How long can christmas tree last

How To Make A Christmas Tree Last All December Long

November 21, 2019

If you’ve decided to purchase a fresh-cut Christmas tree this year, you may be eager to cut your tree and bring it home. But, if you cut your tree too early, you may struggle to keep it fresh and green until Christmas or the new year. For a tree that thrives all December long, check out our tips for how to make a Christmas tree last.

How Long Does a Real Christmas Tree Last?

While many people start decorating November 1st, even the freshest-cut trees aren’t made to last forever. A healthy, fresh-cut Christmas tree will last for four to five weeks if properly cared for.

If you’re itching to put up your holiday decorations earlier, start with non-living decorations whenever you like, and finish off with fresh greenery and your Christmas tree around the first of December.

Start With a Fresh Tree

In order to have a green tree all December long, you’ll need to pay attention to a few things when selecting your tree. Starting with a healthy tree is a huge part of how to make a Christmas tree last.


There are a variety of tree species to choose from when it comes to selecting a Christmas tree. While most of them will last about a month, there are a few that stand out for their excellent needle retention:

  • Fraser Fir
  • Concolor Fir
  • Canaan Fir
  • White Pine


While it may seem like common sense, you should pick out a tree that looks physically healthy. These trees are more likely to last you all the way through the holidays, and can be identified by a few simple traits:

  • Soft, pliable outer branches
  • Even color across branches and needles
  • Fresh, fragrant scent
  • Bark that is smooth, not wrinkled

Transport and Store Your Tree Safely

Once you’ve selected a gorgeous, healthy tree for your home, you’ll need to have a plan for how to get it home safely.  At Stauffers, we’ll gladly assist you with wrapping and loading your tree into your vehicle for free. Whether you choose to strap it to a roof rack or fit it inside your vehicle, we’ll be there to help. Here are a few additional tips to keep your tree safe on its journey home.


Try your best to pick up your freshly-cut tree on a clear day. While Christmas trees can endure the cold just fine, rain and snow will create a mess in your vehicle and your home.


When customers ask us how to make a Christmas tree last longer, transportation is the first thing we mention. Being too rough with your tree can cause it to drop needles prematurely, making a mess and leaving bare spots in its greenery.

Most trees come packaged in netting, which helps keep their more delicate branches safe on the trip. If your tree does not come wrapped up, consider wrapping it in an old blanket to keep it safe and confined. If you’re transporting your tree on the roof, put the trunk end at the front of the vehicle. This will prevent needles from blowing off.


Many people like to store their tree outside or in a garage for a few days before bringing it in. If you plan on storing your tree outside, stand it up in a bucket of water in the shade to keep it hydrated. You can also bring it inside into a garage or shed for extra protection.

Christmas Tree Stands

Getting your Christmas tree straight and in its stand can be one of the more stressful parts of Christmas. We offer several stands in our Home & Garden Stores that will get the job done perfectly. Here are a few tips for getting your tree ready for ornaments, while also ensuring longevity of its color and form.

Make a Fresh Cut

Many tree farms and home and garden centers will make a fresh cut for you before you take your tree home. If you choose to do it yourself instead, start by cutting between half an inch and one inch off the bottom of your tree’s trunk. Making an even cut now will make getting your tree in the stand even easier.

Drilling a Hole

While some tree stands require you to drill a hole in the trunk of the tree to center it on its base, there is no need to drill a hole for water consumption.

Stauffers Home & Garden stores offer both cutting and drilling services at no charge when you purchase a fresh cut tree. Additionally, we will bag and load your tree.

How to Keep a Christmas Tree Fresh & Green

For those who like to decorate early, keeping your tree fresh and green throughout the holiday season is crucial. Once cut, Christmas trees will slowly begin to wilt and lose their bright green color. With these easy tips, you can keep your Christmas tree looking beautiful from Thanksgiving to New Year’s.

Watering Your Christmas Tree

If you’re wondering how to make a Christmas tree last as long as possible, the simple answer is water. Water your tree every day, at least for the first two weeks after being cut. This is when trees take up the most water, which is why getting a fresh-cut tree is so important. 

While trees can drink up to a gallon of cool water per day, the general rule is that they will drink one quart for every inch of trunk diameter. For example, a tree with a trunk that is three inches across at the base would need three quarts of water per day.


Wilt-Stop is a plant-protecting spray that can help your Christmas greenery keep its color throughout the holiday season. It prevents your tree from losing moisture by creating a protective coating over its needles. This will keep your tree looking fresh and also prevent it from dropping needles prematurely.

Wilt-Stop is made from the resin of pine trees, which means that it is a great, non-toxic way to make Christmas trees last longer. In addition to using Wilt-Stop on your Christmas tree, you can use it for any other holiday greenery around your home, from wreaths to garlands.

