How to draw the celtic tree of life

How to Draw the Tree of Life


Learn how to draw a great looking Tree of Life with easy, step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial. You can now easily create a beautiful Tree of Life drawing.

Complete Tree of Life drawing

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Many religious traditions around the world have a tree of life, sacred tree, or world tree tradition. In some legends, a huge tree binds together the heavens and the earth.

In others, the tree is located in "the center of the earth" and often "protected by supernatural guardians." The tree confers continued life, perhaps everlasting life, to humankind.

In Christian iconography, the Tree of Life was located in the Garden of Eden.

After the first man and woman, Adam and Eve, sinned by consuming the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of good and bad, they were cast out of the garden so that they could not "take fruit also from the tree of life and eat and live forever" (Genesis 3:22).

The entrance to the garden, and thus the tree, was then protected by angels and a flaming sword.

Today, the stylized tree of life motif is often seen on jewelry and decor. It is closely associated with the family tree and the idea of close ties to loved ones and family members.

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Would you like to draw a cartoon of the tree of life? This easy, step-by-step cartoon plant drawing tutorial is here to show you how. All you will need is a pencil, an eraser, and a sheet of paper. You may also wish to shade your finished drawing.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing the Tree of Life

How to Draw a Great Looking Tree of Life for Kids, Beginners, and Adults - Step 1

1. Begin by drawing the lower trunk and roots of the tree. Use curved lines that meet at swirling points on the ends, resembling the tentacles of an octopus. Note, too, the bulges on the roots with a teardrop shape drawn in the middle. These indicate tangled overlapping roots.

Easy Tree of Life Drawing - Step 2

2. Continue drawing the roots using long and short curved lines. Note the shapes that the roots make - small triangles and an inverted heart similar to that of a Celtic knot.

Easy Tree of Life Drawing - Step 3

3. Continue drawing the roots using curved lines, noting that the remaining roots don't end in points; rather, they are joined together. Erase portions of existing roots as necessary.

Easy Tree of Life Drawing - Step 4

4. Begin drawing the branches of the tree. On one side, use curved lines to draw a short pointed branch. On both sides, draw a long, downward-pointing branch. Use a pair of parallel curved lines that diverge sharply near the tip. Connect the ends with a wide, curved, "V" shaped line.

Easy Tree of Life Drawing - Step 5

5. Draw the next set of branches, erasing points of overlap as necessary. Use a long curved line for the top of each branch. Draw the bottom of the branch using a series of curved lines, punctuated by sets of curved lines that meet at points. Note that one twig diverges into a spiral shape and a point that crosses over the lower branch.

Easy Tree of Life Drawing - Step 6

6. Use curved lines to draw the next branch, erasing as necessary. Note the twigs coming up from the branch below to intersect and help form the knot-like pattern.

Easy Tree of Life Drawing - Step 7

7. Use curved lines to draw the next branch, erasing as necessary. Note the twigs coming up from the branch below to intersect with and help form the knot-like pattern.

Add More Details to Your Tree of Life Picture - Step 8

8. Draw the final branch at the crown of the tree. Use two curved lines that meet at a point. Then, draw leaves all around the tree.

Complete the Outline of Your Tree of Life Drawing - Step 9

9. Draw the rest of the leaves. For each leaf, use two curved lines to draw a teardrop-like shape that is pointed at the tip. Draw a line down the center of the leaf to form the central vein.

Color Your Tree of Life Drawing

Color your cartoon tree of life design. We've shaded the one in our illustration with a dark solid color to imitate the tribal tattoo style.

Easy, step by step Tree of Life drawing tutorial

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Tree of Life Drawing Tutorial - Easy & Fun Printable Pages


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Designing A Celtic Tree Motif 1 of 2 – jo fox – adventures in art

Nature has always been really important to me. It’s why I read a mixture preclinical medicine and biology during my degree, why I paint and draw animals, plants and natural places so often, and where I go when I am in need of restoration. I wanted to design a piece of art which captured this feeling and could be used repeatedly in many places as an icon or symbol for these experiences.

