How old is the one tree hill cast

How Old the 'One Tree Hill' Stars Were Compared to Their Characters

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"One Tree Hill" started during the main characters' junior year. Warner Bros. Television
  • "One Tree Hill" was a teen drama that ran from 2003-2012.
  • Most of the actors were not teens when they were cast on the show.  
  • The series featured a number of time jumps that made the cast closer in age to their characters. 
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Chad Michael Murray was 21 when he started playing Lucas Scott, a 16-year-old junior in high school.

Warner Bros/Bobby Bank/Getty Images Chad Michael Murray on Season 1 of "One Tree Hill and in 2019.

During the fifth season, the series jumped ahead four years, aging Lucas up to 22. Murray was 26 at the time.

He left the show before the seventh season, which jumped ahead 14 months. Both the eighth and ninth seasons featured time jumps of a year, and Murray briefly returned for the ninth and final season. 

Murray is married to fellow actor Sarah Roemer with whom he shares two kids. 

Hilarie Burton Morgan joined the series as 16-year-old Peyton Sawyer when she was 20.

Hilarie Burton Morgan in the first season of "One Tree Hill" and in 2019. Warner Bros. Television/ Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

Like Murray, Burton left the series at the end of season 6. She was 26 at the time of her final appearance. 

Burton Morgan married her long-time love Jeffrey Dean Morgan in 2019.

The couple has two kids together. Their son, Augustus "Gus" Morgan was born in 2010. A daughter named George Virginia Morgan arrived in 2018. 

James Lafferty was close in age to his 16-year-old character Nathan Scott as he was cast when he was 17.

James Lafferty on the first season of "One Tree Hill" and in 2020. Warner Bros. Television/Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images

Lafferty stayed on the series for all nine seasons and aged in line with his character.  

He is currently engaged to fellow actor Alexandra Park. 

Bethany Joy Lenz was 22 when she started playing high school junior Haley James Scott.

Bethany Joy Lenz on season 1 of "One Tree Hill" and in 2020 Warner Bros. Television/Paul Archuleta/WireImage

Lenz, who starred on the series for all nine seasons, was 30 when the show ended while her character was in her late 20s. 

Lenz has a daughter named Maria Rose with ex-husband Michael Galeotti.  

Sophia Bush was 20 when she first started playing 16-year-old Brooke Davis.

Sophia Bush on "One Tree Hill" and in 2021 Warner Bros. Television/Rich Fury/Getty Images

Bush was 29 during the show's final season, roughly the same age as her character after the forward time jumps. 

She is currently engaged to FocusMotion Health founder Grant Hughes.

Lee Norris played 16-year-old Marvin "Mouth" McFadden but was cast when he was 21.

Lee Norris on the first season of "One Tree Hill" and on "Girl Meets World." Warner Bros. Television and Disney

Norris was 30 by the show's end. 

He recently started the "Married with Television" podcast with his wife Andrea Norris. 

Antwon Tanner was around 28 when he started playing Antwon "Skills" Taylor, a 16-year-old.

Antwon Tanner on season one of "One Tree Hill" and on "The Carmichael Show. " Warner Bros. Television and NBC

Tanner was 36 when the show finished. 

He has since appeared alongside Burton Morgan in Lifetime Christmas movies like 2019's "A Christmas Wish." 

Danneel Ackles joined the cast as troublemaker Rachel Gatina when she was about 26 years old.

Danneel Ackles on "One Tree Hill" and in 2018. Warner Bros Television/Phillip Chin/Getty Images for Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Ackles joined the cast as Rachel in season 3 during the crew's penultimate year of high-school. After the time jump during season 5, her age was closer in line with her characters until her final episode on "One Tree Hill" season 7. 

Ackles married fellow CW star Jensen Ackles in 2010. The couple has three kids: a daughter names Justice and twins Arrow and Zeppelin

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Half-brothers Lucas and Nathan Scott trade between kinship and rivalry both on the basketball court and in the hearts of their friends in the small, but not so quiet town of Tree Hill, North. .. Read allHalf-brothers Lucas and Nathan Scott trade between kinship and rivalry both on the basketball court and in the hearts of their friends in the small, but not so quiet town of Tree Hill, North Carolina.Half-brothers Lucas and Nathan Scott trade between kinship and rivalry both on the basketball court and in the hearts of their friends in the small, but not so quiet town of Tree Hill, North Carolina.