Recycling Your Christmas Tree

While many counties and municipalities have Christmas tree pick-up services, there are a number of ways to reuse and recycle your Christmas tree in the new year. With these tips, you can make your Christmas tree last even longer.

Shelter for Backyard Wildlife

Give birds, chipmunks, and other backyard creatures a little extra shelter from the cold this winter by taking your Christmas tree outside once you’re done with it. You can lean it up against a fence or another tree, or lay it on its side to provide a home for rabbits and other animals. Just make sure to place it away from your house to prevent any animals from trying to join you in your heated home.

Turn Your Tree Into Mulch

If you have a garden, you can use your Christmas tree to keep the roots of your perennials warm over the cold months. There are two ways to utilize branches as mulch, and neither require a wood chipper or shredder.

To protect perennials, you can simply clip a few small branches from the tree and lay them on top of the soil around your plants. This will keep the roots warm all winter long.

You can use pine needles to help protect your plants and keep moisture in your soil. Simply cut a branch off and shake or wipe the needles off. If they don’t fall off easily, give your tree another day outside without water.

Now that you know how to make a Christmas tree last, are you ready to buy? Explore our wide selection of artificial, fresh-cut, and living Christmas trees at Stauffers today!

How Long Does a Christmas Tree Last?


Q: Our family wants to replace our artificial Christmas tree with a real one this year, and the kids want to go tree shopping already. I worry that the tree will dry out before Christmas if we buy it too early. How long does a Christmas tree last?

A: A real evergreen will no doubt make a festive and fragrant addition to your home, but most trees last weeks, not months. The moist stem and branches will dry and needles will transition from vibrant dark green to brown, then begin to fall. Fortunately, if you take a fastidious approach to tree selection, preparation, and care, you can keep it looking lovely longer—perhaps even into the new year.

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A freshly cut Christmas tree can last about 4 weeks if you take care of it.


Yes, if you’re the person who likes to purchase a fresh tree the day after Thanksgiving, it can indeed make it to Christmas, provided that you take measures to care for the cut tree:

  • Place the tree upright in a metal, plastic, or concrete reservoir-style tree stand ($15 to $25 at home centers).
  • Fill the stand with one quart of cool tap water for each inch of stem (e.g., use 1 gallon of water for a tree with a four-inch stem) within two hours of getting it home.
  • Learning how to water a Christmas tree properly is mostly just making sure the reservoir in the tree stand doesn’t run dry. Monitor the reservoir’s water level daily, and add more water as needed to keep the bottom 2 inches of trunk submerged. Christmas tree water requirements are usually the highest during the first week the tree is up, and decline in subsequent weeks.

Wondering how to keep a Christmas tree alive and looking its best all season? Heed these tips and tricks:


When shopping for cut Christmas trees, ask the salesperson when the trees were cut down.


Christmas trees are cut from mid-November to mid-December, so don’t assume that all trees you find for sale were freshly cut. If you’re buying a pre-cut tree, ask when the trees on the lot were felled. Choose one that came down recently (within the week, if possible) so that it preserves its looks through the season.

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Opt for fir or cypress species over spruce or pine.

How long a real Christmas tree lasts varies depending on the specific tree’s evergreen conifer species. Most Christmas trees available at tree farms or local home and garden centers are fir, cypress, pine, or spruce. Fir and cypress tend to keep most of their needles for 4 or 5 weeks, respectively, whereas pine and spruce are more likely to lose a high volume of needles within 2 or 3 weeks, respectively.

Always inspect the tree’s needles before taking it home.

Before buying the tree you have your eye on, take it by the trunk and give it a shake to observe the volume and color of the needles that fall off. Only a few brown needles should come off if the tree is fresh; numerous fallen green needles are a telltale sign that the tree has already gone dry.

Ask to have the Christmas tree baled before putting it in your car.


Many unsuspecting folks transport unbundled Christmas trees inside a truck cargo bed only to arrive home and find numerous branches bent and needles fallen on the way. If you’ll be hauling your tree home yourself rather than have it delivered, ask to have it put through a baling machine that will wrap it in protective netting or twine while also condensing its size without damaging the trunk or branches. If driving home in a car as opposed to a truck, securely tie the baled tree to the roof racks with rope. Remove the netting once you have placed the tree inside your tree stand.


Unseal the tree’s trunk before submerging it in water.


If your tree was cut more than 6 to 8 hours ago (ask the attendant at the point of purchase exactly when it was cut), a layer of resin will have formed over the cells of the wood at the base of the trunk, sealing it and preventing water uptake. To re-open the cells so that the tree can absorb water, use a saw to cut a half inch of wood off of the base of the tree trunk before you place it in your tree stand.

Lacing Christmas tree water with additives won’t help keep it alive.

Over the years, homeowners have laced the water in their tree stands with everything from floral preservatives to powdered bleach and crushed aspirin to keep their trees fresh. But there is no evidence that such additives prolong tree life; in fact, they can actually inhibit water retention and cause the tree to dry out faster. There’s no need to make sugar water for a Christmas tree, either—plain tap water is all that’s needed to quench your tree’s thirst.

