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Hi friends! We’re excited to share this beach-inspired DIY sea glass Christmas tree craft using your sea glass collection that you’ll want to display every holiday season.

A simple and elegant DIY Sea Glass Christmas Tree

Collecting sea glass with the kids is one of our favorite things to do when we’re at the cottage. Technically, it’s called beach glass since we’re at the lake (and not the sea) but we’ve gotten accustomed to saying sea glass over the years. Each of the kids takes a little baggie with them to hold all their finds until they can sort them by color when they return home. We could undoubtedly walk for hours combing the beach for treasures.

We normally share DIY tutorials for making driftwood crafts such as our driftwood crab wall art, concrete and driftwood sailboat decor, driftwood reindeer ornaments and large driftwood Christmas tree so we were excited to share this simple sea glass craft for a change. If you don’t have enough sea glass in your collection, it can also be purchased at a local nursery or craft store.

We love the way these sea glass Christmas trees turned out. They are cute and fun with the starfish topper but also elegant with all the natural glass. For other ways to use your sea glass collection, consider making a pretty macrame seaglass necklace or seaglass planter or even simply add them loosely in a beach-themed terrarium.

How to make a DIY Sea Glass Christmas Tree:

Preparing the Cones:

Poke a hole through the top of the cone using a sharp-pointed tool such as an awl or a wooden skewer. The toothpick is likely not strong enough to break through the paper mache.

To alter the size of the cones so the trees are at differing heights, simply cut off some of the height at the bottom of one of the cones. Wrap a piece of scotch tape approximately ¾” from the base. Using a utility knife or a good pair of scissors, cut along the taped edge to reduce the height of the cone. Remove the tape before moving on.

Next, paint the cones and toothpicks using acrylic paint in white. Leave the paint to dry fully before moving on to the next step.

Preparing the Star Topper:

Turn the starfish embellishments with the backside facing up.
Apply a dab of glue to the backside of the starfish and place one of the painted toothpicks down on top so one end hangs past the starfish. Hold the toothpick in place until the glue sets. Put aside for the time being.

Applying the Sea Glass:

If you’re using actual sea glass collected at the beach, be sure to thoroughly wash and dry it before gluing.
Preheat the hot glue gun and remember to work quickly as the glue from the glue gun sets quickly but work carefully to avoid injury from the hot glue.

For this first Christmas tree, we used only green glass. Starting at the base of the cone, apply a dab of glue as shown and press one piece of sea glass over the glue. Don’t extend the sea glass past the base of the cone. Continue around the rim of the cone gluing one piece of glass at a time.

For the second row, overlap the bottom edge of the pieces with the top each of the sea glass from the previous row.

Continue working one sea glass at a time and one row at a time.

Work your way up to the top of the cone, using different sizes and colors.

At the top, avoid covering the hole you made earlier with glue or glass. 

For our second Christmas tree, we used a mix of white, green and blue glass but you can use any combination of sea glass you like.

Finishing the Sea Glass Christmas Tree:

Once the glue has fully set, clean off any loose glue strands. Lastly, place the star on the top of each tree by inserting the end of the toothpick into the hole at the top of the cone.

How do you like to display your sea glass collection?

Speaking of Christmas trees, we have another adorable tree craft we think you’d love. These Wood Slice Trees are super easy to make using foam cones and rustic wood slices! 

Lastly, for those of you with a coastal themed home, this Coastal Branch Tree for Christmas is the perfect addition to your beach themed holiday decor!

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Sea Glass Christmas Tree

Learn how to make a beautiful DIY sea glass Christmas tree topped with pretty starfish ornament.

Age Group: Adult Crafts

Project Type: Christmas

  • Sea glass in assorted shapes, sizes and colors and with enough to cover cone fully.
  • 1 Paper Mache cone 7" high
  • 1 starfish embellishment
  • 1 toothpick
  • Acrylic paint in white
  • paintbrush
  • hot glue gun with clear glue sticks
  • awl
  • Poke a hole through the top of the paper mache cone.

