How much does it cost to clear an acre of trees

Pricing Guide: How Much Does It Cost to Clear Land?

The average cost to clear land and prepare land for a construction site is $2,581. Most homeowners can expect to pay between $1,266 and $3,900 or between $1.18 to $2 per square foot to clear and prep their lot for construction. 

The cost for small-scale projects that don’t require much land clearing or grading averages around $563, while homeowners with extensive lot clearing projects pay an average of $8,313

Before a professional can level or grade your land, he or she must clear out trees, underbrush, rocks, and other debris from the landscape. The average cost to clear a lightly forested area — without any land grading or leveling — costs $733 to $2,333 per acre.

The average price to clear a heavily forested area costs $3,395 to $6,155 per acre

Clearing land is a complicated project, but our cost guide will help walk you through it. Once your lot is prepared for building a new home, you might even want to invest in a landscape design or in-ground pool. Our guide includes those prices, too. 

How Much Does It Cost to Clear Land?

  • Average Cost to Clear and Prepare Land for Construction: $2,581
  • Typical Range to Clear and Prepare Land for Construction: $1,266 to $3,900 or $1.18 to $2.00 per square foot
  • Low-End: $563
  • High-End: $8,313

The average landowner can expect to pay $2,581 or between $1,266 and $3,900 for clearing and preparing their land to build a house. Total spending will vary depending on the lot’s size, what needs clearing, and whether the land needs grading.

  • Average Cost to Clear Lightly Forested Land: $733 to $2,333 per acre
  • Average Cost to Clear Heavily Forested Land: $3,395 to $6,155 per acre

The average cost to clear a lightly forested area ranges from $733 to $2,333 per acre. A highly forested area densely packed with trees will cost between $3,395 and $6,155 per acre to clear. 

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Cost Estimator by Lot Size

The more land you need to clear, the more you can expect to pay. Most land clearing professionals will charge by the acre or square foot rather than by the hour. Keep in mind that prices by the acre will vary depending on:

  • What debris is cleared
  • How that debris is cleared
  • How much of that debris is cleared

Forested Land

Photo Credit: Daniel Beilinson / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

Is your lot full of trees? Expect to pay between $733 to $2,333 per acre to clear a lightly forested area. Clearing a heavily forested area ranges from $3,395 to $6,155 per acre.  These land clearing prices do not include the cost to grade or level the land.  

The more forested land you need to clear, the higher your bill will be. Depending on the wooded area’s density, clearing an eighth of an acre of trees (5,445 square feet) will cost most landowners between $92 and $769. Landowners who need to clear 2 acres of forested land will need a budget that ranges between $1,466 and $12,310

Size of lotSquare footageCost to clear lightly forested landCost to clear heavily forested land
⅛ acre5,445 sq ft$92 to $292$424 to $769
⅕ acre8,712 sq ft$147 to $467 $679 to $1,231 
¼ acre10,890 sq ft$183 to $583$849 to $1,539 
½ acre21,780 sq ft$367 to $1,167$1,698 to $3,078
¾ acre32,670 sq ft$550 to $1,750$2,546 to $4,616 
1 acre43,560 sq ft$733 to $2,333 $3,395 to $6,155
2 acres87,120 sq ft$1,466 to $4,666$6,790 to $12,310

Forestry Mulching

Photo Credit: davenjah / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2. 0

Forestry mulching involves turning trees and brush into mulch as the land gets cleared. This method leaves an organic mulch layer over your land that nourishes the soil. Another advantage of forestry mulching is that you don’t need to worry about debris removal costs. 

Forestry mulching is optimal for landowners who don’t plan to grade or excavate the land right away. The mulch can remain on the ground in the meantime. Expect to pay between $150 and $250 per hour or $400 per acre on average. 

Size of lotSquare footageCost of forestry mulching
* by the acre
⅛ acre5,445 sq ft$50
⅕ acre8,712 sq ft$80
¼ acre10,890 sq ft$100
½ acre21,780 sq ft$200
¾ acre32,670 sq ft$300 
1 acre43,560 sq ft$400
2 acres87,120 sq ft$800

Brush Removal

Brush removal isn’t all that expensive compared to removing or mulching trees. Most landowners pay between $20 and $200 per acre for brush removal. 