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Keep the tree cool and out of direct sunlight.

To preserve moist needles and the tree’s vivid green hue, situate the tannenbaum indoors, ideally in a room that’s no more than 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The tree should be out of direct sunlight, and kept far from away from a fireplace, radiator, or space heater. The heat from these sources can prematurely dry and brown your tree.

Measure water levels in the stand with a moisture monitor.

Forgetting to regularly monitor and refill water in the tree stand or misjudging the current water level and not adding enough can result in premature drying. Moisture level monitors like the Evergreen Elf, which mount to the tree stand, can automatically detect the water level in the stand. It will light up or send audio signals when the water level is low and let you know it’s time to re-water.


Decorate the tree with miniature LED tree lights.

LED Christmas lights, particularly those in a miniature size (5 mm in length), use less energy and generate less heat than larger, incandescent bulbs. Adorning your tree with these energy-efficient lights may reduce drying and keep it fresh and green longer.

How to keep the Christmas tree fresh longer after purchase - Articles


  • How to care for a Christmas tree?
  • How to keep your Christmas tree fresh before installation
  • Christmas tree installation
  • Water supply to the shaft
  • Caring for the tree after installation
  • Christmas trees in a pot
  • What to do with the Christmas tree after the holidays?

How to care for a Christmas tree?

Everyone who would like to buy a real live Christmas tree for the New Year thought about how long the Christmas tree will last at home, and how many days before the holiday you need to buy it?

We answer - the life of Christmas trees, firs and pines is different, but none of them will stay warm in your house for more than two weeks.

Russian and Norwegian Christmas trees begin to crumble after about 5-7 days, pines stand a few days longer, firs do not crumble, but gradually dry out and change the color of the needles, it becomes paler. For more information about the properties of New Year trees, in our article "Types of New Year Trees."

This applies, of course, to trees already unpacked and installed in a warm room. However, it is possible to buy spruce long before the New Year and keep it fresh for the holiday, up to a month or more. We'll show you how.

Christmas tree in the interior

How to keep your Christmas tree fresh before installation

The first thing to do is to decide on the date when you need it, already beautiful and dressed up. We recommend installing Danish Spruce, Fraser Fir, Canadian Pine 5-7 days in advance, and Russian and Norwegian Christmas Trees 3-5 days in advance.

All the time until this moment, it is better for the tree to stay in a cool place, at a temperature not higher than 5-10 degrees Celsius, with a minimum amount of light and, preferably, with high humidity.

The key to success is to reduce the amount of moisture evaporated from the plant. For this purpose, a garage or an unheated balcony is perfect. In our experience, there was a case when the Christmas tree remained green and fresh even six months after purchase. And one of our employees set up a Christmas tree on March 8, as an unusual gift for loved ones.

By the way, live Fraser fir comes to Russia from North America, from where it is transported for 45 days in cold stores across the ocean, with a minimum amount of light and with 100% humidity.

This does not affect its quality in any way, since Fraser Fir is considered the highest quality Christmas tree that can be bought in our country for the New Year: it stands for a very long time, does not crumble at all, and the branches of this fir are so strong that they can withstand even very heavy toys and real candlesticks.

Tree seedlings

Christmas tree installation

The cut Christmas tree begins to dry out only from the moment it gets into heat and the process of “drying” begins, the evaporation of moisture from the needles, so after installing the Christmas tree, you need to provide it with a regular supply of water to the trunk, and cool, humid air.

A place for a Christmas tree is suitable away from open flames, electric heaters, radiators and other heat sources. It is very good if the room is sometimes ventilated in order to slightly lower the temperature, and the air is regularly humidified.

After unpacking, the tree must be shaken off dry needles. A certain number of such needles should not scare you, this is quite normal, since spruce branches rub against each other during transportation and packaging. The total mass will still remain green.

Separately, it is worth mentioning that if there is a severe frost outside, less than 15 degrees, then the needles and twigs become very fragile and can be easily damaged. In such weather, we do not recommend disturbing the live spruce branches once again immediately after you brought it home. It is better to hold it for the gradual adaptation of the tree to room temperature, and only then unfold it.

Tree nursery

Water supply to the shaft

The next thing to do is to ensure a regular supply of water to the trunk. In order for the tree to better absorb water, the trunk is cut down 2-3 cm from the log house or notched with a knife to form a fresh cut and a larger area for absorbing moisture.

When delivering a Christmas tree from our online store, this is done without fail, and at our Christmas tree markets - at the request of the buyer. If you do it yourself, try not to cut the trunk at an angle, such a tree will be difficult to establish, and also do not accidentally cut the bark above the water level - this will greatly reduce the amount of moisture absorbed.

