How to decorate a tree with beads

How To Decorate A Christmas Tree Like A Professional

We all want to decorate the perfect Christmas tree with baubles, ornaments and lights perfectly coordinated in a festive and stylish scheme. In reality, however, it's easier said than done. Decorating a Christmas tree is no mean feat, especially for the perfectionists among us, but if your home is your pride and joy and the tree is the centrepiece of your home come the festive season, we've got you covered.

We've spoken to a range of style and decorating experts, including the team at Balsam Hill – whose artificial Christmas trees have graced the TV sets of The X Factor, Good Morning Britain and This Morningabout how to decorate your Christmas tree to make it look like you hired a professional, plus how to choose the right Christmas tree decorations to suit your theme.

But before we begin, like any task, you need to have the right tools to ensure the safe and proper set up of your Christmas tree. This includes cotton gloves for shaping branches, scissors with safety handles for materials, packaging or equipment, and a sturdy ladder or step stool for installing toppers and arranging décor on taller trees.

So now you're all set up, fancy getting that Insta-worthy look with very little effort? Read on...

1. Invest in a high-quality artificial tree

Christmas trees crafted from premium materials provide sturdy and reliable support for decorations. You'll find that high-quality trees are generally more durable and can stand up to repeated year after year, all whilst maintaining its beautiful look.

Opt for a traditional tree rather than a trend-led one so that it doesn't go 'out of date' after a few years (FYI, asymmetrical, sparse trees are expected to trend this year), and a traditional design gives you the perfect base to layer and decorate as you wish.

Pre-lit Christmas trees are a firm household favourite because it saves time in untangling all those lights, but on the other hand, a benefit of buying an unlit tree is that you can choose whatever lights you want. When it comes to size, 7ft Christmas trees are now extremely popular but you should always choose a tree that fits in your space and doesn't leave it feeling too cramped. If you're tight on space, there are some great slim Christmas trees on the market, including narrow pencil designs, which may be a better fit. And remember, to prevent wear and tear on your Christmas tree, consider models with advanced features that offer easy set up and storage.

Tip: When buying your tree, ensure you have the right Christmas tree storage, such as storage bags and boxes, as well as storage for wreaths, garlands and lights, so that you're fully equipped when you take your Christmas tree down and pack everything away.

Alternatively, if you want a real Christmas tree, there's a great selection of different types available to buy at tree farms, markets or home & DIY stores. See all the tree varieties available, including Nordmann Fir and Norway Spruce, in our real Christmas trees guide.

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2. Fluff and shape branches

Fluffing the branches helps to make your Christmas tree look fuller and more natural. This can be a very time-consuming task, but trust us, the end result is more than worth it. Separate each branch so they fan out to cover as much area as possible. And don't hesitate to bend individual branches to fill in gaps. A properly shaped tree is an appealing sight, however minimal or lavish your embellishments may be.

Balsam Hill

3. Design around a theme

A professional-looking Christmas tree has a central look that ties the decorations together. Deciding on a theme before choosing your decorations sets the tone and gives you a clear idea on how to decorate your tree. Need some inspiration? Why not take a look at John Lewis' Christmas themes this year, from Snow Mountain to Blush Coast, there's a total of seven key looks to help you decorate this festive season. And Homebase has shared four festive themes, from Winter Retreat to Deco Luxe, to help create a look that's classically Christmas.

Balsam Hill

4. Start with the lights first

While pre-lit Christmas trees are popular and will save you time (and money), you'll need Christmas tree lights if you have a plain tree (real or artificial). As a general rule of thumb, the lighting experts at Lights4Fun advise 100 bulbs or 5 metres of lights per 2ft of Christmas tree. So for a 6ft tree, you'd need 300 bulbs or 15 metres of lights.

The first, most important thing you need to do when decorating your Christmas tree, is to always add the lights first – it's more difficult to do this after you've added decorations like baubles and garlands.

Balsam Hill advise that you use the plug as the starting point, wrapping the lights around your Christmas tree's trunk, working your way up from the centre of the base of your tree. Continue wrapping the lights evenly around the branches nearest to the trunk, and then weave it upwards from the middle of the crown.

'When you reach the crown, weave your way back down, arranging the lights further out on the branches,' Balsam Hill advise. 'Keep weaving the lights until you reach the tips of the branches.'

And remember, when weaving, the bulb should be positioned under a branch and the next bulb over a branch, and so forth.

5. Choose the right decorations

Choosing accents that fit your theme will help you achieve a cohesive design. Whether it's hanging tree decorations, garlands, ribbons, or floral picks, opt for Christmas tree decorations that will complement the overall appearance of your tree. Many bauble sets include different shapes, sizes, finishes and designs. Combining these with traditional baubles will give you more freedom to play up your theme.

House Beautiful/Mark Scott

6. Balance the décor

Given the many Christmas tree decorations you're likely to have, you have to ensure that everything is well-balanced and spread out to your liking. Arrange embellishments from the top of the tree and then work towards the bottom. This way, you can easily check your design as you dress up your tree.

7. Cluster your baubles

Balsam Hill's design consultant, Brad Schmidt, recommends clustering three baubles of different sizes to add flair and visual appeal. You can either put the same pieces together or choose contrasting ones.

The White Company echo this suggestion – to create a balanced, visually pleasing tree, buy baubles in threes, sixes, or twelves, and add these on first in a 'Z' shape. You should hang larger baubles closer to the centre of the tree to give it more depth, and use small ones towards the end of the branches.

Dangle delicate glass baubles at the top of the tree to prevent any breakages, and add special ones last to ensure they are in the perfect position.

And how much baubles will you need? The White Company recommends 80 baubles for a 7.5ft tree.

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8. Layer and style ribbons

Another expert tip is to layer your Christmas tree with decorative ribbons, which will elevate your tree's aesthetic. You may use one type of ribbon or pair ribbons of contrasting textures and different widths to create more impact.

Brad Schmidt, contributing designer for Balsam Hill, recommends using ribbons with wired edges, as these are easier to sculpt into loops or rolls, and they hold shape better than non-wired ribbons. Follow these simple techniques for arranging ribbons on your tree.

9. Use tree picks

Tree picks and floral sprays come in many forms, such as decorated branches, twigs, berries, or even pinecones – use them as subtle accents to complement the entire look of your tree. Grouping picks together using floral wire is a creative way to elevate the visual appeal of your tree without overpowering other decorations.

They are great for adding lively splashes of colour, not only to Christmas trees, but to wreaths and garlands too. Make sure to choose picks with bendable stems to make shaping easier.

10. Choose the right tree topper

A eye-catching Christmas tree topper is a beautiful way to complete the designer look of your tree. Make sure to choose one that best fits your theme and the proportion of your tree, and take into consideration the height of your ceiling too. You can also choose an alternative design, like a giant bow rather than a gold star, or you could make your own topper.

11. Finish off with a tree skirt

Often overlooked, a Christmas tree skirt is the finishing touch to your decorations and serves to balance the overall design of your Christmas tree. Tree skirts have many benefits too, from covering the unsightly 'legs', trunk or stand of a tree, to protecting your floors and carpets from any fallen pine needles (if you have a real tree).

It naturally draws attention to the tree's lower portion and helps to produce a complete, harmonious look. Plus, it's the perfect backdrop for beautifully wrapped Christmas presents. Alternatively, if you have a potted Christmas tree or one that comes in a basket, opt for a tree rug instead.