  • Using a medium sized paint brush, paint the paper mache cone and toothpick in white.

  • Glue the painted toothpick to the back side of the starfish.

  • Glue the seaglass pieces to the cone starting at the base.

  • Continue glueing the seaglass by layering over top of the previous row of seaglass.

  • Continue until the cone is covered with seaglass.

  • Insert the starfish toothpick into the hole at the top.

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Sea Glass Christmas Tree DIY

If you want a beautiful beach-inspired piece of Christmas decor, you need to make this gorgeous Sea Glass Christmas Tree DIY! It’s not hard to make, and each one turns out differently!

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I LOVE the beach. Literally love it. My bedroom is done in antique and vintage nautical decor and I’m always looking for unique beach decor pieces.

Recently I saw trees like these Sea Glass Christmas Trees for sale in a store, and I was like, “Hey! I can make those!”

I learned some tips about how to make sure these look awesome, how to make sure your glue sticks etc along the way, and I’m gonna share those with you in the tutorial below!

I love making all kinds of unusual mini Christmas Trees like these for Christmas home decor, like my vintage button trees, feather trees, and even these really cool bottle brush trees! Check those out if you want some more ideas!

How do you make this sea glass Christmas Tree DIY?

Step 1: Gather your supplies.

You will need:

  • Foam Cone
  • Sea Glass
  • Starfish
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Paint and Foam Brush (optional)

Step 2: Paint your foam cone.

This step is optional, but I recommend it. I knew there would be space in my design, so I wanted to have a neutral color to fill in the space and not the bright white of the foam cone.

I just used a foam paint brush and put on a single coat of this grey paint. I let it dry for about half an hour and then moved on to the next step.

Step 3: Glue on your sea glass.

Next, you will need to glue on your sea glass, one row at a time.

I found my sea glass at Walmart in the floral filler section. The jars cost about $5 and they have a few different color combos (the pink and clear is calling my name) and one jar will do a large-sized (about 12″) cone like this one.

I started at the bottom and worked my way to the top, so the layers looked like they were more of a Christmas tree pattern.

I made sure the pieces were flush with the bottom of the cone so it didn’t sit crooked when it was finished.

Do one full round layer at a time, and then move up to the next. Don’t use pieces that are too large, and don’t be afraid to let them overlap some.

I found I could use bigger pieces on the bottom layer and smaller ones on the top for the best look.

Pro Tip: To make sure your sea glass Christmas Tree holds all its pieces on, you ABSOLUTELY need to put your hot glue on the top of the glass piece, and then press it firmly into the foam, denting it in a bit. This will make sure it stays in place.

Step 4: Add a starfish.

Leave the top of the cone exposed so you can add your topper. I found a set of seashells at Walmart and the starfish in them were small and gold and were perfect for this.

I used hot glue along the bottom of the starfish, and pressed it firmly into the top and held it while it dried for about 30 seconds.

Will hot glue actually work?

Yes! Hot glue is a great glue for styrofoam. Outside of that, the roughed up nature of the sea glass works well to hold it on.

If you want to use a sturdier glue like E6000, you can, but you will have to hold each piece of sea glass in place for a few minutes until it dries, and that will make this craft take much longer.

Is it fragile?

Take care of it and treat it like it’s made of glass (because it is) and it will be fine. I have very delicate glass ornaments that have lasted me for years, even with kids, because I took special care to keep them safe. Treat this Sea Glass Christmas Tree the same way.

Want more Christmas DIY projects?

  • DIY Flannel Trees – These flannel Christmas trees are cute, cozy and super easy to make!
  • Bottle Brush Trees – This whimsical Christmas decoration is as simple as it is fun!
  • Feather Trees – These feather trees are much easier and take far less time to make than you’d think!

Whether you’re making this sea glass Christmas tree for you, or to give to someone else who loves the beach, I’m sure it will be loved for years to come!

