How to hang tinsel garland on a christmas tree

How to Put Tinsel On a Christmas Tree & Decorate Like a Professional

Steps to Decorate a Christmas Tree with Tinsel and Ornaments

Have you ever found yourself getting tangled up in a tinsel tornado of a mess in a vague attempt to decorate your Christmas tree?

Good, because we most definitely understand that struggle far too well for our liking.

You want your tree to look elegant, bold, and brighter than the sun. But it’s hard to do that when you don’t know where the lights fit, how to wrap tinsel around each branch, or what order to hang your baubles in.

No need to panic though, since our savvy little elves here at OpenforChristmas have been working hard gathering all the info and tools you need to put that troublesome tinsel on your tree the right way.

Read on to find out just how to put tinsel on a tree and hang your tree decorations like a Christmas pro!

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Decorating Your Christmas Tree with Tinsel: A Step-by-Step Guide

Part 1 – Preparing your Christmas Tree

To prepare and decorate your Christmas tree, you must first decide which kind of tree would be best suited to your home and lifestyle.  

If you abhor the dreaded clean up that comes with real traditional trees, then we recommend opting for an artificial Christmas tree

However, if the scent of natural pine and a wood trunk fill you with festive warmth, then check out these potted Christmas trees from ChristmasTreesDirect.

Once you’ve found your forever tree, you can now move on to getting it primed and prepped for decorating.

Step 1: Measure Your Tree

To measure your tree, you must take into consideration two key elements:

1. Height

In their guide on how to choose an artificial Christmas tree, leading Christmas tree brand Balsam Hill recommends buying a tree that is at least 15cm (6 inches) shorter than the height of your ceiling/room, to ensure that there will be enough space for a tree topper.

Ask yourself this, when deciding how tall of a Christmas tree you want: will this height of [—] cm/inches allow enough room for all of the decorations that I want to hang on this tree?

Certain decorations such as LED lights or tinsel garlands differ in length according to where you buy them from. Therefore, you need to make a decision: do you want to pick a tree that’s tall enough to accommodate the length of your decorations? Alternatively, do you want to cut your tinsel to length to fit your tree?

If you opt for the former, you will need to find a tree that will allow you to drape your lights and your tinsel in a staggered manner, from the tip of the tree right down to the base. On the other hand, if you opt for the latter, you can pick any tree length that you want, and even if it’s short, you can cut the tinsel to size.

2. Width of Floor Space Needed

One of the first things you should do before deciding which kind of Christmas tree you want to buy is to: measure the spot where you intend to display your Christmas tree; then choose a tree that will best fit within your desired space.

If your tree is too thin, you would be better off decorating it with fewer decorations, as the traditional style of decorating (lights, tinsel, baubles, ornaments and candy canes, etc.) will overcrowd your tree and damage the branches.

However, if your Christmas tree is too full, the decorations could appear too sparse and you may have to invest in twice the amount of decorations to fill any voids.

To get around this, we recommend opting for a ‘Slim’ tree. Slim Christmas trees represent the midpoint between the two extremes and allow you to decorate your tree to your heart’s content.

Step 2: Tweak the Branches

To get that authentic, natural appearance on your artificial tree, you must tweak the branches on your tree. Whether or not your tree is artificial, Christmas tree branches often need some major tweaking to get that full, vibrant look.

Well-positioned branches with fluffy pines offer a perfect blank canvas on which to hang your lights and tinsel. Without a well-planned tree structure, your decorations can look uneven, unbalanced and messy.

As John Lewis Assistant Buyer Christmas, Scott Bartle advises, “If you’ve fluffed your tree and the lights are even, you can’t go wrong.”

Step 3: Choose a Colour Scheme

Choosing a streamlined, vibrant colour scheme for your decorations and lights is key to crafting a well-balanced Christmas tree that adds warmth and Christmas joy to your home.

If you mix colours that don’t blend well, then you’ll end up with an eyesore rather than an elegant work of art.

Traditionally, most Christmas trees are decorated in warm, festive colours such as reds, greens, golds and yellows. Red symbolises fire, love, excitement and joy, while greens imbue a sense of life, vivacity and nature, bringing the forest right into your home. 

