How to decorate a christmas tree with bows

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree with Ribbon

Try a cinched garland, loopy bows, or vertical draping technique—all will add an extraordinary touch.


By Roxanna Coldiron Updated November 11, 2021

Ribbons are quite versatile for Christmas tree decorating. Whether you want to go with traditional embellishments or create an elaborate wonderland, you can use some Christmas tree ribbon to set the stage. These loops come in many different colors and materials, too, so your options for working some onto your Christmas tree are truly only as limited as your imagination. Follow our tutorial, then consult some of these tips and techniques from decorators and interior designers for inspiration.

Choose the Right Christmas Tree Ribbon

Ribbons come in all colors, measurements, and materials, but wired ribbon works best for this project—when formed in loops and bows, it will hold its shape. As for the width? Two-and-a-half inches to five inches is ideal. In terms of quantity, a general rule of thumb is at least nine feet of ribbon per foot of tree—so a seven-foot Christmas tree will need 63 feet of garland. Consider scale and your personal preference, too: Depending on the size and shape of the tree, you may need more ribbon for a fuller, rich look. And if you have any leftover Christmas tree ribbon, use it to decorate wrapped presents below.

Prepare the Tree

Start with a tree that's already been strung with lights, but not yet decorated with ornaments. If you have an artificial iteration, fluff the branches and test the pre-lit lights; if you have a live Christmas tree, prune the branches of any small growths. The lights will act as your guide for placing the ribbon, pointing to spotlights and darker gaps in the boughs.

christmas tree decoration with white ribbon

Credit: GANNAMARTYSHEVA / Getty Images

The Basics of Decorating

Two of the simplest techniques to working with ribbon involve either cutting it or not. To keep ribbon uncut, anchor your garland by twisting one end around a branch at the top of the tree; then, wind your way down by weaving the ribbon in and out of the branches. Repeat this in-and-out looping pattern all the way to the bottom, stepping back every few loops to ensure that the garland looks evenly distributed. If you'd rather go the cut-ribbon route, Cynthia Sheen, interior designer and owner of Cinzia Interiors, prefers to shorten ribbon into lengths, pinch them into bundles, and, working from the top of the tree downwards, tuck them into the boughs to create smooth, loose tufts. "Take pieces of ribbon that are 24 to 36 inches in length and cinch in the middle with a pipe cleaner," she explains. "Then roll up and unroll the ribbon in a spiral. It looks like a big curl, creating a very pretty, flowy ribbon." If you want to try vertical draping, anchor the lengths of ribbon at the top of the tree and let them drape naturally towards the base.

And if you suddenly don't have enough ribbon? "Cut the ribbon into 20-inch sections and pinch at each end," she recommends. "Tie the ribbon [sections] to the tree. It saves on ribbon and makes it appear as if it were woven through the tree."

Play with Color, Pattern, and Texture

When it comes to putting ribbon on your Christmas tree, interior designer Kade Laws suggests considering colors outside of the traditional holiday palette. She has used combinations of lime-green, cerulean blue, and metallic silver to great effect. Red, green, and black are a tried-and-true palette of tradition—reminiscent of the buffalo plaid found in farmhouse-style decorating. Do you prefer the sweetness of Candy Land? Laws recommends hot-pink-and-orange ribbons that can be draped or cascaded down the tree to resemble ribbons of candy. You can even use multiple options, Laws says, to create a depth of dimension in your tree's design. "I've mixed Christmas plaid ribbon with a solid color ribbon," she says. "Using wired ribbon with silk and another shiny material can add some dimension to your tree."

Complement Your Home's Holiday Design

Darryl Carter, an interior designer based in Washington, D. C., takes a more modernist approach: He recalls once using an orange burlap ribbon that cascaded down the Christmas tree to complement an installation of wall art—a large orange disc. The orange elements added a pop of statement color to the white, beige, and marbled décor in his home. "I responded to a piece of art," he says. In more modern settings, Carter recommends sticking to a monochromatic palette for a bold look that is stylish and contemporary.

Coordinate a Theme

Choose ribbon based on the theme of your Christmas tree. When Sheen designed a coastal tree, she used burlap ribbon that she tied down the tree amidst the blue nautical ornaments and white sailboats with blue hulls. And a jewel-toned tree boasted shimmery green lattice or mesh ribbons woven throughout the Christmas tree with brilliant purple and green ornaments that sparkled in the room. Use the theme of your Christmas tree to inspire you, and choose ribbon that coordinates with the rest of your holiday decorating.

