How to decorate christmas tree with balls

How to Decorate Your Christmas Tree

Make your Christmas tree Pinterest-worthy with these simple steps.

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Decorate Your Tree in 6 Simple Steps

For many, the most enjoyable time of the holiday season is decorating the Christmas tree. However, if you are looking for some help this year, let us guide you through the basics of making a beautiful tree. Ornaments, lights, and garland are a good start, but there are many accessories you can add for more personality and style. For example, our designers love to place table top decorations that match the trees' theme right onto the tree branches. A glitter deer tabletop decoration is a great example of a way to incorporate this technique. Just make sure that any decorations you add are properly secured. Let your imagination run free!

  1. Step 1: Set Up Your Tree

    Select the desired location for your Christmas tree and place it in the stand. Many artificial trees come with a tree stand included. However, if yours doesn't come with one, there are other options available. We carry a selection of tree stands for both artificial and live trees. Our live tree stands come with an easy watering feature, saving you time and hassle.

  2. Step 2: Christmas Lights

    If you don't have a pre-lit Christmas tree, you'll want to test your Christmas lights first. Join the strings together and plug them in. Replace any dead bulbs and make sure the cords aren't damaged. Please see our Safety Guide for more tips on lighting.

    How many lights should I use?

    Don't skimp out on your lights! You should use a 100-light set per Christmas tree foot. So if you have a 7-foot Christmas tree, you will want to buy seven (7) '100-light sets'. The biggest thing to remember when putting lights on a Christmas tree is how bright you want it to look. If you are using LED lights on a Christmas tree, you will want to use fewer lights as LED lights provide a brighter glow.

    Don't be afraid to mix and match lights. There is no rule that says you only have to use one kind of light, so get creative! If you are using any themed lights or novelty lights, be sure to put them on after your basic lights. We recommend evenly spacing them apart for the best result.

    Where do I put my Christmas lights on the tree?

    After you've made sure that all of your lights are working, string them on your tree starting from the top down. Weave your lights along the branches 'inside,' then move to the outer edges of the branches. If you have a lit tree topper, make sure that you leave the socket end of the lights at the top of the tree to plug it in.

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  3. Step 3: The Tree Toppers

    What tree topper should I use?

    The tree topper symbolizes the spirit of Christmas and is one of the most important pieces on your tree. Tree toppers come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and colors. Much like other lights, our pre-lit tree toppers come in incandescent and LED options, and come in sizes ranging from less than 5 inches to well over a foot tall.

    How do I place my tree topper?

    If your tree topper is electric, make sure to plug it into the socket end of the lights that you left open at the top of your tree. Keep in mind your tree topper does not have to go right at the top of the tree. If you have a 7.5 foot ceiling and a 7.5 foot Christmas tree, you can always put it off to the side a bit. You can also consider folding down the top branch of the tree to gain a few more inches.

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  4. Step 4: The Garland

    How much garland should I use?

    A rule of thumb is at least nine (9) feet of garland per foot of a tree, so a 7-foot Christmas tree will need sixty-three (63) feet of garland. We recommend buying more garland to be on the safe side. If you are left with any extra, you can always use it on the mantle or wreaths.

    How do I place my garland?

    With garland, it's best to start at the top and work your way down in a spiral pattern going around the tree until you get to the bottom. Gently-swagged garland looks more graceful than straight or diagonal lines across the tree. Deeply swagged garland is beautiful, but can only be used on large trees with open space between branches. You can also place your garland vertically. Just attach it to the top of your tree (behind the tree topper) then loop it down vertically. Be sure to add some twists and turns, wiring to branches if necessary, in order to add interest and graceful curves. This technique is especially suited to ribbon.

    You can cut beaded garland into different lengths and use it as tinsel to drape over branches. Be sure that the garland is knotted to keep the beads from falling off of the string. Strings knotted between each bead or styles where beads are glued in place will work for this technique.

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  5. Step 5: The Ornaments

    How many ornaments should I use?

    You've set up the basics, now comes the fun part: the ornaments! There's no exact amount of ornaments for a Christmas tree. The amount to use can vary depending on the size of the ornaments, the height and width of your tree, and the ornament density that you desire. In the end, it all comes down to your style and preference.