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      Chad Michael Murray was the first actor to be cast in the show, though creator Mark Schwahn originally wanted him to play Nathan, having seen him in bad guy roles before. But Murray himself wanted to play Lucas, because he felt that the character had a back story he could connect more to, since he also experienced being abandoned as a child.

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      Haley James: Remembering what?

      Nathan Scott: Your hair. You wore it that way the first day you tutored me.

      Haley James: You remember how I wore my hair the first day I tutored you?

      Nathan Scott: Of course.

      Haley James: What else do you remember?

      Nathan Scott: I remember the ugly-ass poncho that you wore.

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    Should have ended with season 7

    This show started out really well, and got better with each season. It was one of my favorite shows. Until season 8. From season 8 and on, I've been embarrassed to admit that I still watch this show.

    The characters Chase, Quinn, Clay and Alice are pointless. I have no interest in any of their stories. I miss the core OTH group and the relationships between them. That group of friends gave the show its heart and soul. There are so many new characters on this show that it lost its intimacy and charming nature. The show now seems shallow and dull.

    Also, to the writers - please stop using the phrases "you know that" and "you goof," as in "I love you, you know that" and boyfriends/girlfriends referring to each other as "you goof". It's no longer cute, and it is bordering somewhere between extremely annoying and downright obnoxious. I cringe every single time I hear these phrases.

    I gave this show a 7, which would have been a 10 if it had ended with season 7... and would have been a 2 if it had started with season 8.

    UPDATE: Season 9 makes up for the crappiness of season 8. Stick it out. You wont regret it. I'm raising my rating to an 8.



    • Melissa_1982
    • Jan 19, 2012

    • Why is the show named "One Tree Hill"?

    • I like that song in that one episode! Which one was it?


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    It's been over 18 years since fan-favorite TV show One Tree Hill first premiered in 2003, and god we feel old! Is it time for a reboot?

    James Lafferty (who fans know as Nathan Scott) chatted with E! News in January 2021 and found out if the Tree Hill team is planning to get back together. It's just what we know and we're really grateful for having an appetite for One Tree Hill - the actor explained while talking about his new show. Everyone is fine . But right now we're kind of focusing on something like that, mapping it to our story to see how we can play with it.

    As for Stephen Colletti , the actor told the publication: "If we had the opportunity, we would definitely consider it ... If we had the opportunity to play another season, because it is not yet a foregone conclusion."

    Previously, Bethany Joy Lenz sent fans into a frenzy in July 2020 when she appeared to tease the series reboot. Great #backtoschool news for all of you... Coming soon! "#oth #ravens," she then captioned the photo. Adding fuel to the fire, Sophia Bush and Hilarie Burton Morgan (who played Brooke Davis and Peyton Sawyer) commented on a bunch of emoji in a social media post. We look forward to a reunion at Tree Hill High in the near future!

    After nine seasons on the air, the teen drama series came to its bittersweet end in 2012 and, thanks to streaming services like Hulu and Netflix, will live forever. But ever since the show ended, fans have been wondering what their favorite stars have been up to. Well, there's nothing more to worry about, because Coolshippodcast has you covered! We did a serious investigation and found out not only what James and Stephen have been doing for the last nine years, but also partners such as Tyler Hilton , Chad Michael Murray , Daniel Ackles , Bryan Greenberg , Ashley Rickards , Antwon Tanner and Jackson Brunday. If you need answers, look no further!

    Scroll through our gallery to see which stars One Tree Hill has so far!

    1 of 24


    Sophia Bush played Brooke Davis

    Scroll to see what she's up to now.

    2 of 24

    Broadimage / Shutterstock

    good luck charlie where are they now

    What is Sophia Bush doing now?

