How to destroy the hist tree

the Hist Tree quest... : IV

the Hist Tree quest...

» Mon Jan 25, 2010 5:14 am

...---this issue is occuring during my present Fighters Guild quest, the "Hist Tree"--- ...I'm in the basemant of the Blackwoods Hall in Leyawinn...was sent there to destroy the Hist Tree. Problem is, once I'm there I'm prompted onscreen that I must find a way to destroy the "alien machinery" used to extract the hisp in order to destroy the tree itself...and there's no further quest info, arrow, or directive whatsoever in my menu or from Orewyn in Chorrol who sent me on the quest in the first place...all I find are two loose pipe sections by the boiler which prove useless...I tried jamming the pump gears with them, but they just rattle and fade through them like a ghost...and when I approach the boiler and tanks, the activate option comes up, but with no result when I try... Is this a glitch, or am I missing something??? Any advise will be welcome.

Mr. Allen
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» Mon Jan 25, 2010 4:57 am

Something got bugged somewhere. With both pipes in inventory, all that is needed is to activate the two pumps which will destroy the machine.

What platform are you on?

If you're on pc you could use this in the console;

setstage FGD09Hist 40

u gone see
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» Mon Jan 25, 2010 4:36 pm

Try putting them in your inventory, then activating the pump.

Wiki: 'To stop the machine, pick up the two Loose Pipes that are lying on or near the table by the furnace, they will be added to your inventory automatically. Once they are in your inventory, activate one and then the other Sap Pump on each side of the tree. This should destroy both of them and you will get a message saying the tree has been destroyed.'

Hope that helps! :foodndrink:

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» Mon Jan 25, 2010 6:20 am

...omg...if that's it, I'm gonna ****...but then again, it's always something simple in the end! I'm gonna try it later this evening... Thanks so much!

Lisa Robb
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» Mon Jan 25, 2010 3:19 pm

....oops, was so shocked, I forgot to respond to the question. ..I'm on XBOX360...thanks.

Something got bugged somewhere. With both pipes in inventory, all that is needed is to activate the two pumps which will destroy the machine.

What platform are you on?

If you're on pc you could use this in the console;

setstage FGD09Hist 40

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Quest Information
Starting Location: Chorrol
Starting NPC: Modryn Oreyn
Possible Reward(s): Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw, Guildmaster of the Fighters Guild
Did we miss anything during this quest? Is there something we didn't discover? Let us know!

After discovering the atrocities you unknowingly committed in Water's Edge during the Infiltration quest, Modryn decides that immediate action must be taken against the Blackwood Company. The Hist tree is an abomination of nature and the source of many problems, so Modryn wants you to destroy it. He figures that the Blackwood Company leader, Ri'Zakar, will have it locked away and heavily guarded, so you can expect plenty of opposition during the mission. Modryn also mentions that Ri'Zakar probably has a key that you'll need to gain access to the Hist tree.

To put an end to the Blackwood Company and the Hist tree, you're basically going to launch a full assault on the Blackwood Company Hall in Leyawiin. The door is locked during the night (and can't be picked), so you won't have the cover of darkness to work under on this mission. As soon as arrive in Leyawiin and enter the hall, a Khajiit named Ja'Fazir will approach you and call you out as a Fighters Guild spy. Combat is unavoidable at this point, and you'll find yourself up against Ja'Fazir and two other soldiers (Rana and Geel) here in the entrance area. When all three lie dead, search Ja'Fazir's corpse to find Jeetum Ze's Room Key and head upstairs.

You'll find Jeetum-Ze in either his personal chambers (which you can now gain access to with the key) or in the room at the end of the hall. He'll attack as soon as he's aware of your presence, so plan the battle accordingly. When you've given him more punishment than he can endure, you can pluck Ri'Zakar's Room Key from his bleeding carcass. This will get you into the leader's personal chamber on the hall's third floor.

Ri'Zakar wields a magical hammer and will relentlessly attack you with it. There isn't much room to move around in his chamber, but try to dodge as much as possible while inflicting whatever damage you can to the bloodthirsty Khajiit. He'll eventually drop and a journal entry will prompt you to grab his key for the hall's basement. Once the Blackwood Co. Basement Key is in your hands, return to the first floor and head through the door leading into the Blackwood Company Hall Basement.

When you arrive, a journal entry will explain what you have to do - destroy the alien machinery that keeps the Hist tree alive. Unfortunately, you still have two Argonian mages to go through (Hears-Voices-In-The-Air and Sings-Like-Thunder) in order to carry out the plan. Teach the casters a lesson for having such bizarre names, then grab the two loose pipes lying near one of the tables. With these in hand, simply use the two Sap Pumps to cause the needed destruction. Your job here is complete... or is it?

