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Delete your personal information from this scary site now

Important note: Be careful where you click. Depending on the browser you use and which device you use, you may see slightly different things than what we’ve posted in the screenshots below. Both of these websites charge fees for you to access more records, but not to have yourself removed from these sites. Do not pay to have yourself removed from these sites. The opt-out service is free. 

Have you ever wanted to trace or record your family’s history? Discover your true origin? Maybe find out for sure whether you’re really a descendant of Dutch royalty or if that’s just something your mom said? Either way, retracing the roots of your family tree can be an eye-opening experience for both you and your loved ones.

You’ve probably seen enough TV commercials to know there are countless websites/services that allow you to access the history of your genealogical tree throughout the generations. However, having free access to this kind of data may be a double-edged sword. You’ll be surprised by the mass of personal information that one of these sites offers for all to see.

We’re talking about Family Tree Now, a site that lets you look up historical records free of charge. While listing some family/personal history is warranted, this website gets a bit too close for comfort. It reveals entirely too much information to the public — more than you or anyone else would want.

Personal information publicly displayed on Family Tree Now

One thing you’ll discover at first is how simple Family Tree Now is to navigate. Begin by entering your first and last name and the state in which you currently reside. From there, a list of matches will appear. Once you find the match that corresponds, the site surprisingly displays the following information:

  • Your age, including the month and year that you were born
  • A list of potential family members
  • People you may be or once associated with
  • Your current and past addresses
  • Your current phone number and past numbers

What users find to be most eerie is that you don’t even have to sign up or become a member to have your information listed on the site. It’s already there for anyone to see, for free.

Along with your home address, the site is nice enough to provide a map to help any random user see exactly where you live and how to get there in a matter of seconds. Yeah…cue the suspense music because this is getting downright creepy!

Obviously, this makes locating you a piece of cake for anyone. It’s firmly suggested that you go to the site and opt out to have your information removed from the view of prying eyes. Remember, this service is free; do not pay to have yourself removed from this site.

One of our own here at Komando actually went through the steps to remove themselves from this app. They were stunned to find every address they lived at in the last 25+ years, plus their current phone number, along with every other number they’ve ever had.

NOTE: Before you go and see what they have on you, read the section below. This way, when you see your personal details, you know how to opt out.

How to opt out of Family Tree Now

Family Tree Now makes the opt-out process fairly easy. Again, you may see something slightly different, depending on what browser and device you use.

Follow these steps:

  1. Click here to be directed to the Family Tree Now Opt Out page. Or, go to First, you’ll be asked to enter your email address.
  2. Next, click the reCAPTCHA section to prove you’re not a robot. Then tap the Begin Opt Out Procedure button.
  3. You will be routed to a free search page. Run a search on yourself. You’ll enter your first, middle and last name along with the city and state you currently reside in. You will also enter your birth year.
  4. Once you’ve found yourself, click on the record details. Verify that this record is, in fact, you and not someone else with the same or similar name.
  5. Once you’re certain that it’s your record, click the red “Opt Out This Record” button (see screenshots below).
  6. Next, you will receive an email with a link inside. Click on the link to confirm the opt-out request.
  7. That’s it, you are done. Allow up to 72 hours for your request to be processed. Once it’s processed, that record will be removed from all places on the site. Note: If you have multiple records that need to be removed, repeat steps one through four for each.

Desktop view:

Mobile view:

Bonus: Here’s another site you need to check

Our same staffer discovered that more of their personal data was featured on another site, called TruthFinder. Similarly, this website possesses information that can lead random users down the path of your entire life from birth to current status and location, totally free of charge.

Like Family Tree Now, you can search a name (first and last), a city/state, and boom! Just like that, every date, every number, every contact and every place you’ve ever called home is visible to the whole world.

Click here to view TruthFinder’s opt out procedure. It is easy to opt out. Do not pay to remove yourself from their site, or any website. These are free services.

