How to decorate a christmas tree 2014

2014 Christmas Decor & How to Raise Your Christmas Tree

I love sharing my Christmas decor! And this year I am also sharing a great tip on how to raise your Christmas tree, and it is SO simple!

I’m so excited to share my Christmas decor with you again this year!

Mainly because I think I have completely embraced and reclaimed the space over our mantle now that the tv has been moved elsewhere. Yay!

(Be sure to check out my past Christmas decor tours.)

I also have an amazing and SUPER simple little trick for you on how to raise your Christmas tree and it will barely cost you anything.

You won’t want to miss that!

I present my 2014 Christmas mantle!

It may very well look this way for years to come because I am completely smitten with it.

The oversized chalk art is my favorite.

I hand drew it on chalkboard paper and mounted it on black foam core.

It’s propped behind the frame.

The lights around the frame are little fairy lights and they twinkle.

The whole thing is pretty magical in person!!

You can find the tutorial for the moss Christmas tree here.

Here are a few more festive corners of the house…

Garlands on the stair railing is a must for me.

It’s a fun way to sneak in more decorations and more Christmas lights into the room.

My black hutch is one of my absolute favorite spaces to decorate for the holidays.

I usually keep it fairly simple with a little bit of greenery and some pops of white and red.

You can find a tutorial for making my sweet fabric chalkboard bunting here.

I have a LOT of Christmas decorations, and I tend to group them together according to theme.

These are my sweet snowmen paired with some woodland-themed Christmas decorations.

See how I made the Mason jar woodland winter scenes.

Here you can see many of my various Santa Clauses.

I also have a tutorial for those wrapped Christmas gift decorations.

Can you believe they are made from stretched canvases?

You can see I’ve snuck decorations in everywhere.

This lantern is holding my bottle brush Christmas trees.

This poinsettia wreath is one of my favorite handmade holiday wreaths!

I tucked the snowman ornament on it to add to the winter look, but he’s completely removable.

Last year I traded in my 12 ft prelit Christmas tree for a 7.5 ft NON prelit tree (BOO!).

The prelit tree was 8 years old and the lights were starting to die strand by strand.

It was so sad!!

Plus it was ginormous to store so we downsized.

I miss that giant tree!

But did you see on Instagram how I raised the new Christmas tree?

How to Raise Your Christmas Tree

To add a little height to our current tree I asked the hubs to build a platform to set it on.

This would both make the tree look taller AND allow easier access to placing presents under the tree.

He came back to me with 4 pieces of 6″ x 1/2″ PVC pipe.

I admit, I was skeptical!

But he placed the pieces of PVC pipe under each tree leg and… my tree was suddenly 6″ taller!

It’s sturdy and, after adding the tree skirt, gave exactly the look I wanted!

And the beauty of the whole thing?

It only cost a couple of dollars and practically no time at all to cut the pipe.

That’s my kind of fix!


How is your Christmas decor coming along?

I still have to put up the kids’ tree and finish decorating outside.

Then I’m ready to sit back and relax and stare at my mantle for a while!!


>> See where I party! <<

10 Tips for a Beautiful Tree

Learn how to decorate a Christmas tree start to finish including ten simple Christmas tree hacks for a stunning tree.

Have you ever wondered why the beautifully decorated Christmas trees on Instagram and Pinterest look so amazing and yours just…doesn’t?

I’ve always loved decorating our Christmas tree, but to be honest, I haven’t always been great at it.

For years I just could not figure out why my tree didn’t look anything like the beautiful Christmas trees I saw in magazines or on Instagram and Pinterest.

Don’t get me wrong. In my opinion, there’s no such thing as a bad Christmas tree. Above all, decorating a Christmas tree is about celebrating the joy of the season.

I’m not trying to rain on anyone’s Christmas tree parade or put unrealistic expectations on anyone.

But for me personally, I wanted my Christmas tree to look beautiful. This tree was going to be the focal point of our family room for more than a month and I wanted it to be beautiful and festive and merry.

It was so disappointing to pull out all of my favorite ornaments and even buy new beautiful ornaments only to put them on the tree and realize it looks absolutely nothing like what I pictured.

Christmas trees from 2013 and 2014

So I started studying those gorgeous trees I admire. Every year I picked up a few more tips and tricks and tried a few new things.

