How to do vertical ribbon on christmas tree

How to Add Vertical Ribbon to a Christmas Tree

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In this post I’m going to add to your Christmas decorating bag of tricks by showing you how to add vertical ribbon to a Christmas tree for a unique look!


If you’ve read my post on some of my most-effective Christmas tree decorating tricks and secrets, then today’s post will just be adding on to that a little bit. In that post, I mentioned some tips for adding ribbon or garlands to a Christmas tree in a way that allows your eye to move around the tree and appreciate the whole thing, rather than breaking it up into sections. This creates a more dynamic, interesting “framework” for your tree before you add the ornaments. This year, on the tree in our kitchen, I tried something a little different and I love the effect. There are definitely a few tricks though to adding vertical ribbon to a Christmas tree in a way that makes it look unique and eye-catching, rather than just weird. So I thought I’d share what I’ve learned!

Adding Vertical Ribbon to a Christmas Tree

The first thing you’re going to need to think about is how much ribbon you’ll need to buy, or take out from your ribbon stash. I used two rolls of wide, wired ribbon for my 7.5 foot kitchen tree, and each roll was about 25 feet.

If you want a more “serious” traditional look, just go with lots of the same style of ribbon, if you want your tree to look more playful, use 2-3 different widths and patterns.

I went with just one type, obviously. 🙂

When vertical ribbon is done well, it looks like it’s cascading perfectly down the tree, creating kind of a dynamic effect, rather than rigidly running down the sides of the tree in very straight lines. Creating this effect takes a few clever tricks!

Tricks to Successful Vertical Ribboning

The secret to this whole process is that while it looks like you have long lengths of ribbons, joyfully descending down your tree, each length of ribbon is, in fact, cut into several smaller lengths.

I find it easiest to work with pieces about three feet long, tuck the top end into the tree near the trunk at the top, tuck the bottom end into the middle of the tree as well, then push the middle of the ribbon in towards the centre of the tree as well, creating two “loops”.

When you move onto your next three-foot piece of ribbon, don’t have it start directly below the one above it, but instead move it a few inches to the right or left. This will create that dynamic, “cascading” effect and make it seem like the ribbon is dancing down your tree, rather than just falling straight down.

Complete these steps until you’ve worked your way all around the tree, from top to bottom.

Stand back and look to see if there are any bare spots that could use an extra length of ribbon. You’ll probably need a few more lengths of ribbon at the bottom of your tree than you will at the top. When it comes to Christmas trees, more ribbon is almost always a good thing, so don’t worry about adding too much. 🙂

And that’s all there is to it! I always thought that adding ribbon vertically would take a lot of fussing to get it just right, but now that I’ve figured out that you can do it in smaller lengths, it’s really a super easy and gratifying experience.

What’s your favourite trick for adding ribbon to a Christmas tree?

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How To Decorate a Christmas Tree with Ribbon Ideas (2022)

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Decorating a Christmas tree with ribbon is both a classic and traditional style to choose for your festive decor this year.  

Something about the way the ribbon glistens against the tree gives the room an old-timey feel. Ribbons are often seen adorning gifts and we reckon that presents wrapped into a bow are delightful. But ribbons aren’t just for gifts, let’s use them to decorate the whole house! And for that reason, we will show you how to decorate a Christmas tree with a ribbon.

When it comes to decorating a Christmas tree with ribbon there are a few different ways.

You can have it so the ribbon cascades vertically down the tree. You can have it where it’s draped around the tree like tinsel. Or you can even make the ribbon into bows and have those attached on top of the tree or around the tree like other ornaments

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Choose your favourite ribbon

There are so many styles of ribbon out there. We have endless choices of colours, fabric, patterns, sizes. Some come with wire edging to help with shaping. And others add drape and elegance.

These are some different ribbons styles to try:


Satin has a beautiful sheen that captures the sparkle of the Christmas tree lights.


Velvet adds texture and feels luxurious on the Christmas tree.

Wired Organza

Wired Organza looks delicate and pretty yet the wired edges to the ribbon to make it great for styling and holding shape.