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree with Ribbon

“How do you get your Christmas tree ribbon to do that?” is without a doubt, the number one question I receive during the holiday season. Today, sharing my secrets and how to decorate a Christmas tree with ribbon, in a step-by-step tutorial. More specifically, how I’m able to add ribbon to a Christmas tree by wrapping and tucking it to get that tufted, random look that fills out the tree. I used a few methods over the years before deciding on one Christmas tree ribbon technique that I use most often. Using a dining room Christmas tree, I documented the entire process from start to finish to show exactly how I go from a bare tree, to a tree that is filled with ornaments, picks, unexpected touches, and of course, ribbon! Pin this Christmas tree decorating tutorial to refer back to when you’re ready to start decorating and adding ribbon to your own Christmas tree. Below, I’m going to show how to take your tree from out-of-the-box-naked to looking something like this…

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You can find a recent video with step by step instruction of how to put ribbon on a Christmas tree here:



Fluffing the tree is by far, my least favorite part of the tree decorating process. But, the type of tree you have makes a huge difference. For example- in our great room, we have a 9′ with all wire branches. But, in the dining room, we have a 7′ with a mixture of wire branches and more realistic branches that hold their shape well (you can see the latest version of the tree HERE). I love them both but the dining room tree takes a fraction of the time to fluff and prep. When you’re fluffing, don’t neglect the inside branches. And, don’t just fluff the branches; if they are wire, pull them apart. Of course, if you have a real tree, you can skip this part 😉


If you search online, you will probably see a big split on this but I always start with the ribbon. I can always add a little more at the end if needed but using Christmas tree ribbon first gives a good base and starting point. Something else you may see is that people tend to use the entire spool of ribbon as one long piece, wrapping and weaving until the ribbon is gone. If I cascade ribbon, I will use longer strips but 95% of the time, I use this method. I typically use ribbon in various sizes from 2″ to 4″ in width, with wired edges. Ribbon that is “meshier” works the best for sticking to piney branches. My favorite places to shop in-store for ribbon are Costco, At Home, Hobby Lobby, and HomeGoods. Costco has wide ribbon with 50 yards on the spool for $9.99, so that’s a good place to start ;). As far as how much? I don’t really have an answer. But, I use a ton. And, I use more with trees with gaps. You can always purchase and take back what you don’t use.

So, once you have your arsenal of Christmas tree ribbon, determine which ribbon you want to be most present. I used a 2. 5″ mesh ribbon as my base on this tree. Cut strips that are around 3′ but don’t cut them all at once. Depending on the size of your tufts and how deep you go in the tree, you may want to modify the size. Keep in mind, using ribbon on your Christmas tree makes it easier to change the look of your tree each year. If you have a base of white/metallic ornaments, you can simply change your ribbon color and it changes the entire color scheme of the tree.

Take the end of the ribbon (I usually start in the middle of the tree), pinch the end together, and stick it in. I use my hands to feel around inside the tree for a good spot for the ribbon to stick. If the outward branches seem to “support” the ribbon, you don’t have to worry as much about securing the inside end to an actual branch. Meshy ribbon will usually just stick to the inside needles while more satiny/smooth ribbon may be to be secured a little more by bending an inside branch to pinch the end. Once the tail is secured, billow the ribbon out, kind of at a diagonal and bring the center in to secure the middle of the ribbon inside the tree. This should form one billowed tuft.

A few tips (this will make all the difference) – you don’t want the ribbon tuft to be pulled tight against the branches. You don’t want to see a taut wrinkle. When you are billowing, try to clear the outside branches into a big loop, but not so much that it sags. Also, when you are creating your loop, kind of push the ribbon upwards (as though you are almost pinching it back to the first secured end) instead of pulling it downwards. You can even turn it slightly sideways and have it “sit” on its side, on a branch.

Once you have secured the middle, take the rest of the ribbon, come back out (depending on the branch position with determine whether you come right back out where you went in, or, whether you bring the tail out a little lower). You want to form one more tuft with the ribbon so repeat how you created the first and then secure the tail just as you secured the other end. Again, if the branches are supportive and the ribbon is meshy/sticky, the inside branches may grab it enough. If not, you may need to slightly bend an inside branch to secure the ribbon. Two tufts from each 3′ strip is the goal. For the second piece, start at another place; I usually always go at a diagonal but mix up the direction. Here is what my first strips look like.

You don’t want a huge loop with the second being tiny, but they don’t have to be exactly the same size. Repeat all over the tree and don’t neglect the top. Full admission, I try to get back around the sides of the tree and if you do have some ribbon in the back, it can help look like it’s decorated if there are any gaps. But, it isn’t necessary, especially if you are trying to work with less ribbon. When you are fluffing, make sure you fluff the back really well; I continue to fluff as I go along.

For some ribbon — usually extra wide or extra narrow — I will cut the strip shorter (about 1-1.5′) only do one tuft instead of two. If your ribbon is difficult to work with, you can try this technique; see the image below for the result of using single “tufts”.