And now I can say I’m finally really happy with how our Christmas tree comes together. And it all came down to just a few small tweaks and hacks that made all the difference.

I’m going to take you step by step though how to decorate a gorgeous Christmas tree including 10 simple tricks that will take your tree from average to amazing. And I also have a full video tutorial at the bottom of this post if you prefer to see the whole process in action.

This post contains affiliate links which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission but it won’t cost you a penny more.  Click here to see my full disclosure policy.

Decorations used on this tree

I’ve linked the exact items I used to decorate my tree when possible and have noted when I linked to something similar instead.

Of course, the beauty of this method is you don’t have to use the exact same things I used – you can use whatever decorations you love. The secret is in how you put it all together.

  • 7.5″ Prelit Flocked Christmas Tree – this tree is beautiful in person!
  • Gold mesh wired ribbon
  • White faux fur wired ribbon
  • Set of gold, sage, and white shatterproof ball ornaments
  • Christmas picks (similar)
  • Basket tree collar (similar)

Choosing the right tree

We can’t really talk about decorating your Christmas tree without talking about the tree itself.

There are all kinds of Christmas trees out there from the super cheap to the very expensive. I know some people swear by their Balsam Hill or King of Christmas tree. And I’m sure those trees are beautiful, but you really don’t have to buy a $700 Christmas tree to have a beautiful tree.

If your tree is looking a little tired but you don’t want to invest in a whole new tree, the decorating hacks in this post will make a huge difference.

Another thing that can really help a tired tree is adding flocking. I know a flocked tree isn’t for everyone, but I absolutely love them.

When my ten year old Christmas tree was starting to look droopy and sad, I added SnoFlock flocking powder and it’s amazing what a huge difference it made!

The flocking looked gorgeous, perked the whole tree up, and made it look much fuller. (I have a step-by-step tutorial on how to flock a Christmas tree if you’re interested.)

After using my DIY flocked Christmas tree for seven years, the stand and a few of the branches broke so I finally replaced it this year.

I bought this 7.5 foot flocked Christmas tree from Amazon and I’ve been super happy with it so far. It was easy to set up and the flocking was much less messy than I was expecting. (The price fluctuates on this tree but it was around $225 when I bought it.)

Fluffing your tree

If you are using an artificial Christmas tree, the first step to making it gorgeous is always fluffing the branches.

You want to work throughout the tree, spreading the branches so that they are nice and full and fill any gaps.

Tip 1: Wear gloves to fluff your tree.

Fluffing up the branches makes a huge difference in how your finished tree looks, but it can definitely scratch your hands up.

This year I heard a tip to wear cotton gloves or even dishwashing gloves to protect your hands when fluffing up the tree and I think it’s genius!

Adding lights

When it comes to Christmas tree lights, more is more. I used to add just a couple of strands of lights to my Christmas tree and it really wasn’t enough to give that beautiful warm glow at night.

Now I am much more generous with the lights. I’ve even added more lights to a pre-lit tree that was a bit skimpy on the lights.

Aim for at least 100 lights per foot of Christmas tree. So for a 7.5″ tree, you’ll need at least 750 lights.

Tip 2: Use a special extension cord for plugging in Christmas lights.

When adding multiple strands of lights to an unlit tree, it can get messy trying to get all of the lights plugged in without overloading the fuses. I love this extension cord for plugging in Christmas tree lights.

You can feed it up through the tree along the tree trunk and instead of having all of the outlets at one end, there are places to plug in strands of lights all along the extension cord. Then at the bottom, there is a switch so you can easily turn all of the lights on and off with the push of a button.

Tip 3: Wrap the lights around each branch.

Years ago I used to add Christmas lights to the tree by wrapping them around and around the outside of the tree. Then I read a tip that it works better to add the lights vertically, moving up and down the tree which was slightly better.

The problem with both of those methods is they keep all of the lights spread around the very edges of the tree.

If you look closely at a pre-lit tree, you can see that the lights wrap around each branch from the outer edges of the branches to closer to the center of the tree.

When you add strands of Christmas lights this way, you can add way more lights and the entire tree gets a beautiful glowy look.

Just wrap your lights around each branch moving from the tip back toward the trunk of the tree, then continue to the next branch.

Adding ribbon

I think adding ribbon is one of the trickiest parts of decorating a Christmas tree. I used to just use a simple bead garland on my tree and skip the ribbon altogether, but then I noticed that all of the gorgeous trees I loved had ribbon.

