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48 Best Small Christmas Trees

Jean Allsopp

Nothing says Christmas like visiting your favorite Christmas tree farm and picking out a tree. Choosing just one to take home can be hard and if your beautifully decorated tree leaves you inspired to decorate two or three more, you're not alone. Why not extend the “O Christmas Tree” delight throughout the rest of your holiday house? This year, deck the halls with boughs of holly and lots of small Christmas trees, inside and outdoors!

There are no rules when it comes to decorating with small Christmas trees, so get creative! Try placing mini trees along your mantel or kitchen counter. You can even put trees in your bedroom to give the space that extra holiday glow—just don’t leave them lit while you sleep. And, given their easy-to-work-with size, small trees make for adorable displays and kid-friendly DIY projects. (If you’re not up for dealing with the maintenance of live trees, store-bought trees work just fine.) So, whether you’re looking for new ways to add some Christmas cheer to your house or are just short on space, we’ve gathered the best small Christmas tree ideas to DIY or buy.


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Small Traditional Christmas Tree

This mini balsam fir embraces traditional elements like a plaid bow, cranberry garland, and tartan ornaments, plus homey accents like clip-on candlesticks. A stoneware crock serves as a classic base.


David Hillegas

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Wood Pallet Christmas Tree

Paint a tree shape on a shipping crate (you can find 'em for cheap on eBay or at the craft store), and string up some pom-poms in varying colors and sizes to embellish the slats. Top with a gold one to mimic a star. Try propping up on your front porch for a festive welcome.


David Tsay

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Bottle-Brush Centerpiece Christmas Trees

This Christmas centerpiece features a mix of old and new items (including highly collectible Putz houses) surrounded by greenery, twinkle lights, and bottle-brush trees of varying sizes.



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Small Topiary Christmas Trees

These rosemary topiaries are right at home in our Country Living Farmhouse Kitchen. Tied with a simple red ribbon, these tiny trees are pretty, fragrant, and useful—fresh herbs are just a snip away!


Burcu Avsar

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Mason Jar Christmas Tree

We love this idea for a mantel, or even open shelves in the kitchen. Fill half a dozen canning jars with ornaments, tinsel, greenery, and other Christmas accessories. Stack the jars in a pyramid, then wrap it with a shiny garland and top with a star.



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Small Organic Christmas Tree

A sparse alpine balsam fir channels a less-is-more mentality, while an antique copper pot anchors the display with metallic heft. Bird and pine cone ornaments and a dried orange garland hit an organic note.


Kim Cornelison

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Twine-Wrapped Christmas Trees

Wrap foam tree forms with classic red and white baker's twine. Hot-glue a star cookie cutter to the top for a finishing touch.


Brian Woodcock

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Flower Frog Christmas Trees

For a dash of holiday horticulture, stack these floral fixer-uppers. Hang ornaments and accent with sprigs of greenery.


David A. Land

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German Feather Christmas Tree

The vintage ornaments on this antique German feather tree are right at home alongside collected putz houses. The wrapping style stays simple with kraft paper and red ribbon.


Brian Woodcock

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Gathered Branches Christmas Tree

All you need for this sweet craft is white paint and a trip outside to gather sticks and acorns.

Make the acorn tree: Paint nuts with white craft paint, leaving caps natural. Attach a loop of twine with hot glue. Hang from a spray-painted branch set inside a spool of twine.



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Flocked Mini Tree

A flocked spruce and ribbon-candy ornaments hit a nostalgic note. The happy-hued handmade button garland and vintage candy-tin base add simple homespun charm.


Kassandra Arbour

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Small Trimmings Christmas Trees

Peg rail-lined shelves are the ideal spot to hang evergreen branches in the this newly renovated kitchen. Wrap the branches in twine and hang wherever you want a fresh pop of holiday cheer.


Brian Woodcock

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Tomato Cage Christmas Tree

We love this clever tree idea for a gardener! Head to your local garden center to pick up a tomato cage. Turning it upside down, tuck the top of cage into a bucket or other container, and secure the bottom (now the new top) with floral wire or a strong twist tie. Outfit it with shiny ornaments, add greenery for a lush base, and top it with a colorful bow.



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Candy Cane Christmas Trees

Tuck these trees on a shelf or by your gingerbread house or Christmas village.

