How to decorate a spiral christmas tree

Spiral Christmas Tree Ornament Craft

I expect lots of you made a variation of this Spiral Christmas Tree Ornament Craft when you were little. It’s a childhood classic that’s been enjoyed for generations. This paper Christmas craft has been so popular over the years because it’s super simple, is great for scissor practice and looks fabulous! Today we’re giving this classic paper Christmas craft a new twist and making it even simpler with our free printable spiral Christmas tree craft templates! Yay!

Our printable spiral paper Christmas tree craft template comes in two designs. A plain one that you can decorate yourself and also a ready decorated one with lots of little stars which children can enjoy colouring in. We’ve also made each template with spirals going clockwise and anticlockwise. This means it’s easy for both left handed and right handed children.

We’ve decorated our spiral Christmas tree craft with mini pompoms which look so bright and colourful but you can use anything you like, such as buttons, glitter or drawings.

Simply decorate your Spiral Christmas Tree Ornament Craft, cut them out and hang them on the Christmas tree for some festive colour and cheer.

Spiral Decorations Supplies:
  • Free Printable Spiral Christmas Tree Ornament Craft Template (Get yours at the bottom of this tutorial.)
  • Printer Cardstock 
  • Colouring Pens or Pencils
  • Mini Pom Poms
  • Hole Puncher
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How To Make Spiral Christmas Tree Ornaments

1 – Download and print the free Spiral Christmas Tree Ornament Craft Template (Get yours at the bottom of this tutorial.) You can choose the left or right handed version or really challenge your little one’s cutting skills and give them both!

(The thicker your card the more robust your spiral tree ornament will be and the spiral will also hang more tightly.)

2 – Colour your spiral tree ornaments in. We used our Magicfly Marker Pens  but you could use colouring pencils or paint too.

2 – Carefully cut around the spiral.

3 – Glue on any decorations you have chosen. We love these mini pom poms, they’re so bright and colourful! (Make sure whatever you use isn’t too heavy.)

4 – Use your hole puncher to make a small hole in the middle of your spiral ornament. Thread the hole with a short piece of yarn and tie it into a loop.

5 – Finish off your pretty spiral Christmas tree decoration by glueing the paper star into the middle.

Now you can hang your spiral ornaments on to your Christmas tree. Don’t they look fabulous!

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More Fun Christmas Crafts To Enjoy:

Active Time 30 minutes

Total Time 30 minutes

Difficulty easy


  • Free Printable Spiral Christmas Tree Ornament Craft Template
  • Printer Cardstock
  • Colouring Pens or Pencils
  • Mini Pom Poms
  • Hole Puncher
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Glue


  1. Download and print the free Spiral Christmas Tree Ornament Craft Template
  2. Colour your spiral tree ornaments in.
  3. Carefully cut around the spiral.
  4. Glue on any decorations you have chosen.
  5. Use your hole puncher to make a small hole in the middle of your spiral ornament. Thread the hole with a short piece of yarn and tie it into a loop.
  6. Finish off your pretty spiral Christmas tree decoration by glueing the paper star into the middle.

How To Professionally Decorate a Christmas Tree - Designer's Step-By-Step Directions - Worthing Court

Christmas | Christmas Decorating Ideas | Christmas Tree Ideas | Holiday Decor


My friends, this is one blog post that you’re going to want to pin to your Christmas Decorating Boards so that you can refer to it year after year.   This is THAT GOOD and there’s a great pinnable image below!

I’ve had the privilege to get special access to several local home decor stores over the last few years, while their stores were closed and their designers reset the entire place for Christmas.  It was a truly magical experience for me and boy did I ever learn a lot!

All of the store designers are amazingly talented and were kind enough to share all of their step-by-step Christmas tree decoration ideas.  I was also told some designer Christmas tree decorating secrets so of course I’m going to share them with you!

You’ll see images from several different Christmas trees, as there were multiple Christmas trees being decorated at the same time.  The important thing to remember is that these steps can be followed no matter what style or color of Christmas decor you want to use on your tree!