See Pricing in Your Area

Other Factors That Affect Cost

The size of the land to be cleared has a significant impact on your overall costs, but it’s not the only factor. Land clearing has eight other factors that will affect the cost of your land clearing project: 

  • Site Preparation: Once you’ve cleared the land, what’s next on the list? If the ground needs leveling or grading, you’ll need to factor those services into the bill. 
  • Land Condition: You may get a higher bill if the pros need to maneuver their equipment over hills and uneven terrain. A flat surface is much easier to clear than a bumpy one. 
  • Permits: Before clearing the land, you’ll need to acquire a permit. 
  • Land Survey: A land survey ensures you know where your property lines are. 
  • Erosion: If erosion is a problem on your lot, you may need to pay for additional services to resolve this issue.  
  • Existing Structure: Need to tear down an old building? It won’t demolish itself for free. 
  • Tree Removal: Sometimes, all you need is to clear out a tree or two. 
  • Stump Removal: Is your lot full of old tree stumps? We will show you how to estimate your bill. 

Site Preparation

Photo Credit: Arvell Dorsey Jr. / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

The average cost to prepare a lot for building a house costs $1.18 to $2 per square foot. This cost includes clearing and leveling the land to make it a suitable surface for a foundation. 

Here’s how pros do this: First, pros remove the trees, rocks, overgrowth, and debris from the landscape. Then, they move soil from high elevations to lower elevations to reslope the landscape and make it level. 

Why site preparation rapidly increases your costs: If all you need is to remove debris from your property, that’s going to cost you much less than preparing the lot for construction. Talk to your contractor about the specific services you’re expecting from the land clearing job. 

For example, clearing a half-acre of forested land will cost most landowners between $367 and $3,078.  But preparing half an acre of land to build a home is much more expensive, with site preparation costs ranging between $25,700 and $43,560

Size of land
* in square feet
Cost to clear the land and
prepare the land to build a house
1,000 sq ft$1,180 to $2,000
2,000 sq ft$2,360 to $4,000
5,000 sq ft$5,900 to $10,000
10,000 sq ft$11,800 to $20,000 
21,780 sq ft (½ acre)$25,700 to $43,560 
43,560 sq ft (1 acre)$51,401 to $87,120

Land Condition

Photo Credit: marneejill / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2. 0

The more level your lot is, the less you’ll need to pay for clearing or grading. If your land is relatively flat and you want to build a home on it, you might have to pay only for land clearing. You’ll have a larger bill to pay if your land is exceptionally hilly.


Before clearing your property of trees and debris, you’ll likely need to apply for a permit. Permit requirements vary from county to county, so check your local ordinances before tearing down any trees. On average, a land clearing permit costs $200

Land Survey

Photo Credit: Hugo Chisholm / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

It’s smart to hire a land surveyor before inviting backhoes and dump trucks to your property. A land surveyor will identify your property’s precise boundaries so you can avoid any legal discrepancies down the road. 

A land survey helps ensure you don’t accidentally clear out parts of the neighbors’ land –– or if a neighbor clears out yours by mistake, you’ll have legal documents that certify where your lot begins and ends. A land survey costs most landowners $500


Photo Credit: Jim McDougall / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

If your land has significant erosion problems, your pro will likely suggest adding erosion control solutions to your budget. A home won’t be safely supported if it is standing on eroding earth. 

One popular option for erosion control on large properties is hydroseeding. Hydroseeding involves spraying a slurry mixture of water, fertilizer, grass seed, and mulch over the land.

Hydroseeding is an effective and affordable way to grow grass while targeting erosion. On average, hydroseeding costs between $0.08 and $0.20 per square foot. 

Demolish an Existing Structure

Photo Credit: Nicolas Lannuzel / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

Is a building standing in the way of your new construction project? Clearing land also includes demolishing any existing structures, but it’s going to cost you extra. Expect to pay between $4.33 to $11. 67 per square foot to demolish a house. 

But not so fast: Before knocking down an old building, you’ll need to pay for an asbestos test. On average, an asbestos test costs $496, typically ranging between $242 and $784. 

What is asbestos? Asbestos is a group of natural mineral fibers existing in rocks and soil. The fibers are flexible and resistant to chemicals, heat, and electricity. In the past, it was common for  manufacturers to use these fibers to make construction materials, such as:

  • Vinyl tiles
  • Siding 
  • Insulation
  • Shingles 

When items containing asbestos are destroyed, the fibers break apart and are released into the air. Breathing in these fibers can cause serious health problems, including lung cancer, asbestosis, and mesothelioma. 

Before tearing a house down, ensure no traces of asbestos exist in the construction materials. Otherwise, the asbestos fibers will get released into the air and create a toxic environment.  

Tree Removal

Photo Credit: Martin Pettitt / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

A small-scale land clearing project might involve removing just a single tree. If that’s the case, expect to pay an average of $630 per tree for tree removal.