Golds are mainly used to imply luxury and decadence and mimic the ribbons of Christmas presents. The combination of these three colours blends flawlessly to give your home that extra oomph of Christmas joy.

For an authentic winter glow, you can add white Christmas tree lights. White tree lights are particularly bright and eye-catching, which is why we recommend also using these for outdoor Christmas lights. Check out our full guide on the best LED Christmas lights here.

Remember: How do you want your space to feel? For a cosy, fireplace-adjacent experience, blend rich, warm colours. For an icy, North-Pole-esque vibe, consider mixing blue and white.

Part 2 – Decorating your Christmas Tree

Step 1: Lead with the Lights

The first step in decorating your Christmas tree is to add your Christmas tree lights.

As logic would dictate, the best way to decorate a Christmas tree is to start from the top and work your way down. Believe us, we’ve made the same mistake dozens of times over.

However, to ensure that you have enough room for your tree topper, it’s best to start at the base of the trunk, winding the lights around the branches from the bottom up to the tip of the tree (and back, if you still have excess lights).

The best Christmas tree lights are well distributed with no obvious gaps or voids between the branches. There should be gaps of no more than one inch between each bulb, and no more than six inches between each branch.

For a great set of lights that will turn your tree into a glittering winter wonderland, look no further than the LED String Lights from Mygoto, available on Amazon. These lights come with 8 different light modes, perfect for transforming your living room into party central!

Step 2: Time for Tinsel

As decorating trends go, the tradition of decorating your Christmas tree with tinsel has certainly seen a decline in popularity over the years.

However, with inflation ever-growing, and the cost of Christmas reaching record highs in a nationwide pandemic, we’re all looking for cheap alternatives to the luxury norms. Tinsel garlands provide exactly that: a fun, low-cost way to decorate your tree in seasonal style.

So, how do you decorate your Christmas tree with tinsel?

The most important step is to first choose tinsel garlands in colours that match or blend well with your lights. For example, if your lighting scheme is a blend of warm yellows, reds and greens, then we suggest picking copper or gold tinsel to add to the cosy atmosphere. 

Alternatively, if you’re opting for more of a wintery theme with your lights, then we recommend blue or silver garlands of tinsel.

Now, to hang your tinsel, simply drape one strand across each level of branches, working your way up from the trunk in stages.

For some inspiration, Amazon currently offers a range of silver, copper, red or multicoloured tinsel to suit each festive style.

You can check out their full range here.

Step 3: Baubles, Bells and Balance

Here’s where the whole family can join in with the fun!

As with your tinsel, you must choose baubles that match the overall colour scheme of your lights and Christmas tree in general.

For example, red and white Christmas tree décor works really well.

Hanging baubles is a bit like a math equation: you should start from the inside of your tree and work outwards, making sure to leave reasonable gaps between each.

Start with a plain base of baubles for the deeper sections of the tree then as you work outwards, add baubles with some sparkle. Use bigger baubles to fill the interior, adding depth and volume; then, place the smaller baubles along the tips of the branches for boldness.

This 24-piece Christmas Bauble set from YXC offers a mix of both plain and decorated red and white baubles for that traditional theme. To match your blue or silver scheme, we recommend picking up the Mini Christmas Tree Baubles from Christmas Concepts.

Alternatively, if you want to go all out and decorate your tree to the hilt, we recommend the Xmas Tree Hanging Christmas Balls 100-piece set from Aitsite, available on Amazon.

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Step 4: Top it All Off with your Tree Topper

Traditionally, whenever we think of the crowning masterpiece, we think of religious symbols like the Star of Bethlehem or angelic icons and cherubs.

However, there are so many unconventional tree toppers out there to choose from.

You could add a sense of childlike whimsy and fun with a Santa-esque topper, like the Swedish Gnome Xmas Tree Topper from Amosfun, available on Amazon.

Or, you could bring the festive frost inside, with this Snowman Tree Topper from Dee Banna, also available on Amazon.

Or, if you happen to be a stickler for that traditional Christian vibe, we recommend checking out this beautiful 3D Geometric Star from Lewondr.

