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21 Easy Holiday Decor Hanging Hacks

Domestically Blissful

With the holiday season comes a to-do list that never seems to end. We know how hard it can be to find inspiration for Christmas decorations that feel festive and magical, yet attainable and affordable. To help make your holiday season just a little bit easier, we've rounded up easy ideas on how to hang garland. These hanging hacks are sure to save you time and energy.

As you read, you'll learn how to hang like a pro — whether it be garland, wreaths, stylish stockings or outdoor Christmas lights. Discover simple decorating ideas for every space, including eye-catching ways to style your mantel, Christmas staircase decorations that'll complement your interior and holiday door decor that'll wow your guests.

The best part: there's no drilling required so you won't have to worry about permanently altering or damaging your space. When the holiday season is over, all of these hacks are super easy to undo. Plus, it's possible to use the structures you already have, like hanging a DIY Christmas wreath from your pendant light or securing garland on your mirrors. There are plenty of Christmas decorations to buy and holiday decor from Amazon that are simple to hang and will blend seamlessly with your existing home design.

Most of these hacks are stress-free — even if you're a novice DIYer — and you likely have most of the supplies lying around your house. If you don't have everything you need, the supplies are super affordable and accessible. Now, pick up some command hooks, fishing line, double-sided tape, zip ties or your hot glue gun and get to work!

Sian Richards

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Rely on Floral Wire

Secure fresh garland down the length of your banister using floral wire. For extra security and a touch of personality, tie giant ribbons around it.


Style by Emily Henderson; Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

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Hang a Wreath With Fishing Line

This oversized wire wreath looks as though it's floating in the air, but in reality, it's being held by a piece of fishing line. Hang your decor with nearly-invisible fishing line and everyone will wonder how you've pulled it off.

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Mike Garten

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Use Ribbon to Secure Chair Wreaths

Hang mini wreaths on the back of your chairs to instantly elevate the dining room. Find your favorite ribbon — make sure it's sturdy — and loop it around the wreath and tie the ribbon around the top of the chair. For extra support, you can use a zip tie then cover the zip tie with the ribbon.



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Use Decorative Garland Ties

Add a pop of color to your garland with these decorative ties. These fabric-covered ties are pleasing to look at and do a great job at securing the garland to the banister since they act as a twist tie. Also, you don’t have to worry about any scratches on the banister — an overall win!


Domestically Blissful

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Secure Garland With Zip Ties

To give your garland a natural draped look, use Command Hooks and then use clear zip ties to attach the garland to the hooks. This will help ensure your garland hangs beneath the hand rail and allow you to create drapes exactly to your liking.

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Invest in Stocking Hooks

Just pop it on your fireplace mantel, hang your stocking and you're done. Find a festive figure that elevates your home style, whether it's a little Christmas tree, adorable reindeer or golden nutcracker.

So Festive

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Display Holiday Cards

Put your holiday cards on display with just a few supplies, including your favorite ribbon, clothespins and a few thumb tacks. This decorative setup works well on your kitchen pantry or hall closet door or any blank wall that will allow you to see the cards frequently.

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Seth Smoot

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Add Holiday Greens

Give your pre-existing decor a holiday upgrade. You can use heavy-duty tape (like a double-sided one) or removable Command strips to attach greenery, like wreaths and garlands, to your mirrors.


The Gifted Wreath

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Hang Mini Wreaths With Ribbon

The more wreaths, the better! If you already have your front door covered, then it’s time for mini wreaths indoors. Hang mini wreaths over kitchen cabinets with just a few simple supplies, most importantly ribbon and Command Hooks. With a little bit of measuring and some ribbon, you’ll have these up in no time.

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Tria Giovan

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Make a Wreath Chandelier

Hang a wreath to your pendant light by using thick, sturdy ribbon to create your own custom chandelier. Be careful to choose a lightweight wreath so your pre-existing hardware can easily support it.


In My Own Style

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Create Porch Light Decor Using a Hanger

If you are looking for a way to decorate your porch light for the holidays, this is an easy and affordable way to add some greenery near your home entrance. With a wire coat hanger, foam block and a few extra supplies, you’ll be well on your way to a stunning porch light decoration.