At first, I really struggled with figuring out how to put the ribbon on the tree. It seemed like it either looked overly simple, like a child wound some ribbon around the tree or the ribbon looked like a tortured, wrinkled mess.

But after studying how the pros do it, I finally understand how to put the ribbon on the tree without it looking like a mess.

After trying several different methods of adding ribbon to the tree, this is the method that I’ve found to look the best.

You want to be sure to use wired ribbon so that it can hold it’s shape. And using two different types/colors of ribbon really helps give the tree more color and interest.

You will need around 50 feet of each type of ribbon for a typical 7′ tree.

Tip 4: Add ribbon in small strips.

Start by cutting a piece of ribbon around 18-24″ long.

You can add the ribbon in a long continuous piece, but I find it much easier to work with smaller pieces of ribbon. And it also saves money since you won’t need to buy as much ribbon.

Tuck one end of your ribbon piece into the tree.

Then let the ribbon drape naturally over the tree.

The trick is to let the ribbon do what it wants to do. I used to try to force it to do what I wanted and that’s when it turned into a tortured mess.

Let the ribbon drape over the tree and wherever it naturally curves inward, push the ribbon toward the center of the tree to form two loops or tufts of ribbon. Then tuck the free end of the ribbon in as well.

As you are adding ribbon to your tree, you can position the pieces of ribbon a bit more horizontally or a bit more vertically, but try to avoid creating perfectly straight horizontal or vertical lines.

Adding branches, pinecones, and berries

Adding Christmas picks to your tree is a small thing, but it can make a huge difference.

Tip 5: Add Christmas picks or branches to give your tree texture.

One of the things I’ve noticed about gorgeous, expensive Christmas trees is they often include pinecones or berries or a few different types of branches. Adding picks to your tree is an easy way to get a similar look on a budget.

You can find all kinds of Christmas picks at stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby, but I have also pulled branches and pinecones from my own yard and added them to my tree with great results.

I usually like to add a bit of leftover flocking powder to my picks so they blend in well with my flocked tree, but that’s just a personal preference.

Hanging ornaments

Christmas ornaments are the one part of decorating a Christmas tree that I really thought I was doing well. But it turns out I was actually missing a few small tweaks that really make the ornaments look amazing.

There are two main types of Christmas tree decorators – the ones who want a beautiful, color coordinated tree with everything perfectly placed and the ones who want a festive, happy tree filled with a hodge-podge of Christmas memories from years’ past.

When I decorate our tree, I try to strike a balance between the two. I do want our tree to look beautiful, but I also want to include all our favorite handmade and vintage ornaments that we’ve collected over the years.

I’ve found that color is key when it comes to incorporating years of special ornaments into a cohesive tree.

Tip 6: Use color to unify random ornaments.

Every year I choose a color scheme for the tree – this year it is white, gold, and silver. Other years it has been red and turquoise or red and white.

I decorate the tree with ribbon and ball ornaments that coordinate with my color scheme and then I add all of my other meaningful ornaments. Even if every ornament doesn’t fit the color scheme, the ribbon and ball ornaments still keep it looking nice and feeling cohesive.

When it comes to ornaments, just like with the lights, more is better. You need way more Christmas ornaments than you might think to decorate a nice full tree.

Tip 7: Mix up the shapes and sizes of your ornaments.

It’s important to vary the shape and size of the ornaments on your tree. Adding just a couple oversized ornaments really adds visual interest.

And making sure there are a variety of shapes and not just a lot of Christmas balls also adds to the visual appeal.

I tend to think of Christmas balls as filler ornaments. They usually aren’t particularly special, but they are inexpensive and can really help give your tree a cohesive color scheme.

Tip 8: Hang ornaments throughout your tree, not just at the edges.

As you are adding the Christmas balls to the tree, don’t just hang them on the very tips of the branches. Hanging ornaments further inside the branches really helps add fullness and dimension to your tree.

Once the balls are on the tree, you can add your more special ornaments. As you add ornaments, try to make sure similar ornaments are spread throughout the tree and not right next to each other.

And remember, more ornaments is better. As you are hanging the ornaments, it may seem like they are really close to each other, but when you step back and look at the tree as a whole, they’ll look great.

The tree topper

I’ve struggled with finding the perfect tree topper for years. Nothing looked quite right.

