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Best 17 Christmas Village Display Ideas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! No matter what, Christmas is still the most awaited time of the year. Who wouldn’t love Christmas? People are nicer, the weather is cooler (biting cold in some places though), everyone gets vacation days whether they like it or not, gifts and food abound. And as soon as you hear Mariah Carey with her “All I Want For Christmas Is You” song, you know it is that time of the year.

SO, were you good this year? Whether or not you make it to our nice list, we will be sharing with you more than 15 ways to bring Christmas cheer into your homes with your Christmas Village display ideas.

It is a tradition a lot of people take pride of. Building up a collection is no small feat. It is just natural to share your passion and let people relish your selection.

1. Half Tepee


I call this a half tepee Christmas Village display. Cute isn’t it? Why don’t you make it collapsible too for easy wrap up?

2. Table Runner


A Christmas village display set as a table runner. Why not?

3. Book Shelf


Divide your Christmas village display set into several Christmas scenes. Variety spices up your display.

4. Kitchen Window


Christmas village houses in between mini pine planters and reindeers surely make up a mini village along your window ledge.


A full Christmas village set, with lots of pine trees on your kitchen window and holly garlands above, will make your kids compete for that dishwashing job.

5. Ladder


Up the engaging display potential of your Christmas village set using a ladder. No vertical space is wasted.

6. Snowman


Create 3 Christmas scenes to build this snowman themed Christmas village display. A tophat completes the look.

7. Glass cabinet


When you run out of room for your Christmas village sets, try this one.

8. Wooden Crate


A rustic Christmas village display using old fruit crates.

9. Dresser Cabinet


Use your huge dresser cabinet as a stage for your equally huge Christmas village set.

10. Snow Capped Handrail

A delightful way to showcase your Christmas village set with snow capped handrails depicting a busy Christmas village. With snow sleds, miniature Christmas trimmings dotting the slope all the way down.

11. Christmas Village Tree


A multi layer Christmas village display. A novel substitute to the traditional Christmas tree. Make it rotary, why don’t you?

12. Steel rack


Create a Christmas corner with this steel rack and put everything that speaks, smells and looks Christmas.

13. Mantle

via: &

Add warmth to your hearth this Christmas by dolling up your mantle with your Christmas village houses.

14. Wooden box tray


Do you have an old wooden box serving tray? Fill bottom with cotton. Use large glass jars to house your mini Christmas village houses. This definitely makes a charming centerpiece to your dining table.

15. Tree slices


How rustic can you get? These wooden slabs turn your Christmas village sets as nice as a Christmas pie.

16. Sofa backdrop


If you have a huge collection of Christmas Village sets, a great way to showcase them is in your living room. Make it a dramatic backdrop to your massive sofa, with your Christmas village houses all lit up at night. You can achieve this with a few crates to elevate the display, sheets of plywood, assorted styrofoam cuts (for added lift and highlights, the varying heights will simulate a sloping snow mountain) and lots of fiberfill cotton to hide the wood, foam and gaps.

17. Above cabinets

Dust catcher no more…dress up that “dead space” above your cabinets with a wonderful display of your Christmas village set.

How to Create Your Own Festive Christmas Village

Featured Guest Post

By Archie Adams and J Nichols Adams

Christmas Would Be Incomplete, Without A Christmas Village!

To say that my father Nikk and I are Christmas junkies would be an understatement. Building a Christmas village each year has been a lifelong passion (or more appropriately) an obsession that I obtained from my father over the years.

I honestly can’t think of a Christmas when our house didn’t have a village. My family jokes that it’s a “Christmas disease” that I’ve caught because of all the time spent, and the number of houses and figurines we have collected over the years.

My Dad has always built the most beautiful and creative Christmas Villages! He would build them under the tree in the family room, or down in the basement (or both) depending on how much space my mother would allow.

Nikk Note: I’ve always loved Christmas, and as the years have passed, I’ve become more adventuresome in my decorating. What started as a simple loop of train track around the Christmas tree, has turned into a fully-fledged Christmas community that has grown around the railway!

It’s been two years since my wife and I moved into our little home, and we are finally starting to feel settled this Christmas! So, I couldn’t help but ask Mel for permission to build our very first Christmas village this year. To my delight she said YES!

Collecting Christmas Village Houses

My dad and I slowly accumulated our large collection of Christmas village houses and supplies over the course of many Birthdays and Christmases.

