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I am playing on vanilla 1.7.2, and I trying to get trees to grow underground. I gave 60 bonemeal to a tree, and it would not grow... How many blocks high does my room need to be? Here is a picture.

I realized I actually that picture is not updated, I raised the ceiling by one block.

I googled on tree growth behavior and they said room has to be 4-5 blocks high, but the trees still won't grow.

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Most trees in Minecraft will not grow when there is a block next to them. This can be something as small as a torch. You'll need to make your room larger. You will also have much better luck if you make the room at least 5-6 blocks high - you'll use much less bonemeal on them (or they will grow much more quickly if you are letting them grow naturally).

Specific requirements for tree growth:


  • Small oak trees need no ground level clearance, 1 block clearance at the trunk, 2 blocks from the top of the trunk to the ceiling, and 6-8 blocks of vertical clearance. Thus you could put the sapling in a one-deep hole but not a two-deep hole.
  • Large oak trees need 4-14 blocks of open space above the sapling, but otherwise can be completely enclosed on all sides.


  • 1x1 spruce trees need a minimum of 5x5x8 blocks, and need an empty space above the topmost leaves.
  • 2x2 spruce trees are grown using 4 saplings. They need a 6x6 space starting one block above the saplings (4x4 at sapling level) and at least 16 blocks of vertical space.


  • Birch trees also don't need ground level clearance, but starting one block above the sapling, they need a 5x5 space between 6 and 8 blocks high. Birch trees need the 5x5 level above the top of the leaves to be completely air, not even torches are allowed.

Jungle trees:

  • 1x1 jungle trees need there to be no blocks adjacent to the sapling up to the height of the tree.
  • 2x2 jungle trees need to be planted using 4 jungle saplings. The northwestern sapling must have no blocks adjacent to it up to the final height of the tree, as it is considered the "center" of the tree. Furthermore, there can be no blocks one block away except at the same level as the sapling. In other words the tree needs a 5x5 space from one block above the sapling to the height of the tree. These trees can be anywhere from 9 blocks to 44 blocks tall. Bonemeal can be used on any sapling.

Acacia trees:

  • Specific space requirements are not given on the Minecraft wiki, but Acacia trees are typically about 8 blocks high, so likely would require at least that much space to grow.

Dark Oak trees:

  • Dark Oak trees must be grown from 4 saplings in a 2x2 grid. They will not grow from a single sapling. They need no clearance at the sapling level, but at least 4x4 above that.

You need to add space around the trees for them to grow.

I see you are using oak saplings so you are trying to grow an oak tree.

There are several types of oak trees, including small oaks, large oaks, balloon oaks and swamp oaks. I will be finding the space needed for a small oak as they use the least space.

After trying to grow the sapling in multiple conditions I have found that the smallest space for an oak tree to spawn is:

5 blocks wide x 5 blocks long x 6 blocks high

Note: The actual tree only took up 5 x 5 x 5 blocks of space, but wouldn't grow without the extra block of air above it.

There are several types of trees in Minecraft and every tree has different growing conditions. I recommend looking at this page on the wiki for information on the love and care needed for each tree.

Tips To Make It Big And Fast

Trees are the main source of wood in Minecraft, an important material that you will be using a lot in the game. Knowing how to grow a tree in Minecraft will allow you to get wood easily without having to travel far away. Also, trees don't regrow by themselves in the game so you have to grow tree by yourself to get more woods at some points. Growing different kinds of trees in your base is also a great way to decorate it.

In this article, we will show you how to grow trees in Minecraft in general as well as tips to grow certain types of trees for specific purposes.

Table of Contents

  • 1. How to grow a tree in Minecraft
  • 2. How to grow a dark oak tree in Minecraft
  • 3. How to grow a jungle tree in Minecraft
  • 4. How to grow a big tree in Minecraft
Plant a sapling on the ground with light.


How to grow a tree in Minecraft

Trees in Minecraft don't grow from seed but they grow from saplings. Here we will show you the basic method for you to grow most trees in Minecraft. Follow the steps below to learn how to make trees grow in Minecraft.

Step 1: Get the sapling of the tree you want to grow

You can get saplings from existing trees. The best way to get saplings is by chopping down a tree. You can use an axe or your fist to break the wood blocks. Once all the wood is gone, the leaves on top will break and have a chance of dropping saplings.

Step 2: Plant your sapling

Choose a location with sunlight with free space to place a sapling. The sapling must be planted on dirt, podzol, or grass. You can also use alternate light sources such as torches and glowstones.

