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Christmas Tree Prices Are Going Up in 2022—Here's Why & How to Save

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Have your heart set on a real tree? With these expert tips, you can get the best Christmas tree prices for a truly happy holiday.

This year, we’ve felt the pinch of inflation on everything from gas and groceries to services and utilities. Unfortunately, there’s no reprieve in sight as we roll into the Christmas season. In addition to higher prices on Christmas gifts, holiday airfare and food, you can expect higher Christmas tree prices as well, according to a new survey from the Real Christmas Tree Board. With as many as 85% of shoppers already worrying about inflation this year, the fact that one of your favorite Christmas traditions is going to be more costly brings anything but tidings of comfort and joy.

So, just how much of an increase might you see on those real Christmas trees? We have the details, along with some ideas on how you can still save money as you deck your halls, so don’t give up on those Christmas tree ideas or festive Christmas tree toppers just yet!

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How much are real Christmas tree prices going up this year?

Enough that you’ll feel it. According to Consumer Reports, the average cost of a real Christmas tree in 2020 was $81, and things didn’t change much in 2021. In August 2022, however, the Real Christmas Tree Board surveyed 55 wholesale growers of real Christmas trees across the United States. A whopping 71% of these growers, who supply more than two-thirds of the country’s real Christmas trees, cited a likely wholesale price increase of 5% to 15% compared with last year. Approximately 11% of growers anticipated increasing their wholesale prices by no more than 5%, while another 11% anticipated increases of 16% to 20%. Only 5% expect to increase prices by 21% or more, while fewer than 2% said they don’t anticipate any price increases.

So, what does this mean for you? That $81 tree could cost you close to $100 this year, if your retailer increases prices by 20%. A $150 tree could go up to $180. And so on, with those prices scaling exponentially, depending on the size of your spruce and the usual cost in your area.

Why are real Christmas tree prices going up this year?

Simply put, Christmas tree suppliers saw their own costs increase this year, and those increased costs will be passed on to consumers. That’s one of the big reasons some other things will be more expensive next year as well. All the growers surveyed by the Real Christmas Tree Board estimated their input costs (the cost they incur to supply real Christmas trees) have increased compared with last year. As personal finance expert Tara Murphy points out, tree farmers and wholesale growers have paid more for raw materials, labor and distribution. Since they may not be able to absorb those increased costs, they need to roll out price increases for consumers.

On the bright side, you don’t have to worry about supply chain issues throwing a wrench in your plans to snag a real Christmas tree. “The real Christmas tree industry met demand last year,” says Marsha Gray, executive director of the Real Christmas Tree Board, “and it will meet demand this year.”

How can you save money on a real Christmas tree this year?

Willing to pay higher prices to get the perfect tree, even if you do so begrudgingly? You’re not alone. The Real Christmas Tree Board also surveyed consumers, who said they’d be willing to pay more this year, if necessary, to keep this tradition alive. Still, there are ways you can save a few dollars.

Shop around

A little research goes a long way when it comes to Christmas tree prices. “Whether you plan on buying your tree at a retailer or tree farm, you want to investigate the prices of different types of trees ahead of your trip,” says Murphy. “That way, you’ll avoid impulse buying on the spot.” The Real Christmas Tree Board makes it easy to find a retailer in your area, whether you want to buy from a choose-and-cut tree farm, a garden center, a home improvement store or a general retailer. Once you have the info on the top shops, call ahead to find the best prices and tailor your trip accordingly.

Consider where you’re buying your tree

While it’s always nice to support a local farm or small business, keep in mind that prices will vary based on inventory levels. According to Murphy, big retailers are generally able to absorb wholesale costs better than smaller retailers. That means they can typically afford to sell trees at lower prices.

Opt for a smaller tree

The larger the tree, the more you’ll spend. Money-saving expert Andrea Woroch suggests choosing one that’s a little smaller. Not only will it cost you less, but it will also require fewer decorations, which could offer additional savings.