Make the trees: Bake 3 candy cane sticks on a parchment paper–lined baking sheet at 225°F until just pliable, 3 to 6 minutes. Starting from bottom, quickly wrap candy around a cone-shaped Styrofoam form, trimming as needed and repeating until covered. Hot-glue red hots to starlight mints; attach to trees. To make a star-shaped mint topper, line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Grease parchment and insides of cookie cutters. Set cutters on baking sheet; fill with a single layer of mints in bottom, breaking to fill any gaps. Bake at 350°F just until melted, 5 to 6 minutes. Let stand 5 minutes; remove cutters. Hot-glue star to top of tree.


Brian Woodcock

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Tart Tins Christmas Tree

Round up a collection of vintage tart pans, ranging from 2 to 12 inches, and stack from largest to smallest. Top with a vintage star-shaped baking mold and display on a snow-filled tray.


Happy Happy Nester

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Small Felt Christmas Trees

You've probably used felt for DIY Christmas ornaments, but did you know it can also make gorgeous mini trees? What we love most about this pair is that they can be tailored to any home's color palette.

Get the tutorial at Happy Happy Nester.


David Tsay

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Camp-Style Christmas Tree

Nestled in a minnow bucket, a small tree with pennants and arrows tucked in reinforces a camp-style vibe. (Archery, anyone?)



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Small Pastel-Pretty Christmas Tree

An all-white spruce serves as an eye catching foundation for sparkling snowflakes, pastel baubles, putz house accents, and a sweet ice-skate topper. A hatbox evokes a bit of jet-set glamour.


Love of Family and Home

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Small Book Page Christmas Tree

As if you needed more proof that you can create a Christmas tree from any material! Here, this blogger used pages from old books to make up the "branches" of this mini tannenbaum.

Get the tutorial at Love of Family and Home.


Bless'er House

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Small Sweater Scrap Christmas Trees

Turn old Christmas sweaters into mini trees for an unexpected up-cycle.

Get the tutorial at Bless'er House.


Brian Woodcock

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Small Oil Funnel Christmas Trees

This DIY project proves that you can make a tree out of just about anything! Take old funnels in a variety of sizes (the rustier, the better, we think!), and stack them from largest to smallest. Wrap with a string of wooden beads for a finished look.


Monica Buck

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Retro Tabletop Christmas Tree

Perfect for a kids' room, this retro tree is as jolly as Kris Kringle himself, thanks to a vintage tree stand and old-school ornaments.


Megmade With Love

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Small Crocheted Christmas Trees

If you love to crochet or want to practice your skills, this mini tree project is definitely for you. Download the pattern to get started.

Get the tutorial at Megmade with Love.


Sadie Seasongoods

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Small Candle Holder Christmas Trees

Even your small Christmas trees need proper stands! Get creative by repurposing candle holders like this blogger did, and fill the "dish" with candies.

Get the tutorial at Sadie Seasongoods.



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Vintage Candy Tin Tree Stand

A vintage candy tin is the perfect festive base for this tabletop tree. Add color-coordinated baubles along with other collectibles for a darling display.


Cottage at the Crossroads

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Vintage Camper Christmas Tree

No surprise here: The super cute camper ornaments make this tree one of our absolute favorites.

See more at Cottage at the Crossroads.


Atta Girl Says

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Small Tinsel Christmas Tree

A silver tinsel tree is a versatile base for any color palette, whether it's the traditional red and green or pinks and blues, as shown here.

See more at Atta Girl Says.


David Land

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Classic Crate Christmas Tree

For the tree in this cozy Wisconsin cabin, a simple popcorn garland, glass ball ornaments, and a wooden crate in lieu of a tree skirt reinforce the room's-stuck-in-time vibe.


The North End Loft

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Centerpiece Christmas Trees

Make your own Christmas centerpiece by tucking in candles and berries around them.

See more at The North End Loft.


Sugar and Cloth

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DIY Confetti Christmas Trees

Your kids will have so much fun making this colorful craft.

Get the tutorial at Sugar and Cloth.


How to Decorate Small Christmas Trees

Small Christmas trees are a charming and practical way to add a fresh twist to your décor. These have a small footprint but do not scrimp on holiday cheer, making them a great option for homes with limited space. Bring warmth to your hearth, entryway, or staircase with these adorable small Christmas tree clusters.

To get you started, designer Jennifer Lutz shares three decorating ideas for your small Christmas trees. Watch this video to see how she decorated her tabletop Christmas trees—two 30-inch trees and one 42-inch tree—to create a lovely holiday backdrop.