You can use special Christmas tree stands with water tanks. In them, the Christmas tree is securely and quickly fixed in the desired position, and it is easy to add water as it evaporates. We also recommend using hydrogel - a special tool for retaining moisture.

Trees on stands

Tree maintenance after installation

All trees crumble differently. The Russian Christmas tree, as well as the European (Norwegian) spruce, will begin to lose needles in a few days, the Russian and Canadian pines stand a little longer, their needles may dry out, but if they are not disturbed, they will not crumble much, especially in Canadian pine. And, for example, Danish spruce (Nordmann fir) and Fraser fir do not lose their needles at all, they dry out right on the branches, only slightly changing color. You can take them outside after the holidays, losing perhaps 10 percent of the needles.

Spruce needles

Potted Christmas trees

There is an option to do without shedding needles at all - this is to buy a spruce in a pot. The price of this Christmas tree will be higher than that of a cut tree, but it will not give you any trouble with cleaning. This is a beautiful, well-wintering, world-famous ornamental plant that can be planted in the spring in the yard or at their summer cottage. See also "All about spruces in containers"

The higher the air temperature in the room, the sooner your cut spruce will begin to crumble. At a temperature of 10 degrees above zero, the New Year tree will stand for a long time, up to a month. But in winter it is quite hot in our apartments, and every 5 degrees increase in temperature reduces the life expectancy of spruce by 1 day. That is, if your house has 28-30 degrees, then with all the tricks, the tree will stand for only a few days. We advise you to regularly ventilate the room in which your Christmas tree stands in order to lower the air temperature by at least a few degrees. You should also not forget that electric electric heaters dry out the air a lot, so it is better not to use them where a live Christmas tree is installed.

Spray the branches as often as possible with a spray bottle, but you need to do this only after making sure that the electric garland on it is turned off!

There are also special products for extending the life of Christmas trees - in the form of water-soluble tablets (1 tablet per 2 liters of water) or liquid fertilizer (2 caps of the product per 1.5 liters of water). We will not claim that this is a panacea for shedding, such products prolong the life of cut fir trees by only 2-5 days, but, as a rule, this is enough to celebrate the New Year holidays and spend the weekend comfortably without thinking about urgent cleaning.

Christmas trees in pots

What to do with the Christmas tree after the holidays?

For convenience, you can buy a special case for the disposal of Christmas trees. You can put a tree on it so as not to scratch the floor in the apartment, it is suitable as a decorative element that covers the stand, it will be possible to hide especially valuable gifts in it, and after the holidays, wrap the tree and take it outside without scattering dry needles.

A live Christmas tree is a real joy for the whole family. And after the holidays, you can throw it away without any regret. Wood is one of the most environmentally friendly materials; when disposed of, it does not harm nature, like plastic bags or artificial Christmas trees.

See also: "Which is better - a live Christmas tree or an artificial one"

If you do not want to think about what to do with the tree after the New Year, or the question “Who will go to throw the tree away?” is popular in your family. then you can order a special service from us - Removal and disposal of the Christmas tree, our employees will save you from these troubles, and you will continue to relax.

Packed Christmas trees

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How long will a living Christmas tree last without water. How to keep a live Christmas tree at home

Editorial response

Before you go to the Christmas market, think about where you will put the Christmas tree. It is important that it does not occupy areas that are significantly important for the owners, do not interfere with movement and stand far from heating appliances.

How to choose?

If you choose a large tree, remember to measure the height of the ceiling, taking into account the size of the stem stand. It is also important to decide on the type of coniferous tree that you want to purchase.

At the same time, it is worth remembering that spruce stands the least without dropping needles - a maximum of 10 days. This means that she may not “survive” until the Old New Year. Pine retains freshness on average 12-14 days, fir - 14 days.

It is easier to choose a Christmas tree in the daytime, as you will be able to see all the flaws in the tree. Pay attention, first of all, to the trunk of the Christmas tree: it must be clean, without fungi or mold, and also without mechanical damage. Try to grab it with your index and thumb - with a spruce height of 1.5 meters, the trunk should be 5-8 cm, the tree should weigh at least 7 kg.

Do not forget to inspect and cut the trunk: a dark border on the butt indicates that the Christmas tree spent more than one day at the market stand.

The color of the needles should be natural, bright, but a yellowish or grayish tint indicates that the tree may be infected with some kind of disease. Also, yellowness is characteristic of needles on a tree that was cut down a long time ago, which means it will last you less.

If the lower branches seem brittle, then the tree is already dry and will not stand for a long time. On the contrary: in the event that the resinous twigs bend, and do not break, the tree was cut down quite recently.


Please note : pine branches are the least plastic, spruce branches are more plastic, and fir is considered the most flexible.

Check the needles for "stability" - squeeze gently in the palm of your hand and see if they remain in your hand. Grasp the trunk and lightly tap on the ground - needles will begin to fall from a tree that was cut down a long time ago.