Your total cost will vary depending on how large the tree is — the taller the tree, the riskier the job. 

Take a look at the cost estimates below to see how much removing a tree can cost.

Keep in mind that not every arborist will categorize your tree’s size the same way. Some pros might categorize a small tree as under 30 feet tall, while others might classify it as under 25 feet tall. 

Tree sizeTree heightCost range
Small TreeUp to 30 feet tall$150 to $385
Medium Tree30 feet to 60 feet tall$350 to $800
Large Tree60 feet to 80 feet tall$750 to $1300
Extreme TreeOver 80 feet tall$1,050 to $1900

Stump Removal

Photo Credit: Neil Ennis / Flickr / CC BY 2. 0

The average cost to remove a stump is $326 plus $40 to $83 per additional stump removed after the first.

If you have several stumps that need removing — such as an entire acre of stumps — your stump removal pro might charge by the hour. Pros typically set their hourly rates between $94 to $163 an hour. 

Removing a stump also involves removing its root system. When preparing for a construction site, it’s best to have the whole stump and its root system removed to avoid any roots getting in the way of new construction. Stump grinding is another clearing option, but it leaves the roots intact. 

See Pricing in Your Area

Once your land is clear and flat, you are ready to plant or put something — maybe a new house — on your property. Here are the added costs for some common home and property improvements for which you need the land cleared first: 

  • Conduct a soil test
  • Excavate a basement
  • Pour concrete 
  • Landscape your yard
  • Install an in-ground pool 

Soil Test

Photo Credit: Ryo Chijiiwa / Flickr / CC BY 2. 0

Testing soil costs most homeowners $1,268, with prices typically ranging from $801 to $1,755. If you’re looking to save some cash, consider buying a $10 to $20 DIY soil test kit at your local home improvement store. 

But why pay all that money for a soil test? Here are some benefits of soil tests to consider: 

  • A soil test identifies any nutrient deficiencies, pH imbalances, or abnormal salt levels in the soil. 
  • Understanding your soil’s health allows you to optimize plant growth in your lawn, garden, and flower beds. 
  • A soil test helps you to determine the best fertilizer and fertilizing frequency for your yard. Applying only the amount your lawn needs prevents excess fertilizer from polluting waterways. 


Photo Credit: Pixabay

Interested in building a basement for your new home? That’s going to require moving more earth and hiring excavation pros. On average, building a basement costs between $10 and $20 per square foot.  

Concrete Slab

Photo Credit: Michael Coghlan / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

Concrete should be poured over a flat surface. Now that your lot has been cleared and graded, it’s the optimal space for a new concrete slab. 

Pour your new concrete driveway, garage floor, shed foundation, or patio for an average price of $6.60 per square foot for materials and labor. Prices will vary depending on your concrete slab’s strength, design, and finish. 

Landscaping Improvements

Now that you’ve cleared out the old landscape, it’s time for a fresh start. There are no limits to your dream landscape design (except your budget). 

Homeowners typically spend between $4,000 and $20,317 to landscape around their home, but total spending will vary depending on the landscaping project. 

Landscaping projectAverage cost
Sod Installation$0. 87 to $1.76 per square foot
Pathway Installation$8 to $22 per square foot
Tree and Bush Planting$25 to $3,000
Flower Bed Planting $650 to $3,000
Pergola Installation$2,216 to $8,959
Retaining Wall Installation$4,025 to $8,711
Gazebo Installation$5,364 to $9,027
Outdoor Kitchen Installation$5,057 to $17,276

In-Ground Pool

Photo Credit: Paul Sableman / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

How long has an in-ground pool been part of your dream home? With the land cleared, the ground is ready for installing the perfect in-ground pool.  

The average cost to install an in-ground pool is $45,583, but prices will vary depending on the pool type. The three most common pool types include vinyl liner, concrete, and fiberglass. 

Vinyl liner pools are the most affordable, with concrete pools costing the most. Fiberglass pools are more expensive than vinyl liner pools, but they’re popular among homeowners for their cost-effectiveness. 

In-ground pool typeAverage cost
Vinyl Liner$24,000 to $44,000
Fiberglass$24,333 to $70,000
Concrete $31,000 to $71,666

See Pricing in Your Area

Cost of Land Clearing Across the U.S. 

Photo Credit: WisDom-UK / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4. 0

The prices listed in this land clearing cost guide are all national averages. On a local scale, prices will likely vary depending on where you live. Land clearing professionals will set their rates according to the region’s market and demand for land clearing. 

The average prices listed in this guide should help you estimate your total spending, but it’s normal to find your total bill falling below or above the national range. 