I thought a tree would be the perfect subject for this particular project and I was drawn to the motif from many cultures of the “Tree of Life”. I love the way that a tree in this style is shown as part of a circle which links very much with the way nature comes and goes in cycles. I also love tree of life symbols which incorporate celtic knotwork into them. I have found it hard to discover the real history of this kind of knotwork as much of it has been repurposed as marketing for various modern jewllery and tattoo designs. Personally I see, in this pattern, ideas about interweaving the varied threads of life and mutual dependance among living organisms.

At first I began playing with this idea in my sketchbook…

…but soon moved across to a digital drawing board since I wanted a largely symmetrical design and could use the symmetry tool to design this really effectively. (This is a digital tool which will reproduce the mirror image of what you draw on the other side of a line of symmetry.)

I began, as always, thinking about the large shapes in my design…

Next I moved onto my own knotwork design. I alluded to this style rather than implented it more fully so that my tree still looked very tree-like but with strong overtones of knotwork in it. So each branch weaves through others but is only joined to them at the trunk. I planned the knotwork first using single lines so I could get a feel for the pattern that I wanted. I went through several iterations of this and finally found something I liked…

I really liked the way the top of the tree has a hint of a large lotus flower in the way the branches are placed.

Like this (in orange)…

Once I had a pattern that I liked I moved on to roughing in some branches and roots…

Once I removed my blue guidelines this looked like this…

My next stage was to redraw my line art neatly and put in a balanced set of crossovers in the knotwork effect. This is taken part way through when I had done a lot of the roots and was working on the branches…

Then I added some leaves, but this decentred the picture…

…so I got rid of my original outer circle and put in two new ones. My basic outline design was now finished…

From here I wanted to make two different pieces of art. The first was a gradient wash of watercolour in some iconically natural colours. The other was a detailed digital design possibly one in greyscale and one in colour. This week I’ll go over the watercolour work.


The first part of this painting was getting my digital design onto some watercolour paper.

I printed out the design on two sheets of A4, with just over half of the tree on each side. The using scissors and sellotape I made an A3 copy. Then I used an 8B pencil to rub all over the back of every line in my design. That done, I fixed it with masking tape to some A3 Watercolour paper and I was ready to transfer my image…

I went over the lines of my design with a hard pencil until I had redrawn the whole thing. Once I lifted up my copy paper I had a light imprint of my design to work with…

It had some darker bits where the pencil had bumped against the sellotape but it worked. I then went over this with a pencil and used a putty eraser to get rid of any rough work like this.

Finally I had my design on A3 watercolour paper!

My next job was to hash out how I wanted to do the colour. Here’s one of a few trials I made on copy paper to see what worked…

Eventually I decided on going from dark paynes grey with ultramarine, through a range of greens to a cadmium yellow deep at the tips of the leaves.

So I began to paint…

The painting was simple but demanding in the sense that mistakes couldn’t be rectified. It gave me a lovely period of intense concentration and then it was finished…

I am fairly pleased with how it turned out. I like the colour changes and the patterns and lines. If I had to pick something to work on I would paint the wash differently. Normally I paint a wash wet in wet and the watercolour almost takes care of itself. With this, because the lines were so thin and I wanted some really intense colour, I painted it wet on dry and just tried to move fast enough to mix the colours on the paper. I think taking my time and doing a few layers to build up the colour wet in wet might have given me a better result (although the final painting looks much smoother and more consistent than the photograph above).

Next week I’m going to take the outline I designed and use it to make a textured digital symbol in grey scale and in colour.

Like this:

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Tree of life - family talisman

tree of life

Jewelry Symbols

family and connection with your ancestors

The tree symbolizes generations of your family; it sprouts from the seed, grows and branches, sees, bears fruit and gives life to the next generation to start the life cycle anew.