Tear off a few needles from one of the branches and rub them between your fingers: a specific aroma and slight oiliness on the palms will be another proof that the tree is freshly cut.

If you use a car for transport, make sure that the tree fits in the passenger compartment and does not interfere with the driver, so as not to provoke an accident. Large Christmas trees are not recommended to be transported on the roof of the car. German experts conducted a crash test of a car with a tree tied to the trunk. Tests have shown that as a result of a collision, a tree trunk can slide off the roof and become a battering ram for a vehicle or pedestrian in front. Therefore, so that the spruce does not turn into a deadly projectile, you need to use special belts.

Generally speaking, the safest way is to buy a small tree and carry it home on foot.

Christmas tree in a pot

If you are sorry to part with the green beauty after the New Year holidays, you can buy a Christmas tree in a container. It will not be difficult to land it on a personal plot in the country or in the forest. When buying such a spruce, ask them to take it out and look at the roots: together with the earth, they should form a dense lump that can be easily removed and does not crumble. If the spruce was planted in a container immediately before the sale, then its roots will be chopped off, or they will be clean, without earth. It is better to refuse to buy such a tree, it is unlikely to survive tsya on the site.


Christmas tree rental

Another interesting idea for the New Year is to rent a live Christmas tree. The principle of such an offer is simple - you rent a living tree that is placed in the ground, and then, after the holidays, return it back, and it is planted again in the ground. A similar idea is practiced in America, in particular, the client can order an already decorated Christmas tree or any other festively decorated tree. In Russia, an IKEA store offers a similar service: you buy a small coniferous tree and you can return it after the holidays; half of the amount paid for the Christmas tree is returned.

How to prolong the life of a Christmas tree

If you buy a Christmas tree a few days before you are going to decorate, be sure to put it on the balcony. It will be better to put it in a bucket of water, in which you can add an aspirin tablet and a tablespoon of sugar.

Saw off about 2 cm of the trunk from the base of the tree before placing the tree in the stand. The lower part of the trunk can be clogged with resin and resins that stand out at the cut, which will prevent the absorption of water. A fresh cut will allow the tree to absorb liquid better. The cut must be made at a right angle.

Do not cut the trunk in a V-shape, as the tree will not hold well in the stand and absorb water. Drilling holes in the base of the barrel will also not improve liquid absorption.

The trunk should also be cleared of the lowest branches, and small cuts should be made at the bottom of the trunk, or the bark should be stripped to facilitate the absorption of moisture.

It is better to put the Christmas tree in a bucket filled with sand, and pour water over it with sugar and aspirin dissolved in it. In this case, it will stand longer than in a conventional stand. Before you start decorating, you can sprinkle the branches with water from a spray bottle to “refresh” the tree a little.

If you bought spruce in a container, then remember that it is desirable to keep it in the room for no more than 7 days, with mandatory watering, otherwise it will not take root later. If it is possible to put such a Christmas tree on an unheated balcony, it can stay there for 30-45 days, subject to watering.

Do not overload the tree. It is better to decorate it with garlands with miniature or LED bulbs, as they emit less heat and the process of dehydration of the tree will slow down. Garlands with large bulbs can cause premature fall of needles.

How long can a Christmas tree be kept in the apartment?

Until what date should a tree stand in the house?
Maybe on January 2nd it can already be thrown away?
How to properly care for the forest beauty so that she stays in the house for as long as possible and pleases the eye?

Read about it in this article.

The Christmas tree must stand until Christmas and the old New Year. Although if you're cool enough, you can put a new one every time.

As you know, the old New Year comes from 13 to 14 January. And after this date, the vast majority of people throw away the Christmas tree. Who takes it to the trash in the yard, who just throws it on the sly right from the balcony, and there are people who carry the Christmas tree back to the forest (for lack of it - to any park or forest belt) and bury it there, throwing it away into the bushes.

All this is a sad sight, reflecting the ungrateful human nature: used and thrown away. Selfishness and barbarism in the highest degree.

However, there are craftsmen among the people who prolong their communion with nature (in this case, with a Christmas tree) much longer: first until the day of St. Vaseline (and give it to their loved ones), then until February 23, then until March 8 (regardless of gundezh loved ones), until April 1st and even longer. A classic gift for a wife by March 8th is taking the Christmas tree out of the apartment and replacing it with a bouquet of flowers.

Once upon a time, in the distant Soviet times, when all people were scoops, especially malicious lovers of wooden nature even went to the May Day demonstration with a New Year tree! 😎 Of course, without toys and other Christmas decorations. The Christmas tree geeks called this event “May Day”. They were no longer allowed to return home with this tree of their wife, so this was the maximum period for keeping a dead tree in captivity.

The net gives a lot of practical and stupid (10 times more stupid) advice on how to prolong the torment of a cut down tree so that it does not crumble longer and pleases the executioners. “Experts” - Feng Shuists also subscribe to this case, attracting their powerful occult teachings to solve this problem. And although, according to Feng Shui, an inanimate tree should not be in a dwelling at all, this does not bother anyone!

