How to draw christmas presents under a tree

Christmas Stuff Drawing - How To Draw Christmas Stuff Step By Step

Putting up Christmas decorations and watching the Christmas lights sparkle is fun, but sadly, we get rid of the Christmas stuff again as soon as January comes around.

Why not learn how to draw Christmas stuff instead? By drawing a beautiful Christmas tree with lots of gifts underneath, you can feel the spirit of Christmas at any time of the year!

Fortunately, we have curated a step-by-step process on how to draw Christmas stuff, summed up in 9 easy and simple steps.

Each instruction comes with illustrations to help you follow the steps effortlessly.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and grab a piece of paper along with your favorite pencil and let’s start drawing Christmas stuff!

Have fun and unleash your inner creativity!

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  • How to Draw Christmas Stuff – Let’s get started!
    • Step 1
    • Step 2 – Draw the Christmas Tree’s Topmost Layer
    • Step 3 – Draw the Christmas Tree’s Second Layer
    • Step 4 – Next, Draw the Christmas Tree’s Third Layer
    • Step 5 – Draw the Bottom Layer of the Christmas Tree
    • Step 6 – Add a Huge Present Under the Christmas Tree
    • Step 7 – Next, Draw a Smaller Gift Under the Tree
    • Step 8 – Now, Draw Two More Gifts Under the Tree
    • Step 9 – Adorn the Christmas Tree with Ornaments
    • 3 More tips to make your Christmas stuff drawing easy!
    • Your Christmas Stuff Drawing is Complete!

Step 1

Starting from the top down to the bottom, draw a star in the middle of the upper portion of your paper. This will be the ornament at the top of the Christmas tree.

By starting at the top of your paper, there will be sufficient space to structure the entire Christmas tree along with a few presents underneath.

Step 2 – Draw the Christmas Tree’s Topmost Layer

Right underneath the star, draw a triangle shape with a curvy line at the bottom. This creates the topmost layer of the Christmas tree.

Make sure that there’s some slight curve to the diagonal lines on both sides and that they look like downward slopes.

Step 3 – Draw the Christmas Tree’s Second Layer

Draw two downward diagonal lines headed towards opposite directions beneath the first layer we drew in the previous step.

This forms the second layer of your Christmas tree.

Step 4 – Next, Draw the Christmas Tree’s Third Layer

Repeat the previous step to create the third layer below the second layer.

Step 5 – Draw the Bottom Layer of the Christmas Tree

Draw the last layer underneath the layer we drew in the previous step. This should be the biggest layer among all four layers of the Christmas tree.

Keep in mind that the Christmas tree should form a triangular shape. That means, the layers from top to bottom should go from the smallest to the biggest.

After completing this step, you should now have four layers and the structure of your Christmas tree should now be complete!

Step 6 – Add a Huge Present Under the Christmas Tree

Underneath the Christmas tree, draw a three-dimensional upright rectangular box. Drawing a box with dimensions is easy!

Simply start by drawing a standing flat rectangular shape that is slightly tilted diagonally. Then, draw a narrow diagonal rectangular shape on its left side and a square shape at the top.

Don’t forget to add parallel lines on all visible sides of the gift box to create the ribbon!

Step 7 – Next, Draw a Smaller Gift Under the Tree

Draw a smaller present under the Christmas tree beside the first one we drew in the previous step.

This time, however, the dimensions should be on the right side of the gift, opposite to the previous one. This makes the gifts look more proportionate.

Step 8 – Now, Draw Two More Gifts Under the Tree

Repeat the previous step to create two more presents on each side of the two gift boxes we drew in the previous gifts. Don’t forget to add ribbons on these two presents as well!

At this point, you should not have four boxes of presents underneath the Christmas tree.

Step 9 – Adorn the Christmas Tree with Ornaments

Make your Christmas tree look eye-catching by adding ornament balls hanging all over the surface of the tree.

Simply draw multiple circles on different spots to make the ornaments look evenly distributed across the Christmas tree, as shown in the illustration. Feel free to place the balls wherever you like!

Now that we have successfully drawn a Christmas tree, it’s time for the most enjoyable part, which is choosing the colors and coloring the Christmas tree.

Traditionally, Christmas trees are primarily colored green as they are live evergreen, pine, or fir tree. Today, however, artificial Christmas trees have been developed and it comes in many color options.

The star at the very top of the Christmas tree is typically yellow, but it also exists in other colors.

The Christmas balls adorning the Christmas tree as well as the box of presents underneath comes in a wide range of colors.

Feel free to customize the colors of the Christmas stuff in your drawing! Which colors will you choose?

3 More tips to make your Christmas stuff drawing easy!

Create some festive artwork with ease with these fun and easy tips! If you happen to be working on this guide around Christmas time, then chances are that you have a Christmas tree in your house.