It’s a fun way to add a new house or detail item to your collection each year, and slowly build your inventory over time. Plus, you get to add to your build, and make a unique Christmas village every year!

This strategy also helps spread out the cost over time, since purchasing multiple houses and sets can add up quickly. Trust me, it is so addicting! (But come on, you can’t put a price on Christmas cheer, right?!)

What You’ll Need For Your Christmas Village

Every Christmas village is unique!

A build can be as large, or as small as you like. They can range anywhere from one to twenty homes (or more). Some villages include a train, and some don’t. It’s really up to you!

Nikk Note: My communities, comprising for the most part of Department 56 buildings, work well with O Gauge Trains. The layout I am building this year is fairly complicated.

If this is your first attempt at building a Christmas village, you might want to consider a smaller village that you can reach from all sides.

There are a couple different ways to approach building a Christmas Village:

  • The first, is to use a train around the Christmas Tree with the houses and characters on a hard wood floor, or a plywood board if the floor is carpeted.
  • The second, is to display the village on a ledge or shelf.

Nikk Note: If you don’t want to add a train around the Christmas tree, the best method for building a Christmas village is on a shelf or a series of shelves. That said, the basic approach to construction is the same for all Christmas villages.

There really isn’t a set “checklist” or “supplies” for building a Christmas Village. However, here’s a quick overview of some basic items I believe are at the core of building Christmas village. (Plus, a few fun extras to keep an eye on as well)

  • Village houses and/or sets (My family uses the Department 56 Dickens Village Series. However, the Lemax Series is another popular option)
  • Characters and figurines
  • Landscape (trees, bushes, fences, etc.)
  • Brick street or road sets for villages (amazon link below)
  • Pillow snow, batting, or Styrofoam snow (amazon link below)
  • Dusting snow (preferably extra fine buffalo snow, amazon link below)
  • Plywood board (to create a base for your village on carpet and hide the electrical wiring. )
  • Interactive or animated village features
  • Water ways and water features (a fun trick is to use small mirrors to resemble frozen water)
  • Light posts and trees that light up and add color
  • Timers and/or remote lighting controls
  • Train set! (My personal favorite, add a train set to your village!)
  • Building and Accessory Lighting System (to connect all your village house lights into a single control strip. It’s not cheap, but it is very convenient! amazon link below)

Let’s Get Started On That Christmas Village!

Alright, time to get going!

The first step in any Christmas village build, is mapping out where you can/want to build your village.

There are two basic schools of thought: Do you want to have a Christmas Village around your tree, or displayed on a bookshelf or table?

*In this post, we mainly focus on the Christmas villages we built around the base of our trees. However, we will do our best to highlight any potential differences or tricks for builds on shelves and table tops.

Step One: Select A Location for Your Christmas Village

Target acquired!

If you’re constructing your village under the tree like we did, start by selecting a location to put up your Christmas tree!

Leave enough space around both sides of your tree to build your village, and lay the track (if adding a train). I typically choose to offset the Christmas tree to one side so it’s not in the middle of the village layout.

Once the tree is up, look for any furniture items you can move or adjust to create more space on the floor for your Christmas village.

Nikk Note: Finish decorating the tree first! Once construction of the village is started, rearranging things on the tree can become difficult.

*For a bookshelf or table top build, remove any items that will interfere with your Christmas village. (A clean slate works best!)

*If you build your Christmas village on a table top, it’s a good idea to use a (preferably white) table cloth to protect the table and to help hide the wires and cords.

Step Two: The Plywood Base

Nikk Note: When building a Christmas Village on carpet, I like to add a plywood base to create an even surface for the houses and tracks to sit on. Since the plywood is slightly raised, it also allows me to hide the electrical cords underneath it.

If you’re using plywood as your base, measure how much plywood you need for the space you are using. (Don’t forget to accommodate for your Christmas tree)

Cut the plywood to size (if needed), and reinforce the joints to ensure the plywood is flat and stable. If you are using multiple sheets of plywood, check that they are seamlessly joined together.

Next, run electrical power under the plywood base for the village houses. The main objective here is to hide the cords, and provide electricity to a few strategic locations in your Christmas village.

Step Three: The Train Track

Having a train set around the tree not only adds to the story of your Christmas village, but it also acts as a defense against children, puppies and curious kitties who love to play in the village.