Burlap is great for the rustic neutral Christmas vibe.

Burlap with lace

Burlap with Lace offers a pretty neutral touch.


Lace is a super pretty option for Christmas ribbon that is delicate and soft.


Plaid is a great traditional option especially if you opt for classic Christmas colourways.


Tartan is a similar option to plaid but opt more for a super traditional look the cosy Christmas decor.


Jute is another similar option to the burlap with it’s natural textures and neutral colour.

Organza Fabric

Organza Fabric. is a good option if you want to opt for more of a draped look than neat or formal ribbon. You can easily cut to size and even create bows.


Stripe ribbon is a nice choice to mix with other patterns of fabrics to add interest to the Christmas tree.


Tulle is lightweight and almost sheer so great for allowing the Christmas lights to shine through.

How to decorate a Christmas tree with ribbon vertically

Image by Creek Line House Image from Love Happens Mag

The vertical ribbon on a Christmas tree look can be achieved in two ways:

  1. Make the ribbon looking like a waterfall drifting down the branches of the tree.
  2. Arrange the ribbon into ringlets, curling as they come down the tree.

To achieve the curled look with your Christmas tree ribbons:

You will need the following things:

  • Ribbon – either wired or standard ribbon
  • Skewer – if the ribbon is not wired
  • Florist’s Wire
  • Ornament hooks


  1. Dampen the ribbon, wrap it around a skewer and place it in the oven at medium heat until dry to achieve a curled look.
  2. If you can get your hands on some wired ribbon all you would need to do is curl the ribbon and the wire will hold the shape.
  3. Then secure the top of the ribbon at the top with the tree, hooking a branch to secure it if you have an artificial tree. If not you can use a florist’s wire or ornament hooks to hook the ribbon to a real tree branch.
  4. When you reach the end, you can hide the ends by attaching the ribbon to the bottom of the tree by wrapping any extra to a branch that is not visible.
Image from The Blue Eyed Dove

To achieve the waterfall look with Christmas tree ribbon:

You can either cut smaller strips or work with a long stretch of ribbon.

  1. If you are using a long stretch of ribbon you need to secure the top by hooking the ribbon to a branch.
  2. You then measure out a small stretch of fabric, pinching where you want it to end and hooking it with a branch or wire. You continue this until you reach the bottom of the tree where you hide the ends by wrapping any extra to a branch that’s not visible. 
  3. Then repeat until you’re happy with how it looks.

You can do this with shorter strips of ribbon, but the effect may vary.

How to use short ribbon strips for Christmas tree decoration

Image from Monica Wants It Image from Balsam Hill

This style of Christmas tree ribbon decoration is a little different from the other two, rather than using long strands of ribbon, with this one you use shorter strips.

  1. You take the ends of the strips and attach them to sections of the tree.
  2. You use the same technique as you do for attaching and securing the ends of the ribbon in the other styles – either wrap around the branches, secure with florist’s wire or use ornament hooks.

Because the strands are shorter you can get a little more creative, you can mix ribbons to get different effects. From different widths to different colours, you can create a striking Christmas tree look.

Decorating a tree this way could be a fun family activity. Whether you just use ribbon or add other ornaments, it can really make your tree feel like your own.

If you want to look at some other things you could put on your tree this Christmas, check out our post, Gold Christmas Tree Decorations.

How to style horizontal ribbon decoration for the Christmas Tree

Image from Brittany Williams on Pinterest

Wrapping a ribbon horizontally around the Christmas tree is a classic draping garland style of decorating. One of the easiest ways to do this is to drape the ribbon over the branches

The technique is the same as vertical ribbon decoration, but instead of working down in a line, you drape the ribbon around the tree like tinsel, keeping an even width between each ring. 

As you go round, twist a branch around the ribbon for security. Or if you have a real tree, ornament hooks or small cuts of wire can be used to secure the ribbon. As well as being secured it will give the ribbon a puffed look rather than having the ribbon be a block of colour around the tree.