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How to Decorate Your Christmas Tree

Make your Christmas tree Pinterest-worthy with these simple steps.

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Decorate Your Tree in 6 Simple Steps

For many, the most enjoyable time of the holiday season is decorating the Christmas tree. However, if you are looking for some help this year, let us guide you through the basics of making a beautiful tree. Ornaments, lights, and garland are a good start, but there are many accessories you can add for more personality and style. For example, our designers love to place table top decorations that match the trees' theme right onto the tree branches. A glitter deer tabletop decoration is a great example of a way to incorporate this technique. Just make sure that any decorations you add are properly secured. Let your imagination run free!

  1. Step 1: Set Up Your Tree

    Select the desired location for your Christmas tree and place it in the stand. Many artificial trees come with a tree stand included. However, if yours doesn't come with one, there are other options available. We carry a selection of tree stands for both artificial and live trees. Our live tree stands come with an easy watering feature, saving you time and hassle.

  2. Step 2: Christmas Lights

    If you don't have a pre-lit Christmas tree, you'll want to test your Christmas lights first. Join the strings together and plug them in. Replace any dead bulbs and make sure the cords aren't damaged. Please see our Safety Guide for more tips on lighting.

    How many lights should I use?

    Don't skimp out on your lights! You should use a 100-light set per Christmas tree foot. So if you have a 7-foot Christmas tree, you will want to buy seven (7) '100-light sets'. The biggest thing to remember when putting lights on a Christmas tree is how bright you want it to look. If you are using LED lights on a Christmas tree, you will want to use fewer lights as LED lights provide a brighter glow.

    Don't be afraid to mix and match lights. There is no rule that says you only have to use one kind of light, so get creative! If you are using any themed lights or novelty lights, be sure to put them on after your basic lights. We recommend evenly spacing them apart for the best result.

    Where do I put my Christmas lights on the tree?

    After you've made sure that all of your lights are working, string them on your tree starting from the top down. Weave your lights along the branches 'inside,' then move to the outer edges of the branches. If you have a lit tree topper, make sure that you leave the socket end of the lights at the top of the tree to plug it in.

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  3. Step 3: The Tree Toppers

    What tree topper should I use?

    The tree topper symbolizes the spirit of Christmas and is one of the most important pieces on your tree. Tree toppers come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and colors. Much like other lights, our pre-lit tree toppers come in incandescent and LED options, and come in sizes ranging from less than 5 inches to well over a foot tall.

    How do I place my tree topper?

    If your tree topper is electric, make sure to plug it into the socket end of the lights that you left open at the top of your tree. Keep in mind your tree topper does not have to go right at the top of the tree. If you have a 7.5 foot ceiling and a 7.5 foot Christmas tree, you can always put it off to the side a bit. You can also consider folding down the top branch of the tree to gain a few more inches.

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  4. Step 4: The Garland

    How much garland should I use?

    A rule of thumb is at least nine (9) feet of garland per foot of a tree, so a 7-foot Christmas tree will need sixty-three (63) feet of garland. We recommend buying more garland to be on the safe side. If you are left with any extra, you can always use it on the mantle or wreaths.

    How do I place my garland?

    With garland, it's best to start at the top and work your way down in a spiral pattern going around the tree until you get to the bottom. Gently-swagged garland looks more graceful than straight or diagonal lines across the tree. Deeply swagged garland is beautiful, but can only be used on large trees with open space between branches. You can also place your garland vertically. Just attach it to the top of your tree (behind the tree topper) then loop it down vertically. Be sure to add some twists and turns, wiring to branches if necessary, in order to add interest and graceful curves. This technique is especially suited to ribbon.

    You can cut beaded garland into different lengths and use it as tinsel to drape over branches. Be sure that the garland is knotted to keep the beads from falling off of the string. Strings knotted between each bead or styles where beads are glued in place will work for this technique.

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  5. Step 5: The Ornaments

    How many ornaments should I use?

    You've set up the basics, now comes the fun part: the ornaments! There's no exact amount of ornaments for a Christmas tree. The amount to use can vary depending on the size of the ornaments, the height and width of your tree, and the ornament density that you desire. In the end, it all comes down to your style and preference.

    While we can't tell you exactly how many ornaments to hang on your tree, we can provide you with a guideline to help you estimate how many ornaments you should use. For trees under 9 feet, we would recommend using 10-15 standard size ornaments per foot. If your tree is 9 feet or taller, we recommend 12-20 ornaments per foot.

    We also recommended that you vary the size of your ornaments, and to spread them out throughout the tree. For example, here is a list of ornaments that were used by professional decorators for a 12' tree:

    • 3' round: 48
    • 4' round: 48
    • 4.75' round: 48
    • 6' round: 36
    • 4-7' finial: 18
    • 5-8' finial: 18
    How should I hang my ornaments?

    To make a statement with your Christmas tree, start with your precious ornaments. Next, hang the larger ones, spacing them evenly apart. Then, fill in the spaces with any medium and small sizes to balance the overall look of the tree. You can place ornaments and other decorations ’inside’ your tree as well as on the tips of branches to add depth and interest.

    If you have pets or small children, try placing shatterproof ornaments near the bottom or in high-traffic areas.

    There are a couple of things to note. Make sure to purchase your ornaments based on your tree size. Larger ornaments may take up too much space on smaller trees, while smaller ornaments may not even be visible on larger trees. Additionally, we also recommend that you have extra ornaments on hand in case any of your ornaments are lost or broken.

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  6. Step 6: The Tree Skirt

    Tree skirts are not included with most trees but are a popular accessory. Not only do they hide the base of the tree, but they add some character to your setting. Much like stockings and ornaments, tree skirts come in a wide array of styles, from solid, colored velvet, and much more. Make sure your skirt is wide enough to cover the tree stand but does not extend past the bottom branches of the tree. Consider the size requirements, color scheme, and theme your tree may have.

    Once your tree is completely decorated, go ahead and add some presents under your tree. If you haven't started shopping yet, that's okay! Place a few wrapped empty boxes or other large scale decorations such as lanterns, Santa Claus figures, or nutcrackers for a decorative touch.

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Commercial Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

For decorating commercial Christmas trees, you can follow the same formats. However, if all that tree space feels overwhelming, here are a few extra tips to guide you through the decorating process.


First, mentally divide your tree into four sections, picturing your tree as if it were a giant box with four sides. Next, divide your collection of ornaments into 4 even groups. Apply ornaments to each tree section starting from the small ornaments and moving up to the largest size.

A 12' Christmas tree can be heavily decorated with ornaments. A good suggestion is forty (40) ornaments per foot or a total of four-hundred-and-eighty (480) ornaments. For a more uniform look, evenly space your ornaments based on their characteristics: color, shape, style, etc.

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As trees get taller, they also get wider and have more space to fill. With larger Christmas trees, you should generally have nine (9) feet of garland per foot in tree height. It’s a good idea to have extra garland to fill up space if needed.

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Ribbons are a good way to fill up empty space on a tree. These are often utilized in sprays and other arrangements; there’s no limit to what can be done!

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The above tips are simply suggestions to help get you started on a classically-decorated Christmas tree. If you are feeling extra creative, feel free to play around with different techniques and styles to see what looks right to you!

