How to decorate the bottom of your christmas tree

How To Cover A Christmas Tree Base: 38 Ideas

Everybody’s puzzling over what Christmas tree décor to choose, what ornaments to make and which style is better this time. But most of us forget that covering or decorating a tree base is also necessary and your tree base décor should correspond to the style and maybe colors of the whole tree. Let’s consider some of the most creative ideas to cover your tree base and make it look more magical.


Baskets are the most popular covers for Christmas trees because they bring a chic and cozy rustic touch to any space and look rather neutral at the same time, they will fit many interiors and décor styles. Your tree can be decorated with various ornaments, garlands, buntings and other things, or you can just have some lights on or maybe no décor – with a basket your tree will be fabulous!

a Christmas tree with copper ornaments and a basket that hides the tree base

a colorful tree in a basket looks sweet and cozy

a large tree in a basket looks balanced and very cozy

put your tree into a basket and place some baskets with pinecones around

minimalist Christmas tree in a basket

07a tree in a basket placed on a sleigh for a rustic feel

Simple yet classic Rustic Christmas Tree.

Christmas tree in a basket covered with fur

modern Christmas tree with lights in a basket


A crate is another cool option for covering your tree base, it will bring an industrial and maybe vintage touch to your tree and décor. Take any crate you like and use some finish that you prefer or just whitewash it to make more delicate. Prints left will make your crate look more industrial.

a bold tree in a rustic crate looks sweet and not too much

a handmade Christmas tree base made of wood

with minimal decor, the wooden crate stands out in the room, and adds a rustic touch to the elegant tufted sofa and cozy plaid throw

black and white ornaments look stylish with a white crate

Buckets And Baths

Wanna make your tree super rustic? A galvanized bucket or bath is your thing then! Choose a proper piece that fits your tree and put it there, this is especially cool with a tree with no décor or just some pinecones – as if you’ve just brought it from the wood. Another idea is to decorate the tree with bold vintage ornaments to get vintage and rustic style in one.

super bold tree in a zinc bucket for a rustic vintage look

a cute galvanized bucket can make your tree a bit rustic

a rustic tree decorated with burlap in a galvanized bucket

a tree in a galvanized bath will look rustic and vintage

rustic flocked tree in a galvanized bucket

a zinc washbasin is a way to add a shabby and rustic feel to your tree


Tree skirts will never go out of style! They look cool, they can be easily DIYed and will fit any tree style – just choose or make a skirt according to your tree. Don’t want to sew? Take a chunky knit blanket or some faux white fur and cover the tree base with it, it will imitate snow.

a Christmas

a large piece of burlap to cover unsightly tree stand and ribbon to secure it

a vintage light garland and burlap-wrapped tree base

9342700410 Snow Flake Tree

traditional red and green Christmas tree skirt

grey felt skirt with button decor

refined champagne tree skirt with gold embroidery

cover your minimal tree without decor with a cozy knit blanket

if you want to add an industrial and vintage touch, opt for an old sack wrapping

Other Ideas

Don’t want anything standard? Make a whole snowy scene under the tree, your kids will definitely love it! Put your tree into a drum or into a sleigh or just into a fitting gift box, that won’t take a lot of time and will look cool.

a snowy scene with polar bears and trees

a tree duo placed in an antique sleigh

a vintage urn for a chic and refined touch

a whole snowy village at the base of the tree

cover your tree base with a gift box for a glam look

create a whole scene at the base of your tree to make the kids and adults happy

put an Xmas tree in a high pot so you can fit presents underneath without obscuring them

a drum-inspired gift box that covers the tree base

20 Best DIY Christmas Tree Stand Ideas 2021


You probably have a generic Christmas tree stand hidden in a closet or attic somewhere, but before you bust it out, consider making a DIY version instead. No, we don't mean DIY-ing some cardboard rig that's going to be hidden under a skirt in the end; we mean DIY-ing a super unique base for your tree that looks so good, it stands on its own! Whether you want it to blend in with your current aesthetic–rustic, modern, traditional, Christmaximalist–or completely stand out, you can tailor the design of your DIY tree base to your liking. We've rounded up our favorite DIY stands, from some that require moderate woodworking skills (call your favorite friend-with-a-saw) to incredibly easy-to-assemble ones that are more like instant bases than true DIYs. You're sure to find one you love–or major inspo, at the very least–on this list.


Find a Vintage Piano Stool

adams and elm home

For a highly unique stand, take apart a vintage piano stool. Use the base as a sturdy holder for a skinny faux tree.