If that is the case, then you have the perfect model ready to go! If you do have one, you can carefully study it and then draw the details along with the steps of this guide.

Doing so will allow you to get the proportions looking perfect, as you will have the real thing in front of you! You could also make your Christmas stuff drawing match the one you have in your house already. This could even include small details like the baubles, tinsels and presents.

If you are working on this guide at another time of the year, there are still ways to make it easier! You will find thousands of beautiful Christmas trees online if you need some inspiration.

Your family may also have some photos of past setups, and that would also help you when drawing this Christmas stuff sketch.

We always recommend using a source when drawing anything, as you will be surprised how much it can help. Following this tip will help to make this Christmas stuff drawing easy!

Finally, you can also make this drawing of Christmas stuff much easier by drawing some basic shapes. To do this, get a light pencil to draw with, then draw a small circle for the very top.

Then, you can use a ruler to draw a triangular shape for the body of the tree. After that, you can use darker pencils to draw the finer details, and finally go over it all with your pen before erasing it.

Having these basic shapes will help you keep the shape of your tree consistent. Then you can focus on the fun of adding decorations, presents and even a background!

The best part is no one will ever know you used planning, so you can use as much as you need.

Your Christmas Stuff Drawing is Complete!

Christmas is definitely one of the most exciting festive holidays not just for kids, but also for people of all ages.

It is that time of the year when we gather with our loved ones to eat good food, open presents, and most importantly, light up the Christmas tree.

So hopefully, you enjoy this step-by-step Christmas stuff drawing tutorial!

We are regularly uploading new content on our “How to Draw” catalog, so make sure you keep checking back to continuously enjoy brand-new drawing tutorials like this one.

Let us know what you would like to learn how to draw next, and we’ll do our best to deliver your requests!

After you finish drawing and coloring Christmas stuff, don’t forget to share your masterpiece on our Facebook page and on Pinterest! Don’t be embarrassed—you’ve worked so hard for it, so we’re sure it looks incredible!

We’re looking forward to seeing your festive Christmas stuff drawing!

Easy How to Draw a Christmas Tree Tutorial and Coloring Page

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Below you’ll find an easy step-by-step tutorial for how to draw a Christmas Tree and Christmas Tree Coloring Pages.

Why not mix things up and put it in a really fun place, like a snowy mountain?
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Christmas Tree Drawing

If Christmas is a magical time of the year, then why not think outside of the box, and learn how to draw a Christmas tree in a really unusual place? Trees in homes can be very pretty, of course, but a tree in the middle of nowhere starts to tell story. Who put it there? Is it for people who live there, or just come and visit? Who are the presents for?

This tutorial offers an easy way to draw the layers of a Christmas tree, without getting too bogged down with all the branches. The simple sections that get wider and wider are easy to draw, and let students add shadows too, if they’d like. It all adds up to a tree that doesn’t look so flat, which is what happens when only the outline is drawn.

Lastly, when it comes to coloring your drawing, here’s a tip that will keep your student’s snow looking white and fresh. All they have to do is remember NOT draw the little circles first with a black marker. They need to stop when they’re done tracing the tree and mountains, and draw the snow circles with the sky blue color instead. Afterwards, when they fill in the background they will have some very pretty and soft looking snow without any black outlines. It makes for a much lighter and more delicate looking sky.

Getting Started with Drawing Guides

The best way to get students off to a good start to any drawing lesson is to show them how to use guides as a reference point.

You may have noticed that all of the tutorials on this site have a dashed line running through the center of each step, in both horizontal and vertical directions. If students make their own centered lines on their own paper, before drawing, they will have an easy reference to follow.

Drawing skills are all about getting the size and placement of lines on paper, so having some visual reference point to get started, will always help anyone learn how to be a little more accurate.

So does that mean students need to get out a ruler to draw a big fat line down the center of their paper before they start? Goodness no, please don’t! That will most likely be hard to erase and distract from any finished art. No, simply fold the sheet of paper in half both ways, make a crease, and unfold. The beauty is that by the time the drawing is done and colored in, the creases will disappear.

And now, on to the Christmas Tree drawing project.

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Christmas Tree Coloring Page

Open the Christmas Tree Coloring Page

Materials for a Christmas Tree Drawing

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  • Drawing Paper. Don’t substitute it with copy paper or construction paper. The surface will get fuzzy, erasing might cause holes, and the colors will generally not look as bright.
  • Pencil. The Ticonderoga brand are the most reliable, make nice dark lines when you need them, and are the easiest to erase.
  • Eraser. Large ones you can hold in your hand do a much better job than just the pencil tips. Stabilo Markers. They have the best colors, the best tips, and last the longest.
  • Black Sharpie Marker. These fine point permanent markers make nice black lines, have a good tip for coloring, and never bleed when they get wet. Use them in areas with good ventilation and add extra paper underneath for table protection.
  • Stabilo Markers. The large pack provides lots of fun color choices, several shades of each color, including a few choices for skin. The tips are perfect for coloring, and there’s even a promise that they will work after being uncapped for 8 weeks!

