How to clean up toilet paper from trees

How to Remove Toilet Paper from Trees

If you have ever been targeted at Halloween by some cheeky pranksters it can be a real pain. Pranks often cause more harm and bother than the pranksters anticipate – Eggs strip the paint from cars and dull down the paintwork. But does toilet paper (TP) do any damage to trees and garden hedges?

This article covers the best ways to get rid of toilet paper from trees, hedges, grass and gardens – including tall trees!

First of all, toilet paper does not cause any major harm trees. But it is horrendously unsightly, and nobody wants their neighbours and every person who passes by to see their garden in such a state.

Follow our expert arborist’s tips below to safely and easily remove toilet paper from your trees – big and small. Your garden will be returned to its former glory with no harm to trees, hedges and grass.


Getting Toilet Paper Out of the Garden

No matter what – Do NOT set toilet paper in trees on fire.  Sounds obvious, but you risk significant damage to your tree and your property could catch fire. It has happened before – check out the full story.

And do not attack your tree with a tree trimmer until there are no more branches left just to get rid of the toilet paper.

Guide to Removing Toilet Paper from Trees

Try the tips in this step by step guide to get rid of toilet paper from trees, hedges and grass in your garden. Guided by these instructions, tree-owning prank victims can rid their garden of unsightly toilet paper strewn throughout tree branches and hedges.


  1. Act before any rainfall!

Wet toilet paper is much tougher to remove from your garden.

  1. Start from the top and work downwards.

Bag up the toilet paper for disposal. Be careful not to drop any onto the ground, as toilet paper can be even harder to remove from damp or moist grass and soil surfaces.

  1. Gently unwind the toilet paper from trees and branches.

Pulling or tugging aggressively will only rip the toilet paper and increase the workload.

  1. Use a rake or long garden tool to reach the toilet paper from tall trees and branches safely.

Gently use the tool to unhook and unwind toilet paper from hard to reach places.

  1. If a rake or long garden tool isn’t long enough, try a leaf blower.

Direct the leaf blower so the toilet paper gathers in an area where it can be easily retrieved.

  1. Don’t risk removing toilet paper from trees near power lines – contact a tree surgeon for tree trimming services.

Safety is of primary concern, not to mention the implications of causing a power outage.

  1. Use a garden hose to spray out the last few remaining bits of toilet paper out of trees and hedges.

This tip is intended for quite literally the last few pieces of toilet paper left over, after trying all other techniques, as you will need to collect the little pieces of toilet paper from the ground. But this is relatively easily in comparison to retrieving the final bits of toilet paper from the trees directly. Try and use the hose in a controlled manner so the bits of wet toilet paper are gathered together to reduce the workload of collection on the ground.


Why Remove Toilet Paper from Trees?

Trees and a well maintained garden adds significant value to your property. You can give your garden and trees the best chance to survive and flourish by following the tips from our professional tree surgeons in Epic Tree Care’s Blog. As many local arborists will concur, trees deserve the best chance possible especially in our UK climate.

For an affordable tree services and free onsite quotes in the North East of Scotland, call 01224 460377 or contact us and our expert arborists.

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How to Remove Toilet Paper From Trees in 6 Easy Methods (2022)

To reduce the amount of wasted toilet paper, we’ve created this blog post so readers can learn how they can responsibly dispose of their used toilet paper. In addition, we’ll show you how to remove toilet paper from trees so that we can all enjoy what nature has to offer without having to look at this unsightly mess.  

In most cases, the best way to stop toilet paper from blowing away in windy conditions is by securing it with an elastic band or bungee cord. You can also use a rubber band or twist ties designed to wrap garbage bags tightly closed. Continue reading this blog post to know more information about removing toilet paper.

Why Should You Remove Toilet Paper From Trees?

1. Toilet paper is not biodegradable nor degradable. It does break down but will not decompose, so it stays in the environment.

2. If you use public toilets, specifically in the park, it is important to leave them clean.  If you are throwing away your toilet paper on a tree, then that means others will also be doing the same thing when they use that public facility.  Since waste materials are harmful to plants and trees, this would cause more damage than good for these areas.

3. If you claim that you are putting your toilet paper in the garbage, it needs to be disposed of properly.   Trees and plants do not belong in the landfill, so if you put your toilet paper there, it will just get stuck on more trees and plants.

4. Toilet paper does not decompose quickly, so when it is thrown on a tree, it will just remain there.  If you are looking to remove toilet paper from trees, the best method is to dispose of it properly not to harm any plants or animals, including humans.

