How to flock your own christmas tree

How to Flock a Real or Fake Christmas Tree

If you want to create a little winter wonderland (without the ice and snow!), you need to learn how to flock a Christmas tree. Flocking the tree you just picked out at the Christmas tree farm can add a magical touch to your Christmas decorations, even in parts of the country that seldom receive snow. The best part? It's possible to flock both live and fake trees. (Although Ree Drummond says a Christmas tree should always, always be real!) No matter what your preference, flocking is a fun family project that adds a special sparkle to any Christmas tree. While creating a perfectly flocked Christmas tree can be a tad messy, it's not difficult if you follow a few simple steps.

"Even if you’re not crafty, you can do this project," says Diane Davis, co-owner of Grandma Buddy’s Christmas Tree Farm in Sebastopol, California. "It's also a biodegradable product which contains a fire retardant, and because flocking will coat and preserve a live tree's moisture, you will not have to water your tree for as long as you display it. "

In other words, adding a flocked Christmas tree to your home is eco-friendly, safe, and makes your life easier. Here’s everything you need to know about how to flock a real or fake Christmas tree.

Buy bagged flocking.

Professionals use machines to spray on flocking, but you’ll be doing it by hand. Typically, flocking is made of cellulose paper or corn or wheat products. Davis recommends choosing the bagged flocking instead of the type you find in a spray can, which is more like spray paint and doesn’t give you the proper effect. Plus, it can get expensive because you’ll need a lot of cans!

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You also can buy flocking in bulk; it's cheaper, lasts a long time, and you don’t want to run out mid-project if you have a very large tree. Typically, one 25-pound bag can flock about four 6-foot trees, so you can use the extra in subsequent years or decorate wreaths, branches, or pine cones with it, too.

Set up your work space.

Weather-permitting, set up your workspace in the backyard or in the garage with the door open. Lay down a plastic drop cloth around the tree to catch drips. Get your tools ready, including work gloves (latex gloves work well, too), a surgical mask, and eye protection. Wear old clothes; flocking material does wash out, but it gets pretty messy.

Wet down the entire tree.

Whether you’re dressing up a real or faux tree, the flocking will not adhere to a dry tree—so give the tree a good misting. If outdoors, mist the entire tree with the garden hose.

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"You want it damp, not dripping wet," says Davis. If indoors, use a spray bottle (which will take quite a bit of time!) or a new garden pump sprayer. Those come in various sizes, but they’re inexpensive and will help the job go a lot faster.

Apply the flocking material.

Wearing gloves and a mask, sprinkle handfuls of the material on the tips of branches. You can also use a big sifter, but Davis says she feels there’s more control when doing it by hand. For the best effect, stick with flocking only the tips of branches, just as it would appear after a light snowfall.


“If you try to coat the entire tree by hand, it turns out looking gray instead of white, which is really unattractive,” says Davis. “Don’t try to get it all the way back on the branches because it doesn’t look natural." Step back and check it out from different angles to see where you may want to add more flocking.

Wet the tree again.

Now that you’ve applied the flocking, mist it all over again to help the material adhere to the branches. Don’t blast it with a strong spray, which will remove the flocking—just a light spritz of water will do.

Let the tree dry.

Allow the tree to sit undisturbed in a covered location for 24 to 48 hours so the material hardens. It cannot be left outdoors in the elements or the material will be washed off by rain or snow. The flocking should feel stiff, not sticky, when it’s ready to be brought indoors. Humid weather will cause it to dry more slowly, so be patient. You can also direct fans on low toward the tree to circulate air to help it dry. Once it’s dry, you also can apply a second coat to enhance the effect.

Bring your tree indoors to decorate.

Now it’s time for the fun part! Add lights and ornaments as you always would. If you knock any flocking material off, you can carefully touch it up. Follow the same steps, but just wet the specific area with a small spray bottle and make sure you cover the rest of the area with a drop cloth, says Davis.

Photography by Rayleigh

Afterwards, check with your municipality for how to recycle your live Christmas tree. For faux trees, carefully place in cool, dry storage until next year.