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master class of weaving with beads for beginners (77 photos)

It is easy to create a festive atmosphere using traditional paraphernalia, corresponding to the theme of the upcoming celebration. It is especially pleasant to decorate a house or a table using handmade items, in which a piece of the soul of a home master or craftswoman is invested.

A small beaded Christmas tree shimmering in the light will be a worthy decoration for the New Year holidays and will help maintain a fabulous atmosphere. There are simple and rather complex schemes, thanks to which you can create real masterpieces and cute jewelry with your own hands.


  • Fascinating hobby: bead weaving
  • Aesthetics of decorative beaded ornaments
  • Materials for making beautiful crafts
  • Original ideas for weaving Christmas trees
  • Photo of a beaded Christmas tree
  • Fascinating hobby: bead weaving

    Small glass beads were used in ancient Egypt, and with their help clothes, interiors and even household items were decorated. Moreover, such crafts cost a lot of money, because the process of making beads took a lot of time and effort, which increased the cost of finished products.

    Today's crafts are made using different techniques, and making them helps develop fine motor skills. Beading is a great hobby for those who are used to decorating their own homes with unique decorative items, and once you master this hobby, it is easy to turn it into a way to earn extra money.

    A beaded Christmas tree, the creation of which will help you learn the basics of weaving, will serve as a talisman for any home. At the same time, a beautiful and bright craft can decorate a home throughout the year, because an artificial tree does not need special care, such as houseplants.

    Aesthetics of decorative beaded jewelry

    A unique hobby that has no analogues helps to create exclusive jewelry, unusual and elegant crafts. From small and large parts, you can make voluminous decorative Christmas trees and other items that focus on a carefully selected interior composition.

    Finished works made according to pre-selected schemes are used not only as holiday decor. Having picked up a beautiful and elegant package, you can prepare gifts for relatives and friends, present them to work colleagues, use them as souvenirs at corporate celebrations.

    Materials for making beautiful crafts

    Inexpensive and affordable materials are used to create a modern decor, which can be purchased in specialized stores. Children like to sort through bright and color-rich beads, create small and simple crafts. Adults are fascinated by complex and intricate patterns. Most often used for the creative process.:

    • Japanese beads with large diameter holes;
    • flattened Czech seed beads with a narrow hole;
    • Chinese beads with beads of different sizes and evenness;
    • cylindrical beads with distinctive uniformity;
    • glass beads, hollow oblong tubules of original shape;
    • felling or shortly chopped glass beads of various colors;
    • farfall or peanut with a unique and voluminous shape;
    • drops, as close as possible to small beads.

    Thinking about how to make a Christmas tree from beads, it is necessary to prepare not only beads, but also soft and strong enough wire. A novice craftsman will also need additional tools, needles with a wide eye, scissors and round-nose pliers for needlework.

    Original ideas for weaving Christmas trees

    It is not difficult to weave a Christmas tree with beads, and the duration or painstaking work depends on the selected sketch, shape and size of crafts. There are many options for crafts that differ in structural forms, the way the idea is implemented and the external design.

    Simple decorative ornaments can be flat and three-dimensional, made in the form of a spruce branch, a miniature tree and a Christmas tree toy. Novice craftsmen should pick up small and easily implemented ideas, gradually trying their hand at making more difficult and voluminous products.

    Flat tree

    The most elegant solution will be a flat Christmas tree made of beads, the scheme of its weaving is simple. It does not take much time to create crafts. When making, you will need green and multi-colored, round beads, colored beads will play the role of Christmas decorations decorating crafts.

    Beaded earrings

    Unusual jewelry that will decorate any look, can be a bright accent of New Year's outfits or worn all year round. Bilateral earrings are assembled in the same way as a flat Christmas tree. The shape and size are selected individually. Earrings are assembled from small round beads of bright colors.

    Special fittings, purchased in advance in special needlework stores, will help complete the product and facilitate its use.

    Lush tree

    A voluminous beaded Christmas tree consists of a large set of twigs, they are made using the technique of a simple set of beads on a straight wire. Finished needles in the amount of 5-7 pcs. twisted together and the more magnificent the improvised twigs are, the more beautiful the finished craft will turn out, it can be installed in a pot or on the original site.

    Openwork craft

    To create such crafts, separate branches are also prepared, formed by stringing beads on a wire, followed by scrolling. To revive such a spruce and give it maximum realism, white or light blue beads are used that imitate snowflakes on the branches.

    Spiral decoration

    A small beaded Christmas tree is made using a sufficiently rigid and springy wire, which must be twisted into a spiral before a set of beads. To decorate such a craft, you can use large beads, and the loop at the crown completes the craft, then such a decorative product can be used as a Christmas tree decoration. Another way to decorate the house in an original way will be the use of LED elements that will transform the garland created by your own hands.

    A beaded Christmas tree will become a worthy decoration for the New Year's table, it can be used as a New Year's home decor. Having made several spiral Christmas trees, it is easy to assemble an original garland from them, perfect for the outdoor decor of your own home.

    Photo of Christmas tree made of beads

    The author of the article:

    Christmas tree made of beads in a glass. Beaded Christmas tree and Christmas decorations: the best master classes

    Hello everyone!

    We continue the theme of the new year, if in the last article we already talked about. And they made it from all available materials, then at this stage I want to focus on beads. We will make a Christmas tree from these small beads. By the way, they are divided into several more types, such as glass beads and felling. I promise we will not leave this view without attention.

    Let's understand what are beads? First of all, it is of course a decorative ornament. In the center of which there is a small hole. Ideal size for stringing on fishing line and wire. It is these two materials that are the binder. That is, it is simply not possible to make any product without using wire and fishing line. Therefore, before starting work, be sure to check all the material for availability.

    By the way, thanks to these decorative beads, you can make not only a Christmas tree, but also Santa Claus and many other toys. And some needlewomen even make jewelry in the form of a necklace, bracelets and even earrings. In a word, beads are very popular among different generations of people. Someone makes toys, and some decorate their walls with them by embroidering pictures.

    An equally important point is the quality and manufacturer of such beads. I know two of them - China and the Czech Republic. The second option is very popular among experienced needlewomen and its price is several times higher. If you are just a beginner, then I suggest stopping at the Chinese version. Although it is lower in quality, it is practically not noticeable in finished crafts.

    I think we have covered the main aspects. Now is the time to get down to business. We go down below and choose the appropriate one from the presented options.

    Christmas tree from beads - a master class for beginners

    Let's start our master class with the simplest option. We will make a Christmas tree from glass beads. By the way, you can replace it with the usual type of beads. And choose your own color. Our forest beauty will be a beautiful white shade. Like under a snow coat.

    For the lesson you will need a minimum of material. And maximum efforts, if everything is already prepared, you can get down to business. Sit comfortably, this activity takes a lot of time. But this work lends itself to any beginner.

    We need:

    • Bugle white
    • Silver wire 0.4 mm in diameter.
    • Floral tape
    • Red beads
    • Alabaster + water
    • Shallow bowl
    • Scissors
    • Red wire

    Manufacturing technique:

    1. Cut off the wire 40-50 cm. We collect 4 glass beads and twist into a loop. Then we retreat 1 cm to the side and again we collect 4 glass beads, we repeat the same process.