  • Maybe this goes without saying, but fluff all of the branches on the tree and make sure that the tree is standing straight from top to bottom.  I’ve completely decorated a tree more than once, only to realize that the top half of the tree is leaning.
  • Make sure that all of the lights are working.  It’s much easier to fix any problems before the decorations are on the tree.
  • The designers recommend that you have the tree lights on while decorating.
  • Supplies that you’ll likely use while decorating your tree are: ornament hooks, floral wire, pipe cleaners, zip ties (for heavy or bulky items), wire snips and scissors

  • The Christmas tree topper is considered the crowning glory, is usually a bit elaborate and helps to set the look for the entire tree.
  • If you will be adding a star, angel, etc. to your tree, it’s best not to place it right on the tip-top of the tree.  Depending upon what you’re using, it can be very appealing to place it about a hand’s width down from the tip-top.  It can be attached with floral wire or zip ties.  If you attach it slightly down from the top, it should be buried into the branches a little instead of looking like it’s floating on the ends of the branches.

  • Most items, such as a star or angel, look the best (and draw more attention) when they are combined with something else, such as picks and/or ribbon.  And good grief – these days picks are available in all varieties and colors!
  • If you’re using a star, angel, etc. for the top of your tree, start the first layer of topper picks a little below it by adding 3 long spikey picks.
  • If you aren’t using anything else on top of your tree, start the first layer of topper picks slightly down from the top.
  • For the second layer of topper picks, choose 3 – 4 slightly shorter and more full picks.   Place these a few inches closer to the top than the original 3 spikey picks.
  • Add a third layer of picks using shorter and more full picks.
  • Don’t think you have to point them going straight up.  Picks pointing straight up (or at a slight angle) combined with picks pointing downward add a lot of interest.  Depending upon what type of pick you’re using, you may actually want to turn the pick upside down, so that the top of the pick is facing whomever is looking up at the tree topper, especially if your tree is taller than normal head height.




A lush, full garland can make a huge impact on a tree!  These tips are referring to the type of garland that you might also use on a mantel, not the lightweight kind that drapes along the edges of the branches.

  • Start about 1/5th of the way down from the top of the tree.
  • Use floral wire to attach the garland or twist the branches together, if the tree is artificial.
  • Run the garland at around the tree at an angle: 2 – 3 times around a 6′ tree and 3 – 4 times around a 9′ tree.


  • To make a real statement and really give your tree a designer look add oversized exaggerated decorations to the tree!  What you add is only limited by your imagination!
  • Add 2 – 3 oversized items to a 6′ tree and 3 – 4 items to a 9′ tree.
  • Be sure to stagger them around the tree and not placed directly above or directly beside one another.
  • Place the largest Christmas decorations toward the bottom of the tree.
  • Mix them up – all of the items don’t need to match.
  • A tip from the professional tree designers is to drill a hole into whatever you’re hanging if you need a spot to run a hanger through.
  • Use cable ties, floral wire or pipe cleaners to attach large items to the tree.  The boot, on the tree, below was purchased at a thrift store with the express purpose of using it on the tree, so it was fine to drill a hole into the backside.   Think outside of the box!

  • Add less expensive Christmas ornaments, such as plain round ones, deep inside of the tree.  You’ll only get a glimpse of them, but it they will help to reflect the lights and will make the tree look more full and will fill up any empty spots inside the tree.
  • It’s easier to hang these filler ornaments now as opposed to when the “outside” of the tree is filled with other, larger ornaments.


  • Give your Christmas tree more dimension, fill in holes and make the tree appear larger by adding picks throughout the body of it.  The picks should extend beyond the ends of the branches and should be angled in various directions – some downward, some upward and some sideways, if appropriate for the pick.
  • The picks closest to the top of the tree may need to be turned upside down so that you aren’t looking at the underside of it.