This is a good way to decorate a Christmas tree with ribbon if you don’t want to spend time aligning the ribbon downwards.


Image from Remodelaholic

DIY Christmas tree bows made with ribbon

Christmas tree bows are another beautiful way to decorate a Christmas tree using the ribbon to make bows. You can add the ribbon bows throughout the Christmas tree or have a few large standout bows in key spots. You could even tie a ribbon bow to the top of the Christmas tree instead of a star or an angel. 

Whether you want one to top the tree or some smaller ones dotted around, you can make the Christmas tree bow at home with wire edge ribbon.

Image from ThriftyFun

How to make a Christmas tree bows with ribbon:
  1. First, make a small loop with your ribbon.
  2. You follow it with bigger loops that you pinch in the middle.
  3. Keep your thumb in the middle of the first loop and pinch up from there to keep the other loops equal and centred. 
  4. You then continue this until the bow is to your desired size.
  5. When it is, you secure the middle with some wire or string.
  6. Once this is done, you spread out the loops to make it look like a full and pretty bow. 

Depending on the width of the ribbon these bows can be as big or as small as you want.

Image by Cedric Angeles

Another simpler way to incorporate ribbon bows onto your Christmas tree would be to cut a small length of thin ribbon and tie a simple bow on the end of the branches.

More Christmas tree ribbon ideas and inspiration

To help inspire you on how to decorate your Christmas tree this year, here are some stunning ideas to help you.

Photo – Bower Power Photo – A Pop of Pretty Image from From My Front Porch To Yours


Image by Ellen McDermott

We love ribbons on Christmas trees. They offer elegance and flow to the decorations that make for something that looks really special.

Ribbon tends to be a forgotten item when it comes to decorating so we hope you use it this Christmas.

Top tips for decorating with ribbon

Coordinate with your overall Christmas decor theme

When planning out your Christmas tree decorations think about your overall theme for the room, and even your home. This will help with choosing the correct colour, fabric, and even style of tying the ribbon to the tree.

Prepare the Christmas tree first

Put the Christmas tree lights onto the tree first before draping and tying the ribbon garlands onto the branches. The tree ornaments are to go on afterwards.

Choose the right ribbon for your tree

There are all kinds of ribbon fabric (as we mentioned above).

How much ribbon and what size do you need?

Likewise, there is a huge range of ribbon widths to choose from. For decorating a Christmas tree with ribbon we would recommend choosing a ribbon with a width of between 5cm to 12cm wide (roughly 2. 5 inches to 5 inches). Depending on your decor style it might be nice to decorate with a few different widths of ribbon, or use some ribbon as bows as well as draping.

In terms of length, you probably want approximately 5-7.5 metres of ribbon per 1 metre of tree height. This is of course, down to personal preference and how full you want the tree to look with ribbon.

Mix fabrics

Have fun with colours, textures, and patterns. Choose fabrics from the same colour family but mix the fabrics to add stylish interest. Or choose similar fabrics but contrast the colours for something fun and festive.

Have fun decorating your Christmas tree with ribbon this year!

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6 ideas, photos, designer's advice

The atmosphere of winter holidays would be incomplete without the main attribute - a decorated Christmas tree. We figure out how to decorate a Christmas tree so that the result is not only bright, but also stylish


Modern design options allow you to make the Christmas tree unique and fit it into the interior of any style. We talked with the designer and found out what approaches to decoration are in trend today.

  • General design tips
  • Original ideas with photo
  • Top trends for 2022
  • How to decorate the top
  • How to decorate the bottom of the tree

Expert in this material: Anna Maslennikova, designer-decorator, founder of the Decor Academy service.

How to decorate a Christmas tree for the New Year 2022

Decide on a color scheme

Not only toys, but the tree itself can be of any color. For those who are not afraid to experiment, there are, for example, red or pink Christmas trees on sale - they will best fit into an interior dominated by neutral or warm shades. By the way, Melania Trump decorated the White House with just such trees a couple of years ago.