Cost of DIY Land Clearing

Land clearing isn’t always an ideal DIY project. It’s a time-consuming endeavor, and you need to know how to operate heavy machinery safely. 

When clearing or preparing your land, expect to pay an expensive fee for renting equipment.

Your total DIY bill will vary depending on the project’s scope, which machines you need, and how powerful the machines are. The bigger and more powerful the equipment, the more you can expect to pay in rental fees.  

Machine rentalDaily cost rangeWeekly cost rangeMonthly cost range
Dump Truck$200 to $2,000$750 to $4,200 $2,000 to $12,000
Excavator$200 to $3,500 $1,250 to $5,000$3,000 to $15,000
Bulldozer$200 to $800$1,000 to $1,600$3,000 to $5,000
Stump Grinder$190 to $380 $420 to $900$1,070 to $2,240

See Pricing in Your Area

FAQ About Land Clearing

1. How long does it take to clear an acre of land?

The time it takes to clear a 1-acre lot will depend on the pro you hire and the equipment he or she uses. On average, it takes about two to four hours to clear land. 

2. How many acres of land can professionals clear in one day?

How many acres a team of pros can clear in one day depends on the land clearing company you hire and the equipment they own. Generally, pros can clear 2 to 4 acres a day, and sometimes more.

3. Can you keep specific trees intact when clearing land?

Yes, pros can work around specific trees as long as you let them know which trees you intend to keep.  

4. How much does it cost to check for underground utilities?

Before disrupting the earth, check for underground utilities. Call 811 and request a utility company to come to your lot and identify the utility locations. Most utility companies will perform this service for free. 


Clearing land is a mighty project, so be sure to have your checkbook or credit card ready. Total spending will vary depending on how much land you need cleared, the type of debris removed, debris removal, and the method of clearing.

If you’re preparing the lot for construction, you’re looking at a bill that’s thousands of dollars. 

Once your land is cleared and level, it’s time to transform your dream landscape into a reality. Call a local landscaping professional near you who can pour a concrete patio, plant flower beds, install a water garden, erect a fence around your property, or handle any other myriad landscaping improvements. 

The average cost of clearing and preparing the land to build a house is $2,581, with most landowners paying between $1,266 and $3,900 or between $1.18 to $2 per square foot. 

Small land clearing projects that don’t require much labor average around $563, while extensive projects have an average cost of $8,313. Anything you want to put on your cleared land — or a pool you might want to put in the ground now — will cost extra.

Main Photo Credit: Terry Kearney / Flickr / Public Domain

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Gain Way! How Much It Costs to Clear Land

Gain Way! How Much It Costs to Clear Land | Angi
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Normal range: $1,346 - $5,500

The average U.S. homeowner spends about $3,338 to clear land. Depending on size, condition, and location, most spend between $1,346 and $5,500.

Photo: Iriana Shiyan / Adobe Stock

Photo: Iriana Shiyan / Adobe Stock

The average cost to clear land is $3,338, but the price can go up significantly depending on the amount of trees and type of terrain. A walk in the woods is a nice way to spend an afternoon, but if you’ve got other plans for the landscape, that forestry can really hinder your progress. If you’re wondering, “how much does it cost to clear 1 acre of woods?” the answer isn’t going to be the same for every site. 

 Considering tree clearing cost and the site’s accessibility is the best way to determine your final land clearing prices. Here’s a breakdown of costs to budget for when planning your project.

See the price range for land clearing in

your area

Normal range for U.S.

$1,346 - $5,500

  • Average
  • $3,338

  • Low end
  • $400

  • high end
  • $13,000


Minimum Cost Average Range Maximum Cost
$500 $1,290 – $5,030 $5,030

How Much Does It Cost to Clear Land by Size?

Most projects are priced on a per half-acre or per acre basis and take into account the level of vegetation and trees to be cleared.

Average Cost to Clear Half Acre of Land

Generally speaking, the land clearing cost per half-acre is around $250 to $2,800. This is only for your basic clearing of trees, brush, and other debris. To get your lot ready for building, there are additional expenses for services including topsoil stripping, landscape grading (aka leveling your lawn), digging, hauling yard waste, and otherwise prepping the land.

Land Clearing Cost per Acre

The cost per acre is approximately $500 to $5,600. The price accounts for the range of vegetation that will need to be removed, as well as the intended use for the lot. Common sizes and cost ranges include:

  • 1 acre: $500–$5,600

  • 2 acres: $1,000–$11,200

  • 3 acres: $1,500–$16,800

  • 4 acres: $2,000–$22,400

  • 5 acres: $1,250–$28,000

Trees have a big impact on the cost to clear land. Clearing a heavily wooded lot might cost you as much as $3,000 to $5,600 per acre. But if it’s only sparsely wooded, you could pay as little as $500 to $2,000 per acre.