See more at Adams and Elm Home.


Create a Faux Antique Box

funky junk interiors

Love the idea of an antique look? DIY a faux antique box using spray paint and stencils (or, you know, run out to the local antique mall and see if you can find one you love). The upside of making one yourself is that you'll get to customize it to work with your interiors.

Get the tutorial from Funky Junk Interiors.


Use Photo Frames

in my own style

Hide a basic tree stand behind a few photo frames wrapped in a festive fabric, and you'll have an incredibly easy DIY display in no time. Bonus points if you match the fabric to your gift wrapping.

Get the tutorial at In My Own Style.


Fashion a Decorative Box

the maker's map

After a quick trip to Dollar Tree, you'll have everything you need to make this Christmas tree stand box. Surround it with other festive accents, like a little snowman vase and cake stand with faux greenery and berries.

Get the tutorial from The Maker's Map.


Try Wooden Pillars

shanty 2 chic

This wooden pillar-like stand is perfect for displaying a mini Christmas tree or two outside of your front door. Plus, you can use it all year long.

Get the tutorial at Shanty 2 Chic.


Wrap It

Sarah Ligorria Tramp

To make a plastic Christmas tree stand look a little more polished, simply wrap it with a linen tablecloth or towel. Designer Emily Henderson used a burgundy striped one that feels both casual and refined for this tree stand.


Make It Metal

Adrienne Elizabeth Home Style Life

Turn a galvanized steel tub into a chic, shiny tree stand. Pair it with a tree that's covered in fake snow, silver ornaments, and glittering tinsel.

Get the tutorial at Adrienne Elizabeth Home Style Life.


Wrap a Tire

Ella Claire & Co.

Repurpose an old tire by wrapping it in twine or rope to give it a rustic look. Slip the tree stand inside the tire once you're finished.

Get the tutorial at Ella Claire & Co.


Repurpose a Lamp Shade

Refunk My Junk

Use an old lampshade to cover up a boring tree stand. Try one with a checkered pattern, like this one by Refunk My Junk, or match the design to the ornaments and other decor you plan on adorning your tree with.


Create a Present

Dream a Little Bigger

It's only fitting that your Christmas tree stand blends in with the presents underneath the tree, and what better way to accomplish that than by making it look like an actual present?

Get the tutorial from Dream a Little Bigger.


Warm It Up

Bower Power Blog

Cover the base of your tree with a runner rug to give it extreme cozy vibes. Bonus: It doesn't take much effort or time!

Get the tutorial at Bower Power Blog.


Use a Basket

Courtesy of Lia Griffith

Place a tiny tree in a rope-wrapped basket with colorful tassels for a vibrant touch. Move the basket onto a small table for additional height, and then start decorating the tree.

Get the tutorial at Lia Griffith.


Pop It Into a Crate

Courtesy of Dreamy Whites

A French-style basket or crate filled with colored ornaments is the country-inspired Christmas stand you need. Plus, you don't have to go through all of the effort of putting the ornaments on the tree.

See more at Dreamy Whites.


Incorporate a Gold Wire Basket

Courtesy of The Merry Thought

Finally—a tree stand that won't kill your modern decor vibes! This DIY requires very little effort. All you need is a wire basket and batting to stuff it with.

Get the tutorial at The Merry Thought.


Use an Upside Down Wicker Basket

Courtesy of Live Laugh Rowe

Ditch a tree skirt for a basket collar this year. It'll truly bring out all of the tree's natural vibes. Add burlap ribbon and papier-mâché ornaments to complement the look.

See more at Live Laugh Rowe.


Make a Festive Planter

Courtesy of Bower Power

A tree is a plant, right? Put together a large wooden planter and paint it a traditional red, then set the tree inisde. Once you add a few red ornaments, you'll be good to go.

Get the tutorial at Bower Power.


Use a Sled

Courtesy of Junkaholique

Turn your living room into a winter wonderland with this sled tree stand. All you really have to do is place a small tree on top of a small sled. Add a sheepskin rug underneath for extra flair.

Get the tutorial at Junkaholique.


Get a Wood Barrel

Courtesy of Bless'er House

Contain all the inevitable under-the-tree mess inside a giant wooden barrel. This DIY is perfect for any rustic home. You can even use it as decor throughout the entire year.

See more at Bless'er House.


Give it a Rustic Look

Courtesy of The Golden Sycamore

If you've got woodworking skills, you need to make this simple DIY stand by The Golden Sycamore. Once you're done, stuff it with a blanket or any other cozy material to warm up the look.


