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These magical

3D Origami Christmas Trees are so simple to make - a couple of folds and a few snips and you’re ready to go.

Instead of spending yet more money on last-minute decorations why not try making these cute little paper trees.

A pretty last-minute paper decoration for your holiday table that means you’ll make a whole forest in minutes.

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3D Origami Christmas Tree.

What’s everyone making this weekend? If you’re looking for a last-minute holiday craft to decorate your home, here’s a quick and easy one. I love these Origami Trees so much that I’ve already made a second batch so I can use them to decorate in other rooms.

They're such a quick and easy project, cost practically nothing and take no time at all. All you need is some leftover gift wrap and a pair of scissors and you’re good to go.

I’ve made a couple of larger ones using gift wrap to use as a table centrepiece and I’ve got the ones in these pictures displayed on the fireplace mantel. Not sure if it’s going overboard but I can’t stop thinking how cute some mini ones would look hanging on the tree? They might have to be my next project!

I’m a big fan of origami (I did write a whole ebook about it after all). I’ve made a few Christmas origami projects (like these stars and these Santas)  but today I thought I’d try out a different technique - Kirigami.

What is Kirigami?

Kirigami is similar to origami except instead of just folding the paper to make your design you cut it as well. My origami stars are a great example of this as well as these 3D paper trees.

Making your Paper Christmas Trees.

Although I’ve called this project easy they can be a little bit tricky at first (around steps 7&8) but once you get the hang of it they are super quick and simple to make.

Select your chosen paper and grab a pair of scissors. If you’re using origami paper, you’re all set but if you’re using something else like gift wrap you’ll need to cut it into squares before you start.

Fold your paper following the step by step instructions below and then get ready to start snipping. You’ll need to make seven cuts. One to make the base flat and the rest to make the branches. The more cuts you make the more branches. Fold back the branches and open your origami tree out.

When you’ve finished your Christmas trees set them out on your tables, fireplace, shelves or wherever else you need a quick holiday decoration fix.

Whether you make a single tree or a whole forest I’m sure they’ll make a lovely finishing touch to your holiday decorations.


  • Easy Origami Christmas Tree eBook

  • Thin Decorative Paper

  • Scissors

Although I recommend using origami paper for any paper folding project, the paper I used for these trees was thin scrapbook paper (not the lightweight cardstock kind) as standard origami paper only makes a small tree.

I used 12x12-inch paper for the large trees, 10x10-inch for the middle size trees and 6x6-inch for the small.

If you don’t have any thin scrapbook paper here are a few alternatives that you probably already have on hand.

And a couple of larger origami papers:

  • Large 9. 5 Inch 60 Sheets Origami Paper

  • 10x10 inch 10 Colored Origami Paper

Keep scrolling to see how easy these simple origami trees are to make.

Want to make it even easier? You can download and keep this tutorial in a handy PDF


How to make Origami Christmas Trees.

1. Start by laying your paper square down with the white side facing up.

2. Fold it in half edge to edge. Open back out and fold in half again this time in the other direction.

3. Open back out and fold in half again this time across both the diagonals.

4. Open out and lay flat with the white side facing up. Using the creases you have previously made bring the top 3 corners down to meet at the bottom corner. Press flat. You should now have a diamond shape.

5. Fold the sides in to meet at the centre crease.

6. Flip over and repeat on the other side. You should now have an upside-down kite shape.

7. Open one of the flaps back out and flatten. Take the outer edge and collapse it in folding it into the centre.

8. Repeat for the other side.

9. Flip it over and repeat step 8 and 9.

10. Now take a pair of scissors and cut the bottom point off your kite. To make it easier fold the top layer back to make a triangle and use this as a guide.

11. Using a pair of scissors cut 3 horizontal lines in each side of the triangle. These will make your branches.

12. Starting from the right fold each cut line down to make a small triangle. Fold to the left like a page and repeat by folding down each cut line on the right.

13. Keep folding and turning until all the branches have been folded. When you reach the end flip it over and repeat on the other side.

14. Open out your origami tree and stand.

Want more? You can get your hands on a PDF of this project (complete with templates) for only £2


And you can find the rest of my eBooks in the


Hattifant's 3D Paper Christmas Trees

It’s Christmas time – time for Hattifant’s Christmas Crafts!!! So let’s make some little 3D Paper Christmas Trees. They are easy and quickly done. And already you have a little Christmas decoration to add to your home!