5. Using a tree as a trash can is harmful because if someone decided to use this same location for its intended purpose (dropping leaves or debris), then you could be stuck with a mess.  Toilet paper does not belong in trees.

6. Cleaning up after yourself is a big part of good public hygiene, so if you are using the park’s toilet facilities but throwing your used toilet paper on a tree instead of in the garbage can. You are doing more damage than good by making other people clean up your mess.

6 Easy Methods on How to Remove Toilet Paper From Trees

1. Use a Strong Stream of Water

A strong stream of water is the easiest and most accessible way to clean your toilet paper from a tree. Although it may not be the safest option (you could get hit with flying tissue paper), it should do the trick. Make sure you’re using a high-pressure stream of water; otherwise, you’ll end up pushing the tissue deeper into the branches.

2. Use a Knife or Scissors

If there is toilet paper stuck in a tree, one way to remove it is to grab a sharp object and carefully cut through the branch where it is lodged. Try to cut as close to the branch as possible so that you don’t push the toilet paper further into the tree when you remove it.

3. Use a Hose

The second option for flushing the toilet paper out of the tree is to create a stream of water so powerful that it flushes the toilet paper out of the tree all by itself. You’ll need to have a strong water pressure for this to work.

4. Use a Weed Wacker or String Trimmer

If you happen to have one of these tools laying around somewhere in your garage, then consider yourself lucky! This tool can be used just like the hose option, but it’s more accessible for those of you who might not own a hose. Carefully feed the string trimmer through your garden hose and start at the bottom of the tree where the toilet paper is lodged. The rotating motion should remove the toilet paper on its own, provided you have a strong enough weed wacker.

5. Use a Rake, Spade, or another tool

If there’s toilet paper stuck in a tree, you can try to remove it with a rake, spade, or shovel. Stick the tool through the branch where the toilet paper is stuck and try to pull out as much as possible.

6. Call on an Expert

Hire someone who knows what they’re doing to get the toilet paper out of your tree. This might be an extra expense, but it’s well worth it for both you and your tree’s health. Whoever you hire should have years of experience in removing stubborn toilet paper from trees. If you have a lot of toilet paper in your tree, it might be best to call a professional. They will have the right tools and equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Tips To Prevent Toilet Paper from Hanging into Trees:

1. When you change a roll, pull it tighter than normal, so the ends don’t flap down and get caught in the branches of trees and bushes outside your house.

2. Take care when using up that last bit of paper that’s hanging out of the tube; try not to shred it until you’re actually on toilet-paper-dispensing duty.

3. Install a new toilet-paper holder that doesn’t have the special finishing pin where the roll sits on top of it, which can cause those last bits of paper to dangle from trees and bushes outside your house.

4. If you’re using a public restroom with low-flow toilets and no spare roll nearby, tear off one sheet at a time so that the ends do not flap down and get caught in the branches of trees and bushes outside your house.

5. When you’re filling up your car’s gas tank, make sure to use a gas pump near an attendant who will keep an eye on things while you run into the store to buy some popsicles, the things you put in your mouth to keep you from becoming thirsty.

6. Always flush with your foot so that if there are any bits of paper hanging out of the toilet, they don’t flap down and get caught in the branches of trees and bushes outside your house.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Toilet Paper Hurt Trees?

There is no scientific evidence that toilet paper hurts trees. However, some people believe that it may cause deforestation because of the amount of paper that is used.

Does Toilet Paper Dissolve Outside?

It is not recommended to flush toilet paper down the toilet. Flushing it down the toilet can cause blockages and sewage backups that can lead to costly repairs or even worse, a sewage backup in your home.

Does Toilet Paper Cause Deforestation?

There is no definitive answer to this question as there are many factors that contribute to deforestation, including toilet paper usage. However, some people believe that the use of toilet paper contributes to deforestation because it is often used in places where trees are not necessary.

Is Toilet Paper Made From Old Growth Trees?

There is no definitive answer to this question as toilet paper is made from a variety of materials, including recycled paper. However, some companies do claim that their toilet paper is made from old growth trees.


When it comes to removing toilet paper from trees, there are a few things you can do. One way is by using your hands and water. The other option is with the help of an animal repellent spray or powder that will scare away animals like squirrels, raccoons, pigeons, deer, or armadillos who might be attracted to the taste of this tissue paper product.

