How to decorate a fiber optic tree

9 Fiber-Optic Christmas Trees for Unique Holiday Decor

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  • Fiber-optic Christmas trees are a great option if you're looking for some unique and fun holiday decor.
  • With these trees, you're certainly not limited to one color, size, or theme. To help you narrow down the options, we rounded up nine of our favorite fiber-optic Christmas trees.
  • Whether you want to glam up your living room or brighten your desk this holiday season, we have something for you.
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Fiber-optic Christmas trees are a unique spin on the traditional Christmas tree. With their innovative lighting design, they can add a new level of holiday magic to your decor.

They're a colorful, bright, and popular option for those who are looking for something more unique than the classic mainstay. As a beloved holiday alternative, they are available in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and colors, and they are often quite affordable.

To make your life easier, we did the research to find nine of the best trees to elevate your living space this season — from vibrant tabletop displays to more subtle options.

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A lush tree with dense and realistic needles


$94.99, available on Amazon

Standing 7 feet tall, this fiber optic tree is an ideal centerpiece for larger rooms. Adorned in 280 LED lights as well as fiber optics, the tree can glow in white, red, green, and blue, and includes three brightness settings and eight light sequences.

Tree height: 7 feet 

Base diameter: 42 inches

Light count: 280

A tree that's decorated in colorful snowflakes


$54.98, available on Amazon

Compared to classic pine, this white tree makes a colorful statement. In addition to fiber optics, it is wrapped in snowflakes and multicolored lights — with a bright LED star topper to complete the look.

Tree height: 47 inches

Base diameter: 23 inches

Light count: not given

A tree that's wrapped in 180 multicolored lights


$59.99, available on Amazon

For dramatic effect, this fiber-optic tree features 180 multicolor LED lights and a spectrum of light-flashing functions, like waves, slow glow, slow fade, and twinkle and flash. 

Tree height: 5 feet 

Base diameter: 30 inches

Light count: 180

A warm gold tree with generous space for decorations

Home Depot


37, available on Home Depot

This warm gold tree adds a sophisticated, regal touch while offering a blank canvas for decorations. Compared to larger options, it fits nicely in tight spaces.

Tree height: 5 feet 

Base diameter: 28 inches

Light count: not given



A mini tree that plays Christmas classics

Miles Kimball

$12.99, available on Miles Kimball

Perfect for desks, this mini tree features twinkling fiber-optic lights and holiday carols. With an on/off switch, you can play "Jingle Bells," "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town," and "We Wish You a Merry Christmas."

Tree height: 8 inches

Base diameter: 4.38 inches

Light count: not given



A shiny tree that's embellished with ornaments

Home Depot

$58.71, available on The Home Depot

This vibrant silver tree is trimmed with pre-decorated, multicolor ball ornaments. At the base are multicolored LED lights that illuminate the tree's fibers.

Tree height: 2.6 feet 

Base diameter: 19 inches

Light count: not given



A true-to-life tree with starry accents


$59.99, available on Amazon

Decked out in color-changing LED lights, this tree provides a cool, bright glow. It's also designed to hold plenty of ornaments.

Tree height: 5 feet 

Base diameter: 30 inches

Light count: 20


An all-red tree with poinsettia flowers



99 on sale (originally $244), available on Macy's

Dare to be super festive with this all-red tree decorated in poinsettia flowers, which are strewn with colorful fiber optics. Given its size and unique design, it complements larger, more traditional holiday decor quite nicely.

Tree height: 4 feet 

Base diameter: 22 inches

Light count: not given

A tree featuring snowflakes and multicolored lights


$58.99, available on Amazon

A glitzier option, this tree is decorated in snow ornaments and seven different colored lights that change automatically.

Tree height: 6 feet 

Base diameter: not given

Light count: 28

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Fiber Optic Christmas Decorations - Hip Hoo-Rae

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Fiber Optic Christmas Decorations look amazing, especially at night time when they are on and light up a room. So many to choose from now so Check Them Out. You really must have at least one Fiber Optic Christmas Decoration but the more the merrier I say.

 Colorful Fiber Optic Silver Artificial Christmas Tree✅ See This Here National Tree 60 Inch Fiber Optic Evergreen Tree with 150 Multicolored Lights✅ See This Here

Can you put Christmas Decorations on a Fiber Optic Tree? This is really your choice but yes you can. Fiber optics trees are all ready pretty with the colored lights so they don’t really need anything added to them but yes you can.