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Jennifer Lutz: Hi, I’m Jennifer with Balsam Hill. Today, I’m decorating small trees, three different ways. To create a bit of visual impact, I’ve used three trees, two 30-inch and one 42-inch Balsam for tabletop tree to create a charming display.

I’m going with three different themes. We have cozy neutrals, vintage memories, and finally, the jewel tone Christmas tree theme. Before you start decorating, take time to fluff your tree. Start at the back of the tree and move toward the front of the tree, adjusting branches, bending outward, and lifting upward. Separate each tip to create an even full look.

I love a neutral tree because it coordinates with any home and creates a warm and welcoming space. For a cozy neutral tree, I layered warm creams, whites, wood tones, and pine cones for a natural understated look. I crafted DIY stacked wooden beads and paired those with porcelain star ornaments and finished the tree with a textured ribbon.

To make stacked wooden bead ornaments, you need wooden beads, twine or string, and scissors. First, measure out and cut a piece of twine, then, triple knot it. Next, string beads in a pattern, varying sizes and colors. Finish by creating a loop to hang the ornament.

Honestly, it doesn’t get more simple than these DIY stacked wooden bead ornaments. My daughter and I spent an hour one afternoon listening to Christmas music and stringing beads and created enough for a full tree or three small trees. As you hang ornaments, spread them out evenly throughout the tree to create balance.

Next, add ribbon for texture. With this ribbon, I wrapped it around the tree at a horizontal angle, tucking sections toward the center to give it depth and movement. Finally, I added some pine cones to bring a bit of the outdoors inside.

The beauty of decorating with small trees is that they leave a small footprint and can be grouped together on the hearth, by stairways, front doors, or any place that you want to add a bit of holiday warmth.

Do you love to mark the passing of time and create a bit of nostalgia? This vintage memories tree is a great choice. This tree is a nod to the past with memory tags, classic car ornaments, and traditional Christmas elements like berries and plaid ribbon. I’ve paired simple wooden name tags filled with important dates and memories along with festive ornaments from Balsam Hill.

For memory tags, here’s what you need, wooden tags, permanent marker or pen, twine or ribbon, and scissors. To make memory tags, cut twine or ribbon to desired length, tie onto each wooden tag, write out your favorite memories for the year or Christmas past.

To decorate your memory tree, begin by adding ribbon. For each tree, I started at the top, tucking in wired ribbon in large loops like a cascading waterfall. Next, hang ornaments. I like to balance ornament’s shapes, sizes, and colors, making sure that they’re dispersed throughout the tree and well-balanced. Finally, stand back and enjoy all your holiday memories, both past and present.

This would be a great project for the entire family. Have everyone spend a few minutes jotting down important milestones or memories from the past year. I picture these trees in a family cottage that you often gather in for holidays and special occasions, or it would be a perfect addition to your cozy family room at home, where you can enjoy reminiscing with your loved ones.

If you’re drawn to elegance, this jewel tone tree is for you. These trees remind me of a proper English Christmas, the kind you read about in a Jane Austen novel, filled with elegance and beauty.

Once again, layering is key. From hand-dyed velvet ribbons to glass bulbs filled with pheasant feathers and finished with exquisitely crafted egg ornaments that remind me of the famed Fabergé eggs.

To create your own feather-filled glass bulbs, here’s what you need, craft feathers, glass bulbs, ornament hooks. Take off the top of the glass ornament. Next, insert at least three small feathers into the interior of the bulb, add enough to fully line the glass bulb with feathers.

For a bit of color and texture, take three small feathers, you may need to trim them, and secure to the outside of the glass bulb with a metal ornament topper. You can add some glue from a glue gun if you want to further secure the feathers. Place the metal top back on the ornament, add a hook or ribbon to hang.

I love the texture, color, and warmth that the pheasant feathers bring to this tree. I used smaller feathers to fill the glass bulbs, and then, I used longer pheasant feathers as picks to add depth. Finish decorating the tree with ribbon. In this case, I used a combination of one-inch hand-dyed velvet ribbon along with three-inch wired metallic ribbon.

Varying ornament and ribbon sizes, along with patterns and textures as layers of warmth and visual interest. These trees are rich in both color and charm.

