How to decorate a gold christmas tree

How to Decorate an Elegant White and Gold Christmas Tree Like A Pro

Today I am sharing how I decorated our Elegant White and Gold Christmas Tree. Included in this post is a Christmas tree ornament, ribbon, and pick calculator to help easily guide you while decorating your own tree, just like a pro. 

 Christmas is my favorite time of year and there's nothing I look forward to more than decorating the tree. This is our first Christmas in our new home with vaulted ceilings in the foyer, making it the perfect place for our show-stopping 12-foot tree. I stuck to my favorite neutral color scheme, white and gold, which pairs lovely with the rest of our home decor. This tree is filled with elegant and timeless ornaments to use for years to come.

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, Such pleasure do you bring me.

Decorating a tree of this stature can seem intimidating, but below I have listed several guides to help bring your vision to life. You can use these guides for years to come, making decorating your tree effortless!

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Our gorgeous Christmas tree is the 12' Queen Fock Slim Artificial Tree with 1200 Warm White LED Lights.  

What I love about this tree is that it's easy to assemble, the flocking never sheds, the lights are pre-strung, and the branches look so realistic.

Any of their trees would be a great investment for your home.



After assembling your tree you want to fluff and shape the branches in the direction they naturally face. Starting at the base of the tree, fluff the inner branches and work your way outward. This may take a bit of time but it's an essential part of the decorating process to create a full look. Remember to wear gloves to help protect your arms and hands.


After fluffing the branches, one of my favorite ways to add volume to the tree is to layer sections of fur ribbon to the center from bottom to top.  This helps bulk up the tree, avoiding seeing the middle, and creates a  beautiful snowy-like texture. You do not have to layer every branch, but instead, stagger pieces throughout. I use around 8 rolls for this 12-foot tree.


Decorating a tree of this stature involves using a ton of ornaments of various shapes and sizes. For larger trees, you'll need at least 15-20 large ornaments to fill out the base, and for the majority of the rest, you will use medium-sized ornaments with a sprinkle of small ornaments throughout. Refer to my "Christmas Tree Ornament's and Pick's Calculator" below for the specific amount of ornaments and picks you will need for your specific size tree.

My tree is 12 feet tall so I use about 180 - 200 ornaments because I prefer a fuller look.

For my tree I use…

15-20 Large Ornaments

125-150 Medium Ornaments

40-50 Small Ornaments 


Florals and picks are my favorite accessory. They make a tree look so elegant and help fill in any gaps. On our 12-foot tree, we used a variety of florals including white magnolias, and white, silver, and gold poinsettias. I used in total about 8 different varieties of picks and florals, which help add volume, texture, and a pop of color to the tree.


Once the tree is fully decorated I add a decorative ribbon as a last step. This is the opposite of how most people decorate their tree, but adding it at the end allows the ribbon to be more viable as it won't be weighed down by the ornaments. It's also another way to fill in any last-minute gaps. You won't need much of the decorative ribbon, therefore you could always splurge for higher quality. I use around 1-2 rolls for this size tree.


For the last several years I have made my own tree topper using picks. Depending on the size, you want anywhere from 6-12 large picks.  Here is a list of my favorite traditional tree toppers.


A snowy white fur-like tree skirt gives a neutral base with texture. This will be a timeless piece to use for years to come.


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23 Timeless Gold Christmas Decor Ideas

We’ve already shared many ideas for Christmas decor: red and emerald, red and gold, gold and black, white and silver, frosty blue and many others but what we’ve missed one of the most timeless ideas – gold Christmas decor. Metallic decor is very popular today, and such shades as copper, gold and silver are popping up everywhere. Besides, gold is a timeless color, which is often used to give your holiday decor some chic, it’s one of the traditional colors for winter holidays.

There are gold Christmas trees, gold ornaments, wreaths and garlands, you can mix them with white, black and even with other metals to achieve a trendy and edgy look. Gold is sure to add a gorgeous glam touch to your holiday decor, plus it will make your interiors shiny throughout the whole winter. let’s have a look at the coolest ideas.

