How to get out of the deku tree in zelda

Ocarina of Time Walkthrough - Inside The Great Deku Tree

  • Chapter 1 – Inside The Great Deku Tree
    • 1.1 – Boy Without A Fairy
    • 1.2 – Kokiri Forest
    • 1.3 – Inside The Deku Tree
    • 1.4 – Kokiri’s Emerald
  • Chapter 2 – Princess of Destiny
  • Chapter 3 – The Mighty Collection
  • Chapter 4 – Dodongo’s Cavern
  • Chapter 5 – Inside Jabu-Jabu’s Belly
  • Chapter 6 – Timely Appearance
  • Chapter 7 – Forest Temple
  • Chapter 8 – Fire Temple
  • Chapter 9 – Ice Cavern
  • Chapter 10 – Water Temple
  • Chapter 11 – Bottom of the Well
  • Chapter 12 – Shadow Temple
  • Chapter 13 – Spirit Temple
  • Chapter 14 – Ganon’s Castle

1.1 Boy Without a Fairy

Progress at this point
Total Life
Heart Pieces 0/36
Tokens 0/100
New in this section
Great Deku Tree, Link, Ganondorf, Navi

As soon as you start the game, you’ll witness a short scene in which the Great Deku Tree talks briefly about the forest children, known as the Kokiri, and explains his role in things. He then mentions the lone boy in the village who does not have a fairy, then we witness his nightmare…

Our hero Link is standing next to a drawbridge that is lowered. A white horse gallops out with a woman in a cowl and a little girl atop it. She looks so sad… =( Link then realizes an evil looking man is there on a black stallion. The man raises a hand towards Link and-GASP! That’s the end of the dream… What could it mean?

After witnessing the rather confusing (for now) nightmare, you’ll then see the Deku Tree summoning one of the many fairies of the forest to go find a particular boy who will change the destiny of Hyrule forever – why, of course…

A quick fly over the village shows you all the sights before Navi finally figures out where our hero resides. Inside, she yells at him very annoyingly (oh, don’t worry, it only gets worse) until he wakes up.

1.2 Kokiri Forest

Progress at this point
Total Life
Heart Pieces 0/36
Tokens 0/100
New in this section
Kokiri, Saria, Mido
Withered Deku Baba
Kokiri Sword, Deku Shield, Deku Stick
Hyrule, Link’s House, Kokiri Forest, Forest Training Center, Kokiri Shop

Once you gain control of your character, walk outside and you’ll meet up with your childhood friend, Saria. Climb down and talk to her if you wish. She simply expresses her excitement over your new fairy and urges you to continue on to see the Great Deku Tree.

If you try to go to the Great Deku Tree, the path is blocked off by a Kokiri by name of Mido. He considers himself a rival for Saria’s affection and is particularly put out that you’ve suddenly become favorites of the Deku Tree as well. He makes an excuse by saying he won’t let you past until you get a Sword and Shield. We will need a total of 40 Rupees in order to purchase the shield from the shop, so I suggest getting the sword first because it will make the gathering process easier.

~ Getting The Kokiri Sword ~

The sword is a little tricky to find. There’s a small fenced in area called the Forest Training Center, which is in the southwestern area of the village (bottom left on your map). Head up there and you’ll find a small hole in the wall next to a sign. Step up to the hole and press A to crawl in, then just hold forward until you pop out on the other side.

In this area, round the corner and gather the Blue Rupee (5), then turn around and wait for the giant boulder to pass. Quickly follow it and take the first right to find another Blue Rupee (5). Wait for the boulder again if you like or continue on if you’re quick enough. The next alcove holds a giant chest with the Kokiri Sword inside.

Tap the gear button on the bottom screen, (or pause the game and make your way to the Equipment menu if you are playing the n64 version). Select the Kokiri to equip it. Work your way back to the hole and crawl back through.

~ Getting The Deku Shield ~

In order to get the shield, we’ll need 40 Rupees. It’s very easy to accumulate this much, as this village is full of little secret spots, and a lot of them can be acquired repeatedly by simply entering a building and coming back out again. Here’s several places where they can be found:

  • Collect the two Blue Rupees that were near the rolling boulder by the Kokiri Sword.
  • Talk to the Kokiri right outside the crawl hole. Target the rock and perform a backflip by holding back and pressing ‘A’.
  • Inside of Mido’s House, located directly across the crawl hole. Open the treasure chests to get some rupees.
  • Right behind Mido’s house, collect a blue rupee.
  • Climb the ramp next to Saria’s house, located right beside your house. Follow the ramp to the center of town to get a rupee.
  • Between Mido’s House and the Shop, there are two platforms in the water. Run across them and Link will automatically jump across, giving you five rupees.
  • Inside of the shop, there is a secret five rupees to the side.

Once you’ve acquired 40 rupees, head over to the Shop (it’s the northeast building). Upon approaching, a girl sitting above the doorway tells you to Z target her and talk to her with A. Nice to know you can do that. Enter the building and purchase the Deku Shield.

~ Audience With The Great Deku Tree ~

Once you get both of the required items, make sure you have them both equipped before speaking with Mido. After downright insulting you, he lets you pass reluctantly.

Head on through. Near the end of the path, three enemies known as Withered Deku Baba pop up, the first enemies you’ll meet in the game. These things are pathetic, they don’t even move or attack. Simply slash them to bits and collect the Deku Sticks they drop.