Wait to buy

Cars with Christmas trees tied to the roof are a common sighting those first few days after Thanksgiving. But if you’re really looking to save money, you’ll find the cheapest trees in the last few days just before Christmas when suppliers are trying to offload their inventory. Of course, the best time to buy anything is when demand is lower. Call around to see who still has trees and who is offering the best Christmas tree prices. Just keep in mind that if you go this route, you run the risk of being limited to a selection of Charlie Brown–style trees, so it can be a gamble.

Make your real tree last longer

Stretch your dollar by learning how to keep your Christmas tree fresh for way longer. If cared for properly, a real Christmas tree can last for several weeks. Here are a few simple ways to make your real tree last as long as possible:

  • If you purchased a pre-cut tree, add a straight, fresh cut to the trunk as soon as you get home, or ask the lot to do it for you before taking the tree home. This allows the tree to better absorb water.
  • Place your tree in water as soon as you get it home.
  • Refill the water every day.
  • Do not put your tree too close to a heat source like a radiator or fireplace. Doing so can cause your tree to dry out faster.
  • Keep the room cool. Lower temperatures will help slow the drying process.
  • Choose lights that produce less heat, like LEDs or miniature lights.

Get an artificial tree instead

We know, we know—it’s not a real tree. But artificial Christmas trees have come a long way, and the best ones make it almost impossible to tell whether the tree is real or fake. You might pay more up front for a fake tree, but with proper care and storage, an artificial Christmas tree can last for years. Plus, you won’t have to worry about daily maintenance, daily cleanup (those fallen needles are the worst!) or even removing the lights once the holiday is over if you get a pre-lit tree. It’s truly a no-muss, no-fuss option, and you’ll end up saving in the long run.

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Now that you know how to save a few bucks, despite those rising Christmas tree prices, find out the things that money experts tend to buy cheap—and the cheapest days of the week to do anything.


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Why Christmas Tree Prices Are Soaring This Year

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Planning to partake in the time-honored tradition of rockin' around the Christmas tree this holiday season?

Prepare your wallet, and get ready to fight for that fir.

Reports are rolling in from tree farmers and sellers across the country, and they all have a common, interconnected theme: Supply is down, and prices are up. New York's Newsday reported that customers will likely have to pay 10% to 30% more than usual for both live and fake Christmas trees in 2021.

"It’s one for the records," Neil Courtney, manager of the Buffalo Valley Produce Auction in Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania, told "You can’t find trees to buy anywhere. I knew it was coming, but it is more serious than we thought."

Why are Christmas trees so expensive right now?

The Christmas tree situation is the perfect storm of factors.

The first is inflation. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported earlier this month that prices are generally up 6.2% from last October as the economy recovers from lockdowns and government stimulus packages tied to the coronavirus pandemic.

The second reason for the Christmas tree shortage dates further back. In the wake of the 2007-2009 Great Recession, farmers slashed the number of trees they planted. Because Christmas trees take a decade or so to mature, we're still feeling the effects now.

Third, farmers are coping with climate change, which led to wildfires and droughts this summer in Oregon, a major supplier of Christmas trees for West Coasters.

Oh, and that's all on top of the ongoing supply chain crisis and labor shortage snarling shipping times for the nearly 30 million real Christmas trees Americans purchase every year.

"Truck drivers are just scarce," Chris Saraceni, the owner of Savvy’s Christmas Trees in Plano, Texas, told WFAA. "There’s a delay in getting what you need on time."

How much do Christmas trees cost?

According to American Christmas Tree Association, or ACTA, the average live tree costs $78 in 2021. The average artificial tree costs $104. (Fake trees, however, give way to better cost savings over time.)