How long do fiber optic trees last? This obviously depends on how you look after them but they should las a very long time maybe around 15-20 years. The fiber optic trees are very safe as they do not produce any heat.

Christmas Snow Village Fiber Optic House

I really love this Log Cabin and at night it looks so gorgeous. Is lights up and will add a great feature to your Christmas theme

Get It Here.

Greenery Fiber Optic Christmas Tree7FT Artificial Fiber Optic Multicolor Christmas TreeChristmas Tree 7FT Pre-Lit Optical Fiber Tree


Jingle Bells Fiber Optic Wall Hanging

Bells sparkle with golden glitter, faux greenery, and color-changing fiber optic lights.

Get It Here

Fiber Optic Wreath

This looks so plain during the day but wait until night time and it looks amazing!

Get It Here

Fiber Optic Poinsettia Sleigh CenterpieceMoose & Snowman Holding Snowballs LED Light Up Terra CottaGlass Color Changing LED Angel Globe


Fiber Optic Tree With Star

These are awesome look at the great vibrant colors.

Some Fiber Optic Christmas Trees

Fiber Optic Woodland Christmas Bird Wreath

This Is just divine and can be used as Fall Approaches and then left up for Christmas!
  • Light up the holidays in style with this fiber optic woodland wreath
  • Acorns, berries, leaves and real pine-cones surround a group of 4 birds perched on a branch
  • Requires 3 “AAA” batteries (not included)
  • Measures 15″Dia

Buy It Here

Fiber Optic Poinsettia Sleigh Centerpiece

Fiber Optic Poinsettia Sleigh Centerpiece


  • Gorgeous, rustic rattan sleigh is loaded with pine branches, holly leaves, berries and snow-covered greenery. The bright red poinsettias and color-changing, fiber-optic lights make this an impressive holiday arrangement.

Buy It Here

Small White Fiber Optic Artificial Christmas Tree

These Small trees that are approx 32″ are great if you do not have the space for a big tree but that also look amazing

Check some out here

Fiber Optic Metal Angel Floral Centerpiece

  • Unique holiday display features a beautifully detailed, rustic metal angel.
  • Angel’s skirt is filled with a gorgeous poinsettia blossom, holly leaves, berries, and color-changing, fiber-optics.
  • Perfect on a tabletop or hang it on the wall with the hook on back.
  • Req 3 AAA batteries (sold separately). On/off switch. Iron and plastic.
  • Measures 8-1/2″L x 4-3/4″W x 12″H.

With Christmas sneaking up on us it really is the time now to get your decorations sorted so why not have a look around and start planning the color theme you want for this Christmas as it will be here before you know it.

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New Year, Christmas tree, technology

By the New Year, it is customary to decorate houses and cities. Christmas trees are placed in squares, schools and shopping centers. We are used to seeing live or artificial Christmas trees, in garlands, balls and other toys. But for some, such Christmas trees look too simple. They do not cause surprise and delight, but only boredom.

There are other trees too. High tech. Let's talk about them today.

A bit of history. When did they start making artificial Christmas trees?

The first artificial Christmas trees appeared in the United States in the early 18th century in Pennsylvania. Not everyone could get a live Christmas tree, so many began to make them from wood. The first Christmas trees looked like cones that were painted green.

At the end of the 19th century, they began to make Christmas trees from thin slats. Goose feathers were tied to the frame with thin wire, which were painted green. But it didn't look very attractive.

Over time, the technology was improved: a strong wire was attached to a smooth wooden pole, which imitated branches. But they did not get rid of goose feathers.

The artificial Christmas tree familiar to us appeared about a hundred years ago, when industrial chemistry and mass production appeared.

Materials for making artificial Christmas trees


The most economical option. The branches of such a Christmas tree are made of a wire base, which is twisted together with a thin film of PVC material.


Expensive, but more realistic and beautiful option. Such Christmas trees are almost impossible to distinguish from natural ones. Each branch is molded from dense rubber in individual molds. The needles are voluminous, with pointed tips, but do not prick.

Optical fiber

The brightest option is fiber optic spruce. The needles of such a tree are made of luminous optical fiber. Therefore, not only needles glow, but also branches.

But not always the material of a high-tech Christmas tree ends with fiber optics.

For example, the 2018 New Year tree in Athens was made of metal.

The Christmas tree of Minsk in 2019 was decorated with three thousand balls of different diameters. For illumination, pixel graphics were used, thanks to which images were projected onto the Christmas tree.

