How to decorate a tree with christmas lights

10 ways to decorate outdoor trees for Christmas with lights

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(Image credit: Lights4fun)

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To create a show-stopping look in your yard this festive season, you'll want to decorate outdoor trees for Christmas using lights for a cozy and festive glow. We'll be controversial and say that sometimes lit-up garden trees look even more beautiful than outdoor Christmas trees... All you need is a bit of imagination – and a lot of lights.

The best outdoor Christmas decor ideas for trees come in many colors and styles – but the most striking looks will bringing your firs and entire home to life throughout the holidays.

How to decorate outdoor trees for Christmas like a pro

Let's face it: the dark around Christmas time is really very dark, and any opportunity to brighten up the exterior as well as the interior of your home is an opportunity worth taking. Ash Read, interiors expert and founder of Living Cozy says: 'As the days become darker, the twinkling allure of Christmas lights can help to brighten our homes and outdoor spaces, whilst also helping to lift our spirits.'

Trees look especially magical with the best outdoor Christmas lights on them. You pretty much have ready exterior decorations with all those bare branches, you just need to choose the right design and the correct type of outdoor lights to go with them. Whichever color/tone of lights you choose, you must make sure that you get ones that are suitable for outdoor use. Indoor lights won't be weatherproof and typically run off different batteries. 

(Image credit: Peacock Graphics / Alamy Stock Photo)

This is by far the most popular look we're seeing everywhere on social media these days. The wraparound tree lighting creates an unbelievably beautiful glow on any tree, but is especially mesmerizing when used on established trees with many branches. You will need a lot of fairy string lights to achieve this look, and a lot of patience to wrap every single branch, but the result will be well worth it.

2. Create a stunning display with a cascade of string lights

(Image credit: piyaphunjun juntraverot / Alamy Stock Photo)

This look will add magic to your winter yard or even Christmas front porch if you have surrounding trees where you can re-create this curtain-like feature. You do ideally need a larger, taller tree for the look to work, but otherwise it's very easy to achieve. Curtain string lights are ideal for creating this design – they will save you time having to individually attach strings of fairy lights to each branch.  

3. Enhance an outdoor Christmas tree with deep blue lights

(Image credit: Jim Lambert / Alamy Stock Photo)

If you are lucky to have a fir or spruce growing in your yard, the world's your oyster where it comes to decorating outdoor trees for Christmas. We really like this outside Christmas tree idea complete with blue fairy lights – it really stands out in the dark and contrasts beautifully with other shrubs and trees decorated with other colors. 

Top tip: Use blue lights with a black cable for this deep-blue look. Also looks gorgeous on bare trees.

4. Mix and match cool and warm lights

White and warm string lights on tree, Lights4fun

(Image credit: Lights4fun)

Can't decide if you should go for warm or cool white lights? Why not try both? There really aren't any rules – you can go for whatever you want. 

We really like the way this trio of lights has been decorated with cool-toned and warm-toned lights. It gives the ensemble a more contemporary look than having them all decorated the same way would have allowed.  

5. Create a pastel marvel with white-cable lights

(Image credit: Jim Lambert / Alamy Stock Photo)

If you want full-on fairytale magic in your garden this festive season, you need to look into decorating with pastel fairy lights . Choose globe-shaped ones on a white string for a really bright, glowing effect. Pastels don't pair well with other looks, so this would need to be your festive centerpiece tree.

6. Make your garden merry with multi-colored lights

(Image credit: Jim Lambert / Alamy Stock Photo)

Have a large yard with many trees and shrubs? Why not create a whole symphony of color with multi-colored lights? From soft lilac-and-green combinations to blazing reds and oranges, you have so much choice. Think of your yard as a canvas for creating a spectacular light display. You could even draw a color map before you start decorating. 

7. Create a bewitching tree outline with green lights

(Image credit: agrofruti / Alamy Stock Photo)

If you want an outdoor tree that won't look like everyone else's, choose green lights for a neon-like effect. This is a more contemporary and minimalist look than traditional white fairy lights; it's also suitable for those who don't want anything too bright in their garden. 