When decorating for the holidays, I like to coordinate colors throughout a room. This includes candles, stockings, and even pillows. For more ideas, check out our Balsam Hill blog. Wishing you the happiest of holidays.

Cozy Neutral Tree

A neutral small Christmas tree theme creates a welcoming space in any home. To achieve this understated look, layer warm creams, whites, and wood tones with pinecones as accents. Add a personal touch by creating your own DIY wooden bead ornaments.

How to Decorate Cozy Neutral Small Christmas Trees

Christmas Trees and Decorations:
  • Pre-lit Balsam Fir Tabletop Christmas Tree
  • 24 Nordic Frost Porcelain Star ornaments
  • Pinecone ornaments
  • Stacked wooden bead ornaments
  • Cream textured ribbon
Steps to Creating DIY Stacked Wooden Bead Ornaments:

Materials needed:

  • Assorted wooden beads
  • Twine or string
  • Scissors

1. Measure out and cut a piece of twine.

2. Tie a triple knot on one end.

3. String beads in a pattern with varying sizes and colors.

4. Create a loop to hang the ornament.

Steps to Decorating a Cozy Neutral Tree:
  1. Hang neutral-colored ornaments, spreading them out evenly on your tree.
  2. Add ribbon for texture. Wrap it around the tree horizontally, moving downward and tucking sections towards the center to give it depth and movement.
  3. Add pinecones to fill in bare spaces.

Tip: Fluff your small tree before placing your decorations. Start at the inner branches of the tree and move toward the front. Bend the branches outward and lift them upward. Separate each tip to create an even, full look.

Vintage Memories Tree

This small Christmas tree decorating theme is perfect for creating a bit of nostalgia. This suits any space where your family gathers to reminisce over heartwarming memories.

How to Decorate a Vintage Memories-Themed Small Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree and Decorations:
  • Pre-lit Balsam Fir Tabletop Christmas Tree
  • 24 On the Road Christmas Cabin Ornaments
  • 12 red Large Berry Picks
  • Wooden tag ornaments
  • Plaid wired ribbon
Steps to Creating DIY Wooden Memory Tags:

Materials needed:

  • Permanent marker or pen
  • Wooden tags
  • Twine or ribbon
  • Scissors

1. Cut twine or ribbon to your desired length.

2. Tie the twine or ribbon onto each wooden tag.

3. Have the whole family think of special memories and milestones from the past years and write them down on the wooden tags.

Tip: Tiny Christmas trees are best displayed on an elevated platform. Place them on top of a coffee table, crate, box, or any raised surface to make them stand out.

Steps to Decorating a Vintage Memory-Themed Small Christmas Tree:
  1. Begin decorating with your wired ribbon. From the top of your tree, move downward and tuck the ribbon into sections to create large, cascading loops.
  2. Hang the ornaments. Make sure that they’re dispersed evenly with an ornament in each section for a balanced look.

Jewel-Toned Feather Tree

Decorated with rich jewel tones, pheasant feathers, textured ribbons, and exquisite glass egg ornaments, these Christmas tree clusters will bring old-world warmth and charm to your favorite nooks.

How to Decorate a Jewel-Toned Small Christmas Tree

Christmas Trees and Decorations:
  • Pre-lit Balsam Fir Tabletop Christmas Tree
  • 18 navy and copper Mini Egg Glass Ornaments
  • Long craft feathers to be used as picks
  • Glass ball feather ornaments
  • 1″-wide copper velvet ribbon
  • 3″-wide gold wired metallic ribbon
Steps to Creating DIY Feather Glass Bulb Ornaments:

Materials needed:

  • Small craft feathers
  • Glass bulb ornaments
  • Ornament hooks
  • Glue gun

1. Remove the metal top of your glass bulb ornament. Insert at least three small feathers into the ornament, adding more as needed. Use enough feathers to fully line the glass bulb.

2. For added color and texture, let three small feathers hang outside the glass bulb ornament. Use a glue gun to secure them.

3. Place the metal top back on the ornament. Add an ornament hook or ribbon for hanging.

Steps to Decorating a Jewel-Toned Small Christmas Tree:
  1. Hang the mini egg and glass ball ornaments.
  2. Use the long pheasant feathers as picks to fill in gaps.
  3. Finish decorating the tree with ribbon. Jennifer used a combination of 1-inch wide velvet ribbon and 3-inch wide wired metallic ribbon for contrast.