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DIY Christmas tree craft

Today you can see a large number of different Christmas trees in stores. However, it is not at all necessary to buy a Christmas tree; you can make it yourself with almost any improvised means.

Of course, you simply cannot do without a live Christmas tree at home during the New Year holidays, and a Christmas tree made by yourself will perfectly decorate the house or be suitable as a gift to friends and relatives.

See also: do-it-yourself flat Christmas trees on the wall.

DIY Christmas tree

Christmas tree from magazine pages

To make a pretty Christmas tree from magazine pages you will need:

  • an old magazine;
  • PVA glue;
  • cardboard;
  • pen or pencil.

First of all, you need to make a cone out of cardboard and glue it together. Neat circles or flowers of the same diameter should be cut out from the pages of an old magazine. The resulting circles need to wrap the pencil.

This will make them slightly curled. Then you can start gluing the circles to the cone, starting from the bottom. The mugs should be glued by pressing them tightly against each other so that the cone itself is not visible.

One circle can be used to make a small cone and glue it instead of the top. The tree is ready.

Christmas tree from old magazines

Video: DIY Christmas tree craft

Christmas tree from wrapping paper

It is very easy to make a Christmas tree from wrapping paper. For this you will need:

  • wrapping paper;
  • cardboard;
  • tape;
  • scissors;
  • jewelry.

As with most Christmas trees, the first step is to make a cone out of cardboard or construction paper. If the wrapping paper you are going to use is thick enough, you can make a cone out of it.

The resulting cone can be secured with adhesive tape. Then you need to cover the cone with wrapping paper. To do this, lay the paper on a flat surface with the beautiful side down. Then tape the end of the paper to the cone, and slowly turning the cone completely wrap it with wrapping paper.

Cut off excess paper with scissors. It remains only to decorate the Christmas tree out of paper. To do this, you can cut out the stars and decorate them with sparkles, you can stick buttons, beads, tinsel, stickers or lace on the Christmas tree.

DIY Christmas tree made of wrapping paper

See also: do-it-yourself Christmas paper crafts.

Crafts with children: a luminous Christmas tree for the New Year

A luminous Christmas tree looks very original and beautiful. In order to make such a Christmas tree with your own hands you will need :

  • floral net;
  • floral wire;
  • cardboard;
  • scissors;
  • cellophane;
  • PVA glue;
  • pins;
  • jewelry.

First make a cone out of cardboard. Wrap the finished cone with cellophane. Then cut the floral mesh into small pieces and coat with glue.

Glue the resulting mesh pieces onto the cellophane. Secure the resulting design with pins and wait until the glue is completely dry.

Once the cone is dry, repeat the process again. After the glue has completely dried, remove the cellophane from the cone. Secure the garland inside the cellophane with pins. You can decorate the Christmas tree as you wish.

The process of making a luminous Christmas tree

See also: do-it-yourself Christmas decorations from felt.

Original pasta Christmas tree

To make an original pasta Christmas tree you will need:

  • Styrofoam cone;
  • gouache, acrylic or spray paint;
  • pasta of various sizes and shapes;
  • PVA glue;
  • brush.

First paint the Styrofoam cone any color you like and let it dry. Then carefully glue the pasta to the cone.

Design can be absolutely anything. Then paint over the pasta, carefully coloring all the details. It is better to cover the pasta with paint in two layers. Let your tree dry thoroughly.

The process of making Christmas trees from pastaChristmas trees from pasta with your own hands

See also: DIY Christmas wreath.

Fluffy Christmas tree made of colored paper

A Christmas tree made of colored paper ribbons is very elegant. To make such a New Year's beauty yourself, you will need:

  • a thick cardboard cone;
  • colored paper;
  • PVA glue;
  • double sided tape.

First, you need to make a base for the Christmas tree, for this we take a thick sheet of cardboard, fold it into a cone shape, fix it with glue. Then we make thin strips of colored paper, the same in length and width.

