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Easy How to Draw a Christmas Tree Tutorial and Coloring Page

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Below you’ll find an easy step-by-step tutorial for how to draw a Christmas Tree and Christmas Tree Coloring Pages. Why not mix things up and put it in a really fun place, like a snowy mountain?

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Christmas Tree Drawing

If Christmas is a magical time of the year, then why not think outside of the box, and learn how to draw a Christmas tree in a really unusual place? Trees in homes can be very pretty, of course, but a tree in the middle of nowhere starts to tell story. Who put it there? Is it for people who live there, or just come and visit? Who are the presents for?

This tutorial offers an easy way to draw the layers of a Christmas tree, without getting too bogged down with all the branches. The simple sections that get wider and wider are easy to draw, and let students add shadows too, if they’d like. It all adds up to a tree that doesn’t look so flat, which is what happens when only the outline is drawn.

Lastly, when it comes to coloring your drawing, here’s a tip that will keep your student’s snow looking white and fresh. All they have to do is remember NOT draw the little circles first with a black marker. They need to stop when they’re done tracing the tree and mountains, and draw the snow circles with the sky blue color instead. Afterwards, when they fill in the background they will have some very pretty and soft looking snow without any black outlines. It makes for a much lighter and more delicate looking sky.

Getting Started with Drawing Guides

The best way to get students off to a good start to any drawing lesson is to show them how to use guides as a reference point.

You may have noticed that all of the tutorials on this site have a dashed line running through the center of each step, in both horizontal and vertical directions. If students make their own centered lines on their own paper, before drawing, they will have an easy reference to follow.

Drawing skills are all about getting the size and placement of lines on paper, so having some visual reference point to get started, will always help anyone learn how to be a little more accurate.

So does that mean students need to get out a ruler to draw a big fat line down the center of their paper before they start? Goodness no, please don’t! That will most likely be hard to erase and distract from any finished art. No, simply fold the sheet of paper in half both ways, make a crease, and unfold. The beauty is that by the time the drawing is done and colored in, the creases will disappear.

And now, on to the Christmas Tree drawing project.

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Christmas Tree Coloring Page

Open the Christmas Tree Coloring Page

Materials for a Christmas Tree Drawing

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  • Drawing Paper. Don’t substitute it with copy paper or construction paper. The surface will get fuzzy, erasing might cause holes, and the colors will generally not look as bright.
  • Pencil. The Ticonderoga brand are the most reliable, make nice dark lines when you need them, and are the easiest to erase.
  • Eraser. Large ones you can hold in your hand do a much better job than just the pencil tips. Stabilo Markers. They have the best colors, the best tips, and last the longest.
  • Black Sharpie Marker. These fine point permanent markers make nice black lines, have a good tip for coloring, and never bleed when they get wet. Use them in areas with good ventilation and add extra paper underneath for table protection.
  • Stabilo Markers. The large pack provides lots of fun color choices, several shades of each color, including a few choices for skin. The tips are perfect for coloring, and there’s even a promise that they will work after being uncapped for 8 weeks!

Step by Step Directions for to Draw a Christmas Tree

Time needed: 9 days and 1 hour.

Draw a Christmas Tree in 9 Easy Steps

  1. Draw a center star and 2 tree sections.

  2. Draw 3 more sections and add a line for the snow.

  3. Draw lines for the lights.

  4. Add circles for decorations on the tree.

  5. Draw a horizon line.

  6. Add two small trees in the background.

  7. Add mountains in the back.

  8. Draw presents and candy in the front.

  9. Trace, color and add shadows.

More Easy Christmas Drawing Projects

Another Christmas Tree Tutorial

Open Another Christmas Tree Tutorial

Open Another Christmas Tree Coloring Page

Student Drawings

By Samaya, age 5

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How To Draw a Christmas Tree with Easy Step by Step Guide

ByMonica S Updated on

Today we are learning how to draw a Christmas tree together from the top of the tree to the Christmas tree trunk, we will use basic shapes and easy steps on creating our own Christmas tree drawing. Kids of all ages can follow along in this drawing lesson step guide and create holiday amazing artworks.

Print these Christmas tree drawing steps out to draw your own simple Christmas tree!

