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When it comes to wedding presents, sometimes physical gifts aren’t the best option for you. If you’re throwing a destination wedding or you already have all the bath towels and bedsheets you need, then cash might be better.

Money is an awkward topic, but there’s no reason you can’t request it as a gift.

You’re about to learn everything you need to know about cash wedding gifts — what to use to collect them, where to put your money tree, and how to go about it all with finesse.

How to Ask for Cash Gifts Without Actually Asking

First thing first:

Never ask for cash outright.

Chances are, you’re going to get some cash for your big day regardless. The last thing you want to do is make people think it’s a requirement. 

But if you prefer a check to a gravy bowl, there are ways to ask with tact.  

You have to be a smooth operator. 

If your guests don’t know what to get you, they’re more than likely going to ask your family and friends. Make sure your bridal party knows what to suggest and why.

It’s not as appropriate to ask for cash instead of gifts for your wedding shower. You’re better off focusing your requests on the actual wedding.

But hey, you do you. 

The key is to let your guests know where their gift money is going. 

Are you saving for a new home or trying to renovate your current home? Do you have a baby on the way? Is your honeymoon fund lacking after the wedding expenses?

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No one wants to buy you a new pair of shoes (unfortunately). They want to know that their money goes toward bettering your life as a married couple.

Don’t spare the details! If you’re working on a project, let everyone know where you started, where you are now, and where you hope to end up. Your wedding website is a great place to put your request for cash and the story behind it.

Make sure you have a physical registry as well. 

No matter how casual you are about asking for money, there will be some guests who want to get you a physical gift. Fill up your wedding registry with the things you need and nothing else.

And if you really do want a gravy boat, add that in too.

Set Out a Container to Collect Cash, Checks, and Cards

The last thing you want to have to do on the best day of your life is to keep track of a bunch of envelopes. And you definitely don’t want to lose any of them.

Put a container on or near your gift table for your guests to drop their cards in. You can even designate a member of your wedding party to check it throughout the night and move anything inside to a safe place.

Here are just a few of the creative ways to incorporate a card box into your wedding:


Photo: Sotoris Tsakanikas

Birdcages are timeless. They seamlessly meld with vintage and modern wedding themes and bring a certain charm along with them.

Greenhouse Box

Grow your savings with the addition of a greenhouse box. It’s the perfect option for rustic or backyard weddings.

A terrarium would make a beautiful addition to your gift table and since it’s clear it will be obvious to your guests what it’s for when they see the cards inside.

An Actual Mailbox

Take a literal approach and place a mailbox on your gift table to collect those envelopes. (It’s much more exciting than getting bills in the mail.)

Dress your mailbox up with some shiny gold paint, flowers, or your names across the side!

Vintage Hat Box

Go on a thrifting mission and find a cute, old hat box to collect your cards in. It’s a fantastic way to complete your vintage wedding theme.

Hinged Wooden Box

For a rustic wedding, simple wood is all you really need. A wooden box with a hinged lid can easily hold all your cards during and after your special day.

They’re also very easy to paint if you feel like getting crafty!

Decorated Stack of Boxes

Tiered boxes resemble a wedding cake, which makes them a fun alternative to a traditional card box.

Plus, you can customize them to fit your theme. The boxes can be glammed up with fabric, flowers, gems, ribbon, or any way you want!

Just make sure to cut a slot in the center for the cards to drop through.

Large Glass Lantern

Lanterns make whimsical wedding decorations, but they’re also a great way to collect wedding cards. Your guests can simply open the door to slip their cards inside.

And it would look really cute in your garden afterward!

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Money Tree Ideas

Another subtle way to encourage your guests to gift cash is by adding a money tree to your wedding decor. 

But what is a money tree?

Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like — a tree where people can put money for the happy couple.

Money trees can be made of wood, wire, or actual tree branches. You attach clothespins, paperclips, or ribbons to the branches, which give people a spot to put dollar bills, checks, and gift cards.

