How to get rid of tree frogs around my pool

12 Ways To Keep Frogs Out Of Your Pool (2022)

If you’re a pool owner, frogs can be a REAL pain.

That’s because they can’t tell the difference between a pond they can use safely, and a chlorinated swimming hole meant for humans only. Once they hop into the water, there’s no way to jump out because the pool’s edge is too high.

They can’t use the ladder either because froggy brains haven’t sufficiently evolved to the point that they’re smart enough to do this. They’ll keep swimming round and round in circles, looking to prevent their own imminent watery demise, until they get so exhausted, they drown.

Frogs could be a real pain for the pool owners.

Once they’re dead, you’ve got a problem on your hands!

Dead frogs probably don’t harbor any diseases dangerous to humans. However, it’s best to keep any sources of microorganisms from entering your pool in the first place—including bloated frog corpses.

Here are some ways you can keep Kermit and company out of your pool:


Turn the lights off.

If you keep your pool lights on all night long, you might as well hang an “ALL YOU CAN EAT FROGGY BUFFET” sign over your pool. That’s because lights attract insects, which in turn attract frogs in droves.

Bugs are attracted to lights because they use the moon to navigate and mistake your pool lights for the moon.

So, lights off when you’re not using your pool!

2. Offer an exit ramp.

This is any device that lets tiny animals easily get out of your pool on their own—including frogs.

You can buy something called “frog logs.” You merely hang one over the pool edge so the slimy rascals can scramble out. Putting one of these ramps into your pool won’t keep frogs out of the water, but it will cut down on the number of dead ones you’ll have to scoop out.

You can also hang a bodyboard halfway over the edge to help your amphibious friends to scamper to safety.

3. Use a pool cover.

A pool cover is a protective barrier that goes over the top of your pool. One of its many benefits is that it prevents frogs from getting in.

There are solid vinyl covers and mesh safety covers. A safety cover offers excellent peace of mind because kids and pets won’t inadvertently slip underneath and get trapped. Each one has metal anchors that securely lock the cover in place.

Most covers can support two hundred pounds of weight or more. So, unless you know of a humongous mutant frog that recently escaped from a mad scientist’s lab, you should be safe. If you don’t have a cover and want a cheap solution, you can always use a tarp.

Use a couple of well-placed rocks to weigh it down.

4. Install a fence.

A solid fence will stop frogs from ever getting into your pool again. That is, as long they don’t start falling from the sky like they did in the Bible or in the movie “Magnolia.” Invest in one without openings because those with them (like a chain link fence) won’t keep the buggers out.

You can also create a cheap frog barrier. It only needs to be two inches high or so. You can do this by putting wooden boards around your pool, sealing it off from amphibious encroachment.

5. Keep your lawn mowed and free of weeds and debris.

Keep your lawn mowed because frogs like to hang out in tall grass. While you’re at it, whack away thich patches of weeds, because otherwise, the varmints will use them as hideouts.

You’ll also need to get rid of stacked wood and large rocks because they make great hidey holes. Your amphibious chums also like to conceal themselves in shrubs, ferns, and leaf piles, so make sure you get rid of those too.

6. Make your own DIY frog repellent.

You can make a DIY frog repellent to keep your pool blessedly free of amphibious creatures. To do this, fill a spray bottle with vinegar and squirt all around the pool’s edges.

This works because vinegar causes a burning sensation on frogs’ feet. Once they feel this, they’ll madly hop away to look for another aquatic bug smorgasbord.

Citric acid works too. Or, if you prefer, spray some saltwater around your pool. Another thing you can use is bleach. A mixture of this chemical and water sprayed on the cement around your pool will discourage visitations.

Don’t use ammonia fertilizer, because this will only kill them.

7. Sprinkle coffee grounds all around your pool.

Sprinkle some old coffee grounds on the vegetation surrounding your pool. Like vinegar, the acid in coffee grounds irritates froggy feet.