The Tree of Life symbol has become very popular in jewelry and this popularity is not decreasing. Wearing the Tree of Life is not just a fashion trend, but also a deep symbolism. Since ancient times, the Tree has been regarded as a sacred amulet, which has important meanings in both religious and spiritual philosophy. The Tree of Life is usually depicted as a large tree with spreading branches and roots extending up and down, more often it is enclosed in a circle. This symbol is associated with family, religion, philosophy and spirituality and can be traced back to almost all ancient cultures. The tree of life idea has been around for almost as long as humans. There is something inspiring, grounding and soothing about this symbol. Let's take a look at why the Tree of Life is such a popular symbol, and how you can choose your own charm to symbolize what you carry inside.


Ancient Slavic Vedic symbol. The Tree of Life amulet demonstrates the universe, it is like the center of the Universe, which connects everything on earth into a single whole, a symbol of eternal earthly life, contributing to a new birth, family prosperity, abundant fertility and prosperity. A symbol of family and connection with our ancestors. The tree symbolizes the generations of the family. Germinating from a seed, it grows and branches, bears fruit and gives life to the next generation in order to start the life cycle anew.


In Celtic culture, the Tree of Life is often represented by branches rising up and roots reaching deep into the earth. This is a representation of the Druid faith about the connection between heaven and earth. The Celts believed that trees were human ancestors and were even considered doors to other worlds.


In the Buddhist tradition, the Bodhi Tree has always been revered, because it was under this tree that the Buddha attained enlightenment. The Bodhi tree represents the path to enlightenment and is a symbol of life.





Meanings of the symbol

Tree of Life

in other cultures:


In ancient Egypt, it was believed that the Tree of Life is a symbol of death and abundance, branches represent heaven, symbolizing the center of the universe— .


In the Bible, Adam and Eve were not allowed to eat from the Tree of Life, which would have allowed them to live forever. This tree is often seen as a symbol of love for God and a symbol of wisdom.


In African cultures, the baobab tree (also known as the bottle tree) is commonly referred to as the Tree of Life. This is because the baobab tree stores water and bears fruit even in dry and harsh climates. In Africa, the tree is revered and considered a savior tree, respected and cared for.


Like the Nazar bonkugu, the tree of life is the main symbol of Turkish culture. The wood pattern is often used on carpets and other handicrafts.





The tree of life has many spiritual and religious meanings and can be interpreted in many ways. The beauty of this is that you can find your own meaning in the symbol, which will be closer and more necessary to you.

Sherwood Collection




Here are the main meanings of the Tree of Life amulet:


The symbol of the Tree of Life also represents the connection with family and ancestors. The symbol has an intricate network of branches that represents how a family grows and expands over many generations. It also symbolizes fertility as the tree always continues to grow. From a small seed it becomes strong, lush and green, which means its vitality.


The tree of life represents how everything is interconnected. We do not exist in a vacuum, but are connected to the outside world. The circled tree symbol represents the world, and the tree represents life in this world. This amulet symbolizes togetherness and serves as a reminder that you are never alone or isolated, but connected to the world. The roots of the Tree of Life go deep into the earth, taking food from Mother Earth, and its branches go into the sky, taking energy from the sun and moon.


A tree is a symbol of stability and strength. The metaphor of a tree rooted deep in the earth speaks of strength, stability and earthiness. It also symbolizes growth, as the branchy crown of the tree is the result of many years of slow growth - from a vulnerable seedling to a strong tree.


Each tree is unique and inimitable. In the beginning, all trees look the same, but as they grow, each tree becomes unique and no two trees are the same. Over time, trees acquire their own character and beauty, withstanding all kinds of tests of the elements in order to become even stronger and stronger. We, too, are all different, like trees, so the symbol of the Tree of Life will always remind us of this.


A tree may lose its leaves and appear dead, but when conditions become more favorable, the tree comes back to life, spreading its leaves. So, the Tree of Life symbolizes rebirth and overcoming difficult times.


Being under the crown of a large tree, one gets a feeling of the power of nature, peace and relaxation. In no other place will we get such energy as from a tree. A tree is always calm and peaceful, quietly and slowly grows and becomes stronger, gives life - serves as a refuge and food for wild animals and birds.


decoration with koi fish or Japanese carp.