8. Stick to just the trunk for an easy festive look

Outdoor lights , Twinkly

(Image credit: Twinkly)

Can't bring yourself to do all that wrapping on every single branch? We hear you, it's not for everyone. But you can still bring a little Christmas magic to your outdoor tree by wrapping just the trunk. You'll still get that desirable glowing look minus the hassle of the extra-arduous wrapping. Accessorize with lanterns for even more interest on the ground.

Pro Connect 100m 1000 White Connectable String Lights Black Cable , Lights4fun

(Image credit: Lights4fun)

We can't think of a more striking look if you live somewhere that actually snows in winter. The crisp, white lights enhance both the tree and the surrounding landscape. Very simple and very beautiful.  

10. Add warmth with micro lights in copper

Mini Light 204" L String Lights , Wayfair 

(Image credit: Wayfair)

On the other hand, if what you miss the most in winter is the warm sunshine, you can create a warm and sunny effect with copper fairy lights. Much warmer in tone than traditional white lights, they look especially stunning when they also come with a copper wire. 

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How do I put lights up on outdoor trees?

Ash tols us that 'hanging lights, whether that be on your Christmas tree or in your garden, can be a little tricky if you haven’t done it before!' 

To master hanging outdoor lights on trees, do it from the trunk up – this is 'the most widely used technique when it comes to decorating trees', according to Ash. This will also make taking them down much easier. Ideally, you want no more than three separate light strings per tree, especially if you're using an extension cord to plug them into.

If you are attempting an intricate wraparound design, make sure you have a sturdy outdoor ladder – or two ladders if you are decorating the smaller branches of a taller tree. Decorating a taller tree is a two-person job, always – you will want to have someone holding the other end of the lights as you wind (or vice versa).  

If you're not confident doing this yourself, it's best to hire professional light installers to decorate your outdoor trees.

How many lights do I need to wrap an outdoor tree?

The last thing you want is to realize that you don't have enough lights – and end up with a patchy or lopsided look. Ash recommends 'using 100 lights for every foot of your tree's height. A good tip to check if you have used enough lights is to step back and look at your tree with your eyes squinted, this way you will be able to spot where the darker gaps are and where more lights need to be placed.'

You should also measure your tree before buying your lights – you need to know the height and the width of the trunk. As a guideline, a single wrap around a tree trunk can easily use up 30-40 lights, so if you're doing a full wraparound design, plan to get (a lot) more than you think you need. As a rough guideline, multiply the height of your tree by the number of thicker branches you plan to wrap by the trunk circumference. You've got a rough estimate of how many lights you'll need. 

Anna is Content Editor at Real Homes. She moved to the world of interiors from academic research in the field of English Literature and photography. She is the author of London Writing of the 1930s and has a passion for contemporary home decor and gardening. At Real Homes, she covers a range of topics, from practical advice to interior and garden design. 

How to Put Lights on a Christmas Tree Like a Pro This Year

For us decor-aholics, festooning a Christmas tree with baubles, ribbons, tinsel, keepsakes, and—yes—even lobsters, ranks among the most treasured of holiday traditions. But before the fun can begin, of course, you need to illuminate your tree, a task that can be—let’s face it—not so merry and bright due to tangled strands, burned-out bulbs, spousal squabbling, or Clark Griswold–level fiascos.

To save our sanity (and maybe even our relationships) this year, we decided to turn to the professionals for help. Enter Victoriya Tur​, the production manager for American Christmas, a professional lighting company that has been illuminating some of the country’s most iconic holiday landmarks—such as Rockefeller Center’s dazzling angels and Cartier’s glittering Manhattan flagship—since 1968. Tur’s Christmas season essentially begins as soon as the previous one wraps. While, in her case, achieving holiday magic can be a herculean effort (to the tune of thousands upon thousands of lights along Fifth Avenue), she reminds us: “To see peoples’ reactions is worth everything.” Here’s how to create your own Christmas to remember this year.