    For this branch, we need to make 9 loops. Now that everything is done, divide the wire exactly in the middle so that one of the leaves is in the very center. Gently bend and twist the wire parallel to each other. One branch is ready.

    2. In a similar way, we need to make the rest of the branches. The only difference between them will be the number of loops. The technology itself is no different.

    1 look - 5 loops (the number of finished 4 branches)

    2 look - 7 loops (the number of finished 6 branches)

    3 look - 9 loops (the number of finished 11 branches)

    4 types - 1 loop finished 8 branches)

    5 type - 13 loops (number of finished 6 branches)

    3. Now you can start assembling. We take a wire 20 cm long, 2 mm thick. It will serve us as a trunk, or even some kind of support.

    We take a branch of the 1st type, in which there are 5 loops, place it at the very top and fix it with tape (floristic). It should be wrapped well so that no gaps are visible. A little lower we fix 3 more branches of the first type. We also go through the tape.

    We do the same with the rest of the branches, observing the order by type.

    Please note if the number of branches is 6-12 pcs. and more, no need to place them all in one line. Divide them into equal numbers, for example 1 layer of 3 branches, then repeat the second.

    I think there should be no questions at this stage. But if something is still not clear, write in the comments below, I will be glad to help you with an answer.

    4. Now that our New Year's beauty is fully assembled, you can straighten its branches. Give it a more attractive look. Next, we proceed to the manufacture of the stand. For this we need not a deep bowl. It can be made from any material. We put a plastic bag inside it, pour a diluted alabaster mixture on top. Don't make the mixture too thin. The consistency should be in the form of porridge.

    Pour the prepared solution into the bowl. And carefully insert our beauty, the barrel should touch the bottom of the dish. Hold it for a while until the solution seizes. Then you can release and let dry completely.

    Congratulations half done. When the mixture is completely dry, carefully take out our work. It should not be pulled sharply by the top. Please note that the product is quite delicate and one awkward movement can ruin it.

    Look at the trunk, do you agree that it is not quite finished yet? I think it needs to be expanded a bit. To do this, take a piece of gauze, dip it in the rest of the alabaster mixture. We take it out of there and wrap it around the bottom of the trunk. Giving some form to the tree.

    Before the mortar is dry, you can create grooves on the trunk. To do this, take a small sharp skewer and walk along the trunk, drawing the usual uneven lines. Now let the work dry. Then you can start painting. We will paint with acrylic paint. You can use watercolor, but unfortunately it is not so saturated and it will have to be applied in several layers.

    Let the paint dry, then you can varnish the barrel again. To make the tree look more believable.

    Well, all the main stages of making the work are finished. It's time to start decorating. We will start from the lawn of our Christmas tree. Apply a colorless adhesive to a flat surface (for example, for ceiling tiles). Then gently sprinkle with white glass beads. Making some kind of snow.

    Our beauty is almost ready, give her some time to dry. In the meantime, you can start making toys for decoration.

    For toys we will use bright red and the same wire color. We string 6 beads and twist into a loop. Then we collect two more beads on one of the ends. And we pass them through one located in the very middle. This way they will be in the center.

    We put a small piece of wire on the finished ball, which will serve as a suspension for us. Then we fix it on the branches of the Christmas tree and cut off the excess ends.

    Our product is ready, you can give it to someone close to you. Or leave it at home and decorate your apartment with it.

    Christmas tree weaving patterns

    You can weave such a beauty in absolutely different ways. Everyone will have their own production technique. I wandered around the Internet a bit and put together a small but very interesting selection for you. Thanks to which you will surely make a choice and get to work. But first, of course, you need a little perseverance. Ready to listen? Then let's go and quickly get down to business.

    And here is one of the first and probably the easiest schemes. Which will be the first work if someone hears about beads for the first time.

    By the way, such a Christmas tree can become an ideal pendant or brooch. And some needlewomen use this pattern to make earrings.

    Here is another work similar to the previous one. True, here they played a little in color, which makes it several times brighter and more interesting. No less original idea of ​​a Christmas tree can be seen nearby. It turns out to be quite petite. But despite this, it is very resistant and can stand for more than one year in the house in the form of a souvenir.

    It is necessary to start weaving such a Christmas tree from the top. First of all, we weave a star, then we alternately go down below. Follow the color scheme shown in the picture. By the way, wire is used for weaving such work. You can stick a magnet to the finished product and voila, an excellent decoration for your refrigerator is ready.

    I could not leave this Christmas tree unattended, it is so delicate. This technique is available to any beginner. But you still have to try.

    I would like to talk about needle weaving. I think probably each of you has already imagined how this Christmas tree will look like in reality. I promise it will be very nice. Thanks to this technique of execution, we seem to be reviving a living version of the tree. And on our finished work you can see identical needles.

    By the way, we will talk about detailed weaving in more detail today. Since this technique is very popular.

    I think it's time to finish at this stage. It's time to start the next scheme, which we have already met a little. Let's get ready it will be very interesting.

    Needle weaving of a three-dimensional Christmas tree - step by step video

    What could be better than a step by step process. It's great when everything is very step by step explained and even told. I decided to dedicate the video to this particular title, because this work is not so simple. Perhaps at first glance you will say that everything is easy, but you will have to work hard.

    It turned out to be an unreal beauty. Be sure to use this technique to make a New Year's symbol. Let the family enjoy the awesome decor for your apartment.

    Original Christmas tree with toys

    An incomparable version of the Christmas tree with toys. This work looks perfect. Yes, and the manufacturing scheme is available to every beginner. Of course, you need desire, perseverance and maximum diligence. I promise that if you have all these qualities, everything will work out.

    This handicraft will become an original home decoration. By the way, you can use the finished product as a gift and present it to your loved one. Because you don’t want to give such a toy to an ordinary friend. After all, so much work will be invested.

    Cutting is one of the forms of beads. Which is made in the form of small tubes, chopped off on both sides.

    To make this forest beauty we need:

    • green beads (cutting) and a little brown
    • Wire
    • Colored beads
    • Decorative stones
    • Pot (small)
    • Alabaster
    • Scissors


    1. Let's start making our Christmas tree. We will start weaving it from the very top according to the scheme. We cut off a wire 50 cm long. We string the following combination of beads on it: golden beads, glass beads, a bead of gold and silver shades, a green felling.

    Now that the whole combination is assembled, we proceed to the next manipulation. We thread the thread through the glass beads and the rest of the beads located below. Immediately note that our entire structure should run in the center.

    If you did everything right, then the result should be two even ends of the wire. Now we put on 4 green beads on each side and twist the ends together (two or three turns).

    Now on each of the sides we again put on beads of the corresponding color (as in the photo) in the amount of 10 pieces. And again twist in two turns. Thus we get two loops.

    2. Repeat this manipulation again to get 4 loops already. And smoothly proceed to the manufacture of the second tier. We will prepare it separately, then attach it to the base.

    We collect a combination of beads, as shown in the second part of the picture. We fix the loop again by twisting the wire 2-3 times. Then we repeat a similar process only on both sides.

    As a result, we should get four such branches. By the way, for their manufacture you need to take a wire 25 cm long.

    Please note that each of the loops is made at a different level. To make it work for you, increase the number of revolutions in the right places.

    3. Third tier: cut a wire 30 cm long. In this case, the whole process is similar to the previous one. The only thing is that the number of loops will increase by 2 pieces. We need such branches in the amount of 4 units.