Whichever method you choose for removal, just remember not to use any chemicals on live plants! We hope this blog post has given you some helpful tips on how to remove toilet paper from trees without harming the tree. If you have any other questions, be sure to get in touch with us at your convenience, and we will be happy to help!

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We store toilet paper beautifully and conveniently.

Toilet paper is an integral part of our modern life. Without it, it’s bad, and when there is a lot of it, the question arises - how to store toilet paper so that it would be pleasant for you and your guests to enter the toilet room. In this gallery article, I have selected the most, in my opinion, creative, stylish and simply convenient ways to store toilet paper. You can buy some devices in stores, and make something yourself. Scroll and choose)

The author of the article: Evgenia

My name is Zhenya and by vocation I am the “Fairy of Home Comfort”) And comfort is where order and beauty are. Specialist in putting everything into cabinets and on shelves, creating home interior and decor items. Let's rustle in your house😉?

Do you also want to become a Fairy on our blog? Enough space for everyone! Just write to us via the "contact" form)

In this article

  1. 6 easy ways to hide toilet paper inside and out.
  2. Complicating the task a little 🙂
  3. DIY toilet paper holder
  4. For those who like to store toilet paper in a bright and creative way

Not everyone wants frilly fixtures and creativity in their washroom. For many, it is enough just to put the paper so that it lies quietly for itself, does not annoy the eyes, and it is convenient to take it.

6 easy ways to hide toilet paper inside and out.

When planning a bathroom, small cabinets where you will put the rolls.

Small mini cabinets behind the toilet : compact and always close by.

Place a small ottoman in the bathroom and store the toilet paper right under it.

Hanging on the wall wicker baskets will always be at hand, besides, they will decorate the interior.

The Plain Vertical Paper Rack , available at any office supply store, easily converts into a slick toilet paper storage solution.

Large glass flower vase - what could be simpler and prettier)

Complicating the task a little 🙂

We add an aesthetic component, we try to add elements that are pleasing to the eye for convenience. For example, a wonderful basket made of vine , on the handle of which a roll of toilet paper is just placed.

... or not on the handle, if for some reason it does not fit under the roll or it cannot be hung there.

The wooden toilet paper holder saves floor space in a small toilet and is aesthetically pleasing.

The wall box does not have to be square. It can be triangular, and diamond-shaped, but at least a chamomile.

A simple Soviet string bag made of rope and now such storage of toilet paper makes everyone smile.

In the absence of a string bag, you can purchase such a convenient net .

Curved Angled holder is suitable for a high-tech bathroom.

DIY toilet paper holder

All you need is a wooden shelf / plank, a piece of metal pipe / an interesting paper holder and one man) By the way, these “hooks” are also suitable for conveniently arranging towels in the bathroom.

The wide wooden frame and the magazine paper holder work in tandem to create something cozy and comfortable.

You can simply put together a few boards or even just take an unnecessary drawer from the table. Just remove the bottom from there and voila - a great toiletry rack.

And if you dream up a little and work a little, you can make real works of carpentry art on the scale of one toilet room.

If you have at least a little knowledge of a needle, sewing machine or crochet hook, then making these toilet paper holders yourself will not be difficult for you.

Insert part of a plastic bottle in the form of a tube into the cells so that they hold their shape.

Another version of the toilet paper holder)

For those who love nature, here are some simple but interesting examples of handmade paper roll holders.

A little lower you will see a more complex version of the “paper tree”, but if you want something simpler and faster, then this is a worthy alternative.

You can also store and hide paper in the toilet in a vase-basket made of thick jute.

Even if you have a hard time with needlework, this option is definitely up to you. 2 hooks for towels and one handle for a bag - and the original toilet paper holder is ready.

For those who like to store toilet paper brightly and creatively

Here's a creative way to store, and at the same time decorate almost any room with toilet paper.

There must be handles from old paint rollers lying around somewhere. Put them to work.

The method is very simple, but how interesting it looks)

One of my favorite ways to keep toilet paper original. Tic-tac-toe: who doesn't love them?

If you have a large family, then storing toilet paper in this format is very sent)

Plush rabbits sharing valuable paper resource with you is unusual and very cute.

Or maybe not plush..and not rabbits..say, lambs..

... or cats .. where without them)

And in general, any animals of your taste and color)

Various wall molds can now be found on the internet for convenient storage of toilet rolls.

Various kinds of little people or any other baby/doll can take on the responsibility of supplying paper.

Keeping toilet paper should be as bright as living. Selectable)

Toilet paper boxes are an interesting and unusual solution.