What Are the Best Christmas Lights?

Sally Anscombe//Getty Images

Whether you are lighting an artificial tree or the real McCoy, “the best lights to use are green wire lights with six-inch spacing, 50 bulbs per string,” Tur says. “These are the most comfortable to work with.”

Not only are these kinds of string lights readily available virtually everywhere during the holiday season (you can also pick the color or light temperature you want), the green wire handily helps the strands disappear into your boughs. Tur also advises working with mini lights, in lieu of larger bulbs. “These help your tree look bright,” she says. “You can add [larger lights like] C9 bulbs, G50s, G40s, if you want it to look different, but to make it bright, I would recommend the mini lights first.”

Tur also endorses using LED bulbs, which are not only brighter but pose fewer safety risks than old-school incandescent bulbs. “People love to use incandescent lights still—the type of lights that get hot super easily,” she says. If you do opt for them, “I would not recommend leaving the tree plugged in if you’re going out somewhere, because it’s dangerous.”

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How To Light a Real Christmas Tree

Elizaveta Starkova//Getty Images

  1. Get Out Your Lights To achieve the twinkliest of trees, Tur recommends using 13 sets of mini lights for a standard six-foot-tall tree. Pro Tip: For a megawatt tree, you can do another layer of larger bulbs (G50s or G40s are festive options) at the branch extremities, or save that space for ornaments. “It depends what you want your tree to look like,” Tur says.
  2. Check If the Lights Work Plug each strand into an outlet before even touching the tree. It will save you a huge headache later, Tur assures us.
  3. Start from the Bottom Up “Always,” Tur says, “because you have your outlet at the bottom, so you don’t have to run extension cords from the top.”
  4. Wind the Lights Around Your Tree Horizontally Gradually begin wrapping the lights around your tree, working your way up. Tur recommends keeping your lights illuminated as you work, a tactic that will help you avoid outages and also allow you to gauge your tree’s brightness in real time.
  5. Step Back As you bling out those branches, make sure to frequently pause and view your tree in its entirety to ensure that it has a uniform glow. “Check if the lights are distributed evenly before you continue to go up,” Tur says.
  6. When the Holidays Are Over “Start from the top and go all the way down,” she says, and—rather than wadding the attached strings into one gigantic ball—be sure to make small bundles as you work your way down and put them in your boxes. Your future self will thank you next Christmas.

How to Light An Artificial Tree

Evgenii Kryvoruchko / EyeEm//Getty Images

  1. Remember: Faux Does Not Mean Faux-Pas Though some people swear by a freshly cut Tannenbaum, Tur actually prefers working with artificial trees. They’re malleable, they’re naturally even, and—the best part—once you’ve illuminated them, you can leave the lights on year after year.
  2. Prepare Your Lights Many artificial trees will be divided into three sections. For a standard six-foot tree, Tur recommends that you devote six sets of lights for the bottom portion, five sets for the middle, and three sets for the top.
  3. Light Every Single Branch Just like on a real Christmas tree, you’ll want to start from the bottom to keep that extension cord in check (remember to keep those lights on as you work, too). But rather than wrap the tree horizontally, Tur recommends illuminating each branch from trunk to tip and back before moving to the next branch, following a spoke pattern. Illuminating each individual branch will not only enable you to maximize sparkle, but it will also allow you to fluff out the tree the way you want later. “It’s easier to make it look even,” she says.
  4. When the Holidays Are Over Rejoice—you’ve already done the hard part! Simply keep the lights on the tree’s sections and gently put them into storage. “That’s why I like the artificial tree,” Tur says, “because you light it once and it's ready to go for the next five years.”