8. Keep your pool water circulating.

Frogs don’t like the moving water…

Frogs love stationary water because they can only lay their eggs when the water stops circulating. So, to foil their plans, buy a pool fountain or waterfall that keeps the water perpetually agitated.

9. Create an alternative habitat.

You’ll want frogs in your garden because they eat insects.

You just don’t want them fouling up the pristine clarity of your pool. You can install a pond on your property so that it becomes a frog attractor.

Hopefully, the pond will be more attractive than your pool to your innumerable froggy friends. Just make sure there are stones or logs strategically placed in the water so that they can hop out when they’ve had their fill of bugs.

10. Relocate tadpole eggs.

Frogs don’t lay eggs with hard shells.

This means they must lay them in the water. Otherwise, the eggs would dry out. A female frog can lay up to 50,000 eggs at one time. Once the frog lays her eggs, they’ll descend to your pool’s bottom in a gelatinous film.

Skim them out and put them elsewhere, like in a pond on your property, or in a kiddie pool.

11. Keep your pool heated.

Frogs absorb oxygen through their skin, so they like heavily oxygenated water. There’s a whole lot more oxygen in cold water than there is in warm water. The colder the water is, the more oxygen it has, and the more inviting it is for frogs.

You can heat up your pool using a solar pool cover, liquid solar cover, solar rings, or a pool heater.

12. Always keep your pool sparkling clean.

Clean pool is less inviting for the frogs.

If you don’t, your pool will be filthy and algae-filled. This will more closely replicate a pond’s conditions, where your slimy buddies feel most at home.

At that point, your pool might as well have a big sign on it that says, “JUMP IN, FROGGIES!” You gotta find a way to make it less inviting. That’s better for you because you won’t have to scoop out yucky dead frogs.

And it’s better for the frogs, who won’t die an untimely death.

So, there you have it—twelve excellent ways to keep frogs out of your pool. If you need to clean out your pool after a particularly nasty frog infestation, you might want to look at the different types of pool cleaners we recommend.

Which method do you think you want to try first? Let us know in the comments!


Our pool maintenance expert, Luke Reed, earned his BS in Civil Engineering from Georgia Tech in 1998. Since then, he’s worked in a variety of industries, including design and construction of luxury swimming pools.

9 Simple Ways To Keep Frogs Out of the Pool

9 Simple Ways To Keep Frogs Out of the Pool
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Frogs jump at the chance to inhabit bodies of water—make sure it’s not your swimming pool

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You always wanted your pool parties to be hoppin’—but not like this. When frogs mistake your swimming pool for a pond, the situation isn’t good for either of you. They can even get stuck in your pool and croak, an unfortunate end for them and beginning to your morning swim. 

Whether frogs fascinate you or make you jump, they don’t make welcomed pool visitors (and you certainly don’t want dead frogs floating near your flamingo raft). Here are some effective ways to keep them out.

1. Kill the Pool Lights

If you’re wondering how to keep frogs out of the pool, removing as much of their food source as possible is a good strategy. Nighttime pool lights will attract bugs, turning the area into a froggy foodie function. It’s best to kill the lights at night to avoid inviting them for their favorite insect munchies.

2. Keep the Pool Water Moving

Frogs look for still bodies of water to relax and hunt for insects. If your pool surface is in motion, it will be far less appealing to them. Consider adding a pool pump to keep the water moving. You can also add a moving water feature to your pool, such as a waterfall or fountain.

3. Consider Adding an Alternate Habitat to Direct Frogs to the Right Place

Photo: fotolinchen / E+ / Getty Images

While you might find the croaks from froggy festivities annoying, it’s actually beneficial to have them around. They’ll turn your yard into an all-night diner full of the pesky insects that bug you. But that swimming pool that you’ve worked so hard to maintain? Not the best spot for your amphibian allies. 

Instead of banishing them for good, consider adding an alternate habitat. If you’ve always wanted to build a backyard pond, here’s a perfect reason to get started. As a bonus, natural water features are an important part of pollinator habitats, and they invite beneficial insects like dragonflies who will chow down on garden pests.

