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How to Make an Origami Tree out of Money


Dana Hinders

Dana Hinders

Dana Hinders is an origami expert and writer who shares her knowledge on mastering the art of origami. She has over 15 years of experience creating origami greeting cards, envelopes, gift boxes, and holiday decorations.

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Updated on 12/07/19

Dana Hinders

Who wouldn't want a money tree? Although you can't give someone a tree that actually grows money, you can do the next best thing and fold an origami dollar bill tree to slip inside a greeting card.

The money tree featured in this tutorial is relatively easy to complete. Even a beginner should be able to fold the tree in about five minutes, which makes this a great choice for a last-minute gift.

You can fold the money origami tree from a bill in the denomination of your choice, but keep in mind that this tutorial uses a one-dollar bill, so you will need to adjust your reference points if you're using a bill with a higher value.

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    Fold to the Right Side

    Dana Hinders

    Begin folding your origami dollar bill tree with George Washington's face up. Fold the top left-hand corner of the bill over so it is flush with the right side. The corner of the bill should touch the point that is right after the second "L" in "ONE DOLLAR." Crease firmly, then unfold.

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    Fold to the Left Side

    Dana Hinders

    Fold the top right-hand corner of the bill over so it is flush with the left side. Crease firmly, then unfold.

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    Fold Across the Intersection

    Dana Hinders

    Fold the top of the dollar across the intersection of the two diagonal creases you have made. When finished, the top of the dollar bill should be resting just above the first "L" in "ONE DOLLAR." Crease firmly, then unfold.

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    Collapse the Folds

    Dana Hinders

    Using your horizontal crease as a guide, collapse the folds as shown. The process of collapsing the folds is the same as what is used in the first two steps of the origami jumping frog.

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    Create the Second Tier of the Tree

    Dana Hinders

    Fold over the top flap on the left side of the paper. Fold the bottom portion of the bill into the center as demonstrated in the photo. Fold the top flap back to its original position. Repeat these steps on the right side of the bill.

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    Create the Bottom of Your Dollar Bill Christmas Tree

    Dana Hinders

    Repeat the folds in steps 1 to 4 on the opposite end of the bill. When you're finished, your origami money tree should look like the photo to the left.

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    Tuck the Bottom Into the Top

    Dana Hinders

    Fold the bottom triangle up and tuck it into the flap of the top triangle as shown.

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    Complete Your Origami Dollar Bill Tree

    Dana Hinders

    Flip your bill over. Fold a second dollar bill into a small thin strip and tuck it into the flap of the top triangle to create a trunk for your tree.

    If you're giving your money tree as a gift, you can use a small amount of poster putty to adhere it to a greeting card. This will also help keep the model from coming apart in transit.

    Money origami is fun to give as a gift throughout the year, but this money origami tree is especially appropriate for Christmas.

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These magical

3D Origami Christmas Trees are so simple to make - a couple of folds and a few snips and you’re ready to go.

Instead of spending yet more money on last-minute decorations why not try making these cute little paper trees.

A pretty last-minute paper decoration for your holiday table that means you’ll make a whole forest in minutes.

This page contains affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase after clicking a link I earn a small commission but it doesn’t cost you a penny extra!

3D Origami Christmas Tree.

What’s everyone making this weekend? If you’re looking for a last-minute holiday craft to decorate your home, here’s a quick and easy one. I love these Origami Trees so much that I’ve already made a second batch so I can use them to decorate in other rooms.

They're such a quick and easy project, cost practically nothing and take no time at all. All you need is some leftover gift wrap and a pair of scissors and you’re good to go.

I’ve made a couple of larger ones using gift wrap to use as a table centrepiece and I’ve got the ones in these pictures displayed on the fireplace mantel. Not sure if it’s going overboard but I can’t stop thinking how cute some mini ones would look hanging on the tree? They might have to be my next project!

I’m a big fan of origami (I did write a whole ebook about it after all). I’ve made a few Christmas origami projects (like these stars and these Santas)  but today I thought I’d try out a different technique - Kirigami.

What is Kirigami?

Kirigami is similar to origami except instead of just folding the paper to make your design you cut it as well. My origami stars are a great example of this as well as these 3D paper trees.

Making your Paper Christmas Trees.

Although I’ve called this project easy they can be a little bit tricky at first (around steps 7&8) but once you get the hang of it they are super quick and simple to make.