    4. Let's start making the fourth tier. We cut the wire 30 cm long in the amount of 8 pieces. We repeat the whole process similar to the third paragraph. But since the number of finished branches we have increased, now our task is to fasten them in two. Thus, we get 4 ready-made branches for the fourth tier.

    5. The fifth tier is similar to the previous one. We cut a wire 35 cm long. We make 4 branches of 7 loops from it. We are preparing for the manufacture of the sixth tier. We cut the wire into 8 pieces of 35 cm each. Weave 5 loops on each. Then we connect two by two, i.e. took one finished branch and connected to the second. And only then we wrap them with a common metal thread.

    7th tier (shown in the second part of the picture) we make a loop in the very center of the wire. Then from it 3 more loops on each side. We repeat the same steps at the second end. It's okay if the metal thread becomes a little shorter. To make this tier, we need 4 pieces of wire 60 cm each. On the last loop, twist the two ends of the thread in two turns between each other. Thus we get one whole.

    6. Consider the last layer and then start assembling our beauty. We stock up on patience here, it will be useful to us a little more.

    8th cut the wire in the amount of 4 pieces of 60 cm and 8 pieces. 30 cm each. From the length of the thread we make a branch similar to the 7th tier. From the shorter one we make five loops. Now we connect all the resulting branches, as shown in the figure above.

    Congratulations on one task, you have done it, it's time to start assembling the finished product. There is nothing complicated here. We just start connecting all the tiers to each other, starting with the smallest.

    To make the finished work look more beautiful, at the end, additionally wrap all the joints with wire. Well, our beauty is ready. Let's put it in a pretty pot. To do this, dilute a small amount of alabaster, fill it with a prepared pot and set the trunk evenly. Let the mixture dry completely, only then you can start decorating the bottom.

    If you are using an earthenware container. Before filling it with a ready-made solution, fill it with unnecessary material (sponge, cloth or paper). This is necessary so that the pot does not burst during the drying process.

    I remember that at the beginning of the article I promised you a Christmas tree with toys. Let's do them together, there's nothing complicated here. We take multi-colored beads and wind a small amount of wire around them. Fasten on one side. The toy on the pendant is ready, you can hang it on the Christmas tree.

    By the way, if you want the trunk of the finished tree to be green, you can use floral tape. It can be purchased at any craft store. And yes, you can choose the colors to your liking.

    These are such wonderful ideas for making forest beauties that we have reviewed today. Do not delay, decide on the option and get down to business. There is very little time left. If you start now, you can do a lot of things.

    See you soon friends!!!

    Beads can be used to make a wide variety of items that decorate your home interior. You can make birch trees, flowers, Christmas trees from beads and much more. For a novice master, everything seems complicated, but if you delve into the essence of beadwork, then the work will bring joy.

    Beads come in different sizes and shapes , there are many colors and shades. The material is strung on a fishing line or wire, due to this, any figure can be formed. For example, to make a Christmas tree, you should collect individual branches in bundles and fix them on a tree trunk. Then the branches are straightened and aligned. This craft idea is perfect for the New Year.

    Beautiful product can be placed on a windowsill or table. Guests will be impressed. The design of the spruce is also different. Crafts can be made in one color, small flat, decorated, multi-colored, voluminous. In this case, the flight of creativity has no boundaries. It all depends on the imagination of the master.

    Beading is a fascinating business, but it requires attention, patience and concentration. On the Internet you can find a lot of step-by-step instructions for working with beads, but it is difficult for a beginner to understand them. Do not be upset, because the simplest schemes and understandable master classes will be presented here, which will greatly facilitate the work of the needlewoman.

    Required material

    After choosing a model, you need to purchase materials. It is advisable to buy beads of the same shape. What you need in the process of work:

    PVA glue is required to secure the jewelry.

    Classic scheme

    It is advisable for beginners to learn from small crafts. Master class on a Christmas tree made of beads with your own hands:

    After completing the assembly, the spruce branches must be leveled and straightened. This is easy to do because the wire is flexible and holds its shape well.

    Flat weave

    Earrings, miniature toys, pendants and so on can be attached to a similar fir tree. This scheme of a Christmas tree made of beads is slightly different from the classic weaving. The tree is created from brown, green, blue, yellow beads. Description of the assembly of a flat beaded Christmas tree:

    1. Take 50 cm of aluminum wire. 6 brown beads are strung on it to the middle. Now the wire is threaded through the first 6 pieces, two rows are obtained. The third row is made in the same way. Used green beads.
    2. Put on 8 pieces at the edges, 18 pieces on the other row. Beads should be alternated and inserted in places red, white, yellow, blue.
    3. Decrease a pair of beads every row. This scheme should be continued. After five rows, the number of beads decreases by one.
    4. The last bead will remain, which will be installed on the top. Instead of a bead, you can use a star. It is desirable to decorate the top of the Christmas tree with yellow beads, which alternate after 2 pcs. green beads.

    The remaining ends of the wire are cut with metal shears and twisted. It is not advisable to use ordinary scissors, as their blade can become dull. The parameters of the craft can be increased or decreased by the number of beads.

    This option uses only green and white beads. Also, if desired, glass beads of golden color are used, with which you can decorate the Christmas tree. To make a tree with snow branches, you must follow the following rules:

    To make the top of the spruce not boring, it is recommended to weave a star or other object that will decorate the creation. This beaded Christmas tree pattern is quite simple. Instead of green, only white and blue can be used. Spruce will look spectacular.

    Registration of work

    Christmas tree made of beads must be placed on a stand . You can use a tray for flower pots, if there is none, then another method is suitable: a five-liter bottle is taken from under the water, 10 mm recede from the warp, a straight line is drawn around the circumference (you can use a newspaper by wrapping it around the circumference of the container so that the ends of the newspaper converged and formed a smooth edge, then a line is drawn with a pencil).

    After that, the Christmas tree should be fixed in the middle of the container on plasticine. Stir alabaster or gypsum and pour into a container. Until the mixture dries, the plasticine will not allow the tree to fall. If there is no plasticine, then you can use props. As soon as the gypsum hardens, and the tree will stand firmly, it is necessary to create a relief of the meadow, stick a snowman on the site, make snow mounds of gypsum, and so on.

    Ribbons are attached at the end, shiny stones are placed under the tree. Weaving a Christmas tree is not difficult, and if you show imagination, you can make crafts of even greater beauty.

    Needle technology

    Beautiful Christmas trees are made using needle technique. Bead-cutting is used in several colors, weighing 85 g, 2 coils of wire with a cross section of 0.3 mm, pliers. Master class on a Christmas tree made of beads:

    1. First, a branch of needle beads is made. There should be 7 pieces in the middle. Then 4 needles and again 5 beads. Alternate colors according to your preference.
    2. A pair of beads are strung on two ends of the wire. Another row is made of 4 needles, 5 beads and 2 pcs. to move to the next row.
    3. Now the free end of the wire is passed in the opposite direction through the 4 beads that are at the bottom. They should pull up tight.
    4. The 4 branches made must be fastened together. The first will go to the middle, it will also serve as the crown. A thickening is made along its circumference by winding a wire around the barrel. In this technique, there will be no stem-trunk, which will be formed by fixing other branches.