    While we can't tell you exactly how many ornaments to hang on your tree, we can provide you with a guideline to help you estimate how many ornaments you should use. For trees under 9 feet, we would recommend using 10-15 standard size ornaments per foot. If your tree is 9 feet or taller, we recommend 12-20 ornaments per foot.

    We also recommended that you vary the size of your ornaments, and to spread them out throughout the tree. For example, here is a list of ornaments that were used by professional decorators for a 12' tree:

    • 3' round: 48
    • 4' round: 48
    • 4.75' round: 48
    • 6' round: 36
    • 4-7' finial: 18
    • 5-8' finial: 18
    How should I hang my ornaments?

    To make a statement with your Christmas tree, start with your precious ornaments. Next, hang the larger ones, spacing them evenly apart. Then, fill in the spaces with any medium and small sizes to balance the overall look of the tree. You can place ornaments and other decorations ’inside’ your tree as well as on the tips of branches to add depth and interest.

    If you have pets or small children, try placing shatterproof ornaments near the bottom or in high-traffic areas.

    There are a couple of things to note. Make sure to purchase your ornaments based on your tree size. Larger ornaments may take up too much space on smaller trees, while smaller ornaments may not even be visible on larger trees. Additionally, we also recommend that you have extra ornaments on hand in case any of your ornaments are lost or broken.

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  6. Step 6: The Tree Skirt

    Tree skirts are not included with most trees but are a popular accessory. Not only do they hide the base of the tree, but they add some character to your setting. Much like stockings and ornaments, tree skirts come in a wide array of styles, from solid, colored velvet, and much more. Make sure your skirt is wide enough to cover the tree stand but does not extend past the bottom branches of the tree. Consider the size requirements, color scheme, and theme your tree may have.

    Once your tree is completely decorated, go ahead and add some presents under your tree. If you haven't started shopping yet, that's okay! Place a few wrapped empty boxes or other large scale decorations such as lanterns, Santa Claus figures, or nutcrackers for a decorative touch.

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Commercial Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

For decorating commercial Christmas trees, you can follow the same formats. However, if all that tree space feels overwhelming, here are a few extra tips to guide you through the decorating process.


First, mentally divide your tree into four sections, picturing your tree as if it were a giant box with four sides. Next, divide your collection of ornaments into 4 even groups. Apply ornaments to each tree section starting from the small ornaments and moving up to the largest size.

A 12' Christmas tree can be heavily decorated with ornaments. A good suggestion is forty (40) ornaments per foot or a total of four-hundred-and-eighty (480) ornaments. For a more uniform look, evenly space your ornaments based on their characteristics: color, shape, style, etc.

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As trees get taller, they also get wider and have more space to fill. With larger Christmas trees, you should generally have nine (9) feet of garland per foot in tree height. It’s a good idea to have extra garland to fill up space if needed.

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Ribbons are a good way to fill up empty space on a tree. These are often utilized in sprays and other arrangements; there’s no limit to what can be done!

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The above tips are simply suggestions to help get you started on a classically-decorated Christmas tree. If you are feeling extra creative, feel free to play around with different techniques and styles to see what looks right to you!

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51 Awesome Ways To Use Christmas Balls and Ornaments In Decor

Balls are so traditional that no Christmas can do without them. But they shouldn’t be all alike – use your imagination! You may find some balls to write on with a piece of chalk, or some to put your favorite carols on them. Colorful or with beautiful winter patterns – don’t put them only onto the tree. Put them in a frame and hang this decoration anywhere, hang them in the kitchen or on the furniture, make an installation. Decorate your mantel and table – there are so many table centerpieces and just decorations of balls in jars! To feel cozy, put your Christmas balls into some knitted covers or even fur. No matter what colors or design you like – use Christmas balls to make your holiday original, memorable and exclusive!