  • Stagger various types of picks all over the tree.  Don’t put the same type of picks too close to one another.

  • Multiple picks combined together in a cluster typically look better than just one lonely pick.  Try combining three different types of picks together.  For example – combine something with greenery with something long and stick looking (with or without leaves) and with something full (like a flower).
  • Lay the longest pick on the bottom, the second shortest one on top of that and the shortest pick on top of those two.  Then spend a minute fluffing all of the parts of the picks, twisting and mixing the parts of each pick together.  You’ll get a much more natural and professional look that way.  No flat picks allowed!

  • Poke the pick into the tree and attach it to the branch with a cable tie or with floral wire, if necessary. Fluff the tree branches into and around the pick to help it look like it’s a part of the tree.
  • A long pick makes a great place to hang a special Christmas ornament too.

  • Add decor embellishments such as ribbon, lightweight garland and glitter tape once all of the picks, ornaments and oversized pieces have been added to the tree
  • To add glitter tape, start attaching it near the top, but below the topper.  Wind it around the tree similar to how you applied the garland in Step 3.
  • Glitter tape has a mind of its own, so allow it to twist and turn as you go.  That’s what makes it look so great!

  • You’ll use less ribbon if you cut short pieces and stuff the ends of them into the tree as opposed to using one long continuous piece of ribbon.  Using this method also makes the ribbon look more natural.
  • Twist a tree branch around the ribbon if it won’t stay in place.
  • When adding ribbon to the tree, start at eye level and work up and out from there.   I can’t tell you why this works better, but it does!
  • Place the ribbon going in different directions so that it doesn’t appear as if it’s just wrapped around the tree.

You’re finished!  Now get ready to enjoy the oohs and aahs of your family and friends and answer all those questions about who you hired to decorate your tree!

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Do-it-yourself Christmas tree spiral

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Alternative to the Christmas tree

Today we have put together a rather interesting selection of photos for you - alternatives to the usual Christmas tree. There are many reasons why people are looking for a replacement, such as the lack of space to accommodate a large spruce. So, here are some original Christmas tree replacement ideas.

How to replace the Christmas tree?

Hanging Spiral Christmas Tree

A very unusual idea, created from a metal circle in which a spiral is carved. Such a “herringbone” is attached to the ceiling by the center to the ceiling and lowers to the floor under its own weight.

Also, such a Christmas tree can be created from thick cardboard, but it will have a different weight and will have to be fixed from the bottom with double-sided tape. And decorating such a Christmas tree is a pleasure. You can use Christmas balls, a garland and much more at your discretion.

Christmas tree made of wire

An excellent solution for lovers of creative interiors, in which such Christmas trees can fit in the most harmonious way.

To create such a Christmas tree, you will need about 2-3 meters of thick (3 mm) wire, a long garland with small lights, you can use Christmas decorations if you wish.

Take some wire and twist it into a spiral Christmas tree. From below, you will need to make a full circle, the end of which will need to be bent. Thanks to this, the design will turn out to be more stable and reliable.

Wrap the Christmas tree with a garland and place a star on top.

Herringbone on the wall

A great idea for a small apartment, which we wrote about in detail here .

Big cardboard Christmas tree

Christmas tree made of tripod and ladder

Unusual alternatives to the Christmas tree

In addition to the ideas above, the Christmas tree can be made from a variety of materials. We have repeatedly written various master classes on creating Christmas trees with our own hands, which you can see here .

Recently, it has become fashionable to decorate the house with unusual types of Christmas trees. For example, felt Christmas trees that can be attached to the wall in the nursery, knitted Christmas trees or from a magazine. Such Christmas trees fit perfectly into the design of the house and can become a highlight of the New Year's decor. Today we offer you to make an unusual hanging Christmas tree in the form of a spiral. To make such a Christmas tree, you will need the simplest materials and not much time at all, but such a Christmas tree will look original and stylish. It can be decorated with ordinary Christmas decorations or handmade toys.