Select your chosen paper and grab a pair of scissors. If you’re using origami paper, you’re all set but if you’re using something else like gift wrap you’ll need to cut it into squares before you start.

Fold your paper following the step by step instructions below and then get ready to start snipping. You’ll need to make seven cuts. One to make the base flat and the rest to make the branches. The more cuts you make the more branches. Fold back the branches and open your origami tree out.

When you’ve finished your Christmas trees set them out on your tables, fireplace, shelves or wherever else you need a quick holiday decoration fix.

Whether you make a single tree or a whole forest I’m sure they’ll make a lovely finishing touch to your holiday decorations.


  • Easy Origami Christmas Tree eBook

  • Thin Decorative Paper

  • Scissors

Although I recommend using origami paper for any paper folding project, the paper I used for these trees was thin scrapbook paper (not the lightweight cardstock kind) as standard origami paper only makes a small tree.

I used 12x12-inch paper for the large trees, 10x10-inch for the middle size trees and 6x6-inch for the small.

If you don’t have any thin scrapbook paper here are a few alternatives that you probably already have on hand.

And a couple of larger origami papers:

  • Large 9.5 Inch 60 Sheets Origami Paper

  • 10x10 inch 10 Colored Origami Paper

Keep scrolling to see how easy these simple origami trees are to make.

Want to make it even easier? You can download and keep this tutorial in a handy PDF


How to make Origami Christmas Trees.

1. Start by laying your paper square down with the white side facing up.

2. Fold it in half edge to edge. Open back out and fold in half again this time in the other direction.

3. Open back out and fold in half again this time across both the diagonals.

4. Open out and lay flat with the white side facing up. Using the creases you have previously made bring the top 3 corners down to meet at the bottom corner. Press flat. You should now have a diamond shape.

5. Fold the sides in to meet at the centre crease.

6. Flip over and repeat on the other side. You should now have an upside-down kite shape.

7. Open one of the flaps back out and flatten. Take the outer edge and collapse it in folding it into the centre.

8. Repeat for the other side.

9. Flip it over and repeat step 8 and 9.

10. Now take a pair of scissors and cut the bottom point off your kite. To make it easier fold the top layer back to make a triangle and use this as a guide.

11. Using a pair of scissors cut 3 horizontal lines in each side of the triangle. These will make your branches.

12. Starting from the right fold each cut line down to make a small triangle. Fold to the left like a page and repeat by folding down each cut line on the right.

13. Keep folding and turning until all the branches have been folded. When you reach the end flip it over and repeat on the other side.

14. Open out your origami tree and stand.

Want more? You can get your hands on a PDF of this project (complete with templates) for only £2


And you can find the rest of my eBooks in the


Crafts from money for the New Year 2020 with your own hands, see here

So it's time to make various Christmas trees from improvised materials for the New Year's decoration of the apartment. Christmas trees made of sisal and even cones wrapped with thread look charming, but how about decorating the room with a money tree? A tree made of money will surely attract material well-being to your home. The basis for the manufacture of the crown of the Christmas tree will be banknotes. You can use real ones if you like, but we suggest you buy more souvenir bills. With such “money”, the Christmas tree will look much richer, since the denomination of banknotes is higher.

To make a Christmas tree out of money, you need a strong foundation. It could be a foam cone. But if you cannot find one for sale, then we suggest you make a cone from whatman paper. Fold a sheet of drawing paper into a bag, fasten it with glue. Give the bag stiffness by filling it with crumpled newspapers. Separately, draw and cut out a circle from whatman paper to close the cone with it. Insert a stick into the cone, fasten it and close it with a circle of whatman paper. Fasten the two parts of the cone with tape.

Now let's move on to making parts for the tree crown. You have two options: make small pouches and stick them together with glue, or wrap bills around a pencil to give them a curved look. When the details for making a Christmas tree are ready, you can proceed to the fun part.

Christmas tree made of money

The resulting craft, made with your own hands from money, will definitely please everyone, because of the banknotes it will seem unusual for the whole environment. In the process, it is important to follow all the steps step by step, after which the decoration is ready to create a festive atmosphere for the New Year 2020.