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Unusual Christmas Tree Decorations

Stringing Popcorn

Taking a frosted leaf out of the Big Book of American Christmas Traditions, you could partake in the old-fashioned tradition of wrapping your Christmas tree in garlands of popcorn.

A tradition that was brought over to America by German immigrants, using popcorn as a holiday decoration became popular in the 19th and 20th centuries due to the failing economy, and the fact that cheap snack foods were seen as a fun Christmas treat by many youngsters.

As a way of making the popcorn festive and fun, they would colour the popcorn using various dyes, load other snacks onto the strings, such as nuts, fruits and seeds.

How to Make Your Own Popcorn Garland:

1. Use wax-covered dental floss, fishing line, or sewing thread, and a tapestry needle.

2. Tie a knot at one end of the string so that the kernels don’t fall off.

3. Use popcorn that is at least a day old (newly-popped kernels break very easily).

4. Thread the needle cautiously through the middle of the popcorn.

5. Move each kernel to the end of the string once you’ve loaded them individually.

6. If you want to include dried fruits or nuts, load your string in an alternating pattern; for example, popcorn-nut-popcorn, or popcorn-fruit-popcorn, etc…

Bear in mind that if you’re using fresh fruit instead of dried, you will have to prepare for potential juice stains by wearing some old, unused clothes and to protect the area that you’re working in with newspaper or cloth.

Final Thoughts on How to Put Tinsel On a Christmas Tree & Decorate Like a Pro

There you have it: the fruits of your labour actualised in a well-balanced, striking tree decorated to the very stars Mary and Joseph walked under all those centuries ago.

Now, in the dusk of the start to a new decade, all that’s left to do is find, wrap and put the presents under the glittering masterpiece that is your Christmas tree!

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How to Put Tinsel On a Christmas Tree & Decorate Like a Pro

21 Easy Holiday Decor Hanging Hacks

Domestically Blissful

With the holiday season comes a to-do list that never seems to end. We know how hard it can be to find inspiration for Christmas decorations that feel festive and magical, yet attainable and affordable. To help make your holiday season just a little bit easier, we've rounded up easy ideas on how to hang garland. These hanging hacks are sure to save you time and energy.

As you read, you'll learn how to hang like a pro — whether it be garland, wreaths, stylish stockings or outdoor Christmas lights. Discover simple decorating ideas for every space, including eye-catching ways to style your mantel, Christmas staircase decorations that'll complement your interior and holiday door decor that'll wow your guests.

The best part: there's no drilling required so you won't have to worry about permanently altering or damaging your space. When the holiday season is over, all of these hacks are super easy to undo. Plus, it's possible to use the structures you already have, like hanging a DIY Christmas wreath from your pendant light or securing garland on your mirrors. There are plenty of Christmas decorations to buy and holiday decor from Amazon that are simple to hang and will blend seamlessly with your existing home design.

Most of these hacks are stress-free — even if you're a novice DIYer — and you likely have most of the supplies lying around your house. If you don't have everything you need, the supplies are super affordable and accessible. Now, pick up some command hooks, fishing line, double-sided tape, zip ties or your hot glue gun and get to work!

Sian Richards

1 of 21

Rely on Floral Wire

Secure fresh garland down the length of your banister using floral wire. For extra security and a touch of personality, tie giant ribbons around it.


Style by Emily Henderson; Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

2 of 21

Hang a Wreath With Fishing Line

This oversized wire wreath looks as though it's floating in the air, but in reality, it's being held by a piece of fishing line. Hang your decor with nearly-invisible fishing line and everyone will wonder how you've pulled it off.

See more at Style by Emily Henderson »

Mike Garten

3 of 21

Use Ribbon to Secure Chair Wreaths

Hang mini wreaths on the back of your chairs to instantly elevate the dining room. Find your favorite ribbon — make sure it's sturdy — and loop it around the wreath and tie the ribbon around the top of the chair. For extra support, you can use a zip tie then cover the zip tie with the ribbon.