How to make a Christmas tree out of cardboard in a spiral

You will need materials:

  • thick cardboard
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • line
  • paint
  • thick thread or line
  • decoration toys

How to make a Christmas tree out of cardboard in a spiral

Cut out an even circle out of cardboard. Determine the size of the circle yourself, the height of the tree will depend on this.

We draw a spiral on a circle, try to make the stripes of the spiral have the same width. To do this, use a compass or a rope with a pencil.

Cut the spiral along the line. For strength, you can vertically pass fishing line or threads through the spiral strips.

Attach a loop of strong thread or fishing line to the top of the tree and attach it to the ceiling. The Christmas tree turned out to be light, soaring, it will flow beautifully. It remains only to dress up our beauty.

Use light jewelry for such a Christmas tree

Watch Video Master Class How to Make a Christmas tree from a spiral:

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one New Year does not pass without a green beauty. It fits perfectly into the holiday decor and is a wonderful winter gift. In this article we will look at: how to make a Christmas tree for the New Year in different creative ways with your own hands.

Christmas tree fringe

You will need: copper pipes or smooth wooden sticks, green fringe 15 cm wide, thin wire, paper, pompom garland, ruler, pliers, hacksaw with a thin blade, glue gun, scissors.


  1. Cut the fringe into 5 pieces of the following sizes: 45 cm, 35 cm, 25 cm, 15 cm and 5 cm. Cut the copper tubes with a hacksaw, the same size as the fringe.
  2. Glue the fringe to the tubes.
  3. Prepare a long piece of thin wire and thread it into a 45 cm tube in such a way that both ends of the wire are the same.
  4. Pass the ends of the wire through the 35 cm tube so that the right end of the wire is on the left and the left end is on the right. String the rest of the fringed tubes onto the wire in the same way.
  5. Glue on a pompom garland.
  6. Make a star this way: prepare 2 squares with sides of 10 cm, fold them like an accordion, glue the top edges of each blank, then glue the 2 blanks together to form a circle.
  7. Glue the star to the top of the tree, attach the wire hook and hang the tree.

The fringe tree is ready!

Ice cream stick Christmas trees

You will need: ice cream sticks, ruler, scissors, paints, glue gun, rope, decoration elements - stars, rhinestones, pompons, tinsel.

Master class

  1. Paint the sticks and wait until dry.
  2. Cut the edges of 5 sticks in such a way that each stick is half a centimeter longer than the previous one.
  3. Glue the sticks as shown in the photo instructions to form a Christmas tree.
  4. Make a loop and attach it.
  5. Decorate your Christmas tree by attaching various decorations.
  6. Make several different Christmas trees.

Ice cream sticks are ready!

Floating tree of balls

You will need: Christmas tree balls with eyelets, fishing line, scissors, round nose pliers, chain, metal grid, carabiner (connecting link for hanging the Christmas tree).

Master class

  1. Prepare 4 equal lengths of the chain and use round nose pliers to create a hanger that will hold the grate on the hook.
  2. Consider marking the tiers of the Christmas tree. It should be noted that the outer diameter of the largest circle must match the outer radius of the metal grating.
  3. Hang the grid from the ceiling.
  4. Start hanging the balloons from the top of the tree, then gradually increase the length of the fishing line.

The floating Christmas tree made of balls is ready! I recommend watching this video!

Creative Christmas tree

You will need: toilet paper or paper towel rolls, scissors, glue gun, paints, sponge, decoration elements - shiny ribbon, rhinestones, sequins ...

Master Class

  1. Cut the sleeves as shown in picture 1.
  2. Paint 4 pieces green and the bottom half brown. Then leave to dry.
  3. Glue the blanks together to form a Christmas tree.
  4. Cut the ribbon into pieces and glue them in a zigzag pattern to the Christmas tree.
  5. Glue sequins and rhinestones.

The bushing tree is ready!

Christmas tree box

You will need: thick shiny green paper, pencil, hole punch, ruler, decoration elements - star, rhinestones, beads, thick thread . ..