Oakley Loves the Christmas village, but the train helps maintain healthy boundaries…

If you are using a train set (which I highly suggest), lay out your track first and test it. Keep in mind where your outlets are, and where you want to locate the power station to turn the track on and off.

FYI, sometimes these tracks need a bit of a push to come together.

Once the electrical wires, power strips and extension cords have been connected and tested individually, it’s time to lay the train track!

Remember, before finalizing your train layout, you should have a rough idea of where you want larger features to go in the village.

Unbox large houses and landscape features, such as lakes, rivers or streams. Spend some time thinking through how the track and these key features will interact and fit together in your village space.

Nikk Note: What many people do, is lay a simple oval or elongated oval track. I, however, build large “cities” and create different communities or scenes within the Christmas village.

I like to lay the train track in creative patterns to divide one group of houses from another, and differentiate neighborhoods. 

When laying the train track, build it so that the train can easily be put back on the track if it falls off.

Don’t forget to test the track’s connection by running the train all the way around a few times. This will confirm that there are no major obstructions or obstacles in its way.

Step Four: Get Creative!

Now that you have the framework for your train and Christmas village, it’s time to get creative and figure out what story you want to tell!

My favorite Christmas Village set that my family has is the North Pole. So, of course my gut instinctively says to use the Polar Express train to circle my interpretation of the North Pole! (duh!)

This is the Polar Express! Amazon link below!

Once I have my base story, I use it to build the rest of my Christmas village vignette around it.

Don’t forget to utilize the entire space if you are building around a tree. You can use both sides of the tree to create separation in your storyline.

Got an idea? Excellent!

Step Five: The Christmas Village Layout

Next, you want to unbox, and lay out all your Christmas village houses to start mapping your village layout. (Don’t worry about plugging in the lights just yet)

Don’t forget any animated or interactive village pieces if you have them (such as ice skating rinks or ski hills). Start mapping out the landscaping and/or water features for your Christmas village if you haven’t already.

The Ice skating rink to the left is a motorized village piece that has a moving ice skating Santa and Mrs. Claus!

Try to create visual layers in in your build. My go to method for this, is using cardboard boxes or shoeboxes to create mountains or hills in my Christmas villages. (You can hide the boxes with batting snow later)

The North Pole “Mountain Top”

*If you are building your village on a bookshelf, you can use exposed books to add height and character to your build!

Another trick from Nikk (the master), is to use small mirrors to create the illusion of frozen ponds lakes.

Planning out the lake layout in the top left corner

Nikk Note: I planned a large lake feature in the far-left corner of my Christmas village this year. I built this part first (while laying out the track), because getting to this back corner is very difficult.

I always start with the hardest to reach edges of the village, then build my way towards the more easily accessible floor areas.

It may take a few tries, and some help from the whole family to figure out your Christmas village layout. Sometimes it can even take a couple of days to find just the right layout! Don’t be afraid to shift pieces around until you are happy with the way it looks.

After all, you are the designer and architect here!

Step Six: Let There Be Light!

For some next level Christmas village landscaping, custom paint details like ice skate lines on your “water” mirrors, or make your own decorations for your village trees!

After your main landscape features and water ways have been placed, begin adding the electrical elements and lights to each house in your village.

If you are building a complicated village, you can do this incrementally as you place houses in different sections.

To light up your village houses, put one light bulb into each house. This can be tricky, but do your best to organize the electrical wiring.

Now is also a great time to add trees or village accessories that light up using an attached battery pack. (Don’t forget to test it!)

You can connect all your Christmas village lights into a central building and accessory lighting system to consolidate and conceal your village lighting. (amazon link below) However, keep in mind that these lighting systems can be pretty pricy.

Once your lighting is finalized, I highly suggest using a timer or a remote switch so you don’t need to plug and unplug your Christmas village every time you use it.

Step Seven: Hide the Cords

Nikk Note: This next step for me, is the least amusing part of the whole village building process; making sure all the electrical cords are hidden! The best way to hide them is with white batting (snow), roads, side walks or water features.

As I mentioned earlier, the first section that I built for my village was the lake. I spent a lot of time not only lightening each house in this area, but also hiding all the cords. Since this section would be difficult to access once the rest of the village was built, the complete lighting process for this area needed to be done first.  