In order for good luck to accompany you always and in everything, you can push it a little in the right direction. Koi carps are a symbol of good luck, great achievements and happiness, a powerful talisman, which is of great importance in Feng Shui practices. It is believed that Koi helps everyone who stubbornly moves towards the goal, is purposeful and is not afraid of difficulties. And embodied in the form of a bright and beautiful jewelry, enhanced by the magical energy of amber, this fish will certainly bring you good luck. And it will help to create a bright and spectacular image.


Koi Fish


Koi Fish

handmade amber interior trees

these trees will become a talisman for your home.

Bring peace, love and prosperity to your family

A beautiful piece of jewelry filled with symbolic meaning is the best talisman, the wearing of which will give you joy and pleasure.

Amber trees

Amber trees

Amber trees

Amber trees

Work process

The symbol of a strong and complete family - peas

Polka dot pendant and a stylized elegant silver vessel that carefully stores five amber beads is a great gift for mothers, grandmothers, sisters and best friends. It symbolizes and personifies a complete family, where each pea is a member of your family. Whether your children or grandchildren live nearby or your family is spread all over the world, you will keep them close to your heart in our jewelry, adding a sentimental touch to any outfit.









Kenya Collection


Polka Dot Collection


Work process

two birds —

symbolizes the love of parents for children

Jewelry from this collection will be an unforgettable and very personal gift for mom, grandmother, beloved aunt or nanny, symbolizing your gratitude for the care and parental love, support and faith, who protect us from any harm.





Lyric collection

Lyric collection

Lyric collection

Lyric collection

Work process

INFINITY jewelry —

symbol of infinity and eternal love

This symbol of infinity has existed since time immemorial and people have endowed it with special meaning and power for centuries. Jewelry from this collection has an unexpected sacred meaning.

The simple yet beautiful design of the infinity symbol is associated with eternal love. Endless and limitless.





Amur Collection

Amur Collection

Amur Collection

Amur Collection

jewelry fashion news and gift idea collections


Sunny Moroccan city, covered with fairy tales and legends, and the flawless shape of the Faberge egg inspired our designers to create this collection. We created jewelry of the legendary form and breathed an oriental fairy tale into them. READ


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An entire era, the era of great travels and geographical discoveries, became the source of inspiration for unique writing instruments. These products have the romance of adventure and the spirit of discoverers. In the design elements, you can see the legendary caravel leading Columbus to new shores, or the majestic frigate fearlessly fighting for the honor of the royal crown. In this collection, the smell of rum is an amber drink in oak barrels. READ


In 2014, one of the lost imperial eggs was found at a flea market. An American metal dealer who bought an egg at a flea market for fourteen thousand dollars planned to immediately resell it for fifteen, making a small profit and forgetting about the find. READ


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Boys to the left, girls to the right: such a clear division into strong and weak sex is gradually losing its relevance. It is no longer a secret that there is a massive gender shift in the world today, and the boundaries between the sexes are becoming more and more blurred. Men, especially those living in large cities, have begun to take care of themselves more and more, and this is no longer considered something out of the ordinary. READ

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She is like an element - uncontrollable and indomitable. In a woman lies a secret, often she herself does not understand. She is free like the sea in a storm, and quiet as the water in a deep lake; she gives life, like a summer torrential rain, or maybe a scorching desert sun; READ

Floral theme in jewelry

After a few cloudy months, the first rays of the sparkling sun appear, and the morning breeze is no longer so frosty. With the first flowers on the trees, warmth and the awakening of new life come again. Perhaps the most beautiful pleasure in nature that we experience in spring is the appearance of the first flowers, the first leaves on the trees, the aroma of apple and cherry blossoms. Just as the world of nature celebrates the first flowers, the world of fashion celebrates primroses in its collections. Everything around is blooming: delicate and bright floral prints on clothes, sparkling jewelry. Everything is inspired by flowers. READ