At long last, head forward and talk to the Great Deku Tree. He explains that the nightmares you’ve experienced are because of the evil descending upon Hyrule. He goes on to say that he’s been cursed and that you can break this curse if you’re willing. When he’s done talking, say yes and and enter his mouth.

1.3 Inside the Deku Tree

Progress at this point
Total Life
Heart Pieces 0/36
Tokens 0/100
New in this section
Deku Baba, Deku Scrub, Skullwalltula, Big Skulltula, Gohma Larva, Queen Gohma
Gold Skulltulas:
#1, #2, #3
Deku Nut, Dungeon Map, Fairy Slingshot, Deku Seeds, Compass, Heart Container

~ Getting the Fairy Slingshot ~

Main Room – As soon as you enter, you’ll immediately encounter another new enemy: the regular version of the Deku Baba. These things can be pretty nasty. It’s a good opportunity for you to test out your targeting + shield techniques. You’ll probably get a few Deku Nuts in the process. Go ahead and equip both Deku Sticks and Deku Nuts. And if you got hurt at all by the Babas, slash the nearby weeds (they grow back) because they have a chance to drop Recovery Hearts.

Make note of the web on the floor, which we can’t do anything with yet. Now it’s time to ascend the wooden tower: you can start by either climbing the ladder or heading over to the vines, which will cause Navi to rant and rave about their climbable nature. Once you get up there, work your way clockwise around the area. You’ll come to some more vines with spiders on them. Ignore them and open the large chest to find the Dungeon Map. There’s one of these in each dungeon, showing you what all of the rooms look like. (Nice thing to have really.)

Continue right, jumping across to the last platform and approach the door. After Navi’s done explaining how a door works, head on through.

First Deku Scrub Room – You’ll meet another new enemy here: a Deku Scrub. You’ll have to stay back to keep it from burrowing. Simply target it and use your shield to reflect its shot back at it. Quickly hunt it down before it can get back in its nest-thing. Go smack it with your- hey! It gives you a clue instead. When you fall really far, hold the analog stick in the direction you’re facing to roll. Nice. It’ll leave behind some Recovery Hearts and the next door will open.

Slingshot Room – Here, jump on the platform (which begins to crumble) and to the next platform (or climb up the vines if you fell). Open the large chest to find the dungeon’s treasure: the Fairy Slingshot. Are you ready to sling some fairies? Perhaps one in particular that’s been following you around and nagging you? Unfortunately, this puppy uses Deku Seeds for ammo, which you can now find when you slash bushes, etc.

If you need some hearts, climb up the nearby vines to a hidden alcove where a small chest contains a Recovery Heart. When you’re ready to go, look back at the entry door. The platform we used to get here broke, so we’ll have to improvise. There’s a suspicious looking ladder directly above the door that you can target to make aiming at it easier. Shoot it with your new Slingshot, causing the ladder to fall down (and watch it fit like a glove). Head back to the main room.

~ Getting The Compass ~

Main Room – Go back right (to where you got the Dungeon Map) and shoot the Skullwalltulas. If you don’t get them now, they will attack you when you climb the vines and potentially knock you off. Climb the vines and once you get to the very top, climb either left or right. Once you’ve climbed over a good distance, release the vines to drop down onto the platform. This is the highest level of the room.

Follow the obvious path, but watch out for the shadows! Another new enemy will appear: a Big Skulltula. These nasty things are a little frustrating in that you can only attack their backside. They only attack you if you get close though. Stand close enough to make them come down, then simply wait for them to show their vulnerable side, and then strike with your sword. Go through the door up here.

Platform/Compass Room – Step on the switch in this room to make the three platforms in the floor rise temporarily. Jump along them to the opposite side of the room and open the large chest to find the Compass. There’s one of these in each dungeon as well – they show where you are on the map, which door you came from, where the chests and elevators are as well as the boss of the dungeon.

Optional: Gold Skulltula #1

Jump down and kill the Big Skulltula on the right, then the Deku Baba in front of the vines. Once they’re both dead, climb back up the vines, then step on the switch again and use the platforms to get to the left alcove this time. The small chest contains a Recovery Heart, but of more interest, there’s a Gold Skulltula directly behind it. Kill it and touch the token to collect it. There are 100 of these spiders throughout the world of Hyrule, and by collecting all of the tokens, you can get prizes in one of the villages.

Jump down and climb back up the vines. The door we originally came from has bars in front of it… In order to make them go away, we have to solve the puzzle. There are two torches here, one of which is unlit. Whip out a Deku Stick and go walk by the torch so that your stick gets lit. It’ll only last for a bit, so run over to the other torch and walk next to it so the end lights it. After the door opens, slash your sword to quickly put away and conserve your stick (otherwise it’ll burn up).

~ Breaking The Web ~

Main Room – Go back out to that upper area with all the Big Skulltulas and kill one of them. After it’s gone, if you look over the edge, you’ll see the web is directly in the middle of the floor way down below. The game doesn’t give you much guidance at this point, but you’re supposed to leap off the top floor and fall right to the center of that web to break it. If you only hit the edge of the web, it’ll just bounce up and down like a trampoline, cushioning your fall (climb back up if you do miss). Once you manage to break the web, you’ll fall down into a cavern partially filled with water.

~ A Few More Tricks ~

Optional: Gold Skulltula #2

Look back up at the vines that lead back to the upper floor. There is a Gold Skulltula crawling around. Shoot it with your Slingshot and climb up to get the token.

Optional: Gold Skulltula #3

There is another Gold Skulltula, this one on the grating at the north end of the room. Use your Slingshot to kill it and then jump over from the nearby platform to claim the token.