Land Clearing Cost per Hour

Some pros may charge an hourly rate for a land clearing project, which typically runs between $110 and $245 per hour. This includes removing vegetation, trees, and debris, as well as disposing of waste from the project.

Cost to Clear Land by Condition

Photo: Hanna / Adobe Stock

Whether you want to clear land to build a home, an addition, or add a gazebo or pool, the price you’ll pay depends on your land’s current condition. Here’s a look at average costs based on tree density.

Land Clearing Cost by Density

A major factor that affects land clearing costs is the number of trees. Heavily wooded land goes for an average of $3,000 to $5,600 per acre. If you have fewer trees, your land clearing cost could be around $500 to $2,000 per acre.

Average Cost of Lightly Forested Lots

  • Half-acre: $250–$1,000

  • 1 acre: $500–$2,000

  • 2 acres: $1,000–$4,000

  • 3 acres: $1,500–$6,000

  • 4 acres: $2,000–$8,000

  • 5 acres: $2,500–$10,000

Average Cost to Clear a Wooded Lot

  • Half-acre: $1,800–$2,800

  • 1 acre: $3,600–$5,600

  • 2 acres: $7,200–$11,200

  • 3 acres: $10,800–$16,800

  • 4 acres: $14,400–$22,400

  • 5 acres: $18,000–$28,000

Cost Factors to Clear Land

To figure out your total land clearing cost, you’ll need to think about the size of your lot, how you’ll get rid of debris, tree clearing costs, and a few other factors.  

Tree Clearing Cost

Trees make a big difference in how much it costs to clear land. You could pay between $500 and $2,000 per acre for lots with fewer trees, and between $3,000 and $5,600 per acre for heavily forested land. If your lot only has a few trees, you might pay around $700 per tree. Fallen trees cost far less, at $75 to $150 apiece.

Brush Removal Cost

Trees are one factor, but how much does it cost to clear underbrush per acre? If you only have brush to worry about, this is much cheaper to remove. You might only pay around $20 to $200 per acre to clear shrubs and smaller overgrowth. This is much easier to DIY, too.

Forestry Mulching Prices

Forestry mulching goes for about $400 to $600 per acre. This involves the use of heavy equipment to cut down trees and shrubs, followed by mulching the material afterward. Consider it a win-win, as you won’t have to worry about brush removal and you’ll have a nice layer of mulch for your landscape.  

Land Condition

The condition of your acreage also includes whether it’s on a slope or is relatively flat. Pros will need to bring in the right equipment to get the job done and will charge accordingly. For example, if you want to clear a hilly property, more specialized equipment is needed you’ll likely pay more for the project. Erosion is another factor when assessing the land condition that is likely to increase your project total.


If you need to excavate the land to prepare your building site, this could cost around $1,500 to $5,100. You’ll want to find a local excavation company to handle this for about $40 to $150 per hour.


Terrain and market demand varies across the U.S. See how these different areas stack up against the national average of $3,150 to clear land.

StateAverage Cost to Clear Land
New York$2,700

How Much Does It Cost to Clear Land Yourself?

Because trees don’t always fall where you want them to, land-clearing can be a dangerous DIY task. You should always leave this up to a local landscaping pro rather than attempting it yourself.

When it comes to debris removal, though, you can don your yard work gloves and save some money by handling it on your own. It’s tough work, so you should ideally have other (gloved) hands helping you.

Tools Needed

Tools are a major factor in your DIY land clearing cost. For big jobs with lots of debris and trimming, budget around $400 for all the supplies you need. If you’re just clearing a small amount of pre-cut landscaping waste, you might only need around $30; this will get you gloves, a bucket, and a steel rake.

Yard Waste Removal

Once you’ve rounded up all the landscaping debris, there’s still the matter of getting rid of it. Hiring a landscape clearing and prep pro will make your life a lot easier, but you’ve got a few options for doing it yourself, too. 

Brush Burning

If it’s safe (and legal!) to do so, you can burn the brush and wood you’ve piled up. Only burn a small amount at a time, and be sure to have a water source handy to put out the flames. 

Yard Waste Bags

If your municipality offers yard waste removal, you can get a five-pack of 30-gallon bags for around $5. These fill up faster than you’d think, so they are best suited for plots that are one acre or smaller with minimal debris.