“The main trend is a meaningful approach to decorating the Christmas tree. It is important to think over the appearance, want to create a certain image and work it out. Tradition, naturalness, comfort, nostalgia, individuality are valued,” says Anna Maslennikova, designer and decorator.

Photo: Tim Douglas/Pexels

Each of these factors is revealed through a specific color palette and themed embellishments, the expert notes.

Solid color Christmas tree ornaments (Photo: Eugenivy now/Unsplash)

Now it is a trend to use red and any of its noble shades when decorating a Christmas tree, says Anna Maslennikova. These are, for example, natural berry, plum, grape tones. They look good in combination with metallic details - gold, silver, copper, etc.

Connoisseurs of discreet decisions can completely limit themselves to a combination of gold and silver jewelry, diluted with garlands. Today, a combination of warm and cold shades is quite acceptable, so gold in New Year's decor can be safely combined with silver. “A completely monochrome range would also be a great solution: it is important to take the main color as a basis, for example, beige, pastel pink and blue, combined with voluminous textile decor,” says the decorator.

Select decorations

Classic Christmas tree (Photo: Eugenivy Now/Unsplash)

Red pairs perfectly with green, yellow (gold) and white (silver). Decorating a green Christmas tree with them is an ageless classic.

Photo: Freestocks/Unsplash

“The combination of green and red, seasoned with the warm flickering of electric garland lights, will create a traditional image of a Christmas tree beloved by many,” says Anna Maslennikova.

A combination of gold and silver spruce decorations (Photo: Dima Valkov/Pexels)

Non-standard colors are also welcome: you can decorate the tree with blue and blue balls, complementing them with white accents.

Christmas toys: what to choose for the New Year

In addition to the usual balls and glass toys, you can use other decorations in Christmas tree decor - in the same style or by combining two or three options.

Where to store Christmas decorations: 10 unusual ideas

Bows and flowers

Christmas tree with floral decoration (Photo: PIXABAY)

Textile decorations are traditional for Christmas in Western countries. Volumetric bows or flower petals look good with balls and tinsel. It is important to distribute the decor evenly so that the tree does not appear to be "blooming" on one side more than on the other.

“Choose decorations that will best enhance the selected image of the Christmas tree: velvet, glossy, tartan, embroidered with gold threads or decorated with crystals,” advises Anna Maslennikova. — Textile flowers cannot be rejected either, especially if we are talking about creating some kind of traditional or homely look. It is important to choose good quality jewelry that will look decent and look like a bright finishing touch to the overall composition.”


Tinsel on the tree 2022 (Photo: Inna Skosyreva/Unsplash)

Tinsel is now perceived more as a nostalgic reference to past generations of New Year holidays. “Tinsel and “rain”, I advise you to use with caution. If there is a question of creating a themed Christmas tree (for example, nostalgia for the nineties), “rain” is quite acceptable, but usually it greatly simplifies the appearance of the tree, ”says the expert.

Ribbons or beads

Christmas tree beads (Photo: PIXABAY)

Another popular Christmas decoration option to be careful with is Christmas tree beads and ribbons. They are good for creating volume of the composition when it is necessary to remove the "gaps" between the branches of the tree, but an overabundance of visually weights the tree and distracts from other decorations.

“Ribbons can be used to make additional decorations, such as bows. If you want to use a scattering of homemade decorations that form a garland or beads, then why not - this can be an exact hit in one of the trends, ”advises Anna Maslennikova.

Real food

Cookies on the Christmas tree (Photo: PIXABAY)

In addition to sweet gifts for children, the Christmas tree can be decorated with citrus slices and cinnamon sticks, which are associated with winter drinks and pastries. The pastries themselves are also used in the decor - gingerbread and Christmas cookies in the form of houses, men and snowflakes with sugar icing. Circles of oranges are hung on colored ribbons or thin jute ropes, which are usually used for packaging. The decor can be complemented with dried rowan berries and crafts made from coffee beans.

Postcards and photos

A good solution would be a garland of bright moments of the past year: family photos and pictures with friends. For such a garland, postcards from different countries and letters from loved ones are suitable. It’s good if the composition is made in the same style, and the photos and postcards in it are combined at least in size.

