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How to Decorate Your Christmas Tree

Make your Christmas tree Pinterest-worthy with these simple steps.

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Decorate Your Tree in 6 Simple Steps

For many, the most enjoyable time of the holiday season is decorating the Christmas tree. However, if you are looking for some help this year, let us guide you through the basics of making a beautiful tree. Ornaments, lights, and garland are a good start, but there are many accessories you can add for more personality and style. For example, our designers love to place table top decorations that match the trees' theme right onto the tree branches. A glitter deer tabletop decoration is a great example of a way to incorporate this technique. Just make sure that any decorations you add are properly secured. Let your imagination run free!

  1. Step 1: Set Up Your Tree

    Select the desired location for your Christmas tree and place it in the stand. Many artificial trees come with a tree stand included. However, if yours doesn't come with one, there are other options available. We carry a selection of tree stands for both artificial and live trees. Our live tree stands come with an easy watering feature, saving you time and hassle.

  2. Step 2: Christmas Lights

    If you don't have a pre-lit Christmas tree, you'll want to test your Christmas lights first. Join the strings together and plug them in. Replace any dead bulbs and make sure the cords aren't damaged. Please see our Safety Guide for more tips on lighting.

    How many lights should I use?

    Don't skimp out on your lights! You should use a 100-light set per Christmas tree foot. So if you have a 7-foot Christmas tree, you will want to buy seven (7) '100-light sets'. The biggest thing to remember when putting lights on a Christmas tree is how bright you want it to look. If you are using LED lights on a Christmas tree, you will want to use fewer lights as LED lights provide a brighter glow.

    Don't be afraid to mix and match lights. There is no rule that says you only have to use one kind of light, so get creative! If you are using any themed lights or novelty lights, be sure to put them on after your basic lights. We recommend evenly spacing them apart for the best result.

    Where do I put my Christmas lights on the tree?

    After you've made sure that all of your lights are working, string them on your tree starting from the top down. Weave your lights along the branches 'inside,' then move to the outer edges of the branches. If you have a lit tree topper, make sure that you leave the socket end of the lights at the top of the tree to plug it in.

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  3. Step 3: The Tree Toppers

    What tree topper should I use?

    The tree topper symbolizes the spirit of Christmas and is one of the most important pieces on your tree. Tree toppers come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and colors. Much like other lights, our pre-lit tree toppers come in incandescent and LED options, and come in sizes ranging from less than 5 inches to well over a foot tall.

    How do I place my tree topper?

    If your tree topper is electric, make sure to plug it into the socket end of the lights that you left open at the top of your tree. Keep in mind your tree topper does not have to go right at the top of the tree. If you have a 7.5 foot ceiling and a 7.5 foot Christmas tree, you can always put it off to the side a bit. You can also consider folding down the top branch of the tree to gain a few more inches.

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  4. Step 4: The Garland

    How much garland should I use?

    A rule of thumb is at least nine (9) feet of garland per foot of a tree, so a 7-foot Christmas tree will need sixty-three (63) feet of garland. We recommend buying more garland to be on the safe side. If you are left with any extra, you can always use it on the mantle or wreaths.

    How do I place my garland?

    With garland, it's best to start at the top and work your way down in a spiral pattern going around the tree until you get to the bottom. Gently-swagged garland looks more graceful than straight or diagonal lines across the tree. Deeply swagged garland is beautiful, but can only be used on large trees with open space between branches. You can also place your garland vertically. Just attach it to the top of your tree (behind the tree topper) then loop it down vertically. Be sure to add some twists and turns, wiring to branches if necessary, in order to add interest and graceful curves. This technique is especially suited to ribbon.

    You can cut beaded garland into different lengths and use it as tinsel to drape over branches. Be sure that the garland is knotted to keep the beads from falling off of the string. Strings knotted between each bead or styles where beads are glued in place will work for this technique.

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  5. Step 5: The Ornaments

    How many ornaments should I use?

    You've set up the basics, now comes the fun part: the ornaments! There's no exact amount of ornaments for a Christmas tree. The amount to use can vary depending on the size of the ornaments, the height and width of your tree, and the ornament density that you desire. In the end, it all comes down to your style and preference.

    While we can't tell you exactly how many ornaments to hang on your tree, we can provide you with a guideline to help you estimate how many ornaments you should use. For trees under 9 feet, we would recommend using 10-15 standard size ornaments per foot. If your tree is 9 feet or taller, we recommend 12-20 ornaments per foot.