  • Scotch;
  • Scissors;
  • Plastic bottle;
  • Shiny ribbon;
  • Bead garland;
  • Christmas tree star;
  • Shiny bows;
  • Adhesive.
  • Workflow:

    1. First cut off the top and bottom of the bottle.
    2. A cone should be made from the center, it is best to fix it with adhesive tape.
    3. The bottom of the product should be leveled and the bottom from under any plastic jar should be glued to it.
    4. Tape must be glued to the bottom of the Christmas tree, forming folds from it.
    5. Souvenir banknotes should be cut into several pieces and each piece should be made into cones.
    6. The resulting blanks should be glued to the base of the Christmas tree.
    7. Then you need to attach a garland of beads and bows to its surface, and a star to the top. Such a cute do-it-yourself craft made from money for the New Year 2020 can be placed on a table in any room.

    Video gallery of various Christmas trees made from banknotes

    How to decorate a money tree for the New Year

    Decorating Christmas trees is one of the most important and exciting stages in preparing for the coming year.

    Moreover, this activity becomes a wonderful opportunity for all family members to have fun and interesting time, offering new creative ideas for creating a festive homely atmosphere.

    For example, one of them could be co-creation for the production of toys.

    Yes, not simple, but from paper bills.

    If you are planning large purchases in the New Year that will require a lot of money, we suggest making homemade Christmas tree toys out of money.

    Keeping in mind the famous Feng Shui money tree souvenir, you can transfer its energy to the symbol of our New Year, that is, decorate the New Year tree with money.

    Money Candy

    Money candy requires two one dollar bills to make.

    Each will need to be folded in half and then rolled into a thick roll.

    And one is slightly wider than the other so that later the candy can be opened.

    Each of the resulting rolls should be intercepted in half with a festive ribbon - the side without a fold will be the edge. The resulting two convolutions are combined into one.

    This leaves an empty space inside, which can be used for various fun competitions, if you hide leaves with wishes in a candy, or a surprise gift for children by putting a real sweet inside.

    Money bow

    Just like for money candy, two bills will be enough for a bow.

    One of them will become the main body of the decoration, and the second will be the fastening rope.

    To do this, you need to fold one dollar in half, carefully aligning its edges.

    From the second roll a thin strip, and then carefully intercept the first bill with it and slightly tighten it, make beautiful folds in the middle. Candy Cane

    This is one of the most common Christmas sweets in America.

    One dollar is required to create it.

    It must be rolled into a thin tube and pulled out by the edges, one of which is slightly bent and flattened.

    The second one should be tied tightly enough with a thin red ribbon (which will hold the structure), but in such a way as not to jam the resulting cane.

    Money Boot

    Money Boot requires two bills.

    One is superimposed on the other, starting from the middle of the previous one.

    One of the edges is slightly folded over to create a sock over the edge of the boot.

    Next, the strip of banknotes is folded several times and smoothed out into a flat strip with an already folded edge.

    The second side is carefully folded in three steps, forming a turn (directly the sole-base of the money boot).

    In principle, in the creation of this craft, you can do with one bill, but then the length of the boot will be much less.

    Money snowflake

    Money snowflake is made from one dollar, which is finely bent into an accordion, forming a corrugated base of the body of the craft.

    Then it is intercepted in the middle with a smart ribbon and stretched in a circle in both directions until the edges meet each other.

    Cash gift

    Two banknotes are required for its registration.

    Each of them must be folded in half, and then bent equally along the edges of the corner inward.

    Form the sides, the width of which will be limited by the inversion of the corners.

    Particular attention should be paid to the place of the fold, because the stronger it is fixed, the tighter the frame of the gift closes.

    Combine two money boxes made from banknotes and wrap with tape.

    The cash gift can be used, like the cash candy, for drawing forfeits or packaging for small sweets.

    Money Garland

    For a money garland, you will need as many one dollar bills as the length of the product will be calculated.

    Decoration is made in the form of stars.

    Each bill is folded several times to form a thin strip.

    Further, an asterisk is formed from it, the integrity of which is fixed by combining the edges.

    First, the required number of figures is prepared, and then they are tied together with elegant ribbons - the garland is ready to take its place of honor on the New Year tree.

    Of course, it is not worth decorating a Christmas tree with money toys alone, and they will not be so interesting alone on fluffy branches.

    Therefore, crafts should be hung next to beautiful balls, preferably red or gold, which will serve as a background for them and spice up the overall image.

