How to decorate with tree branches

42 Cool Ideas To Decorate Your Interior With Tree Branches

Tree branches are popular interior decorations because they are free and there are many interesting ways to make your interior more interesting using them. You can gather them on streets or you can buy artificial ones in such stores as IKEA. After that you can put them in vases untouched or you can spray paint them. You can also change their look by removing some small branches or even by sanding them. Besides from tree branches you can make such things as chandeliers, candle holders, key holders, coat racks, jewelry holders and so on. Here are some examples that will help you to decorate your interior with tree branches.


Incorporate tree branches into furniture designs and create your own furniture using them. Which? First of all, these can be lamps and chandeliers – you may cover the branch with string lights or even make a whole pendant lamp using it. Of course, you can buy some ready items, too, but crafting is more interesting. Second, you can make some tables with branches – use them to create a base of your console or side table. If you have a lot of driftwood, a whole table can be made of it, it’s a perfect option for a beach home. Third, branches are great holders and hangers and you may use them throughout the house – in bathrooms, bedrooms, entryways, kitchens and other spaces. If you want more creative branch furniture, dive into the gallery below!

branches covering the bench give it a natural feel and soften its modern look

whitewashed trees in the entryway can work as holders and hangers for all kinds of stuff and clothes

wall-mounted shelves made of branches are a cool and chic idea to rock in your home - no special decor is needed

an open closet with a branch as a holder for clothes - bring a touch of nature to your space

a whimsy console table of driftwood is a perfect statement piece for your beach home entryway

a table lamp with a driftwood base and an elegant square lampshade is a very contrasting and cool combo

a stylish modern side table of branches placed in glass is a chic and bold idea for any space

a statement chandelier made of gorgeous tree branches and bulbs is a fantastic feature for your home

a large driftwood branch turned into an ultra-modern and super stylish pendant lamp

a large branch attached to the wall serves as a cool natural jewelry holder - what a lovely solution for a girl's room

a home bar made of a piece of plywood and bleached driftwood branches for the legs is a stylish idea

a floor lamp made of a concrete base, a large branch and a bulb is a stunning idea to DIY

a cute side table made of branches as legs and a slice of wood for the tabletop is a very natural idea

a creative bathroom hanger and holder made of some tree branches and hooks attached to them

a chandelier made of bleached driftwood is a perfect option for a beach or a coastal house

a branch with hooks over the countertop may be used for hanging literally anything you want and you have


Branches are great for bring a natural feel to the space and may be widely used in décor. You can create wall decorations of them, cover mirrors and artworks instead of frames, make arrangements in various vases and use them for holder your photos. Make a beautiful spring centerpiece of branches, candles, greenery and test tubes, and if you want more ideas, just take a look at them below!

an entryway holder made of a branch on rope with hooks is a stylish rustic idea to go for

a tree branch with chains of photos hanging on it - it's a cool photo holder that can be made in no time

a tall square concrete vase with birch branches is a cool and fresh idea to decorate any space giving it a natural touch

a stunning wall decoration fully made of bleached branches is a cool idea to enliven such a formal space

a spring centerpiece of driftwood, test tubes with white blooms looks super natural and very chic

a large heart wall decor made of whitewashed driftwood branches is a cool beach and coastal idea

a cool decoration made of concrete and some natural branches is all about nature and is simple to DIY

a clear vase with a large branch enlivens and refreshes the monochromatic and minimalist space

a glass candleholder wrapped with branches with berries is a cool natural idea and an easy DIY

a pot with fabric and some branches is an easy and cool idea for some natural decor in the space

a glass stand with an arrangement of vases and lots of natural branches can work as a spring centerpiece

an oversized glass vase with some branches is a statement decoration for any space and it feels like nature

a coffee table made of driftwood and some branches in a clear vase will make your bedroom feel super natural and coastal

a whole tree trunk in the corner of the room decorated with photos and dreamcatchers will add a boho feel to the space

a square vase with blooming branches will make the space feel like spring and will add romance to it

a cute embellished round vase with a single blooming branch is a nice decoration for spring

a branch painted red and placed on a neutral shelf works as a pretty decoration you can rock anytime

whitewashed branches placed behind the sofa to add a natural feel to the living room

a kettle with a stick handle and some stick handle spoons is a cool idea for adding a natural touch to your table

a cool tree trunk placed in the corner of the room and decorated with colorful yarn and hangings for a slight boho feel in the space

a whole arrangement of vases with branches and some branch combos on the shelf for a cool natural feel

moss covered branches attached to the wall and yarn blooms will make your mantel more eye-catching

a red decorative tree on the mantel as a symbol of successfulness and prosperity

a crystal vase with branches and hanging crystals on them is a cool idea - making such an arrangement is easy and takes no time

attach tree branches to the ceiling railing, which holds your lamps, to make the space feel more natural

a white vase with spectacular tree branches covered with moss is a cool arrangement with a slight woodland feel

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The luxury of the forest: 10 easy ways to decorate the interior with coniferous plants



Slowly but surely, the season of decoration from noble needles is coming - plants that are rightfully considered a real symbol of December and January. Beautiful and aristocratic compositions are already shown by Western bloggers and decorators on their Instagrams (an extremist organization banned in Russia), and we can only get inspired and draw ideas for our own homes. ELLE DESORATION has collected 10 best ideas, among which you will definitely find options for yourself and your home.