And finally bedside table with paper , pretending that all these rolls are an element of its decor, and it was intended from the very beginning)

Among such a variety, you will definitely find your own, which you will like and decorate the bathroom / toilet room.

Text entirely by the author. Copying any elements of the article is possible only with an active link to the source!

Toilet paper holders: types, features, mounting methods

The comfort and quality of our life are provided, among other things, by many familiar little things. These include such a mandatory attribute of toilets or bathrooms combined with a bathroom, such as a toilet paper holder. They are of two types: wall and floor.

The first has several varieties:

  • Closed holders , in which a special container with a lid is provided for a paper roll, or at least the roll placed on the holder's hook is covered from above with a lid that protects it from settling dust or moisture particles if the device is installed in a combined bathroom. The paper in such holders is completely or partially covered, you can unwind the required amount by pulling the protruding tip of the tape.
  • Open holders are the simplest hooks or mini rods on which a paper roll is placed. It's better than nothing: the paper is always in the right place, at hand. But such simple and cheap holders are gradually being replaced by more functional and aesthetic devices.
  • Built-in holders - they are not mounted on the surface of the walls, but are placed in a niche specially provided for this. Such a niche is envisaged by a design project and equipped even during repair work, accurately calculating the dimensions for a specific holder planned for installation. A container with a roll of paper is built into such a niche, only the tip of the tape protrudes from the wall. When the paper in the holder runs out, the container, hidden behind a decorative overlay, is pulled out of the wall and a new roll is placed in it.
  • Wall Mount Stands horizontal or vertical. Vertical racks are most in demand - they are more compact, which is very important, because often a toilet or a combined bathroom in city apartments is not very spacious and you have to look for optimal solutions for the rational use of space. But horizontal racks of spectacular design also gained popularity among the Russian consumer, thanks to their versatility and versatility. Such racks have a different design, some models have a special basket for storing spare rolls, a stand for a sanitary brush, a shelf where detergents and other small things can be placed.
  • Mobile holders for wall mounting using quick release fasteners. Among such devices, you can find models of a closed type, but for the most part, these are still open holders of a simple design, as light as possible so that the quick-release fasteners can withstand the load. An example of such holders are models with suction cups, which are easily attached to a flat, smooth surface and quickly moved to a new place. The disadvantage of holders of this type is the unreliability of fasteners. Suckers often peel off, unable to withstand the load, and the paper ends up on the floor. And the appearance of such holders is not very presentable.

Happy owners of spacious bathrooms and bathrooms combined with them can use floor-mounted toilet paper holders. Their use is especially relevant in cases where, for one reason or another, it is impossible to hang the holder on the wall. The floor version of such a device can be installed in any chosen place, and toilet paper will always be at hand.

Closed paper holder PORTOFINO, antique brass

Floor holders are conventional and multifunctional. In the first case, they are a rack with a strung paper roll. But few people prefer this option due to the fact that the rack takes up a lot of space, performing a single function. It is rarely used, since even a very beautiful stand topped with paper looks ridiculous and takes up too much space. It is much more rational to install a multifunctional floor rack in the combined bathroom, which has a container for spare rolls of paper, shelves for placing household chemicals and sanitary equipment. Such a floor holder is able to replace several shelves that clutter up the surface of the walls. The floor stand is not fixed to the floor, so it is easy to move and clean.

What toilet paper holders are made of

Since rooms such as bathrooms or lavatories are characterized by high humidity, the material used to make toilet paper holders must be moisture resistant. Therefore, such devices are made mainly of plastic and metals. These materials, like any other, have both pros and cons.

Plastic holders

Plastic models are cheaper than metal ones, they belong to the economy class. They are lightweight, easy to clean, easy to clean, rich in colors. The disadvantages of plastic holders are their fragility and fragility, instability to fading, rapid loss of color and initial external attractiveness. From plastic holders, it is better to choose wall models of an open or closed type. You can also purchase a built-in plastic holder, we do not recommend buying plastic racks.

Metal holders

Metal models have a spectacular design, look presentable and are much more expensive than plastic ones. They are strong and durable, under normal operating conditions they will last for more than a dozen years. Such holders can be simply polished, painted, chrome-plated, etc. The variety of surface finishes provides ample opportunities for designing bathrooms in different style concepts. The disadvantage of metal painted holders is the fragility of the decorative coating. If you need a reliable device that will not lose its original appearance for decades, it is better to purchase ordinary polished holders made of stainless steel.