Tip: When clustering small Christmas trees, use varying heights for visual impact. Create contrast by combining decorations with different textures, shapes, and sizes while following the same color palette.

Advantages of Decorating with Small Christmas Trees

In photo: Alpine Balsam Fir Tabletop Trees (Frosted and Regular) | Windsor Potted Spruce
  • They can be placed just about anywhere. Since they’re easy to move around, you can easily put them in any corner or area you want to brighten up. Aside from the fireplace or living room console table, try placing them on a mudroom bench, kitchen countertop, or bedroom dresser.
  • They fit inside charming containers. Display tiny Christmas trees inside pots, buckets, or planters to complement the rest of your home décor.
  • They take up less space. Small Christmas trees are perfect for decorating narrow spaces and high-traffic areas such as the kitchen, front door, or home office without getting in the way.
  • They spruce up your outdoor spaces. Add instant charm and sparkle to your front porch or patio with a group of small Christmas tree clusters.
  • They allow you to display multiple Christmas trees. Create smaller versions of your main centerpiece and set them in different rooms for a cohesive look. Or, decorate your small Christmas tree in varying themes so each one stands out.
  • They’re easy to decorate. Small artificial Christmas trees require less time and effort to set up, simplifying your holiday preparations.


With a bit of creativity, a small Christmas tree can bring just as much cheer as a regular-sized one. For more Christmas tree decorating inspiration and how-tos, visit the links below.

  • How to Decorate with Multiple Christmas Trees in One Room
  • How to Decorate Christmas Trees for Kids
  • Balsam Hill Blog Gallery: Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas
  • Christmas Decorating 101: Everything You Need to Know

How to decorate a small Christmas tree for the New Year with your own hands: artificial, live


  • 1 Features of choosing decorations for a small Christmas tree
    • 1.1 Colors, styles, trends
  • 2 How to decorate a small Christmas tree beautifully 3005 9008 decorate a small Christmas tree with garlands and tinsel
  • 4 Decorations for a small Christmas tree with your own hands
  • 5 Knitted ornaments for a small Christmas tree with your own hands
  • 6 Photo-ideas how to decorate a small Christmas tree
  • 7 Conclusion

You can decorate a small Christmas tree so that it looks just as good as a big tree. But in the process of decorating, you need to follow certain rules so that the jewelry really looks stylish and neat.

Features of the choice of decorations for a small Christmas tree

A small Christmas tree can be quite miniature or about 1 m high. But in any case, it does not become such a bright accent in a home interior as a tall spruce to the ceiling. Therefore, decorations must be selected especially carefully, they should highlight the New Year's plant, but not hide it from view:

  1. For a small plant, it is better to use a small amount of decorations. If the tree is covered with toys and garlands too tightly, then the needles will simply get lost.

    A small tree doesn't need a lot of toys

  2. Ornaments for a small plant should also be miniature. Large toys and balls distract attention from the needles, and besides, the tree can lose stability under their weight.

    Miniature fir trees should be decorated with small decorations

Important! Home-made elements are especially actively used in the decor - you can dress up a small tree with great imagination.

Colors, styles, trends

When decorating a small spruce, designers advise to adhere to the "golden rule" of New Year's decor - use no more than 2-3 colors. Motley multi-colored decorations can even damage the beauty of a large tree, and a small conifer will completely lose its attractiveness.

You can decorate a small Christmas tree beautifully in the following colors:

  • bright red;
  • gold;
  • white and silver;
  • bright blue.

There are several popular styles of decorating a small spruce:

  1. Traditional. The main colors are red and white.

    Traditional decor suitable for all interiors

  2. Scandinavian. Fashionable style recommends using white and black elements for decoration.

    Scandinavian style spruce gives a discreet and calm impression

  3. Eco style. Here, the main emphasis is placed on natural elements - cones, bells and balls woven from a vine.

    Eco-style offers to make the main accent in the decor on cones

  4. Vintage. The direction of the decor suggests decorating a small Christmas tree with light toys in the style of the middle of the last century.

    Vintage style uses mid-20th century Christmas decorations and balls

In 2022, eco-style and vintage are especially popular. These directions remain quite new in New Year's design and have not yet had time to get bored. In addition, when decorating spruce, it is these styles that allow you to show your imagination as much as possible.

Attention! A striking trend in recent years is an increased interest in living miniature potted conifers. After the New Year holidays, you can remove the decorations from the plant and grow it further in the room or on the balcony.