Helpful Hints
  • DO: Use zip ties. To keep those lights where you want them, Tur recommends buying small green zip ties to fasten your twinklies in place.
  • DON’T: Connect more than 20 sets. This is just asking for a blown fuse, Tur says.
  • DO: Conceal unsightly plugs or connections with green electrical tape. Because, as Mies van der Rohe told us, God is in the details.
  • DO: Tape down your extension cords with gaffer tape. This will eliminate unsightly wires and tripping hazards.

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  • You’ve Got Bald Patches It happens: Your Fraser fir is missing some fur, or your lighting job looks a little uneven after an eggnog or six. If that’s the case, don’t be afraid to strategically rotate your conifer toward a wall. “It’s the thing everyone does, even us!” Tur reveals.
  • A String Goes Out It’s frustrating, but it also happens—likely because you’ve connected too many strings of lights (see tips above). First, assess the lights’ fuses. “Check if they’re burned—there will be a dark color there—and if they are, you’ve probably connected too many sets together,” Tur says. “You can try to change this. Mini lights always have extra fuses attached to them in a small plastic bag.” A dud strand of lights can also be the result of a cut wire. If that’s the case, get a new string of lights. “I would not recommend fixing it because you have to know how to work with electrics—it could start a fire,” Tur warns.

Anna FixsenDeputy Digital Editor

Anna Fixsen, Deputy Digital Editor at ELLE DECOR, focuses on how to share the best of the design world through in-depth reportage and online storytelling. Prior to joining the staff, she has held positions at Architectural Digest, Metropolis, and Architectural Record magazines. 

How to decorate a street tree for 2022


  • What colors to decorate the Christmas tree?
  • How to decorate a Christmas tree in the yard? Decor options.
    • Christmas balls.
    • Ice homemade decorations.
    • Edible toys.
    • Electric garlands.
  • What is the result?

Very soon the New Year. One of its unchanging symbols is a fluffy beauty spruce, decorated with colorful toys, garlands and tinsel.

Buying live Christmas trees is irrelevant. Especially now, when the trend of conscious consumption is gaining momentum. You buy a Christmas tree, it will stay with you for only a few days, then it will crumble and you will have to throw it away. For the sake of this short-term fun, thousands of fir trees are grown and destroyed every year. Better grow your own Christmas tree. We talk about how to do this in the article “Spruce in the country. How to plant and grow?

Decorating a live Christmas tree is a special pleasure. It will give you and your family an unforgettable experience. Just imagine: a frosty winter evening, snowflakes are quietly falling from the sky. You and your whole family together decorate a magnificent Christmas tree that grows in the yard. Hang up toys - new and old, with which many childhood memories are associated - laugh, rejoice at the upcoming holiday. Fairy tale atmosphere, right?

We tell you how to decorate a live Christmas tree for the New Year, what colors will be relevant. We will also consider what decorations to choose and what to look for when buying a New Year's garland for spruce.

What colors to decorate the Christmas tree?

The symbol of 2022 is the Blue Water Tiger. So, it is recommended to decorate the Christmas tree with toys of blue and blue shades. For contrast, add white or silver. The main thing is not to overdo it with the number of shades. Two or three is enough, otherwise the Christmas tree will be too colorful and clumsy.

Another option is the classic combination of red and gold. These colors are invariably associated with the New Year.

And you can decorate the Christmas tree with green toys of different shades. It will look as natural and elegant as possible.

How to decorate a Christmas tree in the yard? Decor options

Let's talk about how, more precisely, how to decorate a Christmas tree that grows in the yard. Consider the most popular options and original toys that you can make yourself.

Christmas balls

Christmas balls can be different: matte or shiny, patterned or plain, large or small. Which one to choose is a matter of taste.

It is desirable that the balls for the street Christmas tree be:

  • Moisture resistant. Choose plastic or glass balls, but in no case paper ones - they will quickly get wet from the snow and become unusable.
  • Not too heavy, otherwise they will pull the branches down and injure the tree.
  • Not too light, otherwise they will be blown away by the wind.