Make It Mobile

Courtesy of Sand and Sisal

A Christmas tree on wheels means you can move it wherever you need to around your house. It's ideal for photo ops!

See more at Sand and Sisal.

Sienna Livermore Senior Editor Sienna is a senior editor at Hearst.

Kelly Allen Associate Editor Kelly Allen is the current Associate Editor at House Beautiful, where she covers design, pop culture, and travel for digital and the print magazine.

How to decorate a Christmas tree for the New Year 2022: 44 ideas on how to beautifully decorate a Christmas tree

Decorating a Christmas tree is a pleasant New Year's duty. And every time I want to make something fundamentally new from the existing set of toys. Or at least differently than last year. Therefore, the questions are standard from time to time: how to decorate a Christmas tree this year? How to make a foundation? How to decorate the top? Prefer classics or follow fashion trends? Choose.

1. Don't dress up at all
Green, fluffy, fragrant - even without decorations, it will create a festive New Year's atmosphere in the room. Shift the focus by paying more attention to the decor of the room and table setting. And most importantly - no need to rack your brains on how to decorate the Christmas tree for the New Year. Let it stand in the manner of a ficus in a flowerpot, without a single thread of "rain".

Louise de Miranda

2. A minimum of accessories
How else to decorate a Christmas tree without balls? One garland is enough to add solemnity. Unencumbered with toys and tinsel, the tree looks fresh and harmonizes with a calm, light Scandinavian-style interior. Pay attention to how well the white basket at the base emphasizes the natural freshness of the spruce branches.

Bruno Belli Architectural Photography

3. Additional tree
If you can't decide to decorate the main home tree with one garland - decorate the additional tree in such a minimalistic way. After all, there can be more than one Christmas tree in the house, right? Along with traditional garlands, you can use luminous stars or large balls. The main rule is only lights!

Rikki Snyder

4. Lots of lights
A lot of twinkling lights on the tree will make it just fabulous! No balls are needed here, but more than a dozen garlands are needed - it depends on the size of the Christmas tree, of course. By the way, the tradition of decorating a Christmas tree solely with the help of light is common in England and Ireland.


5. Lights on the wall
Decorating a wall in a room with an electric garland is a non-standard approach, but in some cases quite practical. In this way, you can fill an empty wall, as well as compensate for the small size of the selected spruce. The main thing is to use only the "yellow" mode of the garland - options with switching to colored lights will look worse.

Farrow & Ball

6. Lights on the floor
A garland of light bulbs wrapped around the Christmas tree on the floor creates a very interesting effect. It seems as if instead of needles, lights were falling from the branches.

Sara Garanty

7. Swedish minimalism
How to decorate a Christmas tree in a Scandinavian interior? Even on New Year's Eve, there is a way not to go away from style, but to emphasize it with the help of festive decor. If your choice is Sweden, take simple geometric shapes in white and gray tones. Avoid excesses in Christmas decorations. You can even casually scatter extra toys on the floor near the Christmas tree - the style "allows".


8. Minimum decorations + lights on the wall
Light candles on New Year's Eve. And even with a modest decoration of the New Year tree, a holiday will reign in the room. If possible, replace traditional sconces with Christmas stars. The tree does not need to be lit.


9. Party inside and out
The garland can be hung in the form of a Christmas tree outline and thus "turn into a Christmas tree" any tree growing in the yard.

Me & Harmony | New Vintage Home

10. Decor from the forest
How to decorate a Christmas tree if there are no toys? The natural beauty of natural spruce can be enhanced with pre-assembled spruce cones. Pay attention to this decision - paired with a garland, cones will replace traditional balls and tinsel. Walnuts, bunches of mountain ash, dry leaves and dried flowers will also serve as a natural decoration.

11. Paper toys
Don't have time to stock up on cones - no problem! They can be made from paper, as well as balls, Christmas trees, snowmen and icicles. By the way, paper toys are a great solution if there are small children or pets in the apartment. The tree is not afraid to overturn on the floor.

Holly Marder

12. Paper garlands
How to decorate a Christmas tree with your own hands? Remember how we used to make colored paper chain garlands as kids? Instead of colored paper, use gift paper, leftover wallpaper, pages of old magazines and books, decorative ribbons. Paper stars, for example, from musical notations, stars from paper tubes and paper bags, will help to support the theme.