Covering the back lake with batting to hide the electrical cords

Once I completed the lake section of my village, I covered the area with white batting to hide the cords and give the back of the Christmas village an imaginary “end”.

After the lake section was finished, I moved on to lighting and constructing the rest of the main village square and train station.

Step Eight: The Roads

We wanted to have some sections of sidewalk that were “un-shoveled” so we placed the road in patches in some areas.

Once you’ve finished lighting each of your village houses, add the roads and sidewalks. Roads are an easy way to hide a village house’s electrical cords or open floor space. Brick or cobblestone streets and roads also add a lot of texture and dimension to your build. (amazon link below)

*If you are building your village on a bookshelf or table, this is the time to add backdrops if you want.

Step Nine: LET IT SNOW!

Use a snow blanket, batting, or white linen to cover up larger exposed surface areas in your village, and hide any remaining wires. (amazon link below)

You can also use Styrofoam or cotton to create hills, snow banks, and fields.

Step Ten: If You Build It, The Characters Will Come!

A couple of elves cutting down a couple fresh Christmas trees by the reindeer stables.

Give your Christmas village character, literally!

Once the electrical cords are hidden and the lights have all been tested, the real fun begins! It’s finally time to add the figurines and characters that will star in your Christmas village stories and vignettes!

My wife and I got married this year, so we decided to add a bride and groom to our village!
(We like to joke that this is our North Pole honeymoon!)

Aim to create little snapshots and glimpses into a day in the life of your Christmas village.

Santa taking a quick polar plunge at the warming house!
Cowabunga dude!

Remember to spread your characters throughout your village. Hide them, create background stories, and most importantly have fun with it!

Mrs. Claus and Santa’s head elf, ready to greet this year’s Polar Express passengers
with fresh coco!

This is also when I typically add fences and smaller accessories to my village.

My fences aren’t very sturdy, so I use the snow blanket to hold them up. However, if you prefer, you can add your fences earlier when laying out your village.

Santa needs a sturdy fence around the reindeer pastures to keep any predators away!

Nikk Note: Once all your characters are in place, it’s time to check that the whole Christmas village layout works together. Make sure your characters aren’t too clustered together, and that the idea of an old fashioned Christmas is celebrated!

Frosty welcoming the Polar Express passengers at Santa’s Visiting Center!


Now for the messy part (which is also the most fun part)! Once all your characters and figurines have been staged, it’s time to “snow in” your village! (Nothing is better than a white Christmas!)

Sled racing down Santa’s Hill

At this stage, you use the dusting snow to polish your village to perfection. Most of the imperfections in your Christmas village can be quickly erased with just a bit of snow!

Santa making his list, and checking it twice!

Nikk Note: This is going to sound extremely silly, but the type of snow you use here is very important. Department 56 snow is a bit coarse. However, Michaels and Amazon sell a product called “Extra Fine Buffalo Snow” that is fantastic!

Coarse snow is fine for the background or around the train tracks, but use the extra fine snow for “snowing in” the characters. (It makes a HUGE difference!)

A few explorers stumbling upon Santa’s castle.

It doesn’t matter how careful you are, the dusting snow won’t always cooperate and go in the right place. My suggestion is to just go with the flow.

Snowing in the village does take some time, but the more you do it, the more your village will start to come to life!

If you are using a train in your Christmas village, brush away any excess snow on the train tracks to ensure it doesn’t interfere with running the train.

A Christmas (Village) Story

After all that hard work, it’s time to turn on the Christmas village! (Finally!)


(Cue Christmas Vacation lights!)

Nikk Note:

When I look over my entire Christmas Village scene, I see a busy village square crowded with people rushing around for last minute gifts on Christmas Eve.

I see workers finishing their tasks, ready to come home and celebrate with their loved ones.

I see families returning home for Christmas, greeting each other at the station as they get off the train.

I hear the sounds of the Salvation Army Band playing Silent Night.

This old-timey Charles Dickens Christmas scene may not be an exact picture of how we celebrate Christmas at this moment in time. (but in many ways it still is!)

Christmas villages aren’t about creating the Christmas we know, it’s about creating a festive and magical glimpse into the fantasy Christmas we dream of! After all, one of the biggest joys of building your own Christmas village is to dream a little!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Nikk and Archie Adams

Quick Bonus Note:

Hey Everyone! Melanie here! All I can say is WOW! Big thank you to my husband Archie and my father-in-law Nikk, for really knocking this special holiday featured guest post out of the park! You two really are the masters of all things Christmas village (and generally all things Christmas frankly).