8 sustainable alternatives to a live Christmas tree

How to decorate a Christmas tree: 6 ideas

A classic Christmas tree will fit into almost any interior, but if you get creative, the tree can be designed to match the decor in the room as much as possible. Designers recommend original decor options.

1. White Christmas tree

White Christmas tree - 2022 (Photo: PIXABAY)

One of the unusual trends is spruce with snow-white branches. The color is versatile and will look great in any room. But if there are white walls in the room, the main decoration of the holiday will be lost against their background. It is important to strike a balance: in a bright room, it is better to place a white Christmas tree near an accent wall or near a window with contrasting curtains.

2. Small tree

Mini Christmas tree (Photo: Laura James/Pexels)

The size of an apartment does not always allow for a large tree with spreading branches in the middle of the room. This is optional: you can set aside space on a table or chest of drawers for a miniature version of the holiday tree. In terms of decorations, a set of mini-toys will work better for such a tree than a few large balls.

3. Eco-tree

Eco-style Christmas tree (Photo: Chang Duong/Unsplash)

An eco-tree is a tree without plastic decorations. All decor in this case is made from natural materials: wood, cardboard, paper and fabrics in natural shades. You can use fruits, cones, tree branches and dried flowers.

“Naturality is a trend based on the human need to be closer to nature, so you can take note of the jewelry in the appropriate colors (green, brown, beige). Comfort is created by Christmas decorations made of textiles with embroidery in interesting pastel shades. A monochrome range in beige tones will also be relevant,” advises Anna Maslennikova.

4. Retro tree

Retro Christmas tree (Photo: Annie Spratt/Unsplash)

You can stay on trend without following newfangled trends: retro is always in style. Toys that decorated the Christmas tree in several generations of the family; photographs and postcards; clippings from old albums and magazines are all back in fashion. You can stylize modern photos by processing them with common retro filters in online applications.


“The nostalgic image of a Christmas tree can be created using decorations that are already in the house and that all family members have memories of. To maintain this trend, any means are good if, in the end, an atmosphere of unity and comfort reigns,” says Anna Maslennikova.

5. How to decorate the top

Photo: Jonathan Borba/Pexels

Usually a glass or cardboard star or a classic "Soviet" top takes place on the top vertical branch of the Christmas tree. But the choice is much wider - from birds and symbols of the year to gift bows and Santa Claus hats.

Christmas tree topper (Photo: Toni Cuenca/Unsplash)

“There are no hard and fast recipes here. If you want to use the top, choose a decoration that will perfectly complete the created image of the Christmas tree, but if there is nothing suitable for decoration, it does not matter. The top is not at all an obligatory attribute of the New Year's decor," says Anna Maslennikova.

6. How to decorate the bottom of the Christmas tree

Christmas tree in a basket (Photo: Karolina Grabowska/Pexels)

It is customary to close the cross base. This can be done with a blanket or other drapery. Some manufacturers offer special "skirts" for the base of the spruce, which not only hide unnecessary details, but also spread around in a cozy round carpet.

“If the Christmas tree is located in the lobby of a hotel or a shopping center, compositions of gift boxes and additional decor are usually placed below,” says Anna Maslennikova. - But in a residential area where there are small children, I would not recommend covering the base of the New Year's tree with sham gifts. It is better to limit yourself to additional thematic decor, a beautiful stand or a basket that matches the style.

Tires, books and Darth Vader: 9 creative Christmas trees

How to decorate a Christmas tree for the New Year 2023 with your own hands: tips and interesting ideas

What is the New Year without the main symbol of the holiday - a smart Christmas tree. But if you are now thinking about tons of tinsel and a star on top of a tree - forget it, it's all yesterday. We tell you how to decorate a Christmas tree so that it looks stylish and fashionable: here are some tips and tricks.

How to decorate a Christmas tree: design tips

Step 1. Choose a color

First, choose the color scheme in which your Christmas tree will be decorated.