1. Coniferous bouquets

One of the simplest and most concise ways to bring the atmosphere of the upcoming holidays is to decorate your home with bouquets of coniferous plants in early December. Florists unanimously vote for Nobilis fir - one of the most persistent plants that will delight you until mid-January for sure. Place the bouquet on the bedside table or in the center of the dining table - and the New Year's mood is guaranteed!

Brücke 49 Hotel

2. Wreaths on the wall

Bloggers around the world began to weave, spruce wings and offer bolds not only inputgosts, they are offered not only inputgosts, they are not only inpun but also walls, tables and even chairs. Mix it with eucalyptus, twigs and ivy for a more interesting arrangement (Don't know where to start? Check out our tutorial on making transformable wreaths perfect for any season!)


3. Confrecom for candlesticks

then we advise you to decorate a large transparent candlestick with a composition of needles and branches, and use a thin tall candle as a central element.


4. Arrangement for a mirror

For those who like to decorate their homes in detail, the idea of ​​decorating a mirror in the hallway or on the fireplace will definitely appeal to you. Just make a simple pine or spruce bouquet, tie it up with pretty ribbons, and hang it over a mirror.

5. Coniferous table decor

Festive table decor is inconceivable without spruce branches — their aroma plunges you into real winter bliss and sets you up for relaxation. This season, florists recommend paying attention to the laconic branches of thuja or juniper - they will look non-trivial and add elegance to the feast.



Compositions on the railing

For owners of country houses, one of the best decoration options will decorate the stairs. Tie the branches together, and then decorate them with bows and cones. The LED strip will be an ideal addition - in the evening your composition will give your home a New Year's mood and chic.

Photo of

7. Coniferous decor on the bathroom mirror

Another unusual way to use needles in home decor is to decorate the bathroom mirror with branches. Firstly, due to the reflection, the greenery will seem more magnificent and voluminous, and secondly, this detail of the New Year's decor will meet you every morning. What's not the perfect start to a winter day?


Arrangement of pine needles on a chandelier

If you own a beautiful classical style chandelier with candelabra, then pay attention to another idea from Western bloggers. Place spruce, pine or nobilis branches on it so that they casually fall down.


10. Spruce compositions on shelves or cabinet

One of the favorite western decoration options - spaena of spruce compositions of the buffet. Pros are advised to place a garland of needles on the top shelf, and hang small wreaths on red and white ribbons on the handles. And if you want to spruce up your mantel, look no further than celebrity designer Kelly Westler.

Branches of all sizes can be used to decorate the house for Christmas and New Year. Not only the usual spruce and pine, but also other conifers will be used. In some compositions, for example, juniper or thuja will look great. The main thing is that the plant belongs to the so-called evergreen. You can decorate every room in the house with crafts made from needles and cones. Something, however, is more suitable for a country house. But, if you like the idea too much, try to implement it on the balcony or decorate the front door.

1. Decor for the front door.

A wreath on the front door is traditionally considered a sign of trust and invitation of passers-by to your home. Now on sale are many factory-made wreaths made from artificial branches. But you can create a similar decoration yourself to create a festive atmosphere for passers-by. Any message can be written on the door! Maybe you, on the contrary, want to ask strangers to bypass your house?


1. Select the branches that will form the basis of the decoration. Fluffy spruce branches with long cones will look very impressive in such a “bouquet”.

2. Choose the right size board for the inscription plate. Pine wood is the best for processing.

3. Saw off the corners with a hacksaw to make them more interesting.

4. Drill holes to attach the plaque to the pine wreath.

5. Print out the label with the selected message. Then take a ballpoint pen, pencil or other pointed object and circle the inscription by pressing on the wood. On the plate there will be a trace necessary for work.

6. Outline the lettering with paint. Water-based dyes, such as acrylics, work best.

7. After the paint has dried, cover the plate with stain or varnish.

8. If you have used a stain, coat the plate with a can of acrylic lacquer.

9. Pull the twine through the holes.

10. Attach the sign to the bouquet of fir branches. You can complement the composition with burlap or other natural fabric.

The decoration is ready!

2. Composition with candles.

Candles are traditionally used in Christmas decor. If you use pine needles and cones as a stand for them, you get a full-fledged decor item. You can fasten the structure with wire and mounting foam. You can add bright ribbons and shiny balls. The decoration will look even more interesting if you combine branches of various coniferous trees in it.