Start by searching for your report and select the one you’d like to have erased. You will then receive an email confirmation, which will require your permission to remove the chosen record. Confirm. Done! Rinse and repeat if you find any other records you’d like erased.

Like Family Tree Now, TruthFinder will remove records shortly after you make the opt-out request. You’re welcome to guess how long shortly is. “Due to the number of ways we source our data, this may take up to 48 hours.”

How To Opt Out Of (2020 Update)

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Submitting a FamilyTreeNow. com opt out request is extremely important if you want to protect your private information.

Here’s why:

A growing number of people have gotten increasingly concerned with for a multitude of reasons. FamilyTreeNow is a people finder website that promotes itself as being focused on genealogy. Since the act of genealogy research can be very time consuming, this helped the site gain traction and popularity.

However, many are concerned with the amount of private information that you can find on and want to remove information or opt out.

Within a couple minutes, you can find addresses (current and previous), phone numbers, emails, and relatives or associates for just about anyone. Including you.

What’s most concerning is that this information isn’t hidden behind a paywall like some other sites. Anyone can look you up and find all of this in a snap without paying anything at all. This lowers the barrier of entry and makes it easier for your info to fall into the wrong hands.

Opt out of FamilyTreeNow the easy way

Our privacy protection tool allows you to opt out of FamilyTreeNow and 50+ other sites just like it

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How to opt out of

We’ve established that FamilyTreeNow has access to an uncomfortable amount of personal information for most people. So now what?

Now it’s time to go through the opt out steps to make sure that they can’t access or display your personal information anymore.

Legally you have the upper hand here. If you choose to opt out and remove your information from the site they will be breaking the law if they ignore your request.

All you have to do is follow the steps and do it the right way.

1. Go to FamilyTreeNow’s opt out page.

Read through all directions, complete the CAPTCHA form and click the “Begin Opt Out Procedure” button at the bottom of the page.

2. Enter your name, location, and birth year. Then click “Search.”  

3. Find your listing and click the “View Details” button.

4. Click the red “opt out” button on the page.

 Repeat this process for any other entries that refer to you. Your information will be removed within 48 hours of your FamilyTreeNow opt out request.

What type of info is on FamilyTreeNow?

The biggest issue with the site is that there is a lot of information that you can’t find elsewhere. This means opting out of is critical if you want to protect your information.

Here is the full list of information and details that are shared on the site:

Census Records

The census data dates all the way back to the American Revolution. This means that you can find information on relatives going as far back as the birth of the country. By working backwards, it’s possible to trace your family tree in reverse.

FamilyTreeNow uses these records extensively when collecting data for their site. When you see how many smaller pieces of information can be pulled from census records you will understand why.

Census data provides comprehensive information on people’s age, location, relatives, and education levels. The site uses these to not only draw your family tree, but quickly turn one set of records into basic information about multiple people.

The issue here is that you can’t block the site (or others) from accessing census records, so you need to rely entirely on the FamilyTreeNow opt out process and doing it correctly in order to fully protect your information.

Birth Records

Accessing birth records can be extremely valuable for a site like, and they use their technology to scrape and access as many as possible.

By accessing this they can find the date and location of your birth as well as names and birthplaces of your parents. This is yet another piece of information that they can add to their overall database and make your information publicly accessible.

This also provides a path that they can use to come up with more names of people to look into, and find information about. Unfortunately, this information can only be blocked by the opt out process as well.

Death Records

FamilyTreeNow gets access to death records in order to map out their database across many people. Within these records you will typically find the location and date of a person’s death.

While this might not seem as worrying as some of the other records that has access to, there is one big reason why it still matters. By tying this into the other information that they have access to, the site can then verify if your information is correct and promote it with more accuracy.

By opting out of you can cut off their ability to legally display this information even after they have verified it’s accuracy.

Marriage & Divorce Records

Another private piece of information that FamilyTreeNow. com goes after are marriage and divorce records. These are easy for them to find and can help them scrap thousands of people off of one single record.