  1. Prepare a rectangle of paper.
  2. Draw 2 isosceles triangles as shown in the instruction photo.
  3. Fold up the box.
  4. Punch a hole in the top with a hole punch, then tie off the thread.
  5. Decorate the Christmas tree with a star, rhinestones or beads.

Christmas tree box is ready!

Christmas tree from wrapping paper

You will need: thick cardboard, scissors, wrapping paper, double-sided tape, various decorations - beads, bows, stars.


  1. Make a cardboard cone.
  2. Cover it with wrapping paper using tape.
  3. Attach star, bows and beads to your taste.

The wrapping paper tree is ready! I recommend watching this video!

Original Christmas tree

You will need: scrapbooking paper, compasses, scissors, wooden sticks, glue, candlesticks and caps, white paint.


  1. Cut out circles of different diameters: 16 cm, 13 cm, 10 cm, 7 cm and 4 cm.
  2. Fold the circle in half 8 times to make 16 folds, then cut off the tip at an angle. Do this process with all circles.
  3. Thread the circles (large to small) onto a skewer and secure with glue.
  4. Paint the candlesticks and caps white and let dry.
  5. Glue the candlesticks and caps to the Christmas trees.

The original Christmas tree is ready!

Cardboard Christmas Tree

You will need: cardboard, scissors, hole punch, glue, yarn, needle, pencil, ruler, spray snow and glitter (optional).


  1. Print out the Christmas tree template and cut out 8 pieces of cardboard.
  2. Fold each piece in half and punch holes along the edge of each piece with a hole puncher.
  3. Glue 8 blanks together to form a Christmas tree.
  4. Decorate the Christmas tree with snow.
  5. Sew around the edges of the tree as shown.
  6. Cut out a star from cardboard, decorate with glitter and attach to the top of the Christmas tree.

Cardboard Christmas tree is ready! I recommend watching this video!

Felt Christmas Tree

You will need: green felt, Styrofoam cone, glue gun, scissors, pencil, star.


  1. Cut out a felt circle and glue it to the bottom of the cone.
  2. Cut out leaves in different colors.
  3. Cover the cone with felt sheets, overlapping (so the cone is not visible) and staggered.
  4. Glue a star to the top of the green beauty.

The felt Christmas tree is ready!

Unusual Christmas tree

You will need: paper, stationery knife, scissors, hole punch, thread, template.


  1. Print out the template.
  2. Cut out blanks and cut holes.
  3. Assemble the Christmas tree from the blanks, connecting through the slots.
  4. Punch holes in the top of the tree with a hole punch and attach string.

Unusual Christmas tree is ready! I recommend watching this video!

Hanging tree

You will need: colored paper, pot cover, pencil, scissors, tape, thread, needle.


  1. Trace the lid on a piece of paper.
  2. Cut out the circle.
  3. Cut off a quarter of the circle, then tape the edges together.
  4. Make 3 blanks in this way.
  5. String the blanks on a thread, forming a Christmas tree, fix each blank with a knot.

Hanging Christmas tree is ready!

Christmas tree from a magazine

You will need: magazine, decoration elements - stars, rain…

Master class

  1. Take a magazine.
  2. Fold the first page according to the photo instructions.
  3. Fold all pages of the magazine in the same way.
  4. Decorate the Christmas tree.

Christmas tree from the magazine is ready!

Strawberry tree

You will need: cardboard, strawberries, chocolate.


  1. Make a cardboard cone.
  2. Melt the chocolate in a bain-marie.
  3. Attach the strawberries to the cone using hot chocolate as glue.
  4. Draw a star with chocolate, wait for it to harden and decorate the top of the strawberry Christmas tree.

The strawberry tree is ready!

Straw tree

You will need: scrapbooking paper, white cardboard, twine, glue, decoration elements - buttons, star.


