How to arrange gifts under the tree

How To Put Presents Under Your Christmas Tree Like A Pro



by Steph Montgomery

If you are anything like me, you love buying holiday gifts for family and friends. I mean, who doesn't like to see their kids' eyes light up on Christmas morning? It's my favorite part of the season. But as you decorate your home with holiday cheer, and cross items off your list, you may wonder how to put presents under your Christmas tree so they look amazing and stay safe and sound until December 25.

Whether you like to stack presents taller than your tree itself, or prefer a more understated approach, you should keep a few things in mind when arranging presents under your newly-decorated tree. Online retailer Wayfair recommends wrapping gifts in a variety of types and patterns of paper. The website Common Sense With Money suggests spreading your presents out, and sorting packages by size to make it look like you have more presents under the tree. According to This Old House, however you stack them, it's important to keep presents away from heat sources like fireplaces and light bulbs to avoid house fires. And if you have young children, Love From The Oven recommends considering ways to keep your ornaments, and more importantly, your little ones safe from harm.

In other words, there's an endless list of suggestions to consider when putting your presents under the tree. Turns out, this common holiday tradition is easier said than done.

According to online retailer Wayfair, it's best to select two or three types of wrapping paper in a similar color palette to wrap your gifts, using ribbons and bags to create variation and visual interest. When it comes to arranging them under the tree, you should place the most exciting gifts in back, so they are opened last, and smaller, less anticipated items like socks and toiletries in front. The site suggests alternating gifts by recipient (which sounds like a lot of work to me) and creating smaller stacks that vary in size so that "your tree looks like an artful collection, not a tower block. " If you have any huge presents, they should be placed to the side of your tree, rather than underneath it.

The website Common Sense With Money suggests spreading your presents out rather than piling them high, so you can make your haul from Santa look bigger than it actually is. The same site recommends sorting packages by height, placing larger gifts on either side of the tree, smaller gifts in front, and nothing on the back side that people can't see anyway. Common Sense With Money also suggests using a variety of colors and patterns of wrapping paper, to prevent your gifts from visually blending together. You can even use a different pattern for each person on Santa's list for easy sorting and opening on Christmas morning.

Once you've arranged your gifts in a pretty display under the tree, you definitely will want to keep it that way until Christmas morning. According to This Old House, it's important that you be mindful of where and how you store Christmas gifts. Wrapping paper is super flammable, so it's best not to store presents too closely to heat sources like fireplaces, light bulbs, heaters, or apparently Christmas trees themselves. According to the National Fire Protection Association, Christmas trees cause over 200 home fires in the United States each year, which is scary enough to make you consider not having a tree at all.

Love From The Oven suggests that if you have small children or pets, you might want to consider using a baby gate or, if you don't want to sacrifice style, to create a wall of heavy "faux" presents around your tree. These "bogus" presents can serve as a way to keep your loved ones and your tree safe from harm. Another strategy, according to What To Expect, is to keep your presents completely hidden away until Christmas morning so you can keep your kids from being tempted to sneak a peek and ruining the surprise.

Whether you choose to stack boxes neatly or pile them high, the most important part of the whole" buying presents during the holiday season" thing is having fun and reminding your loved ones that you appreciate them. So grab some boxes and bags and let your personal holiday style and inner Elf shine through.

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Make It look Like There Are More Presents Under the Tree

Every parent has fretted about the number of gifts under the tree at least once. If this has been a skimpy Christmas for you and yours this year, take heart that you’re not alone! It’s been a skimpy Christmas for everyone.

However, if you’re creative with your presentation, you can easily make it look like there are lots of presents under the tree – even if there isn’t. Trust me on this. I’ve been doing it for years. I’ve become something of an expert.

So, here’s what you do on Christmas Eve after the kids go to bed to make it look like there are more presents under the tree…

Wrap Everything!

And I do mean everything, even the small items you got for stocking stuffers. Chances are, you won’t even end up using them as stocking stuffers. Even if you do, though, you’ll still be able to make it look like there are more presents under the tree than what there really are.

Use Packaging

You know how you hate wrapping those really awkward packages? Well, if you have some extra boxes around your home, use those instead. Not only will this make wrapping much easier, but gifts will look larger and make it look like there are more presents under the tree.

Use Different Types of Wrapping Paper

If you can swing it, pick up a few different types of wrapping paper. By different types, I mean different colors and patterns. I generally have different wrapping papers for each person under the tree, plus a separate wrapping paper for group gifts. The different wrapping papers will help make it look like there are more presents under the tree by drawing the eye to each of the different packages quickly. If you use one color and pattern of wrapping paper, all of the gifts will blend into one another.