Ice handmade decorations

How to stylishly decorate a Christmas tree and not spend money on toys? For a street Christmas tree, you can make decorations from ice - they will not melt in the cold. This is also relevant, because the symbol of the year is the Blue Water Tiger, and ice is frozen water.

Shining ice pieces will harmoniously complement the New Year's decoration of the street tree. What could be more natural than snow and ice in winter?

Making these toys is easy: fill ordinary balloons with tinted water. Roll the threads into loops and lower them into balls - you will hang decorations for them. Place the filled balloons in the freezer. When the water freezes, cut the balloons, "free" the ice and hang them on the branches.

Attention: do not make large balls, so as not to overload the tree. They can be quite heavy.

You can make flat toys - they look bright and impressive. To do this, take a saucer or mold, pour plain or tinted water into it. Put beads, greenery branches, leaves, tinsel - whatever you like into the water. Do not forget to make loops for which you will hang ice. Put it all in the freezer and wait until the water freezes. Gently shake out the ice cubes from the molds - you've got exclusive toys! They look like ice sculptures in miniature.

Now you know how to decorate a Christmas tree beautifully and not spend money on buying Christmas decorations.

Edible toys

What other homemade toys can decorate the Christmas tree? Gingerbread, cookies, apples, garlands of orange slices, anise "stars", etc. This is original, affordable and practical.

Have you decided to decorate the Christmas tree with edible handmade toys? You will also do a good deed - feed the birds. Decorations will attract birds, and they will come to feast on them. And you can watch them, for example, from the window.

Electric lights

A classic solution is to decorate the Christmas tree with garlands. But there are some nuances here.

Outdoor electric garland must be reliably protected from snow and rain. Otherwise, it may close, because of this, it will light up or simply stop working.

When choosing a garland, pay attention to the IP code, which consists of two digits. Optimal garland options for outdoors:

  1. IP44 - the device can be used outdoors, but the plug and power supply are not waterproof, so moisture should not get on them. They must be under a canopy or indoors. Such a garland has an average protection against dust.
  2. IP56 - the garland is not afraid of snow and rain, even the power supply is protected from moisture. If dust gets in, it will not cause the device to malfunction.
  3. IP65 - protected from any influences, the garland can be used all year round - both in snowy winter and hot summer. It has reinforced insulation of all elements. This garland is dustproof.

Important: the winding of the garland must be made of silicone or rubber. PVC is better not to choose - it can crack due to the cold.

What is the result?

Current color schemes for 2022:

  • red and gold;
  • shades of green;
  • blue (or cyan), white and silver.

You can choose different decor, it depends on your wishes and budget:

  • Edible decorations - gingerbread, cookies, etc.
  • Economical and exclusive ice cube toys.
  • Balls and garlands. This is the classic version. Balls must be glass or plastic.

When choosing a garland, look at the IP code. IP44, IP56, IP65 and above are optimal for outdoor garlands. Such a device is reliably protected from any external influences, dust and moisture. You don't have to worry about its performance.

Creating a fabulous atmosphere for the New Year is not at all difficult. The main thing is to have a live Christmas tree in the yard. Her decoration will become a good family tradition and pleasant memories.

How to hang a garland on a Christmas tree beautifully: indoors and outdoors, step-by-step instructions, diagrams and video

Decorating a Christmas tree is an important moment that not only children, but also adults are waiting for. Packages with toys and tinsel are taken out, beautiful balls are hung, perhaps some decorations are even made by hand. But the Christmas tree must sparkle and shine, and this requires LED lights. How best to hang a garland on a Christmas tree is described in this article.

Decorating the Christmas tree correctly: garland or toys first?

It is much more convenient to decorate the Christmas tree in the following sequence:

  1. First of all, lights are placed on the Christmas tree. Beforehand, it is recommended to lay out the garland on the floor and check the operation of the light bulbs, then distribute it on the tree.
  2. Only after that you can hang toys on the branches: balls, bells, houses, etc. Since the bulbs are already on the tree, you can assemble a composition that matches the color. For example, hang a golden bow near the red light. When all the decorations are on the tree, you need to make sure once again that they are evenly distributed and securely fastened to the branches.
  3. At the end of the decoration, artificial snow can be spread on the ends of the paws, and the entire Christmas tree can be decorated with rain, beads and tinsel.