Step by Step Directions for to Draw a Christmas Tree

Time needed: 9 days and 1 hour.

Draw a Christmas Tree in 9 Easy Steps

  1. Draw a center star and 2 tree sections.

  2. Draw 3 more sections and add a line for the snow.

  3. Draw lines for the lights.

  4. Add circles for decorations on the tree.

  5. Draw a horizon line.

  6. Add two small trees in the background.

  7. Add mountains in the back.

  8. Draw presents and candy in the front.

  9. Trace, color and add shadows.

More Easy Christmas Drawing Projects

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Student Drawings

By Samaya, age 5

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How to draw a Christmas tree easy for kids

This wonderful lesson will prepare us for the holiday and tell you how to draw a Christmas tree easy for kids.

Spruce? It is very difficult to find a person who has never painted this tree in his life. But if you do not know how it is done, our article will teach you this simple matter.

Spruce - a symbol of the holiday!

Spruce - this is what everyone associates with the holiday, the New Year! This evergreen coniferous beauty for children becomes a real green fairy, delighting them on the morning of January 1 with gifts hidden under the branches. Does your child ask you to draw a Christmas tree? Or maybe you need to make some composition with her for a children's party or a matinee in the garden?

We will be happy to provide you with some simple tutorials that will teach you how to draw a fir tree step by step.

Method #1: top to bottom

The first method we will cover in this article will be based on drawing the tree from its top. Learn to draw such a spruce. And then it will not be difficult for you to create a whole forest on a piece of paper!

So, how to draw a spruce, starting from its top? Everything is very simple!

Method No.

2: from bottom to top

The first way of depicting spruce is not bad, but, you see, it is much more convenient to draw from bottom to top, and not vice versa. This makes it much easier to adjust and plan the height of the tree.

How to draw a spruce from the bottom up? Now let's show!

Method #3: Easy!

How to draw a fir tree in the simplest and most unpretentious way? We know it and will definitely share it with you. With this method, even a small child can draw a Christmas tree.

How to draw a spruce branch

But what if you don't need the whole tree, but need, for example, only one of its branches? Well, we'll tell you about that too. Arm yourself with pencil and paper, let's get started!

The drawing is ready!

Now you know how to draw a spruce branch yourself. You can even teach it to your child, for example.

Using the methods described above, you can draw a branch of a coniferous tree or the spruce itself with a pencil, felt-tip pens and even paints. The tool in this case does not really matter. Draw, create yourself and with your children.

Good afternoon, we continue the series of articles on the topic "How to draw a New Year - 48 ideas and 10 lessons" . And today I add FIR-trees to the general piggy bank of New Year's drawings. We will draw Christmas trees in DIFFERENT TECHNIQUES. I will show you how to create simple drawings of Christmas trees, and how to create a real Christmas tree with a drawing of coniferous needles and glitter reflected in glass Christmas balls with your own hands.

So, let's see what ways to draw Christmas trees I have collected for you in this article.


The easiest way to draw a Christmas tree is with a zigzag that expands downwards. It can be drawn as a thick brush (left photo) or a thin brush (right photo below).

How to draw a Christmas tree


This method is also easy enough for children to draw. You just need to draw a straight line on a piece of paper (or slightly slanted if the tree will be tilted).

This line will serve as the central axis of the Christmas tree - its ridge. And then with paints - to the left and right of this axis - we will draw our panicle bunches . You need to draw from the bottom rows of the Christmas tree - to the top. This is important so that our upper tiers lie on top of the lower legs of the Christmas tree.

That is, first draw the lower tier of the Christmas tree (a row of sweeping strokes-branches from below), then the second tier above the lower one (we put strokes overlapping on the edge of the bottom row), and then alternately tier by tier we go to the top.

Then you can draw snow on this Christmas tree.

Here in these pictures below there is also a Christmas tree drawn in the METELochka technique. Please note that , after we draw New Year's balls on the Christmas tree, you need to take green paint on the brush again and apply a few coniferous strokes OVER THE BALLS so that the balls seem to peek out from under the paws.

The same technique can be used to draw Christmas trees in winter landscapes. circular blizzard can serve as a background for such a New Year's landscape from shades of blue gouache. And the spruce branches themselves are also drawn with SEVERAL shades of blue, turquoise and white.

Also looks beautiful when this technique is used in painting WATERCOLOR ON WET PAPER . We get fuzzy blurry Christmas tree silhouettes . And already Christmas balls on such a Christmas tree can be drawn clearly with perfectly smooth edges.

Such a Christmas tree can be decorated with dots of beads, bows, Christmas sweets, round spots of balls.

To make the ball perfectly round (as in the picture above), it is better to draw it not just with a brush, but with a stencil. You just need to cut out a round stencil-hole from cardboard - several holes are better for different sizes of balls.

To do this, circle several glasses of different diameters on a sheet of cardboard, pierce each circle with scissors and cut out the inside along the circle line - and we will get round holes templates. We put them on the Christmas tree - the desired hole-circle in the right place on the Christmas tree. And carefully paint over the hole with a thick and juicy color. You can do it not with a brush, a sponge - that is, a piece of foam sponge for washing dishes. With the help of a sponge, the paint will lie evenly - as the bristles of the brush can crawl under the stencil and spoil the ideality of the circle.

Now look at the pictures below. Here we see that our MAZKOV technique is performed in the other direction . Here, the strokes are not laid down from the axis-trunk of the tree, but on the contrary, the lines of the needles are laid in a semicircular vector upwards . And we already get a new silhouette Christmas trees. That is a different kind of Christmas tree.

CONCLUSION: In this technique, the main thing is AXIS-BARREL (from which we draw our strokes of branches). And more importantly MULTIPLE PAINT COLORS - Strokes should be made from paints of different shades of green (or different shades of blue). Then our Christmas tree will look voluminous, textured and close to its real natural beauty.

How to draw a Christmas tree


two-tone silhouette

This method is also very simple. Little kids love him. First, draw the usual Christmas tree silhouette - shaggy (left picture below) or geometric with sharp triangular corners (right picture below), as you please.

silhouette in green. We dry. And on top of the dried background we draw Christmas decorations. Or we immediately place Christmas tree decorations, and then separately paint over the gaps between them with green.

The silhouette of Christmas trees can be the MOST SIMPLE - an ordinary rectangle. Stars, balls, and the stem of any triangle makes it look like a Christmas tree.

And here in the photo below are some more examples of SILHOUETTE Christmas trees, but already with DOUBLE PAINTING. Here the silhouette is divided into ZONES - each zone is painted over in its own shade of green.

The zones are drawn with a pencil on a dry green background and then painted over with a new shade of green. We dry. We draw decorations, ribbon star beads - and the Christmas tree is ready.

How to draw a Christmas tree


Tiered trees we all knew how to draw in kindergarten. When tiers were erected from triangles of different sizes. Here in the pictures below I present to your attention variations of this technique Christmas tree images.

Tiers may have rounded corners and smooth lines floors (as in the left picture below). Or tiers can have sharp corners and broken lines floors (as in the right picture below).

Tiers can have CLEAR SYMMETRY (as in the left picture below).

Or each tier can be UNSYMMETRIC - not the same left and right (as in the right picture below).

Each tier can be painted in your own shade of green . From dark to light, or alternating dark and light in turn (like in the picture of Christmas trees below).

Lines of SNOW, or lines of CHRISTMAS GARLANDS, can be laid out along the edges of the Christmas tree tiers.

A tiered Christmas tree can have an interesting stylization - like these Christmas trees in the pictures below - the edges of their legs are twisted in curls of varying degrees of coolness.

Draw a Christmas tree

WAY #5

drawing shadow areas.

But the Christmas trees, which have no clear tiers - but hints of tiering are given by drawing a shadow under the spruce paws. That is, due to the fact that on the silhouette of the Christmas tree we select BROKEN JUST LINES and paint over them with a darker shade of green - due to this we get silhouettes of shadow zones on the Christmas tree - and the Christmas tree becomes textured, with clearly defined coniferous legs (as done in the pictures of Christmas trees below).

Above the shady zones, you can whiten the snow in some places (as in the New Year's picture below).

And here is a picture of a Christmas tree below, where shadow zones are shown as ROUND LINES.

That is, with a pencil on the green silhouette of the Christmas tree, we draw rounded lines and loops . That is, coniferous paws are depicted in the form of such flat cakes-ears.

And then draw along these lines with a dark green brush . We dry. And in some places we put light spots of light green-green on the green paws - this gives the fir-tree paws a visual bulge.

How to draw a Christmas tree


This method is good to depict on gift wrappings, on postcards and as an interesting work for the New Year's drawing competition at school.

We start by drawing a triangle on a sheet of paper with a pencil . And then fill with paints this triangle with a variety of shapes (Christmas toys, flowers, birds, snowflakes and other patterns, etc. ).

Draw a stylized Christmas tree.


Horizontal lines .

But the way to draw a Christmas tree is perhaps the easiest - we draw the outlines of a triangle on a sheet of paper with a pencil. And then inside this drawn triangle we lay horizontal lines of different colors. According to your taste, the lines can be - straight, wavy or broken as shown below. They can be placed horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

An easy way to draw a Christmas tree.


Here we draw a triangle on a piece of paper. And then in any place of the triangle we put a large drop of light green paint - next to it is a drop of dark green paint. And just with your finger, mix these two drops into a round rosette curl. As a result, the paint of two shades is mixed and we get a two-color roll. Repeat the same procedure elsewhere on the tree. And again and again until we fill the entire field of the outlined triangle.

How to draw a Christmas tree.

WAY #8


And here is a way to draw a Christmas tree using the drawing of coniferous legs.

Here, let's look at the example below how exactly such an image of a Christmas tree is created on a sheet of paper.

To get such a Christmas tree, we first need to draw a triangle with a pencil. Then paint over it with a green background color of a dark shade. And then draw lines-bones of future coniferous legs over the background. And then grow green needles on these twigs.

We draw Christmas trees shining with lights.



And now I want to show how extraordinarily beautiful the Christmas tree drawn by us looks, if we think over the BACKGROUND in advance. The background you started drawing the Christmas tree on can make your drawing shine.

That is, if you make the background not a solid one color, but make a wide background strip in the center of the sheet a tone lighter than the rest of the background zone of the sheet. So we get like a pillar of light inside which our Christmas tree will shine.

And in this beam of light (when the paint dries) we will draw our Christmas tree, in any chosen way. And in the end we will get a Christmas tree shining with unearthly beauties. Here in the figure above you can see how effectively such a background looks. The tree seems to be illuminated by heavenly light.

And the picture of the Christmas tree itself is a heap of spots of different colors (essentially stuck with a finger). But the illusion of an unearthly radiance of the picture is created - due to the fact that 1.) the background of the sheet in the center has a whitish light shade 2.) white spots.

Let's now consider a detailed master class on drawing a coniferous Christmas tree, for which we will just apply SUCH BACKGROUND RECEPTION - as a "pillar of light".

How to draw a colorful Christmas tree

WAY #10


And in this figure below, we also see the same background sheet preparation technique. The sheet was painted over in a bluish tint in the center and yellowish along the edges (it is better to paint the background not with a brush, but with a sponge, a sponge for washing dishes).

In the same example, we will learn how to draw light glossy highlights on Christmas balls.

Please note that this Christmas tree (in the picture above) is drawn in a technique similar to the Broom. Only here is not alone there is no central axis from which our brush strokes dance (as in method No. 2) - here the axes for panicles-needles are multiple lines-axes , randomly scattered in different directions.

Let me draw you step by step MASTER CLASS , with a detailed diagram of the stages of drawing such a Christmas tree.

(I'm too lazy to get paints and a brush, so I'll draw with a computer mouse. This will slightly distort the similarity with the original, but still convey the essence of the technique itself. So ...

STEP 1 - make a general background glowing in the center with a bluish spot.

STEP 2 - in the luminous background we set the dark background basis of the future Christmas tree.

STEP 3 - On top of our base and around it, draw axis lines of future spruce legs. We draw randomly and, most importantly, not very thick (so that there is more air between them). And most importantly, that they look down and a little splayed.

STEP 4 - We take light green paint on the brush. And we begin to cover the LOWER TIER of the Christmas tree with long panicles-needles. It is important to start drawing the legs of the Christmas tree from the bottom up - mentally divide the Christmas tree into 4 tiers-floors and start from the bottom, gradually moving up. Then the Christmas tree will look natural (where the upper paws cover the lower ones, as in nature). In this master class, for the sake of saving my time, I will show only one lower tier.

STEP 5 - We take just a green color on a brush - and between the light needles we make rich green needles. It’s also chaotic - here and there we make brush strokes.

STEP 6 - take light brown gouache on brushes. And also with this color we make needles of brown coniferous color here and there. Finished with the LOWER TIER.

STEP 7 - Go to the second tier - and do the same - draw needles alternating brushes with light gouache, saturated gouache and brown gouache.

STEP 8 - take on a brush dark green (the darkest shade) and here and there we add dark brush strokes - drawing the needles that are in the shadow under the paws. Draw anywhere. Without hesitation.

ETC continue with the third tier and with the fourth tier at the top of the tree. Until the whole tree is covered with coniferous branches. I will no longer draw here to the very top - a computer mouse is not the most convenient tool for drawing.

Now let's figure out how we will draw decorations for this Christmas tree.

STEP 9 - under a round stencil (a hole in cardboard) we draw circles of ONE COLOR anywhere on the tree - but preferably under the paws - that is, we place each ball between the branches. This is important - to make the balls look natural (then in the last step we will slightly cover them with needles from the legs hanging from above the ball).

STEP 10 - on the brush we transfer the color of the same shade as the ball itself - only a few tones darker. And on the ball we draw curls of this dark color.

STEP 11 - on the brush we take another NEIGHBOR WITH DARK shade of color. And next to the first dark curl on the ball, we put another one, also dark, but of a different shade.