The secret knowledge on this issue can be found below and, characteristically, completely free of charge!

The fact that the Christmas tree should be bought freshly cut, not immediately brought into a warm room, but acclimatized for a day on the balcony, after installation, water and spray (it is better to spray with a spray bottle) with cool water every day, even a hedgehog knows. However, this is not enough. These are the “know how” lengthening the agony of a tree that the “specialists” of the issue describe on various sites.

What manipulations should be done before installing the Christmas tree in a bucket and how to water it?

1. Pour the sand in a bucket with a solution: 40 grams of sweet syrup + a teaspoon of fertilizer per liter of water and the same dose of bleach for fabrics. (Be careful with bleach! Otherwise, the tree may discolor)

2. Option two. Pour in 2 tablespoons of triple cologne and a tablespoon of glycerin. Cologne can be replaced with "Nithinol" (who does not know, this is a glass cleaner). From this, the tree will acquire a more pronounced smell and shine of the needles. After a week, the solution is recommended to be changed. (This is supposed to be advice from the manufacturers of cheap colognes and sanitation products)

3. Option three. Add to the water in which the tree will be placed, an aspirin tablet, a pinch of salt and a spoonful of sugar. (Aspirin in order to lower the body temperature of the Christmas tree, as it overheats indoors. To be sure, you can also add analgin so that it does not have a headache)

4. For 3 liters of water, add approximately 5 grams of citric acid and gelatin, as well as an incomplete tablespoon of crushed chalk. (It's even better to use alabaster instead of chalk)

5. Dissolve an aspirin tablet and 3-4 teaspoons of sugar in one liter of water. Mix this solution in a bucket with clean sand. In the wet sand prepared in this way, install the Christmas tree so that its bare root is deepened into the sand mixture by 15 - 20 centimeters. When the sand dries up, regularly moisten it with water, as the tree “drinks” a lot.

6. Dissolve a teaspoon of urea garden fertilizer in a bucket of water. A day later, an incision can be made in the tree trunk, into which a woolen cloth can be inserted. (Thus, along the way, you can extract rosin and rubber from spruce right at home without getting up from the couch!)

7. Adding a few crystals of potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate) to the water for irrigation works wonders. Being a microfertilizer for the tree, such an environment will keep the tree for a very long time. It is also a good idea to add fertilizer for coniferous plants to the water. (In this case, the Christmas tree can even begin to grow or take root! And a little later, even give birth to oranges! Yes, yes, that’s right! Our famous breeder Michurin also grew oranges on spruce)

However, no one thought of the most radical method - embalming a tree according to the ancient Egyptian method. Although in ancient Egypt in this way they preserved the forest beauty for millennia! Not from a good life, of course, but because neither spruce nor pine grow in those parts. And they had to be delivered three to nine lands from the far cold north.
A tree treated in this way can be taken out into the yard in a bucket, installed on a balcony (roof), be sure to put it in the shade. With proper further care (as well as strictly specific Feng Shui) the Christmas tree will be green until October!

Tetkorax will tell about this unique method on the eve of the next New Year 2012. Come in!

The destroyers of wildlife do not want to part with this barbaric custom - to watch and rejoice at how a living plant dies. After all, you can buy an artificial Christmas tree, preferably not Chinese. (Chinese Christmas trees are not made of wood. 🙂 In addition, some of them, over time, crumble like dandruff, paint and they get their hands dirty) It should also be remembered that when conifers dry, a lot of bad substances are released from them. Lots of!

In recent years, the most advanced, creative young people have been making Christmas trees with their own hands. For example, from beer cans, green plastic bottles, paper, stranded electrical cables, plywood, fruit / vegetables, cardboard, tin, feathers, thread, beads, pencils, pasta, etc. Who is into what. There is even an inflatable Christmas tree! How to make them can be found on the web, for example, on the request "Christmas tree is made."

New Year is coming, stores are filled with all sorts of holiday paraphernalia, including artificial Christmas trees. Existing selection of green beauties, it would seem that, should satisfy a wide variety of tastes. There are Christmas trees in the windows, and pines big and small, different shades and different fluffiness. Some even want to go up and touch the twig, verify, is it real looks so believable.

Xenia Shardina

However, many try to buy a live Christmas tree. The smell of pine needles relieves stress, takes you back to childhood evoking positive emotions and for some it is also a tribute to family tradition.

What to do to make the tree stand for a long time? After all, you don’t want to throw it away the day after the holiday! And just because that the needles crumble even without touching the tree. Decorating a Christmas tree correctly is half the battle. The life of a Christmas tree can be extended, using the following tips.

Live Christmas tree or pine: to stand for a long time!