Main Room (Low) – Climb up on the nearby platform and step on the switch. This lights a nearby torch that burns the cobwebs that were covering it (HINT HINT). Light a Deku Stick and jump to the shallow part of the water (where you can stand on without swimming), then run to the opposite platform. If you’re fast enough, you can make it to the door that’s covered in the cobwebs and burn them up. Nice.

Second Deku Scrub Room – Use your shield to reflect its attack, just like the last one. Chase it down and it’ll give you another hint that will be useful later in the dungeon. Once he runs off, slash the nearby bushes for Deku Seeds if you were low. Now, to open the next door, we have to shoot the silver eye switch above it with the Slingshot. Go on through.

Spiked Log & Water Room – As soon as you enter, Navi will exclaim that you can dive in the water. Jump in the water and swim to the left side of the room where you’ll find an underwater switch. Get above it, hold down A and dive underwater. Use the Analog Stick to maneuver towards the switch. This will cause the water to lower temporarily. Quickly swim back to the first platform and climb up the ramp. Wait for the floating platform in the water to come to this side, jump on, and easily ride under the log of death.

Jump up on the other side once you get there, then go kill the Big Skulltula. After he’s gone, get on either the left or right side the stone block. Navi will tell you about pushing and pulling blocks. Great. Once positioned, push/pull it until it’s under the doorway, and then let go. To climb the block, walk into it and press the button to climb up. Get up and enter the door.

Torch Room – In this room, kill the Deku Baba and Withered Deku Baba and collect the goodies they drop. There are two unlit torches and one lit one; I think you know what to do. Once they’re both lit, go through the open door.

Larvae Room – As soon as you enter, hang back and target the Big Skulltula straight ahead. From this far back, he doesn’t come down and his back is to you! Shoot him with your Slingshot twice to kill him before you even enter the room. >=D

Go on forward and watch out for the three shadows that are in the center of the room. Stepping near them causes the eggs to fall from the ceiling, which immediately hatch into a new enemy: Gohma Larva. These things are only a pain in groups, simply target one, get close and slash away.

There are two cobwebs in this room, but although we can burn both, we can only continue through the far one for now. Whip out a Deku Stick and light it on the nearby torch, then run it all the way to the farthest cobweb. After it burns up, slash your sword to conserve the stick and crawl through the hole. NOTE: The other cobweb leads to a wall that is blocked off. There is a Gold Skulltula located in the unreachable room and we will return when we have the appropriate items needed.

~ Getting To The Boss Room ~

Main Room (Low) – Back in the lowest floor of the main room (so far), we’re now on the upper level of it. Kill the Deku Babas if you like, then push the nearby stone block off the edge so we have a major shortcut! Nice. This last cobweb in the floor we can’t just jump through like we did the last one, so we’ll have to burn it. The two torches up here are too high up for us (jerks) but the one we used earlier when we burned our very first cobweb is low enough…

Jump down near your new stone-block shortcut and light a Deku Stick. Quickly jump back up and get to the cobweb. At this point, you can either roll with A or swipe your Deku Stick by pressing the C button again. Either way, the cobweb will burn, revealing the deepest part of the dungeon.

In this final area of the dungeon, you can dive for Recovery Hearts if necessary. Get up on land and reflect the Deku Nuts back at the Deku Scrubs. Each one you hit will get stunned, but if you stun them in the wrong order, then you’ll have to start all over again…

If you remember from earlier, one of the Deku Scrubs we tackled gave you a clue for this exact puzzle. 2, 3, 1. Get the middle one first, then the right, and finally the left.

Go snag him before he leaves, this one gives you another clue, this time about the boss in the next room. Snag some hearts if you need them, then enter the boss door.

Parasitic Armored Arachnid, Queen Gohma

At the start of the battle, look up at the queen on the ceiling, which will begin the battle. Although she looks pretty intimidating, she’s a piece of cake.

Her main attack is to wobble towards you and then try to basically fall on top of you, which can be easily defended against using your shield or simply moving out of the way. Her other form of offense is to climb onto the ceiling and make three eggs, which will fall to the ground and hatch to become Gohma Larvae after a short bit. The Larvae are easily defeated with two sword swipes or a Jump Attack, but they can be killed quickly by simply slashing each egg before they hatch.

3 Ways To Stun Her

To harm Gohma, you have to use either Deku Nuts or your Slingshot when her eye is red (right before or after either of her “attacks”). This will cause her to fall down and be vulnerable to your sword. The Slingshot is by far the most effective. Regardless which way you do it, once she’s stunned, smack the heck out of her for as long as you can.

The easiest way to defeat her is to simply wait for her to climb on the ceiling and stun her then (this stun is far longer). If you do it right, you can finish this boss off in less than a minute.

After the cool scene of her disintegrating, snag the Heart Container left in her remains, then step into the shiny light to teleport out of the dungeon. Congratulations!

1.4 Kokiri's Emerald

Progress at this point
Total Life
Heart Pieces 0/36
Tokens 3/100
New in this section
Golden Goddesses
Kokiri’s Emerald

~ The Curse ~

After defeating the boss and stepping into the light, you’ll appear back outside, only to hear another lecture from the Deku Tree as he finally reveals what happened to him: An evil man from the desert came and demanded the Deku Tree give up one of three Spiritual Stones, which, when gathered together, can open a door into the Sacred Realm. Once there, the evil man would be able to attain the Triforce, a remnant of raw power left behind by the three Goddesses who created the land of Hyrule.