How to draw a Christmas tree In easy Steps

Learning how to draw a simple Christmas tree is easy enough for children of all ages and skill levels, this printable how to draw a Christmas tree tutorial is so simple that even beginners can do it.

Download this free 3 page step-by-step Christmas tree drawing tutorial below for a great indoor activity: it’s easy to follow, doesn’t require a lot of preparation, and the result is a cute Christmas tree sketch!

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Supplies Needed

  • Pencil
  • Eraser – like an art or gum eraser
  • White sheet of paper

Simple Steps to Making Your Own Christmas Tree Drawing

Enjoy an afternoon filled with drawing fun during the Christmas break with this easy how to draw a Christmas tree tutorial to make your own easy Christmas tree drawing.

Let’s get started drawing a Christmas tree!

Step 1

First step, draw a cone and round the top and make little waves at the bottom. This is going to be the top of your Christmas tree. The two angled lines or diagonal lines will be almost straight lines while the waves are the bottom are little circles of different sizes drawn with a curved line arranged lined up along a loose horizontal line.

Step 2

Repeat that same shape again only a little bigger and appearing underneath and behind the top of the Christmas tree you just drew. You can either create the entire new section with pencil and erase the lines or look at the step example and see what would show below. This will be the middle section of the Christmas tree.

The middle of the cone shape should line up with an imaginary vertical line that goes through the middle of the tree from the top.

The small circles halves lined up across the bottom of the layer will be a little larger than the first set.

Step 3

Next step, repeat that same step one more time a little bigger below the second tree shape which will be the final section. The stacking of these three cone shapes give it that Christmas tree look.

The next simple steps how to draw a Christmas tree are easy!

Step 4

Let’s add some new lines at the bottom. Draw a rectangle at the base of your tree with two visible horizontal vertical lines and two horizontal lines. This is your Christmas tree trunk.

Step 5

Erase the horizontal line that is inside the tree branches.

Step 6

Draw a star at the top of your Christmas tree as a tree topper and erase any additional lines. To make your tree a Christmas tree, this is an important step!

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Let’s add the final touches to our own Christmas tree drawing!

Step 7

Now you have the foundation of your Christmas tree drawing and it is time to add the holiday details.

You could stop right here if you want to have a group of outdoor evergreen trees (like a pine tree) without decorations if it is not Christmas time.

To add simple garland to your holiday tree, free hand draw curved lines starting at the top and stretching across each basic shape cone that created our tree outline. In the example, we made two curved lines at the top tier and one curved line on each of the lower two tiers.

Step 8

Draw ornaments and decorations for your festive tree:

  • Add little circles for Christmas balls and round ornaments.
  • You can also reinforce the curved lines that created the garland with a parallel line to emphasize it for a different look.
  • Add oval shapes on the garland to look like Christmas lights.
  • Draw star shapes on the tree to look like star ornaments.
  • Color your Christmas tree drawing and repeat with more drawn trees until you have a group of colorful Christmas trees!
  • Add some small rectangle shapes and add bow details to create a bunch of Christmas presents at the base of the tree.

You can make your tree more of a cartoon Christmas tree with big shapes without a much detail (you can even trace over your outline with a permanent marker) or make it look more like a real Christmas tree by adding shading and detailed ornaments.

This step-by-step tutorial is super easy to follow, and so much fun too!

Download Christmas Tree Drawing Tutorial Here

How To Draw Christmas Tree Step by Step GuideDownload

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How did your Christmas tree drawing turn out with this how to draw a Christmas tree step by step drawing lesson?

Monica S

12 ways to draw a Christmas tree that kids can figure out

December 3, 2019LikbezInspiration

Step-by-step instructions and detailed videos will help with this.



How to draw a fluffy Christmas tree with a pencil or felt-tip pen

Drawbook YouTube channel

What you will need

  • Paper;
  • pencil or black marker;
  • colored pencils, markers, paints or pastels.

How to draw a Christmas tree

First, draw a five-pointed star at the top of the paper.

YouTube channel Drawbook

From it, draw down two smooth lines in different directions.

Drawbook YouTube channel

Connect their ends with a row of rounded lines.

Drawbook YouTube channel

From the edge, make a line down at the same angle. From it draw a series of smooth rounded lines to the side. Connect it with a smooth line to the "skirt" of the Christmas tree.