    For a small Christmas tree, it is enough to make 6-7 tiers, but more is possible. Now it remains to make the base. The stand is made from a small juice box. A gypsum mortar is poured there, a Christmas tree is inserted, after which the mixture hardens, the box is cut, and then the structure is removed.

    Now the finishing touches are left - decorate the stand with grass or snow, sprinkle with sparkles, paint. At the end, all branches are straightened and aligned. Patterns of weaving Christmas trees from beads are very different. In addition to beads, glass beads are used - these are oblong small beads.

    Let's make New Year's gifts with our own hands! For example, these Christmas trees made of beads. Trees made of beads symbolize a talisman for the home, a talisman of good luck. You will not find such a Christmas tree in a gift shop! And it is not difficult to weave it, it is enough to have a little patience and a minimum of material. Our step-by-step guide to making a Christmas tree from beads will help you with this.

    Christmas tree from beads: the simplest technique

    To weave a Christmas tree from beads, we need:

    • White beads - 20 - 25 g, green - 80 - 90 g;
    • Wire spool - 0.3 - 0.5mm;
    • Cream lid or small toy bucket;
    • Plasticine or cement.

    Making twigs for the beaded spruce

    We start by making twigs.

    On a wire 30-35 cm long we string 2 white beads and 7 green ones. Then the end of the wire is threaded through the second white bead and through all the green ones. The first white bead will be the trailing one, i.e. the top of the branch.
    Then we put on 2 white and 9 green beads, we also repeat the manipulation with threading the wire into the white and other beads, on the other hand we repeat stringing 2 and 7 pcs. Thus, we make 12 "needles" of our spruce.

    The first branch will be the top of our tree, and all other branches will be attached to the wire. To make the barrel stronger, it can be wrapped with electrical tape.

    15-20 pieces of such branches are made, depending on how tall your Christmas tree will be. We add 2 green beads to each lower branch to add splendor.

    Assembling a Christmas tree from beads

    Have you formed the required number of branches? Now we collect the Christmas tree. We take the first branch - the top, weave another into it, while twisting the wire into the main trunk. According to this principle, we twist the rest of the branches.

    Installing our craft

    When our spruce is ready, you need to install it on a stand.

    If there is a toy bucket, fill it halfway with plasticine, install our tree and fill the remaining space. Or we take a cap from a tube, put a Christmas tree in it and fill it with cement mortar. If desired, the lid can be glued with colored adhesive paper.

    We have considered the most affordable option, how to weave a Christmas tree from beads.

    How to weave a Christmas tree from beads in a spiral

    Another Christmas tree made of beads has the easiest pattern for weaving for beginners - a Christmas tree - a spiral.

    Here you will need a hard wire and large beads of green, red, white. The weaving of this tree is very simple, it consists in stringing beads in the sequence that you like. Having fixed the ends, they give the product a conical shape, in the form of a spiral.

    Master class of weaving a Christmas tree using complex technique

    More experienced craftswomen can try to weave a lacy Christmas tree. This fake differs from the previous one in a different manufacturing technique.
    First, they collect a lot of beads on the wire, like beads, and only then weave lace patterns from it.

    From 9-11 beads make a loop by twisting the thread 2 times. Next, on both sides we make more of the same loops. For the top, 3-5 loops are enough, and for the bottom 9-11 loops. So we make 5-6 branches of the same length.

    Such a beaded Christmas tree has a very different weaving pattern. The main thing is to repeat the pattern of the same size.

    Beaded herringbone earrings

    Beaded herringbone earrings are a piece of jewelry that will be a memorable gift for a close friend or sister.

    An outfit with such earrings will give a festive mood and will not leave their owner unnoticed. Special accessories can be purchased in the departments for needlework. Bead colors can be combined as desired.
    Below is a video on making spruce from beads. It is worth remembering that the new year is just around the corner. And this means that it is necessary to prepare gifts in advance.

    Continuing to talk about different beaded trees, this master class with step-by-step photos and detailed descriptions will teach you how to make wonderful miniature beaded and wire trees with your own hands. The new year is just around the corner, so we will make a Christmas tree.

    1. Herringbone from the cabin

    For making with your own hands one beaded Christmas tree You will need:

    • green cabin - 50 gr.
    • brown cabin - about 5gr.
    • wire brown (or copper) approx. 50m
    • alabaster
    • colored stones (or other decor)
    • two beads pearl effect
    • glass beads
    • stand

    Herringbone consists of

    10 tiers

    . Each tier has four branches .

    We start weaving a Christmas tree from the top. We cut off the wire 45 cm long. bead should be strung on the middle of the wire gold color and band made of white glass beads, gold and silver beads, 1 green bead. Pass the second end of the wire through the entire group . For each end of the wire dial 4 green beads :

    After that, twist both ends of the wire together for 3-4 turns. At each end of the wire, dial 4 green beads, 2 brown, 4 green, twist into loops .

    Twist the ends of the wire 2 turns and make 2 more loops , as shown in the following photo:

    Let's start making with our own hands second tier beaded Christmas trees . We cut 4 pieces of wire 25 cm long. We make 4 branches out of them three eyelets with a set: 3 green beads, 2 brown, 3 green.

    From eye to eye, twist the wire 4-5 turns, from the last eye 3 turns.

    Let's make branches for third tier woven Christmas trees . To do this, from 4 pieces of wire 30 cm long, we make 4 twigs by 5 loops . The first three loops, as on a branch from the second tier, in the next two loops instead of three green ones, dial 4:

    As you understand, you need to weave 4 such branches as pictured above. After that, we prepare branches for of the fourth tier beaded Christmas tree. This will require 8 pieces of wire 30cm long. Need to make 8 branches five loops each:

    The first three loops, as can be clearly seen in the photo, are the same as on the branch from the second tier , in the next two loops cast on 6 green beads . After the last loop, twist the wire down 4-5 turns. From two such branches, collect one by screwing them with a spiral 3-4 turns:

    5 tier : 4 pieces of wire 35 cm long to make 4 twigs by 7 loops . The first three loops, as on a branch from the second tier, in the next four loops, dial only 6 green beads.

    6 tier herringbone : we start it in the same way as the 4th tier (8 pieces of wire, 8 branches of five loops each) But we collect the branches in pairs a little differently. Need to cut an extra piece of wire 20 cm long. From the last loop, wind 12 turns in a spiral with additional wire. Then screw the second branch for 15 turns with a spiral:

    Twigs for 7 ​​tiers beaded Christmas trees : cut 4 pieces of wire 60 cm long. Make by middle wire the first loop. Next, dial 6 more loops, as on the 6th tier, on the same end of the wire so that the other end remains long.

    After the last loop, twist 6-7 turns. On the other ( long ) also make 7 loops at the end of the wire :

    Twist branch with additional wire spiral down 8 turns .

    8 tier : cut 4 pieces of wire 60 cm long and 4 pieces of 30 cm each. From a wire of 60 cm twist the branches, as for tier 7, from a wire of 30 cm - branches with five loops :

    From these two branches, collect one, screwing them with a spiral. First start a spiral on branch with two ends - 15 turns, then screw on a small branch for 15 turns:

    9 tier : same as tier 8, only quantity coils of wire increase from 15 to 18.