This summer, I found a gold Moravian star tree topper at a yard sale for just one dollar. I love that the 3-D shape looks like a star from every angle unlike most flat tree stars that only look like a star from the front.

I couldn’t find the same type of star to link to, but there are some other nice Moravian star tree toppers on Amazon or this tutorial from Living Well on the Cheap shows how to make your own using paper.

I’ve also seen some really gorgeous trees that don’t use a topper at all, but instead add some extra Christmas picks around the top of the tree to create dimension. The first tree in this post from Ella Claire Inspired is a great example and I think it looks pretty beautiful.

And since tree toppers can be tricky, I also put together a post sharing all kinds of Christmas tree topper ideas that may help you find your perfect topper.

Finishing touches

I love finishing our tree off with a nice tree collar at the bottom. It hides the obviously fake tree stump and stand and looks pretty.

Tip 9: Put your Christmas lights on a timer.

I’m looking forward to using a smart plug for our Christmas tree this year. I’m planning to set it up so the lights automatically come on in the morning and go off around bedtime. (Because every part of the day is better with twinkly lights!)

I haven’t gotten it set up quite yet, but this tutorial looks pretty handy.

I am seriously thrilled with how our Christmas tree turned out.

It looks beautiful and put together, it still has all of my favorite ornaments, and it’s got me really excited for Christmas!

It may not be quite to the level of the ones in magazines, but I’m quite happy with it!

Christmas Tree Storage

And one final Christmas tree tip. This one isn’t really about the decorating – it’s more about the undecorating.

Tip 10: Store your Christmas tree in a storage bag.

We have a big enough basement that we don’t have to take our tree apart every year to store it.

I usually take off all of the decorations and then we carry the tree downstairs and cover it with a couple of old sheets to keep the bugs and dust away.

I’d seen Christmas tree storage bags before, but I’m cheap and I felt like my old sheets were working just fine.

Well last year, I finally gave in and bought this Christmas tree storage bag even though I was still skeptical. And I’ve been shocked by how much I love it!

It sounds silly I know, but putting the tree in the bag makes it so incredibly easy to carry it up and down the stairs. Trying to wrangle a fully intact Christmas tree around was a huge headache and now we can just bag it up and carry it down by the straps. So much easier.

And for everyone who doesn’t have a huge basement, there are also tree storage bags for storing the parts of your tree once it’s taken apart. I remember the nightmare of trying to shove the tree back in the box it came in after Christmas, and these bags look like a lifesaver. (This one is super cheap and has great reviews.)

Video Tutorial

Just hit the play button below to watch the full video tutorial. It takes you step-by-step through decorating a gorgeous Christmas tree.


  • Christmas tree
  • Christmas lights (unless pre-lit)
  • two different wired ribbons
  • Christmas picks
  • ball ornaments
  • other ornaments in a variety of shapes and sizes
  • Christmas tree topper
  • tree collar


  • scissors (for cutting ribbon)


  1. Fluff up the branches of your tree, spreading the tips to cover any gaps in the tree. Wearing gloves will protect your hands from scratches.
  2. Add the lights, winding the lights in and out around each branch. Aim for at least 100 lights for each foot of your tree - so 700 lights for a 7 foot tree.
  3. Cut your first ribbon into strips 18-24" long. Starting at the top of tree, tuck one end of the first strip into the tree. Allow the ribbon to drape over the tree naturally. Tuck the middle of the ribbon into the tree to create two tufts of ribbon. Then tuck the final loose end into the tree. You can do this more horizontally or more vertically, but try to avoid rigid lines.
  4. Repeat with the second type of ribbon.
  5. Add Christmas picks with evergreen branches, berries, or pinecones to the tree to add interest.
  6. Start hanging your ball ornaments on the tree. Hang them toward the center of the branches as well as along the edges.
  7. Add your other ornaments to the tree, spreading similar ornaments around the tree.
  8. Add your tree topper - this can be a star, a tuft of Christmas picks, a ribbon, or you can always leave the tree bare.
  9. Add a tree collar to the bottom of the tree.


When lighting an unlit tree, using a special Christmas tree extension cord makes it much easier to wrangle all the strings of lights.

Be sure to use ornaments in a variety or shapes and sizes to give the tree visual interest.