As soon as you enter the hall's main floor chamber, your old friend Maglir will approach and accuse you of "ruining everything" before arriving at the idiotic conclusion that he should exact revenge on you. Finally a chance to wipe out the annoying bastard in self defense! Put an end to his contract defecting ways (no, the game doesn't let you parade his crumpled body on the streets of Leyawiin - I tried), then return to Chorrol to report the news to Modryn.

Modryn is delighted to hear that the Hist tree has been destroyed, thus reducing the Blackwood Company to a simple band of mercenaries. He praises you for making Cyrodiil a safer place and even presents you with the Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw as a reward. Apparently the helm belonged to one of his ancestors and Modryn wants you to wear it and help restore the glory of his family's name. Now that you've put a stop to the Blackwood Company, Modryn asks that you tell the Fighters Guild guildmaster, Vilena Donton, everything thas has transpired.

When you first arrive at the Chorrol Fighters Guild, Vilena isn't very happy to see you. In fact, she's under the assumption that you're here to tender your resignation for your part in her son's death during the Trolls of Forsaken Mine quest. Once she hears that you and Modryn have successfully put an end to the Blackwood Company's scheming ways, though, she changes her tune. She strips you of your rank of Champion for being "reckless, foolhardy, and dangerous", only to instead grant you her place as the Master of the Fighters Guild. Vilena feels that the guild has passed her by and that you best represent the guild's future.

Your first duty as the new master is to choose a second-in-command, which Vilena recommends be Modryn Oreyn for his wisdom in exposing the Blackwood Company. This really isn't a choice that you can make, though, as Modryn is the only option you're given. When you return and tell him the good news, he accepts the position and explains how the guild's intricacies work. Every month, you can tell Modryn what you'd like the guild to focus on - recruitment, contracts, or both equally. At the end of the month, a percentage of the guild's total revenue is placed in the Guildmaster's Chest on the top floor of the Chorrol Fighters Guild. To make sure you can gain access to your cut, Modryn hands over the Guildmaster's Key. If you ever decide that you'd like the guild to focus on something different for the month, just speak with Modryn and he'll set it up. If Modryn doesn't hear from you for any particular month, he tells you that he'll just carry over the previous month's orders.

Well done, guildmaster!

all possible ways to get rid of tree plantations, as well as remove their growth, without resorting to felling

There are situations in which it is necessary to stop the growth of a tree or completely remove it, but sawing and felling are not applicable.

If you decide to destroy a tree, you must understand the possible consequences, including a high likelihood of a fine or even criminal prosecution .

However, these methods can be used legally, for example, to control the growth of a felled or uprooted tree that has been removed with permission.

In addition, cessation of growth or removal may be required when:

  • a young shoot from a wild root is growing near the foundation;
  • among trees of one species, a wild plant of another species appears and suppresses other plants;
  • after clearing the field and uprooting the stumps, wild growth appears.

Let's figure out how to destroy a tree without cutting it down.


  • What is the difference between cessation of growth and removal?
  • How to stop growth?
    • Treatment of leaves
    • Treatment of trunk
    • Treatment of roots
  • How to get rid of a tree?
  • Conclusion

What is the difference between cessation of growth and removal?

The cessation of growth leads to the death of the plant, but the trunk and branches can retain their shape for decades. Such a plant turns into deadwood and dries quickly , because the sap flow in it completely stops.

Removal means the destruction of the trunk or roots in any way, after which the restoration of the tree is no longer possible.

However, after removal of the trunk, it is possible that roots remain active and new shoots appear. It is also possible to simultaneously remove the trunk and roots, but it is impossible to remove or destroy the roots before removing the trunk.

How to stop growth?

All methods of stopping growth can be divided according to their effect into:

  • leaves;
  • barrel;
  • soil and roots.

Foliar treatment

Foliage is treated with various herbicides, the most popular of which is Roundup .

Although marketed as a weed killer, this product is well suited for killing most deciduous trees.

The main component is glyphosate, which blocks the synthesis of certain critical substances, which leads to the death of all parts of the plant.

Roundup is applied to the leaves with the Sprayer using protective clothing, respirator and goggles, as glyphosate is highly toxic. In addition, any glyphosate-based preparations should not be used where animals of any kind frequently appear.

Foliar spraying with Roundup or other herbicides can be done at any time, but will be most effective when spraying early foliage.

When applying the preparation to the plant, it is necessary to proceed very carefully, if possible avoiding material falling on the ground . Once in the soil, glyphosate will poison it and groundwater passing through it, then with them it will get to other plants, as well as into a well or well. Due to the high toxicity of the drug, it should be used only in exceptional cases, when no other methods of dealing with the young growth of the tree give a result.