Christmas trees made of green, red, silver and gold paper look very impressive. Using glue, glue the strips along the edges, getting loops out of them.

The resulting loops are attached to one side of the adhesive tape, and the other side is attached to the cone in the direction from the bottom up. Thus, a funny fluffy Christmas tree is obtained.

The process of making a Christmas tree from strips of colored paperDo-it-yourself fluffy Christmas tree

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  • Paper Paper
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  • Making a flat Christmas tree from a garland
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  • Flat Christmas trees on the wall

    The main attribute of the New Year, without a doubt , is a beautiful, elegant Christmas tree.

    She creates a festive, cozy atmosphere in the house. However, what to do if the apartment simply does not have a place for a Christmas tree.

    In this case, you can create a New Year's beauty right on the wall from the most unusual materials at hand.

    Flat paper Christmas tree

    A flat Christmas tree on a paper wall looks very creative. This tree can reach a height of 2 meters.

    In addition, it can be made both at home and in the office, since the Christmas tree takes up very little space.

    To make a paper Christmas tree on the wall you will need:

    • matte cardboard or foam base;
    • scissors;
    • corrugated paper;
    • tape;
    • adhesive tape;
    • marker;
    • utility knife;
    • hook;
    • PVA glue.

    First make a base out of a piece of cardboard or styrofoam. If you need to make a base for a tall Christmas tree, use a few sheets of cardboard or pieces of Styrofoam. Then cut the sheets of corrugated paper with a fringe.

    You should have a large enough amount of fringed paper so that you can cover the entire Christmas tree. When the paper is ready, start gluing it to the base.

    Stick the paper from the bottom up. On the back side of the resulting Christmas tree, add a hook. If there is no hook, you can use double-sided tape by gluing it around the perimeter of the base. In order to make the barrel, also use cardboard or foam.

    It must also be covered with brown corrugated paper. Using adhesive tape, glue the trunk to the Christmas tree and fix the entire structure to the wall.

    Flat paper Christmas tree on the wall

    Wall tree made of branches

    Herringbone of branches is a great option for extraordinary personalities who do not want to go beyond tradition. It is very easy to make such a Christmas tree.

    All you have to do is find the right size spruce twigs and carefully attach them to the wall of the room in the shape of a Christmas tree. For such a Christmas tree, both branches from a real tree and artificial ones are perfect.

    You can decorate the resulting Christmas tree with tinsel, bows, Christmas decorations and garlands. It is best if the Christmas decorations are made of lightweight, unbreakable materials.

    Flat Christmas tree on the wall made of branches

    Making a flat Christmas tree from a garland

    A Christmas tree on the wall from a garland is not new. Such a Christmas tree will appeal to children, and will become for them a symbol of the upcoming holidays. In addition to the garland, such a Christmas tree can be decorated with riots, bows and toys.

    In order to make it easier to place the Christmas tree from the garland on the wall, you can first draw the outline of the future New Year's beauty with chalk. In order to protect children, instead of a Christmas tree from a garland, according to the same principle, you can make a Christmas tree from tinsel.

    Flat Christmas tree on the wall from a garland

    How to draw a Christmas tree for the New Year

    If you or someone from your family and friends has artistic talent, then you can simply draw a Christmas tree on the wall.

    This job can be simplified. For example, draw only the outline of a Christmas tree on the wall and decorate it with beads and garlands, or use special stencils for drawing.

    Stickers in the form of a Christmas tree

    In order not to stain the walls of the apartment with paint, you can use special stickers in the form of a Christmas tree.

    These stickers do not leave adhesive residue on the wall surface. You can buy such stickers in supermarkets or in specialized decor stores. A variety of stickers will help you choose a Christmas tree for any interior.

    Wall sticker in the form of a Christmas tree

    Christmas tree made of wood, branches and boards with your own hands

    A wall-mounted Christmas tree made of wood is perfect for a Provence interior or a chalet.

    Learn more