How to hang a porch swing between two trees

How To Hang A Swing Between Two Trees?

Having a tree with a swing in your backyard adds a relaxing vibe to your property. Hikers also use swings to sleep on during their stopovers at the top of the mountain. It’s a great spot to relax, away from the crawling insects from the ground.

If you’ve experienced relaxing on a swing, you would agree that nothing beats the feeling of being cradled to sleep. If you don’t have a tree with big branches in your area, you can still build a swing using the trunks of two trees.

In this article, we’ll help you build a swing between two trees and the details you need to consider before setting it up. Let’s start with the first decisions you have to make. 

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Different Methods Of Hanging A Swing

There are a lot of kinds of swings that you can creatively build for your home. It can be an old car tire, a saddle, or a camping hammock with a mosquito net attached to it. But before you choose what kind of swing to use, you must decide how you’ll attach it to the trees.

Here are some of the methods you can choose from:

1. Ratchet Strap Method

Ratchet straps or tie-down straps are webbed straps that you can use to tie around the tree trunks to hold the swing in place. Using ratchet straps is a handy tool to use if you’re setting up a temporary swing in a camping site or your backyard.

The ratchet strap method is pretty handy, especially if you don’t have the tools to install a beam or if you don’t have much time to spare. You’ll only need the straps, D-rings, carabiners, and your preferred swing or hammock.


2. Beam Method

A beam connecting the two trees is the best go-to option if you’re going to use a big swing like a tire or swings that can handle the weight of more than one person. If you’ve got the tools, this method would be better to build a permanent swing.

The trees will grow around the materials you attach to it over time. A sturdy timber beam can handle the weight you’ll put on it that can also be attached to the tree permanently. You’ll also need power tools like a drill, saw, and a bunch of bolts to keep the beam in place and make the swing safe to use.


3. Eyebolt Method

Eyebolt is a screw-like metal where you can attach the straps or the cables of your swing. However, this method can’t hold too much weight and requires a sturdy beam to secure the ropes for the swing.

Using an eyebolt for a swing has an aesthetic finish. If you a more minimalist vibe for the swing, this method is for you.


4. Knot Method

One of the inexpensive ways to hang a swing between two trees is to tie some ropes. If you don’t have any materials with you and only have a swing and a nylon rope, you can do a running bowline knot to hold your swing in place.

Use this method and put your boy scout or girl scout skills to use for a less expensive way to hang your swing.


Safety Considerations

Since your swing will elevate you from the ground, any malfunction can cause accidents, especially with kids playing on it. About 40% of accidents in children happens using a swing. So it’s essential to not only focus on the fun but also the safety of the swing.  

From head concussions to sore butts, it’s best to secure the following as you hang your swing:

1. Choose Healthy and Sturdy Trees

Ancient trees may seem to be the sturdiest of all the trees, but it’s not required. The trunk of each tree must be at least 8 to 10 inches in diameter to hold the weight of the swing and the people sitting on it.

To measure the diameter of the tree, you can use a measuring tape and wrap it around the trunk at the tree’s diameter breast height (DBH) or the part of the tree trunk that is 4.5 feet (1.4 m) above the ground. Once you got the measurement, divide it with pi or 3.1416.

Some trees may also look like they’re sturdy outside, but it can be hollow inside. The following signs make a tree not suitable for a tree swing:

  • The tree is dead
  • Big cracks and splits are all over the tree
  • Big roots run in the ground between the two trees( ground must be flat)
  • The tree has decayed spots


Weight Considerations

The last thing you’ll want to happen is to lay flat on the ground because you’re too heavy for the swing. Every material you’ll use will have its weight limitations. If the kids will use the swing, make sure you’ll choose a method that’s up for the job.

The beam method is the best way to hang a swing between two young trees, or the swing that will hold more than one person. The ratchet strap method, on the other hand, is best for swings used by adults for relaxation and quick naps in the afternoon.

Eyebolt is best for swings made for toddlers and young kids holding one saddle or swing seat for every two eyebolts.