They can also be used to pin up advice and well-wishes for the bride and groom. That way, everyone gets to be involved, even if they didn’t bring you money.

Where to Put Your Money Tree

The best place for a money tree is at the gift table. 

Don’t put it front and center, and don’t call attention to it in any announcements or toasts. You don’t want to make it seem like giving money is a requirement. 

Next to the tree, put a cute poem or explanation about what the money on it is going toward. You have a good reason to ask for cash gifts, you just have to let them know what it is.

A stack of envelopes by the tree will help eliminate any embarrassment about how much your guests are leaving.

You can also use small trees as the centerpieces on your wedding tables. If you go this route, though, emphasize that they’re advice trees and not necessarily money trees.

Include some paper, pens, and small envelopes at each place setting, then ask that everyone write some well-wishes to hang on the tree. Politely add that if they’d like to leave a monetary gift, they can put it in the envelope.

Being polite about it is the key.

Finding a Money Tree

It’s not as easy as you might think to find a ready-made money tree — especially one that fits into your wedding theme.

You can buy one on Amazon if you want to go the fast route. But if you want one that matches the theme of your wedding reception, you’ll have to do some searching.

A pine tree is great for a winter wedding. At the beach, a palm tree fits in the best. You can even get an LED tree if you want that wow factor.  

If you have the DIY bug, you can spray paint your tree to match your wedding colors. Or, you can make your wedding tree from scratch. This might be the best option for you if you’re worried about finding a tree to fit your vision.

Sometimes, to do something right, you have to do it yourself.

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How to Collect Cash Gifts During Your Wedding

Photo: Rachel Solomon

Even with all of these precautions — the subtle nudges, the box, the tree — some guests will still want to hand you their gift personally.

That’s okay, you’ve got this. You are the picture of grace.

If someone hands you a card while you’re at their table greeting everyone, take it discreetly. Don’t call attention to it.

Once you finish visiting that table, make a stop at the gift table to drop the card in your hand-picked container for safekeeping.

Don’t walk from table to table with a stack of cards in your hands. You don’t want to worry about losing them when you’re trying to talk to your friends and family.


The bottom line is this:

You know what’s best for you and your wedding.

Want to collect money gifts in a wishing well? Go for it. Want to stick with an online wedding registry? Do it.

But it’s always best to handle things in a refined way, especially when you’re dealing with money. No one has to feel awkward, and you’ll have the funds to retile your bathroom.

Everyone wins!

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Must-read Money Tree Etiquette to Dodge Unnecessary Egg on Face

Having a money tree on your wedding or birthday party is a great way to get cash as gift and buy gifts of your own choice, provided you follow the etiquette given below.

It is a tradition in some cultures to display a money tree during weddings. It is not uncommon to put up such a tree for occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, and retirements, especially when they involve the elderly. To some people, the whole concept may seem very absurd. They feel that putting up this tree on special occasions is like begging the guests for money. This actually is not true and can be avoided if proper etiquette is followed. In this Wedessence article, we will talk about the appropriate money tree etiquette for weddings and other occasions.

Etiquette for Weddings

  • If you are planning to put up a money tree during your wedding, see to it that you belong to a culture in which these trees are a tradition. In case you have planned a wedding around a cultural theme where they have this tradition, then this is another scenario in which they do not look out of the way.
  • In no case should money trees be mentioned on the invitations. Money is a gift, and just like no one asks for gifts on the invitations, no one should ask for money or mention it on invitations too.
  • When it comes to receiving cash as gift from guests, word of mouth is the best way to put the point across to them. So, tell all your friends, family, and bridal party members that in case the invitees inquire about the gifts for the bride and the groom, they should tell the guests about the money tree at the reception and also mention that cash gifts are acceptable by the couple.
  • At the reception venue, the bride and the groom should never mention it to the guests themselves. If they do that, it would come across as being extremely rude or blatant to some of the guests.
  • Ideally, a close family member, like an aunt, should announce about the tree to the guests during the reception. This way, it would seem as if the guests are participating in the custom voluntarily. If you have a DJ at your reception, he/she can also make the announcement in between playing music.
  • Make the announcement towards the end of the reception. You can even make it when the wedding reception is halfway through, but never before that.
  • Not all guests would want to contribute to the money tree. Some may find it embarrassing to gift money, while some may be unaware of this custom and its meaning. So, in order to let the guests know that money is welcome as a gift, you can put some folded bills or cash on the tree yourself. When the guests notice this, they will automatically know that you are expecting them to contribute.
  • Some guests would not feel comfortable with the idea of putting on display how much cash they are giving, which might refrain them from putting money on the tree. To avoid such a situation, it is suggested that you place a number of envelopes near the tree. This way, the guests can place money in these envelopes before putting them on the tree.