Tones should correspond at least to the general interior of the room in which the tree stands, and at most to the design of the entire apartment. As for the Christmas tree itself, the basic rule is this: choose one main color, take the second for accents that emphasize the details, and add glitter - gold or silver, but preferably one. Red and gold or red and green are timeless classics, but there are other options.

By the way, do not forget about the little things that also play an important role in the festive decoration of the Christmas tree with your own hands. For example, replace the threads or wire that we used to hang toys on with special fasteners - green to match the needles or, conversely, contrasting ones for additional accents.

Fashion trends for 2023

Last year's favorite - white - is still relevant, but now silver is added to the company. You can choose one of these colors as a basis, or you can combine them.

Christmas tree, as if in a sparkling hoarfrost, is suitable for discreet interiors in Scandinavian or minimalist style. In this case, you will need white, not very shiny tinsel (as an alternative, buy an artificial Christmas tree with white or silver “needles”).

Toys will also be in cool colors (it is not recommended to combine them with warm ones) - light blue, ashy, pearl, in general, pastel colors with a cold bias. Pay attention to the following scales: white-milky-beige, lavender-blue-blue, mint-pistachio-green. Silver or blue garlands will answer for the shine.

“Green Ritual” style

It is based on the idea of ​​a conscious rejection of things as a reaction to the formed culture of waste. This style is simple, minimalistic.

Calm, natural colors are used in two ranges: light restrained (gray, taupe, sand, reddish brown, light fern) and mysterious dark (deep shades of red, green, brown, blue).

Designers countered the discreet color scheme with experimental and creative ideas in terms of construction and materials. Glass and clay can be safely combined with wood, diluting them with paper flowers, decor with floral motifs, watercolor sketches or chaotic patterns.

“Silk Party” style

The name speaks for itself – this style is woven from lightness, femininity, and sophistication. The palette is balanced: the first option includes pastel colors, soft cream shades and fresh nuances of sorbet, the second one is distinguished by a discreet glow, warm shades.

This line of tenderness continues in jewelry. Silky, velvety-matte and metallic effects are organically combined with each other. Shimmer and shine - but without the glamor! Comfort is achieved with the help of modern drapery, neat volumes, flowing materials.

While rough, embossed surfaces are welcomed in the old style, only ultra-smooth surfaces, thin glass, translucent fabrics such as silk and organza are allowed to enter the Silk Party.

Happy Meeting Style

Designers draw inspiration from urban lifestyle with an emphasis on recycling. This is the most “delicious” style - it uses the colors of freshly squeezed lemon, lime, mint lemonade, grain. Those who lack brightness should pay attention to the color of natural wax (yellow-orange) and bottle green. Melange and other color mixes obtained using composite technologies are also in trend.

The "Second Life" concept also applies to decor. In the first place is the use of "waste" - plastic, paper. Unconventional ideas and handicrafts (weaving, winding, knotting, layering) are welcome.

Step 2. Decide on the composition

You will be surprised, but it turns out that there are certain algorithms for decorating a Christmas tree, subordinated to literally geometrically verified schemes.

Fashion trends for 2023
Christmas tree ring style

It is closer to the classics familiar to everyone, so it will not require much work to perform. It's simple - we hang balls or other toys with our own hands, the largest ones at the bottom, the smaller ones are closer to the crown, and in a circle we supplement everything with garlands or tinsel.

The “garland for the lazy” – tiered – can make decorating easier. It is a vertical wire with horizontal branches. It is fixed on the top of the Christmas tree with a ring, and then it remains only to distribute the lights - they will lay down evenly, quickly and accurately.

Photo: Jan Baldwin,
In a spiral

Here, on the contrary, we start with garlands or ribbons, arrange them in a spiral from top to bottom. We are already adding toys along these lines so that the balls of the same color form one spiral. For each next one, we choose a new shade, it is only important that it is combined with the previous one. You can decorate in one color, then try changing the shape and type of toys.

Vertical lines

First, take the garlands or ribbons again and hang them from the top of the head to the lower branches in clear lines. By the same principle, we supplement the decoration with balls, and in the intervals between them we place contrasting or matching bows that can be made by hand.