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Gear Ties

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Use Cable Organizers to Attach Garland

You typically depend on Gear Ties to corral cords and cables, but they can also secure garland to mantels, bannisters, and shelves. The adjustable ties come in a variety of colors, so you can choose the one that best matches your railing or garland.


KatSnowdenGetty Images

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Use Binder Clips to Hang Lights

Raid your office stash for binder clips before hanging lights or garland on the outside of your house. Not only does the color blend into dark roofs, the clip design makes it easy to adjust the garland's placement while you hang.


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Thrifty & Chic

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Hang Stockings With a Curtain Rod

Here's an easier way to hang your stockings. If you have multiple stockings and not enough hooks, grab a curtain rod and place it on top of the stocking hooks that you already have. Then, all you’ll have to do is string the stockings on the rod — however many you have!

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Tidbits and Twine

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Hide a Hook in the Back

To make sure that your wreath really shines, stick a hook on the back of the door instead of the front. Then, loop the ribbon on to the hook and over the door. This way, the front looks seamless, and the bow on the back of the door offers a sweet surprise.

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Craftberry Bush

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Opt for Weather-Resistant Hooks

While any ol' Command hook will initially do the trick, it won't be able to withstand a month (or three) of winter weather. Attach garland or window swags with stick-on hooks — Christmas lights, especially! — made specifically for outdoor windows and house exteriors to ensure that your décor stays put all season long.


Charleston Crafted

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Hang Christmas Tree Lights Vertically

Hang your Christmas lights vertically this year and avoid the hassle of going round and round the tree. It’s quicker and you only need to go around once! Start at the bottom and bring the wire to the top of the tree, curve the wire at the top and bring it back down. Then, all you have to do is repeat until you have gone around the tree in one full loop.

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Attach a Garland Hanger

For an easy, foolproof option, attach a garland hanger to any door frame — indoors or outdoors. Then, you can easily drape your greens over the top. Since they're adjustable, they can be moved around from door to door (or door to window) in the years to come.


Edward HaylanGetty Images

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Make the Most of Your Tension Rod

If you love the look of greenery above your windows, just consider it your drapery for the season. A tension curtain rod holds the decorations in place, and craft-store wire attaches it to the rod.


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My Six Ring Circus

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Glue Light Strands Directly to Your House

Hot glue is one of the easiest ways to temporarily attach a string of lights or garland to the outside of your home. Here's the catch: It doesn't work on every surface — hot glue will cause paint to peel off and stucco to melt — and it's probably not recommended by light manufacturers, so try this tip at your own risk.


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The Handmade Home

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Use a Decorative Hook

Make an even bigger statement by using a metallic Command hook. It's a simple way to add some glitz to a standard wreath or garland.


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How to Decorate Your Christmas Tree

Make your Christmas tree Pinterest-worthy with these simple steps.

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Decorate Your Tree in 6 Simple Steps

For many, the most enjoyable time of the holiday season is decorating the Christmas tree. However, if you are looking for some help this year, let us guide you through the basics of making a beautiful tree. Ornaments, lights, and garland are a good start, but there are many accessories you can add for more personality and style. For example, our designers love to place table top decorations that match the trees' theme right onto the tree branches. A glitter deer tabletop decoration is a great example of a way to incorporate this technique. Just make sure that any decorations you add are properly secured. Let your imagination run free!

  1. Step 1: Set Up Your Tree

    Select the desired location for your Christmas tree and place it in the stand. Many artificial trees come with a tree stand included. However, if yours doesn't come with one, there are other options available. We carry a selection of tree stands for both artificial and live trees. Our live tree stands come with an easy watering feature, saving you time and hassle.

  2. Step 2: Christmas Lights

    If you don't have a pre-lit Christmas tree, you'll want to test your Christmas lights first. Join the strings together and plug them in. Replace any dead bulbs and make sure the cords aren't damaged. Please see our Safety Guide for more tips on lighting.

    How many lights should I use?

