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Outdoor Christmas Decorating With Trees and Foliage


David Beaulieu

David Beaulieu

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Updated on 12/17/21

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Stringing lights on the house is a holiday classic, but the best outdoor Christmas decorating schemes incorporate plenty of natural elements, too. Trees, shrubs, even ground covers can play an important role in creating a magical holiday scene that will delight your neighbors and guests. Decorated plantings can also give you a wonderful view from inside the house. And don't forget about incorporating natural elements into door decorations and other outdoor embellishments.

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    Pick a Tree, Any Tree

    Deciduous trees can also be strung with Christmas lights, just as evergreen trees. TOSHI SASAKI/Getty Images

    When you think of great plants for winter landscapes, what may come to mind first are evergreens, such as the most well-known plants in the Christmas tradition. But don't think that deciduous trees and shrubs are useless for Christmas decorating. Leafless (or needle-less) tree trunks and branches provide an ideal framework for dazzling light displays.

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    Dwarf the Competition at the Front Door

    Dwarf Alberta spruce trees are commonly used just as they are used here: to flank a front door. Ellen Rooney/Getty Images

    In the North, few trees are used to landscape an entryway as extensively as dwarf Alberta spruces. They are slow-growing and can be grown in containers (as shown here) for years.

    This scene is dominated by symmetry, which was probably suggested by the double doors. Each door has a Christmas wreath. The matching dwarf Alberta spruce trees simply continue the theme of symmetrical balance.

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    Grow an Outdoor Christmas Tree and Decorate It

    With an evergreen like spruce in the yard, you can also decorate a Christmas tree outdoors to celebrate the season (this one's a bit too close to the house, though). Westend61/Getty Images

    We usually think of an indoor setting when mention is made of decorating Christmas trees. But if you are lucky enough to be growing an evergreen tree, such as a Colorado blue spruce, out in the yard, why not attach ornaments to it for the holiday season?

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    Take Advantage of Horizontal Branching

    Dogwoods tend to have horizontal branches that are excellent for hanging Christmas ornaments from. David Beaulieu

    Some trees have branches that grow in a more horizontal pattern than is the norm. One example is the dogwood tree. These homeowners have seized the opportunity to decorate the limbs of a dogwood with classy Christmas ornaments.

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    Spice Up a Christmas Window Box

    It's the lotus pods that make this Christmas window box unusual, although the winterberries are more eye-catching. David Beaulieu

    You may be more familiar with window boxes containing annuals, where live plantings of bright flowers provide the color. This won't do during a cold winter, obviously. So for Christmas decorating, window boxes will rely on evergreen boughs, ribbons, ornaments, and more.

    The little things can often make a difference when designing a small decoration. That's why an unusual creative touch can have a great impact in a window box. If you look at this window box closely you can see the four brownish objects. Those are lotus pods, which can be bought at craft stores. The color, though, is provided primarily by the bright red berries of winterberry holly.

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    Go Nuts With Garlands

    Christmas garlands are versatile decorations, usable on houses, fences, arbors, etc. Jodi Jacobson/Getty Images

    Evergreen garlands, even if only lightly decorated, can add significant interest to a front door design for the holidays. They can cover a lot of space and are flexible enough to be easily maneuvered around a door or other home element.

    The versatility of garlands for Christmas decorating is impressive. In addition to hanging them around doorways or on fences, here are some other possible uses:

    • Running along deck railings
    • Spiraling down lamp posts
    • Wrapping around porch columns
    • Decorating mailbox posts
    • Stringing along arbors, trellises, archways, or pergolas
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    Get Your Red and Green On

    A great way to decorate a front door at Christmas is to flank it with urns and fill them with the colors of the season. David Beaulieu

    This display does a nice job of working in the two primary colors of Christmas: red and green. The homeowner is off to a head start by virtue of having a red front door, of course.

    The color green is furnished by the wreath and by the garlands on the porch columns. Red is also worked into the design via the berries on the wreath and the ribbons and red branches in the urns. Those branches come from a shrub called "red-twig dogwood." Stems of pussy willow have also been used in the urns, but these are of value mainly for up-close viewing (they do not show up well enough to have much of an impact from the street).

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    Hang a Fruit Fan Over Your Doorway

    The pineapple in this fruit ensemble is a traditional symbol of welcome, while the apples inject a Christmas color into the display. Kelly/Mooney Photography/Getty Images

    "Fruit fans" are great for bringing Christmas cheer to the outdoors through the artful use of colorful-but-classy decorations. They look especially good when decorating a pediment. The house in the example pictured here does not have a pediment—the arrangement has simply been attached above the door—but the decoration still works as a means of injecting color into the front door entrance.