4 of 21

Use Decorative Garland Ties

Add a pop of color to your garland with these decorative ties. These fabric-covered ties are pleasing to look at and do a great job at securing the garland to the banister since they act as a twist tie. Also, you don’t have to worry about any scratches on the banister — an overall win!


Domestically Blissful

5 of 21

Secure Garland With Zip Ties

To give your garland a natural draped look, use Command Hooks and then use clear zip ties to attach the garland to the hooks. This will help ensure your garland hangs beneath the hand rail and allow you to create drapes exactly to your liking.

See more at Domestically Blissful »

ABBOTTGetty Images

6 of 21

Invest in Stocking Hooks

Just pop it on your fireplace mantel, hang your stocking and you're done. Find a festive figure that elevates your home style, whether it's a little Christmas tree, adorable reindeer or golden nutcracker.

So Festive

7 of 21

Display Holiday Cards

Put your holiday cards on display with just a few supplies, including your favorite ribbon, clothespins and a few thumb tacks. This decorative setup works well on your kitchen pantry or hall closet door or any blank wall that will allow you to see the cards frequently.

See more at So Festive »

Seth Smoot

8 of 21

Add Holiday Greens

Give your pre-existing decor a holiday upgrade. You can use heavy-duty tape (like a double-sided one) or removable Command strips to attach greenery, like wreaths and garlands, to your mirrors.


The Gifted Wreath

9 of 21

Hang Mini Wreaths With Ribbon

The more wreaths, the better! If you already have your front door covered, then it’s time for mini wreaths indoors. Hang mini wreaths over kitchen cabinets with just a few simple supplies, most importantly ribbon and Command Hooks. With a little bit of measuring and some ribbon, you’ll have these up in no time.

See more at The Gifted Wreath »

Tria Giovan

10 of 21

Make a Wreath Chandelier

Hang a wreath to your pendant light by using thick, sturdy ribbon to create your own custom chandelier. Be careful to choose a lightweight wreath so your pre-existing hardware can easily support it.


In My Own Style

11 of 21

Create Porch Light Decor Using a Hanger

If you are looking for a way to decorate your porch light for the holidays, this is an easy and affordable way to add some greenery near your home entrance. With a wire coat hanger, foam block and a few extra supplies, you’ll be well on your way to a stunning porch light decoration.

See more at In My Own Style »

Gear Ties

12 of 21

Use Cable Organizers to Attach Garland

You typically depend on Gear Ties to corral cords and cables, but they can also secure garland to mantels, bannisters, and shelves. The adjustable ties come in a variety of colors, so you can choose the one that best matches your railing or garland.


KatSnowdenGetty Images

13 of 21

Use Binder Clips to Hang Lights

Raid your office stash for binder clips before hanging lights or garland on the outside of your house. Not only does the color blend into dark roofs, the clip design makes it easy to adjust the garland's placement while you hang.


See more at HubPages »

Thrifty & Chic

14 of 21

Hang Stockings With a Curtain Rod

Here's an easier way to hang your stockings. If you have multiple stockings and not enough hooks, grab a curtain rod and place it on top of the stocking hooks that you already have. Then, all you’ll have to do is string the stockings on the rod — however many you have!

See more at Thrifty & Chic »

Tidbits and Twine

15 of 21

Hide a Hook in the Back

To make sure that your wreath really shines, stick a hook on the back of the door instead of the front. Then, loop the ribbon on to the hook and over the door. This way, the front looks seamless, and the bow on the back of the door offers a sweet surprise.

See more at Tidbits and Twine »

Craftberry Bush

16 of 21

Opt for Weather-Resistant Hooks

While any ol' Command hook will initially do the trick, it won't be able to withstand a month (or three) of winter weather. Attach garland or window swags with stick-on hooks — Christmas lights, especially! — made specifically for outdoor windows and house exteriors to ensure that your décor stays put all season long.


Charleston Crafted

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Hang Christmas Tree Lights Vertically

Hang your Christmas lights vertically this year and avoid the hassle of going round and round the tree. It’s quicker and you only need to go around once! Start at the bottom and bring the wire to the top of the tree, curve the wire at the top and bring it back down. Then, all you have to do is repeat until you have gone around the tree in one full loop.

See more at Charleston Crafted »


18 of 21

Attach a Garland Hanger

For an easy, foolproof option, attach a garland hanger to any door frame — indoors or outdoors. Then, you can easily drape your greens over the top. Since they're adjustable, they can be moved around from door to door (or door to window) in the years to come.


Edward HaylanGetty Images

19 of 21

Make the Most of Your Tension Rod

If you love the look of greenery above your windows, just consider it your drapery for the season. A tension curtain rod holds the decorations in place, and craft-store wire attaches it to the rod.


See more at Home Stories A to Z »

My Six Ring Circus

20 of 21

Glue Light Strands Directly to Your House

Hot glue is one of the easiest ways to temporarily attach a string of lights or garland to the outside of your home. Here's the catch: It doesn't work on every surface — hot glue will cause paint to peel off and stucco to melt — and it's probably not recommended by light manufacturers, so try this tip at your own risk.


RELATED: The Best Outdoor Christmas Lights You Can Buy

The Handmade Home

21 of 21

Use a Decorative Hook

Make an even bigger statement by using a metallic Command hook. It's a simple way to add some glitz to a standard wreath or garland.


See more at The Handmade Home »

How to make a Christmas tree from a garland for the New Year holidays

Very soon we will celebrate the New Year - the most magical holiday loved by children and adults. And now is the time to think about how you will decorate the house on the eve of the celebration. For those who are already tired of the classic decor and the usual pines and Christmas trees, there are much more interesting and creative options - for example, a Christmas tree created using a garland. Just imagine how fun it will shine on the wall of your house, giving everyone around a fabulous mood!

Getting ready to create miracles

But how to make such a magical forest beauty? Here are some simple, but at the same time interesting options that children and adults can easily implement. For work, you will need the garland itself - it can be either the most common, in the form of a light thread, or more original - for example, in the form of clothespins to which you attach happy photos of your family. But more on that later!

You will also need fasteners to create a magical Christmas tree on the wall with tinsel and garlands. Here, of course, it all depends on what material the walls in your house are made of - wood or concrete, as well as on what they are covered with - wallpaper, paint or decorative plaster. The most common option is special silicone hooks. They are made on a self-adhesive basis, so attaching them to the wall will not be difficult. True, such hooks are good only for wooden or plastic surfaces.

Use fine nails or push pins to attach to wallpaper. After the celebration, you can pull them out of the wall and there will be no traces left on the wallpaper. And, of course, another option that has been proven over the years is scotch tape. But again, this is not the best solution for wallpaper, because after the holidays it can be torn off along with the wall covering.

And now let's move on to the most interesting part - the master class! Below you will find several options for creating a Christmas tree from a garland step by step. We are sure that among the proposed methods, you will certainly find the one that you like the most.

Composition on the wall in the shape of a Christmas tree

The first idea is the simplest, we are sure that it is familiar to people of all ages. Your task is to arrange the garland so that it resembles a Christmas tree with its outlines. Imagine that you are just drawing it, only instead of a felt-tip pen you have the lights themselves, and instead of paper you have a wall. In order to simplify the process of creating such a New Year's composition, you can "outline" the silhouette of the future holiday tree in advance with a pencil or chalk. Apply the lines carefully and accurately so that later, after the winter celebrations, they can be easily erased and there is not a trace left of them. After the garland takes the form of a shining Christmas tree on the wall, you can additionally decorate it with toys or tinsel. This will make it look even more impressive!

How to make a Christmas tree from a garland on the wall in the form of a zigzag?

The next way to create an original Christmas composition on the wall is a bit like the previous one. The only thing - in this case, we suggest you lay out the garland in a zigzag pattern. This is not difficult at all, especially if you “draw” the silhouette of the Christmas tree on the wall in advance. The “triangles” of which it consists should be even, but how exactly you will lay out the garland and what amazing zigzags to create depends only on your preferences and imagination. The finished composition can also be decorated with rain and tinsel.

Corner Christmas tree from a garland on the wall

The so-called corner Christmas tree will also look very extravagant. Such a composition will be ideal for small apartments that do not have enough space to put a real fluffy forest beauty or depict it on a separate wall. The most important thing in creating such an interesting decor is to correctly distribute the fasteners on two walls that meet in one corner. From below, they should be spaced wide - this will be the base of our Christmas tree, and from above, on the contrary, narrowly, imitating the top. After that, it remains only to stretch the garland between the fasteners and form such an amazing and voluminous Christmas tree.

Garland and photos Christmas tree

This option is perfect for families who love to be photographed and whose social networks are filled with wonderful portraits of loved ones. For decorating a wonderful Christmas tree, a garland with clothespins is ideal - you have probably already met this one. But if you can’t find it, it doesn’t matter, you can take the usual one. Only in the first case, the printed photos will need to be fixed with clothespins and only then hung on the wall, and in the second case, you will first need to attach the pictures to the wall with the help of buttons, and then hang the garland.

As you can see, everything is very simple: a little imagination, creativity, a desire to surprise the household with a non-trivial New Year's decor - and you're done! You can also get inspired by the original idea on the Internet, since Christmas trees created from festive garlands are very popular today. Many people do not even put a classic fluffy forest guest at home, but carefully put surprises for loved ones under such an amazing New Year's tree created on the wall. This saves a lot of space, but at the same time creates that same magical mood.

And we sincerely wish you a pleasant preparation, inspiration for creating a stylish and creative decor and, of course, the happiest celebration! May there always be a place for a miracle in your life!

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Light in the window - beautiful garlands on the windows

Garlands in the interior - 5 stylish ideas for inspiration beautifully hang a garland on a window, wall, Christmas tree: ways and tips

December is coming, and the New Year is coming. To feel that very festive mood, when worries fade into the background and only the expectation of a miracle remains, you need to properly decorate the apartment. The easiest way: hang a garland on a Christmas tree, window or wall. It would seem that it could be easier? But here, too, there are tricks. Let's talk about them.

Oksana Barabanova




New Year holidays

Christmas trees

New Year decoration

How to hang a garland at home to create a New Year's mood

The right entourage is the key to a fun holiday and a pleasant long weekend spent with your family, so it's so important to think over New Year's decorations. Our today's material will tell you how to hang garlands beautifully so that they harmoniously fit into the interior.

How to hang a garland

Garlands are one of the most popular Christmas decorations. Their design is incredibly diverse. To make the right choice, let's orient ourselves in the range of stores. So, garlands are of the following types:

  • Garland-thread - the simplest type of garlands that is used in most homes, great for decorating Christmas trees, furniture and walls;
  • Mesh garland - is a "honeycomb" of wires with light bulbs. They are convenient to decorate walls, windows and ceilings.
  • Fringe garland - light bulbs connected in bundles, can be LED. The fringe garland looks great in the design of windows and walls.
  • Duralight is a transparent wire with lights inside, thanks to the flexibility of the cord, you can create a huge number of different patterns and inscriptions, as well as beautifully outline the contours of objects, such as mirrors or paintings, with a garland.

You have chosen the decoration you like, and now the question arises: how to use it in the interior? How can you hang a garland so that the New Year's decor is thoughtful, not messy? Read more about this.

How can I fix the garland?

It depends on the surface on which you are going to hang the garland.

  • Adhesive tape is suitable for smooth surfaces, for example, for plastic window slopes. At the same time, it can leave a sticky mark on the glass itself, which will have to be washed off. You should not hang a garland on a wall with wallpaper using adhesive tape, because their top layer will peel off along with it. It is better to use double-sided foam tape.
  • Thumbtacks or pins suitable for wallpaper or fabric surfaces. Holes from them will be invisible.
  • Vacuum suction hooks are handy for glass as they won't leave marks. It is necessary to choose small hooks so that they do not catch the eye.
  • Wire Clip Hooks are the perfect fixing solution because they will hold tight, be invisible and leave no marks.

In general, before hanging a garland, decide what exactly you are going to decorate and take the necessary fasteners for the surface. We will tell you more about them later.

How to hang a garland beautifully on a window

To neatly fasten a garland on a window, you will need strong tape, hooks with suction cups, or special clips that are sold in hardware stores.