3. Prefer Using Good-Quality Materials

Aside from the trees, you’ll also have to choose the strongest ropes to hold your swing. Since the swing is in the outdoors, it will stay under extreme weather conditions, so you should choose the materials that can withstand the scorching sun and frost.

Types of Ropes

Here are the kinds of rope materials used for hanging the swing:

  • Polyester ropes – are the best material that can hold the swing even when exposed to different kinds of weather conditions.
  • Metal chains – nothing is better has the strength of a metal chain to hold a swing. However, it’s heavier than a rope and requires more technical stuff to keep it from falling.
  • Polypropylene ropes – are the most affordable option for a swing, but they can easily break when the weight exceeds the limit. 
  • Braided nylon ropes – are also a good option, but the webbing can stretch over time due to different weather conditions.

Best Types Of Trees To Hang A Swing

The sturdiest trees are the best options to hang a swing. Trees with the right diameter can hold a swing. However, if you’re putting the swing for good, you may want to set it up on the mature hardwood kind of trees possible.

Here are the best trees to hang a swing:

  1. Oak trees
  2. Maple trees
  3. Sycamore trees
  4. Narra trees
  5. Mango trees
  6. Hornbeam trees
  7. Beech trees
Maple Trees

Avoid hanging a swing on the following trees because they have the softer types of wood:

  1. Willow trees
  2. Birch trees
  3. Ash trees
  4. Spruce trees
  5. Poplar trees

How To Hang a Swing Between Two Trees?

Once you’ve decided about the method and selected the right trees, you can start building a swing.

First, prepare the materials you’ll need for the swing installation method you’ve chosen.

Basic Tools

  • Ladder
  • Hammer
  • Wrench
  • Bolts and nuts
  • Drill
  • Saw
  • Tape measure
  • Preferred type of swing

Materials For a Swing Using Ratchet Strap Method

You can buy a set of these tools on Amazon and other outdoor equipment shops.

  • Two heavy-duty carabiners to clip on the swing
  • A pair of rope to tie around the trees
  • Two D-rings

View on Amazon

Materials For a Swing Using Beam Method

You can buy timber beams from hardware stores or directly from the lumberjack’s shop. Other materials are available online or in outdoor equipment shops.

  • 4 x 6 timber beam( length depends on the distance between the two trees)
  • A pair of rope or metal chains
  • Two swing hangers with suspension hooks(spaced based on the swing’s length)
  • Set of screws for each hook
  • Two heavy-duty carabiners to clip on the swing

View on Amazon

A Quick Guide: How To Attach A Beam To A Tree?


  • Electric drill
  • Level
  • 5 1/16 drill bit
  • 2 6-inch bolts and washers
  • Pipe wrench


  1. Drill pilot holes in the beam where you will attach it to the tree.
  2. Get rid of the branches that get in the way of the beam.
  3. Place the beam and check if it is at the right angle using the level on top of the beam.
  4. Drill the holes on the tree using the electric drill.
  5. Attach the washer and knot using a pipe wrench before climbing the tree to make it easier for you to attach it to the limbs of the tree.
  6. Place the beam and match it to the holes you made on the tree.

Start inserting the bolt using a pipe wrench. Voila! You’re halfway in hanging your swing on the tree.

Materials For a Swing Using Eyebolt Method

Eyebolts are also called hammock hooks and work well with the DIY installation of hammocks and yoga hanging equipment.

  • A pair of eyebolt hooks
  • Two heavy-duty carabiners to clip on the swing
  • A pair of rope

View on Amazon

Materials For a Swing Using Knot Method

Since the running bowline knots will hold the swing for you, you’ll only need:

  • A pair of rigging ropes
  • Two heavy-duty carabiners or buckle

View on Amazon

A Step-by-Step Guide To Hang a Swing Between Two Trees

Here are the general steps on how you can get started

Source: Pinterest
Find The Best Location

If there are a lot of trees around your area, you may need to find the best location that will make you enjoy sitting on your swing. You may find the best trees, but they can be in the wrong spot.