After his epic story, the Deku Tree insists that the evil man from the desert must be stopped and never allowed to enter the Sacred Realm. Because the Deku Tree would not give him the Spiritual Stone of the Forest, the evil man cast a curse upon the tree which cannot be lifted. Lame. Next, the Deku Tree urges you to seek out “the Princess of Destiny” in Hyrule Castle and gives you the stone that the man was after. Oooo, shiny! The Great Deku Tree, the guardian of the Kokiri, then dies… Well, that’s no good.

  • Chapter 1 – Inside The Great Deku Tree
    • 1.1 – Boy Without A Fairy
    • 1.2 – Kokiri Forest
    • 1.3 – Inside The Deku Tree
    • 1.4 – Kokiri’s Emerald
  • Chapter 2 – Princess of Destiny
  • Chapter 3 – The Mighty Collection
  • Chapter 4 – Dodongo’s Cavern
  • Chapter 5 – Inside Jabu-Jabu’s Belly
  • Chapter 6 – Timely Appearance
  • Chapter 7 – Forest Temple
  • Chapter 8 – Fire Temple
  • Chapter 9 – Ice Cavern
  • Chapter 10 – Water Temple
  • Chapter 11 – Bottom of the Well
  • Chapter 12 – Shadow Temple
  • Chapter 13 – Spirit Temple
  • Chapter 14 – Ganon’s Castle

Deku Tree - Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Walkthrough

After you get some equipment, you reach the Deku Tree, who asks you to break the curse upon him.

  • Get the Map
  • Get the Fairy Slingshot
  • Get the Compass
  • Get a Gold Skulltula
  • Get a Second Gold Skulltula
  • Get a Third Gold Skulltula
  • Reach the Dungeon Boss
  • Gohma
  • Get the Map

    There is a Deku Baba ahead and to the left. This one will bite at you, so to avoid getting hurt, raise your shield when you target it. Cut it twice to kill it.

    There is a ladder near where the Deku Baba was. Climb up, then follow the path until you reach a chest. Open the chest for the dungeon map.

    Get the Fairy Slingshot

    Don't climb the wall vines yet. Instead, continue on the circular path until you reach a door. Navi explains how to go through doors. Go through.

    There is a Deku Scrub in here. Target it and raise your shield, and the deku nut will bounce off of your shield and hit the Deku Scrub. Go up to it and talk to it to learn how to roll when landing from a high fall (hold the control stick forward) to prevent getting hurt. Go through the door that opens.

    Jump across the stone in the air to reach the ledge across from where you started. If it falls before you go across, just climb the vines. Open the chest to get the Fairy Slingshot.

    Get the Compass

    If you want a recovery heart, climb up the vines near the treasure chest that you just opened. Open the small chest there to get a recovery heart. Then climb back down to where you opened the treasure chest.

    Turn around to face the door that you came in. Target the green spot that appears, and fire your slingshot to knock down the ladder. Jump down, and you can cut the bushes here to get more Deku Seeds for your Slingshot. Then climb the ladder to get out of this room. In the next room, just go through the door to get out.

    From the door, you can do some target practice. Try to kill the spider-like Skulltulas that are on the vines above where you got the map earlier. There are three Skulltulas on the vines. Try to get them all. Then go to those vines, kill any Skulltulas you missed, and climb up to the top level. After you reach a certain height, you will have to climb sideways (to the right) until you're over the platform. Let go and go around the circle until you see a door. Go through.

    In here, step on the switch to raise three platforms temporarily. Don't go to the treasure chest on the left yet. Instead, jump across to the far wall where there is a bigger chest. Open it to get the compass.

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    Get a Gold Skulltula

    If you have no Deku Sticks, kill the Deku Baba to the right of the compass chest and collect the stick. Then jump down to ground level. To the right, there is a Skulltula (look for its shadow on the ground). Get close, but not too close, until you lure it down, and then wait for it to turn around and expose its belly. Attack its belly with your sword. You'll need to do this twice to kill it. Never get too close to it or it will do a spin attack.

    Next, kill the Deku Baba, then climb up the nearby vines to return to the area where you entered the room, and once again step on the switch to raise the platforms. This time, jump over to the alcove to the left. You will hear a scraping sound, which means that there is a gold Skulltula nearby. Gold skulltulas don't attack, although if you touch them, you will get hurt. They die after two hits from the Kokiri Sword. Once you kill it, it leaves behind a gold token. Take it. There are 100 gold skulltulas scattered around Hyrule. The more gold tokens you collect, the more rewards you will receive later. There is a chest in the alcove where the gold skulltula was, containing a recovery heart.

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    Get a Second Gold Skulltula

    To leave the room, climb back up to where you entered and equip a deku stick. Walk to the burning torch so that the end of the stick touches the flames. Then walk over to the unlit torch and use the burning end of the deku stick to light the unlit torch. This opens the door. Put away your Deku Stick by pressing A. Otherwise the fire will burn it and you will lose it. Go through the door.

    There are three normal (non-gold) Skulltulas at this upper level, each guarding a ledge. Find one and kill it. Then, run off of the edge of the ledge and as soon as you jump, let go of the control stick. This should situate you right above the spiderwebs all the way on the first floor so that you land on them and break through them. If not, you will get hurt and have to climb all the way back up and jump off a ledge again.

    When you get through the webs and land in the water, climb up onto the platform with the Deku Baba on it. Kill it, then aim your slingshot at the vines above, where there is a gold Skulltula. Kill it, then climb up the vines to get the token.