Impact on the trunk

To stop the growth of the plant through the trunk, use the same methods that we talked about in the article about removing stumps without uprooting.

Due to the fact that the wood of the trunk is almost indistinguishable from the wood of the roots, these reagents act on the trunk in exactly the same way.

It is most convenient to drill holes for laying reagents at a height of 1.5 m from the ground, this will allow you to perform all work with a minimum level of discomfort. If necessary, the height can be changed in any direction, because reagents spread along the tree along with the movement of juices .

When choosing a reagent, it must be taken into account that urea and saltpeter loosen the wood and deprive it of strength, due to which the tree may fall under the influence of wind.

Treatment of roots

The effect on the roots differs from the effect on the trunk only in that the preparations are not injected into the wood, but poured around .

This method is only applicable where no other plants are planned to be planted after the removal of the tree.

Therefore, you do not have to worry about the negative effects of reagents.

This method has several significant disadvantages :

  • increased consumption of reagents, because it is necessary to create a high concentration in the area of ​​the root system;
  • total barrenness of the soil;
  • pollution of high-lying groundwater.

How to get rid of a tree?

In cases where you need to destroy a tree without cutting it down, you can:

  1. Knock it down in various ways.
  2. Remove the root from the ground (if required).
  3. Dispose of leftovers.

Only young trees of small height and diameter can be felled. If the height exceeds 4–5 m, and the diameter of the trunk exceeds 10 cm, it is better to cut it down, because larger plants can only be dumped using heavy equipment , i.e. an excavator or a bulldozer.

At home, you can knock down the trunk using a car or truck. The heavier the machine, the easier it will be to break the trunk or twist the roots out of the ground.

Felling requires rope or cable twice the height of the tree. A cable or rope is tied to the trunk at a height of 2/3 of the trunk length, then tied to a towbar or transport hook.

It is desirable to load the trunk as much as possible in order to increase the weight of the car and the grip of its wheels with the ground. Then they start the car and, turning on the first gear, slowly pull the cable or rope and continue moving forward.

This job should not be done without many years of driving experience, as pressing the accelerator pedal too hard will result in wheel slip and reduced traction .

In addition, it is undesirable to use machines with an automatic transmission (automatic transmission) or a variator for this operation.

It is also very important to use the clutch pedal correctly, because mistakes will lead to rapid wear of the clutch disc or engine stalling.

If the trunk has broken off from the root, the root must be removed from the ground. If you leave it in the ground, then there is a high probability of both the appearance of a new shoot and the development of pests and pathogens of various diseases in it.

We have already talked about the different uprooting methods here. After that, it is necessary to dispose of all the wood in any acceptable way, which can help you with the article on the removal of trees and branches.


It is possible to get rid of a tree without cutting it down only if it is small, using both herbicides and other methods for this. However, most of the methods pose a threat to the soil, as well as animals and people.

Therefore, resorting to such extreme measures is necessary only if it is not possible to remove the tree or its growth in any other way.

How to destroy a tree without cutting it down - Vegetable garden, garden, balcony - August 1 - 43638938494

It is practically impossible to do without trees in a summer cottage, as they provide shade and coolness, and bear fruit. If for some reason it became necessary to get rid of the plant and free up space on the site, then it is important to figure out how to destroy the tree without cutting it down. Old salvage wood can be dangerous for the occupants of the house. The root system can damage the foundation if the tree grows directly near the structure.

Using chemicals, you can do without power tools and gently remove the stump. This method is safe for others, since the wood will not damage the house or plants, which is possible with the mechanical removal of the tree.

The main chemical ways to destroy a tree without cutting it down

The use of chemicals will help to quickly eliminate an emergency tree. Before removing unnecessary trees, it is worth familiarizing yourself with such unique methods as:

• injection of the drug into the trunk area;

• watering the soil with chemicals;

• foliar spraying;

• distribution of the drug on the bark of a tree;

• Complete removal of the tree including the stump.

The most effective way is to first cut the tree trunk, and then treat the stump with chemicals.

When choosing chemicals, it is important to first study the composition of the product.

When buying chemicals, it is important to take into account not only the composition of the preparation, but also the characteristics of the soil. Some products can adversely affect the condition of other living plants, therefore, having previously read the instructions, it will be possible to avoid harm.

Treatment of bark with preparations

Use herbicides to kill trees by effectively applying them to the living tissue of the tree. You can treat the bark of a tree with chemicals using incisions. When using an ax, it will be possible to make incisions, while not tearing the bark from the trunk. Notches should be obtained around the entire circumference of the trunk.

Most often, when treating bark with herbicides, the following preparations are used:

• Arsenal;

• Tornado;

• Roundup;

• Glyphos.