You also need to make sure there is no block directly above the sapling. Players need to be in a certain radius around the saplings for them to grow.

Step 3: Make trees grow faster

The sapling will grow bigger after a random amount of time, which normally takes from 1 day to 3 days. However, you can fertilize the sapling using bone meal to speed up the process. All fish mobs have a 5% to drop a bone meal so it should be easy to get if you have something like a fish farm.

If your tree takes too long to grow you want to check and see if there is anything blocking it.

2. How to grow a dark oak tree in Minecraft

The dark oak tree is a variant of the oak tree with a thick trunk. They can be found in the dark forest biome.

You need 4 dark oak saplings to grow a dark oak tree.

Many Minecraft players don't know how to grow a dark oak tree in Minecraft but it is actually very simple. The process is similar to general rules of how to grow a tree in Minecraft, with specific requirements though.

To grow a dark oak tree in Minecraft, you need to plant 4 dark oak saplings in a 2x2 square. They will not grow if you plant dark oak saplings separately. There must be a 3×3 column of unobstructed space at least 7 blocks above the saplings.

You need to plant 4 dark oak saplings in a 2x2 square.

The 4 dark oak saplings will grow into 1 big dark oak tree with a 2x2 trunk. Dark oak saplings often grow faster than most other trees.

3. How to grow a jungle tree in Minecraft

A jungle tree is a generated structure in the jungle biome. They can be short bushes or 30 block tall trees with vines.

To grow a jungle tree, players can plant a jungle sapling or 4 jungle saplings in a 2x2 square. Plating a single jungle sapling will result in a small jungle tree with no vine. 3×3 column of unobstructed space at least 5 blocks above the sapling.

Jungle Tree in Minecraft can be found in the forest biome.

Planting 4 jungle saplings in a 2x2 square will result in a big jungle tree. You need to make sure that there are a 5×5 column of unobstructed space at least 11 blocks above the saplings to grow, including random leaf blocks, dirt blocks,... You can use bone meal on any of the saplings to make them grow faster. There must be a 3x3 area at the base level of the saplings.

4. How to grow a big tree in Minecraft

When you are trying to build a tree farm, you would want big trees to get more wood. If you use the usual method to grow a tree, the tree will likely have a normal size.

It is very easy to grow a big tree in Minecraft.

However, there is one simple method that will cause your tree to almost always grow into a big tree. All you have to do is putting a semi-transparent block (glass, slab) diagonally adjacent above the sapling.

Note that this method won't work with birch trees since birch trees grown from saplings are always 5 to 7 blocks tall.

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How to grow a big oak in minecraft. Trees in Minecraft. How to make thick trees

In Minecraft, a lot of things rest on a tree, because without it you can’t build many tools and weapons, in turn, without which you won’t be able to enjoy the gameplay.

Finding trees is not difficult, they literally fill the entire game map. When cutting a tree, the foliage remains in its place, so many “aesthetics”, well, or lovers of beauty, try to get rid of it. In addition, 9 fall out of the foliage0005 seedlings and red apples , which can only be obtained in this way.

Seedlings can be planted in the ground, work with a hoe (as in the case of wheat ) is not required.

Several saplings fall from one tree, using this, you can grow a large forest.

How to chop wood in Minecraft?

To chop down a tree in minecraft, you don't need anything, and I'm not kidding, just walk up to it and hold down the left mouse button. True, in this case the process will not be so fast, but to speed it up, you can take ax . With it, the cutting will go much faster and the better the ax, the faster the process will move forward. Leaves are harvested with scissors , these blocks cannot be obtained in any other way.

How to grow a tree in Minecraft?

As mentioned above, trees can be grown. To do this, you will have to get a tree seedling, destroying its foliage. They fall quite often, so this should not be a problem. Let's look at how you can grow a tree in Minecraft.

Having obtained a seedling, you can start growing a tree. To do this, go to a piece of land where there is a lot of daylight and holding the seedling in your hand, press the right mouse button.

Trees do not grow as fast, they can be about 16 blocks tall. Except for the leaves. In addition, there are tropical trees. They grow not only very tall, but also wide - 2 blocks in thickness.

If you want to grow a “mutant tree” that will be higher than ordinary trees, then in this case you can put a block on top of an ordinary tree, and plant another seedling on it, and if you do this operation a lot of times, then you will succeed A VERY big tree. The blocks of earth can then simply be removed, and firewood put in their place to get the integrity of the tree trunk.