4. Consider the Most Humane Ways to Repel Frogs

Frogs intensely dislike salt and anything acidic, as it causes a burning sensation on their feet. This means that sprinkling salt or spraying around your pool with vinegar or citric acid will quickly cause them to hop elsewhere. Avoid spraying directly on the frog’s body or using ammonia and other harmful chemicals, as this can kill the creatures. Remember that these will also harm or kill your plants, so be careful where you put them.

You can also border your pool area with coffee grounds for an additional buffer. Again, be cautious if you place the grounds near any plants. Acid-loving plants like hydrangeas, daffodils, and azaleas are generally a safe choice, but it’s a good idea to get an evaluation from a local soil testing service to ensure you won’t be making the soil too acidic.

5. Maintain a Clean Pool For a Good Swimming Experience (and Way Fewer Frogs)

Keeping your pool clean isn’t just beneficial for you—it also helps keep frogs out. If you have algae, leaves, and other debris in your pool, a frog is more likely to mistake it for a pond. What’s more, live frogs can carry bacteria and other icky things that may pollute your pool water if not treated with the proper chemicals. Be sure to skim regularly and maintain your pool chemical balance to avoid the open invite.

6. Keep Your Yard Clear and Trimmed

Frogs are nocturnal, so they’ll be on the hunt for spots to hide and snooze during the day. By keeping your grass trimmed and your yard free of weeds, debris, and other hiding spots, you’re likely to have fewer visitors at night.   

7. Skim Frog Eggs ASAP

Frogs lay their eggs in water, which means—cringe—you might end up with one of their gelatinous egg clusters floating around your pool. If you see frog eggs, use your pool skimmer to pick them up right away. Consider relocating them to a nearby pond or wetland area. 

8. Use a Pool Cover to Block Out Frogs and Other Small Animals

Photo: LARISA SHPINEVA / iStock / Getty Images Plus

Using a cover is good practice for pool maintenance in general, but it’s also extremely effective at keeping out frogs and other small animals. They’ll even block out insects, so you’ll have way fewer traumatic encounters with dead frogs and creepy crawlies during your swims.

9. Keep Your Pool Heated

Frogs have a hefty preference for cold water over warm, as cold water has higher oxygen content. Since they absorb oxygen through their skin, frogs will always hop towards colder, more heavily oxygenated water. You can make your pool less inviting to them by investing in the cost of a pool heater or solar pool cover. Having warmer water for swimming is a welcome bonus.

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90,000 how to get rid of frogs in the house, cellar, in the country: Simple methods, video
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  • Pests
    1. reasons appearance of amphibians
    2. Are frogs dangerous?
    3. Ways to fight

    The appearance of amphibians in the cellar, basement or in the country can please few people, despite the fact that there is no harm from them. Many owners want to know how to get rid of frogs in the house and what to do to prevent them from reappearing.

    A harmless frog is not the most pleasant neighbor

    In this article we will talk about the reasons for the appearance of amphibians and how to breed them.

    Reasons for the appearance of amphibians

    Understanding why amphibians have chosen your territory as a home, you can find ways to get rid of them. High humidity, characteristic of many basements and cellars, is the first and most important reason for the appearance of guests, but not the only one.

    In cluttered rooms, frogs easily find nooks and crannies for themselves

    Other reasons for the appearance of amphibians:

    • abundance of insects. Mosquitoes, flies and midges are food for frogs, and where there is plenty of food, one can live comfortably;
    • availability of water sources or open containers with it. Moisture constantly evaporates, which maintains high humidity;
    • the proximity of water bodies - rivers, ponds, ditches and swamps. Toads do not have to travel a long distance from their habitats;
    • availability of buildings. If there are gaps in the walls and floors of cellars or cellars, it is easy for pests to penetrate there;
    • clutter of premises. A pile of rubbish serves as an excellent hiding place for uninvited guests.

    So, we figured out the preferences of amphibians, now let's talk about whether we need to get rid of them.