    In particular, the actress played Erin Lindsey in the show. Chicago P.D. , but she has also appeared on other TV shows such as Chicago Honey, Chicago Fire, Jane the Virgin, Love, Victor and Good Sam . Sofia has also starred in films such as Acts of Violence and The Incredibles 2 featuring Hard Luck Love Song and False Positive will be released in 2020.

    As for her personal life, she was previously married to OTH partner, Chad, but they divorced in 2006. She also dated Austin Nichols , Late Dan Fredinburg and Jesse Lee Soffer . According to Us Weekly , in 2020, the actress was spotted holding hands with a mystery man they identified as an entrepreneur. Grant Hughes . They got engaged in August 2021.

    3 of 24


    James Lafferty played Nathan Scott

    Scroll to see what he's up to now.

    4 of 24

    Broadimage / Shutterstock

    What is James Lafferty doing now?

    After OTH , James appeared in films such as Waffle Street and Small Town Crime . He has also appeared on shows such as Crisis, Metro, The Haunting of Hill House and the upcoming The Right Things.

    The actor was previously in a relationship with Eva Hewson , but they broke up in 2015.

    5 of 24


    Tyler Hilton played Chris Keller

    Scroll to see what he's up to now.

    6 of 24

    Mediapunch / Shutterstock

    What is Tyler Hilton doing now?

    Since OTH, Tyler has appeared in several TV shows such as Surviving, Castle and Filing. The actor currently has a fairly large musical career and has released seven albums and two EPs since 2000.

    In 2015 he married an actress. Megan Park and in 2020 they had a daughter named Winnie.

    7 of 24


    Hilarie Burton Morgan played Peyton Sawyer

    Scroll to find out what she's up to now.

    8 of 24

    Broadimage / Shutterstock

    What is Hilarie Burton Morgan doing now?

    The actress continued to act in the series in the USA. White collar after OTH . She then appeared in other shows such as Degree, Lethal Weapon, Dads Council, Grey's Anatomy, Hostages and more. In addition to acting, Hilary released her first book - Village diaries: love, livestock and big lessons of life on a farm - in 2020.

    In 2009, she started dating an actor. Jeffrey Dean Morgan and in 2010 their first son was born. Then, in 2018, the couple announced the birth of their daughter. On October 5, 2019, Jeffrey and Hilary got married.

    9 of 24


    Chad Michael Murray played Lucas Scott

    Scroll to see what he's up to now.

    10 of 24

    Invision / AP / Shutterstock

    What is Chad Michael Murray doing now?

    After he stole the hearts of One Tree Hill , Chad starred in some serious famous movie like House of Wax, A Cinderella Story, Fruitvale Station, and Madea's Christmas . In 2019, he landed the role of bad boy Edgar Evernever in Riverdale. He is also set to appear in the 2020 film. Survive the night.

    Chad married an actress in 2015. Sarah Roemer and now the couple are parents of two children.

    11 of 24


    Danneel Ackles played Rachel Gattina

    Scroll to see what she's up to now.

    12 of 24

    MediaPunch / Shutterstock

    What is Danneel Ackles doing now?

    After OTH, Danneel had various roles in TV shows such as Friends with benefits, retired at 35 and Supernatural . She has also starred in films such as Getaway Plan and The Roommate.

    Janet Jackson best dance performance

    In 2010, the actress married an actor. Jensen In 2013 they had their first daughter. A few years later, in 2016, the couple had twins.

    13 of 24


    Stephen Colletti played Chase Adams

    Scroll to find out what he is currently doing.

    14 of 24

    AFF-USA / Shutterstock

    What is Stephen Colletti doing now?

    The reality star-turned-actor continued acting in Hit the Floor after OTH . He has also starred in films such as Summer Forever, Suicide Note and Frat Pack.

    15 of 24


    Bethany Joy Lenz played Haley James Scott

    Scroll to find out what she's up to now.

    16 of 24

    Stuart Cook / Shutterstock

    What is Bethany Joy Lenz doing now?

    The actress made a pretty big career after starring in the film Hayley James Scott. OTH . She has appeared on shows such as Dexter, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., American Gothic, The Colony, Grey's Anatomy and Pearson . Bethany has four movies on the horizon in 2020: Blindfire, So Cold the River, Valentine's Day and Just my type.