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How to Flock a Christmas Tree

While we can’t summon Mother Nature to cover all our evergreens with a fresh snow dusting once the holidays roll around, a simple flocked tree is an easy—and elegant—way to achieve a white Christmas. Flocking, which is the process of covering a bare tree in a white synthetic powder, gives the illusion of a fresh snow dusting while retaining the tree's natural charm.

While store-bought flocked trees are an acceptable alternative, doing it yourself is both cost-saving and customizable. “Even though you can buy a pre-flocked tree, I love the flexibility that flocking your own tree gives,” says Carrie Spalding of Lovely Etc. “Flocking an artificial Christmas tree you already own is much less expensive and less wasteful than buying a whole new flocked tree. You also have the option of flocking a live tree.” Whether you're ready to flock, or simply want to learn more, read on for our go-to guide for easy flocking.

Methods of Flocking

While some people go as far as to use soap shavings, shaving cream, and even coconut to flock their trees, the most popular options are 1) flocking kits, 2) flocking sprays, or 3) self-adhesive flocking powder. All three are recommended for easy (and simple!) application.

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General Precautions

"Flocking a tree is a messy process, so you should be sure to protect the floor around the area where your are working," Spalding says. “Also, wear clothes you don't mind getting dusty.” She also recommends working in a well-ventilated area, as the chemicals can be harmful to breathe in or ingest.

Work outdoors or in a garage if possible. (If not, lay down a tarp or dropcloth to avoid staining or damaging your floors).

  • Work in a well-ventilated area.
  • Wear goggles, gloves, and even a mask for extra protection against chemicals from the flocking materials.
  • Two and a half to three pounds of flocking should be enough for a standard sized tree.
  • Allow yourself at least three hours to fully flock your tree.

The Process of Flocking

Carrie Spalding of Lovely Etc. in the process of flocking her Christmas Tree

Courtesy of Lovely Etc.

Regardless of which flocking method you choose (flocking kit, flocking spray, or flocking powder), there are some general tips we suggest following to ensure that your tree turns out the way you want it.

1) Work your way from the top to bottom when applying the flocking, and only work on one section of the tree at a time.

2) Start from the tips of the branches (outer branches) and work your way inward depending on how dusted you want the tree to be.

3) Work in layers. To make the flocking appear fuller, apply the flocking once and then continue to add more as you go (as opposed to dumping a lot on all at once).

4) If you are using flocking powder, mist the tree with water first, and add flocking through a sifter (then spray again with water).

5) Allow the tree eight hours to three days to dry (depending on the amount of flocking). Simply touch the flocking to determine if it is dry or not.

    Pros and Cons

    “The biggest con to flocking your own tree is that it can be messy,” Spalding says. “The tree will lightly shed some of the flocking whenever you take it down and bring it back out. But for me, a little mess is worth it.” While flocking a tree takes some time and can be a bit messy, you'll save hundreds (and even thousands) of dollars for a pre-flocked tree. By flocking a tree yourself, you also have the option to use a real pine tree as opposed to an artificial version. Plus, as Spalding notes, “Once you have the necessary materials, you can also flock wreaths, garlands, mini trees, and anything else you want.

    Getty Images

    Lucia TonelliAssistant Editor

    Lucia Tonelli is an Assistant Editor at Town & Country, where she writes about the royal family, culture, real estate, design, and more. 

    DIY creative Christmas tree - tips and ideas from Winter Story

    New Year without a Christmas tree is like January without snow: a festive tree is an indispensable attribute of winter celebrations. However, it does not have to be traditional coniferous, living or artificial. After all, if Christmas days are the time for magic, then why don't we ourselves act as sorcerers and decorate the interior with a creative Christmas tree? Moreover, there are a lot of options: structures made of metal, wood and paper, figurines made of fur, garlands and even sweets - it is very difficult to list such a multitude of miracles! But we'll still try. And you take note.

    Original Christmas trees: a wealth of ready-made solutions

    If you want to add a bit of enthusiasm to the festive decoration, but don't have time to get creative yourself, designer Christmas trees are for you. Ideas and their implementation from well-known brands are able to surprise, delight, charm. All that is required of you is to choose from a generous assortment.

