How to hang mesh garland on christmas tree

How To Decorate A Christmas Tree With Deco Mesh

You’ve probably seen a beautiful professionally decorated Christmas tree decorated with mesh ribbon and wondered how you can accomplish this look at home.

I’m going to tell you how to decorate a Christmas tree with deco mesh so your tree looks absolutely stunning and is the highlight of your home this holiday.

Now, don’t start getting overwhelmed, as it’s really not a difficult task, especially once you really get the hang of the pattern down.

There are even different design options for decorating your Christmas tree with mesh so you can use the one that comes easiest to you.

As I mentioned there are a few different ways that you can use deco mesh to decorate your Christmas tree. It all depends on what style you want as well as how much time and patience you have.

To start you will need a roll (or two) of your decorative mesh in your chosen color or design

For a basic 7 foot Christmas tree you will need 2 rolls of the mesh. If you are unsure how much you will need check out my post on determining how much garland you need for a Christmas tree to help you out.

The deco mesh comes in different sizes, and it is up to you what size you choose.

If you want more of the mesh to be seen you may want to go with at least a 21 inch roll. On the other hand if you want more of natural incorporating of the mesh into the tree, you could go with more of a deco mesh ribbon that is only 10 inches.

Directions For Decorating Your Christmas Tree Using Deco Mesh

***Be sure to watch the video included below for visual instructions as well***

~Gather the mesh at the end and attach it to the top of your tree by wrapping a branch around it to secure it in place. For best placement start the mesh slightly below where the tree topper will sit.

~Slide your hand down the mesh to form sort of a looser “poof” to the mesh and then again secure it by wrapping a branch around the mesh. You want the branches that secure the mesh to be inner branches for the best look and to sort of hide the securing of the mesh.

~Continue doing this down the tree making the mesh “poofs” all around the same size. This is when you sort of have free range with your style as you can make the mesh go in a diagonal pattern down the tree or you can have it go straight down. For something a bit different you can even have it wrap all the way around the tree instead of having it go vertical.

~Once you get to the bottom of the tree, cut the mesh and simply push the mesh into the bottom branches to hide the end.

~Repeat the same process, evenly spacing the mesh garlands out until you have covered your entire tree.

Here is an easy-to-follow video that lays out each step of the directions for you.

Once you have finishes decorating your tree with deco mesh you have a few different options. You can use a wire ribbon to go over the mesh or even beside it for more decoration or you can simply just start adding your ornaments onto the tree.

Alternative Method For Using Deco Mesh To Decorate A Christmas Tree

If the above method for decorating isn’t for you, there is another way that you can go about using the mesh to decorate your tree and still get beautiful results.

Cut your mesh into pieces that are approximately 12-16 inches long.

You are going to follow the same sort of pattern as above, securing the mesh with branches and making sort of poofs that stand in and out of the tree. But instead of having to wrap around or down the whole tree, you can simply use the pieces to fill in spots where you want the mesh peaking out.

This gives you more of a whimsical look rather than a perfectly placed appearance. You could even use all types different mesh sizes and colors for a certain theme to give you that unique appearance.

The neat thing about using deco mesh to decorate your Christmas tree  is that you can style it several different ways from whimsical and fun to really elegant or even natural.

The mesh just makes a great alternative to the typical garland or ribbon that you see on other Christmas trees . It may just be what you need for something different for your Christmas tree this year.


How to Decorate a Christmas Tree from Start to Finish {the EASY way!}

If there is one question that I get the most around the holiday season, it is “How do you decorate your Christmas tree?” Well, I am by NO means a Christmas tree decorating expert, BUT…I do have some tricks that make it much easier for me each year to get that full look that I love! I thought it would be fun to share that with you, step by step!

Have you ever heard the saying, “There is more than one way to skin a cat”? Well, there is more than one way to decorate a Christmas tree- obviously! This is just the way that I do MINE, and I find it to be the easiest way for me!

First, this advice is purely for artificial trees. It doesn’t matter how fancy or nice your tree is, it will be covered up in the end, so even if it is looking shabby now, it won’t be for long!

Today, I am using a tree that I just did for a client. I decided to take pictures along the way so that I could show you the process!