    May your money tree - a tree decorated with money - bring you wealth in the coming year.
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    Coin painting

    Master class is ideal for those who have old coins at home. They won’t be accepted in the store anyway, but for crafts for the New Year 2020, this is an excellent material from which you can easily make a wonderful decoration with your own hands.

    This will require:

    • Photo frame;
    • Money;
    • Plywood;
    • Fabric;
    • Paper;
    • Adhesive;
    • Copper paint can;
    • Glue gun.


    1. The paper should be cut into thin strips, after which they should be dipped in glue and formed into flagella. You need to make a lot of stripes.
    2. Then you need to create a tree trunk from them and for this they should be glued to the fabric.
    3. After that, you need to form branches, leaves and the entire crown out of coin money with your own hands, and then glue them to the fabric.
    4. When the craft for the New Year 2020 turned out, it is necessary to spray copper paint on its surface.
    5. Then it should be erased from the coins.
    6. Then the product is attached to the plywood and installed in the frame. The result is a picture that can be placed at home or presented as a gift.

    Money Snowflake

    This easy DIY money snowflake craft is great for kids. They will cope with the task very quickly and a wonderful decoration for the New Year 2020 will be ready for the house.

    This will require:

    • Souvenir money;
    • Scissors;
    • Adhesive;
    • Tape.


    1. Cut out a 5 cm square from a banknote.
    2. Shape various shapes on its surface. If you need a bigger snowflake, then you can glue two bills and then cut them out. This do-it-yourself money craft for the New Year 2020, created quickly and simply in the form of a snowflake, will look great on the Christmas tree.

    How to felt a Christmas tree from wool using the wet felting technique

    If you have never done felting before, don't be afraid - pots are not fired by gods. The main thing is to start, and then everything will go like clockwork. There are two felting techniques - dry and wet. When dry, they are felted with special needles with notches, hooking the villi one after another.

    When wet, use hot soapy water. Having felted wool using the wet felting technique, it needs to be given enough time to dry, and only after that proceed to the next stages of work.

    What you need

    Before starting work, you should thoroughly prepare so that you have everything you need at hand:

    • 100 g of green wool for felting;
    • multicolored pieces of wool for Christmas decorations;
    • barrel wire;
    • bubble film;
    • liquid soap;
    • mesh;
    • clay.

    In addition, put a towel, rubber bands, rolling pin, awl, scissors - large and nail scissors - within reach. Also prepare a ruler, dry soap, a medium needle for felting the top, as well as a tube of Moment glue.

    On cardboard, draw an isosceles triangle with an edge side of 10 cm and trace it with lines at a distance of 5 mm from one another.

    Detailed instructions

    When all the necessary materials and tools are assembled, you can begin to work. Lay out the bubble wrap so that the bubbles are on top. Tear off pieces of wool, preferably of the same size, and lay out one row along, and the second across. Lay out the wool taking into account that it will sit a couple of centimeters on both sides.

    Add liquid soap to the water and wet the wool with the resulting solution . You can use a sprayer, but you can just add water slowly, wetting the material. So that the wool is well saturated with soapy moisture, press it with your hands.

    Cover the workpiece with the mesh and rub through with the palms of your hands . First, make light movements, and then press harder. Remove any wool that sticks to the mesh. Fold the edges of the wool inward and press them again through the mesh.

    Cover with bubble wrap and roll onto the rolling pin. Secure with elastic bands and wrap the towel as tightly as possible over the top. Then put the rubber bands on again. You will have to roll the rolling pin for an hour - no less. Increase the intensity of pressing all the time.

    Unwind the wool. As you can see, it is dense and does not shine through. Straighten it, align it around the perimeter and leave to dry until the morning, you can even use a radiator.

    The next day, choose which side will be the wrong side, and draw a straight line on it with a dry bar of soap. From this line, using a cardboard template, draw triangles: three pieces with a side of 10 cm. Then cut the template along the line by 5 mm and cut out three triangles of 9.5 cm, then three pieces of 9 cm, etc. If you reach the end template, you still have fabric, you can add three triangles with a side of 10.5 cm and further upwards.

    After cutting out the triangular pieces, start assembling the Christmas tree. With an awl, make holes in the center of each triangle and thread them one after the other onto the wire. Start work with the largest details, and then move towards smaller triangles.