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How to decorate a Christmas tree so that all wishes come true

Have you heard the word Feng Shui? For sure. And it's not just a fashion fad. This is the Chinese practice of properly organizing space so that energy flows help a person gain health and good luck in business. And if in simple words, then this is the ability to create comfort. If a person is comfortable and comfortable, then the mood is better, and the state of health is more cheerful.

Those who are serious about Feng Shui know how to organize the space around them so that their wishes come true. The new year is coming soon, and this is just the time to make them. Decorated Christmas tree as the main attribute of the holiday, albeit not for long, but still changes the atmosphere of the house.

Accessible feng shui: 4 simple rules for harmonizing living space >>>

Determining the cardinal points

joyful mood, but also balance the surrounding energy: when Yin (cold, darkness) reigns on the street, Yang, the green beauty, is in the center of attention at home.

But first you need to know exactly how the apartment is located in relation to the cardinal points. And only then begin to arrange "traps for good luck."

Since the Christmas tree has a pronounced pointed shape and thorns, it should be placed in the southern sector of the room. And bright lights, decorations and garlands placed in the south will support the fiery Phoenix. Then good luck will surely visit you in the new year.

In the Tigris zone, that is, in the west, set up a festive table, then the meeting of the New Year will be unusual and will be remembered for a long time. To make a wish, go to the Dragon zone to the east, by the way, there is also the jurisdictional territory of the Turtle, from which you can ask for health.

10 non-childish Christmas tree ideas >>>

The right decorations

If the tree is in the southwest, decorate it with yellow and red toys. This sector will not be damaged by the abundance of fire, so turn on the garland more often. Place figures of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden or some other couples under the Christmas tree. Avoid silver tones in the design of the green beauty.

Decorate the Christmas tree in the western or northwestern sector with shiny balls and bells. Choose white and yellow colors. But do not abuse the garlands.

If you put the tree in the north, focus on white and blue balls. In no case do not decorate it with candles, and turn on the garland as rarely as possible.

The tree in the northeast also requires a yellow-red range of decorations. If you want to help the kids with their studies, put a little globe on it. "Pricklyness" of the Christmas tree, located in the east or southeast, smooth out the rain and tinsel. Do not emphasize it with a pointed top and all kinds of icicles. Decorate the Christmas tree itself with fish, coins, garlands of beads.

What Russians borrowed from Catholic Christmas: the main traditions of decorating the house >>>

Cherished dreams

A well-placed Christmas tree, among other things, will help your cherished wishes come true. A Christmas tree placed on the left side of the entrance to a house, apartment or room, along the wall, will strengthen family relationships. It will improve your relationship with children if it is located on the right. She will have a beneficial effect on her sex life if she is in the far right corner.

Material well-being will be strengthened by a Christmas tree placed in the far left corner. Strengthen the influence of the zone by decorating the Christmas tree with "gold" coins and red ribbons. All these are symbols of success and prosperity. If your Christmas tree is in a bucket of sand, bury a few coins in it, after wrapping them in red paper.

A tree located right at the entrance to the room will help you find harmony with yourself. You will be able to feel the strength in yourself for changes, feel a surge of self-confidence. If the tree is shifted a little to the left, in the new year you will have many new useful acquaintances, this arrangement will also have a beneficial effect on your intellectual and creative abilities.

For a big company

If you are going to celebrate the New Year with a big company, place a Christmas tree right in front of the front door. For many, this will bring career advancement. But the Christmas tree, located in the center of the room, seems to combine all the positive influences, in this case you can wait for the fulfillment of all your desires.

Holidays in the style of the Great Gatsby: how to decorate your house for the New Year in an unusual way >>>

And one more piece of advice. It is better to put a natural Christmas tree. True, in order for her to stand for a long time, she will have to be carefully looked after. Do not place it in a draft and near the battery.

If you put the tree in a bucket of sand, then water it every other day, and spray the needles with a spray bottle. If you want the New Year symbol to please the household for months, start an artificial Christmas tree, especially since now you can find high-quality options that are practically no different from the real ones. A forest aroma will give the house a few sprigs of live spruce or pine.

According to open sources

How to decorate a Christmas tree? | Articles

Photo from

There are many symbols of the New Year, but the most important of them was and still is a smartly decorated Christmas tree. Without it, the holiday is completely unthinkable. You can decorate it with your old favorite toys, as you are used to, or trust the experts and dress up the green beauty in accordance with the trends. And you can combine both. We present for you the traditional ways, some tips especially for the Year of the Horse and a little digression into history.