    Are frogs dangerous? To meet on your site, or even more so in the house of such a neighbor, is not very pleasant for most summer residents. In addition, many negative signs are associated with toads. But do they do any real harm?

    Snails and slugs love strawberries, not frogs. It should be noted that this is a common misconception: toads eat only living food and, at the same time, only moving food. That's how their digestive system works. Therefore, they are not only not able to damage plants growing in the garden, or stocks stored in the cellar, but, on the contrary, destroy real pests - the Colorado potato beetle, slugs and others. At the same time, many of the insects that amphibians feast on are unattractive to birds.

    There is also a misconception that touching a toad can cause an allergic reaction or warts. It has long been proven that the substances found in the wart growths of toads living in Russia are used by amphibians to protect themselves from predators and are mostly safe for humans. The accusation of frogs in the appearance of warts is a prejudice, and nothing more.

    When touching a frog, it is impossible to get infected with warts

    Uninvited guests usually try to get into houses and basements in the fall in order to wait out the winter frosts in secluded corners, entering suspended animation. In the spring, temporary cohabitants will leave the shelter and again settle in the surrounding area.

    Thus, there is no real need to deal with amphibians that have settled in home buildings. In addition, by driving frogs out of your territory, you can disrupt the ecosystem and encourage the reproduction of harmful insects with your own hands. If, nevertheless, you decide to take the frogs out of the yard, we offer you ways to deal with them.

    Ways to fight

    Quite often, to get rid of amphibians, it is enough to eliminate the causes of their appearance or simply wait for spring. There are also many methods of getting rid of unpleasant neighbors. Try to choose the most humane and safe for the health of people living in the premises ways of fighting.

    Help of natural enemies

    The natural enemies of amphibians are animals such as cats, hedgehogs and snakes. Storks, herons, hawks and other birds of prey also like to feast on toads. They will be happy to help you in freeing the territory from uninvited guests. The nuance is that not all types of toads and frogs are to the taste of pets and hedgehogs. And not everyone wants to run a snake into their own house.

    Storks are natural enemies of frogs

    In addition, solving the problem with this method will definitely lead to the destruction of amphibians, and this, as we said earlier, can disrupt the ecosystem that has developed on the territory.

    Using nets and traps

    The easiest way is to catch amphibians with a regular butterfly net, put them in a deep bucket with a little water and don't kill them, but take them to the nearest pond. However, if there is a lot of unnecessary trash and furniture in your basement, bathhouse or shed, it will be inconvenient to wield a net. It's easier to use traps.

    The easiest way to catch amphibians is to put them in a bucket and take them to the nearest pond.

    You can catch toads with ordinary mousetraps. Place them near the entrance to the room, as well as in the corners. If you feel sorry for amphibians, use more humane traps.

    An ordinary light bulb can be used as bait, on the light of which insects will flock. Frogs will jump after them, so you need to place a deep barrel nearby or hang a net, for example, a fishing net, from the ceiling. When several prisoners are trapped, they can be taken out to the nearest pond.

    Folk methods

    Folk methods are safe for people and allow frogs to be driven out of their habitats without causing them serious harm. The most popular products are as follows:

    • citric acid . From it it is necessary to prepare a concentrated solution (400 g of powder per 4 liters of water), which then carefully spray the floor and walls in the rooms where the toads are wound up. The product irritates the skin of amphibians, and they will be forced to leave;
    • salt . It is enough just to scatter it abundantly where the frogs were seen. From contact with crystals, burns form on the paws of uninvited guests. They will not be able to live in such conditions;
    • coffee solution or coffee grounds . It is applied in the same way as the first two remedies, and the effect is the same.

    You can use these products without emptying the room from stocks of vegetables and conservation.


    You can also get rid of frogs in a cellar with an earthen floor with the help of special chemicals. But before embarking on the use of poisons, it is worth trying all other possible methods.

    Poisons can be purchased from specialized stores. In this case, it is imperative to pay attention to expiration dates and observe safety precautions. Products from the room to be cleaned will have to be taken out, and the territory fenced off so that children or pets do not get into it.