I created stand alone ones but also an arrangement with a cute baby deer for this 3D Paper Christmas Tree Bundle.

It’s a craft that everyone in the family can give a go! Kids can practice their cutting skills! We painted them, tried to cut other patterns and even made some glow in the dark ones (see further below)!

They make a gorgeous Christmas decoration and are really quite easily and quickly made. And if you have some small LED candle lights then you can also use them as luminaries! You like what you see here and would love to create a set of your own then read right on…

Hattifant’s 3D Paper Christmas Trees

I have prepared for you 3 templates: the first one contains the biggish trees that I suggest is best to start off with.

Three trees, three different patterns…it will get you hooked! 😉

Heard of Triskele Paper Globes yet?

If you then would like to move on to a more difficult paper cutting experience then you will enjoy the cutsy Deer Tree scene!

And if you still have not had enough then have go at the littlest of the trees and/or create your very own pattern! The possibilities are endless…


Ready to make your own?

Enjoy this craft and if you like here are some more Hattifant Christmas Tree Crafts for you to explore.


Click below on “free download” to get to the printables!


Hattifant and Easy Peasy and Fun have teamed up to bring to you a 3D Paper Christmas Tree version that is particularily suitable for the smaller hands! See the cute pink and green tree below with those adorable stars on them?! They will glow in the dark! Find out more here!

Have the most of fun making your 3D Paper Christmas Trees! Don’t hesitate to get in touch. Show me your trees! Your creations! Always love to see!

Until Hattifant’s next craft! Have a most beautiful Christmas!


Advent Calendar: Christmas Town

GIANT Christmas Tree Poster to Color

Christmas & Winter Kaleidocycles Flextangles

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Do-it-yourself Christmas tree made of paper: photos, diagrams, master class

The New Year tree is, of course, the main attribute of the most important winter holiday. It will not be possible to do without the forest beauty, the atmosphere is not the same, and where does the good grandfather put the gifts? It so happened that a Christmas tree is decorated in the house for the New Year holidays: someone puts a live one, someone prefers an artificial one, and someone paper.

A paper Christmas tree can not only replace a needle tree, but can also be used as a Christmas tree toy, a unique gift for relatives, or just decorate your office desktop, reminding you of the coming weekend!

We have collected for you the most interesting options for Christmas paper Christmas trees and Christmas trees that you can make yourself.

DIY 3D paper Christmas tree: cutting pattern

For this craft, you will need a template that needs to be transferred to paper (a regular office one will do). Then cut along the lines and fold as shown in the instructions below. Everything ingenious is simple!

DIY paper napkin Christmas tree

For this craft you need to prepare: napkins (can be replaced with crepe paper or any thin paper), scissors, stapler, round blank and cone. We cut out a circle from a napkin, fasten it with a stapler in the center, wrap the free edges towards the center, forming a flower. We fix the workpiece with glue to the cone base.

DIY fluffy crepe paper Christmas tree step by step

Or such a variation on the theme. As in the previous version, you can use crepe paper, napkins or any thin paper. We cut the selected material into squares with dimensions: 7 × 7, 6 × 6, 5 × 5 and 4 × 4 cm. Then we fold each part twice and make cuts, as in the photo. We put the resulting blanks on double-sided tape as close as possible to each other, and attach the other sticky end to the cone.

Green-handed Christmas tree: getting ready for the new year with children

A very simple craft for the New Year. Suitable for younger children. From paper (white or color), we cut out prints of children's hands. We form a cone and glue “hands” to it, moving from bottom to top. We twist the fingers on the palms and the forest beauty is ready!

DIY Christmas tree from paper mugs

Another easy craft. You will need thick paper, you can even take, for example, old postcards or magazine covers. We cut out circles of different diameters and string them on a wooden skewer in order from largest to smallest. Between the layers, you can insert, for example, a small bead or a thick drop of hot glue.

Making a big paper Christmas tree

If there is little space in the apartment or there are pets, then we recommend paying attention to this masterpiece! From thick paper or cardboard we form a large triangle, which we fill with paper strips cut from one edge. Now the beauty can simply be placed against the wall or fixed at a certain height.

Did you know that you can make more than just a Christmas tree out of paper? We have over 60 New Year's paper craft master classes!

Wrapping paper Christmas tree

Preparing for the New Year holidays means wrapping gifts. If there are pieces of the festive one, you can make such original crafts.