Here are the ideal conditions for the cation where you’ll be setting up your swing:

  • Trees located in the area with the best view
  • Trees in good condition
  • Trees placed with the right distance apart
  • Flat ground
2. Evaluate Where You’ll Hang The Swing

Now that you have selected the perfect spot and healthy trees, it’s time to evaluate how you’ll set up your swing. Remove any branches in the way of the swing and check the conditions of the trees to make sure they’re safe to use.

The ropes or the beam should be at least 15 to 16 feet off the ground, and the distance between trees should be twice the width of the swing you’ll use. If you’re going to use straps, branches can secure the straps and keep them from sliding down.

If the trees are too far apart or too close to each other, the swing will not work as desired. You’ll also end up falling to the ground if the distance between the two trees is not part of the measurements used to build the swing.

3. Get The Right Measurement

The ropes that you’ll use to tie around the tree should have the same length for both trees. If the other tree is larger than the other, make sure to add a buffer to the rope so there will be enough inches of straps to adjust.

It’s better to have a little excess on the ropes that compromise the safety of the swing. If kids will use the swing, it’s better to adjust the height of the swing seat lower so it won’t be too high for them. Otherwise, hang the swing based on your preferred swing height.

4. Place The Foundation and Connect The Swing

Once you got the right measurements, place the ropes or the beam onto the trees. Use power tools like cordless screwdrivers to make the job easier for you. Both straps on the trees should be on the same level, so you won’t lose your balance as you sit on the swing.

5. Test It Out

It’s time to see if the swing is safe and work the way it’s intended to. Sit on the swing and look for any loose bolts or unbuckled carabiners. See if the trees or branches can handle the weight properly. When everything works fine, then the swing is good to go.

Congratulations! You just learned how to hang your first swing between trees! You can now add another tree hanging survival skill to your list. 

Final Thoughts

Swings are one of the fun parts of our childhood, and having one at home can throwback a lot of memories. Your kids will also enjoy the outdoors if you install a swing they can play around. Plus, working your way around trees is a skill that you can use when you hike.

Learning how to hang a swing between two trees is one of the DIY projects that you can enjoy with your family. Since the pandemic has given most of us time to stay at home, spend some productive time improving your home with DIY projects like this.

For more DIY projects to enjoy, tune in to our site and learn more handy home improvement skills.

If you find this article fun and informative, share this post with your family and friends and let us know what you think in the comments.

How to Hang a Swing Between Two Trees (3 Easy Methods)

Swing in your yard is an excellent way to relax, and if you have two trees in your yard, you can make a perfect relaxation zone. This DIY method requires you to spend less.

You will need two sturdy trees and some house tools for this task. You may need assistance carrying out some of these procedures to ensure your safety. 

In summation, we have described how to hang a swing between two trees and the requirements needed to achieve this task.


  • 1 The Best Type of Wood to Hang a Swing 
  • 2 Types of Rope For a Tree Swing
  • 3 Types of Swings
    • 3.1 1. Spider swing
    • 3.2 2. Regular swing with eye bolts
    • 3.3 3. Ratchet strap swings
  • 4 How to Hang a Swing Between Two Trees 
    • 4. 1 1. Beam method
    • 4.2 2. Ratchet method
    • 4.3 3. Eyebolt Method
  • 5 Safety Considerations
    • 5.1 Choose Sturdy and Healthy Trees 
    • 5.2 Weight Capacity
  • 6 The Best Location For a Tree Swing
  • 7 Can You Hang a Swing on a Tree Without Branches?
  • 8 Conclusion

The Best Type of Wood to Hang a Swing 

You should not just hang a swing on any tree in your yard. The tree to be used as support should be strong enough to carry a lot of weight, and it should be healthy.

The best type of tree for hanging a swing is a hardwood tree, but not all hardwoods are strong enough to hold a swing; below are the perfect trees.

  1.  Oak
  2.  Maple
  3.  Cherry
  4.  Sycamore 
  5.  Beech
  6.  Narra
  7.  Hornbeam

Trees Like willow, ash, spruce, poplar and birch are not strong enough to support swings, so they should not be used.

Types of Rope For a Tree Swing

Four different ropes can be used to hang swings on trees; these ropes have their strengths and downsides. Metal chains are strong but can be complicated to set up.