This is done by taking a base record and then learning about spouses, which can lead to the discovery of children, siblings, parents, cousins, aunts, uncles, and more.

Most want to keep marriage and divorce information private, so you can see why this specifically has bothered so many people since the site has started operating. Luckily, submitting a opt out request will solve this problem for you.

Living People Records

These records can be very valuable for a site like because they cover a wide variety of data that they can share. Not only that but they can likely use this to trace your family history back a few generations.

The biggest issue with these records specifically is that if someone has changed their name for personal or safety reasons, this can uncover that. It can even go so far as to include aliases as well.

If you fall under this category you should absolutely complete the FamilyTreeNow opt out procedure in order to keep this information private. This site is probably better at accessing this information than any other, so this should be extremely high-priority.

World War II Personnel Records

World War II records can provide a ton of personnel information indicating who served, their age, rank, education level, and more. They are easily available and can lead to a lot of other information being accessed or validated.

WWII records are often overlooked as a source of private information but sites like FamilyTreeNow use them quite often to build out a massive database of personal information. These are probably the hardest to hide, so opting out of is definitely the way to go.

FamilyTreeNow & The California Consumer Privacy Act

If you’re not yet familiar with the California Consumer Privacy Act, or the CCPA, it is a law that went into place in January if this year that provides California residents with more transparency into how data brokers and people search sites are obtaining and leveraging their information. It gives residents the right to request what information is being collected (and how) as well as the power to request the information to be removed from the data brokers’ databases and no longer be sold.

FamilyTreeNow makes reference to the CCPA in their privacy policy here.

What’s next?

Now that you have completed the steps it’s time to think about the bigger picture. As we’ve said before, there are plenty of similar sites that exist out there and are sharing your private information.

In order to protect yourself you need to do two things:

  1. Opt out of all these sites
  2. Control your online presence so information is harder to find

This might seem complicated, but if you sign up for our tool that protects your privacy online you don’t have to worry about it. It will guide you through each step of the process for all of the sites like so your private information stays private!

Opt out of FamilyTreeNow the easy way

Our privacy protection tool allows you to opt out of FamilyTreeNow and 50+ other sites just like it

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How to make a family tree on your computer ▷ ➡️ Creative Stop ▷ ➡️

How to make a family tree on PC. While having lunch with relatives, some of them told the story of their family trying to recreate the places of origin of their ancestors. After learning about distant relatives that she had never heard of, she decided to look into it and build a family tree of her family. He immediately set to work with pencil and paper, but realized that the best solution for the project was to trust a professional tool.

Well, if that's true, let me tell you that you've come to the right place at the right time! With today's guide, I will tell you how to make a family tree on PC , showing some online services and some useful programs to achieve your goal.

In fact, you have plenty of options to succeed in your attempt: some allow you to add family members with photos, personal information, and bios; Others allow you to manage your family tree and invite family members to participate, make changes and additions, with the ability to create discussions to share information. Interesting, right?


  • 1 How to make a family tree on a PC using the programs )
  • 2 Other Solutions for Genealogy on PC
  • How to Genealog on PC with Software

    MyHeritage (online / Windows / macOS)

    Among the first solutions to consider for make a family tree on PC está My Heritage. This is a completely free online service, also available as a program to install on your computer and as an application for devices. Android and iOS, which makes it very easy to create pedigrees.

    If you think MyHeritage is the right solution to create your family tree, connect to the service website, click on the element Start your own tree and enter your details in the 9 fields0003 first name , last name , Email address y Year of birth then enter first and last name your father y your mother and press the button starts .

    On the next screen, enter your maternal grandparents in the fields First name , Last name , Year of birth , Country of birth and indicate if they are still alive by checking the box next to Still alive and, if not, points to Date of death in the corresponding field. Then press button Siguiente , repeat the operation also for your paternal grandparents and press button final .

    Now enter the password for your MyHeritage account in the fields Select password y Confirm your password and press button save , then continue to add family members by pressing button + is present in the field for each previously added relative and select whether to add brother or un son.

