can find out about its geographical distribution. Separately, an extremely promising genealogical service is offered - the ability to order DNA tests at home, the results of which can be used to automatically search for relatives.


MyHeritage is perhaps the most suitable service for people who are fond of genealogy. The powerful functionality of the Family Tree Builder desktop program, combined with the rich features of the site and many additional services, allow you to fully reflect the family history. It has everything you need for both a serious researcher and a simple member of a family site. The service keeps pace with the times and constantly offers new features - for example, you can use the application for iOS or Android.

The Russian-speaking audience of MyHeritage may be repulsed by the excessive focus of the resource on US and European users, as well as the relatively high price of additional services. Thus, the presented research guides can hardly be of interest to the population of the countries of the former USSR (who in Russia cares about the 1940 US census shown on the main page?). Not all users will also pay from $6.25 per month for a tree that includes more than 250 people. In this case, they should pay attention to the Russian-language FamilySpace service, which is completely free and has a more suitable reference base (for example, the register of fallen soldiers of World War II), or its numerous analogues.

* Included in the list of public associations and religious organizations in respect of which a court has made a final decision to liquidate or ban activities on the grounds provided for by Federal Law No. 114-FZ of 25.07.2002 "On counteracting extremist activity."

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Narrator's voice-over. This is Mount Ayudag, at the foot of which grows a two-hundred-year-old Tree of Desires. It was here, walking along the Crimean coast, that Alexander Pushkin invented Lukomorye and Fyodor Chaliapin sang in the morning. It is no coincidence that the Artek children's camp was born in this place, where Yuri Gagarin told children about space flight and the legendary goalkeeper Lev Yashin gave football lessons. Now children from all over the world come here, and then they come to the magic tree. Here they make their most cherished wishes, but grow up and often forget about it. Fortunately, the Wish Tree can remind everyone of their dream. This is what our story will tell. And here are her characters.

Buses with a new batch of children are approaching Artek. Among them are Nicoletta, Elisha, Romka and Yarik.

Nicoletta is a youtuber and tiktoker who is constantly making stories. Her younger brother Elisey is a gamer and e-sportsman, he is fond of video games. Their parents (Ira and Vasily) always quarrel and intend to divorce. Nicoletta believes that this is precisely why she and her brother were sent to Artek: they will divorce quietly so that we do not interfere.

Yarik dreams of becoming a musician; his grandfather (Yaroslav Igorevich) supports him in this. But Yarik's father (Igor) is against it, he believes that his son should become a builder, continuing the Lebedev dynasty.

Romka is a young aircraft modeller, the son of a brave test pilot. Unfortunately, his dad died tragically, so Romka does not know how to stand up for himself, there was no one to teach him this. Peers tease Romka with a sissy.

Olga Andreevna has been the director of Artek for many years. Her deputy Sergey Sergeevich Kurochkin, aiming for the chair of the boss, who is about to be promoted, goes out of his way to prove that he is more competent than his colleague Elizaveta Ivanovna, who holds a similar position. Kurochkin is obsessed with discipline and rules.

After the first line, the guys are taken to a solemn event - the extraction of the "time capsule". There is a message of the pioneers written half a century ago and addressed to future generations of Artek residents. This event is filmed by TV people. Kurochkin climbs into the frame, pushing aside Elizaveta Ivanovna, who, on behalf of the director, gives an interview, he himself volunteers to lift a concrete slab under the pretext that women should not do hard work. But he manages to move the slab only with the help of the boy standing next to him (this is Roma). It turns out that the bottom of the capsule in the form of a five-pointed star has rusted, moisture has seeped inside. Therefore, the letter has decayed, it is impossible to read it. Elizaveta Ivanovna is sarcastic: no one writes to you, Sergey Sergeevich, even from the past. To smooth over the awkwardness of the moment, Olga Andreevna invites the guys on a tour of Artek.