Why is the tree not cut down?

Some players are experiencing the following issues:

  1. You must hold down the mouse button to chop wood instead of clicking it.
  2. . In this case, you will not only be unable to cut down trees, but you will not be able to do anything else either, even open or close the door.
  3. Plugin may be installed. For example Lumberjack . This plugin is needed to create a more realistic atmosphere, and for convenience. Those. You are actually cutting the tree, but it is being cut from above.

Wood is turned into boards in this way:

Wood is not very durable. Any tool made of wood will last no more than 60 times.

Below are some types of wood and boards made from it.

Trees often grow small and not very pretty. In order to build a beautiful house on the peaks, we must first grow a large tree. Here's how.

A video in Russian that shows how you can grow large trees in Minecraft so that you can then build houses on them. We are talking about the houses on the top, which are shown, for example, in the article - high above the ground, on green foliage, closer to the sky and the sun.

In this video Hordor minecrafter shows his way of growing tall trees. They are not fat, but tall.

How to grow big trees in Minecraft

In general, you can grow very tall trees in Minecraft by simply planting 4 seedlings side by side in a square shape. Spruces grow especially well, they turn out to be gigantic in size. Birches do not grow very willingly, and an ordinary oak grows at an average speed.

How to make thick trees

In Minecraft, you can plant many, many seedlings next to each other - they often sprout side by side. So I grew whole walls or solid thick baobabs (from birch) 10 by 10 blocks in size. Some sprouts in such thick trees, of course, do not germinate, but this is not fatal. A 10 by 10 thick tree is a lot of wood and a ready-made base for a house. Just need to gouge inside the room.

For thick trees, seedlings of different species can be taken. I often made them from birch. It turned out low, but sooooo thick baobabs.

Salute, my friend. Do you want overseas tangerines? Today I will teach you how to breed new types of trees from the "Forestry" mod that do not grow in nature! For convenience, we will call them "fruit trees". (even though some don't bear fruit)

First a short FAQ:

B: What about leaf blocks?

O: Alas, the foliage blocks of fruit trees are not cut. But seedlings fall out as usual. They can, for example, be processed into fuel.

B: Where can I find a fruit tree seedling?

O: Nowhere. They must be obtained by mutation. Trees that grow in the wild are not fruit trees. Occasionally, you can find some seedlings for sale from a gardening villager. You can recognize him by his light green clothes.

B: I want to start growing fruit trees. What I need?

O: In short: a gardener's knife, vanilla tree seedlings, a beehive with bees.

B: Is it necessary to understand beekeeping? But I hate bees and everything connected with them!

O: No, you don’t need to go deep into beekeeping, just one working hive is enough. Read below, it's simple.

B: And what is "selection", what genes do trees have, why do we need butterflies and pollen?

O: Wow, why is it so difficult, right? Shut up and have a nice tangerine, right?

O2 : The answer is beyond this FAQ


  • Arboretum site - a place for two trees to pollinate each other.

It won't be possible in the basement, so it's better to have an open-air area.

  • Vanilla tree seedlings. (Standard: birch, oak, pine needles, jungle tree)
  • Apiary for bees, you can steal from someone. In general, it doesn’t matter where it comes from, the main thing is that it is.
  • And of course the bees that will pollinate our trees. You can run after them with a net in a field of daisies.

But I think it would be easier to buy from someone. But only those who feed on flowers, "flowers", will do.

  • We need a gardening knife:

  • Also tree analyzer:

All types of trees plate:

Picture Named Pollination "Value"
Spruce line
Larch Birch + Spruce -
Maple Larch + Linden -
Pine Larch + Spruce Birch + 2 Spruce
Coast sequoia Pine + Larch 2 Birch + 3 Spruce
Giant Sequoia For sale by a resident 20 stacks of wood
Picture Name Pollination "Value"
Line "Lime"
Lipa Birch + Apple tree -
Cherry Birch + Linden 2 Birch + Apple tree
Lemon Linden + Cherry -
Plum Cherry + Lemon
Walnut Linden + Cherry 3 birch + 2 apple tree
chestnut Linden + Walnut 6 birch + 4 apple tree
willow Apple + Birch + Cherry 2 birch + 2 apple tree
Poplar Apple + Birch + Linden + Willow -
Papaya Cherry + Palm -
Date palm Papaya + Palm -
Picture Name Pollination "Value"
Teak line
Teak Palm + Linden Birch + Palm + Apple
Picture Name Pollination "Value"
Teak/Cotton line
Cottonwood Palm + Teak Birch + 2 Palm + Apple
Ebony Teak + Cottonwood 2 Birch + 3 Palm + 2 Apple
Mahogany Ebony + Cottonwood 3 Birch + 5 Palm + 3 Apple
Sipiri Mahogany + Cottonwood 4 Birch + 7 Palm + 4 Apple
Picture Name Pollination "Value"
Teak/Balsa line
Balsa Linden + Teak 2 Birch + Palm + 2 Apple
Acacia Balsa + Teak 3 Birch + 2 Palm + 3 Apple
Wenge Acacia + Balsa 5 Birch + 3 Palm + 5 Apple
Baobab Balsa + Wenge 8 Birch + 5 Palm + 8 Apple
Mahoe Acacia + Birch -