After your tree is set up and all of your lights are in place, we will start with the KEY part to a full tree- the RIBBON! The way that I have found to be the easiest is to start with a very wide, deco mesh ribbon roll or some other kind of wide ribbon. Deco mesh is very easy to work with! This roll was $5 at Hobby Lobby and it did the full tree in 2 spots, where I wanted it.

Do NOT cut the ribbon. Simply start at the top of the tree, gather the end together and wrap it around a piece of the branch deep in the tree (they usually have wire, which makes it easy to wrap around) and start going down the tree, gathering large bunches together and sticking them into the tree and wrapping around a branch. When you get to the very bottom of the tree, cut your ribbon and tuck the bottom part in the tree and wrap it up in there. Then, start again on another area of the tree. Keep doing this until you are ready to start with a different type of ribbon or you are finished using ribbon on the tree. Use the same process with your next ribbon, if you chose to use 2 different kinds (or more).

This is what it will look like when you are done with the ribbon portion.

After the ribbon is finished, I always start with my BIGGEST ornaments and signs. These are another key element in creating a full tree. Use several large items! **You do not have to use ornaments. Get creative! Use fun signs, frames, anything!** Just hang them all over the tree in different areas, to make it balanced.

I used some really large ornaments on her tree, along with this really cute snowman wall hanging that I found!

After using your largest ornaments, I simply keep going through all of my ornaments from largest to smallest. I like to hang all of the smaller ones at the end (such as little balls or icicles) , to fill up space.

After I have used all of my actual ornaments, I go to my large “picks” to do my topper. I know people have all sorts of ways they do their topper. Some people use a star, angel, snowman hat, etc… but I like to use random large picks to stick out of the top. That is just what I like best!

Simply gather your picks and start sticking them in the top, arranging them how you like them the best. There is no rhyme or reason to what I do- I just work with it until it looks good! I don’t worry about it everything is perfectly balanced. If I like the craziness, I go with it. Have FUN with it!

If I have any large picks left after doing my topper, I simply stick them into the tree anywhere that looks like it needs a little something. It gives the tree some extra dimension.

When the large picks have all been used, I move to my small picks and start sticking them in the tree to fill up any empty space. These can be true picks or simply the little clip on pieces, like the white snowflakes in the picture. These pieces are just cheap little filler pieces that help make your tree look fuller.

And voila! That is it, folks! Look at your tree and admire your work! If you don’t like something, move it around! If there are empty spots, fill them in with some little bits of extra ribbon or extra cheap ornaments that you may have laying around!

That was easy enough, right?? What do you think? Are there any extra tips you have that make decorating your tree easier?

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How beautiful it is to hang a garland on a window and a wall

December 17, 2021LikbezDo it yourself

If you have not had time to create a New Year's atmosphere at home, these tips will help.



What to fasten the garland to

The main problem is to choose fasteners that will not leave marks on the surface.

Ordinary adhesive tape should not be used on wallpaper as it will peel off with it. It is better to use double-sided foam.

Regular is fine for windows, although it may leave a tacky layer that can be difficult to peel off. And if the garland is heavy, the adhesive tape may not withstand and peel off.

Shot: Stroykhak / YouTube

A good option for attaching a garland to wallpaper is stationery pins. Traces from them will not be noticeable.

And if this is not so important for you, you can drive very small, thin nails into the wall. Especially if you plan to hang a garland in the same place in the next years.

Suction hooks are suitable for windows. They will not leave marks, but they will stand out quite strongly against the glass.

Universal tool - special clips for attaching garlands. They can be found in major hardware stores. Usually they are transparent and can be easily removed from walls and windows.

Frame: Builder / YouTube

How to hang a garland

In this matter, everything depends on your imagination. And also from the length of the garland. You can not create a specific pattern. For example:

1 / 0

Frame: Kinwoven - Robeson Design / YouTube

2 / 0

Frame: Ace Hardware / YouTube

3 / 0

Frame: Mrs Mama / YouTube

Frame: Mrs Mama / YouTube

5 / 0

Frame: Mrs Mama / YouTube

But there are more interesting options.

How to make a luminous curtain

The easiest way is to hang a ready-made structure with long perpendicular wires with bulbs or a net garland. They can be attached to both the wall and the window.

1 / 0

Frame: Sandy Programmer / YouTube

2 / 0

Frame: Mrs Mama / YouTube

But a similar curtain can be made from an ordinary long garland. Hang it with a snake, attaching it to the surface from above and - if desired - from below.