Landscaping Dumpster Rental

If the yard waste bags aren’t cutting it, you might want to consider renting a landscaping dumpster. Depending on the size of the lot, the level of debris, and the area you’re located in, final costs vary.

  • 10-yard dumpster, for debris and dirt removal: $200–$600

  • 20-yard dumpster, for some trees and shrubs: $300–$700

  • 40-yard dumpster, for larger landscapes: $350–$800

Frequently Asked Questions

A land clearing project begins with assessing and preparing the property and pulling any necessary permits with your municipal building department. Clearing can begin after the project details are ironed out between you and your pro and a written contract is signed. Pros will bring out the necessary equipment and crew to first remove trees, stumps, brush, and vegetation. All of the project debris will then be loaded up and hauled off-site to be disposed of properly.  

The amount of time needed to complete the project depends on the size of your acreage, the land’s condition, the size of the pro’s crew, and what type of equipment they are using. Smaller projects typically take a few hours, while larger projects may require one or two full workdays.

Land clearing prepares an area for development, such as a new house, barn, or outbuilding. Land clearing might also address land maintenance, soil health, or clean-up after a natural disaster.

Costs vary, but you might spend around $1,000 to $4,000 to prepare land before you build a house or add a mobile home.

Some logging companies and firewood sellers will remove your trees for free, as this is an easy way for them to source lumber they can then sell for profit. Don’t expect them to leave you with a cleared lot, though—they just want the good, saleable parts of your larger trees. You’ll still need to do all the other prep work to get your landscape ready to build on.

Ready to get a quote for your project?

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Trimming, sawing down trees and shrubs by professionals is a widely demanded service. Green spaces improve the appearance and atmosphere of the backyard territory. Plants need regular care. If you ignore proper tree care, they become untidy and unattractive.

It is much worse when such plantings become a source of discomfort and danger to life and health of people. Trees that are not properly cared for can pose a risk of damage to electrical wires. You can order the services of sawing trees at the Hektar Company.

Years of experience since 2005 allows you to perform work tasks quickly and professionally, regardless of their complexity. Prices for uprooting trees are presented on our website. Specialists are always ready to answer all your questions and accept an application for work.

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Turnkey tree cutting services in Moscow and the Moscow region

Competent plant care contributes to the formation of a beautiful crown and the rejuvenation of plantings. If individual branches interfere, touch electrical wires or create other interference, then they must be cut down without fail.

Diseased and old plants that pose a danger to cars, people, outbuildings on the site are also subject to complete or partial elimination. We offer an affordable cost for uprooting trees , with the provision of guarantees for the scope of work performed.

Professional knowledge, skills, availability of modern tools and equipment allow us to carry out work carefully and safely for people and property. Our landscaping masters work responsibly and for the result, even in the conditions of limited space.

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Before and after photos

Cost of cutting down trees

The price is affected by the following factors:

  • number of trees removed, but when clearing large areas, a discount is possible;
  • dimensions - height, trunk diameter;
  • location - free-standing or carefully handled trees;
  • the need to use special equipment - in most cases, you can do without a lift.

Shrub cutting, grass mowing, stump removal and waste disposal are accounted for separately. With a comprehensive cleaning of the site, the client receives a discount. In each case, an individual approach is needed, and the final cost of the work becomes known after an inspection of the site by a specialist.

Prices for tree removal.

Natural slope (from the ground) Using a quickdraw (from the ground) Felling a tree in parts without hanging (climber) Felling a tree in parts with hanging (climber)
From 700 From 1500 From 3000 From 5000

*Price per tree

Felling option Tree diameter 1m from the ground
0-30 cm 30-40 cm 40-50 cm 50-60 cm From 60 cm
Natural slope 700 900 1200 1500 From 2000
Using a quickdraw 1200 1500 2000 2500 From 3500
Piece felling (climber) 3000 4000 5000 6000 From 6000
Windrow with curtain (climber) 5000-8000 7000-10000 8000-12000 10000-14000 From 12000

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Key benefits of working with the Hektar Company:

  1. All types of work, including potentially dangerous and complex ones, are performed competently, safely, and efficiently.
  2. Each working application is closed by us on a turnkey basis. We not only cut and cut down branches, trees, but also clean the territory, take out the formed garbage.
  3. High speed of work, thanks to professional experience and equipment with the necessary equipment, tools.

The cost of sawing trees is calculated based on various factors, including volume, features of work, location of the object. To apply, please use the feedback form.