    Metal tree

    This tree is the basis of your Christmas art. A figured frame with special clothespins is designed to secure balls, stars and other decorations. An excellent addition would be the Rosa garland or the usual rain. Want even more originality? Then, instead of the usual toys, place photographs, multi-colored pictures, sweets or small presents for loved ones and guests on the designs. By the way, a metal Christmas tree can also act in this capacity after the holidays. For example, serve as a stand for jewelry or household items.

    Wooden Christmas tree

    A symbol of home comfort and family unity - a Christmas tree made from the warmest natural material. Manufacturers offer such accessories in different versions:

    • Tabletop green beauty with colored wooden toys is a souvenir for those who like it brighter.
    • LED Christmas tree with a New Year's theme composition - to create a magical atmosphere on the eve of the holiday.
    • The figurine of laconic design and natural color is the embodiment of natural beauty for fans of interior decorations in rustic, Scandinavian or eco-style.

    Christmas trees made of wood look incredibly attractive and harmonious, and therefore have been at the peak of popularity for several years now.

    Hanging tree

    It is possible that the Mad Hatter was the first to think of placing a Christmas tree on the ceiling - an idea just in his spirit. However, it also appealed to the designers of Christmas decor. A coniferous accessory in toys and garlands, hung upside down, is what you need for a setting in the style of a tea party at the March Hare. Crazy holiday extravaganza guaranteed!

    But a floating Christmas tree made of luminous balls is a decoration of a different kind. It seems as if it was created by fairy magic and is only subject to it: one cherished word, and the sparkling crown will rise up or begin to fly around the room. A bewitching spectacle!

    Non-standard Boltze Christmas trees

    The German brand, founded in 1974, has only recently appeared on the Russian market. Almost half a century ago, Boltze was created as a small family business in Hamburg. Now it is a world famous brand under which magnificent interior accessories, decor items and Christmas decorations are produced. All products are made only from environmentally friendly noble materials.

    Each creation of European masters surprisingly combines the high style of decoration and the feeling of home comfort. And a lot of fantasy too. Christmas trees are a prime example of this. Just look at the charming fur trees - this is the real embodiment of warmth and tenderness. Metal accessories with clear crystal pendants captivate with fragile perfection. Christmas trees made of thin garlands impress with their simplicity of design and bizarre play of light.

    Luminous Christmas tree

    The main attribute of the New Year and at the same time a spectacular lamp - guess what it is? That's right, a Christmas tree with LED lights. What only models are not invented today! Table figurines made of wood, rattan or acrylic threads can create a festive mood only with their presence and soft light. Trees with sparkling fiber optic needles also look great. And the hanging accessory will become a bright and, moreover, compact decoration, which is especially appropriate in a nursery.

    Oversized models are also held in high esteem, and mainly in public places or on the street. A yard in a metropolis or a suburban area - any territory will be transformed with such a miracle. For example, an elegant inflatable Christmas tree made of textiles will gather around itself not only kids, but also adults. Still, because under it are "gifts", and the branches shine, despite the frost!

    Creative DIY Christmas Trees: The Art of Magic

    If you haven't found a Christmas tree to your liking among the many ready-made solutions, create it yourself. Of what? From improvised materials, festive decor and your own inspiration. The last ingredient is the most important. And we are ready to help with tips.

    Christmas tree of garlands

    The most incendiary option in the truest sense. There are several ways to make a bright exclusive:

    • Lay out the contours of the tree on the wall or a large piece of cardboard if you are afraid for the safety of the wallpaper. The light tree will look especially impressive if you “dress up” it with toys.
    • Assemble the wooden slat frame and wrap generously with garland. It is better to take several with colored light bulbs of various shapes: balls, snowflakes, figurines, etc.
    • Use a regular ladder as a base. Expressive accessories and a star on the crown will also come in handy here.

    Edible Christmas tree

    Delicious bunnies and bears can be found on the New Year tree, but the Christmas tree itself cannot be eaten. It's time to correct this misunderstanding! It is easy to build a familiar silhouette from vegetables or fruits, sweets or sandwiches. And to make your creation recognizable, try to follow the color scheme.