“Manpower, trucking, transportation, all of those things factor in. It just keeps going up and going up,” Kevin Pressley, the co-owner of Simpson’s Produce in Charlotte, North Carolina, told WBTV. "Trees that you could usually buy for $75 — just to give an example — that tree will cost you 100-plus [dollars] this year. "

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How to get a Christmas tree in 2021

Christmas tree shortages are an annual concern, given their central place in family holiday traditions. But "we’ve never run out of Christmas trees in the U.S.,” Tim O’Connor, the executive director of the National Christmas Tree Association, told HuffPost in October.

To avoid any hiccups, ACTA recommends would-be tree buyers head to stores — or forests, or parking lot tents — early. Shop smartly: The best live Christmas trees still smell sappy and don't have pests. Make sure to ask for at least a half-inch of wood to be sawed off the trunk before taking it home for maximum longevity.

If you're shopping online, read reviews and consider how much storage space your fake tree will take up. And buy soon.

"This is not the year to find a tree last-minute, or to wait for a retailer sale. It’s possible that those sales won’t occur, or that when they do, the inventory will be limited," ACTA says. "Plan ahead, and buy early."


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How to keep the Christmas tree fresh longer after purchase - Articles


  • How to care for a Christmas tree?
  • How to keep your Christmas tree fresh before installation
  • Christmas tree installation
  • Water supply to the shaft
  • Caring for the tree after installation
  • Christmas trees in a pot
  • What to do with the Christmas tree after the holidays?

How to care for a Christmas tree?

Everyone who would like to buy a real live Christmas tree for the New Year thought about how long the Christmas tree will last at home, and how many days before the holiday you need to buy it?

We answer - the life of Christmas trees, firs and pines is different, but none of them will stay warm in your house for more than two weeks.

Russian and Norwegian Christmas trees begin to crumble after about 5-7 days, pines stand a few days longer, firs do not crumble, but gradually dry out and change the color of the needles, it becomes paler. For more information about the properties of New Year trees, in our article "Types of New Year Trees."

This applies, of course, to trees already unpacked and installed in a warm room. However, it is possible to buy spruce long before the New Year and keep it fresh for the holiday, up to a month or more. We'll show you how.

Christmas tree in the interior

How to keep your Christmas tree fresh before installation

The first thing to do is to decide on the date when you will need it, already beautiful and dressed up. We recommend installing Danish Spruce, Fraser Fir, Canadian Pine 5-7 days in advance, and Russian and Norwegian Christmas trees 3-5 days in advance.

All the time until this moment, it is better for the tree to stay in a cool place, at a temperature not higher than 5-10 degrees Celsius, with a minimum amount of light and, preferably, with high humidity.

The key to success is to reduce the amount of moisture evaporated from the plant. For this purpose, a garage or an unheated balcony is perfect. In our experience, there was a case when the Christmas tree remained green and fresh even six months after purchase. And one of our employees set up a Christmas tree on March 8, as an unusual gift for loved ones.

By the way, live Fraser fir comes to Russia from North America, from where it is transported for 45 days in cold stores across the ocean, with a minimum amount of light and with 100% humidity.

This does not affect its quality in any way, since Fraser Fir is considered the highest quality Christmas tree that can be bought in our country for the New Year: it stands for a very long time, does not crumble at all, and the branches of this fir are so strong that they can withstand even very heavy toys and real candlesticks.

Tree seedlings

Christmas tree installation

The cut Christmas tree begins to dry out only from the moment it gets into heat and the process of “drying” begins, the evaporation of moisture from the needles, so after installing the Christmas tree, you need to provide it with a regular supply of water to the trunk, and cool, humid air.

A place for a Christmas tree is suitable away from open flames, electric heaters, radiators and other heat sources. It is very good if the room is sometimes ventilated in order to slightly lower the temperature, and the air is regularly humidified.

After unpacking, the tree must be shaken off dry needles. A certain number of such needles should not scare you, this is quite normal, since spruce branches rub against each other during transportation and packaging. The total mass will still remain green.