    Note that the pineapple has long been a symbol of welcome. Decorative pineapples are also used in this way at gate entrances.

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    Adorn Your Fence With a Wreath

    Wreaths are not just for doors: This one dresses up a rustic fence. Design Pics Inc/Getty Images

    Be ready to take advantage of any suitable component in your landscaping when it comes to finding places to decorate for Christmas. This rather plain fence has been turned into a nice wreath-holder.

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    Hedge Your Bets

    If you can't have snow, frost is the next best thing to inject holiday spirit into a scene. Clive Nichols/Getty Images

    These homeowners have grown an assortment of small trees in back of their row of hedge plants and decorated them for Christmas with ribbons. The frost on the whole ensemble adds nicely to the festive feel; snow would be even better.

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    Light Up Your Foundation Plantings

    The snow makes the Christmas lights on this shrub even more effective. Stuart Westmorland/Getty Images

    Don't forget your shrubs when you consider hanging Christmas lights in the yard. If you have planted bushes along a wall of your house (a so-called "foundation planting"), then you have a particularly good opportunity in this regard. Don't waste it: Enliven the shrubs with colorful Christmas lights. If snow falls on the shrubs, they may look even better, since the lights illuminate the snow and give it interesting colors.

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    Decorate With Natural Holly

    Put holly in a basket as an outdoor Christmas decoration for a porch. Lynne Brotchie/Getty Images

    Holly shrubs have long been associated with this time of year, and a wreath made from its sprigs gives a different look from that offered by the more typical needled-evergreen wreaths, while still remaining oh-so Christmasy. Holly can also be used to decorate a lamppost.

    These homeowners have simply arranged some holly in a basket, adding pinecones for variety. Another fun Christmas craft project is to make a kissing ball, using holly or other real plants.

13 Outdoor Christmas Trees For Your Garden, Front Door, Porch

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From traditional to more alternative styles...

By Olivia Heath and Lisa Joyner


An outdoor Christmas tree can come in many different forms. Perhaps you want a real fir tree for your garden (if you have the space), or you'd rather a set of faux fir potted Christmas trees for your front door or porch. You may even want an alternative Christmas tree, in the form of a twig Christmas tree or a metal frame pre-lit tree.

As you can probably tell, when it comes to outdoor Christmas trees the possibilities are endless, which is why we've rounded up a selection of the best outside Christmas trees for you to buy now, whether you want to opt for a traditional design or something more unique. To create a show-stopping look and to add cheer to winter nights, you can also invest in some festive outdoor Christmas lights for your space.

So up your kerb appeal and get ready to create an Instagrammable entrance with our top picks of the best outdoor Christmas trees.


Twig tree - Outdoor Christmas tree


Outdoor/Indoor Starburst Twig Christmas Tree – 5 ft


Set of 3 trees - Outdoor Christmas tree

3 Pack Outdoor LED Cone Trees


Real potted tree - Outdoor Christmas tree

Potted Christmas Tree - Picea Perfecta - Gift


Twig tree - Outdoor Christmas tree

LED Twinkling Twig Tree


Metal tree - Outdoor Christmas tree


Large Metal Light Up Tree



Small tree - Outdoor Christmas tree


90cm Pre Lit Outdoor Potted Christmas Tree


Real Christmas tree - Outdoor Christmas tree

John Lewis

Fraser Fir Real Christmas Tree, 5-6ft

John Lewis


Mini tree lights - Outdoor Christmas tree

Christmas Tree Path Lights



Alternative - Outdoor Christmas tree

Twinkling Outdoor Christmas Tree


Alternative - Outdoor Christmas tree

Indoor Outdoor Black Light Up Tree

Cox & Cox


Pre-lit tree - Outdoor Christmas tree

John Lewis johnlewis. com

Balmoral Potted Pre-Lit Christmas Tree, 6ft


Multicoloured Tree - Outdoor Christmas tree


4ft Flat White Indoor/Outdoor Christmas Tree


Birch Tree - Outdoor Christmas tree

Indoor Outdoor Magical Light Up Birch Tree

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Foam flex toys, large plastic balls, tops for high-rise Christmas trees

A majestic artificial street tree is the main decoration of the festive city during the Christmas celebrations. Decorated with toys and multi-colored alluring lights, it pleases the eye and brings a sense of celebration to the city's snow-covered streets.

In this review, we will tell you how the decoration of a high-rise spruce differs from its interior counterpart and analyze the difference between trunk and frame structures.

The artificial Christmas tree is a special design that has its own installation and storage nuances.

It consists of:

  • a metal base in the form of a cross with long and short tubes;
  • tiered mounts;
  • branches of a certain length.