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    Get a Third Gold Skulltula

    Drop back down into the water. There is a shallow area behind you. Walk on it toward the bars that are at one side of the room. Use the slingshot on the gold Skulltula, then to get the token that it leaves behind, you have to climb up onto the ledge to the right of it. Go up against the wall next to the bars, then make a running jump toward the token and you should be able to reach it.

    Reach the Dungeon Boss

    Get back on the ledge you just jumped from and step on the switch. This will light the torch on this platform, revealing a small chest containing a recovery heart. Light a deku stick and jump down to the shallow part of the water. Jump across to the area with the spiderwebs blocking the door. Burn the web down and go through the door.

    Use your shield to kill this Deku Scrub and learn "2 3 1". To open the door, use the slingshot on the eye above it. Go through.

    In this room, you have to lower the water level to get under the spiked bar. To do that, walk left from the entrance and walk down the slope that leads into the water. Swim forward and you'll see a switch below you in the water. Before diving to it, turn and face the slope you just came down. Then, move so that your shadow is over the switch, then dive to hit the switch. As soon as you can, go up the slope and face the moving platform. The water stays down for a while, so don't be hasty. When the platform is near, jump onto it, take it across, and when you're near, jump to the other side.

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    Kill the Skulltula in front of you, then walk over to the left side of the big block. Push the block along the path in the ground until it stops, then climb onto it, and climb up to the ledge with the door. Go through.

    Kill the center Deku Baba, and if you need Deku Sticks, kill the other two Babas in here. They regenerate after you kill them, so you can get as many deku sticks as you need here. Light the two unlit torches, and go through the door.

    Kill the Skulltula ahead of you. It has its belly turned to you, so you can slash it as soon as it comes down to your level. It does turn around, so be careful not to hit its skull-marked back. Stay around the edge of this room. If you go to the center, monsters will fall on you.

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    Heading left around the edge, kill the Deku Baba. Use a Deku Stick on the torch, then go around to the first wall of spiderwebs. Burn them down, although you won't be able to go any farther beyond them until you come back to this dungeon later with an item. Then put away your Deku Stick and walk back to the torch. Get out another deku stick and light it, then quickly go around the room to the second wall of spiderwebs. Burn it down and put away the Deku Stick, then crawl through the hole that you revealed.

    In this room, be careful not to fall off of the ledge or you will have to backtrack to return to this area. Push the block over the ledge to create a shortcut (which makes it so you won't have to backtrack if you fall off), then go to the torch across the way and light a Deku Stick. Go back the way you came, climbing up the block you pushed, and do a rolling attack (press A while running) over the webs on the floor, and the deku stick will touch the web and burn it. Press A before the web burns if you want to prevent the Deku Stick from burning away. You'll fall to the bottom floor.

    Dive to get any recovery hearts you need, then go up the slope. This is where you need to remember "2 3 1". Start by targeting the second (middle) Deku Scrub and raise your shield to deflect the deku nut and turn it blue. Then, target the third Scrub (far right) and raise your shield. Finally, target the first (far left) Scrub and do the same. Walk up to that final Scrub to learn the strategy for beating Gohma. When that's done, replenish any hearts you need, and go through the door.

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    Before you go through the opening to the larger area, you can look up by pressing the View button in the touchscreen in the 3DS version or by pressing C-up in the N64 version and see Gohma silently glowing on the ceiling. Once you go through the opening, you hear Gohma moving.

    To start the battle, you have to press View in the touchscreen in the 3DS version or C-up in the N64 version and look at Gohma's orange eye. Then Gohma will land in front of you. Target her right away, and when her eye turns red, hit it with the slingshot to stun her.

    While she is stunned, hit her eye with the sword as many times as you can.

    Afterward, stay locked onto Gohma. She will crawl away and will climb to the ceiling. When she reaches the ceiling, make sure that Gohma is facing you. Shoot Gohma's eye when it turns red. Then run up to Gohma and hit her eye repeatedly with the sword again.

    She will drop monsters from the ceiling if you don't knock her off of the ceiling quickly enough when her eye turns red.

    After you defeat Gohma, get the heart container that is left behind. Then walk into the glowing blue circle to be transported outside of the tree.

    Walkthrough Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

    Get the Sword and Shield. (video)

    Log out Link's house, go down the stairs and talk to the girl named Saria. Stand with your back to the stairs, go along the left wall and up the slope to meadow with fences. Follow the path through the fences to a small tunnel. Climb into the tunnel and crawl through it. Walk down the aisles avoiding rolling boulder, reach a large chest. open it to get Sword of Kokiri. Return to the village, enter the Shop, and purchase the Deku Shield for 40 rupees.

    Deco tree (video express passes)

    Enter the Deku Tree

    Turn your back on Link's House, follow the muddy path and turn right. Go ahead and cross the water to get to the big tunnel. After talking with Mido, follow the path to get to the Big Deku tree. Watch the video, then enter the open Deku Tree.

    Get Slingshot

    After you enter the Deku Tree, turn your back to the entrance and go through the cobwebs to the wall with vines. Climb up the vines to the ledge above. Follow the ledge to the door and enter it. Defeat Bush Deku and talk with him to open the door. Enter the door, go to the end of the room, and open the big chest to get Magic Slingshot.


    After you received Magic Slingshot, use it to shoot at stairs and exit the room. Go through the next door, turn right and follow the ledge to a large chest. Climb up the vines located behind a large chest, then turn left and drop down to ledge. Keep going left to the first Big Spider blocking the hole in web, kill him, then jump into the hole to land in the center giant web on the floor. The web will break and Link will land on the floor B1.