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Feedback from our clients If you need competent implementation of landscape design and professional implementation of the project, then we recommend contacting Hektar. They did everything for us at the highest level, they also made a discount, as for regular customers. We have used the company's services several times. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Thank you Alexander for your feedback. We will continue work soon.


Andrey and Katerina., Korolev

My wife and I are city dwellers, therefore, for the improvement of the territory of our dacha, we always turn to Hectare. We have been working with this company for several years. This time we ordered a landscaping service. Everything is done perfectly, however, as always. All our wishes were fulfilled, thank you very much, we enjoy the result.


Good day Andrey. Thank you for your trust.


Mikhail P., Filimonki

The services of your company for pruning fruit trees were very helpful. It can be seen that the masters are really experienced. After my call, they arrived at a convenient time for me and completed all the tasks. Many thanks for my restored garden. After pruning, the trees seemed to come to life and the volume of the harvest in the fall pleased.


Thank you. Have a good harvest.


Ludmila, Rastorguevo

We turned to Hektar to carry out the improvement of the territory of the house. We bought a cottage, but the land was abandoned and not well maintained. Thank you for the prompt work, affordable prices, quality and professionalism. We also installed an irrigation system. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and wish you success and prosperity!


Thanks for the feedback. We will come in the spring to launch the system.


Irina , Troitsk

Our family entered into an agreement with Hektar several years ago. The guys every year equip the lawn on the site and take care of it. Everything is clear, neat, in accordance with the wishes of our family and modern technologies. Bravo for the quality work, which we are very, very pleased with! The lawn not only pleases with lush greenery, but also with functionality. We rest on it, and the children play with pleasure.


Irina, thanks for the feedback. See you next spring.



I had an overgrown area, thank you for putting the whole area in full order and mowing the grass. Everything was done efficiently, quickly and accurately, I am very satisfied. I recommend Hektar as a reliable and responsible partner.


Thank you for leaving a review.


Olga, Rasskazovka

Thank you for landscaping and planting garden ornamental plants. Green spaces are growing and making our whole family happy! If necessary, we will contact only your company. We definitely recommend cooperation!


Thank you Olga for your feedback. Always happy to help.


Vyacheslav, Sofrino

For several years we fought hard against the flooding of the basement. In the end, we decided to turn to professionals. They chose a couple of partners on the Internet, phoned, but decided to stay with the Hektar company and did not lose. A team of craftsmen completed the blind area around the house and drainage quickly enough and at an affordable price. Thank you! Now everything is dry.


Excellent. Thank you for leaving a review.

What to do if trees are destroyed?

When you watch trees being massively cut down in Kharkiv, you most likely have a question, can something be done about it? Is it legal?

After all, trees in the city were planted not only for beauty, but according to certain sanitary standards. Their total destruction negatively affects the health of all of us, whether we like trees or not. Some suffer more, some less, but harm is done to everyone.

Another problem is that trees are often cut down without any documents at all. Any person who has a chainsaw in his hands, and who has conceived, for example, a firewood business for barbecue, calmly goes to saw apricots in the local area. A green vest for camouflage - and you can already saw anything in front of everyone.

In this article, you will find out what can be done to stop illegal logging or tree trimming. And also what laws govern their protection.

ALL trees are protected by law

In order to provide citizens with all the benefits of living, there is a law "On the Improvement of Settlements". If you do not comply with its provisions, you will have to forget about comfort, sanitation and convenience in the city.

Fresh clean air, shade and coolness in the summer heat, air ionization - all these moments bring us not only pleasant emotions, but also health. And they are provided by our faithful friends - trees.

Therefore, special attention is paid to them in the Law on Improvement. According to article 28, paragraph 1, ALL trees in the city are subject to protection. At the same time, it does not matter what kind of activity is being carried out - replacing pipes, repairing power lines or laying paths, it is illegal to remove and damage green spaces.

The only exceptions are trees that accidentally self-seeded under a power line. They can be cut down without permits.

Removal of all other trees in accordance with paragraph 3 of this article must be carried out in accordance with the procedure approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

Item 4 states that trees must be removed if they threaten people's lives or property.

Healthy trees in the city sometimes need to be pruned. Unfortunately, the trimming companies are also selling fuel. They leave “horns and legs” from the tree, that is, they cut it to fit a pole, and claim that this is not a demolition, but just a pruning. What does the law say?

A pole and a stump are equal before the law

When pruning, workers must not violate the laws of Ukraine, where it is forbidden to harm trees. What kind of pruning harms a tree?

It will grow back…

According to the law of Ukraine “On fees for calculating the amount of damage caused to green spaces within cities and other settlements”, a tree that has been cut off more than a third of its branches is classified as DAMAGED up to the stage of continued growth. That is, it can still grow, and the penalty for such damage is less than for the complete demolition of the tree.