    From a piece of clay soaked in water, form a stand and insert a wire-barrel into it. If the wire is too thin, double or triple braid it. The trunk should be a couple of centimeters longer than the Christmas tree blank. Clay hardens quickly. After drying, paint it with brown nail polish.

    String each triangle on the resulting stem in the correct order, smearing the wire with glue and pressing the wool blank. If soap stains remain on the branches, wipe them off with wet fingers. The green beauty is ready. It remains only to decorate it.

    Horseshoe from coins

    A wonderful decoration for the New Year 2020 can be made with your own hands from old coins. Such crafts made of money are perfect for a gift to a loved one.

    This will require:

    • Coins;
    • Cardboard;
    • Acrylic paint;
    • Adhesive.


    1. For the New Year 2020, you can make your own decoration for the room, as well as an incomparable gift for loved ones. Such a product is sure to bring good luck. From thick cardboard you need to cut out the base for the horseshoe. To make the money craft stronger, it is advisable to use cardboard from the box.
    2. Then glue the coins onto the base. After that, the product is covered with acrylic gold paint. A horseshoe is best placed above the entrance to the house. She, as is commonly believed, will certainly bring good luck and prosperity to the family.


    Place the template on a regular plastic bag, then place felting wool on the template

    spread out in small strands, which we carefully pull out from the common bundle of threads. First lay out
    wool in one direction
    , then moisten the layer with soapy water and lay the next layer of
    perpendicular to the previous layer.

    So we lay out from five to eight layers of wool

    (it depends on how thick you want to make
    felt boots
    , and
    should be laid out hot a little. soapy water We put the bubble wrap and begin to gently move it on the wet

    In this way wool

    falls off and the material becomes dense.
    Having felt boots on one side
    , carefully using the film on which our template lay, turn it over to the other side.

    We wrap the edges of wool on the template


    Now lay out wool on this side


    We also moisten it with hot soapy water, lay out the bubble wrap and roll on this side

    . When the material becomes dense, wrap the edges of
    and dump it together with
    wool on the other side
    . The material becomes homogeneous. You can take out the template. To do this, carefully cut
    felt boots in the middle of the template
    so as not to damage the template itself, it can be used to create other toys.

    Now you need to felt boots from the inside

    , also with bubble wrap.

    To do this, put the film into felt boots

    and rub the film on the inside surface of
    felt boots
    . At the same time
    we roll the edges of the boots
    so that they are even.

    Then we do the same operations with another felt boots

    Need to felt for a long time
    , while
    felt boots
    are reduced in size. It is necessary that
    was constantly damp. When
    felt boots
    become homogeneous and
    wool does not lag behind them
    , wash them with hot water to remove soap. Now we dry our
    felt boots
    . When
    felt boots
    dry well, you can decorate them.
    New Year's souvenir
    , Or a toy for the Christmas tree, or
    felt boots for the doll is ready

    Related publications:

    "Easter souvenir" - dry felting from wool. Dry felting from wool, a technique that allows you to create unusual souvenirs. They possess.

    A few months ago, here on Maam, I came across a publication by Lola Dzhalalova, an educator from Moscow, on crafts for each child.

    Research work “Method of processing wool among the Buryats: felting” Municipal budgetary preschool educational institution “Duldurginsky kindergarten “Romashka” Scientific and practical conference “Ya.

    Master class "New Year's souvenir" The master class is intended for children 4-6 years old, children of primary school age, as well as for teachers.

    Hello, dear colleagues! Happy New Year's Eve everyone! Very restless and hot days have come, despite the cold outside.

    The theme of New Year's crafts has a special relationship for each of us, and therefore, we try to prepare for the holiday, using all the provided opportunities and solutions that can help in solving our problems. A set of a wide variety of techniques opens up previously unavailable opportunities that will help ennoble the home atmosphere. It is no secret that for many of our people, a real family tradition is the celebration of the New Year in the company of their family. And therefore, the assembly of the Christmas tree, as well as its subsequent decoration, excites every member of a large family.

    Craft "Money Butterfly"

    Souvenir money will make beautiful butterflies made with your own hands from money for the New Year 2020 to decorate the interior. The master class is more suitable for kindergarten, because the kids will cope with this task very quickly, and as a result of painstaking efforts, you will get a great craft for an exhibition or group transformation.

    This will require:

    • Souvenir money;
    • Adhesive;
    • Threads.