The headmistress shows the children the Wish Tree. According to legend, if you lean against it and think of the most cherished - the tree blooms and grants a wish. Elisha: cool! It's even cooler than a refrigerator with Wi-Fi. Nicoletta: what if I want a million subscribers? Olga Andreevna: a tree cannot give you a fish, but it can give you a fishing rod to catch this fish. But, they say, the tree blooms for only two days. Yarik: what if I have a whole wishlist? Olga Andreevna: first, the first wish must come true, and then you can make a new one.

Olga Andreevna leads the children further. Nicoletta, Elisha, Yarik and Roma linger near the Tree of Desires. The young blogger does not really believe in miracles, she is afraid that her subscribers will make fun of her. But all four make contact with the tree trunk, close their eyes and make wishes. The magic effect does not happen and they decide to catch up with the others.

In the forest, on the way to the camp, the guys get to know each other. Suddenly, a colored smoke bomb flies under their feet. The company is enveloped in dense clouds of blue smoke. Then they are surrounded by a group of children dressed in tunics with green epaulettes, they are holding dummies of rifles and machine guns. They shout: stop, scouts of the "blue"! Where are your shoulder straps? Well, spies, is Zarnitsa over for you? Nicoletta threatens one girl from the patrol squad: now I will find you on the Internet, mark you with a hashtag, set the followers, you will be offtopic for life. Do you need it? The patrol is stunned: like spies. They speak in ciphers. Detachment commander (Petrova): we are taking them to the headquarters, they will definitely figure it out there. Five with me, the rest in ambush!

"Prisoners" are brought to headquarters. Guys from the 21st century hardly understand what is happening at all. They see Kurochkin, but he looks much younger. The director of the Lesnoy camp strives to win the Artek Cup, and for this you need to win a competition with another unit - the Morskoy camp, which is headed by Elizaveta. But Zarnitsa ends with the victory of the Blues, and Nicoletta, Elisha, Roma and Yarik manage to escape.

On the territory of Artek, Nicoletta can't go online with her smartphone, she gets angry about it. Towards them come across only guys dressed in pioneer uniforms. From the loudspeakers comes the song "Fly up the bonfires, blue nights." Roma: what if we got into the past? Young Kurochkin, Zarnitsa, which was played in the last century, was told to us in the Yunarmiya. Nicoletta: maybe this is a Soviet-style flash mob? Elisha stops a boy carrying the banner of a pioneer organization: what year is it now? He is amazed: did you fall from the moon? Anniversary of the Komsomol.

The guys determine by the flags and banners that they really found themselves in 1988. They are in shock. Roma: I'm sure it's all because of the tree. Elisha: full gameover. The company runs back to the magic tree. It blooms. The guys make a common wish: to return to the future. However, this does not happen, the pioneers are still marching by. Elisha: why didn't it work? Roma: space-time continuum. Yarik: I understood why it didn't work. Remember what Olga Andreevna said? To make new wishes, you need to make old ones come true. Nicoletta: Well, what are your wishes?

Yarik: I asked my father to let me study music. Elisha: and Nicoletta and I wished that our ancestors would not get divorced. Roma: I want to be brave like dad. Elisha: I didn’t understand something, who in the end decided to get into the past? Roma: nobody. It's just that the past is a way to correct the present and thus fulfill our desires. Elisha: well, stunned - do not get up. And how do we do it?

The guys are sitting on the shore and thinking about the situation. Yarik: Are we really going to stay in the past forever? Roma: I'm afraid to imagine how upset my mother will be when I don't return. I didn’t really get along with her and didn’t even have time to call her. Elisha: You will say that the counselors took away the phone. What is the problem? Nicoletta: there are old phones, such push-buttons and with a cord. You can call from it. Yarik: where, to the future? I wonder what code to dial: plus-2020? Nicoletta: Oh, right. Such trash, already in the head does not fit. Elisha: But you can call your mother, who is now ten. Roma: Oh, so it turns out that my dad is alive now. Exactly! At 19In 88, dad was in Artek. Nicoletta: This is how our parents met at Artek when they were dancing together. They are right here. Yarik: yes, and my dad went here for several years in a construction team! So, everything, they ran to look for them.