Drawbook YouTube channel

In the same way, add another largest tier to the tree. Draw a small rectangular trunk at the bottom in the middle.

Drawbook YouTube channel

Draw small round balls on the Christmas tree.

Drawbook YouTube channel

Color the resulting Christmas tree.

What other options are there

Draw more tiers, then the Christmas tree will look even more fluffy and beautiful:

This tutorial shows how to draw and color the Christmas tree so that it looks more alive:

Here another elegant tree:

How to draw an angular Christmas tree with a pencil or felt-tip pen

Yo Kidz YouTube channel

What you need

  • Paper;
  • pencil or black marker;
  • colored pencils, markers, paints or pastels.

How to draw a Christmas tree

Draw a small line at an angle. From the top end, draw down another slanted line.

YouTube channel Yo Kidz

From the lower ends, draw one small horizontal line inward. Draw lines down from them at the same angle as the top ones. They should be a little longer.

Yo Kidz YouTube channel

Draw two lines again from the ends of the side lines. Add two more lines at the same angle.

YouTube channel Yo Kidz

Repeat, expanding the tree more and more downwards.

Yo Kidz YouTube Channel

Connect the ends of the last lines with one straight line.

Yo Kidz YouTube channel

At the bottom, draw a rectangular trunk or trunk in a pot, as shown in the photo and video below.

Yo Kidz YouTube channel

“Hang” round balls on the Christmas tree and “plant” a star on top.

Yo Kidz YouTube Channel

Color the picture.

What other options are there

Another simple drawing that will take just a few minutes:

Because of the smooth lines, this herringbone looks more elegant. By the way, the author draws it from the bottom up:

How to draw a triangular Christmas tree with a pencil or felt-tip pen

YouTube channel "FishKit"

What you will need

  • Paper;
  • pencil or black marker;
  • colored pencils, markers, paints or pastels.

How to draw a Christmas tree

Put a dot at the top in the middle of the sheet. Place one more at the bottom right and left of this point. Connect them with straight lines to form a triangle.

FishKit YouTube channel

Now draw the garlands. Draw a line from the left edge to the bottom right corner. Next, draw a second parallel line.

FishKit YouTube channel

From the left end of the first garland, draw a straight line upwards to the right. Add another one a little higher.

FishKit YouTube channel

From the right end of the second garland, draw a line up to the left side of the Christmas tree. Finish the pattern by adding another parallel line.

YouTube channel “RybaKit”

Draw balls on the Christmas tree. It's okay if some go beyond the edges of the triangle.

FishKit YouTube channel

Color the balls and the tree. Garlands can be painted in a solid color or made them striped.

How to draw a fluffy Christmas tree with paints

FishKit YouTube channel

What you need

  • Paper;
  • gouache or ordinary paints;
  • brush;
  • water.

How to draw a Christmas tree

At the bottom of the leaf, paint a small brown trunk with a wide stroke of the brush.

YouTube channel “RybaKit”

Draw a five-pointed star at the top with yellow paint.

FishKit YouTube channel

Make a small green horizontal stripe under the star.

FishKit YouTube channel

At the bottom, add two more at some distance from each other. Each next strip should be longer than the previous one.

YouTube channel “RybaKit”

Draw darker green stripes between them.

FishKit YouTube channel

Add a dark green stripe below the very last one. Draw another tier more authentic below.

YouTube channel “RybaKit”

Between them and below, draw the tiers of the first green color. The very last strip should be thicker than the rest. Lengthen the rest of the tiers as needed to make the tree more even.

FishKit YouTube channel

Draw round colored balls.

What other options are there?

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How to draw a Christmas tree with a pencil step by step for beginners

In this article you will learn how to draw a Christmas tree. Coniferous beauty is one of the most favorite trees among children. Firstly, it is very easy to draw, even for beginners. Secondly, the drawn picture on the postcard can be presented to relatives for the holiday. And most importantly, such a lesson creates a New Year's mood.

Before you start painting, it is best to take a walk with your child and see how the forest beauty grows, or take Christmas tree decorations and decorate the Christmas tree in a group or at home. And at the same time consider what kind of trunk the tree has, in which direction the branches and needles grow. And after studying the live sample, you can start drawing and show the child how to draw a Christmas tree in stages.