Video: Emmy Rosam Vlogs / YouTube

You can cover the curtain with sheer tulle on top. This will give an even more magical atmosphere.

1 /0

Hard: Loft simply / YouTube

2 /0

Hard: Max Kalygin / Youtube


frame: Ruslan Skutin / YouTube

How to make a piece of garland

Christmas tree, hang a garland in a zigzag pattern. On the wall, you can decorate it with balls or tinsel.

Shots: Videographer Alexander Ivanov / YouTube

Here are some ideas for beautiful Christmas trees:

1 / 0

Shot: MyTwoLittleSunshines / YouTube

2 / 0

Shot: Tara Dennis9 / YouTube

0 30 30 30 2 UK & Ireland / YouTube

4 / 0

Frame: MyTwoLittleSunshines / YouTube

You can also “draw” the shape of a tree on the window with a garland. It is better not to add heavy Christmas decorations, but tinsel will do.

How to hang a garland with photos

Photocards can be easily attached to the garland by placing it horizontally. So you decorate the room and refresh warm memories in your memory. Of course, it is easier to view pictures if the garland is hanging on the wall.

For attaching photographs, it is convenient to use some kind of decorative clothespins or even the most ordinary ones. The latter can be painted and glued with beautiful paper.

Video: Cynthia / YouTube

Or hang your photos on paper clips by connecting the two for convenience.

Video: Tatyana Orlova / YouTube

This decor looks very nice and cozy.

1 /0

Hard: Craft Gallery / YouTube

2 /0

Hard: Saba and Sana / YouTube

9000 3/0

frame: FUOD FUN Explore / YouTube


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    How to hang a beautiful garland on a window, wall, Christmas tree: tips and tricks

    December is coming, and the New Year is coming. To feel that very festive mood, when worries fade into the background and only the expectation of a miracle remains, you need to properly decorate the apartment. The easiest way: hang a garland on a Christmas tree, window or wall. It would seem that it could be easier? But here, too, there are tricks. Let's talk about them.

    Oksana Barabanova




    New Year holidays

    Christmas trees

    New Year decoration

    How to properly hang a garland at home to create a New Year's mood

    The right entourage is the key to a fun holiday and a pleasant long weekend spent with the family, so it is so necessary to think over New Year's decorations. Our today's material will tell you how to hang garlands beautifully so that they harmoniously fit into the interior.

    How to hang a garland

    Garlands are one of the most popular Christmas decorations. Their design is incredibly diverse. To make the right choice, let's orient ourselves in the range of stores. So, the garlands are of the following types:

    • Thread garland - the simplest type of garlands that is used in most homes, great for decorating the Christmas tree, furniture and walls;
    • Mesh garland - is a "honeycomb" of wires with light bulbs. They are convenient to decorate walls, windows and ceilings.
    • Fringe garland - light bulbs connected in bundles, can be LED. The fringe garland looks great in the design of windows and walls.
    • Duralight is a transparent wire with lights inside, thanks to the flexibility of the cord, you can create a huge number of different patterns and inscriptions, as well as beautifully outline the contours of objects, such as mirrors or paintings, with a garland.

    You have chosen your favorite decoration, and now the question arises: how to use it in the interior? How can you hang a garland so that the New Year's decor is thoughtful, not messy? Read more about this.

    How can I fix the garland?

    It depends on the surface on which you are going to hang the garland.

    • The adhesive tape is suitable for smooth surfaces, for example, for plastic window slopes. At the same time, it can leave a sticky mark on the glass itself, which will have to be washed off. You should not hang a garland on a wall with wallpaper using adhesive tape, because their top layer will peel off along with it. It is better to use double-sided foam tape.
    • Thumbtacks or pins suitable for wallpaper or fabric surfaces. Holes from them will be invisible.
    • Vacuum suction hooks are handy for glass as they won't leave marks. It is necessary to choose small hooks so that they do not catch the eye.
    • Wire Clip Hooks are the perfect solution for securing because they will hold tight, be invisible and leave no marks.

    In general, before hanging a garland, decide what exactly you are going to decorate and take the necessary fasteners for the surface. We will tell you more about them later.