    Thoroughly clean and ventilate the room before bringing food back.

    Amphibians or general poisons can be used as anti-amphibians.

    We advise you to carefully weigh the pros and cons before you start removing frogs from your home and home buildings. Dealing with amphibians is not that difficult, but after that, you may have to take serious measures against real pests that begin to take over the site.

    We hope that our article will help you make the right decision and, if necessary, choose the appropriate way to fight.

    About the author:

    Natalia Mironova

    In the past, she was a successful lawyer who radically changed her lifestyle. In the new role of wife and mother, the ability to single out the main thing and “put everything in order” remained unchanged. Always ready to share her discoveries and experience.

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    Why dream 😴 Frog in a dream - according to 90 dream books! If you see a Frog in a dream, what does it mean?

    Below you can find out for free the interpretation of the symbol "Frog" from 36 online dream books. If you did not find the desired interpretation on this page, use the search form in all the dream books of our site. You can also order a personal interpretation of sleep by an expert.

    ABC of dream interpretation

    ↑ to content

    Frog - portends a transformation of character or positions. Success in business due to personal unexpected qualities.

    American dream book

    ↑ to content

    Frog - beauty that is hidden under superficial ugliness. inconstancy; scurrying from one thing to another. May express a desire to find his prince.

    English dream book

    ↑ to content

    Seeing frogs in a dream is a favorable sign. Sleep means success in business; for the peasants, he promises a favorable year, good harvests and healthy profitable livestock. For other people, young and old, this good dream promises good friends, patronage and support. For lovers, this is also a very happy omen.

    Vedic dream book from Sri Swami Sivananda

    ↑ to content

    Frogs are harmless creatures of nature. Therefore, such a dream speaks of future success.

    Oriental dream book

    Why does the Frog dream in a dream book?

    ↑ to content

    The dream in which you catch frogs hints that you think too little about the harm that your lifestyle causes to health.

    A dream in which you see frogs jumping in the green grass is auspicious: it predicts the appearance in your life of a true friend who will become your hope and support.

    A young woman's dream in which she sees a male frog predicts that she will marry a wealthy widower and she will have to take care of his children.

    A dream in which you hear the croaking of frogs means that a short trip awaits you.

    Intimate dream book

    ↑ to content

    Pick up a frog in a dream - do something in real life that you are disgusted with, for example, practice oral sex, which your partner might like. Try to discuss the problem with him, maybe you will find something that will suit both of you and you will not have to make any sacrifices.

    Hearing the croaking of frogs in a dream means exotic sex. Perhaps you will meet a person of a different nationality, and you will be seized by curiosity - but how is it with them? Just remember to take precautions.

    Stepping on a frog in a dream - your health will be in jeopardy, and carelessness in relations with the opposite sex will be the reason for this. If you do not change anything in the very near future, then the prediction will come true in the worst possible scenario.

    Islamic dream book

    ↑ to contents

    As for the croaking of a frog, for a person who heard it in a dream, it will mean entering the service of a boss, ruler or representative of power.

    Small Velesov dream book

    ↑ to content

    Frog - a profitable purchase, the girl will come / gossip, meeting with a drunk; croaking - foolish speeches; jumps - separation; fishing is sad news.

    The newest dream book

    In a dream, why does the Frog dream?

    ↑ to contents

    The frog croaks alone - you will be left alone.

    Frogs in the pond croak in chorus - a dream warning: be careful and careful this month.

    Russian dream book

    ↑ to content

    Frog - to love without reciprocity.

    Russian folk dream book

    ↑ to content

    Frog - many signs are associated with it; for example, you heard a frog croaking and thought it was going to rain, or you stepped on a frog and thought it was bad luck. And perhaps you also dream of meeting a beautiful princess.

    Family dream book

    ↑ to content

    A frog caught in a dream indicates that you are not careful with your own health.

    A frog jumping in the grass means that you will have a true friend to whom you can entrust any secret.

    Frog in the swamp - dreams of misfortune that you will overcome with the help of friends.