Rikki Snyder

13. Paper silhouettes
Another simple way to make Christmas tree decorations out of paper: draw or print outline drawings on sheets of thick paper. Cut out the outer contour with scissors, and the inner one with a craft or clerical knife. Make a small hole in the paper figures and hang on the Christmas tree with threads.

Tip: Paper silhouettes will look more spectacular if they are illuminated from the back with a Christmas tree garland.

14. Garland-congratulations
A variant similar to paper silhouettes is paper letters. From them you can assemble a garland-congratulations on the New Year and Christmas. However, there are also ready-made letters made of plastic or plywood on sale. Just be prepared for the fact that you have to drill holes in them to fasten them into a garland.

Kerrie Kelly Design Lab

15. Wishes on ribbon
How beautiful to decorate a Christmas tree at home? An alternative to traditional garlands is a ribbon with congratulations and wishes. They will help with the production in printing centers and wedding salons. Add some Christmas decorations and present the guests with a solemn and elegant graduate of the outgoing year. Beautiful and unusual.

Houseology Design Group Limited

16. Tell us how you feel…
Decorating a Christmas tree is a way of expressing yourself. This is how we see the holiday, what we feel, what we wish for ourselves and loved ones. The heart-shaped toys are a clear sign that love is in the air of this apartment. A great decor idea for a young family on their first New Year together.

Cortney Bishop Design

17. …and good memories
Spice up your Christmas tree outfit with travel photos or postcards. On New Year's Eve, they will be an occasion to once again recall the important events of the past year for you and share your impressions with the guests.

Janet Paik

18. Oh, the sea!
The beach, the waves, the warm white sand under your feet… How far away it all is now! But after all, no one forbids dreaming and decorating the New Year tree not with classic snowflakes and icicles, but with figures of seahorses, octopuses and mermaids. If we celebrated the New Year in July, all the Christmas trees would look like this!

Coastal Vintage

19. Souvenirs instead of toys
Of course, you will have to look for atypical toys ... But travel souvenirs will also help to decorate the Christmas tree beautifully. And garlands can be made from shells. An electric garland with cold light, blue and turquoise shades of accessories will support the marine theme.

Artistry Interiors, LLC

20. Children's toys
Ordinary toys are another unusual idea for decorating a Christmas tree. Make the kids happy by decorating the Christmas tree with their toys. This is very practical, because with one purchase you can solve the problem with decorating the Christmas tree and with gifts for children. Just be prepared for the fact that you will be persuaded to take off your outfit long before the chiming clock.

21. Light decor
A Christmas tree dress will look simple, light and airy if bright satin ribbons are hung instead of classic rain and tinsel.

Maria Killam

22. To match the interior
When choosing a color scheme for Christmas toys, consider the palette that is present in the room. Choose Christmas accessories in the color of walls, draperies, textiles or other decor items. With a successful decision, the Christmas tree will look like part of the interior.

AM Dolce Vita

23. Tree in soothing colors
In calm monochrome interiors, the same calm Christmas trees look good in the color scheme. Use white, shades of gray, silver. Don't be afraid of black. In the predominance of light colors, it will not be associated with gloomy, mournful moods. Dotted inclusions of bright colors also do not spoil the overall picture.

Houseology Design Group Limited

24. All white
If your interior is dominated by saturated colors, a traditionally decorated Christmas tree is likely to be lost against their background. You have no choice but to decorate a white Christmas tree: play on the contrast, decorate the Christmas tree exclusively with white accessories.

Emma Green Design

25. Blue and Violet
Stylish solution will tell the color spectrum. For example, take blue and purple needles that are close in spectrum to green - a variant that is discreet in color.

Tobi Fairley Interior Design

26. A riot of citrus
In response to the question "What does the New Year smell like?" we will first name the tree, oranges, tangerines and cinnamon. Transfer olfactory associations to visual ones by dressing up a spruce tree with glass oranges and lemons. Instead of artificial toys, you can use natural dried citrus slices, supplementing them with cinnamon sticks and anise stars. Heating up from the heat of the light bulbs, they will exude that very “New Year's” aroma that we all love so much.

Lori Pedersen Home

27. Unobtrusive green
The idea of ​​decorating a green Christmas tree with green toys is the most unobvious. But with a successful implementation, your New Year's beauty will receive a very spectacular outfit. Use different shades of green and pay more attention to the shape of the toys, choose as many varieties as possible. As a highlight, you can place in the background, closer to the trunk, several toys that deviate from the main color rule.

Tip: Green toys will make the Christmas tree more lush. Use this technique if you are unlucky with your choice of tree.