    We also recommended that you vary the size of your ornaments, and to spread them out throughout the tree. For example, here is a list of ornaments that were used by professional decorators for a 12' tree:

    • 3' round: 48
    • 4' round: 48
    • 4.75' round: 48
    • 6' round: 36
    • 4-7' finial: 18
    • 5-8' finial: 18
    How should I hang my ornaments?

    To make a statement with your Christmas tree, start with your precious ornaments. Next, hang the larger ones, spacing them evenly apart. Then, fill in the spaces with any medium and small sizes to balance the overall look of the tree. You can place ornaments and other decorations ’inside’ your tree as well as on the tips of branches to add depth and interest.

    If you have pets or small children, try placing shatterproof ornaments near the bottom or in high-traffic areas.

    There are a couple of things to note. Make sure to purchase your ornaments based on your tree size. Larger ornaments may take up too much space on smaller trees, while smaller ornaments may not even be visible on larger trees. Additionally, we also recommend that you have extra ornaments on hand in case any of your ornaments are lost or broken.

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  6. Step 6: The Tree Skirt

    Tree skirts are not included with most trees but are a popular accessory. Not only do they hide the base of the tree, but they add some character to your setting. Much like stockings and ornaments, tree skirts come in a wide array of styles, from solid, colored velvet, and much more. Make sure your skirt is wide enough to cover the tree stand but does not extend past the bottom branches of the tree. Consider the size requirements, color scheme, and theme your tree may have.

    Once your tree is completely decorated, go ahead and add some presents under your tree. If you haven't started shopping yet, that's okay! Place a few wrapped empty boxes or other large scale decorations such as lanterns, Santa Claus figures, or nutcrackers for a decorative touch.

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Commercial Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

For decorating commercial Christmas trees, you can follow the same formats. However, if all that tree space feels overwhelming, here are a few extra tips to guide you through the decorating process.


First, mentally divide your tree into four sections, picturing your tree as if it were a giant box with four sides. Next, divide your collection of ornaments into 4 even groups. Apply ornaments to each tree section starting from the small ornaments and moving up to the largest size.

A 12' Christmas tree can be heavily decorated with ornaments. A good suggestion is forty (40) ornaments per foot or a total of four-hundred-and-eighty (480) ornaments. For a more uniform look, evenly space your ornaments based on their characteristics: color, shape, style, etc.

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As trees get taller, they also get wider and have more space to fill. With larger Christmas trees, you should generally have nine (9) feet of garland per foot in tree height. It’s a good idea to have extra garland to fill up space if needed.

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Ribbons are a good way to fill up empty space on a tree. These are often utilized in sprays and other arrangements; there’s no limit to what can be done!

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The above tips are simply suggestions to help get you started on a classically-decorated Christmas tree. If you are feeling extra creative, feel free to play around with different techniques and styles to see what looks right to you!

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The Ultimate Guide to Decorating your Christmas Tree • The Pinning Mama

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Have you ever wondered how many lights or ornaments, or how much garland you need to decorate your Christmas Tree?  This free printable reference chart makes it surprisingly easy to get the perfect amount of trimmings for your tree!  It includes all of the lengths and measurements based on tree size so whether you have a 5 foot, 7 foot, or even 12 foot Christmas tree, you can figure out exactly what you need!

I was excited to partner with a brand I use regularly, Miracle-Gro®, to bring you this post.  Though the post was sponsored by Miracle-Gro®, all of the thoughts, tips, and printables were created right here, by me!

I remember my first Christmas tree I had outside of my parents house was in college.  I was a little homesick and when the holidays came around I just needed a little something to cheer me up. So I took a trip to the store and came back to drown my dorm in Christmas cheer.  I still remember walking up and down the aisles, going from excitement of a tree that was blank slate to decorate any way I wanted, the overwhelmingness of what do I actually need?  How much garland?  How many lights?  How many ornaments to fill its branches?  I left with a lot I didn’t need, and not a lot of what I did.  But my Charlie Brown Christmas tree still gave me the little piece of home to fill my heart in the midst of the holidays.

That was the first, but certainly not the last!  Each year we look forward to decorating our tree as a family.  With kids it is even more fun than it ever has been before!  We have moved from delicate glass baubles to some still beautiful, but also non-breakable ornaments, next to hand prints, and various crafts that the kids have made through the years to fill the branches.  My tiny 3 foot tree from my college days has been replaced with a family sized tree big enough to spend hours with Christmas music blaring, and little hands helping, hanging every decoration in just the right spot.