Once I have a pretty consistent and thorough covering of the base Christmas tree ribbon, I will choose another to go in and accent. Don’t worry, if you decide you need more of the original ribbon when you finish, you can always add more! As a warning, this is kind of a difficult tree to show as my example because I did a few things out of order and used some ribbon I wouldn’t typically recommend. My second ribbon was a thinner, more satiny (but still wired) peach. You can see the wrinkles more easily and it’s more difficult to work with. As a rule of thumb, the wider the ribbon, the bigger your loops can be. Most thin ribbon can’t support itself as well and will need to have smaller loops (I actually did three tufts here). Start with a test piece first before feeling out your ideal length.

Use the same methods you used in the first round of ribbon, creating billowy (but likely smaller) loops, pushing upwards to create smooth, loose tufts. Don’t worry if you can see some tails and places where you pinch on the inside. We’ll cover those up later 😉

Repeat with each type of ribbon. One of my favorite things to do (which helps you with a thinner ribbon), is to layer two ribbons on top of each other and treat them as one strip. When they are in place, you can pull one to the side slightly to reveal the underneath. I started with a more vibrant green but ended up removing it – you’ll see why a little further down.

If I have a more busy/patterned ribbon, I add that last and in smaller quantities. I like it to be a little more subtle and usually, the patterned ribbon is fabric, in the regular ribbon section, and is more expensive than regular Christmas tree ribbon for just a few yards. The spools are usually much shorter too. I believe I used three spools of 4 yards each of the floral ribbon. You may notice that some of my floral fabric loops aren’t as deep. If you have to pinch it in between the surface branches, we can cover that up, too. Just try to go deeper where you can.

Lastly, I added a thick green ribbon, surveyed the tree, and ultimately added a few more pieces of the original gold. I used four types of ribbon total — by no means do you have to use four types, but at least two will keep things interesting.


After the ribbon is secured, I add the next largest series of items. For you, it may be large ornaments but on this tree, I had huge floral stems that I incorporated first. Another tip- don’t feel like you are only allowed to select from the Christmas section/picks. I hit up the floral aisles to find coordinating stems. There are some beautiful finds in the fall sections that can be upwards of 80% off.

If the stem is too long, you can cut it to be a bit shorter. I bury the big items and nestle them in the branches, closer to the tree base. I like to fill in open spaces but also, don’t be scared to cover a little ribbon. You may need to adjust some ribbon tufts as you incorporate your big pieces. You can also use a couple different techniques; I use both in this tree. You can cluster a few like items together for an impact (think three red balls together all over), or, spread everything out evenly. I spread the snowball blooms out evenly.


I said this was a unique tree, right? My next step was to add some moss on the branches — fitting for a meadow-themed tree. Some, I molded to branches, and some, I covered more shallow ribbon loops.


Before the statement up top, I actually stuck in other branches since they were on the larger side. Manipulate the flower branches (don’t just leave them as a straight cluster). I spread most of mine out (the smaller blue blooms were scored as fall for .90/a stem. I usually let the picks/stems that are more “stem-y” — with more movement — stick out more from the tree. This helps give a more natural, organic, whimsical feel. I saved a couple of bigger blue floral stems for the topper. Instead of spreading them out evenly like the others, I concentrated them at the top of the tree and kind of came down from there, winding them in a diagonal to create that focal statement. You can also create something similar with a series of picks, branches, or berries.

Here are  a few more examples of a statement topper that winds and thins out. This “southern grace” Christmas tree had white magnolia blossoms and gold leaves that gradually thinned out…

See more of this tree in my 2018 Christmas Home Tour

And this orchid — on one of my daughter’s nursery Christmas trees — was easy to position down at a diagonal.

See more of this Christmas tree in my 2019 Fairyland Christmas Nursery Reveal

Ok, back to the tutorial! See how full it’s looking? And we haven’t even added the actual ornaments! At this point, I went ahead and added the ornaments. No rhyme or reason, just random and all over. Again, if the ornaments are your biggest statement, you may not have huge floral stems and ornaments may immediately follow the ribbon portion. I nestle heavier ornaments inside on more sturdy limbs and lighter ornaments further out on smaller limbs. Some people only use big ornaments at the bottom and smaller on top but I like to mix all over. I also have more special, intricate ornaments that I mix with regular filler balls.


After the bigger elements, and then ornaments, I add in smaller picks — like berry sprigs (or in this case, dried stuff that I don’t really know what it is haha) — to start hiding more of the ribbon security areas.

I also wedged pinecones in, perfect for the meadow tree (or most any Christmas tree 😉 ). These were really easy to use- even easier than actual hanging ornaments. They are a really inexpensive addition but as a caveat, if you use too many, it will take away from the luminance of the tree.

I also use ornaments to help cover those spots. See how everything is disguising the ribbon tucks?