The easiest way is to glue a simple thread garland around the perimeter of the window. However, if such a decor seems not impressive enough to you, we suggest making a curtain from a mesh garland. For greater mystery, it can be covered with transparent tulle.

How to hang a garland on the window to stand out from the neighbors? The original solution is to place a duralight garland directly on the glass, creating some kind of inscription or drawing.

How beautiful it is to hang a garland on the wall

Ordinary adhesive tape is not suitable for attaching a garland to a wall. It will damage the wallpaper and leave sticky marks on the painted wall. Better buy double-sided foam tape. You can hang a garland on the wallpaper using stationery pins. Special clips for attaching garlands are also great.

A linear garland can be used to create a unique decoration on the wall. Traditional New Year motifs are popular: Christmas trees, deer, snowmen. Here are some ideas on how to beautifully hang a garland on the wall.

How to hang a Christmas tree garland on the wall

This is a very simple pattern, but it looks cute and very New Year's. Place the mounts on the wall in a zigzag pattern and hang a garland, and then decorate the makeshift Christmas tree with toys.

How to hang a garland on the wall in the form of an inscription

A duralight garland is best suited for this purpose. Put on the wall any inscriptions related to the holiday or motivating you and your family. We present a few ideas in the photo. Here you have to work a little and “play with fonts”, but it’s better to come up with and sketch the inscription in advance.

How to hang a garland on the wall in other ways

For those who are not looking for easy ways, we offer to come up with real pictures from garlands. Use additional decor: paper snowflakes, photographs, confetti, sparkles. Photo cards can be easily attached to the garland by placing it horizontally. So you will decorate the room and refresh warm memories in your memory. Of course, it is more convenient to look at the pictures if the garland is hanging on the wall.

You can use some decorative clothespins or even the most ordinary ones to attach photos. The latter can be painted and pasted over with beautiful paper. Or hang photos on paper clips by connecting two pieces for convenience. This decor looks very nice and cozy.

How to hang a garland in a room

To decorate a room with a garland, attach it around the perimeter of a doorway or along the ceiling. A garland-curtain will also look great on the door - you will get a real portal to the New Year's fairy tale! We offer a few more original options on how to hang a garland beautifully in a room.

How to hang a garland in a room on a mirror

A luminous garland looks fantastic on the mirror frame! The lights will be reflected in the glass, creating real magic. Try wrapping a simple LED garland with tinsel, and then the effect of the decoration will become even more impressive.

How to hang a garland in a room on a table

The garland looks especially impressive under a glass top. In combination with beautiful dishes and wine glasses, you will get an original New Year's decor for a kitchen or dining room. But even this can not be stopped. Place a Christmas tree wreath on the table and wrap it with a garland.

How to hang a garland in a room on a bed

The garland can be stretched along the headboard. Then you will literally fall asleep and wake up with a feeling of a New Year's miracle! If you have a bed with legs, wrap a garland around them too.

How to hang a garland-curtain on a window

A garland in the form of a canvas deserves special attention, which is simply created to decorate windows. If your garland-curtain is light in weight, you can secure it with double-sided tape. For heavier jewelry, a glue gun is suitable. It will help to hang the product both on the frame and on the glass. Tulle hooks will also be a great help.

Before you hang an electric garland-curtain on the window, consider whether the length of the wire reaches the outlet or you need to use an extension cord. In general, a garland on batteries will allow you not to think about it.

How to hang a garland on a Christmas tree

The garland will perfectly complement the Christmas tree decoration. To prevent the decoration from slipping, use special clothespins. Fix them on the branches where you want to hang the garland.

The garland does not have to match the toys. You can also choose a contrasting decoration: red to blue, blue to gold, yellow to purple. And of course, garlands with multi-colored light bulbs are always relevant - there is never too much color in the New Year!

If your Christmas tree is richly decorated with toys, hang the garland as close to the trunk as possible so as not to create a clutter effect.

Thinking about how to hang a garland on a Christmas tree, most imagine the serpentine way. However, this can also be done crosswise and even stretching the garland from top to bottom.

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