Christmas Ornament Centerpieces

Make a cool Christmas centerpiece of Christmas ornaments – put them into bowls, on a tray, in a basket, in a box or in any other piece. You can mix the colors, shapes and sizes or go for the same ornaments, spruce them up with candles, lights, evergreens, foliage and even blooms. Such a centerpiece can be made in a couple of minutes and is timeless – it will fit any style and space.

a bowl with a whole arrangement of metallic and pink ornaments and evergreens is a cool holiday centerpiece

a glass bowl with red Christmas ornaments and a star light garland is a cool winter decoration

a gold tray with silver and blue ornaments of various shapes, sizes but all done in one style

a stand with silver and blue glitter Christmas ornaments is a nice centerpiece or some other decoration

a white tray with white and silver Christmas ornaments and pillar candles plus faux snow is a gorgeous centerpiece

tall glass vases filled with red and red glitter ornaments and lights are amazing as holiday decor

a silver bowl with silver, blue and turquoise ornaments can be used as a decoration or as a centerpiece

a vintage silver bowl with matching Christmas ornaments and colorful beads is a nice and elegant Christmas centerpiece

a silver tray with silver and gold ornaments is a chic decoration, you may add evergreens and candles for a more festive feel

a bowl with gold and red Christmas ornaments is a cool decoration or centerpiece for winter holidays

a silver bowl with red ornaments of various sizes and white ornaments around is a cool idea for festive table decor

a bowl and a glass with blue snowflake Christmas ornaments are amazing for holiday decor

a chic glass cloche with a large green Christmas ornament and a bloom is an elegant holiday centerpiece

emerald Christmas ornaments in bowls are amazing to make the decor bolder and more holiday-like

a red lantern filled with white, red and silver ornaments plus snowflakes for simple and cute Christmas decor

a tray and a glass bowl all filled with various colorful Christmas ornaments and candles for decor

frosted glass jars and a bowl with silver ornaments are nice to decorate tables, shelves, a mantel and other places

place some colorful Christmas ornaments into bowls and cloches to make your tablescape bolder and whimsier

Christmas Ornament Garlands And Wreaths

Make cool Christmas ornament garlands and wreaths to decorate your space! Decorate your railing with Christmas ornament garlands, go for Christmas ornament wreaths on your doors, decorate the mantel with an ornament garland, and use such wreaths and garlands throughout the house. Such wreaths and garlands can be easily DIYed – there are tons of tutorials to go for.

a lush evergreen and colorful Christmas ornament garland with red bows is a cool railing decor idea

a green, white and blue Christmas ornament garland over the fireplace for cool holiday decor

a colorful Christmas wreath of ornaments of green, pink, silver, blush balls and snowflakes

a Christmas wreath made of white and gild ornaments, snowy pinecones and snowy evergreens

a holiday garland of colorful ornaments and foliage is a cool decoration for Christmas spaces - from kitchens to living rooms

Other Christmas Ornament Decor

Decorate your Christmas ornaments in various ways – fill them with note paper, faux snow, sequins and other stuff, cover them with knit and crochet covers, add ornaments to urns and bowls, make alternative Christmas trees of ornaments, hang ornaments overheads and to the window. Christmas ball ornaments can be used in many ways to fill your home with festive spirit, take a look at the ideas below and Merry Christmas!

a striped red and white Christmas ornament with greenery and a white ribbon bow is a traditional idea you can realize

a Christmas ball ornament covered with red and white knit is an easy DIY and a cozy decoration

colorful Christmas ornament topiaries and a sparkling green sequin Christmas tree cone

a branch with some Christmas ornaments hanging down is a cool overhead decoration for a holiday or festive space

grab sheer glass ornaments and fill them with whatever you like - feathers, mini trees, faux snow and so on to create a cool combo

attach a branch and hang some Christmas ornaments on it to make your space more festive and bright

an arrangement of white and silver ornaments for Christmas is a chic and stylish idea to accent even a small nook

a cracked silver Christmas ornament with white lace is a stylish vintage-inspired option for holidays

a silver and a shiny rhinestone Christmas ornament duo is amazing for winter and holiday decor

mini silver bells with stars and red ribbon bows are cute as ornaments for Christmas and holidays on the whole

colorful Christmas ornaments hanging over the space and in a bowl are amazing for holiday spaces

a jar with mini colorful Christmas ornaments and bells plus colorful snowflakes for festive decor