On this tree, once I finished everything, I added my sweet, subtle little cherry on top. I purchased a few birds and clustered them together as a little family in the upper 1/3 of the tree. I didn’t put them all over – just three sitting together. Dave loves “little things”, especially tiny animal things so this is his favorite part. 😉 And, he absolutely, specifically said not to share that haha


I step back a few times during each step to see which area needs more balance and when I think I’m done, I step back one final time to see if anything needs adding, adjusting, or even sometimes editing down. (Let’s be honest, in my trees, I typically go by more is more so that doesn’t really happen very often haha). There are gorgeous, simple, tasteful trees that are beautiful but I think my Christmas trees are one time when I can just keep adding and adding, and the more overpowering it is, the more whimsical and magical it is. If you can’t see the actual tree, totally fine! That just means you don’t have to have as high quality of a tree 😉

If you use any of this process, especially in applying the Christmas tree ribbon, I want to know! Shoot me an email to share – I would absolutely LOVE it.

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Here are a few of my other trees over the past few years, decked out for Christmas, using the same tree trimming and Christmas tree ribbon steps as above. Here’s a look at a few different themes in the great room…

Sources: Sofa & Loveseat (performance ivory linen) | Coffee Table | Large Wood Art | White Vase (on fireplace)Rug | Teddy Bear Throw Blanket | Stockings | Wingback Chairs | Teddy Bear Pillows | Tufted Leather Ottoman | Brass Party Bucket | Green Glass Bottles & Decanters- At Home | Tree & Garland (Base) – Costco |  Fireplace Screen

And here’s a couple from one of my favorite spots during the holidays — our master bedroom.

Sources: Bed (similar) | Bench | Rug | Chandelier | Belgian Flax Linen Quilt (white) | Belgian Flax Linen Duvet Cover & Euro Shams (white) | Barefoot Dreams Throw Blanket | Ivory Mohair Throw Blanket | Green Velvet Pillows (SIMILAR) | Nightstands | Table Lamps | Sheets (700 TC) 


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To catch this year’s Christmas home tour and holiday ideas, if you aren’t already, subscribe to my emails at the bottom of this post to catch all the latest. You can also follow along with daily holiday projects by following me on Instagram @kelleynan HERE.

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New Year's bow on the Christmas tree from a ribbon, master class

Every year, on New Year's Eve, all the inhabitants of our country are busy with one IMPORTANT occupation - everyone decorates their New Year tree! To facilitate this task, sales of all kinds of New Year's toys are gaining momentum in the supermarkets of our country: balls, stars, houses, cones, animals, snowflakes, bows and even fairy-tale characters ... you can’t count everything!

Some Christmas trees will be decorated in a strict design style, others will be full of all kinds of toys, and others will be only rare collections…

This is all good, but you must admit, how nice it is to make New Year's toys with your own hands, in the circle of your family, saturated with emotions and fun of loved ones! Not a single purchased toy will bring such an effect!

Our site brings to your attention a very beautiful New Year's craft with your own hands - a chic lush bow for the Christmas tree, made with your own hands from ribbons!

Photo of decorating a Christmas tree with bows

These bows can be made in a wide variety of colors and sizes. This Christmas tree decoration will fit perfectly into any style, whether it is strict, consisting of just such bows, or a cheerful children's one, where bows are a fun addition to a great variety of New Year's toys.

A very big "plus" of such ribbon bows for the Christmas tree is that they are made very quickly! In any hour you can make a dozen of these decorations!

Why so many bows? Well, firstly, your Christmas tree can only be decorated with ribbon bows, secondly, with the help of such bows you can arrange any New Year's wish, rolled up in a scroll and inserted into a festive bright bow, and thirdly, New Year's costumes, a table and a room can be also decorate with fun bows! However, depending on the application, adjust the size of the bow itself!

Christmas tree bow, master class

Let's start our master class as soon as possible and you will learn all the stages of creating such a Christmas tree decoration.

Prepare and place in front of you:

  • Sharp scissors;
  • Bright ribbon 5 cm wide;
  • Ribbon, 2. 5 cm wide;
  • Thin ribbon only 0.5 cm wide;
  • Needle and thread to match the ribbons;
  • Regular lighter.

To make one bow, you need to cut the prepared ribbons into small pieces:

  • A piece of the widest ribbon (5 cm long) 15 cm long - 4 pieces;
  • Pieces of medium-sized tape (2.5 cm) 15 cm long - 5 pieces;

We select four ribbons of each width, carefully place the narrow ribbon on the wide one, and align it strictly in the center!

And now we are faced with a very important task: to ensure a tight fastening of two ribbons superimposed one on top of the other and take measures to prevent the ribbon cuts from loosening! An ordinary lighter will help us with this! Thanks to her intervention, we will kill two birds with one stone with a slight movement of the hand - we will get rid of loosening and “fuse” the tapes together!