    Defeat Three Deku Bushes

    After breaking through the web and landing on floor B1, climb up to the ledge with single unlit brazier and step on the adjacent switch to ignite it. Touch the brazier with the Deku Stick to set it on fire, quickly cross the shallow water and burn the cobweb blocking the door with flames. Enter the door and use the Slingshot to shoot the eye switch to open the next door. Enter the moving platform room with spikes. Jump into the water, dive down and touch the underwater switch, to temporarily lower the water level. Quickly return to the ground near the entrance, jump onto the moving platform and ride it until you exit rooms.

    Grab a large rock and push it to the other end of the recess in floor, then climb it to reach the ledge. Enter the door and use the Deku Stick to light the two unlit braziers in the room to unlock next door. Enter the door and use the flaming Deku Stick to burn the cobwebs on the opposite side of the room from the brazier.

    Enter the small tunnel and crawl through it to the ledge. grab hold per large stone and move it into the water. Get down and light the Deku Stick off bottom brazier, then climb back onto the stone to climb ledge. Roll with a burning stick on the web on the floor to burn it and drop down to floor B2, where you'll find three Deku Bushes.

    Stun Bushes Deku in the following order (facing the door) from left to right: 2, 3, 1. Speak with the leftmost Bush to get a hint and open the door.

    Defeat Gohma (video)

    After defeating the Deku Bushes, enter the next room and look at the ceiling to start the boss fight, Gohma. When Gohma falls to the floor, Z-aim at it. Wait until her eye becomes red, then shoot him with the Slingshot to stun the Boss. When he stunned, hit him with the Kokiri Sword as soon as possible. Gohma will return to ceiling and throw out two or three normal Gohm. Kill them with any weapon.

    When big Gohma will return to the floor, repeat the attack: stun her, then hit her with the Sword Kokiri. Repeat this process until you win. Growing along the edges of the room bushes, with which you can replenish Link's energy or get Seeds Deku for Slingshot. After defeating Gohma, step into the blue light, to get out of the dungeon and get the first Spirit Stone, the Kokiri Emerald.

    Get Strange Egg (video)

    After obtaining the Kokiri Emerald, Link will automatically return to the Kokiri Forest. Go to the other end of the village and enter the big tunnel. After receiving from Saria Magic Ocarina, follow the passage to Hyrule Field. Walk along dark path and cross the drawbridge to enter the Market. Come up to the center of the Market Square and talk to Malone.

    go on go to the opposite side of the Market until the road to the castle. Walk along the path climb the vines to the ledge on the right wall. Walk along the ledge and cross the stone arch so that Link is caught and thrown out the gate. Find Malon next to the vines. Talk to her to get the Strange Egg.

    Enter the Castle Courtyard (video express passes)

    After you've obtained the Strange Egg, climb up the vines and down down the stairs in the stone wall. Leave the room, go down the road and go up to the left shoulder in front of the next pair of guards. Walk along flowers and cross the field, go to the only guard on the steps castle. Climb up the small uneven wall to the left of the guards, cross ledge and jump onto the walkway that surrounds the castle. Jump into the ditch swim to the right and exit the water at the corner.

    Turn to the left and go to the sleeping man, Talon. When the night ends and comes day, the Strange Egg will become a Rooster. Use Rooster to wake up Talon and talk to him, then he will leave. Push all the boxes with your head ox into the ditch to cross it. Climb up on the crates and quickly over them pass to make Link automatically jump over the water to ledge on the other side of the ditch. Enter the small hole to find yourself in the Castle Courtyard.

    Learn Zelda's Lullaby (video express passes)

    After entering into Castle Courtyard, follow the path behind the bushes to avoid the guards on duty until you reach Princess Zelda. Talk to Zelda, answer yes to all her questions. She will give you a letter Zelda. When you go out, Zelda's guard, Impa, will teach you how to play on Ocarina Zelda's Lullaby.

    Learn the Song of Saria (video)

    After studying Lullaby Zelda you will automatically exit the castle. Return to the Forest Kokiri. As soon as you enter the forest, immediately turn left and climb up adjacent ledge. Walk up to the wall, turn right and keep going forward, then climb the wall along the vines. Follow the ascending path to entrance to the Lost Forest. Go into the forest and enter the right tunnel, then into left, right, left, straight, left, then into the right tunnel to get to the Sacred Meadow. Defeat the Wolves to open the fence, then follow through the one-way maze to the opposite side and climb through two flights of stairs to get to Sariya. Talk to Saria to Learn the Song of Sariya on the Ocarina.

    Get Goron's Bracelet (video)

    After learning the first two songs for Ocarina, return to Hyrule Field. Cross the bridge to the right of the drawbridge of Hyrule Castle and go up up the stairs in the rock to get to Kakariko Village. Walk on the left side and go up the stairs. Turn right, go next fly over and show the Zelda Letter to the soldier to open the gates of the Path Death Mountain.

    Walk along ascending path past the red flagpole, enter through the large door opening to Goron City. jump off to the very bottom of the city and stand in front of a doorway with a gray rug. Play Zelda's Lullaby to open the door and enter the room where is the Goron King, Darunia. After talking to him, play the Ocarina Song of Sarya, and Darunya will give Link the Goron Bracelet.

    Dodongo Cave

    Enter Dodongo Cave

    After obtaining the Goron Bracelet, leave the Goron City. Stand with your back to enter the city and go along the right wall to the Goron guarding the Bomb Flower. Take the Bomb, move away from the cliff a few steps, and then quickly run up to the cliff and throw the Bomb over the fence. Repeat until you explode a large boulder blocking the entrance to the cave. Turn your back on Goron and go to the T-intersection. Go right and continue down the path. Enter the large opening to enter the Dodongo Cave.