I must admit, the first time I saw one of the Adams’s Christmas villages I thought it was both crazy, and mesmerizing at the same time!

I could not believe my eyes, I had never seen anything like it before in my life! Their village was seriously no joke, and the details were incredible!

(If I remember correctly, this was the year Nikk set up a double decker train system that was raised on stilts throughout the Christmas village! I really cannot emphasize this enough, this village was CRAY!)

The first Adams’s Christmas village I ever laid eyes on! These terrible old photos don’t even begin to do it justice!

At one point, I found myself sitting in front of it for hours (with a glass of wine in hand), unable to take my eyes off all the little details scattered throughout the village. I couldn’t help but constantly scan the houses and streets to see if there was a new character, building, or story I hadn’t spotted yet!

Needless to say, it didn’t take long for Nikk and Archie to convince my inner architect to get onboard! I mean, it’s LITERALLY an architect’s dream to build a miniature fantasy city!

The first ever Christmas village that we built together!

If you’re looking for a festive and unique holiday tradition to share with your family, add Christmas villages to your list! The huge variety of themes, buildings and characters makes building a village with your own unique flair so much fun!

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Christmas tree - 30 stylish and non-standard design ideas. Photo — Botanichka

Planning a menu, shopping for groceries, selecting and searching for gifts, as well as general cleaning before the main holiday of the year, can be rather tiring. But among all the pre-New Year's fuss, there is one tradition that brings only positive emotions - decorating the Christmas tree. In this article, we have prepared a list of designers' recommendations for a successful Christmas tree decoration and, of course, many photo examples. Read, watch and let your Christmas tree be the most beautiful and elegant!

Christmas tree - 30 stylish and non-standard design ideas

10 Christmas tree decoration life hacks from designers

  1. The place for the Christmas tree should be near the outlet so that you do not have to lay wires across the room, regularly tripping over them. If necessary, you can even move the furniture a little. True, modern battery-operated garlands give complete independence from sockets.
  2. Often a Christmas tree is placed against the wall. To save square footage, trim back branches a little. This will allow you to place the tree closer to the wall, and the cut branches can be used in the decor.
  3. Put a Christmas tree in front of a mirror - so it will be visually larger in the house.
  4. If the tree is real and you need to cut its height, you need to do it from below so as not to lose the triangular shape.
  5. Professional decorators start decorating Christmas trees with LED or electric garlands, in general, from the light. So you can distribute it as evenly as possible and make sure that there are no gaps.
  6. As practice shows, the more light - the more beautiful and richer the Christmas tree looks. Make sure you have enough.
  7. Start decorating the Christmas tree from the inside of the tree. First, use plain decorations (they are usually simpler) that will be the basis. Then add more decorative and original Christmas toys.
  8. Large decorations are usually hung towards the center of the tree to give it more depth, smaller decorations towards the end of the branches.
  9. If you like some New Year's toy, buy it in multiples of three. This will maintain balance in the decor.
  10. Put glass jewelry that is dear to your heart or wallet upstairs, so the risk of breaking them will be less.

These are general tips to help you decorate any Christmas tree. But the question remains - how exactly to dress up? Even if you are not a decorator or a designer, you can get a Christmas tree like in pictures with stylish interiors in magazines. The main thing is not to decorate it randomly, but to think over the concept and color scheme. You can even draw a preliminary diagram.

Below we will show examples of interesting ideas on how to decorate a Christmas tree in a stylish and non-standard way.

1. Lights only

Perhaps the simplest, but still spectacular option is to decorate the Christmas tree with lights only.

Christmas tree with lights. © Hayneedle

2. Christmas tree-queen

The "princess" from the forest can be dressed up accordingly - with a crown, beads, jewelry similar to earrings, and other "jewels".

"Yolka-queen". © Grandin Road

3. Fragrant tree

Natural decor of citrus, cinnamon, cloves and other fragrant products always not only smells good, but also looks very original.

Fragrant tree. © Palazzo Kitchens

4. Flowers on the Christmas Tree

A romantic, even a little girly way to decorate a Christmas tree with delicate flowers.