    1. You need to take one banknote and squeeze it into an accordion. Do the same with the second banknote.
    2. Then they need to be connected together by spreading the wings of a butterfly. A product created with your own hands from money is suitable for decorating a room for the New Year 2020. You can hang butterflies either singly or together. You can also make another craft out of them by attaching butterflies to a garland of colored paper.

    Video: master class on making butterflies from banknotes

    Christmas tree from ruble or dollar bills

    On the eve of the New Year holidays, shop counters are full of all kinds of artificial Christmas trees, which, I think, will not surprise anyone. Christmas tree made of banknotes will be an excellent replacement for the factory spruce, because it is creative and original, and, as it is believed, contributes to the material well-being of its owner.

    There are many shapes and variations of Christmas trees from banknotes. All of them are made quite easily.

    In principle, the most important thing in the manufacture of money beauties is to make or find a suitable base: a foam or cardboard cone. Christmas tree branches can also be completely different: folded in the form of droplets or "pounds", etc.

    In this master class I will tell you how to make a fluffy Christmas tree from twisted banknotes .

    You will need:

    • cardboard,
    • bills 27-30 pcs.,
    • jute twine,
    • PVA glue,
    • Thermal pistol,
    • Scotch tape,
    • Wire with a diameter of 1.5 mm,
    • -scissors.

    Step 1: Make a cardboard cone.

    In order not to hold and not wait for the glue to set, we fix the seam with adhesive tape.

    To make everything beautiful, we will paste over the inside of the cone with banknotes.

    Cut off 4 wires 30 cm long and attach them to the cone with hot glue.

    Twist the wires together.

    Step 2: Christmas tree branches.

    I cut the banknotes in half, I wanted to make a fluffy Christmas tree. If you plan to place the branches less often, then you can also make from whole bills.

    And so…

    Cut the banknote in half and twist one edge.

    Use hot glue to fix the banknotes on the cone as follows.

    Second row staggered.

    And so on up to the top of the head.

    To make the last row a little narrower, cut the bill halves to the middle, as shown in the photo.

    Glue the halves together as follows.

    And fix with hot glue on the cone.

    Step 2: The top of the tree.

    I decorated the crown with jute twine. Leave a small tail of twine, we still need it.

    2 banknotes are folded in half in the form of droplets and glued together. This will be a bow for decorating our Christmas tree.

    We fix the bow with the remaining tail of jute twine.

    The Christmas tree, of course, can also be made on a leg. To do this, you can use ordinary skewers for barbecue.

    Glue a pair of cardboard circles and 3 barbecue skewers together with a heat gun. Fasten with some wire. Like this…

    Let's hide everything with twine...

    This is how the Christmas tree turns out!

    This money tree can be not only a wonderful decoration for your New Year's table and workplace on the eve of the New Year holidays, but also a worthy exclusive gift to your family, friends and colleagues.

    Happy to help!

    how to make a Christmas tree out of money

    How to make a Christmas tree out of money with your own hands?

    There are many shapes and options for banknote Christmas trees. All of them are made quite simply, you can do them together with your child: if you kill two birds with one stone, you will do something useful, decorate an apartment or make an original gift with your own hands to your relatives or friends, and spend hours of leisure time with your child, which is also real these days. luxury.

    In principle, the most important thing when making a money beauty in our case is to make or find a suitable base. In one version, it will be a cone. It can be made from a bottle selected in the form of a cone, or made from polystyrene foam, you can even buy it in a store. But the easiest and easiest way is to make it yourself from cardboard or a very thick sheet of paper.

    And only then it is not difficult to stick “leaves”, or rather “needles” of banknotes to the base, which you need to either buy or print in advance. Fold the bills and glue either in the form of bags or in the form of droplets, well, any option in general is your choice. Start gluing from the bottom of the cone in a circle.

    There is another option, when you make a Christmas tree on a stick, then glue the banknotes on the stick base in the same way as on the cone, you just need to strengthen the stick, for example, plant it in a flower pot.

    We make a gift "money tree"

    On the eve of the new year, I decided to get together with the girls and create a "New Year's mood".

    For work we needed:

    • Money (not real, of course).
    • Styrofoam cone.
    • Piece of wire.
    • Jute rope.
    • Jar (from under plants, agushi or similar, small container).
    • Plaster.
    • Bamboo stick
    • From tools.
    • Scissors.
    • Spoke.
    • Glue gun (or Moment transparent glue).
    • Double sided tape.

