How often do dollar tree employees get paid

Does Dollar Tree Pay Weekly? (2022 Guide)

Do you want to know if Dollar Tree pays weekly? In this article I will discuss how much do Cashiers and employees make at Dollar Tree. Also, I'll talk about which jobs pay the most. What is the highest paying job at Dollar Tree? Then read on to find out. After all, a paycheck isn't everything, right? Fortunately, this is a common question, and I hope I've answered yours.

Does Dollar Tree pay weekly?

If you're interested in a part-time job, you might be wondering whether Dollar Tree pays weekly. This discount store chain has a number of positions available at a variety of times throughout the week, and part-time workers get close to full-time pay and benefits. However, there are a few drawbacks to working for Dollar Tree. For starters, you'll likely have fewer hours per week than a full-time employee.

Receiving your first paycheck at Dollar Tree

As an employee, you'll receive your first paycheck a week after you start working. Then, you'll work no more than 30 hours a week and earn between $8.00 and $9 an hour. Once you've built up a significant amount of experience, you'll likely earn more. Generally, Dollar Tree pays weekly - so you can count on getting your money in the mail once a week. But don't let this discourage you from applying.

Unlike many other jobs, Dollar Tree doesn't pay its employees paid sick days or paid vacation time. Employees are required to work for at least 2 weeks before receiving their first paycheck. There's no incentive to work on weekends or holidays at Dollar Tree, and bonus payments are only $1.50 or so per hour. In addition, Dollar Tree doesn't pay sick days or vacations. However, it does offer generous paid time off (PTO) policies. Employees are allowed to take up to ten sick or vacation days, and can even earn a bonus for working overtime.

Does Does Dollar tree pay weekly?

Dollar Tree pays its employees bi-weekly, or every two weeks. The pay period finishes on the second week's Saturday, and payment is made on the following Friday. Dollar Tree also pays small increases to its staff on a yearly basis.

How much do Dollar Tree employees get paid? (Minimum wage and more)

This retail chain, headquartered in Chesapeake, Virginia, has more than 14,000 stores in the United States. Starting in 2021, Dollar Tree will be paying its employees every two weeks, but the first payment will be made the Friday after the second week of each month. If you're a new employee, you can expect to wait for a week until you get your first paycheck.

Hourly retail employees at Dollar Tree make at least $7.25 an hour, and salaried workers make between $8.32 and $8.63 an hour. If you work 40 hours a week in a retail store, you can make $16,640 annually. However, if you want to move up to the management level, you can earn as much as $90,019 a year. Assistant store managers make between $9.8 and $14 per hour.

How many hours are required to become a full-time Dollar Tree employee?

The hours required to become a full-time employee at Dollar Tree are forty-eight hours. A full-time employee is eligible to receive the same benefits as a part-time worker, while a part-time worker must work less than thirty hours a week. Part-time employees typically work four to five-hour shifts. However, part-time employees are not eligible to receive benefits, such as paid time off, until a law requires it.

How much do Dollar Tree Cashiers get paid?

Those who work at this retail store are typically paid between $8.32 and $9.65 an hour. This can vary greatly depending on experience. If you're looking to make extra money while working part-time, Dollar Tree may be the right fit for you. However, it's important to note that your pay will depend on how much you make each week. Some cashiers are paid more than others, so you need to check the pay scale before you sign up.

Dollar Tree does not provide its employees with uniforms. You can expect to wear a khaki or black shirt with a collar. Many Dollar Tree managers are lax when it comes to employee attire, so make sure you're dressed appropriately the first week you start working at a Dollar Tree. If you change your mind later, you can adapt to the culture of the store.

Is working as a Dollar Tree Cashier easy?

Although working at Dollar Tree can be easy technically, it can be mentally draining. Although I spoke to many Dollar General employees, they said they found the job incredibly easy. The duties are varied, and responsibilities are multifaceted. They include working the cash register, stocking the shelves, and a quick lunch break. Plus, you'll need to work between 10 and 15 hours per week. However, you will be paid well, even after considering that you can take up to ten sick days and/or holidays.

