How to draw a tree frog

How to Draw a Frog Tutorial

Enjoy two tree frog drawing tutorials. Learn how to draw a frog with two different tutorials covering two different poses. The first tutorial is a 5-step guide of the frog sitting. The second tutorial is a 6-step guide of the frog on a tree branch.

Did you know?

  • Tree frogs are a species called Amphibian
  • They are carnivores, eating small bugs and insects
  • Main natural predators of the tree frog are birds, mammals and reptiles
  • The average tree frog life-span is 3 years
  • There are four main species of tree frog throughout the world
  • Tree frogs vary in size from just a few centimetres, to more than 10 centimetres in length

Tutorial 1: frog sitting

Level: intermediate
Tutorial steps: 5

Tutorial 2: frog in tree

Level: intermediate
Tutorial steps: 6

Step 1

First let’s use two oval shapes to provide our correct size and proportion. The first oval shape is on a slight angle tilting upwards. The second oval shape is smaller and overlaps the larger oval at the top end. See image.

Step 2

Using the oval shapes as a guide, draw the outline of the body shape. Start towards the bottom of the oval shape and draw a line around the oval shape and across to the second oval to form the head. Continue this line down to the right just past the end of the smaller oval shape, then back to the left until you reach the other end of the small oval. This forms the mouth.

See image.

Now draw two circles. The first is just off-center of our small oval guide shape. The second circle overlaps the first circle a little and also overlaps the head outline.

Step 3

For the back leg, let’s draw two sharp curves opposite each other, forming the leg, which looks like a weird s-like shape. Then draw a small arc just above the leg on top of the body. This shows the behind leg.

For the front leg, starting almost half way up the body, draw two lines running down parallel to each other, that bend in the middle. Finally, draw the behind front leg (which is below the head) down with four fingers spread out.

Step 4

Let’s draw the back foot with five toes spread out. Then draw the front foot connected to the arm. For the eyes, draw a half-moon shape in the center of the eyes. See image as a guide.

Step 5

And now we have our completed frog. You can choose to make his eyes bigger or smaller, or even draw some insect legs sticking out his mouth. Yum!

Step 1

Draw two lines down to the left parallel to each other. This will form our guide for the tree branch.

Step 2

Now draw an oval guide shape on the tree at a 60 degree angle facing up to the left. Draw a second smaller oval guide shape at the top of the first oval shape laying on its side across at 30 degrees. Finally, draw a line down the center of both oval guide shapes. See image for placement.

Step 3

Now using our guide shapes, let’s draw the body by starting at where the large oval guide shape and the tree meet. Draw upwards along the oval guide shape. When you reach the intersection of the small oval guide shape, start drawing around the edge creating the left side of the mouth and cheek.

Now draw another oval up-right for the left eye, then draw the right eye on the other side with the same position, size and shape. Now draw the top of the head from one eye to another. From the bottom of the right eye, draw an arc following the edge of the small oval guide shape to create the right mouth cheek. Finally, draw a curved line from the middle of one cheek across to the other.

Step 4

With our general body, head an proportions in place, we’ll now add our arms and legs. First, draw the hand at the top between the head and the tree. Just draw four fingers to look like they’re grabbing the tree. For the other arm, draw the arm downwards from the bottom of the head at about 70 degrees, then back inwards again. The top and bottom of the arm are about the same length. Now add the hand and three fingers.

Finally, draw the one leg that’s visible, poking out from behind the tree. Draw out to the left from the bottom of the arm, arching sharply back around and towards the tree. Then draw a line from the tree to the edge of the leg line. Refer to image reference.

Step 5

Let’s add moon shapes to the center of the eyes, creating the pupils. Add two dots for the nose. Draw the lower foot grabbing the tree, with three toes slightly thicker than the fingers.

Now draw the other leg on the right of the image. Start by drawing a line from the tree, upwards and to the right, then arcing back around to create the curve of the knee. Continue this line down, then curving around towards the tree. Then draw three toes grabbing the tree. Draw a line starting from the foot, upwards and to the right, stopping just short of the knee.

Step 6

Our frog is complete! You can now add more details like some bark or leaves on the tree, or add some patterns to the frogs skin. Have fun!

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How to Draw a Frog - Detailed Instructions

As you know, a frog is any member of the diverse and largely carnivorous group of short-bodied, tailless amphibians that make up the order Anura (literally without a tail in ancient Greek). Also, according to the website, an adult frog has a strong body, bulging eyes, a tongue attached anteriorly, limbs folded at the bottom and no tail (the tail of tailed frogs is a continuation of the male cloaca). Frogs have glandular skin with unpleasant to toxic secretions. Their skin color ranges from well-camouflaged mottled browns, grays and greens to bright patterns of bright reds or yellows and blacks to show toxicity and deter predators. Adult frogs live in fresh water and on land; some species are adapted to life underground or in trees. Here you have the opportunity to learn more about this creature by learning how to draw a frog with us. You must complete the mission in six steps. After you draw a complete frog, you can move on to frog coloring pages and color them in as well.

How to draw a frog - let's get started!

You have to prepare some necessary things like paper, pencil, paints... You will complete each mission step by step and get a complete frog with your favorite colors. Very interesting in this activity, you will be careful and patient and follow us. The task is not easy, but not too difficult, it will take you about 1 hour to complete it. There are so many different types of frogs to choose from when it comes to creating your own drawing. We give a simple photo of the frog you want to draw so you can use it later in the tutorial when we start adding details and coloring. Our frog drawing tutorial can be done with colored pencils, paints or a drawing tablet. What you decide to use will depend on your artistic preferences. Our frog drawing demonstration is paper based and if you are going to follow us in the same way, here are some other materials we recommend you have: To learn how to draw a frog, you can skip to frog coloring pages in our coloring section you will choose suitable colors and make a coloring for them.

Step 1 - Sketch the frog's eyes

To start this tutorial on how to draw a frog, we'll start with its eyes and head. Its head is quite rounded and long, as shown in the reference image. His eyes also protrude from the top of his face, and they are drawn with two round shapes.

Step 2 - Draw the eyes, mouth and nose of the frog.

You can use a curved line for the top of his smiling mouth and then make a steeper curved line underneath. here you paint his eyes black, you can leave white dots in his eyes. You will also draw 2 small dots under his eyes which will be his nose and a small curve under his nose which will be his mouth. You will finish this step in a few minutes and move on to the next step 3.

Step 3 - Draw the body of the frog.

You will now start drawing the frog boy. Its body has an oval, similar to an egg. So, at this stage, everything is simple. From the eyes you will use a line and draw a circle around the frog's body. Now you will have a cute frog. At this stage, too, everything is simple.

Step 4 - Draw the arms of the frog.

The next step is to add the belly and the first arm for the frog. For his belly, you can draw two rounded lines with a small gap in the lower right corner of his belly. You will continue to draw him another. It's not easy, but you can follow our image.

Step 5 - Complete your painting mission.

You will now complete your drawing mission by adding some details like legs, skin, etc. In the next step you will be drawing the first leg for your Kermit the Frog drawing. Like his arms, his legs are short, cute and plump. The leg can be drawn with two slightly curved lines, and you can add a bump on the left side for his knee. You will draw two legs on both sides on the right and left for the frog. After that, you will also add his leg. You can use a jagged plane for the toes.

Step 6 - Color the frog.

Now you will choose colors for the frog. Here we take green as the leaf color to make frog coloring page and you can choose any color you like for it.

Learn more