    Let's say cucumber slices, kiwi circles, lettuce leaves or light grapes will perfectly cope with the imitation of needles. Round sweets in a golden wrapper will play the role of balls, an asterisk is easy to cut out of an apple or carrot. Voila - a delightful decoration appears on your holiday table. Just do not mix different tastes: a sweet Christmas tree should not have cervelat or hot peppers.

    Christmas tree hut

    What child doesn't love hiding places and secret places! Children are also always delighted with the New Year tree. You have the opportunity to combine both by making a hut in the shape of a Christmas tree. Or vice versa, we will not argue. To do this, you will need: a cone of wooden sticks or a stepladder, coniferous garlands, a lot of toys and an LED thread.

    We create an impromptu crown on the frame, and then decorate it. The finished "building" is the perfect place to hide gifts. It's also a great playhouse! Believe me, the kids will settle in it for all the holidays.

    DIY hanging tree

    Even such a non-standard Christmas attribute is easy to make yourself. There would be a suitable basis. A lucky find - a finished design: three wicker wreaths of different diameters are connected by chains. Each tier has hooks for toys. Decide on your own: you can build a decorative Christmas tree using a coniferous garland or do without it, simply fixing the decorations on the frame. The first option is closer to the traditional one, the second one is an embodied creative: it looks unusual, fresh and airy. It remains to hang your masterpiece from the ceiling - and the spectacular Christmas tree is ready.

    Imagination without limits

    We have shared with you the most common ideas for creating extraordinary Christmas attributes. In fact, there are ten times more of them. No original ideas? Then just look around - almost all surrounding objects are suitable for creativity:

    • Children's toys. The pyramid folded from bright figures will charm your baby. Such a Christmas tree does not have to be green at all: the main thing is to maintain a recognizable shape, and sweets will serve as the best decoration.
    • Photographs. From your memories it is easy to create a wall panel that will set you in a warm mood. Whether these will be pictures of old or only for the outgoing year, black and white or color - your loved ones will certainly like the idea.
    • Books. A creative solution for students and bibliophiles. It is recommended to add a Christmas tree in the form of a slide from textbooks, fiction and other literature with a garland, crown the crown with a star - the laws of the festive entourage must be observed!
    • And also artificial flowers and decorative driftwood, fabric, yarn and buttons, corks, bottles and even egg cartons - every thing and any material that is at hand will come in handy.

    We are sure that this list has not yet included your idea - the one and only. On a fine December evening, you will definitely bring it to life with your children. After all, family creativity is an incredibly exciting process. And a New Year's tree made with soul, be it Christmas tree made of paper or textiles will fill your home with a sense of Christmas magic. Experiment and create miracles!

    Instead of a conclusion

    In this review, we wanted to tell you about unusual Christmas trees, inspire your creativity and show you a fresh look at holiday decor. In the New Year there is always a place for miracles and magic, so why not dream up and come up with your own “coniferous queen”? Our article contains only a part of the variations on the theme - the original Christmas tree, in fact, there are a lot of ideas. Each of us is an individual and will be able to come up with his own unique beauty.

    We also advise you to read:

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    9000 How to make a Christmas tree out of paper do-it-yourself, origami Christmas trees, voluminous Christmas trees made of plain and corrugated paper

    Each of us has his own scenario of preparing for the New Year: while some make wreaths, others prefer garlands and snowflakes. And in kindergarten, parents are completely “offered” to make Christmas trees out of paper.

    If you don't feel like bringing the exact same craft as the mother of the neighbor's child, we have some completely unexpected workshops. Well, there are simple Christmas trees made of paper, of course. Choose and get ready for the holiday

    H. Jourdain, La tête dans les idées

    1. Paper Christmas trees under a hat
    Making such a spectacular winter landscape with your own hands is a task for an hour. The materials are the simplest: thick paper of different colors, glue, a hole punch and carbon paper. The only thing you have to look for in a hobby store or interior shop is a transparent cap. If you are planning a large arrangement, use a cake stand. As a last resort, take an ordinary glass jar: anyway, the most interesting thing will happen inside.

    H. Jourdain, La tête dans les idées

    The Christmas tree template for paper cutting can be printed on paper in the desired size and transferred to cardboard through carbon paper. For the base with a diameter of 10 cm, we used six Christmas trees and one deer, but the number of figures can be changed depending on the size of the composition.