Gold Christmas Trees

There are amazing gold pre-lit Christmas trees to buy, they look really bold and stand out in a cool way – this isn’t your usual tree! You can find gold ombre Christmas trees for even a more interesting look. If you don’t want to buy such a tree, make it yourself of a usual or white one using gold spray paint. Another idea is rocking gold ornaments on a traditional Christmas tree or maybe a flocked one, what’s great about gold ornaments – they look awesome with almost any color of your tree but especially with white trees and emerald ones.

a gold pre-lit Christmas tree with white ornaments and a faux fur skirt

a large Christmas tree with lots of vintage ornaments in gold looks amazing

a gold Christmas tree decorated with white ornaments is great for a glam space

an emerald tree with gold ornaments looks chic and contrasting, this is a glam combo for the holidays

a small tabletop Christmas tree with gold and white ornaments looks contrasting and festive

vintage gold ombre Christmas tree is a unique idea for winter holidays

a gold pre-lit Christmas tree doesn't require any ornaments or decorations as it's bold itself

Gold Christmas Ornaments

Gold Christmas ornaments can be used in many ways, not only on trees. First of all, you can make various gold ornament displays – in bowls, boxes, lanterns, jars, baskets and so on. Make garlands of these ornaments and attach them to the bannister, mantel, walls and windows. Make wreaths of evergreens and gold ornaments, they are sure to be timeless and you can use them in many years too, it’s classics that never goes out of style. Attach gold ornaments all around the window and add jingle bells to make the windows amazing.

a vintage gold frame with gold ornaments hanging inside is a great decoration to make

a mixed metals Christmas wreath in silver, gold and champagne colors

a gold glitter and white ornaments with various prints

a festive gold and pearly ornament display in jars

a cool gold ornament garland for decorating the staircase

white lanterns filled with gold and gold glitter ornaments are great for marking the steps

display some gold and gold glitter ornaments in jars to get chic Christmas decor

an evergreen wreath with gold and silver ornaments is a timeless idea for a front door

gold ornaments and a large star lantern will make your window holiday-like

Gold Christmas Decor

Hang gold sequin stockings to add a refined touch to your space, make garlands of gold pinecones to decorate your space and add a rustic and glam touch. Small gold jingle bells will be nice for decorating mantels and windows, decorate your mantel with gold leaf and fruit garlands and wreaths. Gold looks amazing with many colors and will fit many interiors – rustic, glam, modern, minimalist and so on. There are many more amazing ways to add gold touches to your holiday decor, get inspired and rock something that you like!

a Christmas wreath of gold pinecones looks glam and chic

a glitter gold artwork with lights is an easy DIY to make

a gold pinecone garland is great for rustic and glam Christmas decor

an evergreen and gold fruit and leaf garland and wreath for a holiday fireplace

an evergreen wreath with gold ribbon and a bow looks natural and very cute

gold glitter stockings will add a fun and glam touch to the mantel

little gold bell garlands will be nice for decorating your window

Decorate the Christmas tree with red and gold balls - tips from

Christmas and New Year - a time of magic, fairy tales, hope, joy and fun. And of course, the symbol of these holidays is a coniferous tree. There are several generally accepted styles for decorating the Christmas tree. You can dress her up by choosing one of them and adhering to the features of this direction.

If you cherish the traditions that have been handed down through generations in your family, then you might want to decorate your Christmas tree in the classic colors of gold and red.

The traditional style, although somewhat pompous, allows you to decorate the tree in a very restrained way. Vivid examples can be seen in old films. Usually, balls of the same size and color are hung on the branches, or a combination of them is used. But do not think that the choice is limited. Ideas can be very different.

The main attributes are:

  • balls
  • candy sticks and toys, hook-shaped
  • figures of angels and ballerinas
  • bells
  • satin and velvet ribbons, bows and other bright accents
  • garlands
  • pointed tops
  • beads

Christmas tree can be any. A tall tree is usually placed in the center of the room. A smaller beauty is placed in a corner, on a table or chest of drawers. It goes well with the design of retro paraphernalia, which evokes childhood memories.

The classic version always looks luxurious and mysterious. Appropriate in any interior and creates a magical holiday mood. For many years, it has not lost its relevance at all, and a set of toys purchased once will delight you for many years.