Do-it-yourself voluminous Christmas tree made of colored paper

An original idea of ​​a voluminous paper craft for the New Year. We cut out a circle from paper, divide it into 8 parts, make small cuts along the dividing lines. We twist the free ends into cones and string the resulting workpiece onto the trunk (for example, wire or skewer). It will take 16 blanks of different diameters.

Simple colored paper Christmas tree

Super simple miniature Christmas tree that will be a great desktop decoration. For work you will need: paper, stapler, scissors, wooden skewers, glue. See the photo below for step by step instructions.

Do-it-yourself voluminous paper Christmas tree: a step-by-step diagram

Another simple and original idea. We cut the paper into strips, 1 cm wide. We glue the ends of the strip (it turns out a droplet) and fasten it to the cone-base. All is ready!

Christmas tree made from toilet paper cylinders: getting ready for the new year with children

Here is an idea for crafts made from waste materials. You will need toilet paper rolls and one long towel roll. We wrap them in paper and collect them in a pyramid. You can put a mini gift in each cylinder and now it’s not just a craft, but with a surprise!

Christmas tree from a magazine: making crafts for school or kindergarten

You can use an old magazine as a handy material. How to fold the magazine - see the instructions below. The finished craft can be decorated with tinsel or paper toys.

A simple Christmas tree made of paper without glue: an understandable master class

A simple craft for the New Year using origami technique. Of the additional tools you will need only scissors. Use the step by step guide below.

Cut Paper Christmas Tree

Make a Christmas tree on a cone by decorating with cut paper strips. The result is a fluffy forest beauty.

A cute Christmas tree that will decorate your desktop

A simple craft for the new year. Twist 3 paper cones (more possible, depending on the required height of the final product) of different diameters, cut the ends with a fringe, put the cones on top of each other. All is ready! Optionally, a cardboard cylinder can be inserted into the lowest cone to simulate the barrel.

Christmas tree made of paper straws

This is a great idea for a postcard. From paper strips of different lengths, twist thin tubes and glue them to the base in the shape of a triangle. Add decorative elements.

You will be interested: 30+ cool ideas for New Year cards!

Paper strip Christmas tree: making Christmas crafts with kids

Super easy paper strip craft for the little ones. Cut out a triangular base from cardboard. Glue the strips in discord, add the stem of the stick. All is ready!

Paper strip tree: step-by-step instructions

Or this kind of craft.

Paper Christmas tree for patient needlewomen: master class

If you have time and desire to tinker, you can make such an original craft. We cut the paper into petals and glue them to the cone-shaped base.

Simple and very cute do-it-yourself paper Christmas tree. Scheme

This handicraft can be used to create a postcard or as an independent product for decoration. Redraw the template on paper and fold as shown in the photo below. Add decor to your liking.

Making a Christmas tree out of paper with kids

You can make this craft out of handprints. Kids will especially like it. It is better to use finger paints, i.e. harmless to the child's body.

Unusual Christmas tree from folded paper circles: a step-by-step master class

To work, you need to prepare 4 paper circles of different diameters. Fold each circle 4 times. Expand the workpiece and put it on an impromptu trunk, for example, a wooden skewer.

DIY quilling Christmas tree

This craft is suitable for beginners in the quilling technique. To work, you need to master two basic elements: a roll and a drop. You will also need a toothpick and glue.

Christmas tree made of paper snowflakes

Boys and girls in the 2nd grade are already much more diligent, which means that it is possible to make crafts more difficult. Let's make a Christmas tree out of snowflakes. The help of adults will be needed for cutting out small details. Using the templates, print or redraw snowflakes on thick paper (any color). Cut out all the details, glue the stand, stick a wooden skewer (or any other base) into the center, string the snowflakes in descending order: the largest at the bottom, the smallest at the top.

Template for cutting (3 A4 sheets):

To add volume to the craft, string a bead or paper tube between rows of snowflakes.

MK: Christmas tree made from old newspapers, books

An interesting craft made from waste material. Old newspapers, magazines or books will do. Cut out circles, fold in half and glue to the cone.

Do-it-yourself Christmas tree made of corrugated paper

A simple option. We cut the corrugated paper into strips, wrap the cone in layers from the bottom up. You can fix the strips with glue or a stapler.

By the way, why not add a paper snowman to the Christmas tree?