    Don't skimp out on your lights! You should use a 100-light set per Christmas tree foot. So if you have a 7-foot Christmas tree, you will want to buy seven (7) '100-light sets'. The biggest thing to remember when putting lights on a Christmas tree is how bright you want it to look. If you are using LED lights on a Christmas tree, you will want to use fewer lights as LED lights provide a brighter glow.

    Don't be afraid to mix and match lights. There is no rule that says you only have to use one kind of light, so get creative! If you are using any themed lights or novelty lights, be sure to put them on after your basic lights. We recommend evenly spacing them apart for the best result.

    Where do I put my Christmas lights on the tree?

    After you've made sure that all of your lights are working, string them on your tree starting from the top down. Weave your lights along the branches 'inside,' then move to the outer edges of the branches. If you have a lit tree topper, make sure that you leave the socket end of the lights at the top of the tree to plug it in.

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  3. Step 3: The Tree Toppers

    What tree topper should I use?

    The tree topper symbolizes the spirit of Christmas and is one of the most important pieces on your tree. Tree toppers come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and colors. Much like other lights, our pre-lit tree toppers come in incandescent and LED options, and come in sizes ranging from less than 5 inches to well over a foot tall.

    How do I place my tree topper?

    If your tree topper is electric, make sure to plug it into the socket end of the lights that you left open at the top of your tree. Keep in mind your tree topper does not have to go right at the top of the tree. If you have a 7.5 foot ceiling and a 7.5 foot Christmas tree, you can always put it off to the side a bit. You can also consider folding down the top branch of the tree to gain a few more inches.

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  4. Step 4: The Garland

    How much garland should I use?

    A rule of thumb is at least nine (9) feet of garland per foot of a tree, so a 7-foot Christmas tree will need sixty-three (63) feet of garland. We recommend buying more garland to be on the safe side. If you are left with any extra, you can always use it on the mantle or wreaths.

    How do I place my garland?

    With garland, it's best to start at the top and work your way down in a spiral pattern going around the tree until you get to the bottom. Gently-swagged garland looks more graceful than straight or diagonal lines across the tree. Deeply swagged garland is beautiful, but can only be used on large trees with open space between branches. You can also place your garland vertically. Just attach it to the top of your tree (behind the tree topper) then loop it down vertically. Be sure to add some twists and turns, wiring to branches if necessary, in order to add interest and graceful curves. This technique is especially suited to ribbon.

    You can cut beaded garland into different lengths and use it as tinsel to drape over branches. Be sure that the garland is knotted to keep the beads from falling off of the string. Strings knotted between each bead or styles where beads are glued in place will work for this technique.

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  5. Step 5: The Ornaments

    How many ornaments should I use?

    You've set up the basics, now comes the fun part: the ornaments! There's no exact amount of ornaments for a Christmas tree. The amount to use can vary depending on the size of the ornaments, the height and width of your tree, and the ornament density that you desire. In the end, it all comes down to your style and preference.

    While we can't tell you exactly how many ornaments to hang on your tree, we can provide you with a guideline to help you estimate how many ornaments you should use. For trees under 9 feet, we would recommend using 10-15 standard size ornaments per foot. If your tree is 9 feet or taller, we recommend 12-20 ornaments per foot.

    We also recommended that you vary the size of your ornaments, and to spread them out throughout the tree. For example, here is a list of ornaments that were used by professional decorators for a 12' tree:

    • 3' round: 48
    • 4' round: 48
    • 4.75' round: 48
    • 6' round: 36
    • 4-7' finial: 18
    • 5-8' finial: 18
    How should I hang my ornaments?

    To make a statement with your Christmas tree, start with your precious ornaments. Next, hang the larger ones, spacing them evenly apart. Then, fill in the spaces with any medium and small sizes to balance the overall look of the tree. You can place ornaments and other decorations ’inside’ your tree as well as on the tips of branches to add depth and interest.

    If you have pets or small children, try placing shatterproof ornaments near the bottom or in high-traffic areas.

    There are a couple of things to note. Make sure to purchase your ornaments based on your tree size. Larger ornaments may take up too much space on smaller trees, while smaller ornaments may not even be visible on larger trees. Additionally, we also recommend that you have extra ornaments on hand in case any of your ornaments are lost or broken.

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  6. Step 6: The Tree Skirt

    Tree skirts are not included with most trees but are a popular accessory. Not only do they hide the base of the tree, but they add some character to your setting. Much like stockings and ornaments, tree skirts come in a wide array of styles, from solid, colored velvet, and much more. Make sure your skirt is wide enough to cover the tree stand but does not extend past the bottom branches of the tree. Consider the size requirements, color scheme, and theme your tree may have.

    Once your tree is completely decorated, go ahead and add some presents under your tree. If you haven't started shopping yet, that's okay! Place a few wrapped empty boxes or other large scale decorations such as lanterns, Santa Claus figures, or nutcrackers for a decorative touch.

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Commercial Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

For decorating commercial Christmas trees, you can follow the same formats. However, if all that tree space feels overwhelming, here are a few extra tips to guide you through the decorating process.


First, mentally divide your tree into four sections, picturing your tree as if it were a giant box with four sides. Next, divide your collection of ornaments into 4 even groups. Apply ornaments to each tree section starting from the small ornaments and moving up to the largest size.

A 12' Christmas tree can be heavily decorated with ornaments. A good suggestion is forty (40) ornaments per foot or a total of four-hundred-and-eighty (480) ornaments. For a more uniform look, evenly space your ornaments based on their characteristics: color, shape, style, etc.

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As trees get taller, they also get wider and have more space to fill. With larger Christmas trees, you should generally have nine (9) feet of garland per foot in tree height. It’s a good idea to have extra garland to fill up space if needed.

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Ribbons are a good way to fill up empty space on a tree. These are often utilized in sprays and other arrangements; there’s no limit to what can be done!

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The above tips are simply suggestions to help get you started on a classically-decorated Christmas tree. If you are feeling extra creative, feel free to play around with different techniques and styles to see what looks right to you!

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How to fasten a garland to a wall or window easily without nails

Command hooks

No nails! How to quickly hang a garland on a wall or window

New Year is coming soon! A truly magical atmosphere in the house is created by bright and sparkling garlands. How to hang decor effectively and beautifully? How to fix the wire on the wall so as not to spoil the wallpaper or paint? We tell you how to create New Year's illumination without compromising the interior.

What can I hang a garland on?

To fix the garland to a window or wall, you can use different means:

  • adhesive tape - a simple, but not very practical way. Adhesive tape is not always easy to remove from walls and can damage some surfaces. Also, do not forget about aesthetics: pieces of adhesive tape on the wall can spoil the festive atmosphere;
  • Pushpins. They look better than tape and leave almost no marks on the surface;
  • silicone suction cups. Suitable for attaching light highlights to glass, ceramics, stretch ceilings. In hardware stores you can find products of various sizes, with and without hooks;
  • hot melt adhesive. Provides a secure hold, but may leave dark marks on walls;
  • Command Hooks are the perfect solution for attaching decor and heavier items to vertical smooth surfaces. The product consists of a replaceable sticky cartridge and a reusable hook. The cartridge provides a secure hold and does not leave any marks on the surface.

Command mounts are transparent, so they fit in any interior. If necessary, the hook can be easily removed by pulling on the adhesive strip.

How to hang a garland beautifully on different types of walls?

It is unlikely that someone after the fun holidays will want to re-paste the wallpaper or repaint the walls in the room. Meanwhile, the wrong way to fix the backlight can damage the decorative coating. Consider the best options for different types of surfaces.

Painted Walls

Fix the decor on a painted wall with Command Hooks or tape if the paint is secure. A beautiful pattern can be created with different types of highlights: in the form of fringes, icicles, threads. A spectacular addition to plain walls is duralight with multi-colored light bulbs.

Concrete walls

Concrete walls are a trendy design solution often chosen by country house owners. Garlands can be attached to solid concrete using adhesive tape, hot glue, Command hooks. The originality of the walls is emphasized by a rain-garland or LED figures created from a cable-thread.

