How to keep cat from peeing on christmas tree skirt

Why Did My Cat Pee on the Christmas Tree?

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Why did my cat pee on the Christmas tree? I woke up to that frantic text message. My sister wanted to know why her cat sprayed the skirt and the tree trunk.

I decided to make it my next blog post topic in an attempt to help her out. Thankfully she was able to get rid of the smell and stop it from happening again. No, she didn’t rehome her cat!

Spraying the tree isn’t uncommon, even in kitties that never spray beyond the litter box. No, your cat isn’t trying to make you angry or punish you for something you did or didn’t do.

So, why did my cat spray the Christmas tree? There are a few possibilities, but one reason is most likely.

Consider the following reasons why it could happen, and learn how to stop a cat from peeing on the Christmas tree again. After all, no one wants to smell fresh pine and cat urine wafting through the air.

It’s not a pleasant combination, but you can solve the problem!

Are You Sure it Was

Your Cat?I Didn’t Do It! 

Why did my cat pee on the Christmas tree?

First of all, are you sure YOUR cat wet on the Christmas tree? That’s not to say the dog did it!

When wondering why a cat would pee on a Christmas tree, keep in mind the tree had been outside. It may have been sprayed by a passerby long before you brought it in.

Cat urine doesn’t smell as strong when cold. After warming up for several hours in the house it becomes stronger and more noticeable.

Why did my cat pee on the Christmas tree?

Don’t be so quick to blame your cat. It might have been initiated in your yard, at the place of purchase, or even before it was chopped down!

Okay, so you’re sure your cat peed on the holiday tree, even though he looks innocent. Why would a cat urinate on a Christmas tree?

He didn’t do it because he momentarily forgot where he was. Why did my cat pee on the Christmas tree? He had a very good reason, at least it was to him.

Chances are he (or she) smelled the scent of another cat or another animal. He may have decided to add his own scent to reestablish his territory. Anything brought it from outdoors could have been marked by the scent of other animals.

You HAVE to Get Rid of the Pheromone and Urine Smell!

View it at Amazon – Emmy’s Best Powerful Pet Odor Remover & Urine Eliminator Exclusive Enzyme Cleaner Takes Out Tough Stains, Odors

Why Did My Cat Pee On the Christmas Tree and How to Clean It

It would be a relief to know for certain that your cat didn’t pee on the Christmas tree. After all, if he did it once he will probably do it again, but you can take precautions.

Use an enzyme cleaner to wipe away the smell. Emmy’s Best Pet Odor & Stain Eraser posted above is a phenomenal enzyme cleaner. It will eliminate pheromones left by other cats, and it will remove the smell of cat urine from the Christmas tree trunk.

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Is it on the Stand, Tree Skirt, and Floor Too?

Want an easy way to find cat urine stains? It’s hard to find every single spot by following your nose. After sniffing for several minutes you may feel like passing out. You also begin questioning whether you really smell it or not.

Use a UV Light for Finding Cat Urine Stains and the enzyme stain and odor remover. That isn’t all you’ll need to do…

What to Do Right Now –

Until your order arrives, thoroughly wipe down the tree trunk with a damp rag. Allow it to dry completely and tightly wrap it above the water level with several layers of aluminum foil. The foil will effectively keep the odor at bay until you can locate the spots and properly clean the tree and surrounding area.

Keep your cat away using a natural repellent. Cats HATE the scent of oranges. Thoroughly rub the exterior of the foil with a fresh orange peel. Leave the fresh peel scattered around the base. Hopefully, he won’t be interested in sniffing (and spraying) the trunk of the tree again.

I’M DESPERATE, REDDIT! Very sentimental, hand embroidered felt tree skirt and our cat peed on it! It reeks and poor Santa’s face is stained. Calling dry cleaners in the morning but does anyone know how I might clean it at home without the colors bleeding. : CleaningTips

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How to protect a Christmas tree from a cat: 10 ways to save the New Year

Decorated, bright and beautiful Christmas tree is an integral symbol of the New Year holiday.

However, cats look at these decorations in their own way. Let's figure out how to minimize damage.

Christmas trees are very attractive to cats - this thing looks like both a scratching post and a play complex. Shiny toys only irritate the furry pranksters, and they joyfully attack the unfortunate tree.

The collapse of the Christmas tree is dangerous for the animal - glass and plastic toys break and cut the cat's paws, the garland can break when falling. In addition, the green beauty is scary in itself: a cat can overeat needles, get tangled in branches and get lost in time when playing in her arms.

We have prepared 10 tips to help make the New Year fun and safe for all family members.

Do not decorate the Christmas tree right away

Naturally, cats are surprised by a luminous object suddenly appearing in the house. Before decorating the tree with toys, take out the Christmas tree and let it stand without decorations for a couple of days. When the cat gets used to the new thing, she will no longer want to knock over such a big toy.

Make the Christmas tree unattractive to the cat

Your pet will definitely not want to re-experience the negative experience. If your cat loves to nibble on fir branches, try spraying them with bitter spray. Give preference to an artificial tree - its needles do not crumble and it does not smell of anything.

Many cats don't like the smell of citrus, so try breaking up tangerine or lemon peels and rubbing the sour juice on the twigs.

Another way to keep your pet away from the Christmas tree is to stick foil or double-sided tape on the "skirt" of the Christmas decoration. Cats don't like it when something sticks to their paws.