    How to hang a garland beautifully on a window

    To securely fasten a garland on a window, you will need strong tape, hooks with suction cups, or special clips that are sold in hardware stores.

    The easiest way is to glue a simple thread garland around the perimeter of the window. However, if such a decor seems not impressive enough to you, we suggest making a curtain from a mesh garland. For greater mystery, it can be covered with transparent tulle.

    How to hang a garland on the window to stand out from the neighbors? The original solution is to place a duralight garland directly on the glass, creating some kind of inscription or drawing.

    How beautiful it is to hang a garland on the wall

    Ordinary adhesive tape is not suitable for attaching a garland to the wall. It will damage the wallpaper and leave sticky marks on the painted wall. Better buy double-sided foam tape. You can hang a garland on the wallpaper using stationery pins. Special clips for attaching garlands are also great.

    A linear garland can be used to create a unique decoration on the wall. Traditional New Year motifs are popular: Christmas trees, deer, snowmen. Here are some ideas on how to beautifully hang a garland on the wall.

    How to hang a Christmas tree garland on the wall

    This is a very simple pattern, but it looks cute and very New Year's. Place the mounts on the wall in a zigzag pattern and hang a garland, and then decorate the makeshift Christmas tree with toys.

    How to hang a garland on the wall in the form of an inscription

    A duralight garland is best suited for this purpose. Put on the wall any inscriptions related to the holiday or motivating you and your family. We present a few ideas in the photo. Here you have to work a little and “play with fonts”, but it’s better to come up with and sketch the inscription in advance.

    How to hang a garland on the wall in other ways

    For those who are not looking for easy ways, we offer to come up with real pictures from garlands. Use additional decor: paper snowflakes, photographs, confetti, sparkles. Photo cards can be easily attached to the garland by placing it horizontally. So you will decorate the room and refresh warm memories in your memory. Of course, it is more convenient to look at the pictures if the garland is hanging on the wall.

    You can use some decorative clothespins or even the most ordinary ones to attach photos. The latter can be painted and pasted over with beautiful paper. Or hang photos on paper clips by connecting two pieces for convenience. This decor looks very nice and cozy.

    How to hang a garland in a room

    To decorate a room with a garland, attach it around the perimeter of a doorway or along the ceiling. A garland-curtain will also look great on the door - you will get a real portal to the New Year's fairy tale! We offer a few more original options on how to hang a garland beautifully in a room.

    How to hang a garland in a room on a mirror

    A luminous garland looks fantastic on the mirror frame! The lights will be reflected in the glass, creating real magic. Try wrapping a simple LED garland with tinsel, and then the effect of the decoration will become even more impressive.

    How to hang a garland in a room on a table

    The garland looks especially impressive under a glass top. In combination with beautiful dishes and wine glasses, you will get an original New Year's decor for a kitchen or dining room. But even this can not be stopped. Place a Christmas tree wreath on the table and wrap it with a garland.

    How to hang a garland in a room on a bed

    The garland can be stretched along the headboard. Then you will literally fall asleep and wake up with a feeling of a New Year's miracle! If you have a bed with legs, wrap a garland around them too.

    How to hang a curtain garland on a window

    A garland in the form of a canvas deserves special attention, which is simply created to decorate windows. If your garland-curtain is light in weight, you can secure it with double-sided tape. For heavier jewelry, a glue gun is suitable. It will help to hang the product both on the frame and on the glass. Tulle hooks will also be a great help.

    Before you hang an electric string curtain on the window, consider whether the length of the wire reaches the outlet or whether you need to use an extension cord. In general, a garland on batteries will allow you not to think about it.

    How to hang a garland on a Christmas tree

    The garland will perfectly complement the Christmas tree decoration. To prevent the decoration from slipping, use special clothespins. Fix them on the branches where you want to hang the garland.

    The garland does not have to match the toys. You can also choose a contrasting decoration: red to blue, blue to gold, yellow to purple. And of course, garlands with multi-colored light bulbs are always relevant - there is never too much color in the New Year!

    If your Christmas tree is richly decorated with toys, hang the garland as close to the trunk as possible so as not to create a clutter effect.

    Thinking about how to hang a garland on a Christmas tree, most imagine the serpentine way. However, this can also be done crosswise and even stretching the garland from top to bottom.

    Learn more