Paper, non-woven wallpaper

Do not use adhesive tape to fasten garlands to paper or non-woven wallpaper, which, when removed, will damage their top layer. A good option is pushpins, which will leave only imperceptible holes on the wallpaper. Command hooks can also be used, but it is important not to exceed the weight load indicated in the instructions.

A garland-curtain or a garland-fringe will look beautiful on plain wallpaper. If the walls are patterned or multi-colored, then it is better to choose more concise options: a garland-thread or duralight.

Window glass

Illumination can be attached to the glass using adhesive tape, silicone suction cups, hooks. The easiest way to decorate a window is to put a thread-like garland around its perimeter. More spectacular options are illumination in the form of a grid, curtains, fringes. Want to impress your neighbors? Create an inscription or figure on the glass from a chameleon duralight.

How to hang a garland in the form of an inscription or Christmas tree?

Garlands can be used to create patterns on the wall with Christmas motifs. The most popular and uncomplicated option is the Christmas tree.

  1. Place the Command hooks on the wall in a zigzag pattern.
  2. Hang the linear garland on the hooks.
  3. Attach Christmas toys on top of the hooks. The Christmas tree is ready!

In addition, LED cables can be used to create a wall lettering. First, the contours of the future inscription are outlined on a vertical surface, and then a wire is laid out along them. Each turn and bend of the garland is fixed with tape or hooks.

You can create original compositions by combining garlands with shiny tinsel, paper snowflakes, photographs. What will be the interior on New Year's Eve - it depends only on your imagination!

How beautiful it is to hang a garland on a window and a wall

December 17, 2021LikbezDo it yourself

If you have not had time to create a New Year's atmosphere at home, these tips will help.



What to fasten the garland to

The main problem is to choose fasteners that will not leave marks on the surface.

Regular adhesive tape should not be used on wallpaper, as it will peel off with it. It is better to use double-sided foam.

Regular is fine for windows, although it may leave a tacky layer that can be difficult to peel off. And if the garland is heavy, the adhesive tape may not withstand and peel off.

Shot: Stroykhak / YouTube

A good option for attaching a garland to wallpaper is stationery pins. Traces from them will not be noticeable.

And if this is not so important for you, you can drive very small, thin nails into the wall. Especially if you plan to hang a garland in the same place in the next years.

Suction hooks are suitable for windows. They will not leave marks, but they will stand out quite strongly against the glass.

Universal tool - special clips for attaching garlands. They can be found in major hardware stores. Usually they are transparent and can be easily removed from walls and windows.

Frame: Stroykhak / YouTube

How to hang a garland

In this matter, everything depends on your imagination. And also from the length of the garland. You can not create a specific pattern. For example like this:

1 / 0

Frame: Kinwoven - Robeson Design / YouTube

2 / 0

Frame: Ace Hardware / YouTube

3 / 0

Frame: Mrs Mama / YouTube

900 frame

900 2 Mrs Mama / YouTube

5 / 0

Frame: Mrs Mama / YouTube

But there are more interesting options.

How to make a luminous curtain

The easiest way is to hang a ready-made structure with long perpendicular wires with bulbs or a net garland. They can be attached to both the wall and the window.

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Frame: Sandy Programmer / YouTube

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Frame: Mrs Mama / YouTube

But a similar curtain can be made from an ordinary long garland. Hang it with a snake, attaching it to the surface from above and - if desired - from below.

Video: Emmy Rosam Vlogs / YouTube

You can cover the curtain with sheer tulle on top. This will give an even more magical atmosphere.

1 / 0

Frame: Loft Prosto / YouTube

2 / 0

Frame: Max Kalygin / YouTube

3 / 0

Frame: Ruslan Skutin / YouTube

How to make a Christmas tree out of a garland

To form a Christmas tree, hang a garland. On the wall, you can decorate it with balls or tinsel.

Shots: Videographer Alexander Ivanov / YouTube

Here are some ideas for beautiful Christmas trees:

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Shot: MyTwoLittleSunshines / YouTube

2 / 0

Shot: Tara Dennis / YouTube

3 / 0

Frame: 3M UK & Ireland / YouTube

4 / 0

Frame: MyTwoLittleSunshines / YouTube

You can also “draw” the outline of a tree with a garland on the window.

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