Do-it-yourself Christmas tree from paper cones - step by step MK

A large Christmas tree can be made from paper cones. Fold sheet A4 into a bag and fix it on a cylindrical base prepared in advance (you can use several bushings from paper towels).

Do-it-yourself Christmas tree with roses from old newspapers

To create a rose, you need to cut a spiral from a paper circle, and then, starting from the outer edge, twist the blank. We plant roses on a cone. Additionally, you can decorate with beads, rhinestones or other elements.

Christmas tree in a snow globe - three-dimensional paper craft without glue

This craft is a slice shape, i.e. consists of 12 layers intersecting each other at an angle of 90 degrees. To work, you will need paper with a density of 160 g / m, scissors or a breadboard knife. Cut out templates and assemble.

Templates (5 A4 sheets):

Christmas tree made of paper with snow effect

For work you will need: paper (you can use old magazines, advertising booklets), wooden skewer, scissors, glue and salt. You can decorate the top of the Christmas tree with an asterisk made of colored paper, felt, foamiran or chenille wire.

Herringbone made of accordion paper

For this craft, you need to fold the paper like an accordion. For one tier, two accordions are needed. The resulting blanks are strung on wooden skewers.

Fluffy Christmas tree made of paper without a cone

An ideal New Year's craft for school for those who have absolutely no time left, i.e. for those whose child remembers a creative task at 11 at night the day before the deadline. Simple, fast, original! And most importantly, everyone is happy! For crafts, you need colored paper and a base, such as a paper cup or a jar of yogurt. Step by step MK see below or in this video.

Templates for printing (8 A4 sheets):

Christmas tree made of paper pyramids

For work you will need: paper, diagram, scissors, stationery knife, glue. How to glue a Christmas tree, see below.

A simple paper Christmas tree that even children can make

New Year is the most favorite holiday of the smallest residents of the house. Do not deprive them of their joy and together make a beautiful decor. For such a Christmas tree, you will need thick paper for the base, a lot of colored paper circles, and glue.

Christmas tree made of paper strips a la quilling – we make New Year's crafts with children

Here is another paper forest beauty that children can make. Well, joint creativity with parents - what could be better for little fidgets!

Paper Christmas tree + HoHoHo templates, stars and hearts

HoHoHo Template Star Template Heart Template

For this craft, you need to print the template, cut it out and glue it as shown in the photo. Schemes can be downloaded from the links above.

Herringbone application - making a 3D New Year's card with children

You can make such an original application from strips of colored paper: 7 green and 1 brown. You will also need glue and scissors to work. The sequence of actions, see the photo.

How to make an origami Christmas tree with your own hands

A very simple origami craft. Print or transfer templates to paper, fold along the lines with an accordion, glue. All is ready!


Origami paper Christmas tree

Origami paper Christmas tree

Modular origami Christmas tree

Very beautiful crafts are made using the modular origami technique. Not the easiest job, painstaking. But the result will definitely justify itself!

Step-by-step tutorial “How to make a module”.


Christmas tree box

Make a Christmas tree box. Can be used as a gift box or as an advent calendar.

A4 template:

Or this:

A4 template:

Papercraft tree

Make a papercraft tree. Print the template, transfer it to thick paper, fold according to the instructions and glue it. Note: dotted line - bend towards you, dash-dotted line - away from you.

Scan on 16 A4 sheets:

Help us become better: if you notice an error, select a fragment and press Ctrl+Enter .

100 cool crafts in the photo (for NY 2023)

With the onset of November, Christmas trees take their places on window sills, desks and shop windows, forest beauties proudly demonstrate festive illuminations and Christmas decorations in city squares. Making a small semblance of a New Year's tree is not at all difficult. We have collected some interesting ideas for you.

When business is not a pipe. And the tree!

Making Christmas trees from paper straws is a pretty fun activity that kids will love. The main thing is to pre-prepare tubes of colored paper. The tubes should be of different lengths, but the same thickness. Pasted on a flat surface in the form of a Christmas tree, they will be a nice and unusual gift.

Christmas trees from the forest? No, from a cone!

The easiest way to create a Christmas craft with your own hands is to make a Christmas tree from a paper cone. The materials and procedure are so simple that they are available to both children in kindergartens and office workers with busy work schedules.

It doesn't matter if the base of the cones is white, colored, craft or crepe paper. It doesn't matter what will serve as a decor: rhinestones, beads, pushpins or circles of colored paper. The main thing is that the result will always be the same: cute hand-made gizmos that will easily become the basis of the most stylish New Year's composition.