See also: DIY Christmas toys

Reasons why it is better to hang an electric garland on the Christmas tree in the first place:

  • Without additional decorations, the wire is easy to lead to the outlet.
  • You can turn on the lights, check their work, see how beautifully they are distributed among the branches. In which case, the garland is easy to remove and reposition.
  • Lights are easier to match with Christmas decorations so that they are in the right color scheme.

Do not forget about the design idea that many people follow in the process of preparing for the New Year holidays. If you want to achieve the effect of an inner glow on the tree, place the lights closer to the trunk, and then hang the rest of the decorations. The same applies to New Year's lighting with large bulbs - they need to be distributed on the Christmas tree in the first place. Designers prefer to hang small flashing LEDs on a Christmas tree already decorated with toys. A slight shimmer will give the Christmas tree a magical aura, and the lights will attract attention.

Hanging the lights on the Christmas tree before or after the toys - everyone decides for himself. The main thing is that the preparation for the New Year brings joy.

See also: Creating garlands for the Christmas tree with your own hands

How to choose a garland?

Among the abundance of shimmering garlands presented in stores, it is difficult to make a choice. First, let's look at the main types of LED decorations:

  • Filamentous. Most often, it is with such lighting equipment that the Christmas tree and the room are decorated. They can be in the form of one long cord on which LED bulbs are located. Manufacturers also produce garlands in the form of a grid or fringe - it is convenient to hang them on windows and walls.
  • Street. To decorate the Christmas tree on the street, they use special transparent flexible garlands with LED bulbs, which are reliably protected from moisture.
  • LED strips. They are used not only as a New Year's decoration, but also for additional lighting in the room.

Manufacturers of New Year's lighting equipment recommend purchasing an LED decoration with 500 bulbs for a two-meter Christmas tree (their number is indicated on the package). If the tree is 30-50 cm taller, it is better to choose a garland with an additional 50-100 bulbs.

Classic Christmas decorations can glow with a yellowish dim light, and light bulbs often fail. Manufacturers have come up with and introduced many innovations so that the garlands work for a long time and decorate the Christmas tree with iridescent, multi-colored lights.

But do not forget that the garland can be dangerous to health and even life:

  • To avoid fire due to excessive heating of the bulbs, you should purchase a decoration with a power of no more than 65 watts.
  • Do not let children turn lights on and off by themselves.
  • Do not put strings with lights in glass bottles, despite the fact that such arrangements look very nice. Such decor can provoke an electric shock.

What to look for when buying LED garlands:

  1. The plug must be durable, made of quality material, not change its original shape.
  2. You can calculate the desired length of the decoration as follows: measure the height of the Christmas tree and buy an ornament three times longer in length.
  3. The wire that will be connected to the outlet must be at least 1. 5 m for a home Christmas tree, for street decor - 10 m or more.
  4. Light bulbs must be tightly fixed, not wobble, much less fall out of the sockets.
  5. The power supply must only be opened with a screwdriver or other special tools. It is better to look at the soldering of wires before buying a product.
  6. For a street Christmas tree, purchase special lighting equipment with additional protection against moisture. On the packaging, the manufacturer must indicate that the jewelry is intended for external use.
  7. Samples of good quality must be free from foreign, unpleasant odors.
  8. The purchased model must be certified, otherwise it is forbidden to use it to decorate the Christmas tree and the room.

The operation of the garland should be checked in the store, and at home it is undesirable to immediately plug it into the outlet. Give time for the bulbs to warm up to room temperature, only then proceed to the decor of the Christmas tree.

How to decorate a Christmas tree with a garland?