What is the highest paying Dollar Tree job? (Dollar Tree Salaries)

The median pay for employees at Dollar Tree is $129,999 per year, or $62 per hour. This is seventy percent less than the national average salary. The highest-paying job at Dollar Tree is Divisional Merchandise Manager, with an annual salary of $131,000; the lowest is Stock Crew Associate, with a pay range of $9-$14 an hour.

While store associates earn a decent wage, district managers make a lot more. While store managers can make seventy-five thousand dollars a year, they are also at risk of being fired if things aren't going well. Managers manage dozens of stores and have no time to take breaks. A store associate can make a little over $50k, but this salary range can vary widely by state.

What are Dollar Tree managers looking for in an employee?

Dollar Tree managers are looking for people with a strong work ethic and a desire to learn more about the retail industry. They are also looking for candidates with great communication skills, good customer service skills, and the willingness to work weekends. If you have these qualities, you should be able to convince a manager why hiring you would be the right choice. You can make your own future at Dollar Tree by working hard and achieving success.

Does Dollar Tree give holiday pay?

Do you want to work for Dollar Tree? Are you wondering how much they pay you for your holiday hours? The chain of retail stores has over 14,000 locations across the United States. As of 2021, the company will give holiday pay weekly, instead of monthly. This is an interesting move for both employees and the company, since the second week of the month ends on a Saturday, making the pay that follows a Friday. Then, you can look forward to two weeks of vacation every two weeks, with one pay day off during the holidays.

While it is not common for employers to give holiday pay, the company pays its employees twice a year, so this is good news for Dollar Tree associates. You'll get a paycheck on Friday, representing the compensation for the week that ended Saturday before. During the holiday season, Dollar Tree hires extra employees, which means they pay them more. The company does not give employee PTO unless it is required by law.

What is the dress code at Dollar Tree?

Employees at Dollar General and Dollar Tree should wear khaki or black pants and a white or green collared shirt. The company is flexible with employees' clothing, but make sure to wear the appropriate attire when you start. You can adjust to the culture of the store later. You will receive holiday pay weekly if you work full-time at the stores. For your attire, you should wear khaki pants or black and khaki shirts, which is common at Dollar Tree.

Does Dollar Tree provide paid time off?

The vacation policy at Dollar Tree varies among employees. According to our data, 64% of employees with tenure of less than one year receive 0-10 days of paid vacation. Seventy-two percent of employees with tenure of two to five years receive 0-10 days of paid vacation. In addition, nearly half of employees with more than 10 years of service report receiving paid time off that is greater than 10 days. In addition, Dollar Tree does not offer discounts for employees.

Employment requirements to receive PTO

The employment requirements at Dollar Tree vary depending on location. Part-time employees are typically hired for four-to-five-hour shifts, and full-time employees may work more than 30 hours a week. Full-time employees receive four hours of paid time off per month for sick days. In the event of an unforeseen calamity, management must find someone else to fill in the role. This may include a cashier or a stocker.

Hours vary, but employees can generally expect to work eight hours a day. Additionally, Dollar Tree provides employees with paid vacation, paid personal days, and floating holidays. The company also supports employees' professional development and allows them to leave the store during the day to attend appointments.

As a small company, this is not an ideal working environment. However, employees can expect to enjoy their career growth with Dollar Tree Stores Inc. If you're interested in joining this company, check out our website!

Does Dollar Tree have a vacation policy?

The vacation policy at Dollar Tree is generous, though not extravagant. In California, a new employee must follow the new law to take more vacation days than the previous year's maximum. The company will grandfather associates hired before 1998. In general, associates are entitled to two weeks of paid vacation per year. However, there are some exceptions. In some cases, employees may only receive one week's worth of vacation.

Military leave and bereavement leave

A few exceptions to Dollar Tree's vacation policy include military leave and the need to work longer hours. Associates who resign without providing two weeks' notice will forfeit any paid time. However, associates may be eligible for a small rise during the holiday season. In addition, associates with two years of service or more will receive all unused paid vacation in their final paycheck. The final paycheck is scheduled on a regular basis.