Christmas tree with flowers. © BlazePress

5. Minimalist Christmas Tree Decor

If you're not a fan of holiday frills, minimalist decor is for you. This applies to both color and number of decorations. Perhaps this is not the most spectacular Christmas tree in the world, but it is very stylish. Lovers of Scandinavian design will especially like it.

Minimalism in Christmas tree decoration. © Apartment Therapy

6. Christmas tree cones

Probably the most organic decoration for a Christmas tree is cones. They are found in different variations on Christmas trees almost always. We propose this time to make them the central element of the decor.

Cones on the Christmas tree. © Hanna Lovely Homes

7. A forest fairy tale, not a Christmas tree

If only cones in the decoration are not enough for you, create a real forest fairy tale at home. To do this, add leaves, acorns, branches, birds and other forest dwellers to the Christmas tree.

Forest tree decor. © deco.access

See also interesting ideas for decorating the interior for the New Year in our material 50 bright DIY Christmas decor ideas.

8. Berry Tree

Tasty and juicy option - berries in the decor. You can support the theme with decorations of a similar shade.

Berry tree. © zoubi

9. Snow tree

Even if there is snow outside the window, it does not always look as magical as we would like. But you can easily create a snow fairy tale at home. White color, fluffy "snowball", individual snowflakes and lights - all that is needed for this.

Snow tree. © drafee

10. Sea, not forest beauty tree

If you dreamed of a trip to hot countries on New Year's weekend, but it did not work out, add a sea breeze to the New Year's decor. No one else will have such a “warm” Christmas tree.

Christmas tree in marine style. © Linda in North Carolina

11. Postcards on the New Year's tree

Every New Year we receive and still receive (in smaller quantities, of course, with the advent of modern technology) postcards from loved ones. Usually they are stored somewhere far away in a closet, and can become a central element in decorating our Christmas tree. Their warm wishes will warm better than any batteries.

Postcards on the Christmas tree. © Apartment Therapy

12. Christmas tree-photoalbum

By a similar principle, you can make a family tree out of a New Year's tree. Your favorite photos will help you with this.

Photos on the tree. © Ann Marie

13. The most sporty Christmas tree

Sledges, skis, skates and other winter sports equipment - as decoration for lovers of an active lifestyle.

"Sports" tree. © Apartemen Decor

14. Rustic Christmas tree decoration

Even if you live in a modern apartment on the 25th floor, you can feel like in a cozy country house with rustic decor. Wood decorations are ideal.

Rustic Christmas tree decoration. © Allegro

15. Christmas tree bows

A Christmas tree decorated with bows looks very elegant. At the same time, jewelry bows can be bought ready-made, or you can take beautiful ribbons and tie them into bows on your own.

Bows on the tree. © Country Living

16. Starry Night Tree Decor

We all look forward to the magic of New Year's Eve. This atmosphere can be transferred to the decor of a fluffy beauty.

Christmas tree decor under the "starry night". © Juodilaikai

17. Textile ornaments for the Christmas tree

Textile ornaments are ideal for those who have children and pets. Such a decor made of felt, as in the photo, looks cozy and will outlive even the most active fluffy pranksters.

Christmas tree with textile decorations. © KARIN LIDBECK-BRENT

18. Large decorations

The case when you don't have to worry that the decorations will be lost against the background of the Christmas tree.

Large tree decorations. © AuthGram

19. Emphasis on ribbons

We are used to the fact that ribbons are used as an addition to the main decor. What if you do the opposite?

Ribbons in the decor of the Christmas tree. © howto

20. "Plaid" on the tree

Plaid is the most comfortable and homely interior textile. The same effect can be achieved with a festive decor, if you choose a classic plaid print - a check.

"Pled" on the Christmas tree. © hotoimg

See also photo material 15 ideas for warm decor, or Do-it-yourself winter hygge interior.

21. Retro Christmas tree

Even ten years ago, many people tried to get rid of old toys that they were tired of by all means. I wanted something new and modern. But times have changed and now such jewelry is back in fashion. So, if you have such treasures on the mezzanine, it's time to get them.

Christmas tree in retro style. © Mary Lynch Simenson

22. One color Christmas tree decor

The most win-win option is a Christmas tree decor in one shade. Choose your favorite color or "color of the year".

