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MARY POPE OSBORNE is an ardent advocate and supporter of children’s literacy, and the award-winning author of more than 100 books for children and young adults, including novels, retellings of mythology and folklore, picture books, biographies, and mysteries. From 1993–1997, Mary served as president of the Authors Guild, the country’s leading organization for published authors. She has traveled extensively in the U.S. and abroad, visiting schools and speaking on issues related to children’s literacy.

Mary spoke at the UN regarding the importance of worldwide literacy and was profiled on NBC’s Rock Center with Brian Williams for her continued efforts.

Mary's personal contributions through her Gift of Books Program have placed over 1.5 million books in the hands of underserved children. 

The creator of the Magic Tree House series, Mary is also co-author of the companion Magic Tree House Fact Trackers series with her husband, WILL OSBORNE, and her sister, NATALIE POPE BOYCE. Mary is active on Twitter and loves to connect with readers, former readers, teachers, and parents. She resides in Great Barrington, Massachusetts with Will and their two rescue dogs, Captain Wilson and a new little Yorkie named Penny.

In Her Own Words

I grew up in the military. By the time I was fifteen I had lived in Oklahoma, Austria, Florida, and four different army posts in Virginia and North Carolina. Moving was never traumatic for me, partly, I think, because I had very close and loving relationships with my parents, my twin brother, my younger brother, and my older sister.

When my dad retired to a small city in North Carolina, I still craved the adventure and changing scenery of our military life. Miraculously, one day I found these things, literally only a block away — at the local community theater. From then on, I spent nearly every waking hour after school there, either acting or working backstage. When I stepped from the sunny street into that musty-smelling, dark little theater, all things seemed possible.

From College to New York City

I went on to study drama at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In my junior year, I discovered an even greater realm of adventure and changing scenery: the world of mythology and comparative religion. So I became a religion major and learned as much as I could about other cultures.

After graduating from college in the early 1970s, I lived an intensely varied life. For a while I camped in a cave on the island of Crete. Then I joined up with a small band of European young people heading to “The East.” We traveled overland in a caravan of rickety vans through sixteen Asian countries, including Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and Nepal.

We nearly lost our lives, first in an earthquake in northern Afghanistan and then a riot in Kabul. My trip came to an abrupt halt in Kathmandu when I got blood poisoning.

During the two weeks I spent in a missionary hospital there, I read all of the Tolkien trilogy. I would sleep, read, and look out the windows at the Himalayas. To this day, my journey to “The East” is tangled up in my mind with Frodo’s adventures. After I returned home and recovered from my illness, I promptly headed back into the real world. I worked as a window dresser in Carmel, California, as a medical assistant in Monterey, California, and as a Russian travel consultant in Washington, D.C. One night in Washington I attended the opening of a musical about Jesse James. From the balcony I fell in love with Will Osborne, the actor/musician playing Jesse. I loved his boots and his white cowboy hat; I loved how he sang and strummed the guitar. A year later, in New York City, we were married. 

Thereafter, when I wasn’t on the road with Will, I worked as a waitress in Greenwich Village, taught acting classes in a nursing home in the Bronx, was a bartender in Broadway theaters, and had a job as an assistant editor for a children’s magazine. 

I Begin to Write 

Then one day, out of the blue, I began writing a story about an eleven-year-old girl in the South. The girl was a lot like me, and many of the incidents in the story were similar to happenings in my childhood. The first draft was crudely written, but it must have communicated something to an editor, because shortly after I finished, it became a young adult novel called Run, Run as Fast as You Can. Finally I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. 

Now more than thirty years and a hundred books later, I feel I’m one of the most fortunate people on earth. I’ve written picture books, biographies, mysteries, novels, retellings of Greek mythology, Norse mythology, medieval stories, mermaid tales, and American tall tales. I’ve written a book on the world religions and a series based on Homer’s Odyssey. But the most fun I’ve ever had in my writing life has been taking journeys through time in the Magic Tree House. 

I’ve now published 64 Magic Tree House fiction books including the Merlin Missions and 1 Super Edition. My husband, Will, and my sister, Natalie Pope Boyce, write the wonderful nonfiction companion books, and to date there are 36 Fact Trackers.  