1. The preservation of the Christmas tree is greatly affected by When was it purchased and in what form? where it was stored prior to installation. That tree will stand the longest, which was recently cut down. The crown must be whole not broken not sawn, Otherwise, the tree will quickly dry out.

When buying, pay attention to the color of the needles, on the flexibility of branches, the smell of needles. A freshly cut Christmas tree has a rich green color, branches don't break the needles do not crumble and smell strongly, if rubbed with fingers. Examine the trunk make sure that there is no mold on it, breaks. A healthy trunk is covered with green needles, just like branches. Too thin trunk says that that the Christmas tree is weak, her supply of nutrients is not enough, it is unlikely that she will be able to look fresh for a long time.

The type of tree also matters, fir stands longer than others in a warm room without special care - 2 weeks or more. Pine - a little less. And spruce usually costs about 10 days at all.

2. Before putting up a Christmas tree brought from the frost in the house, you need to keep it in a cool place, for example, on the stairwell or closed loggia. Otherwise, from a sharp temperature drop, the branches will become brittle. the same goes for pine. In the room, do not put a tree near the battery. It is better to choose a ventilated place, and where there is plenty of light. Do not decorate the Christmas tree right away, how they put give her a few hours or even a day adapt, spread the branches. Do not overload the Christmas tree with toys.

3. If possible, then make a new cut, enough and 2-3 cm, cut the branches at the very bottom, remove the bark. These measures will help the trunk absorb more water, and a pine tree or a Christmas tree will be able to stand longer. Try not to leave a Christmas tree with a prepared bare trunk for a long time without water.

4. To install the Christmas tree, use either a special tool or a simple bucket. Devices for attaching a Christmas tree come with a vessel for water, and there are also without the ability to put the barrel in the water. When there is nowhere to pour water, wrap the bottom of the barrel with a damp cloth and check every day so that it doesn't dry out.

5. The Christmas tree is very well preserved in a bucket of wet sand. The sand must be clean preferably forest. Fill the bucket three-quarters full with sand. Fix the trunk of the tree so so that he does not touch the very bottom, But at the same time, the entire bare part was in the sand. Add fresh water daily. Some Christmas trees depending on size, up to two liters of fresh water may be required. Use the settled but not filtered water. With such care, the tree often even begins to produce new green shoots and give roots.

6. Some improvised means can help the tree not crumble longer. Mix a spoonful of salt sugar and one aspirin tablet and add to water, if you put a Christmas tree in a bucket of water. Or dissolve aspirin and three tablespoons of sugar in a liter of water and pour into a bucket, if the tree is in the sand.

Do not feed only sugar, the water will start to dry out quickly. You can dissolve in sweetened water a few crystals of potassium permanganate, to prevent microbes from multiplying.

Some people use sprite carbonated drink as a top dressing.

Another recipe consists of crushed chalk, mixed with ½ teaspoon citric acid and a spoonful of gelatin. All this dissolves in water, which water the Christmas tree.

Keeps the Christmas tree fresh Glycerin, added to water in the amount of three tablespoons.

7. Can be added to water, in which stands a tree, biostimulator "Zircon" or similar fertilizer. It improves the penetration of water into stem cells, makes the plant more resistant to stress. Use according to instructions. Feed every 2 days. Fertilizers for indoor plants are also suitable.

8. Good climate, supporting the life of the Christmas tree, creates a humidifier. If there is no such device, you can spray the Christmas tree from a spray bottle. But this must be done very carefully so as not to fall on the garland. It will be enough to spray on the lowest branches, since they are the first to dry out. When watering or spraying, be sure to turn off the garland.

9. Pine care is not much different from spruce care. Pine also prefers wet sand, additional feed. There is only one nuance. pine trunk, shrinking rather quickly decreases in diameter. That's why, by installing it in a cross or other fixing device, you need to monitor the stability of the tree, and correct if necessary. Pine is more drought tolerant, than a spruce transfers heat more easily therefore, it will require less water when watering.

You will need

  • - sand;
  • - salt;
  • - sugar;
  • - aspirin;
  • - crushed chalk;
  • - citric acid;
  • - ammonium nitrate;
  • - superphosphate;
  • - potassium nitrate.


Choose the right wood. The Christmas tree should look massive and fluffy - the branches of a healthy tree are strong and resilient, the needles are green and not crumbling. A tree with small needles will last the longest, and the trunk should also be covered with needles. Watch the integrity of the crown - if it breaks off, then the tree will dry out quickly.

Prepare the barrel. Do not create sudden temperature changes - if you bought a Christmas tree on the street, then hold it for several hours in the stairwell or on the balcony. Do not keep spruce warm, as it will quickly lose freshness. The trunk of the tree should be bare - cut down the lower branches, exposing the base by about 20 centimeters (cut off the bark with a sharp, thin knife).

Choose how you want to store your Christmas tree. You can put the spruce in a container with water or sand - the choice of material depends on the size of the tree and your intentions to prolong the life of the New Year's beauty. Sand is considered an ideal option for strengthening the Christmas tree and, with appropriate feeding, will help the tree stand longer.