STEP 12 - we take a light (but not white) shade of color on the brush. And in the center of the ball we put a spot of light color - a spot of a round shape, or in the form of a thick curl.

STEP 13 - take the WHITE color on the brush. And In the center of the ball we put a white plump dot. And in the lower side of the ball we make a white semicircular stroke. Thus, our balls sparkled like real glass ones.

STEP 14 - Now we take a stick with a round tip, with which we will draw POINTS OF BEADS. A simple pencil with a round wash on the end will do. Pour thick white gouache into the saucer - poke the end of the pencil into the saucer and draw a chain of beads between the balls. White beads and red.

STEP 15 - And now we need to push the needles of the Christmas tree a little bit on the balls. To do this, we again take the green color - - on the brush and put a few sharp needle strokes on the upper parts of the balls . We alternate shades of green - a couple of light strokes, a couple of dark ones. So our balls will be slightly covered with needles and will look naturally hanging under the paws of the Christmas tree.

Same principle you can draw any of the Christmas trees below.

This Christmas tree, for example, is drawn entirely and completely first with a DARK GREEN BRUSH, and then after drying on the brush, we take a LIGHT SHADE OF GREEN and draw already light paws on top of the dark needles.

But please note: we draw light branches without repeating the contours of the dark ones - that is, dark branches stick out not in the same side as light.

And here (the picture of the Christmas tree below) is just different. Here, light branches of needles are drawn exactly OVER of the same dark branches. Only lines of light needles are applied a little in discord with dark.

Such a thick Christmas tree can accommodate very few toys. The main thing is to make sure that after drawing the balls you not forgotten Take again on a green brush - and again draw the needles of coniferous legs, which with their edges RUN over Christmas tree decorations . So that New Year's balls seem to be partially buried in dense needles and looked out of it with their glossy smooth sides.

A garland of bright multi-beam stars also looks good on such a Christmas tree.

We use is a tricky way. Use flat brush (where the bristles are arranged in a row, not a round bunch), and on the palette we drip a light yellow drop of paint and next to it a dark yellow one. We apply a brush to this paint so that one edge of the bristle row of the brush takes light paint, and the other dark.

And now this two-tone brush draw rays of stars. Rays are just brush prints - we print the brush in a circle, placing its light-colorful edge in the center of the circle, and the dark-colorful edge of the brush in the outer side of the star circle. (Look at the stars in the picture of the Christmas tree below - they have yellow rays towards the center, and darker along the edges). After the rays have dried in the middle of such an asterisk, we put a round spot of white paint.

And a white artificial Christmas tree you can draw thick spruce branches using the same technique. To do this, on a bluish background with a gray brush, draw the same paws of the Christmas tree (hairy twigs). And then on top of their gray outlines we draw already white shaggy twigs. And we get a picture where the white needles stand out against the background of a gray coniferous shadow (as is done in the picture of the Christmas tree below).

How to draw a winter tree


snow-covered Christmas trees.

And here is another pretty snow-covered evening tree, consecrated with a lantern . I tried to draw this Christmas tree with a computer mouse in stages. Of course, this is not as convenient and revealing as brush strokes, but still this master class conveys the general principle of creating a drawing in this style. Here it is shown how the mosaic alignment of the tiers of the legs of the Christmas tree is conveyed with simple blurry strokes.

Many snowy images of painted Christmas trees.

Let's take a closer look at how is at home to a simple unprepared person (without art education and everyday experience of waving a brush on paper) to create a masterpiece in one evening with the help of a brush and a jar of paint unfamiliar to his hand.

Here is one of the tricky ways to draw a Christmas tree with your own hands in a short time. First, draw the contours of a triangle on paper.

Be sure to draw the center line of the axis on the triangle (this is necessary in order to know in which direction - to the left or to the right - to turn the tip of the brush).

We take black paint on the brush. An important condition is that the shape of the brush should be flat (not a round tuft) and the bristles should be preferably hard. The second important condition is that the paint should not be too wet. That is, we breed a thick, dryish black mixture - we dip the same dry brush into it. And we print it to the drawing - this is how we get the prints of the villi of a natural contour that is not blurry with excess dampness (similar to the contour of real needle needles).

And then you can take dryish white gouache on the tip of the same black brush (also smear thick gouache on a saucer, dip the edge of the bristles of a flat brush and lay its prints on the tiers of the Christmas tree - in even rows.

And here is another quick way to draw a Christmas tree. Everything is even simpler here. This method is similar to the very first zigzag way in our article. Only with the addition of white snow.

And here is a way where the Christmas tree is drawn with a wet brush , it was dipped in dark green paint, and then the tip of the same brush was dipped in white gouache. And immediately this white tip was printed to the bottom of the painted oval leg of the Christmas tree. Thus, we get a foot where the bottom edge has a pure white outline, and white-green streaks go up from it.