28. Gradient
How to stylishly decorate a Christmas tree with simple means? Perhaps, experimenting with color schemes in past years, you have already accumulated a considerable stock of Christmas decorations. So, it's time for the main experiment - throw all the colors on the Christmas tree. But instead of chaotic placement, try to arrange them by color, creating a rainbow effect. Great idea for decorating an artificial Christmas tree.

AMR Interior Design & Drafting Ltd.

29. Screw hanging
By alternating rows of toys of different colors and hanging them in a spiral from the base of the tree to the top, we get an alternative to colorful garlands.

Mindi Freng Designs

30. White tinsel
These garlands create the effect of snow on the Christmas tree. It can be further strengthened by spraying artificial frost on the branches (only “washing” it from an artificial spruce is another occupation). It's better to experiment like this with a living tree, which sooner or later will have to be disposed of.

New View Designs by Laurie Cole Inc.

31. Christmas tree in the snow
A white fluffy rug at the base will complete the image of a forest beauty wrapped in snow.

Galvanized Tree Collar

32. Metal decor
Adherents of industrial styles in the interior can decorate the Christmas tree with beads made of metal medallions. You can make them yourself by painting cardboard circles with silver, copper and gold enamels. And put the tree itself on a galvanized basin, turned upside down.

33. Christmas tree in a basket
It is worth considering in advance what to install and how to decorate the lower part of the Christmas tree trunk. A wicker basket is one of the most successful options: it looks very natural and hides the supporting elements as much as possible. And if there are a lot of baskets, you get a whole composition. Baskets can be filled with cones or Christmas gifts.

34. In a bucket of cones
A bucket full of cones will serve as a good support for the Christmas tree. A transparent glass flowerpot looks especially impressive. A living tree requires moisture, so a smaller vase filled with water can be inserted inside.

Alfredo Arias photo

35. On a tree stump
You may be lucky enough to find a hollow trunk into which you can put a Christmas tree. Remove the bark from it and clean it or leave it as it is. In any case, you will get an excellent example of eco-design.

36. On a cart
To make a small Christmas tree look taller, place it on a pedestal. In this capacity, for example, a wooden box will serve. And the New Year’s beauty, who “arrived” at the house on a sleigh or in a cart, is generally a plot from a fairy tale.

37. In a paper bag
There is nothing easier than packing a bucket with a Christmas tree in a kraft paper bag. A few of the same simple and casual decorations on the tree itself - that's the holiday!

Thonet GmbH

38. Craft gifts
The final touch is gifts wrapped in the same style under the tree. With the help of kraft paper and bright ribbons, you can do this without much effort and extra spending.

39. Gift baskets
If there are many presents, place them in wire baskets. They are increasingly appearing in modern interiors as convenient temporary storage spaces.

Mia Mortensen Photography

40. Christmas tree on a rug
Place a round rug on the floor before installing a live Christmas tree. This will make it easier to remove loose needles. And you will also receive a completed composition with gifts laid out on the carpet.

41. A large carpet for a big Christmas tree
Instead of a round factory carpet, a homespun rug will do. Here, the first place is not the appearance, but the function.

42. Feminine person
The material with which we mask the base of the Christmas tree (cross) is called a skirt. But in this case (pictured), the Christmas tree itself acts as a skirt. And now she came to us dressed up for the holiday...

At Home

43. Upside down
Or you can even turn the tree upside down.

44. The main thing is the mood
As you can see, Christmas tree decoration can be very diverse. But the real New Year's mood is created not by the tree, but by friends who come to see it.


Innenarchitektonische Raumästhetik & Funktionalität im Rheinland

How to choose and decorate a Christmas tree

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October 30, 2020

If this year, instead of Courchevel, the New Year's extravaganza is destined to take place at your home, then we know how to help you!

We do not promise a secret flight to the Alps ;)

Instead, we will tell you how to wake up the festive mood with the help of a Christmas tree, a calculator and an online store.

In this article you will learn:

  • How to choose artificial spruce
  • How to calculate the garland and how best to hang it
  • How many toys do you need for the effect of "WOW!"
  • How to choose toys
  • How to hide the base

Current? Then let's go!

Which Christmas tree to choose

Do you want a live Christmas tree? Choose not sawn, but in a pot. Then you can give it to a nursery or plant it in the country, and they almost do not crumble. You can buy, for example, in OBI.

If minimalism (you can't hang a lot on a live spruce), Scandinavian style and retro romance are not for you, then an artificial Christmas tree is better.