In Rio de Janeiro in 2011, a floating Christmas tree 85 meters high was installed. It is recognized as the largest in the world and is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. The structure is made of steel and weighs 542 tons. There are approximately 3.3 million light bulbs on the Christmas tree. In addition to the fact that the tree is unusually decorated and glows brightly, a light show is launched around it, and beautiful images are projected onto the tree itself. The illumination is controlled by a computer system.

But such a construction is as costly as it is beautiful. The diesel generators that power the Christmas tree are enough to power a small town.

Another unusual material for Christmas trees is glass .

Murano glass originated in Venice. In 2006, on the eve of Christmas, local glassblowers made a gift to the city - a glass Christmas tree. Its height reached 8.5 meters, width - 3 meters, weight - 3 tons. It was made from 1000 glass tubes, 2000 metal rods and placed on one of the central squares.

But all of the above technologies and materials are inferior to the following example.

Australian Peter Terren (Peter Terren) in 2007 created a tree of Tesla coils. It is a resonant transformer that produces high voltage. Very hard and dangerous work.

To capture the tree, Peter used long exposures and multicolored filters. The very formula of the "Christmas tree" did not change - it was "outlined" by electrical discharges, which are created by the rotating rod of the Tesla coil. Of course, you can’t put gifts under such a Christmas tree, you can’t put it in the city center or in an apartment. But it looks bewitching.

How artificial Christmas trees are made today

At the factory, needles are made from thin ribbons that are wound on bobbins. They are cut with cylindrical knives. Between the tapes, the machine threads the wire and twists them around its axis at high speed. This is how a coniferous garland appears. Then the machine cuts the garland into small branches and winds it onto a thicker wire. It turns out another garland, but with branches. Finally, the finished needles are cut manually into branches, and manually or with the help of a machine, they are attached to the trunk.

The creation process may differ slightly, but, in general, it is about the same.

But you can make a smart Christmas tree in other ways.

It is not necessary to build complex structures with coils and generators. You can decorate ordinary living or artificial trees.

For example, every year the main Christmas tree in Lithuania is decorated with toys and garlands. Looks no worse than the options with illumination.

And in the ancient city of Gubbio in northern Italy, the tree can be seen from anywhere in the city. This is because this light installation is located on Mount Ingino. Its area is comparable to 3 football fields - 130,000 square meters. m., height - more than 650 m.

To create it, 300 green light bulbs were used for the outline and 400 multi-colored light bulbs for decoration. At the top of the mountain there is a star-comet of 250 light bulbs with an area of ​​1,000 square meters. m. All this connects about 7500 meters of cable.

But all this is too complicated, costly and large-scale. How to decorate a Christmas tree at home?

For example, smart garlands. Some are attached not only to Christmas trees, but also to furniture using double-sided tape. They are controlled by a remote control or through a mobile application via Wi-Fi.

For example, the garland of the company Twinkly. In the application, you can come up with your own animation and project it onto the Christmas tree. And yet, the animation effects adjust to the music.

Care of the artificial Christmas tree

The time has come to decorate the apartment for the New Year. But before you take the tree out of the box and put toys and garlands on it, you should put the tree in order.

So that the tree has time to straighten up after a long wait in the box, it is better to collect it a couple of weeks before the holiday. Also, use a steamer.

Some trees can be washed. But before that, read the instructions, otherwise the iron base may rust after washing.

If washing the Christmas tree is prohibited, use a vacuum cleaner. It will help get rid of the dust. After that, wipe each branch with a damp cloth.

Use only dry wipes and rags to clean LED trees.

It is better not to wash the tree before storage - there is a possibility that it will not have time to dry completely. Even a small amount of moisture will spoil the material.

The best place to store an artificial Christmas tree is a dry, dark room, without sudden changes in temperature. It is better to store in a dense case that does not let in sunlight and dust. So the tree will retain color longer.

A fairly simple care process that will extend the life of an artificial tree.

And something else important

If you properly care for an artificial tree, it will serve as a decoration for your home for many years.

Of course, it is up to everyone to decide how to decorate an apartment: with a living tree, artificial, garlands or not decorate at all.

However, Christmas trees certainly create coziness and fill the atmosphere with a festive mood.

The choice is yours. And we want to wish you a Happy New Year.

Let your spirits be uplifted no matter what decorations are around.

GST command.

P. S. And yes, the durability of Christmas decorations is affected not only by proper care, but also by four-legged friends. Think about protecting the tree in advance if there are those in your house who can encroach on it.

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