    A huge frog - portends a woman's marriage to a rich widower with children.

    If you ate frogs in a dream - expect a little joy and very little benefit from communicating with some people.

    Frogs croaking - promises a trip to friends, which, however, will not bring you joy.

    Modern dream book

    Find out what it means if you dream of a Frog?

    ↑ to content

    If you dream that you are catching frogs, this means that you are carefree about your health, which can be the cause of trouble for your loved ones.

    Seeing frogs in green grass in a dream - predicts that you will have a pleasant and balanced friend who will become your reliable assistant and give you a lot of useful advice.

    If a woman sees a male frog in her dream, it means that she will marry a wealthy widower, but she will have to take care of his children.

    Seeing frogs in a swamp is a warning: trouble awaits you. Good people will help you overcome it.

    There are frogs in a dream - to fleeting joys. Due to unwanted connections, you will receive little profit.

    Hearing the croaking of frogs means that you will go to visit your friends, but this trip will not be profitable for you.

    Dream Interpretation 2012

    ↑ to content

    Frog - a reflection of patience and / or rapid accuracy. Reflection of creation and / or resurrection, reincarnation. Reflection of transformation; a reminder that appearances can be deceiving.

    Dream Interpretation of the XXI century

    What did the Frog dream about in a dream?

    ↑ to contents

    Seeing frogs in a dream - to success in business, cutting and killing frogs is a sign that you are harming a woman.

    Jumping frogs - dreams of surprises, pleasures.

    To see a toad in a dream is a contradictory sign, such a dream can be a harbinger of financial success or impending deceit, if it is in the water - to success, in a carriage - to promotion.

    To catch a toad in a dream - to win, to hold it in your hands - to profit, to eat it - to an upcoming illness.

    Killing a toad in a dream is an unfavorable dream that promises you trouble and obstacles in business.

    Dream Interpretation Veles

    ↑ to content

    Green frogs jump out of their mouths - to earn money through teaching, oratory

    Dream Interpretation for Lovers

    ↑ to content

    If you see frogs, this means that you have a true friend who expects your feelings to develop into something more than just friendly affection.

    If a woman sees a huge frog in her dream, she will marry a rich widower with children.

    Grishina's Dream Interpretation

    ↑ to content

    To see frogs - success in business / great merits / good rumor.

    Cutting or killing - the consciousness that you are doing harm to a woman.

    They jump sharply - surprises / pleasures are coming.

    There are frogs - a nuisance, heartache.

    Hearing frogs - well-being, pleasant hearing.

    Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn

    ↑ to contents

    Frog - can be a symbol of immobility, patience and the ability to focus accurately. A frog can sit completely still for a long time, waiting for a fly to appear nearby. When the future victim comes into range, the frog catches it with one infallible movement.

    In many ancient rituals, the frog was associated with the moon and rain. In Egypt, the frogs that lined the banks of the Nile a few days before the sky began to frown were considered a symbol of fertility. The image of the frog gods was placed on the mummies. Madame Blavatsky, a mystic and philosopher, argued that the frog is a symbol of creation and resurrection, as it lives both in water and on earth and, disappearing in autumn, reappears in spring.

    It can be - a sign of inconsistency, jumps from one subject to another.

    In some cultures, the frog is considered a symbol of purification. The shamans of the Aztec and Mayan states, taking water into their mouths, sprinkled sick people with it, concentrating on the energy of the frog.

    Symbol of a frog - may indicate a desire to find his prince, as the frog turned into a prince after the kiss of the princess. She can be a symbol of transformation and beauty behind seeming ugliness.

    Dream book for a bitch

    ↑ to content

    Frog - your friend is devoted to you, you can trust him with any secret.

    To catch - take care of your health.

    Big frog - a rich widower will propose to you.

    Yes - short-term joy.

    Frogs in the swamp - friends will help to cope with problems.

    Dream Interpretation of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima

    ↑ to content

    Seeing a black ground toad in a dream is a reflection of your premonitions that some kind of conversation may turn out to be extremely unpleasant or even painful for you.