    That is, in principle, everything that most even beginner craftswomen have at home.
    We take our cone and insert the stick from below. Then we breed gypsum in a jar and strengthen a stick in it, with a cone. We are waiting for hardening.

    Once everything is ready, we start decorating our impromptu pot. First, cross-glue double-sided tape. We do this in order to glue the jute rope next. To do this, we begin to lay out from the middle in a circle, clinging to the adhesive tape, it lies evenly and neatly.

    When our "pot" is ready, we start decorating the Christmas tree.

    To do this, cut the money into 2 halves, and wind the beautiful edge onto the knitting needle.

    When we have a certain number of "leaves" ready, we begin to glue them to the base with hot glue (or instant glue, whatever you like).

    Little by little, in a checkerboard pattern, we are approaching the top. The most "ideal" money for Christmas trees is dollars - both green and, most importantly, narrow. But as practice shows, Christmas trees from other currencies look no less beautiful.
    When we got to the top of the head and glued the last bill, and the whole Christmas tree is closed, we proceed to the final stage.

    We take our piece of wire, bend it with a hook, and insert it into the center of our Christmas tree, wrap the wire with double-sided tape.

    On top of the adhesive tape, we begin to wind the jute rope around the wire. We wind further on the "top" of the Christmas tree.

    Having wound a centimeter, carefully cut off the tail. We take 1 more bill and fold it across with a bell, the smaller the folds, the more beautiful the effect. We tie the folded fan with a string and glue it to our wire.

    The Christmas tree is ready 🙂 You can go to visit with an original gift.

    Christmas tree made of money - do-it-yourself gifts for the holiday. Master class with step-by-step photos

    Christmas tree made of banknotes - gifts for the holiday with your own hands

    On the eve of the New Year holidays, store shelves are full of all kinds of artificial Christmas trees, which no longer surprise anyone. Our version - a Christmas tree made of banknotes will be an excellent replacement for a factory spruce, because it is creative and original, and besides, it helps to attract wealth to the house.

    There are two ways to make this Christmas tree. The first method - using a cone - is suitable for those who work with paper banknotes for the first time. The second method is simpler, but requires the necessary skills from the master. Let's describe both methods in more detail.

    Christmas tree made of banknotes. Master class No. 1

    Banknotes are glued to the cone:

    To make the cone, we take adhesive tape, scissors and a plastic bottle.

    Cut off the bottom and neck of the bottle.

    Roll up the cone and fix it with tape.

    It remains to align the edges of the cone so that it can stand straight.

    To the base of the cone we fasten a “closing” of a slightly larger diameter. In this case, we cut off the bottom of a plastic yogurt jar.

    We make a hole in the lower part, insert an even dry mesh there. The upper end of the branch - the top of the Christmas tree - is decorated with a ball. All elements are fixed with a glue gun.

    We decorate the base of the Christmas tree with a metallic ribbon - we make a "skirt".

    Now you can start pasting the cone with bills. Since the bills are quite large - similar to real ones - we will have to trim them a bit, giving the bill the shape of an irregular pentagon.

    One banknote can be used to make 2 blanks. The workpiece is folded into a bag, the edges of which are glued together.

    We take a cone and in the direction from the bottom up we begin to paste over it with money blanks.

    How to make a Christmas tree out of money? Master class No. 2

    Without using a cone:

    If you have worked on making crafts from paper bills at least once in your life, try to assemble blanks-bags on a regular, but even, dry branch.

    The edge of the branch - we sharpen the top of the Christmas tree, so that later we can decorate it with a silver ball.

    Keep all banknotes at the same distance from the branch. For gluing, use a glue gun.

    Glue the bottom of the Christmas tree with a circle of bills - both neater and stronger.

    It doesn't matter which version of the Christmas tree you use, the further steps will be the same:

    We select elements for decoration, such as beads.

    We fix the decor using hot glue.

    We decorate the branch-trunk with a ribbon.

    Add bows and rhinestones.

    We decorate the pot - we take any container that is suitable in size, paint it with silver acrylic paints, sprinkle with sparkles and decorate with ribbons.

    Throw stones at the bottom of the pot.

    On top of the stones we will pour the building mixture - sand with cement.

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