Luxurious golden balls for the Christmas tree

It is believed that gold brings good luck, because this color has always been popular. He will make the Christmas tree festive, rich and at the same time cozy at home.

If you decide to stick only to this color scheme, choose plain toys, as well as garlands and tinsel of this shade. Don't forget to add stars, angels, thick lace bows and beads.

The Christmas tree with golden balls and ribbons tied into large bows looks impressive. And if they are silver, the tree will shine with new colors.

Balloons in different sizes and designs. Textured toys look good, with stripes, dots and three-dimensional images. Do not try to hang only the same elements - let everyone have "his own face".

Want more decor? Get creative:

  • feathers
  • tinsel
  • cones, hand-painted with gold paint

All this will turn the coniferous beauty into a luxurious masterpiece.

To maintain style, decorate the interior in restrained colors - the emphasis should be only on the forest guest. Suitable for space decor:

  • white, sand, ash
  • gray and steel
  • turquoise, lavender, blue

Arrange forged elements in the room: floor lamps, clocks, candlesticks.

Red balls for the Christmas tree - classic Christmas decor

Traditional color of the New Year. It harmonizes perfectly with coniferous greenery, brings bright colors to the interior. If you love this shade, don't forget to add it to your Christmas tree outfit. For this you will need:

  • balloons with and without patterns
  • cones and bells
  • silk and satin bows
  • scarlet artificial flowers
  • rain and other extras

A Christmas tree with red balls looks incredibly stylish if you combine dark shades and pale ones. For example, the bottom can be decorated in a saturated color, and the top can be made light scarlet, or vice versa.

Needles in a purple mesh look very unusual - you can find it in art stores. From above, the “cover” is decorated with small figures and ribbons.

Choose a garland with bulbs of the same color, preferably warm golden. The final touch is a Christmas wreath and other interior details: bouquets on the shelves and a fireplace, pine compositions with lanterns.

By the way, making a wreath is very easy. Pine branches are wrapped around and tightly tied with a rope, and wrapped with a crimson ribbon on top. Further, it already depends on the imagination: bells, cones, twigs of mountain ash and wild rose are added.

Red and gold - a great combination of shades

If you're not ready for one color and it seems boring, try making a Christmas tree with red and gold balls. It is enough to hang toys of the same color and diameter, add balls of a larger or smaller size and a different color. The idea is simple, easy to implement, always looks festive and beautiful.

Gold adds a touch of antiquity to the forest beauty and the room, so garlands in this shade will be appropriate. If you want to enhance the retro style, in addition to decorations on the branches, place gift wrappings and New Year's socks with a golden pattern below.

The chaotic combination of two-tone cascading ribbons looks elegant. If you are a fan of minimalism, give preference to large decorations that can be placed:

  • in a spiral
  • longitudinal
  • around

When choosing garlands, give preference to those with more yellow, less silver and purple bulbs.

Decorating Tips

Before you decorate your Christmas tree, decide on your choice. A large tree is acquired for spacious rooms, and vice versa. Our tips will help you make it unique:

  • Hang up the garlands first. They are wound on the trunk, and also placed along the branches, taking into account the planned placement of toys. They follow the rule: the more lights on the pine tree, the less toys.
  • Flashlights must match the style. If it is monochromatic, then the lights should glow in the same color.
  • Decide in advance on the size of the decor. Large balls are appropriate on a tall spruce. Having chosen decorations of different sizes, hang large ones from below, small ones from above. The material does not have to be the same, diversity is welcome.
  • Do not neglect homemade elements. Do-it-yourself gingerbread, figurines from tangerines, nuts, sweets and other improvised means can be harmoniously combined with other attributes.
  • Rain is optional in traditional decor. It can be replaced with beads or bows. Not only beautiful, but also original.
  • Don't forget the top. A spire or a large bow will do.

With a beauty dressed in a classic style, you can be sure that the New Year will turn into a real holiday. And do not forget to attach to the decoration of children. Then the process will bring unique pleasure, and warm memories will remain in the memory, which the guys will tremblingly carry through their whole lives, passing this feeling to their descendants.