And through the years, I have collected our perfect little Christmas.  All the trimmings and trappings that make the kids eyes shine with excitement as we get them out each year and transform our regular old house into our little corner filled with Christmas magic.  And with all the experience plus quite a bit of research, I have figured out how much of this and how many of that you need to fill a tree, if it is 5 feet or 10!

I am super excited to share this with you because hopefully it will be a great reference to help so many more families have fun creating their perfect Christmas tree! This guide goes through the basic number of lights, ornaments and garland you need based on your tree size.  The first thing to realize is that decorating a tree is all about personal preference.  So even though this is a great guide, if you feel like you want more or less, or something completely different, then go for it!  And we aren’t the only thing that is unique, also  realize that each tree is unique as well.  Especially when they are fresh!  If trees are thicker or thinner, or the branches are spaced more or less than average they might vary from the numbers on this chart, but this will definitely serve as the perfect launching point to get you pretty close!

Christmas Tree Decorating Reference Chart

So take a look at this, then follow along below as we go through the steps to decorating the perfect tree and then how to keep it fresh and long lasting all through the season!  If you want to print this out so you can keep it handy when you are shopping for lights, garland or ornaments, then hop down to the bottom of the post for the free printable download of this chart.

How to decorate the perfect Christmas Tree:

When picking out a fresh Christmas Tree, there are a few things that will help you get the best tree for your dollar.

  1. Get the tree as early in the season as possible.  Many people think that getting a fresh tree to early will result in a tree that doesn’t look good by Christmas, but actually, the opposite is closer to the truth!
    • Experts state that mid-November is the best time to get the tree because it will be closed to when it was cut and allow you to get it to water much sooner than if it was just waiting to be picked out on a Christmas tree lot.
    • Many trees that you pick later in the season were actually picked around the same time, but have been sitting with minimal water since then, so they don’t last as long.
    • Try a “cut your own” tree farm, or order online for a cut to order tree for the freshest options!
  2. Once you have your tree, put it in water as soon as possible
    • Submerge the base of the tree in 2″ of water.
    • When the tree is first put into water it can be especially “thirsty”
  3. Add Miracle–Gro® for Christmas Trees
    • 1 capful per quart of water to help reduce needle drop/loss and keep your tree looking fresher and fuller longer versus using water alone!
    • This is a staple for our fresh trees.  The best part is one bottle will last a whole season!
    • Miracle-Gro® is one of the most trusted names in Home & Garden.  You can learn more about Miracle-Gro® for Christmas Trees here!


As we established above, perfect is truly in the eye of the beholder.  I love a full tree with lots of texture and light.  Using the numbers on the chart above you should come out with a very fully decorated tree.  Some rules of thumb:

  • When calculating what you need for the tree, I round up if it isn’t close to the whole foot mark.  So if the tree was 5.5 feet, I would use the guides for a six foot tree.
  • This guide is specifically made for fresh trees that require lights to be added and are generally fuller in nature.
  • Pick a theme, and/or color palate of 3-4 colors and choose lights, garland and ornaments that coordinate within the palate to get a cohesive look.

I think trees look best when they have many textures that are layered to create the final masterpiece.  You will want to follow this general assembly method to have the best results:

  1. First, arrange the lights on the tree

    1. Lights are generally sold on strings that will vary from 100-300 lights in a package on average.  Make sure to check the package so you know how many come in the package you are looking at.
    2. Start from the top of the tree and work your way down.
    3. Don’t just wrap the lights around the outside, weave the lights in and out of the branches to give the tree depth and dimension with the light.
    4. If you go for larger lights, you might not need quite as many as the standard lights.
    5. Use energy efficient sources like LED to be able to keep your tree on longer with less energy use.
    6. Plug the lights into a switched receptacle, or a small power strip with an on/off switch and you will be able to easily turn the lights on and off without climbing behind the tree.
  1. Next place the garland

    1. This garland measurement is calculated for horizontal use (wrapping around the tree.) If you want to string your garland vertically you will use less.
    2. Use the garland to fill in gaps between branches as you go around
    3. Wider widths of garland like burlap and deco-mesh can be used with sparser trees, while thin garlands like beads, and popcorn strings look great on full trees.
    4. Use multiple types or textures of garland to get a more complex look
  2. Finally fill the tree in with ornaments