See also: Grafting fruit trees (video)

Arsenal is used to fight deciduous and coniferous trees of low value. Glyphos should be used as carefully as possible. This drug is considered fast and effective for deciduous forests and garden clearing, but poisonous. It is not recommended to stay near the trees for a long time after their processing; it is also forbidden to collect fruits from nearby trees for 15 days. Tornado is considered a safer herbicide for treating trees. The most effective tool is Roundup, it is used for fruit trees, conifers and forest species.

Watering the soil with herbicides

Before removing a tree with the help of chemicals, it is worth choosing a suitable product for watering the soil. When it is necessary to remove several plants at once, it is worth trying to water the soil with chemicals. When choosing drugs, you should pay attention to "Zenkor", "Prometrin" and "Maister". It is very important to wear protective gloves while watering the plants, and to protect the mouth and nose area with a bandage or respirator.

Tree root killers will help to cope with the task more effectively if the plant is thoroughly watered before applying the chemical, because in this case the roots will absorb the drug faster. After that, the plant is watered with a herbicide around the trunk. If you add a dye to the solution, it will be easier to figure out which wood is processed and which is not.

Before drying a standing tree with chemicals, it is important to first install concrete barriers around the plant. In this case, the root system of a number of growing plants will not suffer.

Injection with chemicals

The principle of this method is very similar to the treatment of the bark. It is necessary to carry out injections at a distance of 1 m from the soil level. It is necessary to act on the entire radius of the trunk with a distance of 5-10 cm. It is possible to apply chemicals for the destruction of trees by injection only if the radius of the trunk exceeds more than 5 cm.

To carry out the whole range of work is relevant, adhering to the following plan:

• Prepare a drill with a drill with a diameter of 5-10 mm. At an angle of 45°, make holes in the trunk with a depth of 4-5 cm.

• Take a pharmacy syringe, collect herbicide (Tornado, Ground and others) into it and distribute the solution into the hole.

• Seal the hole in the trunk with a small amount of earth, making sure that the mortar does not run out of the bark.

See also: In order to protect the garden in the spring we prepare preparations in the fall

Once you figure out how to destroy trees without cutting them down, injections will make it easier to get the results you want. This method can be used to deal with unwanted wood at any time of the year. It will be possible to achieve the fastest result if injections are carried out at the beginning of summer.

Foliage watering

Chemical leaf treatment is ideal if the shrub is small (up to 4 m). It is important to understand how to water the tree so that it dies, and then move on to gardening. Applying chemicals to the foliage will cause the plant to gradually die without receiving nutrients. The maximum effect of the procedure can be achieved if herbicides are applied after rain or watering the plant. The action of chemicals will not be so strong in dry weather and with a lack of moisture.

The use of herbicides to quickly destroy the tree without cutting it down, as well as other means, is important according to the instructions. If you apply drugs to the foliage in early spring or late summer, you will be able to protect other plants from the harmful effects.

Oil solutions are considered the most effective for fighting wood, as they are most quickly absorbed into the foliage. When choosing this category of products, it is important to work with them carefully, since according to the method of exposure they are more dangerous and toxic than aqueous solutions. Before you destroy a tree without cutting it down, you should purchase a suitable solution.

Experts advise to pay attention to such tools as Tornado, Roundup and Roundup Max. It is easy to understand that the drug has begun to act, since in this case the foliage becomes brown.

Chemical Stump Control

The use of chemicals will make it possible to cope with an unnecessary plant, as well as the root system, but in some cases the process of dying off a tree will take six months or more.

See also: Planting, growing and harvesting corn in the country

The use of urea (ammonium nitrate) is considered a soil-safe method. After applying the substance, the wood decomposes, and the stump can be dug out very simply with a shovel. It is necessary to first prepare the stump and make up to 10 holes in it with a drill, and then pour urea into it. Then the recesses are filled with water, clogged and left for the winter. If desired, the stump can be left in the ground by sprinkling it. After a couple of years, the plant will rot along with the roots and it will be important to plant a flower bed in this place.

The use of special herbicides will make the task easier. It will be easier to stop guessing than to destroy the roots of trees in the ground by paying attention to Roundup. The tool will help to effectively cope with the root system, weeds and interfering growth.

It is recommended to process the stump in dry, hot weather, with air humidity of at least 50%. Roundup is safe for soil and nearby plants.

Knowing exactly what the tree can die from will make it much easier to clear the area from the plant. If there is no need to quickly remove the stump, then you can try to populate it with spores of an edible mushroom. The plant will begin to gradually destroy the stump and root system (it will take about 4 years in total), and there will always be tasty and fresh mushrooms on the table.

A cheap and safe method for the soil is the use of table salt. You will need to make holes in the stump (as in the case of urea), pour salt into them, fill them with water and clog them for the winter.

Learn more