Don’t Stuff the Stockings

Don’t cram as many small presents into the stockings as you can. Instead, fill the stockings loosely with treats, like fruit and homemade confections. Placing the small gifts you originally bought for stocking stuffers under the tree will help make it look like there are more presents under the tree, because…well, because there are!

Leave the Back of the Tree Bare

Don’t place any of the gifts under the tree in the very back, as this will just hide them. To make it look like there are more presents under the tree, you want those pretty packages front and center!

Arrange Packages By Size

The largest packages should be placed on either side of the tree, preferably against the wall. Basically, you want to hide the fact that nothing is under the very back of the tree. You can then start placing smaller packages in front of those. Lean each package against each other, creating a small space between each package, which won’t be noticeable when you look at the whole scene later.

Don’t Stack!

You want the presents to spread out and away from the tree, not up. Seeing a layer of presents sprawling out in front of and to either side of a Christmas tree makes it look like there are more presents than if they were stacked on top of each other.

A Final Word

In reality, the number of presents under the tree isn’t important. Keep in mind that Christmas isn’t about presents. It’s about celebrating a joyous occasions with the ones you love. Your loved ones are more likely to remember happy festive holidays with unique traditions rather than what they got for Christmas each year.

So, from our family to yours, have a happy and safe holiday!


What is the best way to send a gift under the Christmas tree, how many gifts can be given at a time, would it be superfluous to have a sweet surprise

  • For every child, the New Year is a night full of magic and miracles. All children are waiting for the appearance of Santa Claus, because this cute kind character is guaranteed to deliver a wonderful gift, and perhaps even more than one.

    The best time for gifts

    Only adults “puzzle” their brains every year: how best to put boxes under an elegant Christmas tree so that the kids do not notice the deception. In this case, you can choose one of the options:

    • Place beautiful gift wrappings in advance, before the New Year. But then the expectation of the holiday will no longer be so reverent. Children will be distracted by the gifts received and, most likely, will not even come to the table under the chimes.
    • Prepare gifts and throw them under the Christmas tree when the guests go for a walk with their children. In most cases, parents choose this option because it is convenient for a number of reasons.
    • Arrange packaged surprises under a smart Christmas tree on the night of December 31 to January 1, when the kids go to bed. There is a significant disadvantage here - you risk not seeing all the joy and surprise on the faces of the children when they discover the gifts.

    As already mentioned, the most popular option is to place gifts under the tree while the bulk of the guests go outside. Standing in front of the house, adults can "play along" by suddenly pointing at the house and saying that someone has landed on the roof (allusion to Santa Claus).

    When children return home, they usually immediately discover gifts that suddenly appear. Opening the boxes under the sparkling lights of a decorated Christmas tree, guests will feel the true magic of New Year's Eve. Against the background of playing lights, you can get wonderful photos - images of happy faces of kids.

    Sweet gifts among toys

    There are not many gifts. The more elegant boxes, the more emotions the children will have.

    You can dilute colorful packages with toys with wonderful sweet sets - kids will definitely like this option.

    You can buy suitable Christmas gifts for children on our website. We have a large selection of ready-made kits, but you have the right to complete the contents of the selected package yourself.

    The highest grade confectionery products that we put into the sets are made by the country's leading factories. All products have a long shelf life, product quality is monitored at all stages - from preparation to shipment to the consumer.

    New Year: how to give children a fairy tale



    How to raise a child?

    New Year: how to give children a fairy tale

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    Traditionally, it is customary to celebrate the New Year with the family. With kids, everything is usually simple: in the evening they congratulated, played, put to bed, and in the morning a happy child happily takes out a long-awaited gift from Santa Claus from under the Christmas tree - and here it is, a New Year's miracle! But this option will no longer suit schoolchildren, because even first-graders are now sure that there is no Santa Claus, and caring parents put gifts under the Christmas tree. Is it possible to extend children's faith in miracles and give the child a beautiful New Year's fairy tale? It turns out that you can, if you turn on your imagination and creatively approach the preparation of the New Year. And then every moment of this magical holiday will be full of joy, fun, unexpected surprises and real New Year's magic.