I’ve traveled with Jack and Annie to meet Mozart in Vienna, Louis Armstrong in New Orleans, Lady Gregory in Ireland, and Charles Dickens in Victorian, England, among so many other adventures in amazing places all over the world. 

Writing is a miracle. You can travel anywhere in the world, to any time and any place — and still be home in time for dinner!

Magic Tree House Series in Order by Mary Pope Osborne

1 Dinosaurs Before Dark General Fiction / GF Jul-1992 4
2 The Knight at Dawn General Fiction / GF Jan-1993 5
3 Mummies in the Morning General Fiction / GF Aug-1993 4
4 Pirates Past Noon General Fiction / GF Feb-1994 5
5 Night of the Ninjas General Fiction / GF Mar-1995 5
6 Afternoon on the Amazon General Fiction / GF Aug-1995 5
7 Sunset of the Sabertooth General Fiction / GF Mar-1996 5
8 Midnight on the Moon General Fiction / GF Nov-1996 4
9 Dolphins at Daybreak General Fiction / GF Apr-1997 5
10 Ghost Town at Sundown General Fiction / GF Sep-1997 4.5
11 Lions at Lunchtime General Fiction / GF Jan-1998 5
12 Polar Bears Past Bedtime General Fiction / GF Jan-1998 4
13 Vacation Under The Volcano General Fiction / GF Mar-1998 5
14 Day of the Dragon King General Fiction / GF Apr-1998 5
15 Viking Ships at Sunrise General Fiction / GF Aug-1998 5
16 Hour of the Olympics General Fiction / GF Oct-1998 5
17 Tonight on the Titanic General Fiction / GF Mar-1999 5
18 Buffalo Before Breakfast General Fiction / GF May-1999 5
19 Tigers at Twilight General Fiction / GF Aug-1999 4
20 Dingoes at Dinnertime General Fiction / GF Mar-2000 5
21 Civil War on Sunday General Fiction / GF May-2000 5
22 Revolutionary War on Wednesday General Fiction / GF Sep-2000 5
23 Twister on Tuesday General Fiction / GF Mar-2001 5
24 Earthquake in the Early Morning General Fiction / GF Jul-2001 5
25 Stage Fright on a Summer Night General Fiction / GF Mar-2002 4
26 Good Morning, Gorillas General Fiction / GF Jul-2002 5
27 Thanksgiving on Thursday General Fiction / GF Sep-2002 5
28 High Tide in Hawaii General Fiction / GF Mar-2003 5
29 Christmas in Camelot General Fiction / GF Oct-2001 5
30 Haunted Castle on Hallows Eve General Fiction / GF Aug-2003 5
31 Summer of the Sea Serpent General Fiction / GF Mar-2004 5
32 Winter of the Ice Wizard General Fiction / GF Oct-2004 4
33 Carnival at Candlelight General Fiction / GF Mar-2005 5
34 Season of the Sandstorms General Fiction / GF Jul-2005 4
35 Night of the New Magicians General Fiction / GF Mar-2006 5
36 Blizzard of the Blue Moon General Fiction / GF Oct-2006 4
37 Dragon of the Red Dawn General Fiction / GF Mar-2007 4
38 Monday with a Mad Genius General Fiction / GF Sep-2007 5
39 Dark Day in the Deep Sea General Fiction / GF Apr-2008 4
40 Eve of the Emperor Penguin General Fiction / GF Oct-2008 5
41 Moonlight on the Magic Flute General Fiction / GF Mar-2009 5
42 A Good Night for Ghosts General Fiction / GF Aug-2009 4
43 Leprechaun in Late Winter General Fiction / GF Jan-2010 4
44 A Ghost Tale for Christmas Time General Fiction / GF Sep-2010 5
45 A Crazy Day With Cobras General Fiction / GF Jan-2011 5
46 Dogs in the Dead of Night General Fiction / GF Aug-2011 4.5
47 Abe Lincoln at Last! General Fiction / GF Dec-2011 4
48 A Perfect Time for Pandas General Fiction / GF Jul-2012 5
49 Stallion by Starlight Action Adventure / AA Apr-2013 5
50 Hurry Up, Houdini! Action Adventure / AA Jul-2013 5
51 High Time for Heroes Action Adventure / AA Jan-2014 5
52 Soccer on Sunday Action Adventure / AA Jun-2014 5
53 Shadow of the Shark Action Adventure / AA Jun-2015 5
54 Balto of the Blue Dawn Action Adventure / AA Jan-2016 5
55 Night of the Ninth Dragon Action Adventure / AA Aug-2016 5
56 A Big Day for Baseball Action Adventure / AA Aug-2017 5
57 Hurricane Heroes in Texas Action Adventure / AA Aug-2018 5
58 Warriors in Winter General Fiction / GF Jan-2019 4
59 To the Future, Ben Franklin! General Fiction / GF Jul-2019 4.5
60 Narwhal on a Sunny Night General Fiction / GF Jan-2020 4
61 Late Lunch with Llamas General Fiction / GF Jul-2020 4
62 Camp Time in California General Fiction / GF Mar-2021 5
63 Sunlight on the Snow Leopard General Fiction / GF Jan-2022 2