Kurochkin, who is patrolling the territory together with two pioneers, discovers "spies" who have already made friends on the shore. He leads them to the office of the Artek director. Kurochkin is concerned that Morskoy is still ahead of Lesnoy with a score of 6:3. And children in unusual clothes, who cannot even give the number of their detachment, seem suspicious to Kurochkin. The Headmistress is trying to figure out where they are from. Those answer that from Moscow. How are the last names? Lebedev, Kovalev, Osipov, Goncharova. Pioneers with such surnames are on the list of the Morskoy camp. Olga Andreevna tells Elizaveta to take "her" children and change them.

The guys dressed in pioneer uniforms are brought to the canteen. Artistic director Arkady runs up to Elizabeth. He complains that he does not have time to learn a waltz with young dancers for the reporting concert. And the guitarist of the vocal-instrumental ensemble is no good, but there is no one to replace him.

Elisha makes a strong impression on the table neighbors by explaining to them what a hamburger and a cheeseburger are. And when he takes out a chewing gum, he causes even more admiration.

Yarik sees his grandfather, only young. Yaroslav Igorevich - head of the construction circle. Yarik understands where he should look for his father.

The rehearsal of VIA "Dreamers" is taking place on the summer stage. Vocalist Seryozha Zhukov reprimands the guitarist: Frolov, when you play, I want to drown myself. Elizabeth asks Yarik, who admitted that he can play the guitar, to replace Frolov. But Yarik declares that he is already enrolled in another circle. Elizabeth insists that he at least try. VIA performs the song "Beautiful is far away." Yarik's game delights everyone. But he says that now he has an important business in the construction circle. Having promised Elizabeth to perform at the concert, Yarik runs away.

Aeromodellers are preparing for competitions at the stadium. Bully Denis took away his helmet from the timid Yura Kovalev, and together with his buddies poisons the boy. Roma, who sees the name on the helmet, takes Denis for his future dad, and joins Yura's persecution.

Nicoletta and Elisha are walking around the playground, marveling at the squalor of "analogue" entertainment, and discussing the need to teach parents not to quarrel. What were they interested in? I don’t know anything about my dad, except that he was from the village and loved horses. Have you forgotten that they danced together? Well, how did they do it… Trolling each other. Yeah, trolled, before the divorce.

While watching the waltz on the dance floor, Nicoletta and Elisha recognize their future parents, as Vasya and Ira swear among themselves. Village elephant! Fifa City! The artistic director notices Nicoletta and Yelisey: young people, we don't have a theater here, but preparations for a dance competition. Either dance or walk. Those are forced to pose as a dancing couple.

Petrova informs Kurochkin that Lebedev plays the guitar like a virtuoso. So I thought, Elizabeth recruited talent from the local recreation center for the last competition. Here's the trick. Kurochkin hands Petrova binoculars: keep your eyes on these stray ones. We'll figure out.

Yarik finds Igor Lebedev. He is not at all enthusiastic about construction work, but dreams of becoming a film director.

Olga Andreevna reproaches her deputies for not getting along with each other. She tells them to help each other.

During the test run of the models, Denis pushes Yura, shoots down his plane, thanks to the competent commands of Roma, who acts as a navigator. But it turns out that Roma mistook the wrong boy for the future dad.

Through Elisha's fault, he and Nicoletta run into a couple that is made up of their future parents. Ira and Vasya again arrange a noisy squabble. Vasya refuses to apologize and declares that he no longer wants to disgrace himself at these "dances". Nicoletta is angry with her brother: now, along the way, we will not be born at all.

Igor shows his film to Yarik. He is delighted: yes, you have talent! You should definitely show this to someone. Igor says that now Artek is indeed hosting a film competition, but dad will not allow me to participate in it.

Yarik is trying to negotiate with his future grandfather, assuring that Igor is a talented director: to lock him up at a construction site is a crime. See what movie he made. Yaroslav Igorevich takes away the box with the film from Yarik: I didn’t bring my son here for that, so that he would secretly do all sorts of nonsense from me. We, the Lebedevs, are hereditary builders. And you, boy, I don't want to see here anymore. Igor calls Yarik a traitor, because he promised not to tell his father anything.