Show children a video of Christmas cartoons or look at beautiful photos of winter landscapes for inspiration. Create a cozy atmosphere, turn on the song "It's cold in the winter for a little Christmas tree" and get started! 9Ol000 It is difficult for a child of 3-4 years old, in the second younger group, to draw a tree from beginning to end. It is better to give a ready-made template or outline of the Christmas tree and offer to decorate it with balls, for example, using gouache and a cotton swab. With great pleasure in the kindergarten, young children draw using a stencil. It's easy and beautiful.

Christmas tree stencils:

In the middle group of kindergarten and in the senior group, preschoolers distinguish between basic geometric shapes. During the lesson, the children determine that the tiers of the branches of the Christmas tree are triangular in shape. To kids 4-5 years old, you can tell that the image of a fluffy beauty consists of triangles that increase in size from top to bottom.

Older artists, 5-6 years old, can quickly and easily make an easy drawing of a Christmas tree with a simple pencil according to the following scheme.

Take a white landscape sheet, put a dot at the very top, exactly in the middle. From this point, draw two short lines down to the right and left sides. Try to keep them the same length. From these segments, draw lines up and to the center, so that you get a corner. Then again draw a tier of Christmas trees on the right and left with a pencil. It is desirable that it be wider than the top.

Repeat for the third time. It is correct if the lower tier is depicted as the widest. Connect the left and right parts of the picture. It's okay if the bottom edge is uneven. Draw the bottom of the trunk in a rectangular shape.

Decorate the tree with balloons and put a star on top.

Color the picture with colored pencils.

Our festive elegant beauty is ready.

How to learn to draw a Christmas tree in the snow

It will be easier to teach older children who go to the preparatory group.

Before drawing a Christmas tree, preschoolers need to be taught how to divide the whole into parts. To do this, you need to consider in detail the structure of the tree.

Its basis is a smooth, straight trunk, without branches and bends. The branches near the Christmas tree are located at a certain angle to the trunk and form a crown in the shape of a cone.

First step: on a piece of paper in the middle, draw a straight line to the desired height of the tree.

Draw a conical crown. To do this, draw a wide line below and connect its ends to the top.

Divide the trunk line into five sections, starting at the top. Each lower one will be slightly larger than the previous upper one.

Leave the triangular crown unchanged, and below step back a little from the upper edge on the right and left, forming the corners of the lateral spruce legs. Highlight the edges of each tier. Erase the extra lines.

On the lower edges of the resulting trapezium, draw cloves step by step - twigs. It is better if they are of different lengths, and longer in the center than on the sides.

Draw snow on top of a tree. It is shaped like clouds.

Color the picture. Make the spruce green, dark green, or blue (the winter forest is exactly that color), and leave the snow unchanged. To emphasize its whiteness, paint over the background.

Our Christmas tree is ready, a child's drawing can be placed on the wall as a festive decoration for Christmas or given to mom and grandmother.

An elegant Christmas tree with gifts and toys

For children 6-7 years old, the task is a little more complicated. At this age, a young artist wants to make a beautiful work with complex drawing. In grades 1-2, schoolchildren love to compose complex multi-figured compositions at the drawing lesson.

Step by step drawing tutorial

You can draw a Christmas tree according to the above schemes, from geometric shapes, or by drawing the corners on the right and left. Make five tiers of branches.

Divide the tiers into separate branches, three to five per tier. Define the base of each spruce leg in semicircles.

Now, step by step, draw individual short branches extending from the main branch. Erase construction lines.

Let's decorate the Christmas tree. It is not necessary to use the usual balls, you can depict toys, bows, bells, stars and other decorations on the Christmas tree. Do not forget about garlands, beads or lights.

Place gifts under the tree. If you already know how to draw well, you can put a bear or a doll, a car at the bottom. If desired, add an image of Santa Claus, Snow Maiden or Snowman.

Color the work. To get a beautiful Christmas tree for the new year, use bright, juicy tones. Black color is best used only for the contour of the details.

Drawings for sketching + video tutorials

Watch a visual video tutorial on drawing simple children's Christmas trees: