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How To String Garland on a Christmas Tree

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Tips and Simple Tricks for How To String Garland on a Christmas Tree!  Watch the quick video below to show you how to make your tree beautiful this holiday season!

Use garlands to fill in bare spots on your tree, to add warmth and texture and to create an overall decor theme to your Christmas tree.  There are so many options for garland…everything from ribbon to popcorn, cranberries, tinsel and even yarn!  This year on one of my Christmas trees I used yarn and I’m loving the look…come see how I put it all together!

Last winter I bought rolls and rolls of this chunky chenille yarn in a cream colour (from Michaels), all in optimistic hope of making a knitted blanket.  But here we are a year later and I haven’t done a thing with them. So in my attempt this holiday season to use what I have and limit my spending, I decided to use this yarn in another way, as a tree garland.   And the great thing is, if I do decide to ever make that blanket I still can!

A Christmas Tree Decorated All in White

I thought this soft yarn would almost look like snow draped along the tree branches…the texture is perfect for it!  Once I had it strung on the tree, I immediately loved how it looked!  Then I dug out all of the white ornaments I could find in my Christmas bins, and decorated the tree entirely in white.  I LOVE the look of this tree!  Soft pretty and so calming.

A Red and White Christmas Tree

But I also wanted to see what this tree would look like with pops of red…I just love the red and white combination at Christmas!  Now I’m not sure which tree I like better, they’re both SO pretty!

And that yarn garland works perfectly with both colour options!

Tips for Stringing Garland on a Christmas Tree

I’m sharing how I string garland on a Christmas tree in the video below, but I wanted to share 5 quick tips to get you started!

  • Put your lights on the tree first!  This is a must.   Do this before any addition of garland or ornaments.
  • Choose your garland, and make sure you have enough to go around!  Garlands can be ribbon, yarn, tinsel, popcorn…anything!
  • Start at the top of the tree and work your way down.
  • Keep about a foot between each strand of garland. You can put it closer together too…the key is to keep the distance equal.
  • When you’re stringing your garland, make sure to keep the garland loose so you can tuck it into the tree.  You don’t want the garland to look tight around the tree.

But remember, you can use any type of garland you like!  Ribbon, orange slice garlands, popcorn garlands, tinsel and even yarn!  Just have fun!

Watch the Video: How to String Garland on a Christmas Tree

If you would like to see how to string garland around a Christmas tree, watch this quick video I put together!  I also share a fun time lapse of me decorating both tree colour options with ornaments…so fun!

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Beaded Christmas Garland

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Tinsel and Other Types of Garland

If beaded garland isn't your thing, don't worry. Christmas Tree Hill also carries tinsel garland and other types of garland that are sure to please. Tinsel garland is a less messy version of standard tinsel, so you can get the sparkle and shine you love without the mess and rogue strands everywhere. We also carry icicle garland and pine bough garland for decorating other parts of your home.

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stylish DIY Christmas decorations -


The main highlight of these Christmas trees is in the paper pattern from which you will make them. Strict monochrome combinations can look even brighter and more unusual than multi-colored motley patterns. In addition to paper, you will need glue, wire loops and a few beads for decoration.

Step 1 Draw Patterns


For two types of Christmas trees, draw two types of templates: triangular and with branches.

Step 2. Making blanks


For each toy, you need at least 6 blanks, you can use more. Trace them according to the template on sheets of colored paper, cut them out and fold them in half lengthwise, with the colored side inward.

Step 3. Assemble the toy


We glue the blanks one with the other wrong sides.

Step 4. Add a loop


Before gluing the last of the blanks, put a wire loop inside (you can make it from a strong thread).

DIY gifts for the New Year

“Mosaic” cone


The mosaic pattern of such a cone is assembled from scraps of fabric, but this New Year's decoration is made without a single seam! For a Faberge-style cone, you will need a foam blank of the desired shape, a centimeter, a pen, a breadboard knife, scissors, scraps of fabric, glue, thread for a loop and beads for decoration.

Step 1. Lay out the mosaic scheme


Using a measuring tape, mark the grid on the foam blank. Draw longitudinal and transverse lines at an equal distance from each other. Draw a diagram of the mosaic on the grid. Then go through this pattern with a breadboard knife, cutting through the foam inside.

Step 2. Assemble the patchwork pattern


With closed scissors, tuck each piece into the cuts made with the knife. Too wide edges are best cut off. When the whole mosaic is ready, make a loop out of beads and thread, tie a knot, drip glue on it and tuck the loop into the hole in the mosaic at the top of the cone.

Vintage patchwork ball


Such balls are suitable for a vintage-style Christmas tree. In addition to their exquisite look, they are also safe: if they fall from a branch, they will definitely not break.

To make balls, you will need: multi-colored cotton for the outside and a matching color for the inside, voluminous adhesive interlining (you can replace it with fleece or ordinary thin interlining + "spider line"), synthetic winterizer for stuffing the ball, tape or thread for the eyelet .

Step 1. Draw circles


Decide on the size of the future ball. For example, with a circle diameter of about 5 cm, the diameter of the finished ball will be about 9 cm. Trace and cut circles from interlining - you will need 20 of them. Iron the non-woven mugs on the wrong side of the cotton for the top of the ball. Leave space for allowances between circles.

Step 2. Sew the blanks


Attach the backing fabric to the front side of the fabric with glued interlining with the right side and stitch exactly around the non-woven circle. Trim each piece with zigzag scissors close to the stitching. If there are no such scissors, it is better to cut triangles: without them, the seam will not be neat.

Step 3. Unscrew


Make a small incision in the middle of each circle on the wrong side. Turn the mugs through it and iron.

Step 4 Preparing for assembly


Draw an equilateral triangle on the front side of each circle. It's easier to make a template out of paper and trace it onto the fabric.

Step 5. Sew the parts of the ball


We take two circles, fold them with the lining sides to each other and sew them manually with a “needle forward” seam along the drawn line. It is better to fasten the thread at the beginning and end of each seam with a couple of stitches over the edge.

Step 6. Check assembly


The vertices of the triangles should form "pentifolia" - this means that the assembly is proceeding correctly.

Step 7. Finishing the job


When sewing the last circle, fill the ball with padding polyester. Smooth the finished ball, straightening the "petals". Pass the ribbon. Ready!

Fashion table decorations for the New Year's table: 6 ideas with workshops

Openwork thread balls

photo: homester.

Openwork balls can be hung on a Christmas tree, or, strung on long threads, decorate a window opening with them, or put on electric garlands on light bulbs. Use leftover cotton or acrylic threads for knitting, darning threads, bobbin threads - the main thing is that they are not too fluffy. You will also need wallpaper glue or PVA and small rubber balloons.

Step 1. Preparing the form


Balloons will become molds for toys. Inflate them, if necessary - deflate the air, giving a rounded shape. Prepare the glue by pouring it into a container and thread.

Step 2. Soak the threads


Unwind a thread of a decent length and soak in glue. Threads should be soaked properly!

Step 3. Create openwork

photo: homester.

Now you need to wrap balloons with wet threads - do it improvising, it will still turn out beautifully. Having created a ball of the desired density, cut the thread and secure it with glue.

Step 4 Dry


In 12-24 hours, the balls will dry - they should become hard and elastic. Then we pierce the rubber ball inside with a needle and remove it, and supply the finished balls with a loop of tape or thread.

Felt snowflakes

photo: hny. by

Sequins, beads, beads, glass beads - felt snowflakes can be embroidered as you wish. If you just sew or glue two halves of a snowflake along the edge, the toy will turn out to be flat, if you add a synthetic winterizer to the middle, it will be voluminous.

Step 1. Choose the shape and pattern

photo: hny. by

Use one of our snowflake designs or create your own.

Step 2. Create a snowflake

photo: hny. by

Transfer the pattern to the felt. Cut out two identical pieces for each snowflake. Embroidery can decorate one or both sides; accordingly, outline its scheme. Embroider the felt with sequins, beads, beads according to the scheme. Connect the two parts of the snowflake with glue or sew. Don't forget a loop of ribbon or thread.

3D felt garlands


You will need sheets of felt, felt balls, a breadboard knife and a ruler, strong thread, and glue.

Step 1. Mark and cut


Cut out a square from the felt. Mark three more squares inside the blank at equal distances from each other, plus draw one diagonal. With a dummy knife, make cuts along the lines of the square - it's easier to do this along the ruler.


Leave the middle of the square on both sides of the diagonal intact.

Step 2. Rolling according to the scheme


Bend the corners of the smallest of the resulting rhombuses inward, lay them on top of each other and glue. Turn the piece over. Bend and fasten the corners of the next rhombus. Turn the felt over again and glue the remaining free corners together. Make several of these decorations and string them on a thread, alternating with felt balls.

Fancy DIY Christmas balls

Glamor balls


Finally - a few ideas for creating Christmas tree decorations that resemble pieces of jewelry art.

Step 1 Rhinestone Ball


The basis for this luxurious decoration can be a foam ball blank or a plastic Christmas tree ball. Any crystals, rhinestones, stones, jewelry details are suitable for decoration - everything that shines and shimmers. Just glue the decor to the base with a glue gun and let dry.

Step 2 Bead and sequin balls


Before decorating, the foam base for such balls must be painted (with acrylic paint using a sponge or from a spray can) and dried. Sequins, cords, ribbons and beads are “pinned” to the base with pins with a small flat head. Corsage pins with a bead head can themselves become a ball decoration.