Polypropylene ropes and braided nylon ropes are also good alternatives, but they break easily when exposed to UV rays for a long time. Polyester ropes are classified as the best type of rope for hanging tree swings as they are resistant to UV rays and can withstand harsh weather conditions A.

Types of Swings

There are different types of swings that can be installed between two trees.

1. Spider swing

This type of swing is decorative and very good for relaxation outdoors. The best part about this swing is that it is easy to hang.

2. Regular swing with eye bolts

This swing is attached to the tree trunks and provides great support, but it has an issue carrying a lot of weight. It is difficult for this swing to carry an adult without coming off.

3. Ratchet strap swings

This is the easiest swing to hang as all you need to do is tie it to the tree trunks, but a safer way to use this swing is by securing it with a strap.

How to Hang a Swing Between Two Trees 

In this section, we will discuss three different methods of hanging a swing, the beam method, the ratchet strap method, and the eye bolt method.

1. Beam method

The beam method is best used for wide swings capable of supporting more than one person or a tire swing. To hang a beam on a tree, you need the following materials. 

Materials needed to install a beam

  1. Electric drill
  2. Level
  3. 5 1/16 drill bit
  4. Two 6-inch bolts and washers


  1.  Drill holes on the beam where you want to attach it to the tree
  2.  Cut off any branches getting in the way of the beam
  3.  Using a level, check if the beam has been set at the right angle
  4.  Use a drill to make holes on the tree trunk where your beam will be attached.
  5.  Fasten washers and bolts to make the installation easier; this process can be made faster using a pipe wrench.
  6.  Place the holes on the beam against the tree holes and secure them with bolts.

After securing the beam on the tree, the instructions below will help you hang your tree swing.


  1.  Locate two sturdy trees and make sure they have a reasonable distance between each other (3 to 7 feet)
  2.  Make a mark on where you want the beam to stay.
  3.  Screw a lag about 8 to 10 inches in size into the trunk to support the beam, and then with some help, raise the beam of the tree and place it on the lags.
  4.  Using the right drill, secure the beam to the tree trunk
  5.  The pole should be tied up to the trunk using a manilla rope.
  6.  Locate a spot on the beam to hang your swing, and the marked spots should be 3ft apart.
  7.  If you are using just a good, secure a knot firmly on the beam. If you are using a sewing kit, install the fittings as directed, then attach a rope to it.
  8.  Determine how high you want the swing to be

2. Ratchet method

This method is best suited for hanging a hammock, and you will need Straps, D-rings, Carabiners, Swing, or hammock. To hang a swing this way, follow the steps below.

  1.  Locate two sturdy trees at least 10 feet apart from each other
  2.  Wrap the tree straps tightly around the two trees.
  3.  Use the carabiners to hook the end loop of the hammock to the strap. Do this for both sides of the strap.

3. Eyebolt Method

 This method is very similar to the first because you also use a beam. The only difference is that you substitute the knot with an eyebolt. The materials needed for this procedure are two eyebolts, a wooden beam, lags, a drill, rope, and swing.

  •  Locate two healthy trees and mark out where you want your lags to stay.
  •  Secure your lags and, with some assistance, place the beam on top of the lags for support.
  •  Use a drill to safeguard the beam to the tree trunk.
  •  Mark out where you want your eyebolts to be and install them using a drill.
  •  Attach the rope to the eye bolt and attach the other end of the rope to the swing.

After hanging your swing using one of these methods, you can now test it out to see it is safe and if there are any loose bolts. Corrections should be made if a fault was made to ensure further safety. 

Safety Considerations

Your swing will be a reasonable distance above the ground, and any slight mistake can lead to an accident, especially when kids are involved. Here are some tips to help you prevent any possible accidents associated with swings.

Choose Sturdy and Healthy Trees 

We listed some suitable trees for hanging swings; these trees are hardwood and should be healthy. A healthy tree should have fresh leaves and bend and not break when put under pressure.

Some trees may look healthy on the outside, but they are weak and unhealthy; these trees have wilted leaves, cracks, and dents on the tree trunks and sap oozing out of the trunk.