    Create a Staircase

    Near the entrance to the Cave, take the Bomb and destroy the large, stone door. Enter the door and keep walking forward to the end of the wooden bridge. AT end of the bridge, jump across the moving stone pillar to get to the central platform. Turn right and cross the next moving pillar, take the Bomb Flower and use it to destroy right stone door. Enter the door and go to the two statues and the blue floor switch.

    Grab and move one of the statues to the blue switch to open Door. Go through two doors and defeat two Lizalfo to unlock the next one. door and enter it. Follow the path to appear in a blue cave with several Dodongos. Light a Deku Stick from the nearest brazier and quickly light the three non-burning braziers to unlock the door. Walk down the hallway and step on the switch to unlock the door on the opposite side rooms.

    Cross the room, enter the door you unlocked and keep walking forward to a pillar surrounded by Bomb Flowers. Enter the only door in room, take the Bomb next to the door and place the bomb in the gap in bomb ring. If you place it correctly, bombs around the wall, creating chain reaction, lower the big ladder.

    Get Bomb Bag

    Once you've crafted the ladder, follow it up and enter the door at the top rooms. Move the statue blocking the ladder on the pillar in the center room and go up the stairs. Step on the floor switch to unlock the door, then enter the door between the two Bomb Flowers. cross wooden bridge and enter the next room. Go to the opposite side of the room, avoiding the razors moving back and forth. Grab the gray stone under the stairs, pull it out and climb the rock to get to stairs.

    After climbing the stairs, turn around and jump onto the pillar with the chest and Bomb Flower. Take the Bomb and throw it at the large stone door above stairs to open it. Enter the hole you created and get to the pillar of fire. Use the Slingshot to shoot the switch in the form of an eye above the door on the opposite side of the room to temporarily put out the fire. Quickly jump over to the other door and follow the corridor to big door.

    Enter the door and defeat two Lizalfo to remove the grate from the next doors. Enter the door and go up to two pillars of fire. Use the Slingshot to shoot the eye switch above the door on the opposite side of the room, and jump onto the first pillar. Turn left and use the Slingshot to shoot the eye switch in the niche. Cross the room and go down the short corridor to the next room. Jump across the small gap, then turn right to find BIG CHEST. Open it and get the Bomb Bag.

    Find the Boss

    After getting the Bomb Bag, enter the door next to the large chest and step on the switch in the floor. Enter the big cave, go right and step onto the wooden bridge. Drop a bomb in each of the holes in the bridge, to illuminate both eyes of a large skull to open its mouth. Get down and enter the door in the mouth. Climb up to the hole on the right and go through corridor to the next room.

    Go down and follow the passage to some rocks. Climb up the rocks to get to the top of the stone wall, then follow the top, go down and enter the corridor. Follow it to the brown stone. Grab and push stone into the room, then move it to the square hole in the middle rooms by opening a large door. Enter the door and place the Bomb on the dark piece of floor to blow it up. Jump into the hole to get to Boss, King Dodongo.

    Defeat King Dodongo (video)

    First throw the Bomb into King Dodongo's mouth to stun him. When he will be stunned hit him a few times with the Kokiri Sword to injure him. When the boss rolls, curled up in a ball, run to the other side of the room to avoid his. When he turns, stun him and keep wounding him until King Dodongo will not be defeated. After defeating the boss, enter a blue light in the center of the room that teleports you out of the Dodongo Cave, and receive Spiritual Fire Stone: Goron Ruby.

    Get Spin Attack

    After to get the Ruby of the Goron as a child, go up the path from the entrance to the Cave before the first turn. Climb up the slope to some boulders. Use bombs to blow up the boulders and keep climbing up the ledge (to blow up the boulder on the other side of the pit, time your throw so for the Bomb to explode next to the boulder). Follow the path to get to places where flaming rocks fall from the sky. Hiding from them Hylian Shield, reach the high cliff. Climb up the cliff to the very top and use the Bomb near the far wall to make a hole. Enter the hole to reach the Big Fairy Fountain. Stand up symbol Triforce and play Zelda's Lullaby to get Circular's magic Attacks.

    Get Silver Scale

    Exit Kakariko Village to Hyrule Field. Go down the stairs turn left and walk along the wall to the river. Enter the river and swim along left wall to swim out into the Zora River. After talking with the owl, go to the first bend in the river and jump over it where there is no grass. On the top slope, turn left and cross the river, then continue forward along slope. Turn left at the top of the slope and go up the ramp in the river. After crossing the river, walk along the left wall and turn right. Go along the wall to the ledge, then climb down from it and go up the river, keeping to the left of the river. Climb up the little ledge, turn right, cross the river and climb up another small ledge. Walk forward turn left and cross the river again. Climb the slope and carry on go to the end of the trail. Go down the path and reach the waterfall. Get up on gray square tile in the ground and play Zelda's Lullaby on the Ocarina, to temporarily open a passage in the waterfall.

    Fast go to the waterfall and dash across the river to the passage to enter the Habitat of Zora. Go along the right wall and up the slope to the top, to get to King Zora. Stand before King Zora, go to tunnel to the left and talk to Zora on the edge to play the Diver's Game. Collect the Rupees that Zora throws into the water in 50 seconds or less, then return to Zora on the cliff to receive the Silver Scale.