Here, as in the first case, a “lazy” garland will come to the rescue, only consisting of threads fastened from above. The bundle is fixed at the top of the Christmas tree, and the wires are distributed vertically at an equal distance.


Step 3. Choose a style

Now the trend is Christmas trees, dressed up for a certain theme. In Russian, classical or futuristic style - whatever you choose, it is important that the decoration of the Christmas tree matches the overall interior of the home. Otherwise, nothing limits your imagination.

Life hack from the popular blogger Olga Chepurnaya : if you can’t find a compromise with your home, divide the Christmas tree in half. Not literally, of course. The children strove to “hang it up in the wrong place, insulting Scandi with all their might with yellow plasticine fish, crooked chains and tattered giraffes from a toilet paper roll.” But for many years, Christmas tree harmony has reigned in their family - the children decorate their side, and Olga decorates hers.

Fashion trends for the New Year 2023
Mini Christmas tree

This is a very stylish option that is relevant in a variety of cases: if you are not in a special New Year's mood, or you are in the mood, but there is no budget, or there is a budget, but there is no free space in the house for a large tree, or There are all of the above factors, but I want something original.

— Small Christmas trees are not only a cool replacement for a regular Christmas tree, but also a stylish accessory. They are compact, but no less fragrant than large conifers. For compositions, it is best to use a plant such as nobilis. Its branches are as resistant as possible, they do not crumble. Some manage to keep such a Christmas tree until next year! Another plus is that decorating a mini-Christmas tree is easier, and you can do it in absolutely any style and color scheme, explains brand director of the network of workshops "Give flowers" Victoria Bogdanova .

Photo: Andy Dean,

In general, the trend of all trends is still in the lead in interior design, and in the difficult task of decorating the Christmas tree, it is also not going to give way. What it means: natural materials, no plastic and acid colors, only natural natural shades. Toys can be made of wood, yarn, felt, beads and even papier-mâché. By the way, in recent years it has been very fashionable to use hand-knitted pompoms made of yarn of different colors or balls wrapped in craft paper to decorate the Christmas tree. Dried flowers, cones, coffee beans, tangerines and other fruits are also suitable. Garlands are not forbidden, but let them be white or silver.

Scandinavian style

In general, the trend of all trends is still in the forefront in interior design, and in the difficult task of decorating the Christmas tree is not going to give way. What it means: natural materials, no plastic and acid colors, only natural natural shades. Toys can be made of wood, yarn, felt, beads and even papier-mâché. By the way, in recent years it has been very fashionable to use hand-knitted pompoms made of yarn of different colors or balls wrapped in craft paper to decorate the Christmas tree. Dried flowers, cones, coffee beans, tangerines and other fruits are also suitable. Garlands are not forbidden, but let them be white or silver.


There are actually two ways to decorate the Christmas tree. Simpler - a la Soviet childhood: glass snow maidens, figurines of cosmonauts and workers, silver rain - and yes, in this case you can get a star on the top of a tree from a closet. Another way is to turn to the pre-revolutionary style of decorating the Christmas tree. Here the toys will have to be selected more carefully - you will need porcelain figurines, paper and felt products, which can be supplemented with candles (artificial, of course, we are for fire safety) and foil stars.


Christmas tree decorated with toys in the form of tropical butterflies, bizarre insects or large exotic flowers. The colors here will be bright, so this composition is suitable for interiors in the spirit of minimalism (in contrast), or neutrally decorated rooms for the New Year 2023.

One of the trends in this style is Wild Glam. Feel free to combine any animal prints, fur textures, images of wild animals and birds. The texture of the feathers contrasts interestingly with the needles. The obligatory moment is an abundance of golden color and glitter!

Step 4. Decide whether it will be a classic or a creative Christmas tree

It happens that there is not much space in the apartment, and the Christmas tree will not fit into the remaining space. But in this case, do not give up the festive mood. Instead of a large tree, you can arrange coniferous bouquets around the house or hang wreaths. Or maybe you just want creativity, and the usual Christmas trees do not fit into the ideas about it. Then you can consider other options for a "Christmas tree without a Christmas tree" to make it look stylish and unusual.