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MY STORY. Mila, AMBERHOLL| Like most women, I love jewelry. And I have my own collection, which is very dear to me. Very often, our jewelry box contains not only jewelry, but also memories. Memories of loved ones, events, travels. Sometimes, opening the box, we can immerse ourselves in wonderful memories. Sorting through each product, as if leafing through a photo album, we plunge into the day when, it would seem, not such an important trinket, appeared in our lives. Jewelry is not just an accessory, it's a time capsule, it's close people, it's love, it's friends, it's family, it's our travels. READ MORE


I am inspired by nature, architecture, people, interiors and life in general. Sometimes you can not go anywhere far, but just go outside and see the fog, take a walk in the park or along the night beach. Sometimes you look out the window and see a finished composition, and then you remember and restore it on canvas. READ


For decades, a black dress has been a staple of every woman's wardrobe. And this is not surprising, because few other clothes are so easily modified for the situation. You put on a black sheath dress in the morning and look strict and businesslike in the office, and in the evening, complementing it with jewelry suitable for the occasion, you are brilliant at any festive dinner. At the same time, a black dress never goes out of fashion, and the right cut and style will help to correct the figure and emphasize the dignity. READ


Morning is the best part of the day. This is every time the beginning of a huge, bright and real life today. Time to decide what it will be like today - active, filled with events and accomplishments, or calm, cozy and contemplative. READ


When was the last time you updated your jewelry collection? It's time to add something new to your look. This season, designers and stylists rely on accessories, because, as rightly noted, jewelry is like an exquisite spice - it always skillfully emphasizes and complements what is already there. Earrings are one of the main accents of the new season, and today experiments with shapes and materials are more relevant than ever. So it's time to get hooked! READ


Breaking news from the world of trendy jewelry: diamonds are losing their positions, while items made of semi-precious stones and natural minerals are coming to the fore, and statement accessories are replacing minimalism that has already managed to bore everyone. Massive natural amber beads are the easiest way to diversify your basic wardrobe. Who said amber is boring? READ


Luxurious minimalism – these are the words that come to mind when looking at the exclusive jewelry from our iconic Monaco jewelry line. What could be better than the perfect duet of classics and modernity? The Monaco collection is a real triumph of beauty: clean lines and ideal proportions, created as if by the principle of the golden ratio, will captivate you with the perfection of its form. READ


The cocktail ring has a very interesting history. This jewelry became a symbol of women's independence, rebellion and the fight against prohibition during Prohibition in America almost a hundred years ago. READ


Inspired by the intriguing mystery of the Holy Grail, transformed into a symbol of art and style, Amberholl's Sangril Collection seduces with its sophisticated, modern spirit and elegance with a touch of audacity. There is an opinion that Amberholl follows the classics, revealing the natural beauty of natural amber. But, from time to time, our brand takes a bold path. We are pleased to present a new revolutionary collection of natural Baltic amber - Sangril. READ


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Inclusions - what is it?

Inclusions can be of different sizes, but each of them is valuable, so gemologists must be extremely careful when studying each piece of amber. Just imagine: a microscopic organic inclusion, visible only under a tenfold magnification magnifying glass, can carry a thousand-year history... READ


For the main signature. For important decisions. For plans for the future. For fresh ideas. Write your name in history beautifully! READ

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Alexandra Bulycheva: amber is perfect for brunettes.

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About inspiration, amber and theater. Interview with designer Alla Tatarikova-Karpenko

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My best age is now!

Any creative person associated with the world of art cannot create without inspiration. Designers, artists and jewelers find inspiration in everything: nature, music, female beauty. READ

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Flower theme in decorations

After several cloudy months, the first rays of the sparkling sun appear, and the morning breeze is no longer so frosty. With the first flowers on the trees, warmth and the awakening of new life come again. Perhaps the most beautiful pleasure in nature that we experience in spring is the appearance of the first flowers, the first leaves on the trees, the aroma of apple and cherry blossoms. Just as the world of nature celebrates the first flowers, the world of fashion celebrates primroses in its collections. Everything around is blooming: delicate and bright floral prints on clothes, sparkling jewelry. Everything is inspired by flowers. READ