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Does Dollar Tree Pay Weekly (2022 Updated)

As every retail store is different, you may want to find out what payment schedule companies are using

Working on a payment schedule will affect how you pay your bills and how much you can save every month. Of course, how much you will be paid for the position will also make a difference, but more on that, later.

The retail sector has a variety of positions you could apply for, but the question remains; Does Dollar Tree Pay Weekly?

The Dollar Tree Payment Schedule

Dollar Tree does not pay weekly but rather bi-weekly. This doesn’t mean that you get paid in the second week and the fourth week either. If you start on the first day of the month, it will run to the second Saturday, and you get paid on the third Friday of the month. Then, you will be paid again on the first Friday of the new month for the rest of the previous month.

This gives the company a week to work out all of your hours worked, possible commissions, and deductibles before you get paid. This is, however, limited to employees who are paid by the hour. Corporate positions in management, project planning, marketing, and human resources are more likely to offer a monthly salary.

Types of Jobs At Dollar Tree offering Hourly Wages:


  • Cashier
  • Merchandise Manager
  • Stocker
  • Assistant Manager
  • Assistant Operations Manager
  • Sales Associate
  • Operations Manager
  • Laborer, Freight, Material Mover, Hand
  • Customer Service Representative (CSR)
  • Forklift Driver
  • Key Holder
  • Accounts Receivable Clerk
  • Logistics Coordinator
  • Machinery Maintenance Mechanic
  • Benefits Specialist
  • Food Service Worker
  • Quality Assurance (QA) Specialist
  • Gaming Change Person

Does Dollar Tree Pay Minimum Wage?

No! They pay more. The minimum wage is currently $7.25 per hour. Dollar Tree pays a minimum of $8 per hour and an average of $10.61. They also include annual bonuses between $500 – $2500. On top of that, you may qualify for health, vision, and dental insurance, as well as disability, dismemberment, and accidental death insurance.

Overall employee reviews of the company

According to, the company scores an average of three out of five stars based on reviews for its overall appreciation of employees, fair wages, learning, development, communication, and management relationship.

Some of the reviews mentioned that they enjoy comfortable workwear, work flexibility, and opportunities to learn and grow within their positions to get promotions. However, it is worth noting that it is a fast-paced environment, and holiday hours can be stressful.

Will it be a good fit for you?

If you love working in retail or you want to get solid work experience, Dollar Tree will be a great place for you to get your foot in the door. It is also worth mentioning that although retail requires you to work with customers, there are some positions about logistics that may be better suited to you if you are not looking to interact with others.

Working In Retail Can Be Fun!

Firstly, let’s take a look at my Dollar Tree Application and my How Old Do You Have To Be To Work At Dollar Tree, if you’re still in school, or even my Top Easy Jobs That Pay Well, if you’re looking for part-time work.

Next, you might not be sure on which position to apply for. So, check out my Cashier Job Description, my Sales Associate Job Description, and Sales Associate Interview Questions, as well as my Store Associate Job Description, to help you decide!

Of course, there are also many alternatives to choose from, such as our Pick n Save Grocery Application, our Giant Food Stores Application, and our Lucky Supermarkets Application, or perhaps you’d prefer our City Market Application, our Shaws Application, and finally, our Tops Application, for you to apply to in 2022.

Does Dollar Tree Pay Weekly – Final Thoughts

Because of Dollar Tree’s payment system, you’re probably wondering how to manage your bills on a bi-weekly schedule

The best way to do this is to pay some bills ahead of time rather than waiting for month-end. This will keep you from spending money on impulse purchases. These bills should include your rent and other things that are recurring at the same value each month. When you get your Dollar Tree paycheck on the third Friday, you can set money aside for these bills. 

That way, when your second paycheck comes in on the first Friday of the month, you can use that for anything else you have not paid yet and budget for the month going forward. 

All the very best in your new job at Dollar Tree!


    Salary once a month | How often to pay salaries?