There are a few secrets on how to best hang the garland so that the lights look beautiful:

  1. The decoration is placed on the Christmas tree only after the tree is upright. If the Christmas tree will stand in the corner, you need to think in advance which side of it should look more elegant.
  2. Before hanging a luminous decor, lay it out on the floor, check the operation of all the bulbs, connect it to the outlet to make sure that all the lights are working.
  3. It is more convenient to start hanging the decoration from above, evenly distributing the lights in a zigzag pattern over the branches. If the tree will be in the center of the room, start at the top and work your way around.
  4. If you place lights near the trunk of a tree, it will look magical and mysterious, but it is better not to use flickering light bulbs for this.
  5. A thin garland with monochrome lights can be wrapped around each branch, starting from the lower legs.

Is it possible to hang a garland on an artificial Christmas tree and how to do it correctly:

  • Artificial tree needs additional, warmer lighting. Instead of blue or silver light bulbs, decorate the artificial Christmas tree with gold, red, purple lights.
  • You can decorate any artificial Christmas tree with a garland, but on condition that the device is fully functional, there are no bare wires in it, and all bulbs are tightly held in cartridges.
  • If there was not enough cord to decorate the entire height of the Christmas tree, you do not need to remove the decorations and start over. Buy another copy and complete the decor to the end.

If the Christmas tree is in the house

Interior designers offer their own way to decorate the Christmas tree with a garland:

  • Enter the room and pay attention to where your eyes first turned. It is in this place that it is better to put a shiny and sparkling Christmas tree. In addition to the tree, you can decorate windows, stair railings, fireplaces, bookshelves, etc. with lights.
  • Come up with a style of New Year's decor, and only then choose decorations for it. Light bulbs are different: plain, multi-colored, with a warm yellowish tint, curly. For a classic style, it is better to choose traditional colored lights, and for a Scandinavian or eco-style, plain or white ones are suitable.
  • When choosing a decoration, consider not only the length, but also the width of the Christmas tree: the more fluffy it is, the longer the garland will be needed.

See also: Creating a Christmas tree from a garland on a wall or window with your own hands

The sequence of further actions:

  1. We check the health of the decoration before hanging it on the branches.
  2. Preparing a few extensions in case the cord is not enough to decorate the entire Christmas tree. Most garlands are made in such a way that it is possible to attach them to each other. But according to fire safety rules, it is impossible to insert a Christmas decoration with more than 500 lights into one wire.
  3. So that the decor does not get confused, it is more convenient to decorate the Christmas tree together. You can wind the cord into a ball, starting from the part opposite to the plug. So you will hold the decoration in one hand, and lay out the light bulbs on the branches with the other.
  4. Light up the lights to see what colors will be on the tree. Start hanging decor by choosing a pattern: zigzag, spiral, top-down, diagonal, vertical lines, etc.

How to hang a garland on a street tree?

Tips and tricks on how to decorate a street Christmas tree on a porch or garden:

  • It is better to use warm colors of lights: yellows, reds, purples.
  • The plug from the garland must reach the socket. If you cannot connect the decoration to electricity, choose garlands that run on batteries.
  • Buy LEDs that are waterproof. On the packaging, the manufacturer must indicate that the garland is allowed to be used outdoors.
  • You can purchase ready-made sets of New Year's lighting equipment, for example, 10 luminous threads 10 m long each. With this composition, you can easily decorate a street Christmas tree 5-10 m high.

To create a festive, magical mood in a country house or in the country, they often use special illumination from luminous bulbs. Not only a decorated street Christmas tree looks beautiful, but also a luminous roof, balcony railings, columns, windows from the outside, trees and shrubs.


There are several ways to hang the decoration on Christmas tree branches:

  1. Start from the top, evenly distributing the bulbs over the lower legs in a spiral with a little sagging.
  2. To make it easier to hang toys later, the lights can be attached closer to the trunk.
  3. If the Christmas tree is in the center of the room, it is better to distribute the luminous decoration in a circle.

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