    We create a pre-holiday mood

    The appearance of a Christmas tree in the house always causes children's delight and a feeling of an approaching holiday. Why not make decorating a forest guest a traditional family ritual? Schoolchildren, along with adults, may well hang toys and garlands on the Christmas tree, decorate rooms - in a word, create a festive mood. As a rule, children themselves take the initiative, offering interesting, and sometimes unexpected ideas for the New Year's surroundings, and the task of parents is to support these ideas and help them to realize. Unleash children's imagination - let the child feel not only a participant, but also the creator of the holiday!

    You can also offer some ideas. For example, make a garland of family photos with your child and fix it on a Christmas tree or wall. You can wrap the garland with shiny tinsel, and attach New Year's greetings to each photo. Such joint creativity brings parents and children very close, creating a warm atmosphere in the house and strengthening family relationships.

    New Year's menu with surprises

    New Year's feast - room for imagination! You can secretly write New Year wishes on the corners of paper napkins and carefully place them so that the inscriptions are not visible. And at the table, taking an ordinary napkin, the child will be surprised to find a holiday greeting on it. It will be even more interesting if, along with the congratulations, some kind of comic task is written there: for example, tell a New Year's rhyme or depict an animal - a symbol of the coming year.

    You can put a small funny gift wrapped in a candy wrapper into a bowl of sweets. The child will reach for the candy and unexpectedly receive a pleasant surprise. If you spoil your family with homemade cakes for the holidays, then the New Year is a great occasion to bake pies with a surprise. For example, put another filling in one of the pies - whoever gets it must complete some task. In general, there can be many funny surprises in the New Year's feast, and each of them will add a festive mood and joyful emotions to the child.

    New Year's entertainment

    Despite the abundance of holiday delicacies, children cannot be kept at the table for long. So, you need to think in advance what entertainment to offer them on New Year's Eve. In addition to traditional dances and karaoke, use our ideas.

    • New Year fortune-telling "Lucky ticket" . Prepare a beautiful box in advance, put "lucky tickets" in it - New Year's cards with comic predictions. Let each one in turn choose his ticket by touch and find out what awaits him in the coming year. Of course, "predictions" should be positive, and even better - with a touch of humor.

    • Decorate the Christmas tree is a fun challenge for the whole family. Participants are divided into two groups, one person is selected from each - they will be "Christmas trees". The rest of the team, within one minute, begin to decorate their “Christmas tree” with pre-prepared toys and tinsel. After the allotted minute, the participants stop, and whose "Christmas tree" will be more elegant - that team will win. An important point: in order to avoid accidental injuries, Christmas toys must be unbreakable, and plastic clips, crabs or clothespins can be used to secure them to the Christmas tree.

    • Draw the symbol of the year game . For this family game, you will need large sheets of white paper, colored felt-tip pens and thick bandages (kerchiefs or scarves) to blindfold the participants. Sheets of paper are attached to a wall or cabinet, a leader is chosen, who blindfolds the participants, gives them a felt-tip pen and brings everyone to an impromptu easel. The task is the same for everyone: draw an animal - a symbol of the year. But not just draw, but in the sequence that the presenter will call. For example, we draw a dog - a symbol of 2018. First, the host asks to draw a nose, then a tail, eyes, paws, a head, etc. When all the elements are drawn, the host gives the command to remove the bandages, and the participants look at the results of their comic creativity.

    • New Year's cinema hall . This is not a game, but rather an opportunity to plunge into the bright family memories of the outgoing year. Surely over the year your family archive has accumulated a lot of interesting videos, the heroes of which were you or your children. You can transfer them to one disc, and arrange a family viewing on New Year's Eve, remembering the best and most interesting moments of the year that has ended with the children.

    Long awaited gifts

    What is the New Year without gifts from Santa Claus? And although modern children are sure that there is no Santa Claus, in fact, deep down in their hearts they are waiting for the New Year's miracle, furtively glancing at the Christmas tree: what if? . . So let's create it for our young skeptics!

    So, let's share the secret of the miracle. Hide pre-prepared gifts near the Christmas tree, and instead of them, shortly before midnight, discreetly place a postcard under the Christmas tree. After the chiming clock and congratulations, invite the children to the Christmas tree: what if Santa Claus put gifts there? Of course, they will not find gifts there, but they will find a postcard from Santa Claus with congratulations and a map, by which you can find the place in the house where the gift is hidden. Children will be happy to join this unexpected quest and go in search, but instead of gifts they will find notes indicating the further route. “Take” them to different corners of the apartment, and while they are traveling from one note to another, discreetly place gifts under the Christmas tree. The last note found by the children will be something like this: “It turns out that I still left gifts for you under the tree - I worked hard and forgot.

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