Etiquette for Other Occasions

For occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, or bridal showers, the etiquette more or less remains the same as it is for weddings. You should not mention about the tree in the invitation. Instead, spread the word around amongst the friends and family that you are going to put up a money tree through word of mouth. Place the tree in the corner of the room and never at the entrance, as it will end up looking like a charity box. Lastly, as I mentioned earlier, place envelopes near the tree so that your guests can put money in it rather than straightway hanging it on the tree.

If you follow the above mentioned tips, you would save yourself as well as the invitees from embarrassment and discomfort, which can otherwise arise due to cash gifts. One last tip before I sign off – if you are not convinced with the idea of putting up a money tree, you can instead put up a gift certificate tree. This way, you get to choose your own gifts and your guests do not have to hand you over cash as gift.

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Money Tree for a wedding - an original gift « Money Tree

The most common and, perhaps, the most practical gift for a wedding is money. And the tradition of giving cash gifts to newlyweds is supported in many countries. Just a few years ago, no one even thought about how to give money for a wedding - according to custom, they were collected at the table from all the guests in turn, putting them in a three-liter jar tied with a red ribbon. One jar was filled and another came to replace it, and so on until the matchmakers went around all the guests. Today, when it has become fashionable to decorate and hold a wedding celebration in a more original way, moving away from established traditions, guests also tend to present their wedding gifts so that they are remembered by the newlyweds for a long time. And more and more often among the guests there are those who give money in a very original way. One of these ways is considered to give wedding money tree , informing the newlyweds that now it will be their talisman to attract money to the family.

By giving the newlyweds a money tree, you thereby wish their family prosperity and well-being. But there are a lot of ways to make such a gift original, as well as ways to present it, so that young people and guests understand what this gift of yours is for.

Let's start with how to make a money tree for a wedding, because it can be both living and artificial.

Money tree flower for a wedding

In the first case, you will come to the aid of the fat woman plant, which in our country and in many other countries is called the money tree. It is believed that this flower is desirable to receive as a gift, and a wedding is just a wonderful occasion for this.

In order to grow a money tree as a gift for newlyweds, you need to know about the upcoming wedding in advance, because it will only take root in a pot for several weeks, and it would be nice to grow up a little. The date of the wedding may well not coincide with the period of active vegetation of this plant, so you can buy it at a flower shop or give your own, planting a shoot for yourself in the future. If you give a flower with love and from the heart, then your process will also quickly grow.

You can decorate the fat tree money tree, which you are going to give for a wedding, with a few red ribbons, coins and banknotes. Pour the coins directly into the pot on the soil, tie several branches with ribbons, but carefully tie the banknotes that make up your gift to the newlyweds with threads to the branches of the tree. On the flower pot itself, you can write a congratulation to the newlyweds and your wishes to them.

Wedding gift - do-it-yourself money tree

Wedding gift - money tree

In order to make an artificial money tree for the wedding of your friends, relatives or colleagues, it will be enough to dream up and experiment.

You can make it in the origami technique by exchanging money for small bills, but get ready for the fact that for such a tree you will need quite a lot of bills, and take pity on the newlyweds, who will have to smooth them first, and then change and spend.