Separately, it is worth mentioning that if there is a severe frost outside, less than 15 degrees, then the needles and twigs become very fragile and can be easily damaged. In such weather, we do not recommend once again disturbing the live spruce branches immediately after you brought it home. It is better to hold it for the gradual adaptation of the tree to room temperature, and only then unfold it.

Tree nursery

Water supply to the shaft

The next thing to do is to ensure a regular supply of water to the trunk. In order for the tree to better absorb water, the trunk is cut down 2-3 cm from the log house or notched with a knife to form a fresh cut and a larger area for absorbing moisture.

When delivering a Christmas tree from our online store, this is done without fail, and at our Christmas tree markets - at the request of the buyer. If you do it yourself, try not to cut the trunk at an angle, such a tree will be difficult to establish, and also do not accidentally cut the bark above the water level - this will greatly reduce the amount of moisture absorbed.

You can use special Christmas tree stands with water tanks. In them, the Christmas tree is securely and quickly fixed in the desired position, and it is easy to add water as it evaporates. We also recommend using hydrogel - a special tool for retaining moisture.

Trees on stands

Tree care after installation

All trees crumble differently. The Russian Christmas tree, as well as the European (Norwegian) spruce, will begin to lose needles in a few days, the Russian and Canadian pines stand a little longer, their needles may dry out, but if they are not disturbed, they will not crumble much, especially in Canadian pine. And, for example, Danish spruce (Nordmann fir) and Fraser fir do not lose their needles at all, they dry out right on the branches, only slightly changing color. You can take them outside after the holidays, losing perhaps 10 percent of the needles.

Spruce needles

Potted Christmas trees

There is an option to do without shedding needles at all - this is to buy a spruce in a pot. The price of this Christmas tree will be higher than that of a cut tree, but it will not give you any trouble with cleaning. This is a beautiful, well-wintering, world-famous ornamental plant that can be planted in the spring in the yard or at their summer cottage. See also "All about spruces in containers"

The higher the air temperature in the room, the sooner your cut spruce will begin to crumble. At a temperature of 10 degrees above zero, the New Year tree will stand for a long time, up to a month. But in winter it is quite hot in our apartments, and every 5 degrees increase in temperature reduces the life expectancy of spruce by 1 day. That is, if your house has 28-30 degrees, then with all the tricks, the tree will stand for only a few days. We advise you to regularly ventilate the room in which your Christmas tree stands in order to lower the air temperature by at least a few degrees. You should also not forget that electric electric heaters dry out the air a lot, so it is better not to use them where a live Christmas tree is installed.

Spray the branches as often as possible with a spray bottle, but you need to do this only after making sure that the electric garland on it is turned off!

There are also special products for extending the life of Christmas trees - in the form of water-soluble tablets (1 tablet per 2 liters of water) or liquid fertilizer (2 caps of the product per 1.5 liters of water). We will not claim that this is a panacea for shedding, such products prolong the life of cut fir trees by only 2-5 days, but, as a rule, this is enough to celebrate the New Year holidays and spend the weekend comfortably without thinking about urgent cleaning.

Christmas trees in pots

What to do with the Christmas tree after the holidays?

For convenience, you can buy a special case for the disposal of Christmas trees. You can put a tree on it so as not to scratch the floor in the apartment, it is suitable as a decorative element that covers the stand, it will be possible to hide especially valuable gifts in it, and after the holidays, wrap the tree and take it outside without scattering dry needles.

A live Christmas tree is a real joy for the whole family. And after the holidays, you can throw it away without any regret. Wood is one of the most environmentally friendly materials; when disposed of, it does not harm nature, like plastic bags or artificial Christmas trees.

See also: "Which is better - a live Christmas tree or an artificial one"

If you do not want to think about what to do with the tree after the New Year, or the question “Who will go to throw the tree away?” is popular in your family. then you can order a special service from us - Removal and disposal of the Christmas tree, our employees will save you from these troubles, and you will continue to relax.