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I am often asked the question: what style of clothing do I prefer? And you know, I can’t unequivocally answer this seemingly simple question for a stylist. But if you still start torturing me, I will say this: my style is more dependent on the time of year. Our Russian climate is very contrasting and bizarre in its weather and temperature manifestations. READ


Almost all girls with long hair at school used pens or pencils to collect their hair. And many of them retained this habit as adults. To make such a hairstyle is quite simple - you twist your hair into a bun and pierce it with any stick to fix it. READ


Baltic Fashion is organic, connection with nature, wind, sea and sand. Pure colors. Quality and comfort, cosiness and elegance and Baltic Fashion is organic, connection with nature, wind, sea and sand. Pure colors. Quality and comfort, comfort and elegance and amber jewelry. amber jewelry. READ


Style popular with '90s skaters is back in style, from cool clothing from graphic tees and classic Vans sneakers to layered bracelets and leather lace charms. Today, you don't need to know what "kickflip" is to download this trendy theme. All you need is a rebellious attitude and a little advice from an expert. So if you're looking for a new stylish look, you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll show you how to update your look with more freedom and creativity. READ


Delicate beads made of natural Baltic amber can be the first decoration for the smallest fashionistas. When choosing beads, pay attention to the fact that the beads are collected through a knot - this increases the safety of their use by children - even if the beads are torn, there will be no risk of the child swallowing the stones. Beads in such products are small in size and rounded, making them comfortable to wear. READ


We are very proud of the Clio collection - it combines the forces of Nature, the immensity of History, the skill of man. Clio jewelry inspires the imagination, excites the mind and invariably attracts attention. Each piece of jewelry from the Clio collection is created from amber with inclusions, and these pieces of amber with inclusions can be safely considered part of the historical heritage of our planet. READ

Tree of life. A talisman that will protect your family.

The Tree of Life symbol has become very popular in jewelry, and this popularity is not decreasing. Wearing the Tree of Life is not just a fashion trend, but also a deep symbolism. Since ancient times, the Tree has been regarded as a sacred amulet, which has important meanings in both religious and spiritual philosophy. READ


This world needs you. You are the unique and special Woman who can change everything. It is to you that we dedicate our manifesto of beauty, love and self-confidence. Everything starts with a dream. Everything will surely come true. READ

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Tree of life Greeting & Note Cards Celtic sacred trees Birthday, tree, grass, flower png

Tree of life Greeting & Note Cards Celtic sacred trees Birthday, tree, grass, flower png