In the evening Yarik, Roma, Nicoletta and Elisey gather again near the Wishing Tree. They are upset. If the day during which the tree will still bloom does not solve all the problems that they themselves created, then they will not be able to return to the future and the nostalgic world for their parents will become their home. Roma voices a plan on how to fulfill their wishes.

The next morning, not finding ninja costumes among the props for the concert, Roma and Yarik put on mushroom costumes. When Yaroslav Igorevich goes for a morning jog, they break into his room in order to steal a film of Igor's film. Meanwhile, Igor himself is also going there, wearing a corn suit for disguise.

Nicoletta tells her brother that she needs to lure her mother to the stable so that her father can ride her. Then they become friends. Elisha: And how do we do it? Nicoletta: We need something cool for the 80s. Elisha says that for this time, chewing gum is practically currency.

Nicoletta treats Ira with chewing gum, walking with her towards the stables. Near the paddock where the horse is, Elisha tells Vasya that there are much cooler games than "The Wolf Catches Eggs", and begins to describe them. Vasya does not believe him. Elisha: you just don’t understand the news. How will you surprise a Muscovite? By the way, Irka likes you. But Vasya is offended by the girl and does not want to hear about her.

Searching the entire room unsuccessfully, Roma and Yarik come to the conclusion that the film can only be hidden in the suitcase, but they cannot open it. The boys hear that Yaroslav Igorevich is returning. Yarik grabs a bottle of sleeping pills from the bedside table, throws a couple of pills into a glass of water: let's put grandfather to sleep and take the key from him. After that, he and Roma hide in the closet. Yaroslav Igorevich turns on the TV. There is a session of Chumak, who "charges" various substances. Yaroslav Igorevich puts a three-liter jar of water on a stool, from which he takes a sip at the end of the program. Yarik sneezes. Yaroslav Igorevich discovers two live mushrooms in the closet and faints, dropping the suitcase on the floor. Yarik checks his grandfather's pulse, makes sure that he is alive, puts a pillow under his head. It turns out that the suitcase has been opened. The boys take the film from there. Igor runs into the room: what are you doing? Yarik reassures him: your dad just lay down to rest, so don't worry. Here, drink some water. Igor drinks water with sleeping pills and immediately passes out.

Nicoletta persuades Ira to ride a horse. She climbs into the saddle. Vasya jumps out of the stable. He and Ira quarrel again. The horse rears up, then starts galloping in circles around the paddock. Ira is horrified, she has never ridden a horse before. Vasya manages to stop the horse, he helps Ira get off the ground. They reconcile and agree to participate in a dance competition together.

Petrova, who was spying on Yarik and Roma, reports to Kurochkin about the intrigues of the "mushrooms". He decides to track them down. With the help of ammonia, he brings Yaroslav Igorevich to his senses, he says that the "mushrooms" stole the film with his son's film.

Yarik and Roma manage to drag the sleeping Igor to the cinema club. They apply for him to participate in the film competition. The chairman of the jury says that in an hour the author of the film will have to personally present his picture.

Roma tells Yarik to wake up Igor, and he goes to his dad. Roma apologizes to Yura, offers him his help: together we will build a new plane with which you will win. Yura says that his plane can no longer be repaired. Roma declares that he knows where to get the necessary parts. The boys retrieve the "time capsule". Roma takes the container in the form of a star, places a message from the pioneers 1968 years in a thermos, where it will keep better. But before that, Roma reads a letter from the past.

Yarik tries in vain to wake up Igor in various ways. But he wakes up only when an apple core thrown by Petrova falls into him.

Roma and Yura make a copter out of a container.

Nicoletta and Elisha come to the conclusion that it is unrealistic to teach Ira and Vasya how to waltz. The village goon has already crushed both of his partner's legs.

Before the start of the competition, Yura and Roma collide with a team from Lesnoy - Denis and Kirill. They again mock Yura, threaten him. Frightened by bullies, Yura is already ready to refuse to participate in the competition. Roma calls him a coward, says he will do it himself.

Yarik and Igor run to the cinema club. But the viewing of competitive works has already been completed. The jury members retire for a meeting to select the winner. Yarik tells Igor that they should show his film themselves.

At the dance competition, the performance of a couple from the "Forest" camp is evaluated by the jury with four fives and one four. It is almost impossible to beat this result. But the entire team of dancers from Morskoy, thanks to Nicoletta and Elisha, manages to perform such an incendiary choreographic composition that they are awarded a well-deserved victory.

The jury of the film competition is ready to announce the results. But Yarik convinces them to watch one more film: I'm not asking for myself, but for a friend. You, too, were children, you wanted to become someone. Why do you forget about this when you grow up? And even forbid your children to dream. Please don't kill the dream, it makes children older and you younger. The jury gives Igor Lebedev a chance to show his film.

Roma rebuffs Denis and his friends. They push him, knock him down. Roma comes to the aid of Yura. They put opponents to flight by launching their copter at them. Yura says that he liked being brave. After that, their team wins the aircraft modeling competition.

Yaroslav Igorevich sees on the screen a film that Igor dedicated to him, his beloved father. He is moved to tears. The jury awards victory in the competition to Igor. Yaroslav Igorevich says to his son: we Lebedevs must be talented in everything.

Before the final competition, in which Morskoy and Lesnoy participate, the score becomes 6:6.

Nicoletta, Elisey, Roma and Yarik are jumping for joy: we succeeded, hurray! It's time to move into the future, the tree has almost faded. But Yarik says that he still has one more important thing to do: I promised Lisa to perform at the reporting concert, she will lose without us. Elisha: but Kurochkin is there. Roma: nothing, I know how to distract him.

Petrova reports to Kurochkin: I found out everything. As you expected, there were two Lebedevs at the film competition, two pairs of Osipov-Goncharovs at the dances, and two Kovalevs at the aircraft modeling competition.

At the reporting concert, where a commission from Moscow is present, the number of VIA "Dreamers" is delayed, because Serezha Zhukov refuses to perform with Frolov.

Kurochkin and his patrolmen, who are busy tracking down the "twins", manage to lure them into a trap. Yarik enters the stage as a guitarist for VIA from the Morskoy camp. The song "Beautiful Far Away" in an unusual arrangement, the tone of which is set by a guitar solo, evokes ecstasy in the audience.

Kurochkin gets out of the trap. He accuses Elizabeth of cheating. Then Kurochkin enters the stage, intends to make a diatribe. But at that moment, Yura hands the director of Lesnoy a letter from the time capsule: please read the last paragraph. Kurochkin is reading. “Our shift held the first competition for the Artek Cup. Everyone wanted to win, but everyone understood: we are not competitors, but friends. We wish you to remain kind and always remember: Artek is a big family, counselors are our moms and dads, even if only for three weeks. Compiled by the pioneers of the "Forest" and "Sea" camps. Recorded by the headman, pioneer Seryozha Kurochkin. 1968 year.

Kurochkin's eyes well up with tears. Olga Andreevna turns to him: Sergey Sergeevich, it seems you wanted to tell us something? Kurochkin: yes, I wanted to say that these guys are great fellows, they have a great future. VIA "Dreamers", camp "Marine"! Olga Andreevna takes the stage: well, well, for the first time in a long history, the team wins in the competition for the Artek Cup ... Elizaveta asks the headmistress: can I? In the competition between "Forest" and "Sea" I propose to declare a fighting draw. Olga Andreevna: Well, finally. Friendship wins!

The audience give a standing ovation. Elisha asks Roma: how did you guess to show the letter? Roma: I realized that only Kurochkin himself can stop Kurochkin. Olga Andreevna: and now everyone to the farewell fire!

Nicoletta, Elisha, Roma and Yarik say kind words to Ira, Vasya, Yura and Igor. Why don't you go to the farewell bonfire? Let's go later. You run, we will catch up with you.

Near the magic tree, the guys make a wish to go back to the future.

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