It is done like this: we bring a lit lighter to the edges of the ribbons and move it up and down - the edges begin to melt and burn (we do not let it burn, we blow it out). We should get an even fused cut:

See how four blanks should look like:

We bend our tape blanks in half. It's time to put all the details of our bow together.

Using a regular basting stitch for assembly, this is what it should look like:

We pull it together well, fasten it - we got this blank:

As you remember, we still have one more piece of tape left unused, 2.5 cm wide. Its time has come. We put this segment in front of us, visually mark its middle and sew along this line with the already familiar overcast seam:

You don’t need to cut the thread, just sew the ribbon to the finished workpiece.

And now let's remember about one more thin ribbon! With this ribbon. With a width of only 0.5 cm, we will carefully tie a bow in the center, decorate the middle, tie a loop - BOTTOM FOR THE CHRISTMAS made by yourself, completely ready!

I think. That your collection will not be limited to one bow, and the included fantasy will work with a vengeance, especially when it sees the result of its work:

Fantasize, dare, be creative . .. luck is on your side!

How to decorate the Christmas tree with ribbons, the best tips, 8 workshops, videos and 50 photo ideas

Useful tips

The Christmas tree is one of the main symbols of the New Year.

We buy a Christmas tree to bring home or to the office and decorate it. In addition, many stores display decorated Christmas trees in their windows to attract customers.

Most decorate the Christmas tree randomly, but there are many original ideas for decorating it.

Here are some interesting and original options for decorating a Christmas tree for the New Year:

How to create a miracle?

Magic wand not required. All you need is a craft kit. You will need ribbons of all calibers and varieties, braid and cords. There should be a lot of threads (including floss, iris). Shiny stones, glass beads, sequins are vital. Sew-on snowflakes, stars, sparkles and other embellishments should definitely be included in the list. Always keep needles, stapler, multifunctional glue at hand.

Advice from the Snow Maiden: add a good mood, Christmas music and helpers from family members to the above. Inspiration flight of fancy is strictly required.

One, two, three… making bows!!!

Do-it-yourself Christmas tree bows can be done by everyone. True, you have to spend a little time and stock up on perseverance. First, decide on a color scheme. Then with config.

Christmas tree bows can be made in the color of its decoration or, on the contrary, play in contrast. Styles can also be different: classic, Provence, avant-garde or ethnic. Here, as they say, whatever your heart desires. The main thing is that the crafts harmonize and please the eye.

Prepare your workspace and get to work with confidence.

Christmas tree decor from three types of ribbons

Agree, very impressive and professional! So before you dive into tutorials and other inspiring ideas, Kristen shares tips for both beginners and those who already have some experience with unusual holiday beauty designs. So...
1. Determine the style and look you want. Do you want an elegant Christmas tree? Give preference to silk ribbons. Do you like rustic? Take the burlap tape.

2. Buy at least one wire tape. They are especially handy for decorating the Christmas tree because they are easy to attach and hold up well. Didn't find any beautiful wire tape? Buy a white one, and attach the one without wire to it.

3. Check the ribbon size before you start decorating. The decor should be enough for the entire height of the Christmas tree, so the longer the ribbon, the better. In case the length is not enough, you can knit several ribbons, but it is better to have a supply.

4. Don't be afraid of scissors. Once you decide on the length, you can safely cut the tape - short parts are much more convenient than one long one. It’s not scary if something remains after decorating - it’s much easier to find a use for the leftovers than trying to “wrap up” the entire Christmas tree.

5. Be original. We focus on ribbon decor, but you don't have to limit yourself to them. Anything that can wrap a Christmas tree will do: garlands with flags, decorative cord, tulle, feather boas - in general, your imagination is not limited by anything.

6. Use neutral decor. The more beautiful the ribbon, the less flashy the rest of the jewelry should be. Glass and silver balls, thin stars, snowflakes - these are toys that are suitable for any style.

We invite you to familiarize yourself The pig refuses to eat lies

7. First, Christmas decorations, then ribbons. The purpose of the ribbon is not an independent decoration, but an addition to the existing ones. Kristen recommends this sequence: large jewelry, then ribbons, then small ones. Such a composition will be much more harmonious.

8. No more perfectionism! A holiday is a holiday to relax, so don't try to fit your ribbons perfectly. A little negligence will only benefit.

9. More visible from the side. When you're done, move away from the tree and look at it from a distance - this will help you evaluate how close the result is to your idea.

And the most interesting thing: how to arrange the ribbons on the Christmas tree?

  • vertical;
  • horizontal;
  • in a free sequence - islands, at different levels or without any pattern at all.

Is one ribbon not enough? Connect the three so that everyone can see your exquisite taste.