    In addition, by checking the box for each added family member, you can add and edit your details through the items on the left sidebar: profile view profile and family ties; edit To edit previously added data, add a photo and enter additional information; add add relative; invite to enter an email address and invite a relative to use MyHeritage; more To remove a relative or remove a link from another person y Add a biography insert the biography of the selected relative.

    As mentioned above, MyHeritage is also available as a program to install on your computer. If you want to download it, go to the download page of the Family Tree Builder program (name of the program), press the button Download free and wait for the software to load.

    Now you have Windows PC , double click on the file you just downloaded, select Language through the drop down menu for the target and click on the button Bueno , then click on the buttons Siguiente y I accept click on the button install , wait for the installation to complete and click the button final to close the window.

    If you have Mac , double click on the file family_tree_builder_ (version).dmg and drag the icon to Family Builder in the folder of the macOS application, then double click the icon Family Builder to launch the program. If it doesn't start, right click on it and select item open from the menu that appears.

    Now check the box next to the article español set the language and press the button accept , then click on enter to connect to your MyHeritage account or click on option Register now if you have not created your account yet. Then enter your data in the fields first name , last name , sex , Email address y password and click the button Siguiente to complete the registration

    When you first start your Family Tree Builder, if you have already created your Family Tree Builder tree, you will be prompted to synchronize the program with MyHeritage - press buttons Bueno y yes , then click on the element Download now to complete the synchronization and continue building the family tree using the Family Tree Builder. The operation is almost identical to the one described above for the web version.

    MyHeritage is also available in a paid Premium version (€7.49/month, billed annually) that allows you to enter up to 2,500 people into family trees, offers priority support, adds additional features for creating family trees (smart union, interactive map and more ) and provides access to detailed information and documents about people included in the site's database.

    Genoom (online)

    genoom This is a good online service to create a pedigree for free. It offers a simple and intuitive interface and allows you to insert/manage the personal file of each family member by inserting photos, profession description and many other data. It also allows you to invite multiple family members to join your account to make changes and create discussions.

    To create a family tree using Genoom, connect to the service website and enter your details in the fields first name , last name y E-mail: then check the boxes next to male o female to indicate your gender and click the button Create tree to register on the site.

    On the new open page, you can start building your family tree by inserting parents. Then click on the element Add data is present in the visible fields above your name and enter the data in the fields name , last name y Date of birth ; indicate the type of membership by checking the box next to the option between male y female and indicate if they are still alive by checking the box next to item He is alive .

    You should be aware that you can associate an email address with each added family member. This is a useful feature that allows a contact to join their Genoom account and make changes to the created family tree. To do this, enter your email address in field E-mail (optional) Check the box next to the article invite and click on the button add add a friend.

    After adding a family member, click on their name to add more information or change previously entered information. On the page that opens, select one of the available options: Change your photo add a photo by uploading it from your PC; Change the list to apply the changes, add contact information ( E-mail: y website ) and enter Ciudad , PAC y country of residence; invite invite a relative to join their family network and change couples change relationship with partner ( spouse , former spouse , socially , former partner ) and finally insert you wedding date you can click on item Full card and on button Edit list add Biography , profession and add a family member to the map.

    To add a brother, son or partner, click on the entry Add a relative specify in the field the relative you are interested in and select one of the elements person is already in the tree . Then repeat the addition operation for all members of your family, thus creating additional "branches" of your family tree.

    When adding all family members is completed, you can click on the printer icon present at the bottom right to print the family tree. You can also press the home button (above) to access additional features such as Messages to send private messages to family members who have received and accepted your invitation; Family Forum to start new public discussions with family and calendar to create and manage events. Press 9 instead0003 world to show your family members on the map or vertical lines icon to see a list of all added relatives.

    Genoom is also available in a subscription version that allows you to remove ads and enjoy additional features such as backups, the ability to export the family tree to PDF and view statistics. Click on the entry Pro account subscribe for a subscription at a price of 24 euros / year.