    1. Ornaments are generally sized:
      • Large 5-6″ diameter or larger
      • Medium 3-4 ” diameter
      • Small – This refers to small decorations like icicles, bows, bells, etc.  You usually won’t use a ball smaller than a medium on an average sized tree
    2. Start by placing the largest ornaments and move to the smallest.
    3. Use the larger ornaments to fill in gaps or uneven spots on the tree
    4. Hang ornaments at different heights and depths on the tree for more interest.
    5. Use shiny ornaments to catch and reflect more light
    6. Make sure to get ornaments around all sides of the tree

By following the guidelines here, you are set to decorate a designer quality tree.  It is really pretty simple to put together a tree that will make you feel the Christmas spirit all season long.  Now grab the chart below so you will have it handy each time you pick out your tree!  If you grab this download, I would love it if you would take a minute to share this by pinning it on Pinterest as well!

{Free Download – Christmas Tree Decorating Guide –  CLICK HERE}

Make sure to grab everything you need at the store, including Miracle-Gro® for Christmas Trees.  Learn more about Miracle-Gro® for Christmas Trees and find your local supplier here, and check out this video for more info!

Make sure to share your tree with me by tagging me on Instagram @ThePinningMama.  I would love to see your beautiful creations!  Do you have any other special tips or tricks for decorating a Christmas Tree?  I would love to hear about it in the comments.  I love hearing readers tips and tricks. They help to make each post even a better resource!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Miracle-Gro. The opinions and text are all mine.

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90,000 times, two, three - Christmas tree, burn!

Nothing sets the mood for Christmas like twinkling colorful lights! Each child, with bated breath, is waiting for the moment when the Christmas tree will shine with running bright lights. No matter how luxuriously you decorate the forest beauty, the holiday will not take place without an electric garland. Such decor can be used not only on the Christmas tree - there are many other original ideas that you can easily implement - the result will impress the guests and delight the household! How to choose a garland for the Christmas tree, and what else besides the New Year tree can be decorated with electric garlands, read in our article.

This is interesting

It is believed that the idea of ​​decorating a Christmas tree with garlands was first implemented in America. The Christmas tree lit up in 1895 in front of the White House. Since then, in many countries there has been a tradition to decorate not only New Year trees, but also facades of houses, landscape objects, trees in the yard, etc. with such a luminous decor.

Which garland to buy: types and features

Today you have to make a difficult choice from a huge range of electric garlands that differ not only in color, but also in design, number of bulbs and other parameters. This is because manufacturers, in an effort to achieve competitive advantages, create more and more new models, and the cost is gradually decreasing - every Russian can afford to buy a garland, and more than one, without compromising the family budget.

Let's figure out what options for electric garlands today can be found in online and offline stores.

Lamp type

There are only 2 options - light bulbs can be:

  1. Incandescent. Soviet Christmas trees were decorated with just such lights. They are produced today, but less and less in demand. They are cheaper, but energy-intensive, heat up during operation, and the service life is much shorter - up to 100 hours of continuous operation. However, for the implementation of certain design ideas, this option will be relevant, it will help to bring an element of retro style;

  2. LED (LED-garlands) have many advantages:

  • long service life - at least 20,000 hours;

  • resistant to various kinds of mechanical stress - LEDs are much more difficult to damage than the filament of an incandescent lamp;

  • shine brighter, have a purer saturated color;

  • do not heat up, which means they do not create a fire hazard;

  • consume very little electricity;

  • have a small weight;

  • there are models that can be used outdoors.

But the most important thing: with LED garlands, you won’t need to look for which light bulb had problems, because of which the whole garland stopped working - the LEDs form groups, within which the connection is serial, and the groups themselves are connected to each other in parallel. That is, if some LED fails, then only one group will stop working, and not the entire garland.

Wire type

Can be used:

  • PVC;

  • rubber;

  • silicone.

PVC wire is the most budget option. Indoors, it justifies itself quite well. However, for operation in conditions of humidity and sub-zero temperatures, you need to buy garlands with rubber or silicone cables.

Power type

Who would have thought before that the garland could be battery operated! With the help of such a luminous decor, you can even decorate a Christmas tree in the forest! And of course, if you have a beautiful spruce growing in your garden, you may well use such an ornament.