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  • green tree with two birds on top illustration, Tree of life, tree, leaf, branch png 620x688px 124.29KB
  • Tree of life Illustration, Tree of life Drawing, celtic style, white, leaf png 5000x5000px 1.46MB
  • Celtic sacred trees Tree of life Celtic art Celts, tree, mammal, cat Like Mammal png 768x773px 294.24KB
  • black and green tree of life artwork, Tree of life Yggdrasil World Tree Symbol, gospel, culture, leaf png 1000x1000px 766.14KB
  • tree drawing, Root Tree Drawing, Tree of life sketch, leaf, branch png 2387x2633px 334.82KB
  • tree silhouette illustration, Coloring book Drawing Tree root, tree silhouette, leaf, branch png 949x1000px 86.06KB
  • pink tree of life art, Tree of life Celtic sacred trees Celtic knot Celts, tree of life, purple, symmetry png 1134x1134px 96.97KB
  • Tree of life Symbol Logo, Counseling Psychology, leaf, branch png 512x512px 180.75KB
  • Tree of life Root, tree, leaf, branch png 598x720px 204.87KB
  • green tree illustration, Tree of life Drawing, love tree, love, leaf png 5237x5587px 1.33MB
  • green leafed trees, Tree Branch Forest, Lush trees, template, leaf png 1100x919px 1.25MB
  • Celtic sacred trees Celtic knot Celtic art Celts Tree of life, symbol, miscellaneous, sticker png 500x500px 465KB
  • Odin Norse mythology Tree of life Scandinavia Yggdrasil, symbol, miscellaneous, food png 690x690px 1.82MB
  • Triquetra Symbol Witchcraft Wicca Druid, symbol, love, miscellaneous png 1024x1024px 405. 02KB
  • Angels Garden Tree, grass flowers, green plants, leaf, plant Stem png 2676x820px 4.04MB
  • Tree of life Woman, tree, leaf, branch png 1117x1240px 797.02KB
  • Tree Root Drawing, tree, leaf, branch png 398x500px 105.13KB
  • Oak Root, tree, leaf, branch png 581x720px 192.55KB
  • Tree of life illustration, Tree Drawing, reunion, leaf, branch png 1699x2143px 575.18KB
  • Mjolnir Yggdrasil Tree of life Norse mythology Odin, Thor, text, logo png 600x600px 337. 3KB
  • Vine Liana Rainforest Jungle, jungle, brown roots and green leaves on blue background, leaf, branch png 602x1327px 523.06KB
  • Tree of life Symbol Celtic sacred trees Zazzle, tree, label, branch png 944x948px 356.67KB
  • Tree of life Tattoo Celtic celt Celtic sacred Celtic, tree, monochrome, head png 862x813px 527.79KB
  • frame, Birthday Greeting & Note Cards, flower frame, love, flower Arranging png 2480x2480px 4.26MB
  • red and purple flowers, Flower garden Lawn, bushes, leaf, artificial Flower png 1500x1060px 1.85MB
  • flower varieties illustration, Flowers, haystack flowers, grass, grass png 900x720px 1.6MB
  • Tree Logo Green, life, leaf, branch png 508x561px 38.39KB
  • Symbol Symbol Druid Tree of life Tattoo, ouroboros occult, symmetry, tattoo png 411x1263px 36.73KB
  • Tree of life Celts Celtic Celt Celtic art Symbol, symbol, miscellaneous, logo png 400x400px 65.89KB
  • green bush illustration, Landscape Computer file, Plants flowers grass, herbaceous Plant, landscape png 1890x1134px 2.64MB
  • Tree of life Drawing, tree, leaf, grass png 500x500px 104. 08KB
  • Drawing Drawing Tree of life, celtic tree of life, leaf, monochrome png 800x773px 206.35KB
  • vine illustration, Leaf, Green leaf pattern, leaf, text png 1534x1100px 263.32KB
  • red petaled flowers, Quercus suber Tree Plant Rose, bushes, branch, christmas Decoration png 1362x2600px 4.74MB
  • Computer Icons Gift Christmas, gift, miscellaneous, symmetry png 511x512px 19.92KB
  • Drawing Trees Oak Drawing, tree, leaf, grass png 517x720px 61.18KB
  • Genealogical graphics Family tree Open, Family, leaf, text png 1038x1014px 192. 59KB
  • green leafed tree illustration, Psychology Health Logo Psychologist Lifestyle, fit, miscellaneous, english png 512x512px 42.93KB
  • green leaf plant illustration, Jungle Pattern, border material, leaf, branch png 1024x1171px 1.4MB
  • Ecology Natural environment Morphoecology Health, eco, leaf, branch png 1680x1680px 595.39KB
  • white, red, and purple flowers with butterflies illustration, Flower, Cartoon grass, cartoon Character, grass png 12500x7835px 10.41MB
  • green tree, Family tree Root Tree of life, root, leaf Vegetable, leaf png 1424x1897px 893. 99KB
  • tree illustration, Tree Root Branch, tree roots, leaf, root png 982x1500px 441.81KB
  • yellow sunflowers in bloom, Wedding invitation Paper Flower Greeting & Birthday Cards, sunflower, sunflower, sunflower Seed png 1280x864px 1.09MB
  • Branch Tree Winter, tree, leaf, tree Branch png 539x700px 248.09KB
  • roots of growing tree, Root Tree Drawing, family tree, leaf, text png 2299x2219px 322.41KB
  • art tree, Paper Wall decal, leaf, branch png 1000x1000px 72.29KB
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