    10 tier : cut 4 pieces of wire x 70 cm, 4 pieces x 35 cm. Make twigs in the same way as for tiers 8 and 9. Only in a large branch dial 8 and 9 loops each, in a small one - 7. Quantity turns spirals increased to 22.

    Now twigs for all tiers of our bead tree ready, you can start assembling the tree .

    Get extra wire (do not cut off the coil!) and, starting from the top, wrap the ends of the wire down.

    Additional rod is not required, because due to the number of tiers (and branches in each of them), the trunk thickens and does not bend.

    Distance between tiers from 0.8 cm (from the top) to 1.2 cm (to the bottom).

    . To do this, you need to dilute the alabaster and stick Christmas tree into it , wait for the alabaster to dry. Then use Clear Glue to decorate hardened alabaster ground with colored pebbles, moss, cotton wool with sparkles, beads.

    Here is our resulting green beauty , it even seems that the festive aroma of pine needles is in the air :

    Maybe you would like to make your own not only green Christmas tree , but also her snow-white girlfriend ?

    herringbone can be made not only from beads or cabins but also from glass beads . In addition, herringbone can also dress up :

    Beaded herringbone will bring a festive atmosphere even to your workplace on the office table, decorate your home and serve as a great gift made with soul with your own hands !


    Christmas beaded

    You will need: beads 0/9

    h = green - about 42 grams;

    w = yellow - 36 pieces;

    b = white - about 3 grams;

    c = silver - 24 pieces;

    cv = luminous flower beads for jewelry 32x10 pieces;

    BB = brown flower wire 0.3 mm;

    BD = 40 cm wire for stems 1 mm.


    Job description:

    Stars (Figure 1 of the diagram): String 4c (4 silver beads) in the middle of a piece of brown wire 60 cm long (BB), and thread the wire in the opposite direction after 3c, skipping the first bead.

    String 4c on one of the ends of the wire, move them as close as possible to the first row and thread the wire in the opposite direction after 3s, skipping the first (1st) bead. Repeat this procedure until you get 6 rows. Form a star out of them (see figure 2 of the diagram).

    Tree top: Work in accordance with figure 2 of the diagram. Barrel: Pass both ends of the wire together through 8z (8 green beads).

    Side branch: At each end of the wire, make two branches as follows: string 5z on the wire and thread the wire in the opposite direction through 4z, skipping one bead (1z).

    Barrel: Pass both ends of the wire together through 7st.

    Side branches with candles: At each end of the wire, make two branches as follows: string 7z, skipping one bead (1z), thread the wire in the opposite direction through 1z.

    Candle: string 3b (3 white beads) + 1e (1 yellow bead), skipping one yellow bead (1e), thread the wire in the opposite direction, first through 3b, then through 5h.

    Base: Bend the wire for the barrel in half. Wrap the base with both ends of the wire.

    Using Basic Technique II, make 64 Christmas tree branches. Each branch should have a decoration or a candle (in half). Make a candle or decoration after you make the first "leaf" of the branch along with the neck (see the diagram, the place marked with an asterisk.) Before assembling the tree, make all the branches first.

    Example: To make 1 branch with 4 "leaves" and decoration: 1: String 5c ​​in the middle of 20 cm BB, twist the ends of the wire together into a "Neck" about 5 mm long

    2: For decoration: String 10c on the wire, slide the beads to the very " Neck", form a ring (to do this, pass the wire through the first strung bead - 1st). Twist both ends of the wire a couple of times between each other.

    3: String 5g on one of the ends of the wire, move them 5mm from the first "Neck", bend the wire and twist 5mm in the direction of the finished Decoration and the first "Neck".

    4: Twist both ends of the wire together into a "rib" about 5 mm long.

    5: String 5g on the second end of the wire, move them 5mm away from the Rib, bend the wire and twist 5mm towards the Rib. Repeat step 5 with the other end of the wire.

    Make all branches of the Christmas tree according to the following table. Be very precise here: the uniform appearance of the tree depends on the length of the individual branches:

    Assembly: Fasten the branches floor by floor to the base. In this case, the branches corresponding to one letter (row in the table) are fixed at the same level ("floor"):

    Starting just below the top, wind the base with brown floral wire (BB) from top to bottom 1.5 cm.

    Fasten the branches of group B at the same height around the base with BB (1.5 cm).

    Continue until all branch groups are anchored to the base. Under the last group of branches, wrap the base with brown flower wire (BB) 2cm.

    Fix the finished tree in a small clay flower pot (om).


    3. Tree "Fulfillment of desires"

    Materials: 150 g of green beads and some gold beads, wire 0.3mm, reinforced threads, hard wire 2mm.

    Herringbone consists of a crown and 11 tiers of twigs.

    The main element of the Christmas tree is a shamrock. There are 9 beads in each loop.

    The top of the Christmas tree:

    From gold beads, make the following element: the central loop 4 cm long, 3 side loops of 15 beads each. Twist all loops.

    1,2,3,4 rows are performed in the same way. On the base with gold loops, wind 2 shamrocks in each row.

    5 row: knit 3 shamrocks.

    The tops of each branch (knob) are the same and are made of gold beads. Make 3 loops of 9 beads.

    Tiers 1 and 2 are made in the same way. Each tier has 3 branches.

    Attach 2 rows of shamrocks to the crown (each row has 2 shamrocks).

    Tiers 3 and 4 are made in the same way. Each tier has 3 branches.

    Attach 3 rows of shamrocks to the crown (each row has 2 shamrocks).

    Tiers 5 and 6 are made in the same way. Each tier has 4 branches.

    Attach 4 rows of shamrocks to the crown (each row has 2 shamrocks).

    Tiers 7 and 8 are made in the same way. Each tier has 4 branches.

    Attach 5 rows of shamrocks to the crown (each row has 2 shamrocks).

    9 tier Run 6 branches. Attach 6 rows of shamrocks to the crown (each row has 2 shamrocks).

    10 tier Run 5 branches shown in the photo. To do this, first make 10 branches, 4 rows of shamrocks in each. Then connect the branches in pairs and wind 3 more rows of shamrocks (in each row there are 2 shamrocks).

    11 tier Run 5 branches shown in the photo. To do this, first make 15 branches, 4 rows of shamrocks in each. Then connect the branches by 2 and wind 1 row of shamrocks, we wind another branch and 2 rows of shamrocks (in each row there are 2 shamrocks).

    Assembling the tree

    Tie the tiers of the tree one by one to the top of the head. The distance between the tiers is from 1 - 2.5 cm. Use any brown threads, reinforced threads for sewing in 4 additions were used for this Christmas tree.

    The distance between the rows of shamrocks is 0.5 cm.

    The distance from the last row of shamrocks to the tree trunk is 1 cm. see

    For a stronger structure of the tree (this is a must, because the tree is very heavy), insert a strong wire into the trunk at the level of the 4th row. For this Christmas tree, 4 strands of wire were used, which were subsequently bent as supports.

    Planting a Christmas tree

    Plant a Christmas tree in a mixture of gypsum and PVA or tile adhesive. Set up the ground.

    Beaded tree is an excellent Christmas craft that is created to decorate the interior during the winter holidays. If you have not yet mastered all the intricacies of beading, then do not be discouraged - we will tell you how to create the simplest Christmas tree. But, of course, even experienced craftswomen will find something interesting for themselves in our selection.