    Gramps (Windows/macOS/Linux)

    Gramps is free and open source software available for Windows, macOS and Linux. It has a completely Italian interface and supports extensions that, if installed, allow you to extend its functionality.

    To download Gramps to your computer, go to the program website, click on the element Download Gramps in the upper right corner and on the new opened page, find the version of Linux, Windows 9 you are interested in0004 y MacOS .

    Download completed, if you are using Windows PC , double click on the file GrampsAIO- (Version) . exe click the buttons Siguiente y Agree , choose whether you want to install the program just for yourself or for everyone PC users and press the buttons Siguiente y install To start the installation.

    If you have Mac, open DMG package just downloaded and dragged the icon to folder application macOS and launch the program by double-clicking its icon. If it doesn't start, right click on it and select item open from the menu that appears.

    After starting Gramps, press the button nuevo to create a new family tree, enter name in the corresponding field and click on the item Climb the family tree. Then enter the first person by clicking on the entry persons in the left sidebar and click the icon + at the top, then enter the data in the fields first name , last name , sex while through the items below like events , addresses , Internet , gallery etc. you can enter additional information and add photos. After entering all the data you want, press the button Bueno to add the person to the pedigree.

    Now you can create your first relationship. Then select the person created above and click on item Relaciones , then click on one of the available options at the top Add a new set of parents (icon three people and + ) Add a child to an existing family (icon three people ) A Add a family with this person as father ( two men ).

    For example, if you want to create a family with a person created in childhood, click the element Add a new set of parents and in the new window that opens, click on the button + next to articles Parent / Partner1 y Mother / Partner2 , then enter the data and press the button accept insert new components.

    On the same screen, you can also add any brother of the selected person by clicking the + icon next to the item. Hermanos . Then repeat the procedure for each entered to create your family tree, which you can see by clicking on the item graphic present in the left sidebar.

    Legacy (Windows)

    There is also Legacy as a solution for managing your family tree, free and easy to use software for Windows PC.

    To download Legacy to your computer, connect to the program's website, click on the element download now for free and on the new open page, click Download Legacy Standard Edition (free) .

    Now enter your details in the fields Email address , First name y Last name Check the box next to the article I am not a robot and click the button Next step , In a few seconds you will receive an email with a link to download the program: click on it and on the page that opens click on the button Download now .

    After the download is complete, double-click the Legacy (version) Setup.exe file to start the installation, then click the Siguiente button twice in succession and wait for the installation to complete.

    Now run the program, select the language from the menu and click on the button Bueno so check the box next to the item I want to use the Legacy Standard Edition (free) and click on the button Siguiente , then follow the wizard to configure the program.

    To start creating a family tree, click on the option Start a new family file and enter your details in the fields Your name , Your date of birth , Your place of birth is , then enter if you are married and optionally enter your spouse's details. Then press the buttons Add parent y Add mother to enter your parents and your partner's parents, and then on the buttons Add parent , Add mother to mother and so on to add grandparents. To save your changes, click the completed button.

    You can manage the added people by clicking on item Name list above, while you can create additional people by clicking on the option Add people and select the type of person to create ( Add husband to your wife , Add brother , Add parent etc. d.).

    Other PC Family Tree Solutions

    If the online programs and services above don't meet your needs, you should know they exist. other family tree solutions for PC :

    • Genes (Internet) is a free tool that allows you to easily create your own family tree. It allows you to upload photos and documents, share your tree with relatives who can insert the missing "pieces".

    • FamilySearch (Internet) : A powerful free service that, in addition to creating family trees, allows you to access a rich data file with the ability to trace back to ancestors. The database is constantly updated and contains millions of cards of people from all over the world.

    • Canva (Web) - Another online tool to create a family tree from one of the many models available for free. With a simple and intuitive interface, it is ideal for less experienced users.