And here is a real jeweler's way of drawing the needles of a snowy Christmas tree. Here it is drawn thinly and gracefully each large needle on the needles . Here we just see with our own eyes the way where the brush was dipped in paint on both sides.

And with such a brush we apply needles along the drawn branch. First, the left row (as on a comb), then the right row (as on a comb), and then (!!!) necessarily as many as three central rows of needles (so that the coniferous branch gets volume).

You can draw such experimental Christmas trees with gouache on one drawing at once, fitting them into a single winter landscape.

These are the ideas of Christmas tree drawings that I have collected for you today in one Family Pile on our website. Now you can choose any way to draw a Christmas tree, based on the materials available and faith in your abilities.

Go ahead. Swing at artistic masterpieces. And may you succeed.
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For it, a canvas in the form of a triangle is created on paper, the shape of which will result in a Christmas tree with symmetrical sides and the desired size. To do this, you can use a ruler or a regular triangle, with which it is even easier to draw neat lines.

The top of the triangle will become the top of the Christmas tree, the branches of which can have both clear lines and imitate needles, if the lines of the picture are not created straight, but in the form of jagged cutouts. As the sides of the triangle expand, the branches of the tree become more massive. The lower part of the drawing may end with an image of a tree trunk or simply snow, in which the sprawling branches of a New Year's beauty are buried.

If there are doubts that it will be possible to make the branches the same size, then thin horizontal lines can be drawn inside the triangle itself, which will serve as a border between the branches of the tree, allowing them to be symmetrical. According to this scheme, difficulties with how to draw a Christmas tree in stages with a pencil, easily and beautifully and in a matter of minutes, will not arise at any level of professionalism and artistic skills.

Interesting! In this technique, the pencil may not be the only possible tool. With the same success, the base part of the Christmas tree can be outlined with felt-tip pens, and painted over with paints. The original will help to make a Christmas tree and voluminous applications, when toys and garlands are not drawn on top of an already finished drawing, but are glued from other materials. You already know, ?

The second way to draw a Christmas tree is easy and beautiful

In order to use it and find out how to draw a Christmas tree in stages with a pencil, easily and beautifully, a slightly different template is used than the one described above. The triangle is replaced by a vertical line indicating the height of the future tree. Adjusting the size with this method is very easy: the higher the line, the larger the spruce itself.

The drawing will start with a star crowning the top of the head and at the same time serving as the top of the tree. In total, the Christmas tree will have three levels, the upper one in the form of a triangle is drawn directly under the star. The jagged ends of the bottom line of the triangle imitate branches. It is advisable to make them not quite straight, but with a slight crescent-shaped bend, the protruding part of which will be directed downward.

The second triangle is drawn larger and wider than the first, as the tree expands from the top down to the bottom of the trunk. The largest triangle is the last one. The teeth on it should be present in the same way as on everyone else, otherwise the drawing will be more schematic and not reminiscent of a real fluffy beauty. We also tell Dogs by zodiac signs.

The last step is to draw a tree trunk, making it even and not making a mistake with the center all the same vertical line helps. You can decorate the spruce according to your taste and imagination.

In this tutorial I will show you an easy way to draw a Christmas tree step by step with a pencil. If everything is done correctly, even a child can easily cope - the main thing is not to be lazy and try again and again if it doesn’t work out. Prepare pencils and paper and you can start drawing step by step. In order to draw a Christmas tree with a pencil in stages, it does not take much time, usually the whole process, along with coloring, takes from 10 to 20 minutes.

The first stage of drawing a Christmas tree is the base. The Christmas tree has a triangular shape, narrowing at the top and expanding towards the bottom, so we draw such a neat triangle. It will need to be deleted later. If you are just learning to draw, it is better not to use a ruler for sketching - practice drawing everything by hand. So, we have drawn the base of the Christmas tree, you can proceed to the next step.

Next, from the very top of the Christmas tree, we begin to draw its branches step by step in this way. At the top of the Christmas tree we draw narrower, gradually its branches will expand. In the process of drawing a Christmas tree, be sure to note what shape each section has, and try to repeat as accurately as possible.

We continue to draw until the very bottom of the Christmas tree. Drawing a Christmas tree will be easier if you have a base, as you will have something to focus on, and you will not get confused in the proportions of this tree.

Draw a star on top and a tree trunk on the bottom. At this stage of drawing a Christmas tree, you can erase the base so that it does not interfere with us and no longer distract us from the main task, it has already completed its function.

Let's start decorating our painted Christmas tree with garlands and bows. If you want to draw a beautiful Christmas tree, try to show your imagination in the process of creating decorations. Remember what your favorite Christmas tree looked like, look at photos and drawings on the Internet and try to repeat.

