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22 Best DIY Christmas Trees in 2021

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If you're lacking space for a traditional tree, dread the post-Christmas tree clean-up, or simply want to shake things up this holiday season, then it's time to consider a DIY tree. From an advent-calendar-meets-Christmas-tree DIY to a tree completely made of vibrant balloons, these alternative options are anything but traditional. Ahead, browse clever ideas to replace your typical live evergreen or faux pine this season. They're so good, you're going to want a DIY Christmas tree in every room of your house—or keep one up all year long, at the very least!


Kraft Paper Tree

lia griffith

For this full-size paper tree, you'll need a good amount of kraft paper cut into strips. Hole punches in the paper allow the string lights wrapped around a clothesline underneath them to shine through.

Get the tutorial at Lia Griffith.


Ribbon Tree

Just That perfect piece

If you have any leftover ribbon from wrapping presents, you're already halfway to having everything you need to complete this craft. All you have to do for it is hot glue pieces of ribbon to a cone. Display it on your mantel or incorporate it into your holiday table centerpiece.

Get the tutorial at Just That Perfect Piece.


Chalkboard Tree

a goode house

Want to utilize your drawing skills? Sketch out a tree on a chalkboard. Whether it's the size of a door in your home—like this one by A Goode House—or a mini one you can hang on your wall, you can't go wrong.


Succulent Tree

gluesticks blog

Any succulent-obsessed plant parent will love this concept: a Christmas tree entirely made of succulents. Not to mention, you can easily display this creation long past the holiday.

Get the tutorial at Gluesticks.


Plastic Utensil Tree

heathered nest

Grab a pack of plastic spoons or forks, and cut off the ends. Decorate them with anything from spray paint to glitter glue for an easy, festive tree you can display every year.

Get the tutorial at Heathered Nest.


Copper Tree

lia griffith

For a clean-lined look, try fashioning a shiny copper pipe tree. String lights wrapped around the pipes add infinite glow from day to night.

Get the tutorial at Lia Griffith.


Colorful Paper Tree

Mike Garten

Here's proof that you can make a mini DIY Christmas tree out of pretty much anything. Cut super long, skinny pieces of construction paper to arrange a triangle-shaped silhouette on the wall (securing pieces of string to the wall will do, too) and then cut colorful pieces of construction paper or leftover wrapping paper into round circles to look like little ornaments.


Sweet Tree


This DIY advent calendar-meets-Christmas-tree brought to us by Sugar and Charm is a two-in-one holiday special. You'll just need some plywood, small tin cans, and a hot glue gun (and then goodies, of course).


Bookshelf Holiday Tree


Simply rearrange your books into the shape of a Christmas tree and then spice up the shelves with some classic holiday decor, like ornaments, pine cones, and holly. Bonus points if all your books are green, but it will look festive and fun regardless of the hue.


Scrappy and Festive

Westend61Getty Images

It couldn't get simpler or craftier than this DIY Christmas tree. You just need to prop open a ladder, wrap it with some string lights, and put a balloon star on top.


Balloon Tree

Courtesy of Sugar & Cloth

This vibrant display is worth the effort it will take to blow up all of the balloons.

Get the tutorial at Sugar & Cloth.


Galvanized Metal Planter Tree

Annie Schlechter

This galvanized metal planter with the small pine tree is the perfect thing to recreate when you're short on space. To make it feel festive for the holidays, top it off with a plaid bow. Who even needs a big Christmas tree?


Mini Ornament Tree

Courtesy of Julep

Not only can this function as an adorbs mini alternative tree, but it's also an advent calendar!

Get the tutorial at Julep.


Vase of Pine Branches

Westend61Getty Images

Stick a bunch of pine branches in a vase and then decorate with a few ornaments. The installation and clean-up days will both be so much more manageable.


Pegboard Tree

Courtesy of Hello DIY

This is the chicest a brown tree could ever look. Leave it blank for a simple look or hang a few ornaments through the pegboard's holes.

Get the tutorial at Hello Lidy.


Cactus Tree

Courtesy of Sugar & Cloth

Go completely untraditional with a DIY tree that doesn't look like your typical selection of Christmas tree options. Instead, dress up a cactus for the ultimate fiesta.