Let's start:

Let's plant 2 trees: an oak and a birch and place a beehive next to it. If there is no desire to run around the base from the trees to the hive, put them nearby, but this is not at all necessary, the bees fly quite far. Place a young queen and a drone in the hive, then make sure the bees fly. Bees don't fly? Apparently night has come, it is raining, there are no flowers nearby, or the bees are not adapted for this biome.

Mutations will occur after some time. It depends on the breed of bees. The mutated block of leaves must be broken with a gardener's knife, otherwise the seedling will most likely not fall out.

Here is an example of work in a couple of hours:

And after receiving unknown seedlings, it is worth examining them in the analyzer:

  1. We put drops of honey for the analyzer to work
  2. An unknown seedling is transferred there
  3. Here you can find out the genes of the plant: growth, life span, planting method and the effect that the plant gives
  4. View which family the seedling belongs to
  5. Fruit from plant
  6. Possible mutations
  7. Plant class

Cultivation and Growing Tips:

  • To grow a tree with a 2x2 trunk, use flour on the northwest seedling. (N-W corner)
  • For growing a tree with a 3x3 trunk, fertilize the central seedling.
  • Hard-working bees pollinate leaves most quickly. In the early stages of the game, you can settle on the edge of the desert and breed desert bees - they work around the clock, and there is no rain in the desert.
  • If you have one hybrid seedling with a 2x2/3x3 stem and the thickness of the main species is different, don't be disappointed. It is enough to plant seedlings of a bearing species so that the fertilized one is the one whose characteristics the grown tree should inherit.

Edit: Nessie

Tropical tree seedling

Tropical tree seedling ID : 6:3 .

NID :sapling:3 .

Tropical tree sapling in Minecraft also called: Jungle Sapling, jungle sapling .

Tool: any

Command: /give Player Nickname sapling:3

Tropical tree sapling, also called jungle sapling, is an ornamental block capable of growing into a large and solid tropical tree. The principle works: "one sapling - one tree". But the tree will only grow if there is good lighting and free space. If all this is available, but it is necessary to accelerate growth, then you will have to use bone meal, which is a good fertilizer in Minecraft.

Tropical tree seedling among others. As well as all the trees in the section, which are obtained from these seedlings.

You cut down a tree - the branches themselves will fall (proverb).

A tropical tree sapling, like any other, is not possible to make in Minecraft. But you can find it, so that later you can plant it where you need it. If the wood of a tropical tree is needed all the time or you just like this type of tree, then a few pieces can be planted near the house, where it will not become a hindrance and an obstacle. Before doing this, you will have to examine the height, the ground and the space. A tree will not grow on bad soil, nor will it grow where the height is insufficient for it.

There are many ways to use wood in the game. As for the seedlings themselves, as another proverb says, “A tree is not friendly with fire,” tropical tree seedlings will fit as fuel for a stove, although their burning time is very short.

Hello everyone!

We continue to study Forestry, and today I will introduce you to forestry

I'll also tell you how to get 20 stacks of wood from one tree!


Well, be patient and grow new trees! It's worth it at least for getting beautiful boards or for _________ (Add as needed)

Okay, you persuaded me, I need these trees, what should I do?

In total, there are 35 types of trees in the mod, of which 6 are, one might say, ordinary trees

Well, first, find these 6 trees from normal minecraft: dark oak, acacia, oak, birch, spruce and tropical tree.

Okay, I got the initial seedlings, so what? How to display other trees?