Keep the cat away from the Christmas tree pot

Some furries love to drink water meant for the Christmas tree. Cats think this is a new body of water just for them. Such water often contains additives and fertilizers that are toxic to animals, so it is not suitable for drinking.

Here foil comes to the rescue again - wrap a sheet of foil around the edges of the pot. Remember that even water without fertilizer contains bacteria that are harmful to the stomach.

Pay attention to the wood material

Choosing an artificial Christmas tree, you prevent several possible problems at once. The cat will not be able to drink water from the Christmas tree pot and will overeat fallen needles that are dangerous for digestion.

However, some artificial Christmas trees are also unsafe: do not purchase a Christmas tree made of cheap PVC, as this material can be toxic to humans and animals.

Prevent the tree from tipping over

As you know, playful cats love to jump on and drop the trees. Take care of the stability of the green tree in advance: tie the tree to a wall or ceiling. This may seem like a drastic method, but this way your tree will definitely stay upright.

Be careful with garlands

Always turn off the garland when you go to bed or leave the house. Sharp cat teeth and electrical cords are incompatible, and such fun can end sadly. If your pet is a chronic lover of chewing wires, give up the electric garland altogether.

Ban on rain and tinsel

Many of us like to decorate the Christmas tree with beautiful shiny tinsel, but cat owners will have to give it up. The pet will definitely try to eat the jewelry, which can lead to blockage of the intestines and death. Rain is also dangerous for cats due to the peculiarities of digestion.

Check Christmas tree decorations

Fragile or souvenir decorations should be kept out of the cat's reach. Hang them on the upper branches of the Christmas tree so that the cat cannot reach them with its paw and break them.

If you haven't fixed the tree in a secure position, it's best not to use glass toys at all. Choose balls from a more durable material.

Distract the cat from the Christmas tree

If your kitten is really crazy about the Christmas tree, try something else to keep him busy. Give your pet exciting toys and puzzles that will be really interesting for him. Put a couple of boxes in the house - cats love them very much.

Keep the tree out of reach of the cat

You may find yourself building a real barricade around the tree. It can really help in such a fight. You know your cat better than anyone else - build at least a tall fence around the green beauty if that seems the best solution.

If the cat is determined to climb a shiny Christmas tree, bypassing all sheets of foil and barriers, place the tree in a room inaccessible to the animal. In extreme cases, you should completely abandon this New Year's decoration: the safety of a pet is more expensive than traditions!

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5 proven ways to stop your cat from climbing on the table.

Most cats and cats, especially at a young age, like to spend their time on tables, window sills, and sometimes even stove surfaces. In general, they definitely shouldn’t be there, and sometimes it’s just dangerous.

If you are faced with such a nuisance, below are a few ways to help you wean your cat from climbing tables.

Method 1. Training

Training a cat should start from childhood. Methodically and purposefully prohibit jumping and walking around the table. It is also important to be consistent about what a cat can and cannot do. If she can walk when there is no food on the table and it is forbidden when food is on the table, then the cat will not understand the difference!

Beating cats, grabbing by the scruff of the neck, etc. it is useless, moreover categorically it is impossible! In this case, there is a big risk that the cat will simply become aggressive and take revenge on you.

Cons of this method: it takes a lot of time, effort, patience, and most importantly - not every freedom-loving cat lends itself to this method.

Method 2. Modern technologies

If you are a fan of innovative methods, then a motion sensor spray and compressed cold air will help you. For example, the Argus spray. This is a small device with a range of up to 2 meters, which is enough to install in front of the place that your pet has chosen. After the cat jumps on the table, it falls into the range of the motion sensor and the device releases a jet of cold air with a sharp sound. The cat understands everything in a second, you do not need to spend hours explaining and showing how the rules of behavior work. Watch a video clip of how such a device works

A big plus is that the device does not affect the psyche of the animal in any way and is absolutely harmless. The downside may be the price of such a device. But the production guarantees 5 years of perfect work, and a good flower that the cat persistently tries to gnaw on the windowsill can cost more. Not to mention the sofa, if suddenly the cat decides to sharpen its claws on it.

Method 3: Unpleasant odors

To wean a cat from climbing on a table can be a method of "intimidation" with the help of unpleasant odors. If your cat does not like the smell of citrus, then you can rub the table with a slice of lemon or essential oil of any citrus, grapefruit is considered the most effective. You can put cotton napkins soaked in oil on the surface. Or fresh orange, grapefruit or lemon peels, they are less weak, but can also be effective.

Cons of this method: the cat can simply throw off the wipes or ignore such smells. And not every housewife is ready to put up with the fact that she has orange peels lying on her table.

Method 4 Water

Many cats do not like water. If your pet belongs to this number of pets, feel free to proceed with manipulations. When the cat once again climbs onto the table, shoot it with water from a toy gun or from a squirt bottle (it's easy to make it yourself by piercing a few thin holes in a plastic bottle).

An alternative way is to remove the cat from the table and lower it into a bowl of water - “wet the paws”. Repeat the steps each time until the cat understands what is good and what is bad.

Of the minuses: not all cats are afraid of water, some even love it. And most importantly, in this situation there is a risk associated with the fact that the cat will begin to associate with negative emotions exactly you, and not the table.

Learn more