Where to use: street or indoor

Now in any store it is easy to buy an electric garland for the street. A quality product will serve you for a long time, even if you use it without protection from snow, rain, or severe frosts. The main thing is to pay attention to the protection class: there must be a marking of at least IP44 (the first digit means protection against dust particles, the second - from moisture). IP20 or IP23 is quite suitable for the room. Of course, the price of a street garland will differ significantly from an interior one.


The variety of options opens up wide possibilities for interior decor. Today you can decorate your house:

  • garlands-threads - a cord, along the entire length of which (with the exception of the working part of the wire) mini-light bulbs are strung. This is a universal option that can be used to implement various design ideas;

  • mesh garlands - a canvas consisting of rhombuses or squares, in each corner of which there are light bulbs. Due to the stretchable structure of the wire, it can be stretched to cover the required area;

  • garlands-curtains (you can still find the names light rain, waterfall, garland-curtain) - hanging threads are strung on the main cable perpendicular to it, each of which can have the same or different lengths. Such LED garlands are often used when decorating a venue for a celebration in cafes and restaurants - weddings, anniversaries, etc.;

  • fringe (mini-curtain, icicles) - threads of microbulbs hanging down from it are attached to the main cord. Unlike curtains made of LEDs, fringe threads have different lengths, and usually no more than 100 cm. Such garlands are most often bought to decorate the facade of the house with them, fixing it around the perimeter under the roof itself. Indoors, "fringe" is usually hung on a curtain, hooked on a cornice;

  • duralight - LEDs are pressed into a transparent flexible sealed PVC cord. Duralight can be cut into segments, because in certain sections of the wire the LEDs are connected in series and combined into groups. All this opens up wide opportunities for using this type of LED garlands in outdoor design. Unlike traditional electric garlands, the duralight cord operates in the continuous glow of LEDs when connected to a 220 V network, but if powered through a controller, various lighting effects are possible. The shape can be flat and round;

  • beltlight - instead of miniature LED bulbs, much larger incandescent, fluorescent or LED bulbs with an E27 base are used. There are about 3 - 7 light bulbs per 1 meter. The cord can be 2 and 5 core. With two cores are used indoors, with five - on the street. Such a garland can be cut. You can often see beltlight in cafes, nightclubs, on the facades of architectural structures;

Choose the color of the garland

Choosing a color often takes the most time. Red or green? Multicolor or monochrome? White or yellow? These flickering lights are so beautiful it's hard to decide! Often the solution is a multicolor garland - multicolor. But still, monochrome looks more stylish. Of course, if we are talking about a Christmas tree, then for sure the kids will appreciate the colorful lights. But if you want to bring even more style to the interior of the room, then consider a single-color garland.

When choosing a color, you can focus on the main palette of finishes and rooms, because colored LED lighting will distort the natural shades. A universal solution would be warm white. The glow of copper color is relevant for the loft style, which is popular in interior design. By choosing the LED garland that is as close as possible in color to the surrounding objects, you will preserve their natural color and bring a bit of mystery, romance and comfort to the composition.

What to look for when buying an electric garland

So, you have decided on the type and color of the electric garland. Now, in order not to be disappointed in the purchase, we suggest adopting the following information:

  • length. If we talk about the classic LED thread for the Christmas tree, it is recommended that its length be 2.5 - 3 times the height of the spruce. The length of the segment of the power wire, where there are no LEDs (the working part) should provide a comfortable connection to the mains - this is at least one and a half meters;

  • the presence of a controller is a detail for controlling lighting effects. Some "advanced" and, of course, more expensive models are equipped with a remote control that allows you to remotely set the color and glow effect;

  • when buying a duralight, the number of LEDs in 1 meter will be an important parameter, and you should also pay attention to the ability to connect directly to a 220 V network;

  • degree of protection IP44 is suitable for a garland protected from direct rain on it: for example, a beltlight placed under a roof. For cliplight or any other electric garland that will be in the open air, IP65 protection is required;

  • the ability to connect to a 220 V network - there are models that are designed to work under the voltage of a household network, and there are low-voltage garlands that work only at 12 or 24 V. Note that the latter are safer - the likelihood of an electric shock to a person if any the garland element is excluded;

  • some types of LED garlands provide for the possibility of connecting several products into a single structure, which will be very important when decorating the facade of a house.

Ideas for decorating your home with electric lights

Garlands are amazingly versatile in terms of decorating possibilities. You can’t even imagine how much you can invent, having at your disposal even the simplest garland-thread! We offer a kaleidoscope of ideas for creating a New Year's festive mood in the house.