    ⚡ All articles / ⚡ Employees

    Max Borisov

    We will also tell you how the labor inspectorate finds out about violations and what to do if you have entered into an agreement with an employee that is contrary to the labor code.

    • Administrative responsibility
    • How the labor inspectorate finds out about the violation
    • Is it possible to prescribe a payment once a month in an employment contract
    • The employee himself asks to pay once a month
    • Is it possible to pay a symbolic advance, and the remaining amount later

    Pay twice a month

    You cannot pay salaries once a month. Without exceptions, reservations and conditions.

    You can pay twice a month, three times, even every day. The main thing is not less than every half a month. This procedure is fixed in Art. 136 of the Labor Code.

    In addition, there is a time frame: wages for a month worked are paid within 15 calendar days. This means that the salary for September must be paid no later than October 15, and the first part of the remuneration for October - before October 30 inclusive. Otherwise, it will turn out less often than every half a month.

    Dates may be different: for example, 10 and 25 or 5 and 20. The employer chooses specific dates, it is important to write them in the employment contract.

    We deliberately do not use the word "advance" here: it is not found in the Labor Code. In everyday speech, an advance means a salary for the worked part of the month.

    If the payment date falls on a holiday or weekend, the salary is paid the day before.


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    Start working with employees in 11 lessons

    Start learning

    Administrative responsibility

    Employers who pay salaries once a month violate labor laws and attract the attention of the labor inspectorate.

    If an inspection comes, the employer will receive a fine and an order to correct the violation.

    Liability under art. 5.27 of the Code of Administrative Offenses:

    • for individual entrepreneurs - from 1000 to 5000 rubles;
    • officials - a warning or a fine from 10,000 to 20,000 rubles;
    • legal entities — from 30,000 to 50,000 rubles;

    You may not agree with the results of the check, but then you will have to defend your case in court.

    How does the labor inspectorate find out about the violation

    An employee complains. To do this, he does not have to leave the workplace and take a queue for an appointment with the inspector. On the website of Rostrud, a complaint can be sent in a couple of clicks, it is enough to have an account on the State Services.

    A competitor, an ill-wisher, a journalist, a compassionate grandmother of a dismissed employee complains - anyone can report a violation of employee rights. Such a complaint will be the basis for an unscheduled inspection. About this - in Art. 360 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation.

    Scheduled inspections for small businesses are not threatened until early 2021. We wrote about this in the article "Checks of Rospotrebnadzor".

    Is it possible to prescribe a payment once a month in an employment contract

    There are situations when one payment per month suits both the employer and the employee. Here the idea is born to prescribe in the employment contract: the salary is issued once a month. It seems that the agreement signed by both parties is a reliable defense in a dispute with the labor inspectorate.

    Actually, this is not the case. The contract should not worsen working conditions in comparison with those guaranteed by the Labor Code. This is written in Art. 9 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation.

    If you have already prescribed the condition of one payment per month, conclude an additional agreement to the employment contract in order to change the clause on the terms of payment of wages.

    The employee himself asks to pay once a month

    Sometimes employees themselves insist on one payment: “I have a mortgage, it’s convenient for me to make a payment when the entire salary is paid at once!” Alas, the desire of the employee is powerless before the Labor Code. You cannot pay once a month, even if the employee writes a statement, begs or threatens to go on a hunger strike. Paying at least every half a month is not the right, but the obligation of the employer. There are no exceptions.

    Is it possible to pay a symbolic advance, and the remaining amount later

    This is also not possible. The logic is this: wages are remuneration for labor depending on the quantity, quality and conditions of the work performed; salary is paid at least every half a month. Therefore, you need to pay taking into account the actual hours worked and the amount of work performed. If an employee has fully worked for half a month, he needs to pay half of the salary, and not 1000 rubles, in order to formally fulfill the requirements of the law.

    Read a detailed answer to this question on the Rostrud website.