    Green frog - indicates the possibility of cooling relations with someone. Perhaps the reason for this will be someone's empty chatter or gossip.

    Crushing a toad or a frog is a sign that some kind of conflict can have very unpleasant consequences.

    Dream Interpretation of Health

    ↑ to content

    Green frog - promises a positive development of events and joyful feelings.

    Dream Interpretation of Medium Miss Hasse

    What does it mean if you dream of a Frog in a dream?

    ↑ to content

    Green frog - short joy; ordinary - your love will be deceived; to have in the house - to experience happiness.

    Miller's Dream Book

    ↑ to content

    Seeing caught frogs means that you are careless with your own health, which can cause suffering for your loved ones.

    Seeing frogs in the grass means that you will have a pleasant and balanced friend, confidant of your secrets and a good adviser.

    To see a very large frog means for a woman marriage to a rich widower who has children who need care.

    If you eat frogs - this means a quickly passing joy and very little benefit from communicating with some people.

    To see frogs in a swampy area means misfortune that you will overcome thanks to the kindness and help of friends.

    Listening to the croaking of frogs means that you will soon go to visit friends, but this trip will not bring you joy.

    Chinese dream book

    ↑ to content

    A frog, a toad croaks, while running away - there will be a squabble.

    Dream book about animals

    ↑ to content

    A frog rising from the water means the renewal of life and resurrection.

    Dream Interpretation from A to Z

    Why see a Frog in a dream?

    ↑ to contents

    Seeing frogs in a dream portends an accidental, but very profitable acquisition.

    If the frog is green, it is a sign of fleeting joy; if it is brown, your love will be rejected.

    Seeing a huge exotic frog in a zoo terrarium means marriage to a rich widower who has children who will need to be looked after as both a mother and a nanny.

    To see a jumping frog in your room promises a joyful event in the family.

    A frog sitting in the grass means that you will make acquaintance with a pleasant young man who will willingly take on the role of your faithful page.

    A dream where you imagine a princess frog sitting on a swamp hummock near an arrow that has fallen nearby is a harbinger of misfortune that you will be able to survive thanks to the support and attention of friends and close relatives.

    Hearing the loud croaking of frogs in a dream portends that you will soon go to friends living in another city, but you will not find them at the old address.

    Catching frogs in a dream means that you will soon feel unwell and consult a doctor.

    In a dream there are frogs served in a gourmet restaurant - in reality you will feel embarrassed when invited to an unfamiliar company.

    Dream Interpretation of a Modern Woman

    ↑ to content

    Seeing frogs in the grass is a friendship with a pleasant, balanced person who will become the keeper of your secrets and a wise adviser.

    Frogs in the swamp - portend misfortune that you will overcome thanks to the help of friends.

    Frogs croaking in a dream means that you will go to visit friends, but this will not bring you joy.

    There are frogs - to the fleeting joy of communicating with some people.

    Wanderer's dream book

    Interpretation of sleep: Frog according to the dream book?

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    Frog - traitor, spy, informer; big - fertility.

    Freud's dream book

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    Frog - symbolizes the female genital organs, and her addiction to water symbolizes the desire to have children.

    If you watch or examine a frog, you are affectionate towards your sexual partner and want to have children from him (her).

    If you have killed a frog or experimented on it, in sexual relations you allow elements of sadism towards your partner.

    If you eat frogs, you are frivolous in your sexual contacts and often change sexual partners.

    Tsvetkov's dream interpretation

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    A frog jumping across the road is a spy, a spy.

    Aesop's dream book

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    There are many different folk signs associated with a frog. Perhaps it was they who could be deposited in your subconscious and serve as the reason for the appearance of this amphibian in a dream.

    For example, during the day you heard the loud croaking of frogs and thought that it was raining, or you stepped on a frog and decided that it was bad luck, or you dipped the toad into milk so that it would not turn sour.

    They also say that if you take a frog in your hands, then a wart will definitely jump up on your hand.