  • For a city apartment, a Christmas tree 180-200 cm high is enough - so that the head of the family can reach out and install a star on top.
  • For a cottage, if the ceiling allows, you can take it higher (the main thing is that at least a meter remains to the ceiling, otherwise the tree will look bulky).
  • If there is a task to save space, then look for a Christmas tree that is narrow at the bottom, similar in shape to a cypress.

Type of needles (usually indicated in the product description):

  • PVC fabric - when the needles look like a multilayer fringe. Usually such “needles” are soft and fluffy, but they can wrinkle during storage, and the Christmas tree needs to stand for a day before decorating to straighten it out. Often such Christmas trees are sold "snowy" - covered with white flock flakes.
  • Fishing line. This, of course, is a matter of taste, but such needles look like a plumbing brush. But voluminous and inexpensive :)
  • Cast needles - when each branch is molded from plastic and strung on a wire base. A little harsh, but it looks as realistic as possible. Such Christmas trees are usually the most expensive.

Christmas tree color

Soft Christmas trees (which are like fringe/tinsel) come in different colors: white, red, silver, gold, and even pink and blue. Room for experiments!

How to calculate the length of a light garland

Christmas tree bought, next question - lights.

By the way, there are Christmas trees with built-in lighting - it's convenient (fewer wires and no need to worry about the calculation of the garland).

  • Need a wow effect? Then we take 100 light bulbs (LEDs) for every 30 cm of the height of the Christmas tree. That is, for a Christmas tree 180 cm high, you need a total of 180/30 * 100 = 600 light bulbs. In order not to wrap wires up to the very needles, we are looking for a garland with frequently planted diodes (every 3-5 cm).
  • If you don’t need an angelic glow, but just don’t want to miscalculate with the length of the wire, then we consider this: multiply the height of the Christmas tree in cm by Pi and 2. Then for a Christmas tree 1.8 m high, you need about 12 meters of garland. IMPORTANT! Here we consider the height not from the floor, but from the lower tier of branches to the crown.

How do we hang?

Life hack: in a vertical zigzag, not in a spiral - it's easier to hang and take off. First, distribute the garland over the visible part of the Christmas tree (it is not necessary to decorate the side facing the wall;)) And then slightly deepen it to cover the wire with branches. Don't overdo it with depth! It is not worth highlighting the trunk or the central rod, which is often a bit bald.

How to hang a LED garland on a Christmas tree

How to calculate the number of toys

British scientists (who else, if not them) have deduced the formula for the ideal number of balls on a Christmas tree. And it's not a joke! Based on the laws of proportion, they got a factor of 0.21. That is, a harmonious number of balls is obtained, equal to the height of the Christmas tree in cm, multiplied by 0.21. For a Christmas tree 180 cm high, we get 31 balls. Such a Christmas tree will look like this. Pretty, but somehow not fabulous :) There is a suspicion that this formula was developed exclusively for living specimens, since they rarely withstand rich theatrical decor.

For dense decorations, the formula "Height in cm x 0.7" is more suitable - that is, about 150 toys per 180 cm Christmas tree.

Well, for those who appreciate accuracy in everything, the most confused formula. Humanitarians scroll further;)

Calculate the area that we want to cover with toys using the formula for the area of ​​the lateral surface of the cone. To do this, we multiply the length of the lower branches by the distance from the tips of the lower branches to the crown and by the number Pi.

If the Christmas tree stands against the wall, then you can decorate 2/3 that are visible. And if in the corner, then half is enough.

Next, decide how thick we want to decorate. The maximum effect is 70 toys per square meter. It's like this:

Then for a Christmas tree 180 cm high and, suppose, lower branches 65 cm, we get such a calculation.

Number of toys = P (3.14) * 1.65 m * 0.65 m * 70 pieces = 235 pieces for the whole Christmas tree.

AND 235*2/3 = 157 toys per visible part.

What toys to choose

For a live Christmas tree, some easier :)

For an artificial one - any to your taste.

Let's just give you a couple of life hacks.

  • All toys can be conditionally divided into basic and thematic. The simplest Chinese balls can be basic - we fill the “holes” between the branches with them, mask the translucent trunk, etc. Thematic (or focal) can be selected on one topic. For example, "The Nutcracker", "Ballet", "Vegetables / Fruits", "Space", "Sea", etc. Toys in these photos can be bought in the online store Your Christmas Tree .

The basic rule here is: the more diverse the toys are in shape, the more interesting the decor will be. We recommend taking the base 60% and thematic 40%.