Weight Capacity

Every tree branch has its limit on how much weight it can carry. The last thing you want is your branch snapping when relaxing on a swing. 

The best way to solve the weight issue is to use the beam method because the beam carries most of the weight needing only support from the tree trunk. 

The beam used should be strong and thick; it should have a thickness of 6 inches. 

The Best Location For a Tree Swing

Your swing needs to be located in an area where you can relax and enjoy the breeze; the best location is where the ground is even and you ha e a nice view.

Alongside hanging your swing in the right place, your swing needs to be constructed well, so you must get the measurement right. 

Also, clear the area of any branch and other dirt that might get in the way. Your swing should be at least 3 feet away from the tree trunk, and the two trees should be 10 to 15 feet apart.

Can You Hang a Swing on a Tree Without Branches?

Hanging a swing on a tree without branches is possible – learn here; it is done by constructing an artificial branch and limb and attaching it to the tree to support a swing.

This method does not require two trees and can be done without a beam. After attaching the limb to the tree, use your kit to hang your swing, you may be using a good of a metal chain, but both have different installation methods.


We have given a comprehensive guide on how to hang a swing between two trees. There are major methods of achieving this task by using a beam, eye bolt, or ratchet strap. 

We mentioned the best tree that can be used to hang a swing, and if you have an oak, maple, or sycamore tree, you should not be worried about the tree snapping easily under some weight.

We have also identified some qualities of a weak and healthy tree. Always choose to use a healthy tree for your swing, and it should be located in an area with a nice view and a relaxing atmosphere. Be sure that the tree used can support any weight to guarantee your safety.

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  • How to Hang a Swing from a Tree Without Branches

We trust this article helped you learn How to Hang a Swing Between Two Trees. You may also want to check out our article: Can My Deck Hold a Kiddie Pool?

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How to install a garden swing between two trees 🌿 All about gardening and garden design

Step-by-step image for installing a swing for children in the garden.

Content of the article:

  • Preparation
  • Guide to purchase
  • Supply and Councils
    • Material and Equipment
    • Cost
  • Stages0012
  • Fixing the cross pole
  • Drilling the pole and fixing the hooks
  • Installing the swing

Discover the charm of summer outdoor games by making this portico and its swing fit well into your garden landscape, and take the kids. .. off your tablets!

Cheap set for kids!


Choose two 15 year old trees whose trunk is straight and rooting deeply and vigorously.
To avoid damaging the cortex and compromising the growth of subjects, select strapping mode in tissues whose elasticity follows the thickening of the torso.
This solution also makes it easier to dismantle the structure after summer use.

Buying guide

You can buy mail at DIY stores and straps, carabiners and swings at garden centers or leisure stores.
Manufacturers of children's play equipment offer on their website all the necessary accessories for the implementation of this type of development. Make sure equipment matching .

Supplies and advice

Material and equipment

  • 1 round post made of treated pine, ø 10 cm, debarked, milled and beveled, length 3 m, 15 € approx.
  • 2 straps 3.20 m with hook S, hammock type, maximum load 250 kg, pair 2, 18 € approx.
  • 1 set of 2 hooks and carabiners, approx.
  • 1 wooden swing and polyester rope (adjustable height), approx. 20 €

Implementation time

Half day


68 € for baby swing

Implementation steps

Attach straps to chests pine support.

Cross Pole Fixing

  • Use the two sections of strap that were saved to secure the post horizontally.
  • Make two turns around this last one to securely fasten the first one to one of the stems.
  • Then do the same for the second attachment point.

Drilling the pole and fixing the hooks

  • Drill the first thickness hole in the post using a drill and a wood drill.
  • Then, 50 cm from the first hole, make a second hole before putting on the hooks and carabiners.

Installing the swing

  • Attach the swing with carabiners and adjust the height of the wooden seat so that it is horizontal.
  • Take a strength test with an adult before inviting the kids to have fun.

Illustrations: Michelle Loppe
Text: Pierre Nessmann

Video on the topic of the article: "Country answer": "Country answer": Musical living room with a home -based zone.