    Or maybe you dreamed of a frog because in real life you met a pompous person full of self-importance and, looking at him, remembered the well-known folk wisdom: “How not to sulk a frog, but it’s far from an ox.”

    When deciphering your dream, one should not forget about the folk legend about the frog princess that has come down to our times. It is quite possible that you dreamed of a frog because in reality you dream of something unrealistic and unrealistic.

    Holding a frog in your arms in a dream is a sign that your health is in serious danger. Perhaps among your close circle there is a person with a contagious disease who poses a real threat to you.

    Listening to the croaking of a frog in a dream - to tears. Such a dream indicates that in real life a serious loss or bitter disappointment awaits you, because of which you will be very worried.

    If in a dream a frog jumps along the road you are walking on, then soon on your life path you will meet a person with whom you want to connect your life. For young people, such a dream prophesies a quick wedding with a loved one.

    If you dreamed that you stepped on a frog, then this dream is a prophecy that your serene happiness will be broken by unexpected grief.

    In a dream, dipping a frog into a jar of milk means that in real life you are a person you can rely on and trust with all your secrets. Thanks to your prudence, you do not commit rash and rash acts.

    If you saw a large number of frogs in a dream, then in the near future you will have ridiculous quarrels with people close to you.

    Ukrainian dream book

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    When a frog dreams, they say it is a bad omen: deceit, an enemy. Trouble from evil tongues.

    Frogs in the water - success, hear - praise, drive a frog - hurt yourself.

    If you dream that you are sweeping a frog out of the house - the death of a beloved friend.

    Universal dream book

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    Frogs are almost fish that can do without water. Their life begins underwater and ends on land. And one more thing: each frog is waiting for a prince who will turn it into a princess.

    If you see a frog in a dream, it indicates your desire to become someone more significant. Are you waiting for a prince to come and wake you up, or do you want to show your feminine side yourself? Is the frog a symbol of inner beauty for you? Are you a princess hiding in the body of a frog? Do not forget about the ability to adapt, which is characteristic of a frog: it can live both on land and in water. Is there someone or something in your life that you would like to adjust to?

    Do not forget about the ability of frogs to disguise themselves. This ability of frogs, a way of survival - do you want to achieve: penetrate into some environment without anyone recognizing you?

    Frogs eat insects. If in a dream you see a frog catching insects, perhaps the dream indicates that you want to get rid of what bothers you in life.

    The frog can also - symbolize an unexpected desire to move, the need for a quick change of situation. The frog can instantly hide from danger. Perhaps there is a situation in your life that you want to get out of quickly?

    If in a dream you hear a frog croaking, it means that your loved one is dying, or someone is sending you to the grave.

    If you are considering a decision, a frog in a dream can symbolize blind faith: you are jumping into the unknown. Perhaps you are falling into an abyss, or perhaps you blindly believe in luck, and this will help you to be in the right place at the right time.

    And the last meaning that such a dream can have is that you can catch a cold or get sick.

    Esoteric dream book

    The meaning of sleep: Frog according to the dream book?

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    Frog - to rain, precipitation.

    Online dream book

    The meaning of sleep: Frog according to the dream book?

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    According to the dream book, a frog is a sign of change for the better, your merits will be appreciated.

    More interpretations

    She jumps across the lawn - meet a person with whom you will always be easy and calm.

    A dream in which there is a frog in the house - you will be grateful to your fate for the gifts that it is preparing for you.

    If you hear their croaking in a dream, go on a short trip.

    Seeing a giant frog - marry a very wealthy man who already has heirs.

    Green frog - those feelings that you experienced begin to fade. Someone's lies will cause a break in relations.

    Seeing a dead frog in a dream means getting ahead of competitors in the struggle for leadership.

    Dead frog in your arms - the aggravated financial situation will force you to save.

    She is sitting in a swamp - trouble awaits you, but true friends will save you.

    You trampled on it - a quarrel is possible, which will entail many problems.

    Catch a frog - carefully monitor your well-being. At the slightest sign of an exacerbation of chronic diseases, seek help from specialists.

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