Photo: Matej,
Christmas tree in the form of a panel on the wall

You can make it yourself from tinsel, garlands, serpentine or even long beads. If you add small bows and snowflakes made of foil or paper, you get a very impressive New Year's composition. Designers also offer "Christmas trees" made of flat wooden boards, complemented by bright fabric toys and ribbons.

"Knitted" tree

For the last few years, such trees have been in trend. As a rule, they are small in size so that they can be placed on a table or chest of drawers. However, they also offer life-size options of a real tree. The balls can be in any, the most daring color combinations, or, conversely, are selected in the same tone. It is better to take the texture of the threads more embossed - so the tree will seem more “lush”.

Christmas tree for newcomers

Are you celebrating a holiday in a new apartment for the first time? Or maybe they started a repair, but it somehow unexpectedly dragged on? In either of these two cases, you have a ladder in your home. Creative designers offer to make a Christmas tree out of it. You should not be skeptical about this option - the whole structure looks very good, the main thing is to think over the composition and choose the right accessories. We put boards on the rungs of the ladder, on which, in turn, we put small pots with spruce branches, baskets with tangerines and cones, candles and other suitable attributes. We decorate the racks with garlands and tinsel.

Step 5. Decide where to put

It also depends on the availability of free space in the apartment and the size of your Christmas tree. The traditional option is in the living room, but there are other ways to place a Christmas tree in your home.

Fashion trends for the New Year 2023
Choose a place according to Feng Shui

By placing a Christmas tree in the middle of the room, you, according to ancient oriental beliefs, attract energy to all aspects of your life. In addition, the southern corner of the room is considered the traditional place for installing a feng shui Christmas tree. It is also important to use paired elements when decorating the Christmas tree - balls, other toys, double tinsel, paper lanterns of various shapes. And it’s great if the decor has a maximum of red.

Hang on the ceiling or wall

In fact, this trend has been around for several years, but it still does not lose people's love. Christmas trees-chandeliers are equipped not only with a special ceiling mount, but also already have lamps, so additional lighting is not required. As for wall models, such trees have branches only on one side of the trunk, the other is flat. And they are simply hung on carnations - approximately, like paintings.

Arrange the Christmas tree in the kitchen

This option is suitable if you are not going to throw a big banquet on New Year's Eve, and in general you plan to be at home less often during the January holidays. Put the Christmas tree where you will meet the new day - in the kitchen. Let a small but beautifully decorated Christmas tree (which, by the way, is not at all necessary, a living tree without decorations in a pot on the dining table or “edible bouquets” that are so popular now will look good - depending on the composition, they can be stored from two days to a month) will create a positive mood for you before winter entertainment.

Photo: Iordache Magdalena via www.imago,

How to make the Christmas tree stand longer in the apartment

To wash or not to wash - that is the main New Year's question! There is usually an opinion that the Christmas tree does not need to be washed, that it is completely pointless, the frosty air will cope with all the bacilli so well, in addition, the Christmas trees are processed (at least they should!) Before they are sold.

Olga Chepurnaya is not only the "creator" of a two-sided Christmas tree, but also the author of the annual flash mob "A clean Christmas tree - a clear conscience."

— Eight years ago we bought an artificial Christmas tree, and when we began to pack it in a box, we found hands black with dirt. How outstanding sofa sherlocks, using a short deductive chain, realized that a tree standing in the house for more than a week (let alone 1.5 months!) Is covered with an even layer of dust, the blogger shares. And her subscribers - with their experience with live Christmas trees: “For several years now, my live fir, there are bugs, and dirt, and garbage. In order not to clog the sewerage, I take my mother to wash in the yard of a private house, and when it’s cold - to a car wash”, “On live Christmas trees, especially in packaging, there can be a bunch of insects that wake up and join the celebration”, “My husband brought a Christmas tree with what -some living creatures such as aphids.

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