Get the tutorial at Sugar & Cloth.


Greenery Pieces Wall Tree

Courtesy of Almost Makes Perfect

If it just isn't Christmas without fresh greenery for you, try this DIY. All you have to do is glue greenery to wooden dowels, then stack them on your wall in the shape of a tree.

Get the tutorial at Almost Makes Perfect.


Paper Honeycomb Tree

Courtesy of Sugar & Cloth

We don't even care that no traditional Christmas colors are accounted for in this DIY tree. Bonus: You can use this as a centerpiece for birthday parties!

Get the tutorial at Sugar & Cloth.


Black Contact Paper Tree

Courtesy of Idle Hands Awake

OK, so black doesn't totally scream "Christmas," but how sexy is this alternative contact paper tree? It sets an elegant, moody tone—perfect for those who love a modern look.

Get the tutorial at Idle Hands Awake.


Photo Tree

Courtesy of The Crafted Life

If you love hanging photos as ornaments, you'll love this DIY tree that's mostly made of photos. Add shiny garland for a magical Christmas touch.

Get the tutorial at The Crafted Life.


Painted Tree

Courtesy of Jungalow

A painted triangle and wall-mounted shelf look extra festive thanks to some tiny string lights. Not to mention, you can keep this one up year-round!

Get the tutorial at Jungalow.


Wooden Wall Tree

Courtesy of The Crafted Life

Sawing skills are required for this one! If you know what you're doing with wood cutting tools, you should definitely consider this rustic option.

Get the tutorial at The Crafted Life.

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22 Creative DIY Christmas Tree Ideas

Decorating a Christmas tree with our family is probably among the best childhood memories we have. However, not everyone likes the thought of cutting down the evergreens, so people came up with an idea to replace them with artificial trees. And now, as the boundaries of imagination are only expanding, the most recent trend is the DIY Christmas trees!

For the spaces, that couldn’t fit an actual tree, or for the people, who want to make the holidays even more special, a DIY Christmas decoration is a great project. That way, you can pick the size, the color, the style, and the texture entirely on your own, and make the tree and the Christmas decorations look like a beautiful accessory, complementing the room decor. What is more, that way it will definitely be one of a kind! To give you some ideas, we have made a selection of some DIY decoration ideas that we liked a lot. What will yours look like this year?

1. Egg Carton Christmas Tree

(author: unknown)

2. Floating Ornament Christmas Tree


3. Wrapping Paper Christmas Tree


4. Ladder Christmas Tree


5. Shelf-made Christmas Tree


6. Tripod Christmas Tree


7. Felt Ball Christmas Tree


8. Cardholder Christmas Tree


9. Hardcover Christmas Tree


10. Balloon Christmas Tree


11. Wine Cork Christmas Tree


12. Driftwood Christmas Tree


13. Book Sculpture Christmas Tree


14. Wall Collection Christmas Tree


15. Button Christmas Tree


16. Dry Wood Christmas Tree


17. Broccoli Salad Christmas Tree


18. Light Christmas Tree


19. Newspaper Christmas Tree


20. Strawberry Chocolate Christmas Tree


21. 2-D Gift Bag Christmas Tree


22. Cushion Christmas Tree


Great ideas on how to make a Christmas tree with your own hands (25 photos)

A fluffy live Christmas tree looks very beautiful, but it is not always possible to put it at home. We suggest taking a closer look at alternative and no less attractive trees that are easy to do with your own hands.

First of all, you need boundless imagination. And you can make a Christmas tree from almost any improvised means. See for yourself!

1. Christmas tree of cones

This is the most popular and very budget version of the Christmas tree. Glue the cones of coniferous trees to a cylinder made of cardboard. To heighten the effect, you can paint them with paints (for example, silver from a spray can), decorate with colored ribbons and beads.

If long, painstaking work doesn't suit you, simply place the buds in individual pots filled with forest moss.

2. Pasta tree

What could be simpler and more original? Take the pasta shape you like (feathers, shells, wheels look best) and glue it to a cardboard cone. To make the Christmas tree more vivid and believable, spray it with paint or artificial snow from a can.