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Hanging Christmas tree - a creative accent in the New Year's room decor

Fancy Christmas trees - a new word in New Year's decoration people around the world are starting to prepare for the meeting of the most long-awaited and magical holiday. On the eve of the New Year, everyone decorates houses, thinks about plans for festive events and chooses gifts. Of course, do not forget about the main symbol of the celebration. It is customary to decorate the Christmas tree with the whole family. Shops offer a wide range of Christmas decorations, decorations, garlands. All this allows you to create the desired image and fill the house with a festive atmosphere. We will show you interesting ways to decorate the Christmas tree. 9Ol000

How to decorate a Christmas tree

Basically, all ideas depend only on you, there are no specific rules for decorating. But there are some general important tips for turning an ordinary Christmas tree into a real work of art:

  1. Thanks to the huge selection of decorations, you can experiment and create a unique look. Take advantage of this chance and play with a combination of tinsel, rain, garlands. Even gifts under the tree can be arranged in a special way.
  2. It is important to understand: the more light bulbs you use for decoration, the less balls you need to hang.
  3. When using garlands, it is important to cover all branches evenly. This may require several pieces.
  4. Do not overload the structure and do not focus on one side. It is necessary to distribute decorations evenly over the entire area.

INFORMATION! It is gold or yellow that are the "favorite" colors of the symbol of 2019 - the Yellow Earthy Boar. Therefore, choosing these colors to decorate the house and the New Year's tree, you can get the location of the animal, which is the patron of the year.

Many people make mistakes by overdecorating a tree. The main thing is to keep the balance and not cross the line when the Christmas tree itself is no longer visible due to the pile of decorative elements. In everything you need to observe the measure and adhere to harmony, then you will get a truly beautiful and stylish interior.

We decorate the Christmas tree in gold color with a photo

Gold symbolizes nobility, prosperity, royal grandeur and beauty. Using it when choosing the main theme of interior decor and spruce will come in handy not only in the year of the Pig. In 2019, the design in gold color will contribute to the favor of the sign, give it love and help in achieving well-being in the New Year.

The so-called golden design can be decorated in several ways. The most successful of them are described below.

White and Gold Decoration of the Christmas Beauty

Using only gold decoration will look too pretentious and instead of a beautiful appearance, you will get a real ingot, and the tree will fade into the background compared to the expressiveness of the decoration. Therefore, it is recommended to combine toys of different colors. White is the best option. Together with gold, it will look perfect. These colors emphasize the richness and noble style of decoration.

The following can be used as a combination method:

  1. Alternating yellow and white balls.
  2. The use of white balls and tinsel, which can be covered with a golden shower on top.
  3. White artificial spruce decorated with gold glitter and yellow balls.

Silver-gold Christmas tree decoration

Silver and gold is the most popular and common combination. Their use for decor will emphasize the status, material wealth and add expressiveness to the image. There is nothing complicated in the silver-gold decor. Silver jewelry will reflect gold-hued balls. Such a play of light will do everything for you. Mix all the decor elements evenly, alternating colors and you will have a chic Christmas tree.

Rose gold Christmas decoration

This option reminds many of a fairy tale and creates a feeling of magic. Roses, pastel pink bows may be suitable for execution. The latter are best placed on the edges of the branches, and decorate the central part with decorations in the form of roses, natural or artificial flowers. It is also a great option to use small gingerbread cookies in various shapes with pink sweet icing. This combination will not leave anyone indifferent, especially those with a sweet tooth.

IMPORTANT! A garland in this design will be superfluous, the lights on it will bring dissonance into the main idea of ​​​​the decor and violate the integrity of the image.

Red and gold Christmas decor

Perhaps this color combination can be called a classic. This style is characterized by the use of only the most necessary without pretentiousness and exaggeration. Red with yellow is ideal in itself, so it will be enough just to hang the balls and tinsel in a spiral. A large illuminated red star must be installed on top.

You can implement interesting options:

  1. Run red ribbons in a serpentine along the spruce.
  2. Use red and yellow bulbs.
  3. Tie red silk bows on the bells and attach to the branches.

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