Making tutorial:

  1. Cut out a paper circle, cut it in half.
  2. Roll a paper semi-circle into a cone shape and secure with glue, stapler, tape or paper clip.
  3. Attach decorative elements to the surface of the cone. Glue rhinestones; in rows, starting from the bottom, stick white or colored paper mugs; stick curly push pins.

Using circles of different sizes or colored paper in different shades, you can create several crafts in the same style.

Curvy is beautiful!

Volumetric Christmas trees made of paper will help to decorate the workplace or present a small souvenir to colleagues. Schemes for creating New Year's origami offer several options for the paper embodiment of an evergreen beauty. Such a voluminous Christmas tree, complemented by decorative stars, will certainly look not like a modest souvenir from colleagues, but rather like an unusual designer piece.

New Year's quilling

Masters of creating paper masterpieces using the quilling technique will also be able to please others with holiday crafts. Even creating gifts for a large family, you can be smart and give everyone an original surprise, never repeating. Using the quilling technique, you can create a variety of crafts:

  • large three-dimensional panels of many elements;
  • small decorative figurines, perfect for gift wrapping or table setting;
  • unusual Christmas pendants;
  • 3d table figurines;
  • Christmas ornaments;
  • greeting cards.

Fir-trees, dense forest…

New Year 2023 will be remembered by both adults and children if you complement the festive table setting with original cards with the names of guests.

In order to make these simple paper Christmas trees you will need:

  1. Cut an even number of triangles from thick paper of suitable colors - future Christmas trees.
  2. Attach a wooden toothpick or skewer to the wrong side of the triangle with adhesive tape. If you use double-sided tape and stick a small strip of it on the wrong side of the triangle, the Christmas tree will turn out to be double-sided. In this case, it will look beautiful not only for its owner, but also for his table neighbors.
  3. Insert the stick with the paper triangle into the chocolate candy in foil of the appropriate color.
  4. Write the guest's name on the Christmas tree (or on a white strip glued on top) and place the figurine in the middle of the plate.


For a simple and interesting craft, you will need several circles of different sizes and colors. Each circle must be folded in the same way as paper for cutting out a snowflake is folded. After the circles can be slightly straightened and strung on a vertically mounted skewer (bamboo stick), fixed at the base for stability.

Cardboard doesn't mean ugly

Rare and special materials are not always required to create a beautiful craft. Packaging cardboard will be a wonderful basis for bright creations. A simple Christmas tree made of cardboard with glued candies can pleasantly surprise you with its beauty!

Cardboard crafts decorated by children to their taste will be a wonderful New Year's gift that can be prepared together in kindergarten.

The symbol of the New Year 2023, made of ordinary packaging cardboard, will look very stylish if you make holes in it with the help of figured New Year-themed hole punchers.

Corrugated Paper Christmas Trees

An original looking Christmas tree made from special paper for scrapbooking. If it was not possible to purchase such material, ordinary thick colored paper will successfully replace it.

To create a three-dimensional paper figurine you will need:

  1. Connect two adjacent corners of a corrugated paper square and glue the sides of the square that touched in this way. The result should be a corrugated semicircle. If there is no special paper, you can use regular paper (colored if desired) and fold the square of paper with an accordion on your own.
  2. Glue two paper circles together.
  3. Make circles of different sizes in the same or different colors.
  4. Thread the circles onto a reinforced skewer.
  5. Decorate the top with a large bead or star.

Lesson for the letter-eaters

Even in the era of electronic "readers" and audiobooks, most people are in awe of paper books. However, not all books are worthy of taking a place in family libraries. And, if not everyone raises their hand to throw them away, then everyone is able to have a hand in transforming into a festive craft.

Vytynanka Christmas trees

Perhaps there is nothing more elegant than a neatly cut paper Christmas tree. It is as if woven from thin lace, filled with air and fragility. It is easy to make a stencil. Such a Christmas tree will certainly become a subject of admiration and pride.

Here are some of the patterns. You can download other stencils here.

Crafts from templates

Ready-made templates will help you prepare a lot of New Year's beauties as mini-gifts without spending a lot of time. It is enough to print the appropriate material on paper, and then cut and glue the figures according to the instructions on the diagrams.

Large wall tree

Often people prefer to decorate not only the living room, but also the rest of the house, including the hallway.

Learn more