3. Jute tree

Wind the jute rope around the cone and glue it so that no gaps are visible between the turns. Use satin ribbon roses, beads, lace fabric, etc. as decoration.

4. Newspaper tree

Roll old newspapers and magazines into a tube (preferably in the shape of a cone) and glue to a wooden stick. Make a star out of paper and place it on top of your head. The Christmas tree is ready!

5. Scrap Christmas tree

Cut the waste fabric into small, uniform pieces and pin them to the Styrofoam cone.

Christmas trees made of satin ribbons also look great.

6. Popcorn Christmas Tree

This Christmas decoration will appeal to those with a sweet tooth. Use a glue gun to attach the popcorn to the cone.

Then decorate the Christmas tree with dried orange slices and star anise.

7. Button Christmas tree

Use tailor's pins to attach the buttons to the Styrofoam and place some decoration on the top of the tree.

8. Christmas tree made of cotton pads

If desired, cotton pads can be painted green, but the white Christmas tree looks quite attractive and elegant. Glue the material to the cardboard cone as you like. To make the Christmas tree more magnificent, roll the discs into a tube and place them tightly to each other.

9. Christmas tree made of glass bottles

If you have a solid collection of green glass bottles, don't throw them away, but arrange them in several tiers on round stands of different sizes so that you get a pyramid. Such a Christmas tree can be built in the country.

10. Christmas tree from garden tools

Another option for avid gardeners. Disconnect the old fan rake from the handle, decorate with multi-colored buttons and attach it to the front door.

11. Paper Snowflake Tree

Cut out three snowflakes of different sizes and put them on a wooden stick so that the largest one is at the bottom and the smallest one is at the top. You can use ready-made napkins.

12. Tinsel Christmas tree

Glue green tinsel on a cardboard cone - and an unusual Christmas tree is ready. Attach small balloons or candies in bright wrappers to it.

13. Floral Mesh Christmas Tree

Make a cardboard cone and wrap it in polyethylene. Cut the floral mesh (preferably different shades of green) into small pieces, dip them in turn in PVA glue and stick them on the cone. Make several such layers, and it is better to lay the segments in different directions. Secure with pins if necessary.

When the glue dries, remove the resulting structure from the cone (it should easily separate from the polyethylene), place an electric garland inside it, attach it to the net with a thin wire and decorate the Christmas tree to your liking.

Even unlit, such a Christmas tree will look very impressive.

14. Christmas tree made of wood

The silhouette of a tree can be made from wooden sticks, beams, boards, logs, etc. The main thing is to show imagination and do not forget to decorate such an unusual Christmas tree.

15. Tree of books

Book lovers will love this idea. Take the books off the shelves and arrange them in a pyramid shape. Decorate with a garland and designate the crown with an asterisk or other New Year's figure.

16. Wine cork Christmas tree

Form a Christmas tree from wine bottle corks and glue them together.

17. Christmas tree from a ladder

Ideal for the laziest! Just install a stepladder, fasten garlands, Christmas decorations and tinsel on it.

What creative Christmas trees will decorate your home this year?

How to make a Christmas tree with your own hands

You can make a large, lush and beautiful artificial Christmas tree yourself. Its shape may be different, which will depend on the technique for making a frame for a tree. We will show you four master classes, showing you step by step how to make a Christmas tree with your own hands.

Workshop No. 1: a Christmas tree made of artificial branches

You can make a Christmas tree from artificial spruce branches, the height and splendor of which you can adjust yourself. The manufacturing process itself, if you have a ready-made wire frame, is quite simple.


To make an artificial Christmas tree you will need:

  • wire frame;
  • spruce branches;
  • garland;
  • cutting pliers;
  • cable ties;
  • puffy bow or ribbon.

Step 1 . First, take care of the wire frame. An excellent basis for a Christmas tree will be tomato grills, which are sold in the form of a wire cone. If you need a tree that is taller or smaller than the original trellis, you can modify it a bit. For a smaller tree, you will need to remove some of the rings and wires, and to make the tree larger, align several trellises by inserting one into the other.

Step 2 . Fasten a cable tie on top of the pyramid formed from the lattices so that the rods form an acute angle.