    • Microsoft Office (Windows/MacOS) : Through Excell and especially word you can create a family tree using predefined templates and downloading others from the Internet. Microsoft Office is paid, but a free trial is also available.

    Create a Family Tree Diagram in PowerPoint 2003

    01 of 10

    Select a Title and Content Slide Layout for the Family Tree Diagram

    Note - For this tutorial in PowerPoint 2007 - Create a Family Bottom Chart in PowerPoint 2007

    Family Tree Diagram Slide Layout 09004 9005 For a new PowerPoint presentation, you will need to select a Title and Content Slide Layout.

    1. In the Taskbar Slide Layout on the right side of the screen, highlight the section called Content Layouts.
    2. Select one of the slide layouts. For this exercise, I chose the Title and Content slide layout.

    If you want to be eligible to add data to a family tree chart, check the shaded text box on page 10 of this manual. I have created a free tree structure diagram template to download and modify to suit your needs.

    Continue reading below

    02 of 10

    Use an org chart to create your family tree.

    An org chart for your family tree

    A family tree chart is created using a PowerPoint org chart.

    1. Click the icon for Chart or Organization Chart in the group of icons displayed on the header and content slide.
    2. Click on Org Chart option from six selected options.
    3. Press OK .

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    03 of 10

    Remove Extra Shapes from Your Family Tree Diagram

    Remove Extra Shapes from Your Family Tree Diagram

      Add extra shapes to your family tree diagram for your family members.
    1. To remove any shapes that are not needed for the family tree, simply press border shape.
    2. press to delete on the keyboard.

    04 of 10

    Add additional members to the diagram of your family tree

    More descendants in the Family Family Tree

    To add additional members to the genealogical tree -

    1. BCD 9000 want to add a child or another member.
    2. To Org Chart toolbar, click the down arrow next to Insert Form .
    • sub - This will create a new shape below the currently selected shape. Use this option for child of the selected member.
    • Colleague - Use this setting for the sibling of the selected member. Workmate is not an available option when the highest member is selected.
    • Assistant - Use this setting for the spouse of the selected participant.

    Note - Organization Chart The toolbar will only appear if you have selected a chart or an object in the chart.

    Continue Reading Below

    05 of 10

    Resizing Text Inside Family Tree Diagram Shapes

    Insert Text into Shapes0004

    You'll probably notice that your text is too big for the shape. The text can be changed in one go.

    1. Select a family tree diagram or any object in the diagram.
    2. Click Text Fitting on the org chart toolbar.

    06 of 10

    Change colors of family tree diagram objects

    Show different generations in family tree diagram

    Change the appearance of the family tree diagram using the PowerPoint Autoformat button. With this option, you can color code into different generations of your family tree.

    1. Click in an empty area of ​​the family tree diagram to select it.
    2. Click Autoformat on the org chart toolbar.
    3. Click on multiple options in the list to see a preview of that option.
    4. Select the color option that suits your needs, and then click the Ok button.

    Continue reading below

    07 of 10

    Changes in additional colors in the family tree diagram

    Additional color parameters

    after you used Autoformat Option for the genealogical tree diagram, you can all equally make it additional color changes to some of the element margins. To do this, you must remove the option to use Autoformat before you can apply the new color changes.

    1. Right-click anywhere on the family tree diagram.
    2. There will be a checkmark next to Use Autoformat in the context menu. Click this option. This will remove the Autoformat feature, but will still keep the color you chose. Now you can recolor the shapes manually.

    08 of 10

    Recoloring shapes in a family tree diagram

    Recoloring shapes in a family tree diagram

    1. Click on the border of the form. To select more than one shape for this change, press shift while you click on the border of each additional shape. This will allow you to select more than one form.
    2. Right-click one of the selected objects.
    3. Click on AutoShape Format ... in the context menu.

    Continue reading below

    09 of 10

    Choose the color of your choice for Family Bottom Chart Objects

    Choose a color and line type selection

    1. in the Format AutoShape dialog box, select a new color and/or line type for the selected shape.

      Learn more