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    home care, photo, varieties, transplant, flower diseases

    Discovered in the tropical forests of Africa, the handsome Zamioculcas attracted the attention of botanists with its juicy fleshy leaves. In recent years, it has become very popular, especially after it became known that, according to Feng Shui, this flower brings good luck and financial well-being to the owners. Then he was quickly nicknamed the dollar tree and began to give for birthdays, holidays, decorate offices.

    The genus Zamioculcas belongs to the Araceae family. And there is only one species in it - Zamioculcas zamiifolia (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) (1). However, other species can be found in the literature. For example, the lanceolate zamiokulkas (Zamioculcas lanceolata) - in 1929 it was described by the German botanist Gustav Peter, but at the moment it is classified as zamiokulkas zimyelous. And Zamioculcas Boivin (Zamioculcas boivinii), which was described in 1870, is now generally attributed to a different genus - gonatopus (Gonatopus boivinii).

    This plant was first described in 1829. However, it became widespread quite recently - in 1996 (2), when Dutch nurseries actively began to propagate it.

    With good care, the dollar tree reaches a height of 1 m or more. It blooms quite rarely, besides, its cob of light pink or light yellow color is not particularly decorative. But the fleshy dark green leaves are able to please all year round. 9 told us about the features of this plant0067 Tatyana Zhashkova, chairman of the Moscow Flower Growers club, collector of ornamental flowering plants.

    2 times a week in a week in a week in a week,
    Lighting Bright multiple light
    Temperature in the summer - 18 - 25 ° C, in winter - about 16 ° C
    Air humidity High, requires daily spraying

    Bug. This is the smallest of all existing varieties - its height does not exceed 30 cm. Its petioles are leafy from the very base, the leaves are dark green in color.

    Zamicro. The very first undersized hybrid obtained by breeders in 2007. The height of the bush is about 60 cm. The leaves are much smaller than those of species plants.

    Zenzi. Another undersized variety - its height also does not exceed 60 cm. Leaf petioles are strongly thickened at the base, and the leaves themselves are dark green in color. The variety does not tolerate waterlogging - it must be watered very carefully.

    Lucky. Its main feature is the perfectly rounded shape of the leaves. A plant up to 55 cm high, grows very quickly - with good care, it reaches the size of an adult plant in just a few months.

    lucky white. This is the best known cultivar of the variegated series. Its leaves have a beautiful marble color - cream and yellow spots and strokes are scattered over a green background. The plant is compact, 30 - 40 cm high.

    Super Nova. This variety is a luxurious giant up to 1.5 m high. Its petioles are powerful, with an abundance of emerald green leaves.

    Black Raven. Its leaves and shoots are so dark in color that they appear black from a distance. At the same time, young leaves are painted in light green color. The plant looks very extravagant! The bush reaches a height of 75 cm.

    Caring for a dollar tree at home

    In general, Zamioculcas is an unpretentious plant, but there are several growing features that need to be taken into account.


    Zamioculcus is a succulent plant, so soil marked “for cacti” is suitable for it.

    But you can prepare the soil yourself. The ideal option is a mixture of leaf and sod land, peat and sand in a ratio of 1:1:1:1. It is useful to add small pebbles and pieces of charcoal to it.


    During active growth, the air temperature should be at least 18 °C, but optimally - 25 °C. But in winter, the plant has a dormant period, and at this time it needs coolness - around 16 ° C.


    Dollar tree loves plenty of light, but does not tolerate direct sunlight - they can cause leaf burn. In summer, this plant feels great on a glazed loggia, provided that the sun does not shine directly on it.


    Zamioculcas has a tuberous root, it is able to store water, so it easily tolerates underfilling and drought. Quietly lives without watering for up to 2 weeks - you can safely leave it when going on vacation, or leaving the office for a long vacation.

    Zamioculcas is a plant that does not require special care. Photo: @mrlokeshtiwari,

    But he doesn't like overflows. If the water is in the pan, the tuber root may rot. Therefore, drainage and moderate watering are very important. Water only when the top layer of soil is very dry.

    But at the same time, the dollar tree loves moist air very much, so it needs to be sprayed every day. Better yet, if it will be in a room where there is a humidifier. This is especially true in winter, when the plant is above the radiator.