Will not grow back…

The law states that a tree that has had more than half of its branches cut off is considered DAMAGED up to the stage of cessation of growth. That is, the tree will not grow back. Therefore, for cutting more than half of the branches, including “cutting under a pole”, the same fine is charged as for a completely felled tree.

What should you do if you see workers sawing trees? Depending on the purpose for which the work is going on, the workers should have various documents on hand.

If construction is underway

In the case of building a house or other building, workers must have a construction plan in their hands, which indicates which trees should be demolished. They must be marked on the plan.

If they are improving

If demolition or pruning of trees is carried out not for the purpose of construction, but in order to make life more comfortable for us in the city, the workers must have an act of examining green spaces in their hands. The act must indicate the address at which the trees are cut or removed, their number and species, for example, birch or linden.

To ask or not to ask?

Come and ask the workers if they have the necessary documents for demolition or tree pruning.

Remember that all landscaping work is done for your taxes with us, and you have every right to demand that the workers familiarize you with the act.

It's best to film everything that happens, especially if the workers start behaving rudely.

When reading the act, pay attention to the address of the work indicated in it, the number and species of trees. Does it match real work? The act must have living seals and signatures.

If there is an act

If there is an act, but it seems to you that the trees did not need to be “landscaped” in this way, contact the State Environmental Inspectorate in the Kharkiv region in writing: st. Bakulina, 6, Kharkiv, 61116, phone: (057) 725-59-96

To do this, describe what happened, if possible, attach photos of crippled trees or stumps, and ask the inspectorate to “verify compliance with environmental legislation during this demolition / pruning "an enterprise cutter" Article 28 of the Law of Ukraine "On the improvement of settlements. " It is better to bring the application in person in two copies, so that one is marked for receipt or sent by mail with acknowledgment of receipt.

If there is no certificate

If you are not shown the certificate, or the number and species of trees in it do not match reality, call the police at 102.

Do not pay attention to the cutters' excuses: “These are applications from tenants”, “Documents in Zhilkomservis”, “Documents are not needed for trimming/crowning” and the like.

How to deal with the police

The following tips about the police may seem difficult to follow, but we recommend that you read them carefully. By the way, they are universal and applicable to any other crime, not only damage and cutting down trees. And they can help you a lot in other cases as well.

How to call the police

When you call, be sure to ask what number you registered it with. Thanks to this, in the future, if necessary, you will be able to appeal against violations by the police.
Immediately require the operator to call the investigative task force (SOG). The fact is that the patrolmen themselves cannot draw up any documents on the offense - they simply do not have such rights. They can just accept your Statement and Explanation to him. SOG is needed precisely in order to fix the offense by experts.

In general, it is advisable to record the call on audio (it is also desirable to record everything that happens on video: cutters, their transport and numbers, including trees!)

If you called the police, but after 15-20 minutes it is still not , call 102 again and say that the patrol is not coming. And so - until the arrival of the police. Otherwise, you can wait for several hours, and not wait ...

How to write an application

When the police arrive, explain the reason for the call. If necessary, tell them what documents the cutters should have. Ignore any objections to the preparation of documents - in any case, the patrol should take from you Application and Explanation to it. They should also tell you how to write them correctly. If the SOG has not been called, demand to call it.

In Application should briefly describe (how you are not the police, you can see it), the problem and what you want from the police. Usually - "to find and bring to justice the perpetrators of this offense."

In Explanation , try to describe the crime in as much detail as possible.

Do not rush to write Application and Explanation before the arrival of the SOG or until a categorical refusal to leave. When the SOG arrived, tell the operatives about the problem. If the SOG was not called or she did not arrive - note this in Explanation . Also, in the Explanation, it is necessary to describe all violations by the police, if any.

After filing Application ask for his number and write it down. Photograph Claim and Explanation .

Further you can appeal against the illegal actions with the police in the regional department or court.

If the squad does nothing, call the next one. Now all calls are recorded in a single system. If, according to the situation, according to which one outfit left, another will go, the first one will definitely have problems.

From experience, in order for the police to behave adequately, all conversations with them must be recorded on video! Whether they like it or not, it's none of your business.

In carrying out their duties, law enforcement officers represent the state - and the rights of individuals - whether I want to be filmed or not, they do not belong to them.

A couple of days after the call, call the regional department and ask how the case is going on number such and such on your call.

You also need to act if you see trees that have been cut to fit a pole or cut down. Finding the culprit is up to the police.

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