a green frame with colorful Christmas ornaments hanging inside is a cool and creative Christmas decorations

cover a usual Christmas ornament with a coral crochet cover with beads for a cool decoration

a ladder with various Christmas ornaments is a cute and very mobile Christmas decoration to go for

chalkboard Christmas ornaments are cute and chic, you can chalk any wishes and leave any meassages

colorful Christmas ornaments used as mini vases for blooms and berries is a cool idea for any holiday table

a sheer glass ornament filled with note paper will show your love to music at once

a frosted glass Christmas ornament with beads is a cool idea for winter wonderland home decor

a beautiful Christmas chandelier with white and frosted shiny white Christmas ornaments and ribbons

a creative Christmas tree of jar lids, green and red Christmas ornamerns and a plaid bow

a holiday chandelier of a white wreath, evergreens and small copper and white ornaments for Christmas

a snowy Christmas branch with lights and white ornaments hanging down overhead is a modern feel

an outdoor urn with evergreens, white branches, red blooms and a giant silver and red ornament

chic railing Christmas decor with lights, evergreens, metallic nd white ornaments is a stylish farmhouse idea

hang some pastel Christmas ornaments on yoru chandelier to make it cute and chic

plywood stars filled with white and silver ornaments and lights are cute and chic festive decor options

red Christmas ball and snowflake ornaments and beaded garlands to decorate a window

Decorate the Christmas tree with red and gold balls - tips from Eli.


Christmas and New Year - a time of magic, fairy tales, hope, joy and fun. And of course, the symbol of these holidays is a coniferous tree. There are several generally accepted styles for decorating the Christmas tree. You can dress her up by choosing one of them and adhering to the features of this direction.

If you cherish the traditions that have been handed down through generations in your family, then you might want to decorate your Christmas tree in the classic colors of gold and red.

The traditional style, although somewhat pompous, allows you to decorate the tree in a very restrained way. Vivid examples can be seen in old films. Usually, balls of the same size and color are hung on the branches, or a combination of them is used. But do not think that the choice is limited. Ideas can be very different.

The main attributes are:

  • balls
  • candy sticks and toys, hook-shaped
  • figures of angels and ballerinas
  • bells
  • satin and velvet ribbons, bows and other bright accents
  • garlands
  • pointed tops
  • beads

Christmas tree can be any. A tall tree is usually placed in the center of the room. A smaller beauty is placed in a corner, on a table or chest of drawers. It goes well with the design of retro paraphernalia, which evokes childhood memories.

The classic version always looks luxurious and mysterious. Appropriate in any interior and creates a magical holiday mood. For many years, it has not lost its relevance at all, and a set of toys purchased once will delight you for many years.

Luxurious golden balls for the Christmas tree

It is believed that gold brings good luck, because this color has always been popular. He will make the Christmas tree festive, rich and at the same time cozy at home.

If you decide to stick only to this color scheme, choose plain toys, as well as garlands and tinsel of this shade. Don't forget to add stars, angels, thick lace bows and beads.

The Christmas tree with golden balls and ribbons tied into large bows looks impressive. And if they are silver, the tree will shine with new colors.

Balloons in different sizes and designs. Textured toys look good, with stripes, dots and three-dimensional images. Do not try to hang only the same elements - let everyone have "his own face".

Want more decor? Get creative:

  • feathers
  • tinsel
  • cones, hand-painted with gold paint

All this will turn the coniferous beauty into a luxurious masterpiece.

To maintain style, decorate the interior in restrained colors - the emphasis should be only on the forest guest. Suitable for space decor:

  • white, sand, ash
  • gray and steel
  • turquoise, lavender, blue

Arrange forged elements in the room: floor lamps, clocks, candlesticks.

Red balls for the Christmas tree - classic Christmas decor

Traditional color of the New Year. It harmonizes perfectly with coniferous greenery, brings bright colors to the interior. If you love this shade, don't forget to add it to your Christmas tree outfit. For this you will need:

  • balloons with and without patterns
  • cones and bells
  • silk and satin bows
  • scarlet artificial flowers
  • rain and other extras

A Christmas tree with red balls looks incredibly stylish if you combine dark shades and pale ones. For example, the bottom can be decorated in a saturated color, and the top can be made light scarlet, or vice versa.