Swing Between Two Trees - Stroy Obzor


  1. On structures
  2. We make swings from wood from wood
  3. Materials
  4. How to arrange racks
  5. Methods of fastening of the crossbreak
  6. Photo gallery of homemade swings on chains
  7. Tools and materials for making rope swings
  8. We make children's hanging swings with our own hands
  9. Log seat
  10. Flexible swing seat
  11. Plank seat

Remember your childhood swing experience? This is not only pleasant, but also useful - monotonous rocking trains the vestibular apparatus, and also calms the nervous system. The second property is very useful in our time. Such a pleasant treatment-relaxation after a busy day. Moreover, any person with “straight” hands can make a swing with their own hands. There are, of course, complex models, but there are much more simple ones.

About constructions

Like most outbuildings, swings are most often made of wood. Racks and crossbar - from timber, logs, seats - from planks and even from parts of home furniture.

It is easy to make such a swing-sofa with log stands: fast, cheap, convenient

A little about the designs. There are three main types of hanging swings, or as they are also called - boat swings, sofas, benches, etc. The main difference is in the type of support structure: there are A-shaped and U-shaped. You see an example with racks folded into a triangular structure above, and in the photo below an example with a U-shaped rack. This is more of a pergola with a hanging bench and it is built according to the same type, only taking into account swinging loads.

There is a third type - this is already a complex structure that requires certain skills - it is based on articulated joints and they swing from their feet to the floor. We will immediately give both photos and diagrams for those who wish (you can expand it to full screen by clicking on the arrows in the upper right corner of the picture).

Do-it-yourself swing made of wood

Most often, they make a structure in the form of the letter “A” on their own. It is simpler, requires less material consumption. We will analyze the nodes, fasteners in more detail, talk about materials, protection against destruction and stability.


Immediately about what to make a wooden swing. The choice of lumber section depends on the planned load. If it is assumed that one adult will sit, the uprights and the upper crossbar are at a minimum - 50 * 70 mm. If a larger number of "seats" is supposed - two or three, then the cross-section of the beam is at least 100 * 100 mm, better - 100 * 150 mm. It has been experimentally established that such a design, when using a beam of 100 * 100, can normally withstand a total load of about 200 kg. If you need more - take a larger section, or put logs))

About what the bench/sofa is made of. A bar 70 * 40 mm will go to the frame, the back height is at least 600 mm, the seat depth is at least 480 mm. You can experiment with the depth of the seat and the angle of the backrest: there are options for a “lying” position. Accordingly, both the length of the sofa and the dimensions of the structure change greatly from this. For fastening use nails 200 or studs at least 10 mm in diameter.

How to position the racks

Diagram with dimensions and list of required material in the photo below. To be frank, few people make from such materials as indicated in the specification. More often they put a bar.

This design is available with or without bottom frame. If the swing is installed on a hard platform and the fasteners are made rigid, on studs, without the possibility of backlash, then such a design will stand without problems. If in doubt, you can make a screed from a bar along the bottom, nail it with studs to the coating, or drive the staples into the ground.

For those who are afraid of lateral loads - the design in this axis is not the most reliable - we can offer to install the racks with a slope. The area will be large, but the stability will be high.

Sloped poles will make the structure more stable

If it is intended to be installed in the ground, the parts of the poles that will be buried must be treated with bio-protection. As a cheap option, put it in a vessel with used oil for several hours. Dry, then bury. They bury to a depth of at least 50 cm, pour a little rubble on the bottom, set up racks and concrete. If you are afraid that this is not enough, attach a few strips of metal crosswise at the bottom. The hole will have to be dug larger, but the holding area will be larger.

Timber swing on the ground. Traces of concreting are visible

Ways of fastening the crossbar

In all swings of this type - with racks sawn at the top with bars - the problem is the fastening of the crossbar, to which the bench is then hooked. In the photo above, it is solved reliably, although not entirely aesthetically pleasing. The trouble is that aesthetic methods are difficult to perform. And, if you are not for sale, it's faster to do something inelegant, but reliable. So, in order to fix the crossbar, an overhead beam is attached below the intersection, pulled to the uprights with studs. A cross member rests on it, which is held from lateral shifts by racks and fasteners - nails and spikes.