You can decorate with a garland not only a Christmas tree, but also:

  • chandelier;

  • compositions in table and / or floor vases, as well as any other art object of the “year-round” decor system;

  • a mirror in the hallway or bedroom - due to the reflection, the flickering of the lights looks doubly spectacular;

  • window;

  • ceiling - the effect of the starry sky will help to create a garland-grid stretched across the ceiling. Star lights evenly distributed over the surface can be white, yellow, imitating the natural color of the stars perceived by our eyes, or they can twinkle beautifully with multi-colored lights.

If you are a creative person, here are some creative ideas. Their implementation will take a little more time, but the result will be absolutely unique and exclusive:

  • photo gallery. Using paper clips, hang on a garland stretched along the wall in several tiers, small format pictures - 9x13. This technique will organically complement the interior in retro style;

  • luminous rug made of duralight. Take wool yarn and tie it around the cord, then twist the garland into a spiral - and you get a charming rug;

  • stars. You will need a beltlight, foamiran (foam sheet) and scissors. Cut out stars of any size, cut a small square in the center and put the star layout on a round light bulb. Simple and very unusual;

  • Christmas tree is not a wall. You will need a garland-thread, a simple pencil or ordinary bar soap and adhesive tape, more reliable - double-sided TM 3, but a regular one may also work - it depends on the decorative coating of your walls. First make a markup to outline the main points for fixing and form the crown of the Christmas tree;

  • snow clouds. Prepare several ready-made paper balls on a metal frame (Paper Lanterns), fishing line, cotton wool, glue gun, wooden stick, 2 hooks and a white or bluish thread garland. Using a glue gun, cotton wool is glued onto the balls, and the balls are fixed to a wooden stick, which, with the help of a fishing line, clings to the hooks from two opposite edges. A garland is fixed behind the improvised clouds, hanging down along the clouds. Turn on the garland - and watch how it snows endlessly, sparkling and shimmering!

We hope that our article was useful and will help create a festive atmosphere in the house for the upcoming New Year and Christmas holidays!

Christmas tree garland

Having chosen a Christmas tree, it is equally important to find the right decorations for it. The most important is the garland. It brings the atmosphere of the New Year to the installed room. It is important to choose the right length of the garland for the Christmas tree. Otherwise, the tree will become dull and hardly noticeable.

  • How to choose the length of the Christmas tree garland

    • Depending on the size of the Christmas tree

    • Depending on the shape of the lamps

    • Depending on cord size

    • Features Christmas tree garland

    • Modes

    • Dimensions

    • Coating or material

  • Conclusion

  • How to choose the length of a Christmas tree garland

    Choosing the length of a Christmas tree garland is necessary, taking into account the size of the tree, the shape of the bulbs and the design of the cord.

    The length of the garland itself sometimes depends on this. It should also be taken into account that on many packages the length of the garland is considered together with the cord, which can eventually become an unpleasant surprise when decorating a tree.

    Depending on spruce size

    The length of the Christmas tree is the main criterion when choosing a garland. It is convenient to navigate when choosing a garland. The formula by which the size of the LED strip is calculated: 3.14 * spruce height \u003d garland length. It is desirable to add 10% to this result so that there is a small margin.

    For large premises, such as a kindergarten, work office, commercial premises for children's activities, large fir trees are mainly chosen, their length varies from 2 meters and above. To decorate such a tall tree and give everyone a festive atmosphere, you need to immediately choose a suitable garland, because. several small ones will be problematic to connect. And also unsafe, because. small jewelry usually has thin wires, which can accidentally start a fire. In this case, it will be more difficult to disconnect them from the network, and even more so to remove them from the tree. If you calculate the length of the garland using a special formula, you need to take the length of the spruce from 2 to 5 meters. This length is optimal for any large room.
    For example, the minimum length will be 2 * 3.14 = 6.28 m. It is best to consider the length of the garland from 8 meters, because bright lights and fluffy tinsel will help, if necessary, hide the flaws of the lower branches. And if we take the maximum size of a spruce, then it will be 5 * 3.14 = 15.7. Here it is also desirable to pick up a larger garland. We recommend considering options of 15-20 meters.