Mary Pope Osborne Magic Tree House


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Mary Pope Osborne

Magic Tree House



The Magic Tree House is a series of books about the educational adventures of six-year-old Annie and eight-year-old Jack.

Annie loves to fantasize and invent, she is emotional and bold, and Jack pays more attention to details and trusts the facts, he always tries to make only informed decisions. Annie and Jack find a magical tree house that houses countless amazing books - they can transport their readers to any place and time dimension they choose. In each book they go on a new journey!

Contents of the cycle:

  • Dinosaurs Before Dark [= Valley of the Dinosaurs] (1992)

  • The Knight at Dawn (1993)

  • Mummies in the Morning (1993)

  • Pirates Past Noon (1994)

  • Night of the Ninjas (1995)

  • Afternoon on the Amazon (1995)

  • Balto of the Blue Dawn (2016)

  • Night of the Ninth Dragon (2016)

  • A Big Day for Baseball (2017)

  • Hurricane Heroes in Texas (2018)

  • Warriors in Winter (2019)

Symbols: cycles, novels, short stories, graphic works, short stories, etc.

Editions: ALL (9)

/ languages:
Russian (2) , English (7)
/ type:
books (9)
I. Yushchenko (2)



Foreign language editions:















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Osborne Mary Pope.

Magic tree house. Dinosaurs at dusk ?

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Osborne Mary Pope. Magic tree house. Dinosaurs at dusk / Illustr.: Murdock Sal; Transl.: Yushchenko Irina. - M .: Career Press, 2017. - 80 p. - (Series: Magic Tree House) - ISBN 978-5-00074-148-1

Annotation to the book: During another walk through the forest, Anya and Jack find a magical tree house that contains countless amazing books - they can take your readers to any place and time dimension they choose. Children do not yet know this, and are accidentally transported to a time when dinosaurs still lived on earth! Dinosaurs at Twilight was first published in 1992 and is still in the top ten "best dinosaur books for children" and the top ten "best science fiction books for beginners". New York Times bestseller. The series has received a number of awards from organizations such as the National Council of English Teachers and the American Booksellers Association. And its author, Mary Pope Osborne, was awarded the Ludington Memorial Prize from the Association for Educational Literature and the Lifetime Achievement Award from Random House. For elementary school age.

Osborne Mary Pope. Magic tree house. Knight at Dawn / Illustr.: Murdock Sal; Transl.: Yushchenko Irina. - M .: Career Press, 2017. - 80 p. - (Series: The Magical Tree House) - ISBN: 978-5-00074-149-8 Book Summary: The adventures of Jack and his little sister Annie continue. Curiosity led them back to the tree house! And this time, the magic book took them to a medieval castle, where they visited the armory, the pantry, saw a real feast and even found a secret door! The Magic Treehouse series of educational adventures has received awards from organizations such as the National Council of English Teachers and the American Booksellers Association. For her creation, Mary Pope Osborne was awarded the Ludington Memorial Prize from the Association for Educational Literature and the Lifetime Achievement Award from Random House. There were 27 books in the original series. For elementary school age.

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