Another way to install the cross member is to mount the side posts in an "X" shape. With this option, the carrier beam fits perfectly. It is additionally fixed with nails, and the racks are pulled together with studs. See the next photo for this.

Everything is fine, but the length of the sofa is not enough...

Do-it-yourself swings are assembled from logs according to the same principle: the side ones are fastened crosswise, and a supporting log is laid on top. If the timber is sometimes assembled on nails, then in the case of logs, studs are mainly used.

Swing on chains made of logs

For those who are familiar with carpentry, there are other options: half a tree. Such a project is in the photo gallery below with close-ups of some of the key nodes.

Photo gallery of self-made swings on chains

And some photos of different swings made on the basis of A-shaped construction.

Mounting the swing to the crossbar

The mounting for the swing also needs clarification, that is, it is not obvious to everyone how to hang the bench-sofa on the crossbar. First, the crossbar is drilled from the bottom up through. A bolt is passed through the hole, to which the eye nut is attached. One or two wide washers are placed under the nut head so that it does not squeeze under weight.

Instead of a regular nut, an eye nut is screwed onto the bolt passed through the hole in the crossbar.

It turns out that the ring of the eye nut is located at the bottom. You can attach a carabiner to it, throw a rope or cable, etc. Just note that the carabiner should hang normally, freely on the eye-nut ring. And in the carabiner, two links of the chain should fit freely. Therefore, it is advisable to buy everything together in one store: you can try on the entire knot at once.

How to assemble the swing chain. Then this carbine is threaded into the eye-nut and the safety ring is twisted

By the way, in the rigging shop you can stumble upon other devices that can be adapted for attaching chains or ropes from the swing seat. For example, such as in the photo below.

More rigging options. They can also be used to make a swing assembly for attaching to the crossbar

They are designed to lift loads from 0.5 tons, so it makes no sense to use them for children, but on a swing for adults - quite.

This mount has a significant disadvantage - a creak is heard when swinging. For a while, you can get rid of it by lubricating the knot, but this operation will have to be repeated periodically. The way out is to make a knot on bearings, but you can’t do without welding.

Do-it-yourself metal swing

They have exactly the same design. The material is different, and the way it is attached. This is welding. For those who are familiar with welding inverters, it will not be difficult to weld something similar. And for inspiration, a photo report.

Below is a drawing of this swing with dimensions. Some explanation is required. In the figure there is a pipe welded around the perimeter (this plane is shaded). It is buried and therefore not visible in the photo. It was made in order to increase stability: the masses of friends are considerable. For the same reason, metal plates are welded onto the ends of the racks. The installation was complicated, but the swing is tight.

Drawing of a swing from a profile pipe with dimensions

It took 22 meters of a profile pipe 50 * 50 mm to manufacture, for a seat 25 * 25 mm - 10 mm, boards 2000 * 120 * 18 - 7 pcs and the rest - fasteners, paint , antirust.

There is another way to attach the swing to the crossbar. He is in the photo.

How to fix a metal swing to the crossbar

No one can explain it better than the author of the work. How to make a swing with your own hands from metal, see the video.

The original form of a swing made of a profile pipe - the posts are non-linear, but curved. If it is possible to do this with a tree, then only the master.

Several photo ideas from the authors and owners of similar designs.

Children's swing

For children, you can make the same design, but smaller.

Approximate size of swing for children. The height, of course, may be less than

There are several other models for the playground, but you can read about how to make a sandbox here. Here are the first ones - a swing-scale or a balance beam.

Children's swing - balancer or scales

Everything is clear, there may be questions only about the attachment point. Below is a drawing with dimensions. To strengthen the upper part, steel plates are fixed inside. To make them swing, a hole is drilled into which the pin is threaded. You can improve the "rolling" by inserting bearings.

Stands for swing-balancer

It is quick and easy to make a swing-nest from a tire (car tire). Bolts with eye nuts are installed in it at four corners, but of a smaller diameter (do not forget about the washers), ropes or chains cling to them, and you can even throw them on the corresponding branch on the tree, even hang them on the horizontal bar.