Needles in a purple mesh look very unusual - you can find it in art stores. From above, the “cover” is decorated with small figures and ribbons.

Choose a garland with bulbs of the same color, preferably warm golden. The final touch is a Christmas wreath and other interior details: bouquets on the shelves and a fireplace, pine compositions with lanterns.

By the way, making a wreath is very easy. Pine branches are wrapped around and tightly tied with a rope, and wrapped with a crimson ribbon on top. Further, it already depends on the imagination: bells, cones, twigs of mountain ash and wild rose are added.

Red and gold - a great combination of shades

If you're not ready for one color and it seems boring, try making a Christmas tree with red and gold balls. It is enough to hang toys of the same color and diameter, add balls of a larger or smaller size and a different color. The idea is simple, easy to implement, always looks festive and beautiful.

Gold adds a touch of antiquity to the forest beauty and the room, so garlands in this shade will be appropriate. If you want to enhance the retro style, in addition to decorations on the branches, place gift wrappings and New Year's socks with a golden pattern below.

The chaotic combination of two-tone cascading ribbons looks elegant. If you are a fan of minimalism, give preference to large decorations that can be placed:

  • in a spiral
  • longitudinal
  • around

When choosing garlands, give preference to those with more yellow, less silver and purple bulbs.

Decorating Tips

Before you decorate your Christmas tree, decide on your choice. A large tree is acquired for spacious rooms, and vice versa. Our tips will help you make it unique:

  • Hang up the garlands first. They are wound on the trunk, and also placed along the branches, taking into account the planned placement of toys. They follow the rule: the more lights on the pine tree, the less toys.
  • Flashlights must match the style. If it is monochromatic, then the lights should glow in the same color.
  • Decide in advance on the size of the decor. Large balls are appropriate on a tall spruce. Having chosen decorations of different sizes, hang large ones from below, small ones from above. The material does not have to be the same, diversity is welcome.
  • Do not neglect homemade elements. Do-it-yourself gingerbread, figurines from tangerines, nuts, sweets and other improvised means can be harmoniously combined with other attributes.
  • Rain is optional in traditional decor. It can be replaced with beads or bows. Not only beautiful, but also original.
  • Don't forget the top. A spire or a large bow will do.

With a beauty dressed in a classic style, you can be sure that the New Year will turn into a real holiday. And do not forget to attach to the decoration of children. Then the process will bring unique pleasure, and warm memories will remain in the memory, which the guys will tremblingly carry through their whole lives, passing this feeling to their descendants.

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Stylishly decorate the Christmas tree with balls of the same color? Easily! Together with Winter Story!

The tradition of decorating a Christmas tree for the New Year has been known since ancient times. Today it is impossible to imagine a holiday without this attribute. The forest beauty is decorated with glass and plastic toys, lanterns, sparkles. And, of course, the decoration ritual is one of the most enjoyable activities for adults and children. A very successful, beautiful and elegant solution - decorating a tree in one color.

Decorating the Christmas tree with balls of the same color gives it a restrained appearance, which, nevertheless, creates a sense of luxury. This decor gives the impression of harmony and integrity of the image. It's nice to relax next to your body and soul, as well as recharge your New Year's positive for all the holidays!

When choosing a range, it is important to consider the interior and the mood you want to create. Look around and understand which shades prevail around. If one dominates, it should be diluted. Otherwise, the decoration will not be bright enough.

For a room decorated in green, you can choose gold, yellow or blue decor. And if the furniture is brown, turquoise, mint, blue will be the perfect combination.

A juicy palette will fit well into a bright room - the main thing is not to overdo it with decorations in order to maintain the overall accent of the interior.

Colors and shades of Christmas balls


Looks so fresh! It excites the imagination and in itself is able to make the spruce an elegant element of the festive room. It is not surprising that this option is gaining more and more popularity every year. Looking at the coniferous guest, it seems as if you found yourself in a winter forest, where a snowfall had recently raged.