  1. Roll the scrap paper tubes.
  2. Adjust the length of each straw and lay out the Christmas tree.
  3. Glue the tubes.
  4. Make a Christmas tree stem out of string.
  5. Glue buttons and a star to decorate.

The straw tree is ready! I recommend watching this video!

Ribbon Christmas tree

You will need: foam cone, red and green ribbons, safety pins, scissors, felt, glue, golden bow.


  1. Cut out a felt circle the size of the diameter of the base of the cone, then glue it.
  2. Prepare strips of ribbon of the same size. 9009eight
  3. Make a loop from a piece of ribbon by threading it onto a safety pin. Repeat the same process with all segments.
  4. Attach the eyelet pins to the foam cone, placing them in circles, alternating colors.
  5. Attach a bow to the top of the tree.

Ribbon tree is ready!

Felt Mini Tree

You will need: green and brown felt, yellow floss thread, needle, ruler, scissors, pencil, small star.


  1. Cut out 25 squares of green felt (5 squares each - 1,2,3,4 and 5 cm).
  2. Cut out 5 small brown felt circles.
  3. Prepare a thread with a needle, and tie a knot at the end.
  4. String circles to form a tree trunk.
  5. String the squares, starting with the largest and ending with the smallest.
  6. Decorate the top with a star.

The mini felt Christmas tree is ready!

Large Christmas tree

You will need: 3 drawing paper, tape measure, adhesive tape, glue, scissors, green and brown corrugated paper, decoration.

Master class

  1. Connect 2 whole pieces of paper and half of the third paper using adhesive tape.
  2. Draw a 180 cm high triangle as shown in the image.
  3. Cut it out.
  4. Prepare strips of corrugated paper 20 cm wide, then make a fringe. 9009eight
  5. Strip the entire triangle, starting at the bottom and working up.
  6. Cut out a rectangle for the stem and cover it with brown fringe.
  7. Attach the Christmas tree to the wall and decorate as you wish.

The big tree is ready! I recommend watching this video!

Golden Christmas Tree

You will need: thick cardboard, glue, cones, a simple pencil, scissors, golden paint, glitter.


  1. Make a cardboard cone.
  2. Cut the scales off the buds.
  3. Cover the cone with flakes, starting at the bottom in circular rows and work your way up.
  4. Paint the Christmas tree with golden paint and wait for it to dry.
  5. Apply glue to the tips of the scales and sprinkle with glitter.

The golden Christmas tree is ready!

Christmas Tree

You will need: Styrofoam cone, yarn, pompom, buttons, glue gun, scissors.


  1. Put a drop of glue on the tip of the yarn and fix it at the bottom of the cone.
  2. Wrap yarn around the entire cone.
  3. Glue the end of the yarn to the top of the cone and glue the pompom.
  4. Glue the buttons to decorate the Christmas tree.

Christmas tree is ready!

Creative Christmas Tree

You will need: Styrofoam cone, scrapbooking paper, ribbed ribbon, scissors, pencil, toothpicks, glue.


  1. Cut out a 3 cm circle.
  2. Draw and cut out the spiral.
  3. Form a rosette and place it on the toothpick as shown in the photo instructions.
  4. Make a large number of blanks in the same way.
  5. Fill the cone with roses and ribbons.

The creative Christmas tree is ready! I recommend watching this video!

Christmas tree made of cores

You will need: 24 cores, green crepe paper, scissors, glue gun, marker, stickers, ribbons.


  1. Wrap each sleeve with corrugated paper and tie with a candy ribbon.
  2. Number each bushing with a marker.
  3. Lay the ribbon down and lay out the Christmas tree base of 8 bushes on it. Make the second row from the bottom of 6 bushings, and lay out the next rows - 4,3,2,1.
  4. Secure the Christmas tree with ribbon and decorate with stickers.

The bushing tree is ready! You will need: wire, beads, wire cutters.