    In 2011, she gave birth to her first daughter with her husband. Michael Galeotti . A year later, in 2012, after seven years of marriage, Bethany and Michael announced their divorce.

    17 of 24


    Bryan Greenberg played Jake Jagielski

    Scroll to see what he's up to now.

    18 of 24

    MediaPunch / Shutterstock

    What is Brian Greenberg doing now?

    The actor has starred in many TV shows such as Unscripted, October Road, How to Make It in America and The Mindy Project . He has also starred in films such as Friendship , Bride Wars, Vice and more.

    In 2015, he married a longtime girlfriend and actress. Jamie Chung .

    19 of 24


    Ashley Rickards played Samantha Walker

    Scroll to find out what she's up to now.

    20 of 24

    Chelsea Lauren / Variety / Shutterstock

    What is Ashley Rickards doing now?

    From OTH , Ashley starred in the MTV comedy, Clumsy . She also starred in two 2017 films, Rogue and Killer App.

    Since then Ashley has been seen by fans in TV shows like Size 404 and she is currently starring in comedy series ctrl alt delete.

    21 of 24


    Antwon Tanner played Antwon "Skills" Taylor.

    Scroll to find out what he's up to now.

    22 of 24

    MediaPunch / Shutterstock

    What is Antwon Tanner doing now?

    After his role in OTH , Antwon starred in One Blood, Crush, The Dempsey Sisters, Who Can I Run To, Fade Away, Two Faced, Rosewood, Rizzoli & Isles, Unsolved and Newbie .

    23 of 24


    Jackson Brundage played James Lucas Scott

    Scroll to see what he's up to now.

    24 of 24


    What is Jackson Brundage doing now?

    The young star has grown so much since One Tree Hill and went on to star in shows like NCIS Look Dad Run and Harvey Beaks.

    Series One Tree Hill: actors

    The world knows many cult series. Entire generations grow up on them, and their heroes become idols. The American TV series One Tree Hill, released in September 2003, was no exception to this rule. The actors, along with the scriptwriters and directors, did their job with their bright play, and for nine seasons people around the world, with bated breath, followed the life of the characters. The plot of the series tells about a small American town. Two guys, Lucas and Nathan, have the same loud surname in their city - Scott. Nathan lives with their wealthy father Dan in a posh house, while Lucas and his mother struggle to make ends meet to pay their water and electricity bills. Different fates created a huge chasm between the brothers, until their mutual love of basketball reunited them in their hometown called One Tree Hill. The actors who played roles filled with complex meaning fell in love with viewers. Therefore, both they and their characters deserve more detailed consideration.

    Lucas Scott

    Chad Michael Murray played one of the main male roles. The life of his hero, young Lucas, was supposed to be the most ordinary - average parents, parties with friends on the basketball team, no worries. But his fate was changed even before his birth, when his pregnant mother, who had barely graduated from school, was abandoned by her lover. It would seem that the story is not so rare, if his father had not become one of the most influential people in the city and constantly an eyesore to the abandoned guy. A single mom, financial difficulties and eternal resentment towards his father made him a loner. During the day, he likes to play basketball on the court in the park, and in the evenings he spends reading books.

    Chad Michael Murray experienced hardship himself. When his parents divorced, the 12-year-old boy worked as hard as he could: as a janitor, a newspaper peddler. So he was able to play his role as the sole support of his mother very realistically.

    Nathan Scott

    James Lafferty played Lucas' brother Nathan. The young man grew up in a wealthy family, which was imprinted on his character. The guy is eccentric, narcissistic, selfish and always used to getting everything he wants. This is what his father Dan Scott made him, expecting him to constantly win basketball. Instead of heart-to-heart conversations around the fire and fishing with his father, Nathan received only constant reproaches from Dan and heard the requirements that he had to meet. Outwardly, it seems that only his brother Lucas is deprived of fatherly love, but in fact, both guys never received it.