You can draw any decorations you like on the Christmas tree with a pencil. It can be plastic or glass shiny balls, bows, figurines of animals and characters, and much more. The easiest way, of course, is to draw balls, and if you are drawing a Christmas tree with a child, you can limit yourself to only them.

Don't forget to color your Christmas tree green, and color your toys and other decorations. Nearby you can draw and , as well as and . You can also depict colorful gifts and in general any background to fill the Christmas tree drawing with a festive mood.

We hope that you enjoyed drawing the Christmas tree and that everything turned out great. Here is another way to draw a Christmas tree, we will show you how to draw only a Christmas tree without toys, and you can add the rest to your taste. This drawing of a Christmas tree is a little more difficult, but more realistic, so it will suit more experienced artists. Let's start with this slightly curved base of our painted Christmas tree.

As a base, draw a few of these triangles overlapping each other. In our opinion, it turns out very nice.

Make the base lines light, because on top we will draw spruce branches. We start drawing a Christmas tree from the very top.

We are gradually moving lower and lower.

At this stage, draw the lowest layer of branches of our Christmas tree for the new year.

Step-by-step drawing lesson for children, drawing lessons

New Year is just around the corner and New Year's pictures drawn by a kid will be a great gift for family and friends!

Drawing is a kind of game for your kid, it is a game in creativity, it is the development of his senses, emotions, sensory abilities, fantasy and intelligence. The sooner you give your child the opportunity to develop himself in such creativity, the better.

With our sketchy pictures with step by step instructions, you can draw anything with your children, the main thing is to understand the basic principles of drawing.

  • Learn to draw a Christmas tree
  • Learning to draw New Year's gift
  • Learn to Draw a Penguin

Draw a Christmas tree!

Christmas tree - the main element of the upcoming holiday! Let's learn how to draw a simple but very beautiful Christmas tree for the New Year!

Step 1. Draw a triangle at the bottom of the sheet. Next, draw a second smaller triangle, which "enters" the large triangle with its base. The third, smallest, will intersect with the second triangle. We have a kind of pyramid.

Step 2. To make our Christmas tree more natural, we need to make clear lines smoother. To do this, we turn each straight line into an arcuate one in accordance with the figure. After drawing, we see how our triangles have turned into cones with arcs in the form of sides.

Step 3. We are halfway through and we have already drawn the frame of the New Year's green beauty! We erase unnecessary and intersecting lines with an eraser, leaving only the outer borders. Also in this step, at the base of the Christmas tree, draw a small rectangle - this will be the trunk of our Christmas tree.

Step 4 Draw the garland. A Christmas tree doesn't look festive without decorations. We need to fix this! Smoothly diagonally along the Christmas tree, draw a series of dots, focusing on the drawing.

Step 5. One garland isn't enough, is it? What is a Christmas tree without Christmas balls! We draw circles all over the Christmas tree, you can have different sizes. You can place them anywhere.

Step 6. The most interesting and creative step is to color our Christmas tree. For this, all materials are used - pencils, felt-tip pens or crayons. It will also be useful to conjure over the background - you can draw boxes with gifts around it or a happy family.

Drawing a New Year's present!

What a holiday without gifts! It's so nice, with trepidation and excitement to open gift boxes, untie a festive bow and unpack gift paper! We draw a New Year's gift, the drawing of which will remind us of happy New Year holidays even in the summer heat.

Step 1 Draw a square. This will be one of the bases of our box. You can use a ruler to draw straight lines. It is not necessary to draw exactly a square, it can also be a circle, an oval, or any other geometric figure.

Step 2. From the square on the right and left sides, draw two small rectangles, as shown in the figure. From an acute angle, draw a vertical straight line down. This is how the outline of our gift box gradually emerges.

Step 3. From the right and left corners also draw a vertical line down. Then it remains for us to connect all the lines together. With such simple movements, we get a voluminous box, it remains only to add a few details. We draw two parallel lines along the figure (visually it is the lid of the box and the left side), they will become part of a beautiful bow decorating the gift box.

Step 4. The details are very important for the drawing, so on the right side and on the top of the box draw two more parallel lines - this is how we partially “decorated” the box with a ribbon. Next, on the left side, draw with smooth lines a figure that looks like a heart - part of a stunning bow, which we will color later.

Step 5. Finish our bow on the other side and add two beautifully descending ribbons to it. Erase extra and intersecting lines with an eraser. So, we got a black and white holiday gift box, which needs to be decorated in color.

Step 6 Let's add more color to our drawing. At this stage, you can give free rein to your imagination and paint the gift in any color!

Draw a penguin!

Penguins are very beautiful and interesting birds. The child will surely enjoy watching them at the zoo, on TV and reading in books. And after studying their appearance and lifestyle, you can try to draw penguins. It will not be difficult for children to do this in stages.

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