Coniferous "bundles" are fixed in pipes, thanks to which the trunk tree turns out to be lush and visually natural, similar to a living one. However, assembling such a system will require some diligence. A separate place is provided for each branch, and it must be collected clearly according to the scheme. When dismantling, it is also recommended to systematize removable elements.

Christmas tree with frame has two significant advantages over its opponent:

  • Ease of assembly. The design consists of a bed and a central trunk, on which rings with small needles are strung like a children's pyramid. When assembled, the frame spruce is just a few identical boxes.
  • Sustainability. The gusts of wind do not pose a threat to the design with sloped rails, which makes the large frame-type tree a leader in safety ratings and is ideal for installation in open spaces.

The frame Christmas tree can be distinguished from the living prototype with the naked eye, but with decorations and garlands it looks very festive and original.

How to decorate a high-rise street Christmas tree

A street coniferous beauty is called a high-altitude tree for a reason, because its height can reach from 4 to 45 m. And this means that New Year's toys for a city Christmas tree must be noticeable and large, otherwise they will get lost in the thick needles, and in addition, withstand low temperatures and changes in weather conditions, do not break and be environmentally friendly. To understand how many Christmas decorations you need for your type of high-rise beauty, we offer this table:

These recommendations are approximate - it all depends on what result you want to get.

Next, you need to decide on the choice of colors and style, decide how to beautifully arrange the toys on the branches. In order to create a sense of celebration and be remembered, New Year's decor should be colorful, spectacular and at the same time elegant and graceful.

There are many ideas to decorate a tall Christmas tree, here are some of them:

Types of outdoor toys:

1. Plastic balls

Large plastic balls are a classic, safe and always up-to-date way to decorate outdoor Christmas trees. As a rule, shades combined in color or an ensemble of glossy and matte textures are used. On our site you can pick up Christmas balls with a diameter of 60 to 500 mm, in any color palette.

2. Bunches of balloons

A great idea - bunches of balloons of different diameters, especially in combination with large balloons and large plastic pendants.

3. Beads and bows

To make your fir tree look royally luxurious, complete the decor of fluffy branches with large plastic beads and bows made of soft frost-resistant material. And your Christmas tree will acquire a luxurious and elegant look.

4. Styrofoam toys

These Christmas decorations are perfect for outdoor decor. They are frost-resistant, perfectly tolerate bad weather, catchy, light, shiny and inexpensive. In addition, foam flex snowflakes and stars look great in ceiling compositions and decor of shop windows and shopping centers.

You can choose any shape, color and size: snowflakes, bows, trains, sweets, bells, Christmas trees, boots, etc. - the Winter Story store offers the widest range of foam flex jewelry.

5. Lighting

So, we have analyzed in detail the variations of day decoration. After dark, even the largest and brightest toys are invisible. Therefore, it is necessary to separately think over the image of the design for the dark time of the day. After all, it is at night, decorated with multi-colored garlands, that it acquires charm, mysterious charm and a truly fabulous look.

For evening lighting, various types of electric garlands are used: low-voltage garlands-threads, melting icicles (with the effect of a flowing drop), garlands with curly nozzles, for example, multiballoons or ready-made kits, which are the best and most thoughtful option, because equipped with the necessary devices for connection and various light-dynamic modes.

6. Tops

The final touch in the design of a large Christmas tree will be a luminous top sparkling with bright lights. A Christmas tree with such a crown looks unusually impressive and elegant! It can be a star on a metal frame with an LED filament overlay, or a beautiful plastic snowflake with a metal frame, in which shining LEDs are already mounted.

You can also decorate the top of your tree with a foam flex star. Such tops are simple, bright, strong and budget. We have all sizes and colors in stock.

We hope that our article has helped you to understand the principles of decorating tall street fir trees without much difficulty. And if you still have doubts - write or call us, the employees of the Winter Story online store will definitely help you choose the right set of jewelry for your design project.

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Types of spruce snow cover.

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How to decorate a Christmas tree on the street

There is nothing more New Year's Eve for the New Year than a live real Christmas tree on the street. Doubly great if it grows in the yard of your house or in the patio of the company where you work.

Of course, the Christmas tree is beautiful in and of itself. Especially if it is covered with snow, which will sparkle in the sun during the day, and mysteriously sparkle in the light of lanterns at night. But still, on New Year's Eve, I want to decorate the Christmas tree. What to use for a street beauty?