    H. Jourdain, La tête dans les idées

    The next step is simple handwork. Bend the Christmas tree templates vertically to make them look more voluminous. Coat the bases with glue and plant the Christmas trees in a snow-covered clearing of white paper. Add a crowned deer figurine and some white snowdrift triangles. To make the composition even more elegant, cover the clearing with colorful confetti from a hole puncher.

    H. Jourdain, La tête dans les idées

    A white marker will help you achieve the effect of snow: leave random prints on the inside of the hat. Such a composition will look good on the festive table - especially with the backlight of the garlands.

    French Step by Step Tutorial

    Dépêches Mode

    donate an entire baking set. But it is the Christmas trees that look especially festive, especially since in the master class for the mold they picked up cardboard with a New Year's print.

    Dépêches Mode

    So, we need a set of molds, thick paper (with a ready-made pattern or plain - you can make a drawing yourself), glue and a brush. First of all, grease the edge of the mold with glue on one side and press it against a sheet of paper.

    Dépêches Mode

    Then cut off the excess with thin scissors or a utility knife, smooth the edges of the cardboard. Please note that you need to act in this order: first glue, then scissors. This is much more convenient: the form will fit more firmly with the cardboard, and you will be less likely to get dirty with glue.

    Dépêches Mode

    This craft can be used as part of the composition - for example, covered with glass, as in one of the examples above. Or turn it into a Christmas tree toy by adding a ribbon. To do this, cut a small hole at the top of the Christmas tree and pass the braid through it. The attachment point will look neater if you pass the ribbons through a large bead, as in the photo.

    French Step by Step

    Tina Khabarova

    3. DIY Christmas tree made of paper and yarn
    This warm accessory does not require special care - even children can handle it, and slight imperfections will only add charm to the paper Christmas tree. Take a sheet of thick paper (it will become the base of the Christmas tree), a skein of thick thread, a glue stick, paper tape and buttons for decoration - and get started!

    Tina Khabarova

    First of all, we turn the cone - it is important that there is no hole left on top. Then we fix the form with masking tape from the inside and outside, cut off the base and coat the paper with glue so that the threads hold better on the surface.

    Tina Khabarova

    Now you need to carefully and slowly wrap the template with yarn. In our master class, white threads are used, but any shades are suitable for a Christmas tree - from traditional green to any bold one.

    Tina Khabarova

    The finishing touch is Christmas decorations: these can be mother-of-pearl buttons, as in our example, or miniature Christmas decorations. The star at the top will mask the narrow part of the cone if it is not quite neat.

    DIY: How to make the warmest Christmas tree with your own hands

    Synergie Déco

    so that the sheets hold their shape, but are pliable so you can fold the paper a few times. The ideal option is colored paper for the printer. From the tools you will need a wooden skewer, a piece of foam for stability and scissors.

    Synergie Déco

    First, we cut out circles of different diameters from paper: six to seven levels are enough for a compact Christmas tree. Then fold the sheets in half. And again in half ... and two more times. You should end up with narrow tall triangles.

    Synergie Déco

    Then cut off the tops of the triangles and flatten the shapes. At this stage, the blanks resemble pleated skirts or beach umbrellas; to make a bright Christmas tree out of paper with your own hands, start putting blanks on a skewer - from larger to smaller.

    Synergie Déco

    When you're tired or out of stock, cut off a skewer and decorate the top with a star. New Year's paper origami souvenir is ready!

    French Step by Step Tutorial

    Atelier Fête Unique

    with benefit. All the same paper Christmas trees will help - this time in a mini-format. Tools for crafting in the style of origami - paper (packaging or just colored), scissors and a glue stick.

    Atelier Fête Unique

    First step: cut the paper into thin strips. The wider the blank, the more voluminous the Christmas trees will be: to get a craft, as in the previous photo, a strip six centimeters wide is enough.

    Atelier Fête Unique

    Then fold the strip like an accordion and glue the spreads well from the inside. We squeeze our accordion so that the inner sheets stick together: the blank will look like an open book with bright pages.