The history of the Christmas tree

The tradition of decorating the Christmas tree came to Russia in the days of Peter the Great from Germany, but the custom took root only after 100 years. Subsequently, decorating the Christmas tree was banned for a long period during the First World War and the next 16 years, since the custom was adopted from the Germans. And later, Christmas, spruce and even Christianity were declared illegal. Now the stereotypes have disappeared, and families are happy to decorate the Christmas tree on the eve of January 1st.

Traditional Christmas decorations

The first Christmas trees were decorated with different goodies and delicacies . If you have a small artificial Christmas tree, you can bake gingerbread cookies in the form of stars, gingerbread men, Christmas trees, snowflakes, snowmen, taking care of acquiring a cooking mold in advance. This is a fun activity that both kids and adults will enjoy. After the cookies are made, you can thread colorful ribbons through them and come up with a decoration of your choice. The Christmas tree will turn out stylish and original.

The next traditional option is garlands and glass balls . According to legend, colorful and bright garlands appeared due to the sparkle of stars reflected in the snowflakes on the Christmas tree. There is a belief that they symbolize a happy life and good luck, and this is what everyone expects from each new coming year. Now we have a huge selection of diverse balls and garlands for decoration, in addition, there are many ways to help make them yourself. Your tree will definitely be unique.

Photo from

Pay attention to straw toys . This is an Old Slavonic tradition that returned to us about 10 years ago and is still at the peak of fashion, and on the eve of the Year of the Horse is especially relevant. From time immemorial, straw figurines spoke of respect for the earth. It was with the help of them that they expressed gratitude for the harvest to the gods. Traditionally, they are decorated with red ribbons - a symbol of joy and life.

Photo from

You can decorate the fir tree with old toys, complete them with glass beads and candles (for safety reasons, do not light them). Feel free to decorate the top with a large five-pointed star. You will receive the Christmas tree in vintage style , which has been on trend for the past few years. To make the Christmas tree look fresher and maintain a single style, you can dilute all the variety of toys with angel figures.

The most fun option for kids is the holiday tree in hand-made style . If you have enough free time, do not regret it, turn on your imagination, find various toys and make them yourself!

You can use the easiest way that even a small child can handle - make toys from beads. To do this, you will need: beads of different colors, wire and multi-colored ribbons. Thread the beads onto the wire, form various shapes from it (it can be stars, Christmas trees or something more original) and decorate with a ribbon. Feel free to hang on the Christmas tree and admire the result.

2014 trends

In addition to proven options, every year there are new trends, recommendations and decorating tips, which are selected specifically for the coming year. 2014 is the year of the Horse, the main colors of which will be blue, blue and green . Accordingly, it is desirable to keep the decorations in this color scheme.

Traditional colors green, silver or yellow can also be used. On the Christmas tree, such decorations will look very impressive. Toys for decorating the Christmas tree can be very different: lanterns, balls, cones, icicles, figures of different animals.

This year it is especially important to decorate the Christmas tree with balls, bells and figurines of horses. It is believed that in this case you will have a happy year full of unforgettable impressions. After all, the symbol of the coming year needs to be appeased so that it is favorable, and you are lucky. It also makes sense to think about putting a beautiful saucer of water under the tree and putting some hay. So the blue horse will not remain hungry, and will be able to bring joy throughout the year.

In 2014, Christmas decorations in oriental style will be relevant. A Christmas tree decorated in a certain theme, for example, in the retro style, will look very original. You can also use toy cones and even natural flowers. But they must be immediately put into bottles of water, which must first be decorated with cloth or paper and carefully fixed on the tree.

Photo from the site

All natural flowers or other plants will resemble the endless expanse of the steppe, a favorite place of the New Year's talisman. To create a marine style, it is better to use fish figures, shells and starfish.

Colorful fruits, shiny nuts in foil and other sweets always look attractive on New Year's beauty. And you can turn your green beauty into a real money tree by hanging silver or gold jewelry, coins, sweets or chocolate in shiny wrappers, and banknotes on it.

And if you want the Christmas tree to look like a snow-covered tree, its branches can be smeared with stationery glue and sprinkled with grated Styrofoam or ordinary kitchen salt on top.

Learn more