    Fertilizers and top dressings

    Zamioculcas needs top dressing only during the period of active growth - from April to September. It is best to use complex liquid fertilizers. During dormancy, it is not necessary to fertilize it.

    Propagation of the dollar tree at home

    There are three ways to propagate the dollar tree (Zamioculcas).

    Tuber division. The dollar tree is most easily propagated by dividing the tuber. When transplanting an adult plant, the tubers are divided and planted in different pots. The pot for the separated tuber should not be very deep and not very large - about 3 - 4 cm wider than the rhizome.

    Cutting. Cuttings are more labor intensive. First you need to find a kidney on a bare branch. Using a sharp knife, cut off the stem with a bud and shorten it slightly - there should be at least one leaf and a bud on the stem. The cut should be sprinkled with activated charcoal to disinfect from possible diseases. Dry the stalk for 5 - 7 hours (you can leave it overnight on the windowsill).

    Pour vermiculite (a special mineral-rich substrate) into a small pot and deepen the cutting slightly. Water it every day for 2 to 4 weeks, during which time the cutting should give good roots. And then it can be transplanted to a permanent place.

    Sheet. A simple but not always 100% result method. Moreover, it is very long. Separate a few small leaves from the branch, slightly deepen them in loose vermiculite, peat or other substrate. Moisturize it a little.

    These "leafy" seedlings need good lighting. You can create a greenhouse effect for him by covering with a film. The tuber from the leaves is formed within a few months.

    Transplanting a dollar tree at home

    The roots of Zamioculcas are strong and powerful, they can easily break a plastic container, so it is better to plant it in a ceramic or clay container. The pot should be slightly larger than the previous one. Be sure to put a good layer of drainage on the bottom.

    Transplantation should be carried out using the transshipment method, planting the plant in a new pot along with the old clod of earth. But make sure that the top tubers are slightly exposed, about 1 cm.

    Important! The sap of the dollar tree is poisonous and can cause skin burns, so it should be transplanted with rubber gloves.

    Dollar tree diseases

    Root rot. The main problem of zamioculcas is watering - with excess moisture, their roots rot. You can recognize the problem by withering shoots and yellowing leaves.

    In caring for Zamioculcas, the most important thing is to water it properly. Photo: @shvets-production, pexels. com

    You can save the plant if you start treatment at the very beginning. The first step is to remove the plant from the pot and remove the rotten roots. After that, the rest must be washed in a weak solution of potassium permanganate, dried and planted in a new pot with fresh soil.

    Dollar tree pests

    Spider mite. In the initial stage, the infection is not easy to detect - the pests are very small. But if numerous light dots began to appear on the leaves, it is clearly him. With severe infection, the plants are covered with cobwebs.

    Kleschevit and Fitoverm will help to cope with the pest (3).

    Aphid. This pest is well visible on plants, you can't confuse it with anyone. With a large population, it can do much harm, up to the death of Zamiokulkas.

    Biotlin Tanrek, Karate or biopreparation Fitoverm will help to cope with aphids (3). Apply pesticides as directed.

    Shields. These insects are covered with a strong shell, they settle on all frequent plants and it is not easy to deal with them.

    The first thing to do is remove the insects with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. Then wash the plant with soapy water. And then treat the bush with Aktellik (3).

    Popular Questions and Answers

    Growers often have typical questions when growing Zamioculcas. Let's take a look at them.

    How to choose a dollar tree?

    The most important thing is that the plant be healthy - without spots on the leaves and signs of insect pests. If possible, remove the plant from the pot and inspect the roots - it is important that they are not rotten.

    Does the dollar tree bloom?

    Yes, under good conditions, Zamioculcas blooms even at home. But his flowers are inconspicuous - an inflorescence of an ear with a green veil. As it is, it appears in the spring.

    Why does Zamioculcas stretch?

    He lacks light. You need to move to a well-lit place.

    Why do spots appear on the leaves of the dollar tree?

    The plant may be too crowded and needs to be repotted.

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