    Atelier Fete Unique

    The final touch: we cut the accordion diagonally and get a voluminous paper Christmas tree. In the same way, you can make holiday balls if you cut the workpiece not diagonally, but in a semicircle.

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    A step-by-step master class in English

    Franziska Land

    6. Abstract Christmas trees for the Christmas calendar
    Before the Catholic Christmas, it was customary in which every day they leave small gifts for loved ones. In fact, the advent calendar can look anything - even resemble a group of minimalist Christmas trees, as in our example. For greater resemblance, you can use green cardboard, although such a decorative forest looks very nice in white.

    Franziska Land

    First you have to arm yourself with a triangle and remember your drawing skills. Copy our template onto cardboard: it consists of triangles with a side of five and seven and a half centimeters so that the Christmas trees turn out to be of different sizes.

    Franziska Land

    An important nuance - do not forget to draw the "ears" with which you will glue the model. One of the sections should open so that you can leave a gift inside - candy or a note with a wish. Unless, of course, you decide to adopt the tradition.

    Franziska Land

    By the way, such triangular boxes can be used to assemble a full-fledged tall Christmas tree if you glue several blanks with the top to the base.

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    A step-by-step master class in German

    Escarabajos bichos y Mariposas

    7. Christmas tree from craft-paper
    The foundation of the Penoplaste and the base of the Penoplaste and the Penete Lap » from coarse linen combined with kraft sheets. But foam and textiles are easy to replace with paper or combine materials - depending on what you have at hand.

    Escarabajos bichos y mariposas

    How do you make a Christmas tree if you don't have a solid cone? Fold the base of thick paper, as in the master class at number three. We fix the paper with tape from the inside and outside, cut off the bottom - and you can glue spruce paws made of fabric or paper.

    Escarabajos bichos y mariposas

    Escarabajos bichos y mariposas

    To "dress" the top, paper stars will come in handy. The body of the Christmas tree can be decorated with colored spots or shiny tinsel.

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    Step-haired master class in Spanish


    8. Fir-trees for the festive table
    All ingenious are simple: if you once decorate the festive table, folding to the usual manners. from paper.


    Unfold the napkin to make two squares and fold the corners one by one as shown in the photo. Then pull the corners towards each other - you should get something like an envelope.


    Fold the envelope in half so that the triangular elements are on the outside. We fold the side "ears" inward along the axis indicated by the fold of the napkin.


    Your origami tree is ready, but what about the top? The tree can be decorated with an asterisk on a clothespin or a bow folded from a red napkin.

    Italian step by step tutorial (and some origami recipes for all occasions)


    9. Christmas tree as an object of naive art
    An old cardboard box, such as from under shoes or household appliances, can keep your children busy for an hour. The result will be funny bright Christmas trees: bring to mind a little, and you can decorate a nursery or even a festive table.


    Minimum materials required: cardboard (cut the boxes into sheets of a convenient size), brushes, gouache and markers. In more "advanced" Christmas trees, you can make inscriptions using a stencil or self-adhesive letters.


    This master class has three versions at once. The simplest is to cut out triangles, color them with any patterns, and secure them to the base of the wine cork with a pin.

    The second option is to make a Christmas tree from two cardboard triangles: cut one from below, the other from above and combine. Such a voluminous Christmas tree does not even need a stand - it will rest on its own cruciform base.


    The third option is to assemble a Christmas tree from several cardboard parts: the top one will have the shape of a triangle, the bottom ones will be trapezoid. On each Christmas tree, you can draw toys or snow with a marker

    Step-by-step master class in Italian

    Tina Khabarova

    10. Recycle old magazines and cardboard
    that you already have at home - at the same time get rid of the excess and make your New Year's Eve cleaning easier. You will need cardboard (you can cut an old box), glossy magazines, a wooden skewer and a small jar that will become a pot for a future Christmas tree.

    Tina Khabarova

    The first stage is cutting out a template for the future paper Christmas tree. Prepare seven cardboard squares of different sizes - so that they go in descending order. Then cut out a stack of glossy sheets for the templates: there should be 30 magazine blanks for each cardboard square.

    Tina Khabarova

    Clippings from magazine pages will also come in handy - fill them with a jar or pot in which your voluminous Christmas tree will stand.

    Learn more