One color Christmas tree decor. © Michael Partenio

23. Metallic tree

The tree in silver or gold looks very elegant. In this case, it is not necessary to choose one thing, they are wonderfully combined in the decor.

Metallic tree. © Mrs. simply lovely

24. Christmas Tree Gradient Decor

An original idea - decorating a Christmas tree with a gradient effect. For this, choose the same balls of similar shades so that the transition is smooth.

Gradient tree decor. © lovelyindeed

Make your New Year's table the most delicious with our selection of the 50 best New Year's Eve recipes.

25. Diagonal decoration of the Christmas tree

For a combination of different colors, a scheme with a diagonal division of color stripes looks spectacular.

Diagonal Christmas tree decoration. © roomadness

26. Rainbow Christmas tree

The brightest idea is rainbow decor.

Christmas tree-rainbow. © daneshpour

27. Christmas tree, like… champagne!

If you're tired of bright colors, try soft, creamy shades like champagne splashes.

Christmas tree, like ... champagne! © Julie Blanner

28. Stylish Christmas tree for the kitchen

A small Christmas tree can also be placed in the kitchen, because that's where we spend a lot of time preparing for the holidays. You can decorate it according to the theme.

Stylish Christmas tree for the kitchen. © livingroomwalldecorideas

29. Stuffed toys

You can use not only special Christmas toys, but also ordinary soft toys to decorate the Christmas tree. And even just one.

Soft toys on the Christmas tree. © MagzHome

30. Children's Christmas Tree

New Year is a holiday for everyone, but children especially love it. If your child has a favorite cartoon character, let him be the main character on this year's Christmas tree.

Children's Christmas tree. © Marnfozine

Dear readers! Decorating a Christmas tree is not an obligatory routine, but a real entertainment. Prepare snacks and drinks, turn on the music or movie that you associate with the New Year holidays, and gather the whole family to decorate the Christmas tree. Together you will make the perfect Christmas tree! And such evenings can become a great family tradition. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

How to decorate a Christmas tree for the New Year and Christmas?

How to decorate a Christmas tree by yourself? A beautiful Christmas tree is the key to a good mood for all the holidays. And try to create a pleasant atmosphere worth it. especially since there are no strict rules on how to decorate a Christmas tree, and your creativity is only welcome!

A beautiful Christmas tree can look really stylish, and then creativity is justified, style features do not violate family traditions, but, on the contrary, only emphasize the flavor of the New Year and Christmas holidays.

We offer some successful and interesting photos, perhaps they will inspire you and push you to new ideas. And some of our recommendations. We hope they will be useful to you, and you will take something for your Christmas tree.

A stylish Christmas tree - how to decorate it correctly: 5 simple tricks

The concept of "correctly" decorating a Christmas tree is not entirely acceptable. What is acceptable in one family is completely unacceptable in another. Style can be maintained at home only at the request of all household members. It's different if decorate the Christmas tree somewhere in the office.

All these tips can be successfully applied both for decorating a living indoor Christmas tree (araucaria, indoor cypress), and for a Christmas tree on the street, in your garden (how to plant a Christmas tree on the site).

Or we recommend making a Christmas tree with your own hands - such crafts look elegant, you don’t even need to decorate them!

We also recommend 50+ photo ideas on how to make a New Year's garland.

In step with the times: an elegant and modern Christmas tree

A modern Christmas tree decoration style can be enhanced with a few simple tricks.

1. Color

  • Match balloons and decorations in the same color. Favorable, elegant colors - white, silver, golden.
  • A two-color Christmas tree looks good. We select jewelry in harmonious two colors:

- red + silver;

- blue + green;

- red + gold;

- red + green;

- blue + silver;

- red + white;

- green + white;

Tip #1

If the Christmas tree does not look like a magnificent beauty, the situation can be corrected with the help of green tinsel. Place it at the back of the tree, close to the trunk, and then decorate in the usual way. If the Christmas tree is artificial and you want to make it more magnificent - match the tone of the tinsel to the color of the artificial needles.

2. Style with jewelry. Or their absence…

In terms of jewelry, the wind of change is more and more felt. It is no longer fashionable to decorate with tinsel, wrap the Christmas tree from head to toe with rain. How to make your Christmas tree really stylish?