    Small trees, 100–150 cm high, are usually chosen for offices. They fit perfectly into any space and do not take up much furniture. They will also delight the kids of employees when they come with their parents for gifts. To calculate the length of the garland, multiply the height of the tree by 3.14. The calculation formula is 100 * 3.14 \u003d 314 cm. But it is best to choose garlands for 4-5 meters in this option. This will allow you to add more lights to the spruce and make it even brighter. Or 150 * 3.14 = 471 cm. (4 meters 71 cm. ) But in this case, 5 meters may not be enough. You can see the garlands at 6-7 meters, thereby providing free access to the outlet and a cozy atmosphere. But if you already have a garland and you do not know what length of tree is optimal for it. Take the length of the garland, subtract 10-15% from it and divide the resulting number by 3.14. As a result, you will have the maximum length of a spruce that can be decorated with an existing garland.

    For the home, choose a Christmas tree with a height of 100 to 250 cm. It all depends on what kind of ceilings you have at home. But to calculate the garland, it is also necessary to take into account all the parameters of the spruce. At home, it often happens that the owners, for greater brightness and beauty, decorate the spruce with two overlapping garlands at once. But for security reasons, it is categorically impossible to do this, because. the wires heat up very quickly and can melt at the overlap. Subsequently, nearby bulbs may at least fail or, at a maximum, a short circuit may occur.

    If you want to decorate your fir tree and make it brighter, it is better to buy a garland much larger than the recommended length formula. This will allow you to leave minimal gaps between the layers of the garland and dress up a beautiful holiday tree. According to the formula, the recommended length should vary from 3 to 8 meters. But if possible, it is better to take 1-2 m more.

    If you are considering a table tree garland, for example, for work. Then they, as a rule, are no more than 100 cm. For such trees, any garland up to three meters will suit you.

    Depending on the shape of the lamps

    Small and large lamps are used in the garlands. If the bulbs are small, smaller than a fingernail, then there are 30-40 pieces per meter of garland. For garlands with large bulbs, there are 100-150 pieces.

    For a good illumination of spruce, 100-150 cm high, it is best to purchase a garland with small bulbs. If the spruce is 3-5 meters, you can look at models with large bulbs.

    Depending on cord size

    The correct cord must be selected to use the garland safely. Such a wire has at least 1 meter, from the last bulb to the plug. Before buying a garland, it is necessary to measure the distance from the installation site of the spruce to the outlet, 30% of the total amount is added to the result. Properly selected design protects the house from fire, in the event of a short circuit.

    Features of the Christmas tree lights

    Christmas lights have a few features to consider when buying LED strips.


    There are two main backlight modes in the settings: static and flickering.

    The essence of static lighting is that the light bulbs emit a uniform amount of light and do not flicker. In this case, the color of the lighting may vary depending on the bulbs. Inexpensive multi-colored ones can give static illumination of blue, green and red. In addition to uniform soft lighting, garlands can also flicker quickly and beautifully. In the settings of the remote control, you can choose the appropriate flashing speed and color.

    It is important to understand that not every color can suit the interior of a room. Modern garlands have several colors:

    • Cool white. It has a slight bluish tint often associated with operating room lighting.
    • Warm white. It has a slight yellowish tint, which resembles standard incandescent lamps. It is they who give a magical atmosphere of warmth and the approaching holiday, and also look aesthetically pleasing on the Christmas tree.
    • Multicolored. Inside each light bulb there is a special glass that colors the incoming color red, yellow, green and blue. They differ in a large number of modes: you can turn on all the colors at the same time, or each one separately.


    Several lengths of garlands are common in stores. The 10 meter garland belongs to the most bought ones.

    Considered a versatile option for most people, it is well suited for indoor Christmas trees up to 2 meters high. At the same time, with such a length, a small margin remains. It is also used as a decorative element.

    The most common version is the 2-sided Christmas tree. But for him it is best to take a spruce 150-170 cm high. Then the garlands will be enough to obtain the desired effect.

    The second most common length is 5 meters. It is suitable for Christmas trees no higher than 1 meter. This length is not enough for street trees or firs at children's parties and matinees, whose length exceeds 2 meters.

    Finish or material

    One of the most important things to consider when choosing a garland is heat resistance. The fact is that some cables and wires are distinguished by the fact that they overheat very quickly and heat up the tree that is decorated. In this case, there is a high risk of fire or fire.

    Garlands are divided into two categories: LED and incandescent. Incandescent lamps are cheaper, while they fail very quickly, and during operation the whole spruce can light up.

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