Step 3 . To decorate the Christmas tree, wrap the wire mesh with artificial branches, if they, as in this master class, are made on a wire frame. If your branches are softer, secure them with cable ties by biting off the ends.

Step 4 . Completely shape the tree by laying faux spruce branches from bottom to top in tiers, leaving no gaps.

Step 5 . Decorate the Christmas tree with a garland, and hoist a magnificent bow of ribbons or fabric in a contrasting color at the very top of the tree.

Your Christmas tree is ready. Leaving the sharp ends of the wires at the bottom of the wire frame, you can install a Christmas tree in the yard. Without them, the tree will stand steadily on the floor in the house.

Master class No. 2: do-it-yourself Christmas tree made of white tinsel

Based on the same wire frame for vegetables, you can make an original snow-white Christmas tree that will resemble snow-covered trees in its appearance.


To make your own white tinsel Christmas tree, prepare:

  • vegetable wire frame;
  • thick rubber bands;
  • fluffy white tinsel;
  • tape or white cable ties;
  • original decorations for the Christmas tree or garland.

Step 1 . Give the wire frame for vegetables the desired shape. To do this, connect the rods at the top with a tight clerical gum. It is advisable to take a light-colored gum so that it eventually merges with the Christmas tree.

Step 2 . Start wrapping the formed wire frame with lush tinsel. To do this, secure the end of the tinsel with a small piece of tape or cable tie at the top of the wire frame.

Step 3 . Make the coils as tight as possible. In places where tinsel and wire come into contact, you can additionally fasten the decor with pieces of adhesive tape or light-colored cable ties.
Carefully trim the last ones so that they do not stick out of your product. Don't forget to secure the tinsel at the bottom of the wire base.

Your tree is ready! Now you can decorate it, it will be interesting to look at such an unusual Christmas tree with a garland or original decorations in the same cold colors as the tree itself.

Master class No. 3: DIY Christmas tree made of pasta and tinsel

If you like unusual Christmas crafts, you can safely try to create a similar one. The process of making a Christmas tree can capture not only you, but also your children.


To make your own Christmas tree from pasta and tinsel, you will need to prepare:

  • feather pasta;
  • large sheet of paper or drawing paper;
  • stapler;
  • scissors;
  • hot glue sticks;
  • heat gun;
  • heavy cardboard;
  • green tinsel;
  • Christmas balls;
  • star for decoration.

Step 1 . From paper, make a blank for creating a Christmas tree. To do this, roll a thick sheet of paper into a cone, and fix its edges with a stapler or glue. Trim the bottom of the cone so that it stands firmly on the table.

Step 2 . Place a thick sheet of cardboard on your work table. It will be needed to protect the surface from paint.

Step 3 . Using hot glue, attach the feather pasta to the cone base. Arrange them from top to bottom in the form of a snake, place the pasta tightly enough.

Step 4 . Cover the entire workpiece with a thin layer of golden paint from a spray can. Apply a second layer if necessary.

Step 5 . Once the paint is dry, secure the end of the tinsel to the top of the tree with hot glue. Start wrapping the base of the Christmas tree in a spiral with rain. At the bottom of the cone, also fix the tip of the tinsel with hot glue.

Step 6 . Decorate the Christmas tree with toys and garlands. You can leave it in this form, it is already ready.

If you want to turn it into a kind of topiary, glue a round blank into the base of the cardboard cone. Attach a wooden stick to it with hot glue. Install the stick itself in a flowerpot filled with plaster, gravel or plasticine. Be sure to decorate the top of the filler for the flowerpot. Your original pasta tree is ready.

Master class No. 4: DIY Christmas tree made of wire and tinsel

Making a tinsel Christmas tree on a wire frame, demonstrated in this master class, is slightly different from what was shown earlier. In this case, the Christmas tree will resemble a natural one as much as possible, imitating her paws.


In order to make a Christmas tree out of wire and tinsel, you will need to prepare:

  • fluffy tinsel;
  • wooden dowel, piece of bamboo or thin PVC pipe;
  • spruce stand;
  • cutting pliers;
  • scissors;
  • round nose pliers;
  • garland;
  • Christmas decorations.

Step 1 . On paper, sketch out your future Christmas tree. First, schematically depict it in the form of a cone.

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