Packed Christmas trees

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Decorate the Christmas tree safely! - Safety on holidays and during mass celebrations

During the New Year and Christmas holidays it is so nice to enjoy warm and cheerful evenings with family and friends. However, it is worth remembering that a Christmas tree burning with multi-colored lights is not only the main decoration of the New Year's house, but a source of danger. Therefore, special attention should be paid to its fire safety. After all, the New Year is candles, crackers and lights, and Christmas trees , unfortunately, burn very well. Moreover, artificial ones also emit toxic substances, quickly melt and “spread”, which means that it will be more difficult to eliminate the source of ignition.

When choosing an artificial Christmas tree , it is safer to give preference to models that have a fireproof impregnation (this information is indicated on the packaging).

It is better to install a live Christmas tree two or three days before the New Year. If you bought it earlier, then hold it until it is installed on the balcony: it will be easier for it to adapt to temperature changes. After that, she needs to update the cut by sawing off a few centimeters from the trunk.

Spruce stand must be solid and solid. If you decide to stay on a live spruce, then make sure that it is not dry. The tree needs to be fed with water by placing it in a special form with a water tank or in a bucket of wet sand. This will prevent the needles from drying out and sprinkling quickly, and most importantly, it will increase fire safety. Spraying a Christmas tree decorated with electric garlands should be done with great care. If the garland is intended for both home and outdoor use, then there are no particular problems. Otherwise, spraying should be resorted to only in extreme cases, and before switching on tree wait until it is completely dry.

Install the Christmas tree away from electrical and heating appliances and sources of open fire (fireplaces, gas stoves). It must be remembered that spruce needles flare up instantly and if it flares up strongly, it is quite difficult to extinguish it. Candles and sparklers should not be placed on the Christmas tree, especially in combination with cotton "snow" and paper toys. Let the candles stand on the tables, but even there they should not burn unattended. If you leave the table, be sure to pay them off.

The Christmas tree should not be too big for the space it will be in. Let its top be at least fifty centimeters short of the ceiling. This is especially important if the ceilings are lined with flammable material. The Christmas tree should not be placed close to the walls covered with wallpaper and next to the curtains. In addition, it is not recommended to install Christmas trees in such a way that they interfere with progress - in case of an emergency, they will create a significant obstacle.

If there are small children in the house, then if possible, it is better to install the spruce at such a height that they cannot reach the lower branches, while avoiding household injuries.

Be sure to follow fire safety regulations and be responsible in the choice and use of electrical decorations during the New Year and Christmas holidays.

Faulty and non-certified electrical appliances must not be used to decorate Christmas tree . Children should not have access to controllers (control units for the operation of an electric garland and / or Christmas tree ), wires and sockets.

To prevent the tree from tipping over and injuring the child, it must be correctly assembled and securely installed, and toys evenly distributed on it. You need to assemble an artificial Christmas tree in accordance with the instructions. In the room where the Christmas tree stands, kids should only be under the supervision of adults. For children's safety, it is better to decorate the Christmas tree with light, unbreakable decorations - bows, cones, fiberglass balls, etc.

Be conscious about the choice of garlands. It is better to choose products coated with a flame retardant and tested in a modern laboratory. Such information must be indicated on the packaging.

Garlands must be equipped with fuses, without them, during power surges, overheating and ignition of the wiring may occur. Never turn on the garland in the presence of bare wires, as well as homemade connections. In addition, the elements of the garland should not come into contact with the "rain", because the metallized foil can short-circuit the wiring.

The garland must be checked before placing it on the Christmas tree. At home, it is recommended to use decorations in which the number of lights does not exceed 50. And do not forget that more than three garlands cannot be included in one outlet. If you have any doubts, there is not at least one light bulb in the garland, or there are obvious damages, you cannot use such an ornament.

The most important fire safety rule is not to leave lights on at night or when no one is home.

Learn more