Okay, stop, some theory first

Important: simple seedlings from Minecraft will not work, first they need to be analyzed in the tree analyzer, and only then they can be used for breeding. For example, a red spruce will turn out from a spruce

Trees can be pollinated either by bees or butterflies. In this regard, butterflies are preferable, as they pollinate trees faster (According to my personal observations). If you do not have butterflies, then it is better to choose bees that have a higher pollination rate.

To breed a specific type of tree, it is convenient to plant only those trees that are needed for it, that is, if you need to breed, for example, balsa, then it is better to plant only teak and acacia.

You can, of course, plant all the trees that you have at once, but then rely only on luck close to each other (at the very beginning it will be some of those six trees). Next, either we release butterflies, or we set up apiaries with bees and wait for pollination to occur. Pollinated foliage is clearly visible with the help of glasses or a beekeeper's mask.

And then, finally, we cut the foliage and… Nothing. Again the same seedling. Nothing, it happens, just wait for the appearance of new foliage and cut it off. You need to cut the foliage with a garden knife, otherwise nothing will happen, but it is better to purchase a proven garden knife from a resident, it is enough for more uses

A sapling that falls out of the leaves can be placed in an analyzer that will reveal the tree's genes by consuming a drop of honey or honeydew. The seedling may be a hybrid, that is, it will not be a pure species. I will not warm your head with stories about genetics, dominant and recessive traits, I will put it simply: hybrids are less effective in crossing.

You can cross two hybrids to get a clean look (Should work). We look at the signs of a seedling in the column where "Active" is written. If you have a hybrid, then you will see this by hovering over the seedling with the Shift key pressed.
Okay, let's say I planted a new tree, planted a seedling, but it doesn't grow even with bone meal - what should I do??

Firstly, look at the planting area in the analyzer, what if you planted it wrong

Secondly, some trees need special conditions, for example, sipiri loves the jungle

Why a secretary?

Seedlings can be examined in the secretary. I got notes about the study, in which mutations and chances of success were written (In the presence of NEI, not a particularly necessary thing)

And if I'm hungry, should I chew leaves, chtoli??

No, not necessarily. Some trees bear fruit. In order for them to ripen, you either need to wait (subject to the presence of butterflies or bees), or use bone meal. To harvest, it is enough to destroy the foliage.

Cherry, walnut and chestnut in the carpenter they give vegetable oil

Lemon, plum, date and papaya give fruit juice

Oh yes, you can eat everything!

I want a permanent supply of fruit!!

Okay, you can build a multi-farm with your own orchard

Forestry adds two new residents, one of which is a forestry. You can buy wood, garden knives, etc.

There is also tree pollen, it is with its help that trees are pollinated. It can be obtained when the butterfly dies (not always).

How to grow a big tree in Minecraft


Whether Minecraft players want to grow them to decorate or increase their wood production, tall trees are a rewarding asset to invest in.

Although tall trees are harder to assemble, extra wood per tree won't hurt. In addition, planting tall trees has long been an inspiration for Minecraft builders, who use them to create beautiful elevated treehouses and other structures.

Growing ordinary seedlings into tall trees is probably not an obvious process for beginners or those who haven't tried growing them before, but it's not at all intimidating.

After completing a few times, players will have no problem growing large trees for any purpose they see fit.


  • How to grow a big tree from seedlings
    • Method 1
    • Method 2

How to Grow a Big Tree from Seedlings

Growing tall trees in Minecraft is a fairly simple procedure that only requires a few materials. Obviously, players will need seedlings of the desired type of tree. They will also need at least two glass blocks and slabs of any type.

The use of bone meal is also recommended as it speeds up tree growth, although this method can also be applied to natural tree growth.

Method 1

All that is required is the following:

  1. Place the seedling in the ground or grass. Make sure he has room to grow and that he is not blocked by other blocks.
  2. One block diagonally from the seedling, place a glass column two blocks high. This can also be achieved with a single glass block and any type of slab.
  3. Destroy the bottom block of the column.
  4. (Optional) Apply bonemeal to a sapling until it grows into a tree.

This ensures that the game will create a tall tree type in Minecraft.

Sometimes the tree resulting from this method may appear small or normal in size compared to average trees, but this is due to the game generation code.

Even though it is a shorter tree, it often exhibits more branches and leaves, confirming that it is still part of the "tall tree" archetype. However, in most cases, the tree should be tall and large.

Method 2

There is another method where plates are used to assist in the growing process. It can be activated like this:

  1. Place a column of two blocks on the chosen block of dirt or grass.

    Learn more