  1. Prepare a piece of wire of the desired size.
  2. Spiral the wire by winding it into a suitable shape.
  3. Form a hook at the end of the spiral.
  4. String beads.
  5. Make a pendant from another piece of wire, guided by the photo instructions.

Herringbone spiral is ready! I recommend watching this video!

Christmas tree made from improvised materials

Christmas trees made from pasta, shelves, books, paper, postcards, hangers, push pins and rusty metal funnels! On New Year's Eve, more than ever, you want to show your imagination and create the most original and interesting decorations for your home, class, group, and even yard.

You can see the unusual and fabulous in any objects around us; every thing that is familiar to the eyes easily turns into a New Year's composition, if you put a little effort into it. And, of course, the easiest way to create the main symbol of the New Year is the Christmas tree.

Christmas tree made from improvised materials

For example, a creative DIY Christmas tree can be made from ... an ordinary wall shelf with photographs and souvenirs: we simply hang several garlands of flags diagonally, which can be colored or white, matching or contrasting with the shelf; on each garland you can make an inscription with a wish for a happy New Year or Christmas.

Christmas tree from shelves and photo frames

No less original DIY Christmas tree can easily be made from stacked books: having formed a beautiful (and most importantly stable) pyramid out of them, decorate it with a New Year's garland. A Christmas tree for real book lovers is ready! If you pick up green-bound books, you can stack them in a pyramid open, cover up. A garland or even beads is also suitable for decoration. A star attached to the top will give an even greater resemblance to a real book tree.

Christmas tree in the form of a stack of books Christmas tree made of books

A very beautiful, meaningful Christmas tree will be made from postcards and drawings that were given to all family members throughout the year. To do this, we simply mount them on the wall in the form of a pyramid. This Christmas tree will help you remember all the pleasant moments that filled the outgoing year. You can print the most spectacular of the pictures accumulated over the year and form a Christmas tree out of them - this will be a good gift for the whole family.

Christmas tree from postcards

Another spectacular and unusual Christmas tree with your own hands can be made from a large sheet of very thick paper. To do this, we draw a circle on it, inside which a solid, continuous, spiral line runs from the edge to the center. Cutting the circle along this line, we get a large paper spiral, which must be hung by the inner tip from the ceiling or chandelier. To make the spiral look like a Christmas tree, we decorate it with various decorative elements: balls, stars, snowflakes, on thin threads or “rain” ribbons, attaching them to paper curls.

Christmas tree made of paper

For lovers of non-standard solutions in high-tech style, a Christmas tree assembled from one-color metal or plastic clothes hangers is suitable. We fix them to each other with satin ribbons, on which we hang Christmas balls or other Christmas decorations.

Christmas tree from hangers

If there is a small child in the house, you can draw a Christmas tree on a large sheet of paper with green finger paints, putting handprints on the canvas. From above we draw a large golden star, from below the trunk - the masterpiece is ready!

Christmas tree made from handprints

Also, to decorate the room, you can lay out the silhouette of a Christmas tree directly on the wall. To do this, we use beads, an electric garland and various New Year's decorations - both factory-made and home-made. Such a Christmas tree will fill the wall space well and create a cozy atmosphere in the room.

Christmas tree from a garland

Christmas trees made from:

push pins can be used for table decor (transparent pins look especially impressive). To make such a Christmas tree, we put a foam cone on a glass and chip it with buttons from all sides. You can use a cone made of very thick paper, the main thing is that the buttons are firmly held in it.

Herringbone of buttons

colored sea salt: roll up a sheet of thick paper into a cone and coat it with glue, which we sprinkle thickly with coarse sea salt. When the salt hardens, it can be colored a little.

Sea salt herringbone

pasta. To create such a Christmas tree, you will also need a foam or sponge cone, which we pre-paint with green paint. We also color the macaroni green. Then, making small cuts in the cone, we insert pasta into it (large “feathers” are well suited for such crafts).

Christmas tree made of pasta

Each of these Christmas trees can be decorated with bright decorative elements and even a small electric garland.

Learn more