1. Cut three equal pieces of each ribbon (I recommend a length of 120 cm). Connect, fasten in the middle with a pin.

2. Attach to the branches using wire and let the ends hang down freely.

3. Repeat for remaining tapes.


How to make Christmas tree bows

The rules are simple. The material is brittle and requires thermal or mechanical processing. Twisting, creases are unacceptable. "By eye" will not work, measurements cannot be avoided.

The thinner the material, the more inconspicuous the thread.

Knots are only possible on the reverse. The staple points require masking.

Beginning designers are advised to follow the diagrams. Regular viewing of master classes will also greatly facilitate the task.

American designs

American bows got their name not entirely deservedly, because similar designs can be found in various countries. The main requirement when decorating such a decor is to show imagination. The creation of such a decor is based on the use of several varieties of products at once, so there will be a lot of options. This type can be called a traditional option; our master class will describe in detail its creation.

How to make an American-style satin ribbon bow:

  • The thin ribbon is used to make figure eights.
  • Individual parts are fastened together in two or three pieces.
  • From below, you can make a base of several straight strips fastened in the middle.
  • For additional decoration, the edges can be scalloped.
  • Fasten the two parts together, you can glue a bead or a simple smaller bow on top.

Individual elements can be seen in the photo.

The result should be something like this product.

For children's hair clips, it is better to use a stronger rep tape. Now they sell products of interesting design, for example, favorite cartoon characters.

What can be decorated with homemade bows:

  • Decoration of clothes, belts and shoes.
  • Sofa cushions.
  • Cutlery before serving to guests.
  • Napkins, towels and kitchen curtains.
  • Newborn bag.
  • Cases for champagne bottles.
  • Wedding glasses, cars, ribbons of witnesses and other festive paraphernalia.
  • Hair jewelry.

Decorating the Christmas tree with bows is gaining more and more popularity. You can buy ready-made ones without problems in any suitable store, but it will be much more interesting to make such an ornament yourself, especially if children help you with this. It will also be a great gift idea for your loved ones for the holidays.

Model forms

There are quite a few of them:

Pay attention!

  • Four -pointed
  • Five and hexagonal
  • Eight
  • Georgin
  • Roset
  • Triangles
  • tie

Masions can also be simple and composite, multi -layer and various textured ones. Fasteners - on a knot, clip or elastic band. Choose what you like, combine and share ideas.

100% chic

Christmas tree with satin bows looks delicate and elegant. Here is a classic example. Take a scarlet ribbon 5 cm wide and a white one -2.5 cm. Make 4 pieces of it 15 cm long. Cut the white into five pieces of the same length. Place narrow blanks in the middle of the wide ones, and melt their edges with a match or a lighter.

Fold the fused strips in half to form petals or drops. Pass the needle through the edges and collect the usual “forward needle” on the thread. Fasten the thread in the middle, and decorate the sewing place with the remaining strip and a large bead.

This is a more complex version of New Year's bows. Lay a wide brocade (30 cm) in the form of a butterfly. Fix the core with a stapler or safety pin. Narrow ribbons or a ribbon (green and red), tie a lush multi-layered bow with a loop out of them. Attach the loop to the base with a basting stitch. Place a Swarovski crystal on the finished product.

A secret: light and elegant products are obtained from satin. If you conquered him, try to make a Christmas tree from satin ribbons using the Kazanshi technique.

Decide on the length and width of the tape

Find out the width of the tape before you use it, and it should be long enough to decorate the whole tree. Therefore, the longer the tape, the better. If one is missing, take a few ribbons. It is very convenient to decorate the Christmas tree with ribbons with wire. And as soon as you decide on the length of the ribbon and the type of Christmas tree, you can start cutting the ribbon, decorating the tree with short parts is much more convenient than one long one.

Reps masterpieces

These tapes are thicker and heavier. However, they keep their shape perfectly and are often used in decoration. Here the scheme is as follows:
Pay attention!

  1. Make a skein of 20-25 cm (preferably in non-standard colors, such as polka dots or snowflakes).
  2. Fold it three times and tie with monofilament.
  3. Use cuts of the same texture, 15 cm and 10 cm each (for example, orange and light green), do the same with them as with the first one.
  4. This will make three layers. Put the big one on the bottom, behind it, the middle one, and the small one on top. Sew and add curls from bright scraps or fringes.

Tip: these DIY ribbon bows can be placed not only on twigs, but also on gift wrapping. It looks bright, original and practically does not wrinkle.

Caramel Christmas Decorations

Caramel Christmas decorations can be an unusual edible Christmas decoration. Use baking molds to make them. Place the baking molds on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Put caramels inside each mold. Bake in the oven until the caramel is melted and fills the mold completely.

Then carefully remove the caramel figures and let them cool down. Make a hole. Decorate the Christmas tree with frozen caramel figurines or present them as a New Year's souvenir to your family, friends and relatives.