    Walkthrough The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Guide for beginners or what to do first






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      When playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you will feel that unlike other games in the series, this part is much more extensive than its predecessors. Because of this, you can get confused and miss some important points that are worth doing at the beginning of the game. That is why we have created this section of the guide for beginners.

      Remember that you can play the game however you want, feel free to experiment, explore and have fun!

      Get a warm doublet

      Exploring the Great Plateau you will soon find a place with an extremely cold temperature than the rest of the location. You will be able to get through this place by cooking food or elixirs to keep you warm in the cold, but warm clothes can also help you.

      One such wardrobe item in the game is the "Warm Doublet", which can be obtained in the Great Plateau in several ways. If you go to the southeast of the location, you will find a hut belonging to an old man. In his diary, he wrote about some recipe, but he does not remember the ingredients he used. If you find Hot Peppers, Raw Meat, and Hyrule Perch, you can make a forgotten recipe. Show the old man and he will give you a doublet. You can also climb to the top of Mount Hylia, where you will meet the same old man and he will give you a doublet for climbing so high without warm clothes.

      If you completed the main quests on the plateau but didn't get the doublet, go to the old man's hut and you'll see that he just left it for you.

      Gather Ingredients

      Every ingredient obtained in the game world has a purpose, and some can even be used for multiple purposes. If you see something sparkling on a tree, a rock, or simply in the grass, then go there and be sure to take it. Your inventory of ingredients is unlimited, so you can experiment with cooking and create the perfect meals to help you on your journey.

      Get a good weapon

      As you roam the Great Plateau, you'll mostly find wooden sticks and clubs that can be used as weapons to fight the Bokoblin hordes. Be careful and look for chests and dangerous enemies to build a good arsenal. In several chests in the temple of time you will find good bows, and in the old man's hut you will find an ax and a sledgehammer in one of the Sanctuaries of the cliff plateau.

      Be sure to explore the area as you leave the plateau for useful weapons, which can often be found in chests while going through shrines. You can also always find something useful in the villages and stables.

      Look for Korokov

      Ever noticed strange places in the game world? Rings of stones or lilies in the pond? A small stone lying alone in the middle of a plateau? Look around and you'll likely run into one of the many creatures called Koroks. For finding them, they reward you with a Korok Seed. Believe me, looking for creatures and getting these seeds is worth it. And more on that in the next thread...

      Help Estu

      On your way to Kakariko village, you will meet a large and very visible Korok named Estu. He will need your help and if you help him, he will reward you. The creature will be able to increase the number of slots for weapons, bows and shields, but only in exchange for Korok seeds.

      Train your horse

      Hyrule is a vast land to explore and traveling on your own can take a long time. Therefore, you should spend a little time to find a wild horse and tame it. Wild horses can often be found on the vast plains, as, for example, in the northwest of the Great Plateau or in the clearing near the stables of the Twins.

      To tame a horse, you must be cunning and dexterous. You can crouch to make less noise and slowly sneak up behind the horse. When you get close, jump on it, and then, so that it does not drop you, quickly press the "calm" button until it stops kicking. If the quiet style is not for you, then you can find a high point overlooking the place with horses and fly there carefully on a glider.

      After saddling the horse, go to the nearest stable to register it and give it a name. To make friends with an animal, while riding, try to praise it at any opportunity and over time, trust in each other will increase as much as possible.

      Climb up and activate the towers

      As you travel through Hyrule, you will find Resurrection Towers. One for each region of the state. Climbing and activating them reveals the region map in your shiika stone. However, this does not mean that all important points will be immediately displayed on the map. Thanks to the towers, you can look around the area from a height and find nearby shrines, stables and other interesting places, and mark them on the map, and then go down and explore.

      Collect items from the ancient wreckage of the guards

      Along the Great Plateau and even below, you will find the ancient wreckage of many rusting and forgotten Guardians. Explore them and you will find ancient parts. You will need them in the later stages of the game, or in extreme cases you can sell them if you really need rupees.

      Be careful as some of the guards are still active and will shoot you to kill if they are spotted!

      Go through the Shrines - get hearts

      When playing Breath of the Wild, you will notice that you will not find pieces of hearts for pumping health here. It's because they don't exist! The only way to increase the number of hearts is to pray to the statue of the Goddess in the main villages of Hyrule, the Temple of Time and special springs.

      In exchange for 4 Spirit Orbs that are rewarded when completing Shrines, you can get a heart capsule or an energy capsule to increase health or stamina, respectively. If the enemies seem difficult to you or you do not have enough strength to climb somewhere, then you should go to the nearest shrines in order to improve your characteristics afterwards.

      Get Climbing Scarf

      Cold resistance isn't the only useful effect clothing can have. If you drive east from the Great Plateau through the Twin Mountains, then look into the sanctuary of Ri-Dakhi. Inside you can find a chest containing a "climbing scarf" that increases climbing speed.

      Considering how much you have to climb to different heights in the game, this is one of the most useful wardrobe items in the game.

      Find a big fairy

      There are several fairy springs in the game and they are worth visiting. In addition to the regular fairies that can be caught around the spring, there are Big Fairies willing to help you on your journey if they are willing to pay for it.

      After you appease the Fairy, she will offer to improve her outfit in exchange for certain ingredients. Each Fairy can only upgrade each outfit once, so you should find all the sources that way. You can find the first spring on the hill next to Kakariko village.

      Look for chests

      Treasure chests are scattered throughout Hyrule and can contain anything from arrows to rare weapons.

      Learn more