Surely in your childhood you enjoyed swinging on a rope swing. Believe me, your children will receive no less positive emotions from such entertainment. The easiest way is to hang a rope swing on a suitable tree, which should not only be large and strong, but also have a suitable branch. If not, then the situation can be improved. To do this, you need to attach a beam to the branches of the tree. In this article, we will describe the process of creating a rope swing. We will also describe the various seat designs.

Rope swings are made with a certain margin of safety so that they can withstand not only a large child, but also an adult.

Tools and materials for making rope swings

  • 1 large tree in the area
  • Log 125 mm in diameter, 3 m long
  • About 7 meters of sisal rope
  • Twine
  • 2 bolts with rings
  • 2 carabiners
  • 2 small logs, approx. 85 mm in diameter
  • Board section 200*50 mm, length 600 mm
  • Strip of thick fabric, canvas or leather
  • 2 square washers
  • 2 nuts.

We make children's hanging swings with our own hands

We mount the "branch". The ideal option is to hang the swing on a suitable branch of a large tree. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. In this case, there are several ways to go:

  • Build a support frame
  • Craft a branch from a piece of wood.

Let's dwell on the second option.

For our "branch" we will take a log with a diameter of 125 mm and a length of 3 m. We will tie this log with ropes to the branches of our tree. It is better to place it between two strong branches.

The console (log extension) turned out to be about 1000 mm long (a third of the log length). The "branch" must be placed at a height of 2600 mm above the ground.

The main branch supporting the hanging end of the log, in our case, protruded relative to the trunk, which created a significant gap between the swing seat and the tree. The main dimensions are shown in the diagram.

We fix the ropes. When making a swing with your own hands, it is better to use a sisal cable with a diameter of 13 mm. The ends of such a cable must be tied with twine so that the fibers do not unravel. Tie ropes to a branch or beam. We tied the ropes to the log, making a loop and three knots. We tied one rope at a distance of 100 mm from the end of the log, and the distance between the ropes was 500 mm. With the help of the same loops and knots, the ropes must be tied to the seat. The diagram shows the technique of tying the ends of the rope with twine. This is done to prevent fraying.

Decide on the design of the seat.

Log seat

This seat is made from two small logs with a diameter of about 85 mm. Their length is 700 mm, and the distance between the ropes is 500 mm. The ropes are wound between the logs, wrapped around each, again released between the logs and tied into three knots.

As a result, the swing seat looks very nice and fits in any garden. True, it is not very convenient.

Flexible seat for swings

Attach a carabiner to each side of the flexible seat belt. Carabiners need to be tied to the ropes with triple knots. Thanks to the carabiners, the seat can be easily removed and replaced with another one.

Board seat

This seat is made from a board with a section of 200*50 mm and a length of 600 mm.

At a distance of 50 mm from each edge of the board, drill a hole with a diameter of 10 mm. Holes are needed to secure bolts with rings with a diameter of 10 mm and a length of 200 mm.

Bolts are inserted into the holes, square washers are placed above and below the board. Nuts are screwed in from below.

The result is a seat whose center of gravity is stabilized by ring bolts.

Each of the three seats has a right to exist and is suitable for certain purposes. The seat made of logs looks very nice and will be liked mostly by adults. Children under three years of age prefer the flexible seat, while teenagers prefer the plank seat.

One thing is for sure: your children's hanging swing is unlikely to be left hanging idle.

For most children, tree swings are one of their favorite pastimes. Do not mind a ride and many adults, enjoying the closeness to nature.

To quickly create such a structure for fun, you first need to find two adjacent trees. First of all, check if they are strong enough. If the trunk is already rotten and staggering, it is better to look for other trees.

The easiest option is to tie the trunks with ropes. They should tightly cover the trees and not slide off under load. Well, if there is a branch or knot under the rope, you will get additional support.

The second mounting method is with a crossbar. It can be fixed with staples or drilled to a tree.

Are the branches strong enough at the same height? Put a crossbar on them. If there is no such branch on one side, it can be replaced with a board nailed to the trunk. It will act as a support.

Metal fasteners must be protected against corrosion. Otherwise, they will quickly rust, and it will be dangerous to ride on a swing.

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