Another option for decorating the New Year's beauty can be family photos, holiday cards, newspaper and magazine clippings, hung on decorative ribbons or plaits. Remember the Christmas trees from the childhood of our parents, grandparents ... Use family heirlooms, such as silverware, jewelry and jewelry, figurines, old children's toys, watches, etc. , to decorate the Christmas tree. The Christmas tree will definitely turn out to be unusual and very touching.

Small soft toys can also be used to decorate the Christmas tree. It would be great if all soft toys were themed: Santa Clauses, snowmen, Snow Maidens, Santa Claus bags, bunnies, etc.

If you know how to knit or sew, you can take care of decorating the Christmas tree in advance and make bright and unusual homemade Christmas decorations. Knitted toys will add warmth and comfort to your home, and sewn from bright patches will add extravagance to the entire New Year's interior.

Velvet charm

It is always in fashion. More often it is combined with beads or ornamental stones. Velvet on a flexible basis will suit every coniferous fashionista. So, bend the tape in half and cut off the ends obliquely. (Repeat this twice).
Fasten the resulting elements in the middle, sew together with a looped seam, and skip the wire between them. Form a classic butterfly from 10-12cm and plant it at the fold. Run rhinestones or beads along the canvas.

It's a fact: a Christmas tree decorated with velor bows does not tolerate a lot of toys. In this case, European minimalism will save.

Noble metal is the main trend of 2020

To beautifully decorate the Christmas tree for the New Year, give preference to the colors that the Rat loves. This season, the favorite will be a white Christmas tree, which looks great in any interior. Complete it with large balls, figurines or ribbons. Decorate the bottom by disguising it with tinsel. Do not forget about the garland, which will shine brightly from the snow-white branches of the tree.

If you prefer to have a real Christmas tree in your house, use artificial snow to paint it white.

Air Nylon

Nylon bands are strong yet lightweight. It is a pleasure to work with them. They are especially good in bulk models. We recommend taking blue or lilac ones, fold each ribbon into a figure eight (6-7 pieces). Then you need to collect them with a rose and sew them onto the supporting structure.

Please note!

This is important: sew the details with monofilament or nylon.

Which ribbons to use for decoration

When choosing ribbons for decorating the Christmas tree, you should pay attention to the decoration material. There are several options suitable for use:
  • Satin ribbons. This is the most widely used option. It is suitable for use in its original form and for the construction of extraordinary details: balls and bows;
  • Chiffon bows. These lush stripes will give your tree a touch of airiness and mystery. They will create an unusual variation of the usual Christmas tree. They are also easy to use simply by tying individual fragments on spruce paws;
  • Burlap stripes. Despite its outward rudeness and unsightly appearance, this option gives a rather unusual appearance when used. It is especially good in combination with bright shiny small balls and fluffy tinsel.

The above methods are the main, but not the only options. If you want to unusually and attractively decorate your forest beauty, it is enough to show imagination and be creative in the process. The only rule: do not get carried away and decorate the tree in moderation. Remember: good things.

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How to decorate the Christmas tree with organza ribbons

Bend the tip of the ribbon half a centimeter and carefully work it. Pass a fishing line or whalebone through and fold it in folds (so that the edge becomes wavy). Flounces and ruffles can easily replace traditional tinsel. And multi-colored light bulbs will emphasize its brilliance and grace.

Note: you can make serpentine from small pieces, just hang it vertically like rain.

Cute decoration

Several ways to tie a gift bow.

1st method:

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Tie the box with ribbon and apply coils from the long end, each subsequent one is less than the previous one. Having built such a tower of coils, in the middle it is tied with a smaller ribbon.

2nd method:

This ribbon flower is made by crossing the coils in the middle. Segments of the same length are alternately folded and crossed in the middle, while you need to hold the composition tightly until the tape runs out. The flower is fastened with a knot from the same ribbon, or another - this is at the request of the master.

3rd method:

Lush bow for a gift is obtained by tying classic bows. At the beginning, the box is tied with one piece of tape and sewn in the middle. Then, at the seam, a second ribbon is threaded, and classic bows are already knitted from it. For each new bow, the ribbon is threaded under the main one.

Christmas tree decoration with bows

So, the style is chosen. It's time to try on. If spire and star aren't your story, start at the top. Place on it a voluminous bow with falling ends. Then move from top to bottom in a circle or spiral. Cling and knit on the edges. It's better if it's not gaudy. Place the decor evenly: do not focus them in any one part. The picture must be complete.

Tree with vertical silk ribbon

Want to make your tree look sophisticated? Then start with the "classics of the genre."

1. Cut the tape (it is better to use the one on the wire) into pieces 60 to 120 cm long. The bottom line is that there must be cuts of different lengths - this will make it much easier for you.

2. Start at the top. Hide the upper end of the tape in the branches, mentally divide the rest into two and repeat the same for the middle. Do not pull the tape too tight, let there be a little carelessness.