  • Features of jewelry for street Christmas trees
  • Where to get decorations for a Christmas tree on the street
  • Purchased Christmas tree decorates for the Christmas tree
  • New Year's toys for the Christmas tree
    • bells from pots
    • Evacal Christmas tree toys
    • Ice toys
    • CD Christmas toys
    • Styrofoam Christmas toys
    • Edible Christmas toys
  • What else to hang on the Christmas tree outside?

Outdoor Christmas Tree Decoration Features

The main requirement for outdoor Christmas tree decorations is resistance to precipitation and wind. This means that they should not get wet from rain and snow, they should not have details that the wind can tear.

Also take care of the jewelry holder. Christmas tree toys outside should be well attached to the branches so that they are not torn off by the wind. To do this, it is better to use a strong rope or wire, but not a thin thread. Hang toys not just on a loop, but tie them to branches so that they cannot be removed along with a rope loop.

Where to get Christmas tree decorations on the street

There are two ways to replenish your holiday household with Christmas tree decorations.

The first is to buy jewelry in the store. This is the easiest way, but outdoor Christmas decorations are quite expensive.

The second is to make jewelry with your own hands. This path also requires some financial additions, and most importantly - time.

It is always better not to stick to any one option, but to look for a compromise. Therefore, the third way would be ideal - to buy something, and to do something with your own hands.

Purchased Christmas decorations for the Christmas tree on the street

In Bonprix, this wonderful garland is for sale. 10 balls are illuminated from the inside with LED bulbs. And they do not work from the mains, but on three batteries.

What is there in modern stores on the eve of the New Year! It seems that even the most biased buyer will be able to choose Christmas decorations to their liking.

To decorate a Christmas tree outside, it is better to choose unbreakable toys and shiny tinsel. If snow is not expected for the New Year, then you can buy a can of artificial snow and spray a little on the Christmas tree.

If the tree is large, choose large decorations.

DIY Christmas decorations for the Christmas tree on the street

With a little imagination, you can beautifully and at the same time inexpensively decorate the Christmas tree on the street. Here are some ideas for what to hang on the Christmas tree.

Bells from pots for a Christmas tree on the street

Bells made from small plastic pots for seedlings will look original and festive on a street Christmas tree. You just have to paint them with bright colors, and hang a cone or nut on a ribbon as a tongue inside. Pots can not be painted, but wrapped in foil.

Bells from flower pots to decorate the Christmas tree on the street. Photo from

You can also use plastic cups for this purpose, but they are lighter, so the wind will shake them a lot.

Outdoor Christmas tree decorations

Eggshell Christmas decorations. Photo from

Very cool Christmas decorations are obtained from empty eggshells. It’s better to start accumulating shells in advance. To do this, when you cook, for example, an omelet, do not break the eggs, but make two small holes in the shell at the top and bottom and pour the contents through them. Put empty shells in a box.

Shells can be painted in a New Year's way, decorated with stickers, ribbons, sparkles, rain and other New Year's tinsel.

Ice toys for the outdoor Christmas tree

Ice toys will look beautiful on the Christmas tree. But only under one condition - if frost hits on New Year's Eve. If the weather is warm, then you should not even bother with such toys.

Various molds are needed to make them. These can be yogurt packages, old broken cookie cutters, children's cookie cutters, bottoms of plastic bottles, candy box liners.

If you want colored ice toys, then you need to pour water into the mold, tinted with gouache or brilliant green, beetroot juice or food coloring.

Both beads and glitter can be placed inside the ice toys. Lace fabric napkins or snowflakes made of foil or thick paper look elegant.

You will need a strong rope for ties. Put it in the form so that the loop is outside it, and the tails are in the water.

It remains only to freeze the toys. To do this, leave them outside overnight. To easily remove toys from molds, place them in a warm place for a few minutes. When the edges of the ice melt, the toy will fall out easily.

Christmas decorations from CDs for the Christmas tree on the street

A Christmas tree decorated with old CDs will have a futuristic look. They can be painted with corrector or stained glass paints.

Styrofoam toys for outdoor Christmas tree

Styrofoam can be cut into beautiful figures with some skill. However, if you can only cut the foam into cubes, don't be discouraged. They can also become a worthy decoration of the New Year tree if they are painted or pasted over with sparkles and rain.

Edible Christmas decorations for outdoor Christmas tree

Nuts, sweets, tangerines will look good on the Christmas tree, especially if you wrap them in foil or tie colored ribbons to them. The main thing is to eat them quickly so that they do not deteriorate in the cold.

Edible Christmas tree decorations - favorite treats for children

What else to hang on the Christmas tree outside?

Fantasy has no limits. As Christmas toys, old locks, keys, mugs, balls, jars from Kinder surprises and everything else that can be hung are suitable. The main thing is not to be too lazy to paint it all in New Year's colors - red, golden, white.

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