White beauty will emphasize the sophistication of any space, but it will most successfully fit into classic, minimalist and Scandinavian styles.

If you do not like the snow-white shade, you can use its approximate versions: cream, transparent, beige, ash, pearl.


Pink shades - an original solution that goes well with a not too bright interior and pastel-colored furniture. In support of such an outfit, you can use sofa cushions of the same color.

Hang balloons of approximately the same diameter in the light and dark variations of this color scheme. Add some raspberries and pale purples. Toys with a large floral pattern or homemade cardboard houses in the color of strawberries and cream will look good. If you put LEDs inside, you get a stylish backlight against the background of delicate tinsel on the branches.

Don't forget to hang a garland with small solid color bulbs. She will give a cozy touch.


Violet is the latest fashion trend. However, it is not suitable for a plain decor, it is better to add pale lilac, purple and lavender elements.

If you want to add contrast, use magenta and metallic. You can complement the ensemble with light bulbs that match the overall palette. And also - small details made by hand.

You can decorate the Christmas tree in the following ways:

  • Ring or spiral. Large parts are placed at the bottom, and small ones at the top. The largest toys are designed to attract attention, so they should be bright. LEDs and tinsel are hung in a circle.
  • From top to bottom, garlands are first hung. The resulting "strips" become the place where the balls are attached. Moreover, each line has its own shade. You can play with the shape, size, type of decor.


In this design, spruce is usually dressed up abundantly so that even the branches do not show through. Use accessories of various sizes, stars, bows, snowflakes.

The Christmas tree looks chic, decorated with golden balls of different sizes. There are no other elements. But you can also hang rain and lanterns with yellow bulbs.

Think using gold alone is too pretentious? Then resort to a combination of two tones, for example:

  • White-gold. Emphasize wealth and status. You can alternate between white and yellow. Or decorate the tree with golden toys, and cover the branches with tinsel on top.
  • Silver-gold. The combination creates an unusual play of light, so it does not need additional decor.
  • Rose gold. It will allow you to plunge into a magical winter fairy tale. For additions, small bows, delicate roses are used. Another idea is to add gingerbread with pink icing. Sweet tooth will not remain indifferent!
  • Red-gold. A classic combination that involves the use of only the necessary decor, no frills. Hang balloons on the branches, and at the top set a purple illuminated star.


The design will suit the adherents of the classics and harmoniously fit into the interiors designed in traditional or eco-style. A Christmas tree with red balls will look very solemn in space. You can also dilute the design with a lighter range.

If you have a white artificial tree, a solid red will come in handy. It is recommended to diversify the decoration of the room with a crimson wreath and gift boxes tied with a scarlet ribbon.


Considered a classic shade of winter, it is reminiscent of snow, frozen water and twinkling stars in a cold sky. Therefore, all its variations are successful for New Year's decor. Scientists believe that blue gives a feeling of calm and tranquility - just what is missing in the pre-holiday bustle.

So if you want to simultaneously create a holiday mood and a quiet soulful corner in the house, feel free to hang blue, blue balls on spruce branches, and ribbons and tinsel on top.


A simple pine tree can be used to create a miracle tree in the kingdom of Santa Claus by dressing it in silver. This option will reflect the triumph of winter and create a feeling of sparkling snow. The cold steel shade will be a charming addition to a quiet home celebration.

If the branches are fluffy, a very small amount of toys is enough. Conciseness gives the image of grace and expressiveness. The traditional completion of the outfit is an icicle or a star at the top.

Illumination must match the style decision. Catchy and yellow lights are out of place, the only right choice is cold white.

So that the winter beauty is not alone, add a steel color to other New Year's compositions placed around: packaging, candles, wreaths.


The move is not trivial, but at the same time universal. Saturated black looks beautiful in modern interiors. The main thing is conciseness. A few charcoal attributes are enough to make the tree look elegant. And add natural elements: cones, cinnamon sticks for a warm look.

If you think that black jewelry looks too mournful and gloomy, diversify it with white or gold.

Dark toys on light artificial needles look no less stylish. In this case, choose large shiny balls - they will give the coniferous beauty a luxurious look.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to decorate a spruce in a single color scheme.

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