3. Place the second cut a little lower and repeat the previous step. Decorate the entire Christmas tree by alternating ribbons of different lengths and folding them into loops, as in the photo.

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How to decorate a Christmas tree with ribbons

Ribbons effectively coexist with bows on a fir tree. They may match or be different. The easiest way is to descend diagonally, in a circle or in a zigzag. Diamond-shaped weaving will require skill and skill. Small ribbons are often knitted at one end, and natural materials like cones, cinnamon and nuts are attached to the other. Small trees are often trimmed with ruffles and lace.

There is one “but”: beloved pets, as a rule, are not indifferent to such luxury.

Decide on the color scheme

It all depends on your preferences and imagination. There are no clear rules - make the Christmas tree colorful or more concise by choosing one or more primary colors.
The traditional holiday color is red. It pairs perfectly with green, gold and white. You won't go wrong with these shades.

You can dress the Christmas tree completely in gold or add white accents to it.

The Christmas tree in silver tones looks especially gentle. White and blue elements will wonderfully fit here.

If all this is too ordinary for you, try dressing the Christmas tree in non-standard colors, such as pink, purple, green, blue. Or pair together a few bright shades.

If you have a colored Christmas tree or with a white coating, start from its color - it will be the main one. You can pick up decorations to match the branches or play in contrast.

Christmas ribbon crafts

The possibilities are endless here. Turn your creative on full blast.

A mandatory minimum for a self-respecting mistress is a Christmas wreath. The rods can be wrapped, pasted over or twisted. Then hang pompoms or an openwork snowflake, a beaded bunch of mountain ash and a felt bullfinch.

Embroiderers will love the idea of ​​ribbon embroidery. You can create a winter panel, boots for gifts, a festive dial for a clockwork.

Christmas ribbon bows are a traditional addition to the table setting. You can decorate napkins, cutlery, glasses and, of course, champagne.

Satin bouquets and compositions will bring coziness and light atmosphere. Well, a do-it-yourself Christmas tree made of ribbons will become the pride of any housewife.

Contemporary shades of jewelry

Whatever color is chosen, it must be in harmony with the color scheme of the interior. For many years now, designers have recommended decorating the Christmas tree in the same color scheme. The chosen color should be the main one in all compositions, and the other one can be used to emphasize individual details.

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and guests.

  • Delicate pastel colors will bring a special coziness and warmth.
  • The color of winter - white, will be especially appropriate in decorating the Christmas tree. The fastest and easiest way to decorate is artificial snow made from foam. The shine of silver and blue garlands will emphasize the whiteness.

  • All shades of purple, lavender, lilac, raspberry and purple will definitely please the hostess of the coming year and can be the main focus if the style of jewelry has not yet been chosen.

  • You can decorate the Christmas tree using orange shades that create an unusual mood and make the forest beauty visually more magnificent and elegant.

By the way!

To create a winter atmosphere with any choice of decorations, you can use balls of white and silver, bright shimmering garlands.

These warm colors will create a cozy atmosphere in any room and interior.

Father Frost's recipe

Express Christmas Tree:

  1. String bias binding on wire with imitation pearls.
  2. Each loop is followed by a pearl, the loops lie alternately, in opposite directions.

Ribbon figurines will compete with template factory ones. There is where to roam: weightless angels, twisted icicles, outlandish flowers and miniature umbrellas. Even boring glass balls come to life on a ribbon suspension.

How to make an interesting and unusual product?

Decoration looks very beautiful and original, which is why for the holidays it can be the best product for absolutely any home. The master class for making such a Christmas tree is quite simple, but you need to prepare all the necessary tools and be patient.

You can make a pine figure out of thick wire and organza. To make such a Christmas tree, you need to take a thick wire, material of any color, ribbons, glue and decorative ornaments.

Thick wire should be slightly bent near the edge and completely wrapped with decorative ribbon. It is required to make a large number of separate, rather large petals from the main material and fix them on the wire in such a way that a magnificent and beautiful figure is obtained.

Place the finished product in a plastic cup and fix it. Then you need to decorate everything to your liking. Such a master class will appeal to everyone, and it can be done by the whole family.

How to decorate the Christmas tree with bows in the year of the metal bull

Preference should be given to heavy textures, as well as gray, gold and silver tones. A metallic sheen and metallic fittings will be in trend. Adopted with artiodactyls is also worth buying. But red, of course, is not held in high esteem: it is better not to tease the totem animal. Refuse also purple, pink, crimson, burgundy and other derivatives.

Fashion accessories will be chains, buttons, rivets, and especially bells, horseshoes, rings and other attributes of the owner of the year.

Model 2021: photo examples

In conclusion of the topic “bows on the Christmas tree”, we present the hit of the season. You will need: massive "metallic", glue gun, bell. Divide the ribbon in proportions: 23x2, and 21cm.

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