How to decorate a small Christmas tree with toys

New Year's toys are an obligatory attribute of decor. But when decorating a small spruce, you need to remember a few rules:

  1. The size of the toys should match the small spruce, large decorations on it will look too massive.

    Miniature tree ornaments should be small

  2. Preference should be given to simple geometric shapes - balls, stars and bells.

    Plain balls look best on dwarf spruce

  3. If the toys are very small, then you can hang more of them. If there are only large and medium-sized balls from the decor, then just a few toys will suffice.

    Small toys can be hung generously

  4. It is advisable to decorate a small Christmas tree with toys of the same style - mixing vintage and modern style, classic and Provence is not recommended.

    It is recommended to stick to one style in Christmas decor

In general, when decorating a miniature spruce, toys should only emphasize the beauty of the conifer, and not hide it under them.

How to beautifully decorate a small Christmas tree with garlands and tinsel

Tinsel and garlands are an integral part of the New Year. But when decorating a dwarf spruce, you need to use these elements carefully, otherwise the tree will simply hide under the brilliant decor.

To make the tinsel look harmonious, it should be used in a minimum amount. For example, you can cut a long thin silver-colored tinsel into several small pieces and lay them out on the branches - you get an imitation of snow. Also, spruce can be carefully wrapped with thin tinsel from top to bottom, while the shiny decoration should be one bright stripe.

It is not worth overloading a compact spruce with tinsel

A small spruce can be decorated with a luminous New Year's garland. The main thing is not to entangle the tree with LED lights too tightly. It is best to choose a garland of white, light yellow or blue, with a slow flickering rate or with a fixed glow.

Flicker-free garlands are suitable for dwarf trees

Decorations for a small Christmas tree with your own hands

For a small Christmas tree, it can be difficult to find standard decorations. Therefore, it is customary to actively use home-made decor, namely:

Tip! You can hang small sweets and cookies on a small conifer and gradually remove edible decorations on New Year's Eve.

Handmade knitted decorations for a small Christmas tree

A very fashionable trend of recent years is knitted and wicker decor for miniature Christmas trees. You can decorate a small Christmas tree:

Knitted decorations not only look beautiful, they are also practical. Such decorative elements weigh almost nothing, which means that the branches of the conifer will definitely not break under their weight.

Photo ideas on how to decorate a small Christmas tree

To appreciate the advantages of small Christmas trees, you can look at photo examples:

  1. In eco-style. The design used a large number of cones, wooden elements and snow. Although the tree is richly decorated, the needles are not lost under the decorations, and the composition looks stylish.

    Cones can be used instead of balls to decorate a small Christmas tree in a pot.

  2. In a classic style. The bright green small spruce is decorated with red balls and large bows of the same shade, the composition looks elegant but restrained.

    A red Christmas tree decoration is best paired with a warm gold garland.

  3. Scandinavian style. Live spruce is decorated very simply - with snow-white balls and stars, but it is precisely the clear contrasts that give the composition an elegant and noble look.

    White decor and green needles perfectly emphasize each other's beauty

Examples allow you to make sure that a small Christmas tree in the interior is in no way inferior to a tall tree. You can decorate it modestly, but even in this case, the tree will attract attention.


You can decorate a small Christmas tree with ordinary toys and homemade paraphernalia. If you observe the measure in decorating, then a low tree will take a very advantageous place in the interior.

How to decorate a Christmas tree: amazing ideas for every taste

December 23, 2021LikbezHolidays

Create a magical holiday atmosphere at home.



Decide on a color scheme

It all depends on your preferences and imagination. There are no clear rules - make the Christmas tree colorful or more concise by choosing one or more primary colors.

The traditional holiday color is red. It pairs perfectly with green, gold and white. You won't go wrong with these shades.

1 / 0

Photo: Public domain / Pinterest

2 / 0

Photo: Public domain / Pinterest

3 / 0

Photo: Public domain / Pinterest

Photo: 90 90 domain 0 / Pinterest

You can dress the Christmas tree completely in gold or add white accents to it.

1 / 0

Photo: Public domain / Pinterest

2 / 0

Photo: Public domain / Pinterest

3 / 0

Photo: Public domain / Pinterest

The Christmas tree in silver tones looks especially gentle. White and blue elements will wonderfully fit here.