Step 3. Pearl balls


Pearl beads strung on pins make this decoration something between a voluminous snowflake and a Christmas tree ball. Before sticking a pin with decor into a foam base ball, drip glue on its sharp tip - for strength.

How to decorate a Christmas tree and a house for the New Year? Decorators' tips

New Year's holidays are approaching - the most magical time of the year. But we need to think in advance and give a magical atmosphere to our home. The editors of asked professional decorators to tell us what trends in decorating Christmas trees and houses are relevant this year.

How to decorate a Christmas tree in 2020

If earlier we used the same toys and techniques to decorate a Christmas tree, now it has become fashionable to experiment with different styles and even invite decorators to decorate a winter beauty. About the most interesting ways to decorate a Christmas tree, we asked the designer-decorator and shop window designer Kirill Lopatinsky.

Nutcracker Christmas Tree

One of the best ways to decorate a Christmas tree is to use the symbol of the year. Next year is the year of the mouse, and in order to play this story beautifully, you can turn to Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky's ballet The Nutcracker. For example, use a wooden lacquer Nutcracker and a mouse king in the form of a painted glass toy.

When decorating a Christmas tree, you can focus on the theatrical style, and to support the theme of theater and ballet, use a color combination with dominant red and gold. Gold is smooth, like on candelabra, or matte, like on stucco elements. This is a classic theatrical color combination. Complete it with the usual decor elements - candlesticks, chandeliers, add crystal. And the light on the Christmas trees must be theatrical, warm and subdued.

Color of the year tree

The use of a specific color is another interesting trend.

Every year the Pantone European Color Institute names the color of the year. Now this color is live coral - “living coral”, in Russian reading it is closer to salmon.

One of the ways to use the live coral color combination is futuristic: decorate the tree itself and decorate it with toys in one color. This can be done with paint cans, and European companies offer a special offer: order a Christmas tree already painted in the color of the year or any other color. Such a Christmas tree will have a flock-style texture, which creates the effect of soft needles and snowiness.

Nautical Tree

The second use of live coral is to pair it with nautical turquoise. You will get a Christmas tree that will remind you of summer trips to the sea. Pearls, treasures, shells - the whole installation is played in the theme of seafood.

Now there is a large selection of toys and decorative elements that support this trend: shells, corals, fish, marine reptiles and masters of the seas - from mermaids to Poseidon.

Also, the sea is always a lot of glitter. The use of glitter will create the illusion of a sparkling sea wave, as if there were drops of water on all the toys and decorations.

Fresh flowers and other decorations

Photo: from the archive of Kirill Lopatinsky

Another trend is to use fresh flowers and other natural materials to decorate the Christmas tree.

For New Year and Christmas, you can make compositions from winter plants - poinsettias. In winter, various berries also appear, for example, Gualteria - it looks like cranberries. This is a creeping plant, very beautiful, and the composition with these berries lasts quite a long time.

How to decorate a house for the New Year

The Christmas tree is the main symbol of the New Year and Christmas, but without the right decor for the house, creating an atmosphere of magic will not work. Veronika Tabenskaya, co-founder of OTTEPEL Design Buro, tells how to properly decorate a house for the holidays.

Trend for naturalness


When decorating your home, use natural motifs and do not overload the interior with unnecessary details. The absence of an abundance of small details makes it possible to enjoy the simplicity of forms and the texture of natural materials. Spruce branches and evergreens, dried mushrooms and pine cones, northern berries and spicy cinnamon - the forest always gives us bright touches for a festive interior.



Pay attention to non-standard shades of familiar colors.

Coloring becomes more complex. All colors go into dark tones: purple, gray, dark emerald. Blue becomes the color of the night sky, and silver twitches with patina. In minimalist and urban interiors, gray looks very impressive.

Gone is the polished shine, the latest trends are rust, oxidized metal stains and patina. This year, materials and concise forms are more important than a variety of colors.

Light decor


It is very important to think over lighting and light decor correctly: it sets the tone for the festive mood. Candles, lanterns, garlands are used. Moreover, they can be used outside the box, for example, hang a garland on a stepladder and make an art object out of it.



Soviet-era Christmas decorations and antique boxes are also useful for decorating a New Year's interior.

In the design of private interiors, it is always important to return to traditions and history. What could be better than a box of retro jewelry that grandma used to wear? Combining vintage and modern materials, you can give a new sound to old things, and charm the homely atmosphere.


Fragrances are another element that creates the right mood, so it's worth considering what fragrances your home will be filled with on New Year's Eve. Use natural oils - mandarin, pine needles, spices of cloves and cinnamon. Successful New Year's aromas: cedar with grapes and pomegranate; citrus fruits with cinnamon; tonka bean and oud oil aroma.

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