    Beaded tree for beginners - master class

    If you do not know how to weave from beads, you can still please yourself and your household with a wonderful craft. The principle of making such a New Year's tree is extremely simple, but the result is a rather spectacular New Year's tree.
    So, you need to take some ordinary sewing pins (you can buy them in a sewing store) and string a few large beads on them. The material should not only be green - it can be red, yellow or blue. The amount of material to be strung can be arbitrary, the most important thing is that one part of the pin is completely filled. Prepare 5 of these filled pins for the first tier of the tree and 8 pcs for the second.

    Take a red ribbon (the toy will be hung on later) and fasten 5 pins to it, tighten and form a triangle. In order to fix such a triangular position, you will need to use a decorative star - it will also be the main decoration for the upper part.

    Take a small piece of wire and attach it to the bottom of the first pin of the first tier, then proceed to form the second tier, gradually attaching the rest of the pins, alternating with large green beads. In order to make the lower tier more magnificent, you should fix large green beads. Here it is ready beaded Christmas tree - beginners can easily repeat this master class.

    Christmas tree made of beads - master class

    A coniferous tree with golden cones will become a real decoration of the interior on the eve of the winter holidays. To create a craft, the first thing you should do is weave a lot of blank legs, which consist of three loops. One loop should fit 9 beads. Weave also 60 pieces of blanks of gold cones.

    Now start shaping the crown. Weave the top loop, consisting of 15 pcs. bead, surround it with exactly the same loops in the amount of three pieces. Go down below and attach 8 greenish branches-blanks. As a result of your work, you got 4 tiers, it remains only to attach 3 branches and the crown is ready.

    Add 4 more pieces of strong wire to the free ends of the wire, which will serve as a base for the trunk and roots.

    Take a blank of a golden cone and screw 4 greenish branches to it in pairs, then wrap it with thread. Make five more of the same blanks and screw them three in a row to the crown. For the next pair of rows, six branches should also be made, but each of them should have 6 green legs.

    In the next two rows there should be 4 branches of 8 paws. Then two rows - 4 branches of 10 paws. The next row is 6 branches of 12 paws, followed by a row of 5 double branches. They are made from 10 branches of 8 paws. Twist the double branches in two, wind them in pairs at the junction and just below the 6 legs. Screw double branches to the trunk. The last row should contain 5 triple branches. Make 15 branches, as in the previous row, twist and fasten them in pairs, fix 2 paws at the junction. Screw on the third branch and complete the triple branch by adding 4 paws. Attach the triple blanks to the trunk.

    Do not forget that each time you attach the blanks to the barrel, you need to tighten them tightly with a thread.

    Pour gypsum into a beautiful planter and place in it, securing the bent wire roots. Dry, and then coat the surface of the plaster with glue - this will help to fix the shiny decor.

    Christmas tree made of beads - master class, photo

    The real New Year's magic can be called the creation of a Christmas tree-candlestick. Just think how beautiful such a figurine will look on a festive table! In addition, such a beautiful souvenir can be presented to relatives or friends.

    Start braiding from the top. To create an upper needle, put on 7 green and 2 white beads on a thin wire. Pull back the end of the wire from the white side, skipping the very first one. Tighten the beads and you can state that the upper needle is ready.

    Proceed to the manufacture of the side: string, guided by the photo, 4 green and 2 white. Pull them tightly to the base and reverse the end of the wire again, excluding the first round. You got the first side needle, with the help of similar manipulations, dial the second side needle, then the third and fourth in turn - the result should be a cute twig.

    Put 3 more beads on the stem and repeat a couple more times to get 2 more circles of side needles - in the end you will get the top with the top needle, as well as three circles of side needles, with a gap of 3 beads on the stem.

    Congratulations - you have mastered the needle technique, using it to make 3 identical branches, consisting of an upper needle, as well as a number of side ones. They will need to be attached to the top, put on the side, pull the beads on the trunk and twist the pieces of wire together, while twisting should be tight enough so that the trunk is cut hard and strong. Add a couple more Christmas tree paws in the same way.

    Now you need to make blanks for the 2nd and 3rd tier - the principle of their manufacture will not differ from the top, only the side needles of the second row should be longer than the first row. Those. in the first row, dial 4 green and 2 white beads, and in the second - 6 green and 2 white. Make 8 pieces of similar blanks. Attach the second and third tiers.

    The blanks for the fourth tier will simply be one row longer, and for the fifth they will be exactly the same as for the fourth, only they should be made in total 2 pieces, and then connected in pairs. So your wonderful is ready, but now you need to worry about creating a decent stand.

    In order not to stain the fluffy figurine, it is necessary to wrap it in cling film or foil. Dilute gypsum (or alabaster) to a state of thin sour cream with ordinary water (pour gypsum into water). Pour the diluted gypsum into a suitable mold. Twist the wire tail of the craft into a loop and quickly place it in the mass, also place a tea candle next to it.

    Then comes the moment of decoration - the delivery itself can be painted in any color, decorated with beautiful rhinestones. Well, now on New Year's Eve you can put a wonderful craft on the table, light a candle and enjoy the beauty.

    Christmas tree made of beads - photo:

    You will find a lot of Christmas trees made of beads , be sure to use them in your work.

    Christmas tree made of beads - master class step by step

    Bead-cutting is also perfect for needlework, no less beautiful products will be obtained from this material.

    So, work will start with the manufacture of the top. You need to cut a piece of wire 45 cm long (the wire should be copper or simply brown). String a golden bead in the middle of the piece, followed by a sequence of white glass beads, a large gold and silver bead, and a green bead-cut. Pass the second wire tip through this entire dialed sequence. Dial 4 light green cuttings for each tip.

    Then twist both wire ends together 3-4 turns, add 4 green-2 brown-4 green cuttings at each end, twist into loops. Twist the tips for 2 turns, and then again make 2 exactly the same loops - you have the first tier.

    Proceed to the creation of the second tier - for this you need to cut off 4 wire pieces, each should be 25 cm long. Transform them into 4 branches, each of which should contain 3 loops, which should be dialed as follows: 3 green- 2 brown-3 green. Twist the wire from the loop to the loop for 4-5 turns, from the last loop 3 turns.

    For the third tier you will already need 4 pieces of wire 30 cm long, you will get branches of 5 loops, the first 3 will be made, as for the second tier, and in the next 3 green ones together, you should dial 4.

    For the 4th tier, no longer do without 8 pieces of wire, their length will still be the same - 30 cm. 5 loops will be placed on each branch: do the first 3 in the same way as for the second tier, in the next 2 dial 6 light green ones. Place these blanks in pairs, screwing with a spiral for 3-4 turns.

    For the 5th tier, prepare 4 pieces of wire 35 cm long, i.e. you will get 4 blanks of 7 loops. The last 4 should be different - in them, type only 6 pieces of green felling.

    Start the 6th tier in the same way as the 4th tier, but assemble the blanks together differently. Cut an extra piece of 20 cm. From the last loop, spiral 12 turns with this extra piece, then attach the second blank for 15 spiral turns.

    7th tier: prepare 4 pieces of 60 cm. In the middle of the wire, make the first loop, then cast on 6 more pieces, as in the sixth tier, while keeping the second wire end long. After the last loop, twist 7 turns. On the long tip, also twist 7 loops. Using an extra piece of wire, twist the branch into a downward spiral 8 turns.

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