The second way, which is easier and allows fantasy to run wild, is to make a money tree from ordinary branches. To do this, prepare a flower pot, on the bottom of which put three coins - this is how a money tree is planted in Feng Shui. Plant the prepared branches for banknotes and jewelry in a pot, fixing them with soil or small pebbles, sprinkle with plenty of coins and beads on top. Next, start decorating your branches. Well, if you give a money tree for a wedding with a group of friends, then the amount of money will be more solid and, accordingly, their face value will be larger. First, decorate the branches with ribbons and bells, then fold the bills the way you think is more beautiful - you can roll them into tubes, fold them with origami tulips, accordion or in any other way without damaging them. You can draw dollar signs on the pot and write a wish.

It is very important not only to make an unusual gift, but also to present it in an original way. You can do this in the form of a toast or play a comic scene with the newlyweds.

Let's take as an example one interesting way - to ask the groom to plant a tree himself. To do this, you will need exactly the same pot in which you made your money tree, and a few coins. It is also advisable to take care of the costume so that you look like a wizard - even if it is a satin cape and a witch's hat, all this will add originality to your production. The bride and groom will have to leave the table to the center of the hall. Put a pot of earth on a chair, give the groom coins and say that these are magic seeds, and if he digs them into a pot, then very soon their young family will become rich. After the newly-made husband does this, perform a ceremony with a magic spell - blindfold the newlyweds, take them by the hands and circle them around the pot three times, saying: "The seeds germinate, the family grows rich." At this time, one of your friends changes the pot for a money tree you made in advance, you untie the eyes of the newlyweds and they are delighted with such a transformation. Be sure to inform them that they are the first who managed to grow such a prolific money tree the first time, which means that their family will be strong, and they will live in love and prosperity.

Believe me, not all guests will be able to beat their gifts in this way, and your newlywed friends will remember it for a long time, and the money ritual performed will surely bring prosperity to the young family.

Do-it-yourself money tree

Do-it-yourself money tree is an exquisite souvenir and a good gift for any occasion. Usually it is presented for a wedding or anniversary. If you want to make a money tree for yourself, you can use it to attract money to your house. We offer you a master class on how to make a tree out of paper money with your own hands.

Making the base of the tree

  1. Prepare the materials needed for the job: flower pot, acrylic paint, large wooden dowel, floral foam blocks, medium-sized polystyrene ball, decorative leaves or flowers, florist pins, glue, artificial or natural moss .
  2. Paint the flower pot in your favorite color with a brush or sponge.
  3. Place a large block of foam in the center of the pot, and spread small pieces on the sides.
  4. Make a hole in the center for a dowel to act as a tree trunk. Drop the right amount of glue there (use pva or liquid nails).
  5. Thread the stem through the cut moss circle and insert it into the hole.

Decorate the tree with banknotes

  1. While the glue dries, you can start making decor for the tree. It will be paper money. A fairly large number of banknotes are spent on such a tree, so if you are counting on a certain amount of a gift, think over this question or take small banknotes if possible.
  2. Fold each bill like a small accordion along the short side, bend and twist a flower pin or ordinary wire around it. It is advisable not to pierce banknotes: perhaps someday they will decide to use them for their intended purpose.
  3. Insert a bill pin into the base ball.
  4. Spread the harmonica beautifully.
  5. Now you have to make a lot of these bills accordions. Their number will depend on the size of the ball and the desired density of the crown.
  6. Begin to gradually stick in the pins with bills, trying to evenly fill the ball. For the best effect, place the harmonicas in different directions.
  7. This is how a ball filled with banknotes looks like.
  8. Gaps between paper money can be filled with decorative leaves. To do this, cut the wire to the desired length and stick it into the ball. Fill in all the free space so that the foliage completely covers the background.
  9. Decorate the paper money tree with ribbons, greeting tags, etc.

Without a doubt, any birthday person will be happy with such an unusual gift as a tree of money made with love by one's own hands! Another version of the money tree, but without the use of real bills, can be woven from beads.

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