    James Lafferty himself played basketball for a long time before he was cast as Nathan. He played in the team of the University of California and was even awarded the most valuable player award. To take part in the filming, he had to drop out of school and move to the town of Wilmington, where the shooting took place.

    Hailey James Scott

    Another owner of the loud surname Scott in the city is the modest girl Hailey. She was played by singer Bethany Joy Lenz. Hailey is a nice girl from a modest family. Her parents do not live well and, despite this, they never allow themselves to be sad. Their daughter also held the same view. Fate decreed rather ironically, Lucas' best friend eventually began to bear his last name, marrying his brother.

    Narcissistic Nathan and high school student Haley seem like an odd couple at first glance. But over and over again, overcoming all the obstacles in their path, they will eventually prove to everyone that true family happiness exists even in such initially doomed relationships. It was their union that became the strongest and most revealing in the entire picture "One Tree Hill". The TV series showed viewers how couples break up, but Nathan and Hayley Scott were together from the very first season until the last season. Bethany herself got married at the time of filming the third season, but this marriage was not crowned with success. So all that she and Hailey have in common is a passion for music.

    Payton Sawyer

    Gorgeous actress Hilarie Burton got the role of Lucas' lover, but she did not immediately become her. Smart, bright, beautiful, a little sad and at the same time unusually creative, Payton first met Lucas' brother. It was she who was the first to see in him something more than just a star of the school basketball team. But in the end, fate will bring her to Lucas, the very man who is destined to make her happy.

    Like most heroes, Hilarie Burton is close to her heroine. She became independent very early, just like Payton, who lost her mother early and lives on her own while her father worked at sea. When the actress moved to New York, she was able to achieve her dream and land the coveted VJ position on MTV. It is noteworthy that her heroine also worked in the musical field.

    Brooke Davis

    Actress Sophia Bush has a rather controversial role in the series. On the one hand, she is a rich young lady who does not consider the feelings of others and has rather limited interests. On the other hand, she is an incredibly kind and helpful girl with a pure heart and smart judgments. This is probably why she was able to attract the enigmatic Lucas.

    By the way, the life of the artists who played these two roles was radically changed by the One Tree Hill series. The actors, having met on the set, quickly fell in love and got married. Unfortunately, they divorced the same year they got married. According to rumors, the reason for the breakup was Chad's infidelity.

    Dan Scott

    The role of the main villain of the series went to actor Paul Johansson. Dan is used to being the best at everything: the star of the school basketball team, the husband of a girl from a wealthy family, the owner of a large house and a successful business. But in order to get it all, he left his pregnant high school girlfriend and forever tarnished his reputation. For eight seasons, the hero is revealed from the worst side. He cheats, blackmails and even kills his own brother. Having ruined the lives of all his relatives, he ultimately decides to improve and regain the favor of his family. Paul, like his hero, grew up in an athlete's family and has been fond of sports since childhood, including basketball. He even played for the Canadian basketball team for two years.

    Karen Rowe

    Karen, Lucas' mother, in the series personifies an example of a strong woman who truly loves her child. Actress Moira Kelly was able to convey to the viewer the whole idea inherent in the image of her heroine. Left with a child in her arms and no education behind her, she gets to her feet, educates Lucas as an honest and decent person. There was a similar moment in the life of the actress when she left the film industry in order to devote more time to raising children. As a result, years later, she returned and continued to build a career, as if this break did not exist at all. The same thing happened with her character.

    Marvin "Maut" McFadden

    Against the background of the bright characters of the series, you will not immediately notice how the life of the young man Marvin, played by Lee Norris, flows. Faithful and devoted, he always remains somewhere in the shadows. Girls perceive him only as a friend, classmates scoff, even his best friend dies. But all these circumstances did not embitter Maut, and ultimately he becomes significant for his city called One Tree Hill. The TV series shows how important it is to have a dream and go for it, precisely through this seemingly nondescript hero. Maut, for his ability to wait, ended up with a post as a news anchor and a beautiful girl. The actor himself admitted that in his youth he really had problems with girls, but today he lives with a beautiful wife and left all past troubles in the past.

    Learn more