  • Without Christmas ornaments. Only good quality luminous garlands and tinsel. Color solutions - according to your taste.
  • Without tinsel and garlands - only Christmas balls. By selecting balls, you can create a unique Christmas tree. With this option, it is worth buying exclusive, large balls, they are the center of the whole Christmas tree, and there should not be many of them. Or, as an option, small monotonous balls of the same or two identical colors (or a combination - matte + shiny). At the same time, tinsel will distract attention, the main focus is on balls

Tip #2

If you don't want to hang garlands in the usual way, you can organize hidden lighting. Christmas decorations will sparkle with new colors! In this case, we place the garland thread closer to the trunk of the Christmas tree.

3. Feng Shui: how to decorate a Christmas tree?

At one time I was fond of Feng Shui, and we tried to decorate the Christmas tree accordingly.

  • The Christmas tree should be in warm colors both in color and content, no cold, dark elements of decoration
  • It is better to place the Christmas tree in the southern part of the room
  • To maintain peace in a marriage, paired Christmas decorations should be hung on the Christmas tree
  • To attract money - they hung out chocolate medals in the form of coins

4. How can you decorate a Christmas tree in an unusual way?

Such a Christmas tree can be the most unpredictable, it will add some touch of novelty to the traditional New Year celebrations. If this is acceptable for you and your loved ones, feel free to implement our recommendations!

  • The Christmas tree can be decorated in accordance with the eastern calendar and decorated with figures of the animal to which the coming year is dedicated. Figures can be homemade or purchased. You can try to withstand a certain color that "likes" the animal, after which the next year is named
  • This could be a retro herringbone. We decorate with antique toys, can be made with our own hands from old photographs, magazines. Looks very colorful and stylish0008
  • Money tree. It can be decorated directly with money, banknotes, metal coins can be wrapped in foil and attached to the Christmas tree.
  • Christmas tree for lovely ladies can be decorated with ornaments, bijouterie, up to beautiful perfume bottles.
  • Christmas tree in the office can be decorated with various stationery.
  • If you and your friends have some common hobby, it is quite possible to decorate your joint Christmas tree with thematic attributes. It will be very stylish and, most importantly, in the "theme"

5. Edible ornaments for the Christmas tree

Christmas trees have long been decorated with sweets, even sugar. And now in many families there is a tradition to decorate the Christmas tree with sweets, lollipops, cookies, nuts in foil, etc. Most often, it is the children who are waiting for such a Christmas tree. But we, adults, also really want sweets and all sorts of sweets for the holidays! So why not?

Location of Christmas decorations on the Christmas tree

As a rule, we place the garland at the very beginning of the Christmas tree decoration. Then its glow will illuminate the Christmas tree as if from the inside, making Christmas tree decorations even brighter and more attractive.

You can not use tinsel for decoration at all, we do not refuse it - we are so used to its magical glow, and therefore every year our Christmas tree is still in tinsel. You can arrange it on the Christmas tree in different ways:

  • Spiral,
  • Along longitudinal lines. If you decide to arrange the tinsel in this way, then there may be several options - the tips can not be released below the lower branches of the Christmas tree, but you can carefully straighten and release below the level of the lower branches of the Christmas tree. And trim the ends. Looks unusual
  • Along the transverse lines. In this case, we let the threads of tinsel run in waves. It also looks good.

Large rain can be tied in the form of large or not very large bows, and the ponytails can be beautifully laid out among the branches.

We place balls depending on their size, quality and size of the Christmas tree itself. If the balls are large and beautiful, you should hang them in a small amount, in random order, without adding anything to the Christmas tree, you should not cover them with tinsel and distract them with other not very beautiful toys.

If the balls are the same size, they can be placed in a spiral line around the Christmas tree. Alternating colors and shades.

Another win-win decoration option is Christmas tree crafts that you can easily and easily make with your own hands from a variety of materials!

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Decorate a Christmas tree on your website for the New Year

We decorate a real Christmas tree at home, and our advice, I hope, will help you with this. And on our websites and blogs we decorate a virtual Christmas tree, create a festive mood, rejoice ourselves and delight visitors.

Why do we decorate the Christmas tree?

It is quite an ancient tradition to decorate a Christmas tree. On this occasion, I liked the most beautiful and touching stories of the appearance of the Christmas tree:

In any case, your Christmas tree will be the most beautiful if you decorate it with soul, with a pure heart and with wishes to all your family and friends for bright holidays! This is probably the most important component of the New Year and Christmas holidays.

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