Closed paper holder FBS "Vizovice VIZ 054" + holder for air freshener, chrome

Choosing a toilet paper holder

To choose a quality device, you should not only pay attention to the appearance of the device, but also take into account its other operational properties and characteristics, do not forget about the features of your bathroom. The most important selection criterion is the material of manufacture. If you intend to use the holder for a long time, a metal model should be preferred. The plastic holder will look decent for a couple of years. Poor-quality metal connections are unreliable, the color is uneven. The decorative coating should not be afraid of moisture - this point must be clarified in the instructions for the product or from the seller.

The shape and color of the holder should be in harmony with the design style and color scheme of the bathroom, combined with other elements of the room’s decoration: shelves, brush glasses, soap dish, etc. Only if these conditions are met, the created interior will look complete and well thought out.

How to place the holder in the bathroom

All elements of the bathroom must be placed and mounted in accordance with the requirements of ergonomics. According to experts, for comfortable use of the toilet bowl between it and the walls, both on the right and on the left, the distance should not be less than 35–45 cm. cm) by sliding it forward. As a standard, the holder is mounted on the right side of the person sitting on the toilet. For most of us, this solution provides maximum comfort.

Open paper holder OFELIS "Glare", 3-roll storage, chrome

If you and your household are right-handed, it is more convenient to place the toilet paper holder on the right. For left-handers, this should be a left solution, for ambidexters, any placement of the holder is equally suitable.

A lot of controversy raises the question of which side to put on toilet paper - should the edge of the tape be on top or bottom. Even scientists have thought about it. They lean towards the first option, top placement. Their arguments in favor of this method are as follows:

  • when placed on top, the surface of the paper does not touch the wall, which means that less germs accumulate on it;
  • Tape tip is easier to reach;
  • it is also more convenient to unwind the tape in this case, since there is more space for manipulating hands;
  • children and pets will not be able to play while unwinding the roll;
  • top placement looks neater.

The last weighty argument in favor of the option of top placement of the edge of the roll in the holder is that this method is indicated as the only correct one in the patent dated 1891 year, anchoring the invention of toilet paper.

How to mount the toilet paper holder on the wall

Floor stands for toilet paper are not fixed, built-in models are inserted into niches, and wall-mounted options need to be securely mounted. Its scheme is usually indicated in the instructions and varies depending on the nuances of the design of each model. The manufacturer also completes the device with fasteners - the required number of brackets, dowels, screws.

Before you start mounting the holder, carefully consider the place of its attachment, taking into account the recommendations given above. After that, you need to outline the places for drilling holes for the dowels, select a drill corresponding to their diameter and make nests as deep as the length of the dowel. Dowels are carefully hammered into these holes. If the nest is too wide, it needs to be sealed. You can simply wrap the dowel with newsprint. After that, screws are screwed into it, fixing a bracket-bracket on them, on which a holder for toilet paper is mounted. Using a screwdriver, the device is fixed on the bracket by screwing a screw specially designed for this. After that, the holder is ready for use. There are holder designs in the form of an open rod on two brackets. For them, all this will have to be done twice.

If you need to install a regular holder on one bracket with a metal plate cover, but you don’t know how or don’t want to drill tiles, since you just renovated the bathroom, you can try an alternative mounting method - mounting the holder on mounting adhesive. This method is good because even if you make a mistake with the installation location, everything can be corrected at any time. So, in the area where you will attach the holder, thoroughly clean and degrease the tile. Squeeze a little mounting glue onto the bracket-bracket from the tube using a special gun, spread it over the entire surface of the bracket and press it against the wall in the intended place. After that, you need to wait until the glue dries well: leave it overnight or even for a day. After the bracket is glued to the tile, you need to put the holder on it in the same way as with traditional installation and fix it by tightening a small special screw from below. If the glue has dried well, it will hold the device to the wall quite firmly.

The suction cup holders are very easy to install. You just need to thoroughly clean the surface of the wall, install the suction cup in the chosen place and assemble the device on it. But often they complain about such holders: the devices spontaneously fall off the wall, unable to withstand the load. To prevent this from happening, you can try moistening the wall and the inside of the suction cup for a tighter fit. If this does not help, there is a way out. It is simple and affordable - you can put a suction cup on silicone.

Squeeze the sealant onto the suction cup with a gun. If not, press down on the silicone tube from the bottom to get a small portion of the sealant. Put it on the suction cup and press it in the intended place against the wall.

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