1 / 0

Photo: Public domain / Pinterest

2 / 0

Photo: Public domain / Pinterest

3 / 0

Photo: Public domain / Pinterest

  • 90 public domain3 4 / 0 90 domain3 / Pinterest

    If all this is too ordinary for you, try dressing the Christmas tree in non-standard colors, such as pink, purple, green, blue. Or pair together a few bright shades.

    1 / 0

    Photo: Public domain / Pinterest

    2 / 0

    Photo: Public domain / Pinterest

    3 / 0

    Photo: Public domain / Pinterest

    Photo: 90 90 domain 0 / Pinterest

    5 / 0

    Photo: Public domain / Pinterest

    6 / 0

    Photo: Public domain / Pinterest

    7 / 0

    Photo: Public domain / Pinterest

    white coating, start from its color - it will be the main one. You can pick up decorations to match the branches or play in contrast.

    1 / 0

    Photo: Public domain / Pinterest

    2 / 0

    Photo: Public domain / Pinterest

    3 / 0

    Photo: Public domain / Pinterest

    Photo: 90 90 domain 0 / Pinterest

    5 / 0

    Photo: Public domain / Pinterest

    6 / 0

    Photo: Public domain / Pinterest

    Hang decorations

    First of all, do not forget to put electric lights on the tree. Here are some ways to do it:

    When choosing jewelry, don't be afraid to let your imagination run wild. You can resort to the good old classics and just hang balloons and other toys. Such a Christmas tree will look concise, but at the same time elegant.

    1 / 0

    Photo: Public domain / Pinterest

    2 / 0

    Photo: Public domain / Pinterest

    3 / 0

    Photo: Public domain / Pinterest

  • 90 public domain3 4 / 0 90 domain3 / Pinterest

    Very large balls, stars and other decorations look original.

    Photo: Public domain / Pinterest

    Add small or extra large bows to your Christmas tree. You can dilute the rest of the toys with them or make them the main focus. Christmas trees with floral decorations look very unusual.

    1 / 0

    Photo: Public domain / Pinterest

    2 / 0

    Photo: Public domain / Pinterest

    3 / 0

    Photo: Public domain / Pinterest

    4 / 0

    Photo: Public domain / Pinterest

    You can also decorate the Christmas tree with ribbons. There are many ways to place them, such as in a circle, diagonally, top to bottom, or criss-cross.

    1 / 0

    Photo: Public domain / Pinterest

    2 / 0

    Photo: Public domain / Pinterest

    3 / 0

    Photo: Public domain / Pinterest

    4 / 0

    Photo: Public domain / Pinterest

    5 / 0

    Photo: Public domain / Pinterest

    6 / 0

    Photo: Public domain / Pinterest

    This video will show you how to hang a ribbon top to bottom:

    Similar method:

    Here is how to decorate the Christmas tree with a very wide ribbon in a circle:

    The creation process will surely give you a lot of pleasure. And the hung decorations will delight the eye, remind you of pleasant moments or a loved one, if it was a gift.

    Make decorations 🎄

    • 50 cool DIY Christmas decorations

    You can hang not only homemade garlands and toys on the Christmas tree. Dried citrus circles, cinnamon sticks or New Year's cookies on threads, photographs, small gifts and paper snowflakes will look great.

    1 / 0

    Photo: Public domain / Pinterest

    2 / 0

    Photo: Public domain / Pinterest

    3 / 0

    Photo: Public domain / Pinterest

    Photo: 90 90 domain 0 / Pinterest

    Decorate the bottom of the Christmas tree

    Cover an unsightly cross with a Christmas tree skirt. Try to match it with the rest of the jewelry.

    1 / 0

    Photo: Public domain / Pinterest

    2 / 0

    Photo: Public domain / Pinterest

    3 / 0

    Photo: Public domain / Pinterest

    4 / 0

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    You can buy a ready-made skirt or make it yourself. For example, here is a very simple felt version:

    If you have a sewing machine, sew a patchwork skirt:

    Those who know how to crochet can make this wedge-shaped skirt:


    this is a bit difficult for you, knit a regular circle of fluffy yarn. Thanks to the material, the decoration will look very elegant:

    Instead of a special skirt, a piece of beautiful fabric, burlap or tinsel is also suitable. Just wrap them around the cross.

    The final touch is to place beautifully wrapped gifts and New Year's toys under the decorated Christmas tree.

    Get ready for the holiday 🎁🎄🎅

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