Prepare all the necessary materials - white or red candles, bright satin ribbons, wire or special mesh for crafts, foam for floristry (you can use mounting foam), cones, balls, skewers or sticks for attaching candles.

2. Pick up coniferous branches. Look great together pine, juniper.

3. If you have special flower arranging tools, use them. Build a structure with foam and mesh, which can be purchased at specialized stores. But these materials can be replaced with mounting foam and ordinary wire. In addition, ordinary clay can be used as a base.

4. Attach the branches to the base, starting with the largest.

5. The result should be a rather lush bouquet.

6. Attach candles with wire or colored tape to colored wooden sticks or skewers. Install the candles on the base.

7. Attach the buds to the composition. Ideally, if you have green wire at your disposal. Attach other decor in the same way.

8. Choose a place to place your composition. If you put the decoration on the windowsill, not only your household members, but also passers-by will be able to admire it.

3. And another version of the wreath on the door…

You don't have to stick to the standard Christmas colors. Instead of red and gold, complement the coniferous branches with silver balls and ribbons in the color of spring grass. This decoration will look great on a bright door without too much decor.


Balloons with natural decorations.

We used to hang balls on the Christmas tree. Or you can do it in an original way and place the Christmas tree inside the ball. You can replace spruce branches with any other needles. In extreme cases, you can even make a similar decoration with artificial needles. Just pick up a transparent ball of the right size, remove the mount and fill it with the selected branches.

5. Kissing mistletoe.

Traditionally, if a free boy and girl happen to be under mistletoe branches, they should kiss. Sometimes lovers can spend hours waiting for their soul mate under a Christmas decoration... You can make your own Kissing Ball and don't rely on luck!


1. Select the base for your ball. It is more convenient to work with special balls from a floristry store, but you can simply make a wire frame.

2. Attach the pine branches to the base.

3. Complete the composition with mistletoe leaves and other herbs of your choice.

4. You can decorate the kissing ball with cones and dried flowers.

5. The balloon can be supplemented with a golden or scarlet flying one, for which, among other things, the composition can be fixed in the right place.

6. Laconic decoration for the kitchen.

Thuja or juniper will perfectly refresh any interior. You can not be smart, and just arrange the branches throughout the house in beautiful festive dishes.

7. Another variation on the theme of wreaths…

If you love Christmas wreaths very much, you don't have to limit yourself to just one on the front door. You can hang homemade decorations anywhere, arrange accordingly. For example, a composition of wreaths made from different coniferous branches looks very harmonious.

Manual :

  1. Select branches of different conifers of approximately the same size.
  2. Make a thick wire ring and paint it white.
  3. Secure the branches to the base with wire or a glue gun.
  4. Hang the wreaths on a wide red ribbon at different heights.
  5. If desired, you can add decorations from ribbons and balls to the wreaths.

8. Mini Christmas tree

For those who do not have enough one tree in the house. A mini tree will decorate your desktop, kitchen or hallway. Just tie a few small branches together around the base and decorate with the smallest piece of jewelry you have. Great alternative to branches in a vase!

9. Garland of branches.

If you really have a lot of small pine or spruce branches at your disposal, just tie them into a huge garland. You can add it with luminous lanterns or any other decor.

10. Another Christmas wreath design

Can't decide between silver and gold decor? Use both at the same time! Just paint the buds collected in the forest with acrylic spray paints. Pine cones will add volume to the decoration.

11. Gift tags.

So that your guests do not mix up the gifts placed under the Christmas tree during the chiming clock, you can write the names of the recipients on such original tags. Unlike torn packaging, few people raise their hands to throw them away!

12. Aroma of pine needles in the house.

A simple and incredibly successful solution for everyone who only has an artificial Christmas tree in the house. You can create the aroma of a real Christmas tree yourself!

You will need cinnamon (sticks are best, but powder will do) and other Christmas spices such as nutmeg, cardamom, cloves, and pine or spruce needles. Boil the spices together with the needles and store in a warm place. If necessary, the mixture can be heated. If the house has a fireplace or stove, place the mixture in them. If you can’t get the needles, just add a few drops of fir oil to the decoction, which you can buy at the pharmacy.

13. Candlesticks decorated with greenery.

A very simple idea, all you need is glue and small pine branches. It is better to choose water-based glue, then after the holidays it will be easy for candlesticks to give their former look.

14. Bowls with herbs.

Any copper or earthenware is associated with holiday bells. Therefore, a simple combination of beautiful glasses or glasses with small branches looks very festive!

15. And again a garland…

The usual garland of needles is perfectly complemented by juniper berries. If there are no natural ones, you can use artificial ones! And rowan berries go well with needles.

16. Branch star.

For those who are tired of the usual shapes... These stars can be hung around the garden or used as a wreath at the entrance.

17. Basket with flashlights.

An elegant arrangement for decorating a garden or balcony.

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