Prepare nutrient solution. Mix salt and sugar (2 tablespoons each), dissolve the powder in water (2-3 liters), add one aspirin tablet - this composition will provide nutrition to the tree and prevent rot. Dissolve a pinch of citric acid and a little crushed chalk in 3 liters of water. These two options can be used for small wood that will be kept in a container of water solution. For large Christmas trees, additional strengthening with sand is necessary.

Add a liter of water to clean sand with one aspirin tablet and 3 tablespoons of sugar dissolved in it - you will place the tree trunk in the resulting mass and carefully tamp the composition. Periodically water the sand with water with dissolved aspirin and a few grains of potassium permanganate.

Keep your tree fresh. Once a day, spray the branches with water from a spray bottle and add a few tablespoons of a mixture of ammonium nitrate, superphosphate and potassium nitrate (2: 1: 0. 5) to the solution vessel. Any fertilizer for indoor plants can be used for daily feeding - ready-made formulations contain all the elements necessary to keep the Christmas tree green and fresh for as long as possible.

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Pay attention

We draw a circle on green paper, the size of the lower tier of the future Christmas tree. We draw the inner circle, stepping back from the outer one a little more than half the radius. Divide the circle into 12 sectors using a ruler. We make an incision along the lines to the inner circle. We turn each sector into a cone and fix it with glue. In the same way, we make the remaining blanks, gradually reducing their size.

An indispensable attribute of the New Year holiday is a decorated Christmas tree or a pine tree. During this period, manufacturers provide a wide selection of live green trees in stores and markets.

Most people prefer live Christmas trees, because they emit an irreplaceable aroma of needles, freshness and anticipation .

A New Year's tree at home not only creates a special atmosphere, but also the fragrance that emanates from it, helps to calm down, reduce emotional stress and cheer up.

Owners of a living Christmas tree or pine face the problem of its fragility. After just a couple of days, the needles begin to turn yellow and crumble, and the Christmas trees have to be disposed of. There are several simple methods that allow you to extend the life of the New Year's beauty.

What can be done to make the tree stand longer?

Of great importance is the conditions in which and how long the tree was stored before buying it, so it is very important to visually assess the condition of the tree. The top of the tree must be intact, not broken or chopped off, otherwise it will dry out quickly.

It is also important to evaluate the condition of the needles, their smell, flexibility, color. A tree that is freshly cut is characterized by a rich green color of the needles, they do not break, do not crumble and emit a strong characteristic aroma.

On examination, the trunk should also be assessed, it should not have visible damage or disease. It also has needles. The diameter of the trunk should be of a standard size, because for a thin base of a Christmas tree there is an unusual presence of a large supply of nutrients and such a tree dries quickly.

The length of time a tree stays indoors depends on its type. Fir has great durability, it can retain its original appearance for up to two weeks, but spruce does not last even ten days.

Indoor adaptation

Before bringing spruce from cold air into a warm room, it is necessary to give it time to adapt to changes in temperature. It can be left for a while on the loggia, landing or other cool place.

After placing the Christmas tree, you need to leave it alone for a while so that it gets used to the temperature, straightens its branches and needles, and only after that you can decorate it.

Before installation, it is recommended to update its cut line, remove the bark at the base. This helps to increase the ability of the tree to absorb more moisture, and, accordingly, stand longer. It is not necessary to leave prepared spruce for a long time without access to moisture.

To fix the tree in a standing position, a special device is used, which can be with or without access to water, as well as an ordinary bucket. In cases where it is not possible to supply the tree trunk with water, it is necessary to wrap it with a wet cloth and monitor its condition so that it does not dry out completely.

When a bucket is used for installation, it should be three-quarters filled with clean forest sand. Spruce should be placed in such a way that the base of the trunk does not touch the bottom of the container and should not be clogged daily, add water. The amount of moisture required is within two liters, while the water must be settled.

Additional tools and methods

You can increase the time the green tree stays in the house with the help of additional tools and methods. Aspirin and thirty grams of sugar can be added to the water with which the Christmas tree is watered.

Another option for watering is crushed chalk, half a teaspoon of citric acid and a spoonful of gelatin. This composition is added to the water, which is poured over sand with a Christmas tree or pine.

When a tree stands exclusively in water, add a spoonful of sugar, salt and an aspirin tablet to it. Another way is sweet water, to which manganese is added for disinfection. Sometimes glycerin is added to water.

Humid environment

It is very important to create a humid environment for the tree. For this purpose, use a humidifier or a simple spray gun. You do not need to process the entire tree, just moisten the lower branches.

When doing this, be sure to follow the safety rules so that the liquid does not get on the garland, extension cord or other electrical devices.


Take care of your green-eyed beauty and then she will delight you with her elegant look for a long time.

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